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Our Philosophy                                                  2
Our Program                                                     2
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Our Facility                                                    5
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Enrollment                                                      6
        Method of Payment                                       7
        Drop in Care for Enrolled Children                      7
        Drop in Care for Non-enrolled Children                  7
        Late Payments                                           7
        Returned Checks                                         8
        Absence                                                 8
        Special Tuition Rates                                   8
        Holidays                                                9
        Tuition Costs on Days When Your Child Does Not Attend   9
Withdrawal/Termination                                          9
Parent Communication                                            9
Behavior Guidance                                               10
        Biting                                                  11
Accepting Diversity                                             11
Meals and Snacks
        Infants and Toddlers                                    12
        2 years and older                                       12
        Children with Special Dietary Needs                     13
        Birthdays/Special Occasions                             13
Health Information
        Nap and Rest - Infants                                  13
        Nap and Rest - Toddlers                                 13
        Nap and Rest - Preschoolers                             13
        Physical Examination                                    13
        Immunization                                            14
        Illness of Children                                     14
        Communicable Diseases                                   14
        Medication                                              14
        Medical Log                                             15
        Diapering/Toilet Training                               15
        First Aid                                               15
        Children's Arrival and Departure                        15
        Person Authorized to Pick Up Child                      15
        Visitors                                                16
        Abuse and Neglect                                       16
        SIDS Training                                           16
        Clean Air                                               16
        Insurance Coverage                                      16
Emergency Procedures
        IN CASE OF FIRE                                         16
        IN CASE OF A THREAT                                     17
        IN CASE OF A MISSING CHILD                        17

Other Information
        Hours of Operation/Revised                        18
        Telephone Messages                                18
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        Field Trips                                       18
        Children's Belongings                             18
        Confidentiality                                   18
        Feedback Suggestions/Grievances                   19
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                           WELCOME TO COULEE CHILDREN'S CENTER

Thank you for choosing Coulee Children's Center as your child care provider. We look forward to getting to
know you and your child and providing your child with positive learning experiences and a caring

You are welcome to visit your child's classroom at any time and join us at lunch time if you have the
opportunity. Please kindly give us a 24 hour notice if you would like to join your child for lunch so we can
accommodate the menu.

You will receive a parent note daily (for children age four weeks to five years) to keep you informed of your
child's daily activities. You will also receive an evaluation of your child's development twice a year. Parent
conferences are available at the time of the evaluation for those who desire further information.

We are available to meet with you to discuss any question, concern or suggestion you may have that will help
us better meet your needs.

Once again, welcome to the Coulee Children's Center. We are glad you have joined us.

                                                                     Katie Boehlke
                                                                     Program Director

                                                                     Kessea Lucey
                                                                     Assistant Program Director

                                             OUR PHILOSOPHY

Our mission at Coulee Children's Center is to give children and their families the opportunity to gain self-
confidence by encouraging the child’s cognitive, physical and social development. Our primary focus is to
help children fulfill their potential and feel good about themselves.

Our philosophy for child care and our first priority is to help children build self-esteem through the use of
praise and encouragement. Our second priority is to provide a happy, safe and comfortable environment in
which children can increase their skills in various areas.

Coulee Children's Center is designed to provide quality child care for children of all abilities. Our philosophy
is based on the concept of "full inclusion" in order for children to have the opportunity to learn and accept
differences among individuals.

Our facility is designed specifically to fulfill our mission by creating a comfortable child-oriented

                                                OUR PROGRAM

Coulee Children’s Center is a licensed, group child care facility that is regulated by the Department of Health
and Social Services. We are licensed to provide care for up to 125 children ranging in age from four weeks to
twelve years of age. The center is open from 6:00 AM to 5:45 PM, Monday through Friday, year round. The
center is closed, however, on the following major holidays:

-New Year’s Day
-Memorial Day
-Fourth of July
-Labor Day
-Christmas Eve Day
-Christmas Day

In the event that a holiday falls on a Saturday, the center will be closed on Friday. If the holiday falls on a
Sunday, we will be closed on Monday.

Should the center need to close due to a situation or emergency during regular business hours when children
are in attendance, parents/guardians will be notified by the center staff to come and pick up their children

In order to respect all families in our program, there will be no religious practices in our daily activities.

Coulee Children’s Center has no pets at this time. Should a pet be added, all parents will be notified in writing
prior to the addition to the center.

At Coulee Children's Center we recognize your child as a unique individual with a special set of interests,
needs and abilities. Our self-paced individualized program is designed to promote your child's emotional,
social, intellectual and physical development. Our center tries to accommodate all children regardless of
challenges presented due to a developmental disability. We make every attempt to adapt our program to fit the

needs of the child rather than expect all children to fit into an already established program.

Each classroom teacher of children two years of age and older prepares weekly thematic lesson plans
developmentally appropriate for their class. Your child will have the opportunity to choose among activities,
giving him or her a chance to make decisions. This ability to choose helps enhance your child's self-esteem
and positive self-image. Staff will have a programmed activity planned for the children that allows them to
make choices and interact with children during the first two hours and the last two hours of the day.

We encourage all children to be active learners - to explore and move about freely. Coulee Children's Center's
child-friendly environment encourages your child to participate in the following activities:

        * active play                       * science and nature                         * reading and
        * creative movement                 * pre-reading and pre-math                      listening
        * music and art                     * quiet play

Infant Rooms:

The most important need of a young infant is to form a secure and nurturing relationship with their caregiver.
At Coulee Children’s Center we make sure that our infant rooms are designed to help build upon this need for
security. A crying infant is attended to as immediately as possible. The teachers also make sure to spend one
on one time with each child each day.

Non-mobile infants are moved about throughout the room to provide them with a variety of different
developmentally appropriate activities. “Tummy time” is also made available each day.

Feeding and sleeping times are based upon each child’s individual need and home routine. Parents of infants
are asked to communicate frequently with their child’s teachers to be sure that everyone is on the same

                                      Typical Daily Schedule -Infants
                              6:00-8:00                             Play Time (Free Play)
                              8:00-8:30                                    Breakfast
                              8:30-9:00                                Diaper Changes
                              9:00-10:00                            Outside/Go for a Walk
                             10:00-10:30                                 Circle Time
                             10:30-11:00                                Play Time/Art
                             11:00-11:30                                    Lunch
                             11:30-12:00                               Diaper Changes
                              12:00-2:30                                  Nap Time
                              2:30-3:00                                     Snack
                               3:00-3:30                                  Diaper Changes
                               3:30-4:30                            Outside (on playground)
                               4:30-5:45                        Play Time (books, songs, games)

Toddler Rooms:

In our toddler rooms a lot of focus is put on promoting cooperation through play. The teachers also help to
increase the toddler’s language and social skills by guiding them to “use their words” and properly express
their feelings.

Self-help skills are encouraged, mainly in the areas of eating, dressing, and toileting.

A wide array of materials and equipment provide a balance of dramatic play, sensory, large and small motor
activities, and active and quiet times.

                                 Typical Daily Schedule – Toddler Rooms
                                       Arrival-8:30             Free Choice
                                           8:30-8:50             Breakfast
                                           8:50-9:00              Diapers
                                           8:50-9:30       Structured Play Time
                                           9:30-9:45            Circle Time
                                           9:45-10:00               Art
                                        10:00-10:30             Directed Play
                                        10:30-11:15             Outside Time
                                        11:30-12:00                Lunch
                                                           Diapers/Quiet Time
                                                                 on cots
                                           12:20-3:00               Nap
                                           3:00-3:15               Snack
                                           3:15-3:30              Diapers
                                           3:30-4:15            Outside Time
                                                           Free Choice (indoor
                                       4:15-Pick Up

Preschool Children:

At this age, there is a lot of focus put on establishing positive, cooperative relationships with peers and adults
through a variety of small and large group activities.

Self-esteem is promoted by planning and implementing activities that the children can complete successfully.
Self-sufficiency is also fostered by allowing the children to have more input as to day to day activities.
Language and listening skills continue to develop through books, songs, conversations, and daily meetings.

                            Typical Daily Schedule – Preschool-Aged Rooms
                                      8:30-9:00                     Breakfast
                                      9:00-9:45                      Outside
                                     9:45-11:30               Circle Time / Stations
                                     11:30-12:00                     Lunch
                                     12:00-12:15                   Story Time
                                     12:15-3:00                    Nap Time
                                      3:00-3:50                 Snack/Free Time
                                      3:50-4:30                   Outside Time

School-Aged Children:

School-aged children are encouraged to help in the planning and working together with the teachers to create a
positive learning environment. Time is allowed for children to learn through active involvement in various
learning experiences with one another. They are allowed to work individually or in small informal groups for
much of their time. They are allowed more freedom to work independently and in groups under the
supervision of adults. Tasks are assigned to teach the children responsibility for themselves and others. Team
activities with cooperation, not competition, are encouraged.

                                               OUR FACILITY

Our facility has both carpeted and tiled floor areas to provide for soft quiet places and areas that allow for easy
clean up. Children nap, eat and play in their classroom areas. Each room has ample space and resources to
foster a positive learning environment for all children.

We have three separate playground areas at our site that serve both infants and pre-schoolers; one for children
under age 2 and two for children age 2 and older. This provides a safer outdoor play area for the little ones.

                                                   OUR STAFF

Our staff consists of early childhood professionals committed to a philosophy of a positive early childhood

Each teacher is fully qualified, according to the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) Rules for
child care centers. Many have Associate or Bachelor degrees. Coulee Children's Center provides additional
staff training to teach our philosophy and the unique characteristics of our program. All full time staff are
required to participate in a minimum of 25 hours of early-childhood related continuing education each year.
Part time staff are required to participate in 15 hours per year.

All teachers are also currently certified in CPR and AED training, Child Abuse and Neglect, Shaken Baby
Syndrome Prevention, and SIDS training.
Teachers are selected based on good references, resourcefulness, positive attitude and a commitment to
providing care for children of all abilities.

The Early Intervention Program staff can be available to work with child care staff as needed on education,
speech, language, occupational and physical therapy concerns of children with exceptional needs.


Parents and children are encouraged to visit our center before enrollment. During this visit, parents may tour
the center with the Program Director, observe our staff, and learn about our program. Visiting the center gives
parents and their children an opportunity to become acquainted with the center and gives center staff the
opportunity to get to know them better, also.

Coulee Children’s Center provides care for children four weeks of age to twelve years. No child will be
refused enrollment on the basis of race, religion, or disability.

The following items must be completed and returned to the center by the first day of attendance:

-Emergency Card
- Form DCF-0062, “Child Care Enrollment”
-Form DCF-2345, “Health History and Emergency Care Plan”
-Form DCF-61, “Intake for Child Under 2-Years-Child Care Centers” (if applicable) to be updated 4x/year
-Coulee Children’s Center Child Care Contract
-Infant Meal Notification (for children under one year of age)
-Household Size and Income
-Signed acknowledgement of receipt of this handbook

-Form DCF-60, “Child Health Report” (must be returned signed and completed by a medical professional
within 3 months of the child’s first day of attendance)

-“Day Care Immunization Record” (must be returned signed and completed within 30 school days of the
child’s first day of attendance”

Parents will need to furnish:

        For infants (approximately four weeks to one year of age)
                diapers, wipes, bottles (labeled with child's name - 1 clean bottle per feeding is required),
                         blanket, pacifier (if desired) and an extra change of clothing

        For toddlers (one to two years old)
                diapers, wipes, blanket, cot sheet (crib sheets work best), sippy cup labeled,
                pacifier (if desired) and an extra change of clothing
        For pre-schoolers/School-Agers (age two to twelve)
                cot sheet (crib sheets work best) or sleeping bag, blanket and an extra change of clothing


Coulee Children’s Center is a nonprofit organization which operates primarily from the tuition fees received
from each family. Fees must be paid for the days and hours your child is scheduled to attend unless holding
days have been requested and approved at least one week prior to anticipated absence. There is a supply of
forms on the parent information bulletin board located in the reception area. Full-time only is provided for
children under the age of 2. Full and part time schedules are available to children ages 2 and over. Please
inquire with the Program Director for availability and current pricing.

A registration fee of $25.00 is due in advance annually on January 1st. It is not refundable. The first year,
however, will be prorated.

Method of Payment
          Each family requesting ongoing care is required to sign a tuition contract which states the hours and
times the child is registered for care, the rate for that care and the payment schedule. In order to ensure proper
credit to the account, the check or money order should be made payable to Coulee Children’s Center with the
child’s and parents full names in the memo portion of the check. Tuition checks should be put in the payment
slot in the reception area. Please be sure to review any invoice you receive as there may be additional
information noted such as drop in charges, holding credits, registration fees or contract changes due. You will
not receive an invoice unless your amount due is different than your contract rate. In addition to traditional
methods of payment, you can now pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT), VISA or Mastercard.
Drop In Care for Enrolled Children
          Care can be provided on an “as needed” basis depending on staff and space availability for children
(and/or their siblings) enrolled in child care. This care may be available in addition to care already contracted
for. Parents need to complete a “Drop-In” request form which is located near the payment slot area. The
Program Director will contact the parents to inform them if there is space available.

         Please leave the completed form for the Program Director’s approval with the receptionist. If
approved, your child care costs will be billed to you. Sibling discounts if applicable and partial day rates are
available for families of enrolled children.
Drop In Care for Non-Enrolled Children
         Drop in care will be provided for non-enrolled children depending on staff and space availability.
Payment is due when the child is dropped off. There are no partial day rates or sibling discounts for families
of non-enrolled children for the first day of drop in care. This is due to the administrative time it takes to set
up the account.
Late Payments
         For accounts that have a balance in excess of $20 on Monday’s at 5:45 (Tuesday if the center is closed
for a holiday on Monday), there will be a $10.00 late charge incurred. Any account that carries a balance
greater than two weeks of weekly tuition will jeopardize your child’s placement. It is your responsibility to
pay your contracted tuition amount each week. The only time you will receive a statement is if the amount
owed differs from your contracted amount (i.e. drop-in, holding, field trip, etc.).

For county funded families, we will do our best to keep you informed of your balance via updated statements.
Because payments from the county can change weekly, your weekly co-pay may vary week to week. Weekly
payments based on past co-pay amounts must be received, but adjustments for prior week’s co-pays may be
made without incurring a late fee.

For families that are currently set up with a bi-weekly schedule, you may continue this schedule without
penalty. However, if payment is missed or late, your late fee will be doubled ($20) to cover two late payments.
We will not allow any payment schedule to exceed a two week time period (i.e.: monthly payments are not
allowed unless they pay two weeks in advance, making the amount due at any time not to exceed two week’s

We realize that there are occasionally special circumstances that are beyond your control. We will promise to
consider the circumstance, but remember communication is necessary from families. We will not accept “I
forgot” or “I didn’t know how much I owed” as a qualifying circumstance. It is your responsibility to pay each
week the contracted amount of tuition.

Payment options available include cash, personal check, money order, VISA, MasterCard and Electronic
Funds Transfer.

Returned Checks
       There is a $25.00 service charge for any check returned for insufficient funds. Should this
become a recurring problem, we reserve the right to cancel your contract.

          Because our program and licensing regulations require us to schedule staff based on the number of
children enrolled, we cannot refund tuition for days your child is absent. We also kindly ask for a call from
parents if their child is going to be absent from the center for the day. If a child has not arrived within 2 hours
of their regularly contracted time, without prior notification, the child’s teacher will contact the
parent/guardian to check on the child’s whereabouts.

Special Tuition Rates
         A 25% reduction in cost of child care is allowed for siblings of the youngest child in attendance
provided the youngest child is not less than two years of age. In families of more than two children in our
center, the discount will apply only after full tuition is applied to all children under two and one child over two.
         A 15% reduction in cost of child care is allowed for siblings of the youngest child in attendance
provided the youngest child is under the age if two.

         When providing care for a child with special needs who requires a lower child/staff ratio, a special
tuition amount may need to be negotiated. In such instances, we will do our best to refer parents to possible
funding resources. Additional charges apply to children who remain at the center for more than 9 1/2 hours
per day.
        No religious training or practices will be recognized at any time during our program’s hours of
operation. Coulee Children’s Center will be closed on the following holidays and full tuition will be charged
for those days:

        *   New Year’s Day                         * Labor Day
        *   Thanksgiving                           * Fourth of July
        *   Christmas Eve Day                      * Memorial Day
        *   Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the center will be closed on Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the
center will be closed on Monday.
Tuition Costs on Days When Your Child Does Not Attend
         Each child is allowed up to ten holding days per year. Holding days are counted by calendar year.
We require written notice one week in advance of any scheduled absence. Full tuition will be charged without
this written notice. A four part carbon form has been designed for this purpose and is available in the area
where you drop your payments off.


When parents decide to terminate their child care arrangement, a two-week written notice to the Program
Director is required. In the majority of cases, termination of care by the parent is due to reasons such as
relocation, child entering school, etc. However, we also recognize that not every situation is appropriate for
every child. If for any reason our program is found to be unsatisfactory for your child, we welcome the
opportunity to discuss this with you in order to determine the cause. Sometimes we can help a child make the
adjustment or make a referral to an outside agency. If this is not possible, you and/or the Program Director
may choose to terminate the arrangement on a timeline that is in your child’s best interest and/or the best
interest of others.

Other reasons which may result in the termination of a specific care arrangement include, but are not limited
        * non-payment of required fees
        * failure to keep current on required health and immunization records
        * abusive language or intimidation of staff by parents
        * extreme and overly aggressive behavior of child

                                      PARENT COMMUNICATION

Daily contact between parent and teacher is an important part of our program. By sharing information about
your child’s activities, we can work together to meet your child’s needs. Coulee Children’s Center will post
the following information on or near our “Parent Communication Bulletin Board”, located across from the
front desk:

-License Certificate
-Results of latest licensing visit
-Weekly Menu
-WI Group Child Care Licensing Regulations (DCF 251 “Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers)
-Information relating to the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program)
-Coulee Children’s Center Parent Handbook

Each day, your child’s teacher will also fill out a “Daily Cubby Note”. This note goes over the day’s activities,
meals, naps, and any diaper changes. These will be placed in your child’s cubby at the end of the day. Please
be sure to always check your child’s cubby as this will also be where important center notices will be placed.

Parents will be informed regularly of weekly lesson plans.

Parent participation and observation is encouraged. Parents who have a child enrolled in the program may
visit any time during the hours of operation. If you wish to join your child for lunch, please let your child's
teacher know the day before. Parents are encouraged to share their time and talents with the children and
program. We welcome and invite your suggestions and participation in events and activities.

Checklist assessments are completed by your child's classroom teacher twice per year. On these assessments
we offer a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child's development. Additional conferences can be
arranged by either the parent or teacher, as needed. Staff will make every effort to coordinate services and
plans for children with special needs enrolled at Coulee Children's Center.

Information with regard to family issues and personal lives will be handled confidentially. In the event of a
divorce, separation or joint custody ruling, every effort will be made to treat both parents according to their
documented legal rights. Should a situation arise in which one of the parent’s may have no contact with their
child, we do need to have a current, and up to date court record on file at our center that states so.

                                           BEHAVIOR GUIDANCE

At Coulee Children's Center we promote a positive approach to guiding the behavior of all children. A well-
designed and well-equipped environment tailored to the developmental level of the children helps prevent
frustration, conflict and hazards. It offers privacy, independence, choices and the opportunity for thorough
adult supervision. The daily routine provides enough time for play with little waiting and smooth transitions.

When behavior challenges arise we will look at our routines, the environment and individual needs of the child
to help the child overcome the behavior. We encourage our staff to be aware of the language, tone of voice
and the manner of speech they use when working with young children. We will offer each child choices,
attempt to foresee problems and respond to needs immediately, enabling us to help the child positively without
waiting for a problem to develop. We have a few clear, simple rules that vary according to the developmental
level of the children. Rules are stated in a positive tone and are posted in the classroom for parents and staff to
read. The rules are explained to the children and are applied consistently.

When a child has a physical or emotional outburst, we provide comfort, safety and privacy. This allows the
child to regain composure. "Time out" will be used only for acts of aggression or destruction for children 3
years of age or older, not as a punishment, but rather as an opportunity for the child to regain composure. A
“time out” will not exceed 5 minutes in length. We strive to be aware of each child's developmental level and
tailor all guidance techniques to fit that level.

We believe the primary responsibility of raising young children rests with the parents, however, our staff
strives to assist parents in the training and guidance of their children. We provide parents with feedback about
their children, both positive and negative, if necessary. If you desire help in dealing with a specific behavior,
please discuss it with us. Parent support is expected for any guidance techniques used by staff to solve
unwanted behaviors.

Coulee Children’s Center staff is not allowed to discipline children using methods prohibited by HFS 46
Licensing Rules, even at the request of a parent. Examples of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to
spanking, hitting, verbal abuse, physical restraint, and withholding or forcing meals, snacks, or naps.

If a child’s behavior becomes extreme or overly aggressive, a meeting with the child’s parent/guardian, the
child’s teacher, and the Program Director will be scheduled. At this meeting, possible solutions and goals for
behavior improvement will be planned. If there is no significant improvement made in the child’s behavior
within 2 weeks, after observation and documentation have taken place by the child’s teacher, another meeting
will be scheduled. At the second meeting, a final goal for the child’s behavior improvement will be made. If
this goal cannot be reached in a two week period, termination of the child’s contract may occur.

We understand that there will be times when a child will become distraught, fussy, or just won’t quit crying.
Our first action in these situations will be an attempt to determine the cause of the distress. It may be related to
a basic need such as hunger or comfort, or it may be that the child just needs some extra one on one time and
attention. We understand that crying is normal, and that all babies will have times when they cannot stop
crying. At these times, we will remain calm and do whatever we can to soothe your child. All Coulee
Children’s Center teachers are trained in Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention.

          Coulee Children’s Center recognizes that biting is, unfortunately, an unavoidable occurrence in a
group day care setting. Biting incidents occur primarily in the infant and toddler rooms, and often occur in a
repetitive manner. Most reasons for biting are not related to behavior problems. Instead, it is the child’s way
of communicating their frustration or needs. If repetitive biting becomes an issue, staff will look for patterns
in the biting incidents and make any changes in the classroom environment that may be contributing. Parents
will be notified when their child is the biter, or their child that has been bitten. If you want any additional
information pertaining to biting, please contact your Program Director.

                                         ACCEPTING DIVERSITY

Children become aware of color, language, gender and physical ability at a very young age. At Coulee
Children's Center we want to enable each child to construct a knowledgeable, confident self-identity. We
strive to help children develop comfortable, empathetic and just interaction with all other children. We
encourage children to develop critical thinking and skills for standing up for themselves and others in the face
of injustice. At Coulee Children's Center our goals are:
 1. To provide accurate, nonstereotypical information about gender, race, culture and physical abilities.
 2. To enable children to become familiar with differences in gender roles, racial/ethnic characteristics,
          language and physical abilities.
 3. To provide an "inclusive" educational environment in which all children can succeed.
 4. To enable children to feel pride, but not superiority, about their individual identity.
 5. To enable children to develop self sufficiency, independence, competency and pride.
 6. To enable children to develop the ability to interact knowledgeably, comfortably and fairly with people of
all abilities.
 7. To promote equality of development for each gender by encouraging each child's participation in activities
          that promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth.
 8. To affirm children's pride in their cultural identity.
 9. To help children change from feeling uncomfortable about differences to experiencing respectful,
          comfortable interaction.

10. To expand children's developing concept of fairness and feelings of empathy for each other.
11. To enable children to gain the tools and self-confidence to stand up for themselves and others against
        biased ideas and discriminatory behavior.

                                           MEALS AND SNACKS

Infants and Toddlers
          Infant diets are determined by their parents and by standards dictated by the USDA food program.
Breast milk, formula or milk and solid foods will be fed by the caregiver in the quantities recommended on the
infant's own schedule. Drinking water will be offered to infants and toddlers throughout the day. Parents will
provide one clean bottle per feeding (labeled with child's name) for their infant. Coulee Children's Center will
provide formula, baby food, milk and table food. Coulee Children's Center will offer one brand of formula,
but parents are free to bring in either breast milk or another brand of formula if preferred. Bottles will not be
propped at any time. Infants will be held by caregivers during bottle feedings. A record of each infant's food
intake will be kept.
          Each toddler will receive adequate amounts of food in each food group daily. Food will be cut into
bite size pieces, appropriate for the child's age. Staff will always be present to assist the children during meals
and snacks. A parent note may include a record of food eaten, in cases where there is concern.

2 years and older
          Coulee Children's Center prepares and provides breakfast at 8:30 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m. and snack
at 3:00 p.m. for all children who are able to eat table foods. If you wish for your child to eat meals at the
center, please be sure he or she is here at meal times. If your child is not here at meal times, please do not ask
staff to provide meals at other times or after the other children have eaten. There will be exceptions made only
when absolutely necessary. Also, please do not bring lunch for your pre-schooler. All children who attend the
program are expected to eat the same meals. It causes difficulty when you bring in different foods for your
child. Medical or religious exceptions to this policy will be accommodated.

          Children are encouraged to feed themselves as much as possible. Meals and snacks are served family
style, creating additional opportunities for the children's social and language development. Meals and snacks
are planned to meet your child's nutritional requirements as recommended by the Child Care Food Program of
the United States of Agriculture in proportion to the amount of time your child is in the program each day.
Menu information will be posted weekly on the “Parent Communication” bulletin board

         Because we participate in the USDA Child Care Food Program, each family will be asked to complete
a confidential family income statement annually. The purpose of this information is to determine the amount
of financial reimbursement our center is able to receive from the State of Wisconsin. Even though the cost of
your child's meals are included in his/her tuition, the center is reimbursed for a portion of the expense of
providing the meals back from the state based on the income of the parents. If your income exceeds the
amount listed on the back of the form, you do not need to list the income amount, but you still need to sign the
form and indicate on the face of the form that you are "Above Income Guidelines". If your income does not
exceed the guidelines, please itemize your monthly income for us as the center will be eligible for additional
reimbursement. Your cooperation will be very much appreciated.

In the operation of USDA nutrition programs, no child will be discriminated against because of race, sex,
disability, color, national origin or age. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in
any USDA related activity should write immediately to the Administrator, Food and Nutrition Services, 3101
Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302

Children with Special Dietary Needs
         If your child needs a special diet, the Program Director must be notified in writing by your child's
physician. If a special diet is required due to a food allergy, please notify us of the symptoms, remedies and
precautions to be taken. Our cook will post a notice of your child's allergy in the kitchen and make the
necessary arrangements to accommodate your child. If your child requires any special equipment or
positioning to facilitate feeding, the staff will be instructed regarding his/her needs. We will make every effort
to work with parents, therapists, nurses and physicians to deal with any special feeding needs your child has.

Birthdays/Special Occasions
          You are welcome to send treats for your children to share with his/her friends. Please check with your
child's teacher before doing so to be sure there are no food allergies or special diets in their room. In order for
your child to be able to eat special treats brought in from outside of the center, please be sure to sign the
blanket “Food Permission Slip”, located in each child’s classroom.

                                         HEALTH INFORMATION
Nap and Rest - Infants
          Naps and rest periods are provided. Parents are consulted at the time of enrollment regarding their
child's sleeping pattern and behavior. A record of the child's sleeping schedule will be included on a daily
parent note.

          Each full-time infant will be provided with a crib and crib sheet for sleeping and resting. Please
furnish a blanket which will be sent home weekly for laundering. If a child is accustomed to using a pacifier
or soft toy (for children over the age of 1) to aid in relaxation and sleep, please feel free to provide them.

Nap and Rest - Toddlers
         Toddler's sleep schedules generally include one nap. No child shall be denied rest or sleep; a short
second nap may be necessary for an individual child. To aid in relaxation, quiet program activities are planned
prior to nap time. During sleep periods the lights may be dimmed or turned off and soft music may be played.
Each toddler will sleep on his/her own individual cot with a blanket and sheet provided by the parents.
Bedding will be sent home weekly for laundering. Children over one year in age are welcome to have security
objects such as stuffed animals, blankets and pacifiers at nap time if they are important to your child. If a child
is unable to sleep after 30 minutes of quiet rest on a cot, the toddler will be given quiet activities, i.e. books,
crayons, puzzles.

Nap and Rest - Pre-schoolers
         Naps or rest periods are required by state licensing for all children up to age five. Nap time will occur
at approximately 12:30 to 3:00, following quiet play or a story to help children transition. All children are
encouraged to rest for at least thirty minutes. If a child has not fallen asleep after 30 minutes of resting, they
will be provided with a quiet, alternate activity to pass the time until the rest of the children are awake.
Children are welcome to have stuffed animals during nap time. Parents need to provide blankets and sheets for
cots. Bedding will be sent home weekly for laundering. Children will be comforted by soft music, low lights
and back rubs, if desired.

Physical Examination
         State licensing requires each child to have an initial examination not more than six months prior to,
nor later than ninety days after admission to the center. Updated reports of physical examinations must be
submitted every six months for children under 24 months of age and every two years after 24 months.

        Each child will have an immunization history which indicates the month and year each dose was
administered or one of the following compliance alternatives must be met.

        - a dated statement by a physician that a required immunization is or may be detrimental
                to the health of a child

        - a dated statement by the parent that their child is of a religious belief which precludes

Illness of Children
          Each child upon arrival shall be observed by the staff person on duty for symptoms of illness. When a
child is at the center and develops a fever of 100.5 parents will be called and the child will need to be removed
from the center for a minimum of 24 hours. The child must be fever free without the use of a fever reducer
(such as Tylenol) before returning to the center. Alternatively, the parents may bring a signed note from a
physician stating that the child is not contagious even though symptoms are still present.

         If a child develops a fever of 100.5 or greater while at home during the night, he/she needs to remain
out of the center the following day. When a child develops an illness without a fever present, he/she needs to
be removed and kept out of the center and remain symptom free in order to return the next day;
         If a child returns symptom free without a note from a physician and the symptoms return, the parents
will be called and the child will need to be removed from the center.

         If a child is vomiting or has had three bouts of diarrhea in one hour, the child will be sent home, and
asked not to return until vomiting or diarrhea has subsided.
         These policies have been established to keep illness down in our facility and are for the benefit of
everyone. Should you be called to pick up an ill child, please try to do so in a prompt manner. The child will
be made comfortable until your arrival. If you are unable to pick up the child within 1 hour of our calling you,
the emergency contact person listed on the enrollment form will be a called. Coulee Children’s Center is not
licensed to provide care for sick children, so please do your best to keep sick children out of our center.

 Also as a reminder, holding days cannot be used for sick days. If however your child is out ill for one week,
the reduced rate of $1.00 per day can be used for a period up to two weeks after the first week of full tuition is
paid. Please talk to your Program Director if this is a possible need.

Communicable Diseases
         When a diagnosis of a communicable disease is made, the exposed children shall be watched for
symptoms of the disease and all parents will be notified by a notice posted near each room’s sign-in sheets.
This notice will describe any symptoms, period of communicability, duration of illness, and any precautions.
Parents are asked to notify the program within 24 hours if their child has been exposed to any communicable
disease. Coulee Children’s Center will report all communicable diseases, when required, to the local health

Prescription medication or non-prescriptive medication may be given to a child under the following conditions:
 A signed, dated, written authorization from the parent, including the dosage and direction for administering is
on file. Prescription medicine must be in the original container, and non-prescriptive medication must be lab--
-eled with the child's name.

Medicine will be out of the children's reach and medicine requiring refrigeration shall be kept in a designated
separate covered container clearly labeled "Medicine". Should a medicine dosage or other error in distribution
be made, the child’s parent will be contacted immediately and the error will be recorded.

All children’s special health care needs are shared with all personnel having contact with the child.

Medical Log
         Administered medication, accidents, or injuries occurring at the center will be entered into our
medical log book, located in each classroom. Along with logging injuries into the medical log, parents will
also be notified in writing via an “Accident Report”. Parents will be asked to sign these forms in
acknowledgement of being informed of the accident. The medical log book is available to parents as long as
the confidentiality of other children in the center is not compromised. The medical log is checked periodically
by the Program Director to be sure that all pertinent information is being recorded.

Diapering/Toilet Training
         Parents need to supply disposable diapers for their children and a change of clothing. Toilet training
will begin when appropriate for each child's age and stage of development. As a rule of thumb, we generally
begin to look at this at approximately two years of age. Parents also need to provide input on when they feel
their child is ready. Feedback will be provided on each child's progress at the center. Children will be offered
frequent opportunities for toileting throughout the day. No child shall be denied access to Coulee Children’s
Center based on their level of toilet training.

All diapers will be checked at least every two hours. However, soiled diapers will be changed immediately.
Please make sure that your child has enough diapers to be changed at least every two hours while in attendance
at Coulee Children’s Center.

First Aid
         In the event a first aid situation takes place at our center, all staff are prepared and well equipped.
Each classroom has its own first aid kit. For emergency medical situations, with signed written consent from
parents/guardians, children will be transported to Gundersen Lutheran.


Children's Arrival and Departure
        Your child/ren must be accompanied into the center by either you or another authorized adult. You
need to maintain supervision of your child until the teacher has been personally notified of your child's
presence. Please be sure your child is signed in and out daily.
        When picking up your child, be sure that the teacher knows your child is leaving the center. This
procedure is for your child's protection. Please assume responsibility for your child's supervision as soon as
you enter his/her classroom.

Person Authorized to Pick Up Child
         At the time of enrollment, parents must provide us with the names and telephone numbers of persons
authorized to pick up your child. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to notify us of any changes in this
authorization. If someone other than the authorized person (as indicated on the child's emergency card or in
the child's file) is to pick up your child, please notify the Program Director or designee in writing or by phone.
Our teachers will ask any unknown person for photo identification before releasing the child. Copies of legal
documents must be provided to the Program Director before any staff person can actively prevent non-
custodial parents from picking up their child.

        Visitors (other than enrolled parents who are authorized to be at the center) must check in with the
receptionist immediately upon entering the building. This is for the security of our children.

Abuse and Neglect
        Because Coulee Children's Center is licensed by the State of Wisconsin, any agency staff member
"who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected as defined in s.
48.981 (1) Stats., shall immediately contact the Program Director or designee. The Program Director or
designee will decide if the information should be provided to the county welfare agency or local law
enforcement agency in compliance with s. 48.981 Stats".

SIDS Training
         All teachers at Coulee Children’s Center are oriented and trained in SIDS risk reduction and
emergency procedures.
         All infants under 12 months of age will be placed on their backs in a crib to sleep. If your child has a
special health condition in which they are not to be placed to sleep on their backs, we need a doctor’s note
stating such.
         Children under one year of age will sleep in a crib or playpen on a firm fitting mattress and there will
be no large blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals in with them. All that will be in the crib with the child is a
blanket large enough to fit over their breastbone and be tucked around them.
         When infants can easily turn over from their back to a prone position, they will still be placed to sleep
on their backs, but be allowed to assume whatever positions they prefer to sleep.
         Unless a doctor specifies the need for a positioning device that restricts movement within the child’s
crib, such devices shall not be used.

Clean Air
         The indoor and outdoor environments of this program are designated as non-smoking areas in their
entirety. There will be no smoking permitted inside or out of doors, as required by state law.

Insurance Coverage
         The center has insurance which covers injury to children only if the center staff is found to have been
negligent in some manner which directly resulted in an injury sustained by a child. When most injuries occur,
they are simply accidents which all children experience at one time or another. Medical claims for such
injuries should be submitted to the individual family's health insurance provider. If you feel that your child
received an injury at the center due to our negligence, please report it directly to the Program Director.

                                       EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

The staff and children of Coulee Children’s Center are required to participate in monthly fire drills and tornado
drills from the month of April through the month of October.

IN CASE OF FIRE: Each teacher will gather all children in their group, their daily attendance list and
emergency cards. Teachers will lead their class quietly and quickly through the nearest safe exit, to a distance
of at least 100 feet from the building. The Program Director will make a final sweep of the building, to ensure
that all children and staff have exited. The fire department will be notified of fire.

IN CASE OF TORNADO/SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: Each teacher will gather all children in their
group, their daily attendance list and emergency cards. Teachers will lead their class quietly and quickly to the
“Tornado Shelter”. All children and staff will remain here until the warning has expired.

IN CASE OF A THREAT: In the event that there has been a threat made on Coulee Children’s Center, or
one of it’s occupants, all doors will be locked. The La Crosse Police Department will be notified immediately.
If the center needs to close as a result, all parents will be notified for immediate pick up.

IN CASE OF A MISSING CHILD: If a child is not accounted for at any time, the staff member responsible
for the child should first gather the rest of the children and have a close staff member assume care for the time
being. The responsible staff member shall then search the premises for them. Each area that a child could
potentially hide should be searched, as well as the outdoor areas of the facility.

-If the child is not located after all potential hiding spots and immediate outdoor areas have been searched, the
facility director should be notified that the child is missing.

-The staff member should also double-check to confirm the location of the child such as the pick up of the
child by their parent or guardian.

-Begin Lock-Down Procedure. All exits monitored by employees letting no one in or out of the facility.

-The staff member responsible for the child will call 911, since he/she will have the best knowledge of what
the child was wearing that day, along with other distinctive features. The following information should be
written down:
                     o Child’s name, age, height, weight, date of birth, and hair color.
                     o Child’s clothing that he/she was wearing that day, along with any other identifying
                     o The time at which the child was noticed missing.
                     o If child abduction is suspected, were there any suspicious vehicles or persons located
                         around the facility? If so, what was the appearance of the person or vehicle?

                      The facility director will notify the guardians of the child that the child is missing from
                      the facility.
                      While the police are en route to the facility, the staff of the facility will continue to search
                      the facility for the missing child. The staff should look in every cabinet, closet, cubby,
                      and every other location where a child may hide.
             The facility director will stay on the facility premises at all times to be the contact person for the
             police department, as well as the missing child’s guardians.
             The police should be asked to activate Amber Alert by the facility director.

                                           OTHER INFORMATION

Hours of Operation/Revised
         There will be a sliding scale price for every 15 minutes that the guardian is late from picking up their
child from the center. The first incident of being late, the cost will be $5.00 per every 15 minutes. The second
incident will be $15.00 per every 15 minutes. The third incident will be $25.00 per every 15 minutes. The
fourth time will lead to termination. Starting on every January 1st the parents will have a clean slate and have
the flexibility of being late three more times for the year.

Telephone Messages
         Messages can be left on our voice mail at the main site (787-5572) whenever the centers are closed.
Our staff will handle incoming calls on Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. Please call to
let us know if your child will not be attending the center.

Outdoor Play
          Daily outdoor activity is very important for young children and is planned for whenever possible. We
will not take the children outside in inclement weather, based on the judgment of the Program Director or
designee. In the winter our rule of thumb is no outdoor play when wind chill is zero or colder, for children
over two, and 20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for children under two. All children who are well enough to be
at the center will be expected to participate. If children are dressed properly, weather conditions should not
pose any health risk. Please supply appropriate clothing for the weather extremes found in Wisconsin. In the
winter children should have available to them: mittens, boots, shoes, hats, snowsuits or snowpants with jackets.
In the summer they should have available cool tops, shorts and closed toe shoes (preferably tennis shoes). We
strongly advise against sandals, hard soled shoes and flip-flops. The center maintains a supply of sunscreen
that will be utilized if parents have signed a consent to administer. In the summer months, no child will be
permitted to play outdoors when the temperature or the heat index reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Occasionally, with your written permission, your child will take part in outdoor water activities (i.e. sprinklers
and wading pools). At this time, all licensing guidelines will be followed in conjunction with sanitation and
maximum water levels. Group ratios will be followed at all times.

Field Trips
         Field trips expand a child's experience through a variety of out of the center opportunities. (In
addition to field trips to other locations, the children will take walking field trips around the neighborhood.
Parents will not always be given advance notice of these trips.) There will be opportunities for children to
participate in other field trips. For these trips, all busses that we rent for field trips or lessons (swimming or
other) will comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and State of WI Child Care Licensing Rules.
A fee will be charged for these trips to cover our costs. Parents will be given advance notice and participation
will require written permission. We welcome parent chaperones on field trips. When children are on a
chartered bus, all staff will carry with them each child’s emergency information and will keep track of how
many children they have in their group. These numbers will be added to determine a total head count. All
children will be counted each time they get on and off the bus to determine that each child is accounted for.
Once all children have exited the bus, one staff member will make a final sweep of the bus to be sure that all
children have exited and have not left belongings behind.

Children's Belongings
         Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home other than one for nap time. Toys often get
lost or broken and children sometimes have a hard time sharing a toy from home. Coulee Children's Center
cannot assume responsibility for materials brought from home. Please label hats, mittens, jackets, blankets,
sheets, etc. Each child has a cubby in which to keep personal items. Parent notes and notices to go home will
also be placed in the cubby or folder.

        Records concerning your child are confidential information and will only be accessible to you, the
Program Director, involved child care staff and the person designated by the state licensing department to
review our records for licensing purposes. Parents will be asked for permission in writing to allow any other
individuals to review their child's records.

Feedback Suggestions/Grievances
         We feel that a positive environment exists when parents and the program work together as partners.
Parents provide valuable input which we can use to improve our program. A parent questionnaire will be sent
home at various times throughout the year. We encourage you to answer the questions honestly and let us
know what we do well and any areas you think we can improve on. When areas of concern arise, please
contact your child's teacher or the Program Director. We will listen to your suggestions and/or concerns and
attempt to work through the problem. If at any time there is a situation that you do not feel comfortable
discussing with the Program Director or your child’s teacher, you may contact the CCC Board President.

Policy for Staff and Child Pick Up and Drop Off
         At Coulee Children's Center there are many occasions where the staff babysit the children outside of
the center. Although this is an acceptable practice, there are a few occasions where the employees and parents
have to take precautions to make sure Coulee Children's Center is not liable for the arrangements between the
parents and employees.

        1. If a parent/guardian wishes to have an employee drop off or pick up their child/ren at
                 Coulee Children's Center then that employee's name MUST be on the child's
                 emergency card under the authorized pick up/drop off section.

        2. The parent/guardian has to write the employee's name on the emergency card. Staff
                or Administrative Staff cannot write in their names for the parent or guardian.

                                     CENTER'S RESPONSIBILITIES
* Provide a warm and caring environment.
* Provide staff who are qualified under the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services'
        Child Care Rules.
* Inform parents of center policies and updates in policies.
* Provide an educational program to enhance child development.
* Provide child supervision to ensure the safest possible experience.
* Enhance child's self esteem through praise, recognition of good behavior and accomplishments
        and recognizing child's unique contributions.
* Provide United States Department of Agriculture approved meals and snacks.
* Listen to concerns of parents who feel the program is not meeting their child's needs as well as
        it could be.
* Notify parents when child is too ill (per the center's policy) to remain at the center.
* Notify parents when a child must be discharged from our program due to unresolved behavioral
        or other issues.

                                     PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITIES

* Observe the rules and policies of Coulee Children's Center.
* Let the staff know if your child will not be attending for the day.
* Sign your child in and out of the center each day they are in attendance.
* Pay fees on time as required by the contract or other agreements.
* Pick children up on time.
* Share your concerns with appropriate staff members if the program is not
        meeting your child's needs.
* Listen to concerns that staff members have about your child's behavior and work through
        an agreeable solution to any problems that occurred.

*   Inform staff if your child has been exposed to a contagious illness.
*   Notify the Program Director in writing of any change in contract at least two weeks in advance.
*   Keep child's record up to date.
*   Check daily for announcements and notes. Please pick up materials from your child's folder
          or cubby. Please read what is sent to you and respond quickly!

                                   WHO TO GO TO WITH QUESTIONS

Program Director:                  *   Enrollment
                                   *   Center policies
                                   *   Program issues
                                   *   Teacher concerns
                                   *   Fundraisers
                                   *   Availability for drop-in
                                   *   Availability to cancel holding days previously requested
                                   *   Changing your contract or schedule
                                   *   Building or grounds issues
                                   *   Administrative staff concerns

Teacher:                           *   Your child's transition to the center
                                   *   Daily lesson plans
                                   *   Field trips
                                   *   Your child's day

Billing:                           *   Your invoice
                                   *   Availability of holding days
                                   *   Annual registration fee
                                   *   Year end statement of charges


_________________________________________________________________ _____________

_________________________________________________________________ _____________

_________________________________________________________________ _____________

_________________________________________________________________ _____________

_________________________________________________________________ _____________

_________________________________________________________________ _____________


We hope that you find this handbook informative regarding the policies and procedures at the Coulee
Children's Center. Please read the following statement and sign at the bottom indicating your receipt and
acceptance of the conditions set forth.

I have received and read the Coulee Children's Center Parent Handbook. I understand that the policies and
practices of Coulee Children's Center are subject to modification or amendment by the center periodically.
When and if any changes need to be made, I will be notified in a timely fashion.

                 Please print name

                 Signature of parent or guardian


                                              PARENT COPY


We hope that you find this handbook informative regarding the policies and procedures at the Coulee
Children's Center. Please read the following statement and sign at the bottom indicating your receipt and
acceptance of the conditions set forth.

I have received and read the Coulee Children's Center Parent Handbook. I understand that the policies and
practices of Coulee Children's Center are subject to modification or amendment by the center periodically.
When and if any changes need to be made, I will be notified in a timely fashion.

                 Please print name

                 Signature of parent or guardian



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