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Wireless Newsletter August 2011 - The Sales Group_ Inc


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									                                                                                                                      August 2011

                              The Sales Group                                            MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES

                              Wireless News
                                 www.thesalesgroup.com                                       Pacific Northwest Edition

    Coming Events
                            ICOM IDAS 6.25 KHz Digital System Now
National APCO,
                            Available with Trunking, And Intrinsically Safe
August 7-11, Philadelphia   iDAS bridges the gap between analog and digital systems.

                            iDAS is Icom’s digital land mobile radio system using NXDN common air
                            interface. It has useful calling features including selective calling, status mes-
                            saging, radio stun/kill/revive and GPS position reporting. This system offers
                            Digital Trunking and IS capable portable radios
  Inside this issue:
TELEX IP Dispatch     2     IDAS™ is Icom's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air
Console Solutions           interface and offers a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters,
                            network interface/trunking controller, IP-based virtual radio, various accessories and
                            a complete system solution.
Telewave Radio        2
                                IDAS system now features
Systems Products
                                IDAS calling in digital conventional mode IDAS conventional IP network IDAS
Panorama Antenna 3
                                IDAS Intrinsically Safe Portable radio option
Multi-Band & GPS
Antennas                    IDAS is Icom's digital land mobile radio system using NXDN™ common air interface. It has useful calling fea-
                            tures including selective calling, status message, radio, stun/kill/revive and GPS position reporting, etc. The
                            IDAS system is ideal for business and industry users who are thinking to migrate to a digital system and
TASC Remote site      3     hence to future mandated narrow channel spacing.
                            Digital/analog mixed mode operation
                            The IDAS radio can receive both analog mode and digital mode signals on a single channel. You can partially
                            introduce the IDAS radios, while using the existing analog radios in a system. The IDAS system allows you to
General Dynamics      4     scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace and need, while running your exist-ing analog sys-
R8000 Test unit now         tem. It is a cost efficient way to obtain the next generation two-way radio technology and protect your cur-
with P25 Trunking           rent system investment.

Stone Mountain        4
Speaker Mics w/AGC          Other features include: Secure communication, Selective call, group call and talk group ID, Talk back function
                            and call mode selection, Emergency call function, Status message, GPS position reporting, Radio stun, kill
                            and revive, Up to 16 IDAS repeaters connection over IP network, Low bandwidth requirement of 13 Kbps.
Raven’s Voter/        4
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TELEX Innovating the future of Mission Critical
The Nexus IP Console Solution                               Flexibility and Scalability
                                                            The Nexus IP console position can be ordered in
The Nexus IP console position delivers everything for
                                                            configurations from two to 200 lines. It is our most
dispatch communications—stability, performance, and
                                                            capable and highest capacity dispatch solution. The user
world-class dispatch capability. The IP platform makes it   interface is completely customizable, meaning you can
simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to   control the button layout – the size, shape, color, and
use in any dispatch setting.                                even
Service and Support                                         the labeling. Change the background color, create simple
By standardizing around a single dispatch position          or advanced dispatch interfaces — the options are nearly
platform, we have been able to optimize both the            limitless with the Nexus console position. You can even
                                                            store multiple dispatch configurations on a single station
operating system and dispatch software for maximum
                                                            for different applications or usage scenarios.
stability and performance. And we are able to deliver a
total solution that is significantly enhanced and much      C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable soft-
easier to support by removing the variables associated      ware dispatch console — perfect application for any dis-
with softw1 2 3 4 are installation on an end-user pro-      patch environment. C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch
vided PC.                                                   capabilities you expect, while also giving you the flexibil-
                                                            ity that only an IP-based software console can provide:
                                                            simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up
                                                            of communications assets, and the ability to save multi-
                                                            ple configurations on a single computer. This proven ap-
                                                            plication has been deployed in communication centers
                                                            around the world, in applications from 911 dispatch to
                                                            mobile command centers and transportation manage-

Telewave is Tested, Proven and Trusted for Quality
                                                            Telewave has supported Public Safety, local, state,
                                                            federal government, and the US Military for over
                                                            38 years. Their full line of standard radio systems
                                                            products is available for shipping within 10 days or
                                                            less, and their system engineering team is ready
                                                            to assist with your most demanding projects.
                                                            From 700/800 MHz dual-band combiners to re-
                                                            ceiver Multicouplers, duplexers and multi-channel,
                                                            multi-band antenna systems, Telewave has the
                                                            tools and the technology to help you meet your
                                                            mission requirements. All Telewave system solu-
                                                            tions are P25 and narrowband compatible.
                                                              Distributed by:
  www.thesalesgroup.com                                    August 2011                                       Page 3

Panorama Integrates Digital Communications Technologies
The Sharkee™ (GPSB2) series antenna provides for multiple RF technologies within one antenna housing. Re-
quiring only a single hole mount. The Sharkee™ is suitable for public safety (low profile and stealthy) and
transportation applications, as well as asset tracking, where a cost effective and efficient antenna is essential
to the system. Available VHF, UHF and 900 MHz Whips. Internal Quad band Cellular, 26dB GPS Antenna plus
WLAN, and WIMAX antennas in an impact resistant housing. More at http://www.GPSB.com

TASC Radio System Monitoring, Alarm & Control
                                           The siteRSM remote monitoring system is an affordable in-
                                           dustrial temperature-rated robust, low power device that
                                           allows effective site monitoring and control in many Public
                                           Safety applications. This a flexible solution for monitoring
                                           device functionality and the communication backbone for its

                                           Backhaul Flexibility
                                           The siteRSM has the capability of handling most methods of transporting
                                           data between the central monitoring location and the remote site. These
                                           methods include two-way radio, Ethernet, serial, landline dial-up, and cellu-
                                           lar. Alarm notifications from siteVIEW Enterprise can be a text message or
                                           an e-mail that is sent to a phone/smartphone.

                                           The siteRSM can be deployed in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint appli-
                                           cations. The system can be configured to monitor most items including
                                           doors, solar panels, batteries, charging circuits, generators, fuel tanks and
                                           repeaters. The system can also be used in control applications where an
                                           input mapping feature allows an event or a change in state to trigger and

                                           There are no limitations to the number of site that make up a siteRSM net-
                                           work. The siteRSM in conjunction with siteVIEW Enterprise can monitor
                                           most of the critical parameters of your system.
                                                   QUALITY           INTEGRITY       SERVICE
  The Sales Group
                           RF Test for P25, DMR/MotoTRBO & NXDN
                          The R8000 from General Dynamics is the first and                 R8000 is built on a software-defined
                          only instrument to deliver the complete functionality of         radio architecture, remotely con-
                          a communications analyzer in a portable (14 lb.) pack-           trolled via 4 USB ports.
  Pacific Northwest
                          age. Now with P25 Trunking. Auto Tune feature
                          for XTS & XTL series radios.
  Dana Hanford, Partner       Accepts up to 150 Watts of RF power without external
     206-842-9076             attenuators
                              Bright 8.4‖ LCD Display viewable in any lighting
    PORTLAND, OR              condition.
      Kevin Farley
                              Spectrum analyzer noise floor –120dBm
                              Dual Scope allowing viewing of carrier signal and
                              modulation at the same time.
                              3GHz receive and generate capability
   George Shoemaker

                          Stone Mountain Mic’s now with AGC
                          Stone Mountain is proud to announce their newest features,
*******************       AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL (AGC) and Intrinsically Safe (IS)
                          options for all the major brands of radios. Motorola, Harris/MA
  We Also Represent       COM, Kenwood, EF Johnson and others! This will correct the
                          feedback issue with the Motorola XTS series portables!!

                          AGC Features                                   2 Year Warranty

                          Automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity and provides a con-
   Portable Tactical      sistent level of receive audio
 Repeaters & Portable     Useful If the user is whispering, shouting, or if background noise such
       Satellite          as wind or industrial noise is present.
       Systems            Increases performance and addresses interface problems typical with
                          accessories such as headsets and SCBA communication systems.

                          Raven’s Voter/Comparator Module for M4x System

                          Raven’s Portable, Compact Communi-
                          cation Device: M4x Blade Now avail-
    Proud Members of
                          able with a Signal to Noise Voter/
                          Comparator. The Signal to Noise Voter/
                          Comparator is an optional feature that provides quick
                          and accurate determination of the best signal by
                          measuring the quality of received signals. This value
                          added capability is available to you at an economical
                          price. This product offers the perfect combination of
                          versatility, mobility, and economy; a simple USB
                          connection to a laptop or desktop computer unleashes
                          a powerful communication system that can serve an
                          unlimited number of uses. At the heart of the M4x
                          Blade Communication System are DSP powered
                          ―modules‖. These modules, manufactured by Raven,
 We are on the web        provide ―access points‖ for several different types of
                          communication equipment.

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