Stratfor Emails Expose EU And Covert War Waged By Israel Against Iran

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					Stratfor Emails Expose EU And Covert
War Waged By Israel Against Iran
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February 26th, 2012, The Publisher Wikileaks started to publish The Global Intelligence Files.
These Intelligence files consist of over 5 million emails from the Texas headquartered “global
intelligence” company Stratfor. In the email titled Isreal/Iran Barak Hails Munitions Blast In
Iran, reveals a covert war between Israel and Iran. This email also reveals Israel’s largest military
partners. Link to emails here. Further information on how Israel can not live with a nuclear Iran
can be found here courtesy of Cablegate.


Fred Burton stated in an email on November 14, 2011: “An intelligence agency that secures a
single piece of insight that is then corroborated by the infamous OS leads one to believe that
either the same source is responsible for both or perhaps there is smoke that indicates a fire? We
tend to not believe things unless there is OS. The best intel never see’s the light of day. I’m
more circumspect when it is in the OS…unless of course, we planted it. ” This email reveals
that Stratfor has been planting “intel” to further certain agendas. Those agenda’s probably being
government agenda’s. Fred Burton goes on to state in a separate email dated 11/14/2011:
“Guerrilla actions behind enemy lines.” A hint that Israel has waged a covert war against Iran.
Fred Burton goes on to state; “Check INSIGHT I posted last week that everyone discounted.
How come if its not in OS we nash our teeth? Intelligence agencies exist to have sources. That is
what we are.” In reply to Fred Burton, Kamran Bokhari wrote an interesting email that furthers
speculation of a covert war waged by Israel against Iran. Kamran Bokhari states: “Penetrating a
major military installation and causing a blast is a totally different ballgame. Not saying it
can’t happen. But we can’t assume that because they did stuxnet that they are capable of
doing this blast as well. It is a huge leap in capabilities.” Could Stuxnet have been used as
recruitment in this covert war? Sean Noonan answers this question.


November 14, 2011, Sean Noonan states in an email: “There are enough iranians who have
aliyah’d to israel that they could easily train a persian looking, farsi speaking jew to go into Iran
for sabotage and not get caught. I don’t know that this is happening nor do I assume that there
would not be mistakes, but its very possible to do this undetected. The key is recruiting human
agents on the bases. This was clearly done with stuxnet, though it may have been
unknowingly.” We now have human agents that have unknowingly become a part of Israels
covert war. Later this day, Sean Noonan states in a separate email reveals a second scenario for
recruitment: “special operations forces do often move undetected. Don’t think of them as
going in on a helicopter, think of them as going in with a group of migrant workers
crossing the border. There used to be a lot of jews in Iran, not so much anymore, that’s who I
would recruit form.” The scenario/possibility exists that Israeli Special Operations Forces could
have already been in Iran.


Further proof of a covert war waged by Israel is revealed in an email by Chris Farnham sdated
Novemebr 13, 2001. Chris Farnham states: “I think the info that Fred sent in previously needs to
be looked quite seriously here. The insight seems like quite a stretch however it has been put
out there for some reason or another and is now playing in to what we are seeing.” The
scenario we are clearly witne3ssing today in Iran is a Covert War. The following Insight as
revealed provides proof of this covert war waged by Israel as documented by Chris Farnham.

Source below was asked to clarify his remarks that the nuclear infrastructure had been destroyed.
Source response: “Israeli commandos in collaboration with Kurd forces destroyed few
underground facilities mainly used for the Iranian defense and nuclear research projects.”
The “Insight” will now reveal what countries are Israel’s largest Military Partners. Yes the
United States is one of those partners but there is two other countries. The “Insight” will also
reveal who profits from a conflict between Israel and Iran.


Insight as further documented by Chris Farnham: “Not many people know that Russia is one
of Israel’s largest military partners and India is Israel’s largest client. If a direct conflict
between Iran and Israel erupts, Russia and Saudi Arabia will gain the advantages on oil
increasing prices. On the other hand, China and Europe are expected to loose from an oil
crisis as a result of a conflict. Based on Israeli plans, the attack on Iran will last only 48
hours but will be so destructive that Iran will be unable to retaliate or recover and the
government will fall. It is hard to believe that Hamas or Hezbollah will try to get involved
in this conflict” People now know that Russia and India are Israel’s largest military client’s. As
expected Saudi Arabia profits from increasing oil prices due to this conflict. We are now
witnessing this happen with gas prices hovering around $4.00 a gallon. Surprisingly Russia also
profits from this conflict. “Insight” will now reveal that Israel will most likely not attack Iran
since Commandos already destroyed a significant part of the program. Although mainstream
media seems to be pushing this scenario. “In the open media many are pushing and expecting
Israel to launch a massive attack on Iran. Even if the Israelis have the capabilities and are
ready to attack by air, sea and land, there is no need to attack the nuclear program at this
point after the commandos destroyed a significant part of it. If a massive attack on Iran
happens soon, then the attack will have political and oil reasons and not nuclear. It is also very
hard to believe that the Israelis will initiate an attack unless they act as a contractor for other
nations or if Iran or its proxies attack first” Now for a final, surprising revelation:

11/7/11 Chris Farnham states in an email: “Ah, what? Israel has already destroyed the
Iranian prog/infra and this is all being engineered by Europeans so people forget about the
economy crisis?! Why is that we see the vast majority of the increase in pressure coming from
Israel (I mean straight from people’s mouths) and from the US (Such as Albright in the WaPo)?
Would anyone actually accept that this could let the Europeans forget about the Euro
crisis, something they have been experiencing every day for over a year?! Do we attribute
any credibility to this item at all? I don’t even see what possible disinfo purposes this could
serve.” This is indeed very interesting. This whole Israel VS Iran, being played out by
mainstream media is just a diversion used by the EU to distract from its own economic
troubles/collapse. Talk about “Wag The Dog”

Later this day, Benjamin Preisler responded in an email: “Source was asked what he thought of
reports that the Israelis were preparing a military offensive against Iran?

Response from Source: “I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the
Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago. The current “let’s bomb Iran”
campaign was ordered by the EU leaders to divert the public attention from their at home
financial problems. It plays also well for the US since Pakistan, Russia and N. Korea are
mentioned in the report.”


These emails have exposed/revealed that Stratfor has in the past, present, “planted” Intelligence.
Emails have also exposed the European Union attempt attempt at distraction via the “Lets Bomb
Iran Campaign”. The “Lets Bomb Iran Campaign” is also being played out with the assistance of
Mainstream Media and the United States Government. The emails confirm what we have
suspected all along and that is Israel waging a Covert War against Iran. Yet again it is about
profit via oil. As long as this “Crisis” persists Saudi Arabia and the Oil Companies/Corporations
will make a hefty profit at our expense.

Governments, in cooperation with the assistance of “Global Intelligence” and Security
companies, are carrying out their Agenda’s Of Corruption. Governments are also using
mainstream media to help advance these agenda’s via dis-information and “Wag The Dog” story
lines. Indeed the Oscar for the Best Picture Of 2012 is shared by the governments of the US,
Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the European Union.


“The world is a cess pool of dis-information and corruption and that is why we need Wikileaks
and Journalist such as Julian Assange”

Special thank you:

To Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Christine Assange for Inspiration and Courage to report on the
truth that is revealed
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Stratfor CEO George Friedman On “Sexual,
Financial, Psychological” Control
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Stratfor Emails, published by Wikileaks reveal the bizarre methods of control by none other then
their very own CEO George Friedman. Link to email here. The email is dated December 5, 2011.
The email is in reply to questions from Reva Bhalla. Reva Bahalla works as an Analyst for
Stratfor and was currently working on obtaining information from a “Source” on Venezuela
President Hugo Chavez’s health.


What advice is George Friedman going to give to Reva Bhalla on obtaining information from a
valuable source? Sent from his I-phone on December 5, 2011 at 9:43am, to Reva Bhalla, George
Friedman states: “If this is a source you suspect may have value, you have to take control of
him.” What tactics does George Friedman expect Reva Bhalla to use to obtain information from
her source? Friedman goes on to state: “Control means financial, sexual or psychological
control to the point where he would reveal his sourcing and be tasked” Obviously, Friedman
expects Reva to use the art of seduction and possibly go as far as to having sex with her
“valuable” sources to reveal their sourcing. Sounds to me like Reva is expected to prostitute
herself if the source is valuable enough. Another very interesting and perhaps important
statement Friedman made is control via finance. Psychological Control aka Manipulation is a
type of social influence that aims to change the perception of behavior of the source via
deceptive abusive tactics. Both negative and positive social influence would most likely be used
to reveal a valuable persons sourcing and be tasked. Friedman then goes on to state the difficulty
of this if you are affiliated with an “Intelligence Agency”: “This is difficult to do when you are
known to be affiliated with an intelligence organization. The decision on approach would not
come from you but from your handler. This is because you’re position is too close to the source
and your judgment by definition suspect. Each meeting would be planned between you and your
handler and each meeting would have a specific goal not built around discussing the topic of
interest which would ideally be hidden but in analyzing him personally and moving toward
control. The justification for the op would be specific classes of information and on gaining
control the first step would be determining his access. If he failed the test contact would be
terminated.” Friedman goes on to state the problems with Analysts and closes with helping Reva
understand her core challenge in this case: “The problem of analysts in the field is that they tend
to want to discuss the topic, which raises the targets awareness, rather than focus on establishing
the control relationship. So from a professional point of view this target knows your affiliation,
understands your interests and you have not established any control which is defined as a high
confidence in his obedience. So washington is filled with gossip with people whose access is not
established. Just laying this out so you understand the core challenge. To be effective your goal
is the person and not the subject. Otherwise its gossip which is information that you cannot
definitively confirm”


Reva Bhalla replied: “Yes, I have much to learn and I may be just an analyst, but i’m not 100%
incapable of evaluating a source i’ve known for a while. I’ve listened to what you’ve told me
about reading a source (the Turk with thetwitch.) I figured out what this source’s twitch is
in reading his eyes. I’ve gotten much better in evaluating what info to take more seriously and
what info to disregard. The info I included below is what I would consider more seriously and
seems to check out with what we’ve seen elsewhere.”


In closing Friedman states to Reva: “The problem with analyst sources is they are unqualified.
This means that we don’t have clarity on their sources and therefore can’t evaluate accuracy.
This could be valuable humint or pure rumint. One of the reasons I want you to execute missions
is to learn how to evaluate sources. This is a very difficult art but one you must learn. The gut is
to be trusted only after its well trained”.


This email has exposed Stratfor’s underhanded deceptive tactics used to control valuable
Sources. None other then George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor is guilty of these underhanded
tactics. Going as low and underhanded as to use Sex as a form of control against Sources. One of
the most important tactics to understand and think about is Control By Finance. Makes you think
what other Companies, Agencies, maybe even Governments are using this same tactic?

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