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Chuck Worden
Lifetime Valparaiso Resident


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                                                                                                                             OF EVENTS

    By Laurie Wink

    Valparaiso is a vibrant, visionary,
    values-based community created
       by generations of civic-minded
          residents, including the four
     individuals profiled in this issue.
      Their “can do” spirit and desire
       to give back has been nurtured
             by family members, local
        business owners and nonprofit
                                                   Chuck Worden,
         organization leaders. Sharing
                                                   70, grew up in the
         personal stories and thoughts             1940s. As a lad, he
    about what it has meant to grow                remembers riding his
      up in this close-knit community,             bike all over town.
                                                   He loved getting
    the quartet explains the reasons
                                                   a bowl of soup at
         they continue to call it home.            Harvey’s Dime Store
                                                   and going to the
                 Premier Theater downtown. “We got to see westerns
                 and several cartoons for a quarter,” he says.

                 Starting at Central School and continuing through old
                 Valparaiso High School, Worden says, “You just can’t
                 ask for better ‘growing up’ years.”                       “My grandfather was a county councilman and Center
                 Chuck and his brother, Tom, were raised in a five-room    Township trustee,” he says. “My mother was involved
                 bungalow on Bush and Franklin Streets, a block south      with the Republican Women’s Club and did a lot of
                 of the Grand Trunk railroad tracks and two blocks         volunteer work. Our family was always involved in
                 south of Tower Park. Their father, Dave Worden, was       our church also.”
                 a dispatcher for NIPSCO and mother, Wilma, was            Worden married Marian Pulver, the daughter of
                 a homemaker. Their parents played bridge, hosted          Valparaiso natives Robert and Ruth Pulver. She went
                 potlucks, and organized family-oriented activities that   to high school in Manila, where her father worked
                 didn’t require a lot of money, Worden recalls.            for Exxon, and then attended Valparaiso University.
                 Worden learned the importance of helping people           Worden was a marketing major at Indiana University
                 from his mother and his maternal grandfather,             when he became reacquainted with Marian at a July
                 Vernon Beach.                                             4th party. Taking her for a spin in his hot ’59 Ford
                                                                           convertible – black with a red-and-white interior –

    Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                                                                   GROWTH WAS A
                                                                                   TEAM EFFORT AND
                                                                                   STILL IS TODAY. IT’S
                                                                                   A FAMILY-ORIENTED
                                                                                   A HELPING-
                                                                                   COMMUNITY, A
                                                                                                    —Chuck Worden

Chuck recalls, “I knew I kinda liked   Worden was on the city council for      few bucks,” he says. “You have to
her but I was focused on graduating    eight years and ran (unsuccessfully)    believe in the organization you work
from college.”                         for mayor in 1983. Although that        for. When you believe in what you’re
                                       ended his political career, it didn’t   doing, it’s easy to sit down and talk
After completing his studies in        stop his drive to serve the community   about the needs of that group.”
January 1965, Worden returned          in other ways. He’s been active in
to Valparaiso and married Marian.                                              For several years, Worden served
                                       a host of organizations, including
Their daughter, Patricia, was born     the Valpo Jaycees, Valpo Chamber,       on the Town and Gown committee
the following year, and Carole                                                 at the request of the mayor.
                                       Rotary, the YMCA, Spring Valley/
came along three years later.                                                  Representatives of the city and
                                       Housing Opportunities, the Board of
Both daughters are married and live                                            Valparaiso University discussed
                                       Realtors and the Historical Society.
in Fort Wayne and Murfreesboro,                                                projects and issues of mutual interest
Tenn., respectively.                   Worden’s forte is fundraising. “I       in an effort to bridge the gap between
                                       seem to have a knack for raising a      community and campus. >>

                                                                                            GROWING UpValpo

                              —Debbie Anselm

    >> “When I was a kid, you didn’t go up       Snyder led by example. “He was a           photographed the evolving downtown
    to the hill,” he said. “You hardly knew      great organizer for large projects.”       landscape over several decades.
    the university was there. There was
                                                 In banking, Worden was influenced          During a recent visit to the Valpo
    very little back and forth.”
                                                 by leaders such as Joe Bibler,             Chamber building, he pointed across
    Worden learned volunteerism from men         Les Robinson, Pete Candela,                Lincolnway at buildings from the late
    he worked with during the ‘60s, ‘70s         Mike Schrage and Jim Ellsworth.            1800s and 1900s and noted the various
    and ‘80s. The first was Clair Maxwell        He recalls having quality experiences      businesses that had occupied them
    at the Western Auto store, where             with others, including Charlie Bowman,     over the years.
    he worked during high school. At the         Jim McGill, Len Ellis, and Alan Harre.
                                                                                            Worden is proud of today’s bustling
    Oxford Shop, he worked with Chuck
                                                 “They all gave me the time to devote       downtown business district, with its
    Heppner. “He was involved in church,
                                                 to many community projects, large and      mélange of shops, restaurants, and
    the park board, Rotary, and more I’m
                                                 small,” Worden says. “These folks laid     entertainment options.
    sure,” Worden said.
                                                 the foundation for the city we know
                                                                                            “We’ve been working on that the last
    As a real estate professional, Worden        today and made it easy for new kids like
                                                                                            several years,” he explains. “There was
    learned from John Wiggins, a former          me to help do what we could to keep
                                                                                            a time when there were more vacancies
    high school teacher and coach. “He           ‘community’ going strong in Valpo.”
                                                                                            downtown. But now we have a mix
    was a great mentor in the classroom
                                                 Worden worked for five businesses on       of restaurants and more people are
    and in the real estate office and politics
                                                 Lincolnway during his diverse career in    working downtown. It’s a destination
    too,” Worden said. After that, Harley
                                                 retail, real estate, and banking and has   and people are talking about what’s
                                                                                            happening. And the park is wonderful.”

    Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
Worden emphasized that no single person has been             During high school, she hung out at Greek’s Pizzeria,
responsible for the community’s growth and vitality.         owned by the Karamasines family, and Valpo Velvet,
“Valparaiso was not built on ‘I, I, me, me,’” he said.       owned by her classmate Mike Brown’s family. “After
“It was a team effort and still is today. It’s a family-     high school basketball games, everybody would
oriented community, a helping-one-another community,         go to Tony’s,” Anselm recalls.
a service-oriented community.”
                                                             She enjoys seeing her children having fun downtown
Since retiring from Centier Bank three years ago,            with their friends. “What’s been really cool is that the
Worden passionately pursues golf, reading, and               leaders of the city have done a great job of bringing
painting. If it’s not fun, he isn’t doing it. He’s happy     the downtown to life. It’s always been nice but they’ve
to play nine holes with friends and, especially,             brought it to a whole new level, especially with Central
his grandsons. He devours mysteries rather than              Park Plaza.”
business-related material. “I don’t read anything too
                                                             Anselm graduated from Valparaiso High School in
deep,” he chuckles. “I don’t have to do that anymore.”
                                                             1981 and earned a bachelor’s degree in public affairs
And he’s discovered a talent for painting that has           from Indiana University in 1986. After briefly living in
been nurtured by artist Susan Young. Worden paints           Indianapolis, she took a job at the Valparaiso YMCA,
mostly landscapes for family members, charity                where she established the gymnastics program.
auctions, and individual clients.                            Six years later, she became marketing director of
                                                             Benchmark Ltd., a real estate development company.
For Worden, two lines from the Jaycee Creed
he learned years ago continue to guide his life:             “I was fortunate to have people willing to give me
“Service to humanity is the best work of life,”              opportunities along the way. When I think back about
and “Faith in God gives meaning and purpose                  people that influenced my professional development,
to human life.”                                              Bill Anderson, Barb Young, and Bill Masterson
                                                             immediately come to mind.”

                                                             Her husband, Scott Anselm, is a local boy with strong
Debbie ANSELM                                                family ties to the community. He was a standout on the
                                                             Valparaiso University basketball team and now works
Debbie Anselm, Porter County general manager of              in sales for Luke Oil Company.
The Times Media Company, moved to Valparaiso
                                                             “We knew we wanted to stay here,” Anselm says.
from Merrillville when she was seven years old.
                                                             “Scott had job opportunities in other places but when
Her extended family is deeply rooted in the region.
                                                             we thought about our values – family, a strong sense
Grandfather Eugene Swartz was Mayor of the City of
                                                             of community – it was pretty clear that we wanted to
Gary in the late ‘40s.
                                                             do everything we could to stay here.”
Anselm grew up in the Concord Woods and Oakwood
                                                             The couple has three children: Alissa, 16, a sophomore
subdivisions in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and has
                                                             at Valparaiso High School; Zach, 13, an eighth grader
fond memories of spending time with family friends,
                                                             at Ben Franklin Middle School; and Emma, 6, a first
many of whom she still sees. She’s the oldest child in
                                                             grader at Cooks Corners Elementary School. The
a blended family of seven and her siblings all live within
                                                             family likes living in a university town, where they enjoy
an hour’s drive of Valpo.
                                                             basketball games, VU’s Christopher Center Library,
“Valparaiso has always felt like home,” she says.            the Brauer Art Museum and special events on campus.
“It was a place where you knew your neighbors and
                                                             Anselm’s life of service is rooted in family. Her
people in the larger community were neighborly.”
                                                             step-father, Roger Shurr, was a children’s dentist
She attended St. Paul’s Catholic School through eighth       who volunteered his services to families in need.
grade and spent a lot of time with friends at Harvey’s       Her mother, Judie Shurr, was active in Tri Kappa, the
Dime Store. “They had a big candy counter and with           women’s service organization. Anselm has been a
25 cents you could get a good sized sampling,” she           devoted Tri Kappa for over 20 years, and now serves
said, adding she was also fond of french fries and           as president of the local chapter. She’s served on
chocolate shakes. Other downtown draws were the              committees and boards of the Valpo Chamber, the
Premier Theater and Lowenstein’s Department Store.           Porter Starke Foundation, the YMCA, the Valparaiso>>

                      GROWING      UpValpo

    >> Park Foundation, the American Cancer Society             Douglas graduated from Valparaiso High School
    and PTA. She’s baked lots of cookies and raised a lot       in 1986. “After high school, I was anxious to bust
    of “dough” through fundraisers.                             out,” he says. “What I didn’t see as a kid were the
                                                                opportunities I see today. Part of it was youthfulness.
    “I enjoy volunteering,” she says. “My family                It’s not until you start raising a family that you think
    volunteers a lot. We’re trying to instill that same         of values.”
    sense in our kids. Being involved is critical. It’s
    what makes a home town your home town. We                   Douglas received a B.S. in political science and
    have a responsibility to make it the great place            history from Purdue University in 1990. After
    we think it is.”                                            college, he was a case manager at Bradley Center,
                                                                a residential community corrections program in
    Anselm sees the same community spirit she grew              Michigan City. In 1995, he became the City of
    up with in today’s mix of established and new families      Valparaiso assistant city planner and economic
    in Valparaiso.                                              development planner. From 2002 until 2005, he was
    “The willingness to say ‘hello’ and reach out a hand,       operations manager for Natural Ovens and then joined
    makes this a great place to be,” she said. “People          Indiana Beverage.
    in Valpo share a common vision of a welcoming               George and Julie married in 1992 and have three
    community that puts its best foot forward                   children: Madeleine, 17, a junior at Valparaiso High
    and makes the best of what it has.”                         School; Sam, 15, a sophomore; and Sarah, 10, a fifth
                                                                grader at Central Elementary School. Julie graduated
                                                                from Purdue with a journalism degree, and then
    George                                                      completed law school at Notre Dame. After practicing
    DOUGLAS                                                     law, she started a photography business and also
    George Douglas, general manager of Indiana                  teaches legal writing at Notre Dame.
    Beverage, Inc. has lived in Valparaiso all of his life,
                                                                Ivan and Pat Bodensteiner, Julie’s parents, live two
    except for college and three years in South Bend.
                                                                blocks away from the Douglas home and her sister,
    “I think Valpo is just a great place,” he said. “Growing    Jill, lives in South Bend.
    up here was a lot of fun. Like most kids, I enjoyed
                                                                “When we thought about raising a family, all the
    having a lot of family and friends around. I also
                                                                values and close family ties in town made it a natural
    liked being near Lake Michigan and Chicago. It’s a
                                                                choice to come back here,” Douglas said.
    wonderful location.”
                                                                He learned about community leadership and service
    Douglas was raised in the ‘70s and ‘80s with
                                                                at his first job as a delivery boy for Sievers Pharmacy,
    three brothers and a sister, who still lives in town.
                                                                where he came to admire Paul Schreiner and Dick
    “I grew up in the area near downtown and
                                                                Brychell. “I have enjoyed working with great people
    I remember getting my allowance and spending
                                                                in a number of different businesses and not-for-profit
    the day downtown.”
                                                                organizations. They have taught me so much
    His mother, Mary Rose, worked at J.C. Penney and            about respect, compassion and commitment.
    Denise’s downtown and still lives in Valparaiso.            People always make the difference in every business
    His father was a Porter County Superior Court judge         and organization.”
    from 1972 until his death in 1989, when George
                                                                Douglas serves as treasurer of the YMCA and is a
    was 21. The legacy his father left was a strong work
                                                                board member of the Northwest Indiana Forum; PACT
    ethic, a sense of fairness and justice, and a belief that
                                                                Inc., which operates Michigan City’s Bradley Center;
    “we’re all good people.” “My dad always said,
                                                                and the Valparaiso Schools Foundation. He also is
    ‘Don’t judge people until you’ve walked a mile in
                                                                a member of the Workforce Investment Board of the
    their shoes,’” he adds.
                                                                Center of Workforce Innovations.
    Douglas met his wife, Julie Bodensteiner, when they
                                                                “I’ve been given an opportunity to continue to serve,”
    worked at General Cinema during high school. He
                                                                he said. “The sense of giving back is strong in
    laughs when he recalls that they were dating each
                                                                the community. You find a cause and you’ll find a
    other’s best friends before becoming sweethearts.
                                                                group willing to jump in (to help).”

     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                      Like the others, Douglas is
                      enthusiastic about the enhanced
                      downtown environment, citing
“I THINK THERE’S      the two community theaters,
                      mix of restaurants and Central
AN OVERALL HUGE       Park Plaza, which he calls “a
SENSE OF PRIDE AND    phenomenal asset.” He credits
OWNERSHIP WITHIN      the city’s Redevelopment
                      Commission with making
THE COMMUNITY.        important investments in
IT’S NOT ONE          infrastructure and he values
                      the amenities available through
PARTICULAR GROUP      Valparaiso University, including
THAT’S DRIVING THE    sporting events, cultural
VISION. IT’S NOT      programs, and the Brauer
                      Art Museum.
                      “I think there’s an overall huge
PLAN. IT’S A          sense of pride and ownership
COMMUNITY PLAN.”      within the community,” Douglas
    —George Douglas   says. “It’s not one particular
                      group that’s driving the vision.
                      It’s not one individual’s plan.
                      It’s a community plan.”

                      Attorney Clay Patton, of Osan &
                      Patton, LLP, has spent most of
                      his 40 years living in Valparaiso.
                      He grew up with older brother,
                      Todd, in Center Township in a
                      house his parents, Jim and Jean
                      Patton, built on Goodrich Road.
                      They still live there. His 87-year-
                      old grandmother and an aunt,
                      uncle and cousins live
                      in the area as well.

                      Patton’s parents were born and
                      raised in Northwest Indiana.
                      His father was a steelworker
                      and his mother worked in the
                      travel industry for 30 years and
                      owned World Travel Unlimited.
                      His parents chose to live in
                      Valparaiso, Patton said, because
                      they found a large piece of land
                      here to build a house, it was
                      close to his father’s work and the
                      school system was first rate. >>


                                                         >> As a kid, Patton remembers
                                                         riding his bike to Rogers-
                                                         Lakewood Park. He spent a lot of
                                                         time downtown at Tony’s Place
                                                         and Sievers Drug Store. Another
                                                         favorite pastime was going to the
                                                         movies at County Seat Plaza, and
                                                         then hanging out at Shakey’s pizza.
        “... THE MOVE                                    During high school, Patton worked
        [BACK] TO                                        in the produce department at Town
        VALPO WAS A                                      and Country grocery store and
                                                         then delivered flowers for Schultz
        GOOD ONE. THE                                    Floral Shop.
                                                         “On Friday and Saturday,
        HAS A CERTAIN                                    teenagers would cruise up and
        SOMETHING                                        down Lincolnway from the Post
                                                         Office to the 7-11. The street was
        THAT ATTRACTS                                    clogged,” he recalls.
        —Clay Patton                                     Patton graduated from Valparaiso
                                                         High School in 1990. He earned a
                                                         B.A. in criminal justice from Indiana
                                                         University in 1994 and a J.D. from
                                                         IU’s Robert McKinney School of
                                                         Law in Indianapolis in 1999. Patton
                                                         met his wife, Jeri Pat Gabbert,
                                                         while living in Indianapolis and the
                                                         couple moved to Valpo nine years
                                                         ago, when she joined Valparaiso
                                                         University’s Office of Institutional
                                                         Advancement. Recently, she
                                                         was named Vice Chancellor for
                                                         Advancement & External Affairs at
                                                         Indiana University Northwest.

                                                         Patton and Gabbert have two
                                                         daughters: Alexandra, 7, and
                                                         Caroline, 4. The quality of life here
                                                         was a big draw for the couple.
                                                         “We realized the move to Valpo
                                                         was a good one,” Patton says.
                                                         “Raising children in a big city such
                                                         as Indy, there are a lot of things
                                                         you have to consider, such as child
                                                         care, schools, and the expense of
                                                         those things.”

                                                         Patton says he continually runs
                                                         into former Valpo residents who
                                                         have moved back. The community
                                                         has a certain something that
                                                         attracts people, he notes.

     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
“I don’t know what it is about the community that makes
it that way, but it seems to always have had it.”

Like others who grew up in Valpo, Patton has been
immersed in serving and giving back to the community he
loves. One of the people who had a profound influence
on him personally and professionally was Judge Bill
Alexa, of Porter County Superior Court 2. Alexa lived            We can help.
down the street from Patton’s boyhood friends, so he
was aware of the accomplished attorney who ran for the
State Senate.

“Bill was probably the first attorney I really knew,” said
Patton, who kept in touch with Alexa over the years.
When Patton decided to return to Valpo to practice law,
he asked Alexa to help him network for jobs.

“I was honored to be the treasurer of his re-election
campaigns in 2006 and 2012,” Patton adds.
                                                             Michigan City • Chicago • Indianapolis
Patton is a member of the Valpo Noon Kiwanis group;                      219-879-4276
vice president of the Valparaiso Schools Foundation
Board; past president of the Porter County Bar
Association; and previously served as a trustee of the
Family & Youth Services Bureau.

Like those before him, Patton is teaching his oldest
daughter, Alexandra, to appreciate the benefits and
opportunities she has in life, rather than taking them for
granted, and to give back.

“She’s energetic about her school fundraisers and
enjoyed helping serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local
Salvation Army,” Patton said.

Patton is proud of the community’s commitment to
creating an attractive environment for young families.
His wife, Jeri Pat, serves on the Board of Valparaiso
Community Festivals and Events that plans family
friendly activities, such as movie night in Central
Park Plaza.

“Thirty years ago, there wasn’t that kind of resource to
bring the community together,” he says. “The Popcorn
Festival was in its infancy.”

Collectively, the quartet of Worden, Anselm,
Douglas, and Patton spans seven decades of growing
up in Valpo. Amidst the community changes and the
fond memories of days gone by, one comment is
constant: Valparaiso is a place that keeps getting better,
largely because of the people that nurture and care
for it. Generation after generation. VM


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     ___________________________________           Payroll Processing                         Manufacturing/Industrial                     Aircraft Charter/Instruction/Lease/
     n Grass is Always Greener                                                          Rental
       3305 Clairborne Crossing,                ___________________________________        ___________________________________
       46385                                    n JC Global Supply                         n Petey’s Gyros
       241-6662                                   537 Karcio Ct                              255 Morthland Dr                            All addresses are in the 46383 zip
       Doug Walls                                 Pullman, WA 99163                          548-2233                                    code and phone numbers are 219
       Landscape Design/Products/Services/        (866) 578-9992                             Pete Poulos                                 area code unless otherwise indicated.
       Supplies                                   Janice M. Chau                             Restaurants
       Snow Removal                               Office Equipment/Services/Products/

       Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                              2012 Best of Northwest Indiana Business Local Telecommunications Company
                                               Voted by the readers of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly

                                                                                   Looking for a new telephone
                                                                                   system? Call MTA today and
                                                                                    set up a live demonstration
                                                                                      of MTA’s Allworx IP PBX
                                                                                         telephone system.

                                                     Call us at 1-877-PickMTA

                                              IP Telephone Systems

                     Now Offering             DVR Security Camera Systems
                      Full Line Of            High Speed Internet
                    Business Services         VOIP Services
                       Checking              SIP Trunk Services
                       Business Visa®
                                              Managed Router Services
                       Merchant Services
                       Online Services       Managed Firewall Services
                       Line of Credit
                       SBA Loans
Services Designed
                    Commercial Business       Compare MTA to your current provider and save $$$$!
For The Success
                    Hotline 219-877-2328
 Of Your Small
    Business!                                   Call us at 1-877-PickMTA or email us

                                            Can you stay warm
                                            and stay on budget?
                                            With NIPSCO BudgetPlan, you can take the
                                            guesswork out of your monthly bill and worry
                                            less about fluctuating heating costs.
                                            BudgetPlan spreads out the cost of heating
                                            your home, giving you a bit more peace of
                                            mind and a more manageable bill.
                                            To learn more, visit


                                                   VALPO CHAMBER

                  Business Awards
               Two Valpo Chamber businesses were honored with the Valpo Chamber

            Business Awards at the Salute to Leadership dinner on Saturday, January 12.

                              These awards are designed to recognize Valpo Chamber member businesses
                                        that have endured longevity of 50, 75, or 100 years.

                                 YEARS                                                  YEARS

                                                                               · Root Canal Therapy
                                                                               · Gum Disease Treatment
     Valpo | Dyer | Homewood | Oak Lawn | Orland Park | Joliet | Bourbonnais   · Dental Implants
                                                                               · Cosmetic Periodontic Surgery
        502 Wall Street, Suite 103
        Valparaiso • 219-462-8008                                    
     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
       Valparaiso Health Center
                             of St. Mary Medical Center

  Join us for a public OPEN HOUSE
        Saturday, January 26
             11 am - 3 pm
 Valparaiso Health Center Services:
   Immediate Care Center - Open 7 days, 8 am - 8 pm
   Clinical Laboratory
   MRI, 64-slice CT, X-ray, Ultrasound
   3D Digital Mammography with Same Day Results
   Bone Densitometry
   Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy
   Bariatric/Weight Loss Services
   Physician Specialists in: Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine,
   Podiatry, OB/GYN Services, Neurology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology,
   Urology, Ear/Nose/Throat, General Surgery, and Cardiology

  Extraordinary Care, right in your neighborhood!
  Near the corner of SR-49 & Burlington Beach Road

   Community Healthcare System                 Find a St. Mary Medical Center
ST. MARY edical Center                         physician near you!
  Hobart, Indiana              Call toll-free 1-866-836-3477

                                                               The first step toward preventing a heart attack is to know
                                                               you’re at risk for one. And a great way to find out is with
                                                               Porter Regional Hospital’s free online heart risk assessment.
                                                               It only takes around seven minutes, but it can provide
                                                               you and your doctor with information that may improve
                                                               your heart health and potentially prevent a heart attack.
                                                               Don’t take a chance. Take our free assessment today.

                                                               take our free heart risk assessment
                                                               at or
                                                               caLL 800-453-2330 to scheduLe your free
                                                               assessment in Person With our screener.

               when it comes to heart disease,
        the biggest risk is not knowing you’re at risk.

     65637_PORTE_HRAfm_7_917x5c.indd 1                                                                                  12/17/12 1:48 PM

                                                     When you’re ready to spend...
                                                      we have money to lend.

         We offer a wide range of personal and business loan products to meet your needs.
                                  Personal Loans                         Business Loans
                                 >Home Equity Line of Credit           >Real Estate Loan
                                 >Mortgage Loan                        >Equipment Loan
                                 >Lot Loan                             >Construction Loan
                                 >Auto Loan                            >Small Business Loan

     Valparaiso Banking Center
             2905 Calumet Avenue                                                                                            Member FDIC

        Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                                                                                                              BUSINESS SNAPSHOT
                                                                                       Voted best
                                                                                insurance agency
                                                                               for business eight
                                                                                   years in a row

              Coverage for your most precious assets                                                                          BridgePoint Church
                       A u t o | H o m e | b u s i n e s s | L i f e | H e A Lt H
                                                                                                                              105 N Washington St, Valparaiso
                                                                                                                              Telephone: (219) 477-4207
                       Valparaiso                    Michigan City                  LaPorte
                       219.464.3511                  Michigan City
                                                     219.879.4581                   LaPorte
                                                                                    219.362.2113                              Website:
                       219.464.3511                  219.879.4581                   219.362.2113
                                                                                                      Management: Jeff Cagwin, Pastor
                                                                                                      Chamber Member since: 2009

                                                                                                                              BridgePoint Church exists to help people
                                                                                                                              know Christ and become all that God has
                                                                                                                              made them to be. BridgePoint warmly
                                                                                                                              welcomes all to its downtown facility –
                                                                                                                              the former YMCA – for worship on
                                                                                                                              Sundays at 10:30 a.m. There, attendees
                          YO U R E D U C AT I O N & T R A I N I N G PA R T N E R                                              will find a casual and comfortable environment
              From entry-level skills training to executive leadership consulting, Ivy Tech Corporate College                 with contemporary music, relevant teaching,
              is designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide affordable education and training                          and great programs for kids.
              solutions that help Indiana businesses remain productive, profitable and globally competitive.                  In addition to gathering for
              We provide a wide variety of training solutions that can be customized to your specific needs,
              including executive corporate training, customized programs and certification training.
                                                                                                                              worship, BridgePoint groups
                                                                                                                              meet weekly in homes
                                            Get started today with a free, no obligation consultation.
                                                                                                                              and give back by
                                            Contact us at 888-999-3639 or                       volunteering in the
                                                                                                                              community. BridgePoint
                                                                                                                              hopes to meet you soon!

Ivygar_TBD_Corp_College_Resize.indd 1                                                                      3/15/12 12:10 PM

                                                           “I trust Dr. Hyde to make
                                                           sure my smile reflects my
                                                           business confidence.”

           Make Your First Impression
               Your Best Impression                                                                                            Photo by Aran
            From clear aligners, retainers, and today’s braces,                                                                Kessler Photo.
            Dr. Hyde will recommend the treatment plan that
            meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.                                                                          Featured Chamber
                                                                                                                                member business
                                                                                                                               chosen at random.

                                                                              Schedule Your
                                                                          Consultation Today!

                                                                                                                          Jeff Cagwin, Pastor


               A SALUTE TO
         By Laurie Wink

         The Valpo Chamber hosted its annual Salute to Leadership dinner on Saturday, January 12, where the Chamber Board of
         Directors honored Jonathan Nalli, CEO of Porter Health Care System, with the 2012 Distinguished Community Leader
         Award, the highest recognition the Chamber bestows on an individual member of the business community.
         Recipients are selected based on: demonstrated leadership; active involvement in the greater Valparaiso business
         community; reputation among business leaders; success in promoting business and industry development; overall
         contributions to the community and its quality of life; and professional activities.
         Rob Thorgren, vice president of Thorgren Tool & Molding Co., was awarded the 2012 Legacy of Service Award. The award
         recognizes individuals in the community who, over time or under extraordinary circumstances, have given service to the
         community above and beyond what is expected in their profession. Recipients have created a legacy of community service
         and serve as an example for others to emulate.
         Both Nalli and Thorgren were nominated for the awards by their Chamber peers.

             JONATHAN NALLI                                               University North Central Advisory Committee and is a
                                                                          member of the Valparaiso Rotary.
                                                                          Nalli said he was “in a state of shock” and rendered
         Jonathan Nalli, 37, a native of Kentucky, moved to               speechless when he found out he was named the 2012
         Valparaiso in May 2007 becoming interim CEO of Porter            Distinguished Community Leader. “When I look at the list
         Hospital. He was named permanent CEO later that year.            of previous recipients, these people have spent a great deal
         He’s at the helm of a health care system that has more than      of time in Valpo,” he says. “Their contributions have been
         2,000 employees, making it the second largest employer           phenomenal.”
         in Porter County. Under his leadership, the area’s health care   “Words cannot describe what it feels like to be considered
         system has expanded to include the latest technologies and       a peer in that category,” Nalli adds. “This is one of the most
         more than 45 new physicians.                                     prestigious awards any organization in the county awards to
                                                                          people. So even to be considered is honor enough.”
         Nalli was nominated for the prestigious honor by Dave
         Rose, Porter County president of Horizon Bank, who noted,        Jonathan and Cathleen Nalli are the parents of three-and-a-
         “In just a few short years, Jonathan personally immersed         half-year-old Jonathan and two-year-old Delaney. Cathleen
         himself into the Valparaiso community in numerous activities     taught at Hayes Leonard Elementary School before taking
         that provide significant community development.”                 time off to stay home with their children. She is involved with
                                                                          the Boys & Girls Club, the United Way and Tri Kappa.
         “Many Valparaiso organizations have received benefits from
         the leadership that exists through Porter Hospital that did      Moving here required a leap of faith that has paid off,
         not exist a few years ago,” adds Rose.                           Nalli says.
         Nalli is a member of the Valparaiso Chamber board and            “The community welcomed us with open arms,” Nalli
         executive committee; chaired the United Way 2011                 explains. We have made this our home and our children are
         campaign; is a board member of the Porter County                 now Indiana Hoosiers. We feel the need to pay forward all
         Community Foundation; a member of the Porter County              the opportunities given to us.” >>
         Redevelopment Commission; serves on the Purdue

     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
“This is one
of the most
awards any
in the county
awards to
people. So
even to be
considered is
honor enough.”
— Jonathan Nalli

      >>   ROB THORGREN
     Rob Thorgren isn’t the kind of person who is comfortable being
     singled out for special recognition. But he said it’s nice to be
     selected by the Chamber for this year’s Legacy of Service Award.
     “I’m really a Valpo guy and any time I can help the city I love,
     I’m all for it,” he says.
     Deb Koeppen, vice president chief development officer,
     Valparaiso Family YMCA, agrees. “If there were a ‘Mr. Valpo,’               “I’m really
     Rob would be first in our book!”
                                                                                 a Valpo guy
     Koeppen explains he was instrumental in getting a new facility
     for the YMCA. “This young man, when he started on the board,                and any
     became very engaged,” she says. “He chaired the Building
     Committee and was immersed in the entire process. He watched
                                                                                 time I can
     contractors every day. The YMCA really was his second home.”                help the city
     In addition to serving on the YMCA board, Rob has chaired,                  I love, I’m
     co-chaired, and been division leader of the YMCA Annual
     Campaign; served on the Capital Campaign Task Force and
                                                                                 all for it.”
     other task forces; helped create the highly successful Jazz &                — Rob Thorgren
     Blues Fest, a fundraising event now in its seventh year; and
     regularly volunteers for special events.
     Thorgren’s deep connection with the YMCA began in childhood,
     when he and his sister, Courtney and brothers, Tyler and Charlie,
     spent considerable time there with their father, the late Robert
     G. Thorgren Jr., who passed away in March. As a long-time
     philanthropist and benefactor, his father left a legacy of community
     service for Rob to follow, as well as the challenge of managing
     the third generation manufacturing and distribution firm started
     in 1946 by Rob’s grandfather, Robert G. Thorgren Sr.
     “I’m filling some big shoes and I’m very humbled by the honor,”
     Rob says.
     Thorgren, 35, grew up in Valparaiso and graduated from Indiana
     University with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. He intended to
     become a physical education teacher and coach but was pulled
     into the family business 13 years ago. Since then, he’s helped
     expand the business by creating new manufacturing facilities in
     China and Mexico and he frequently travels internationally.
     Thorgren finds time to serve on the Valparaiso Schools
     Foundation board of directors and is the incoming president.
     Spending time with family is a high priority for Rob and his wife,
     Natalie, who have two sons, Bo, 10, and Sam, 5. The family
     enjoys the YMCA and Rob coaches his sons’ Pop Warner
     football teams, another tradition he learned from his father.
     “My Dad always coached all of our teams when we were                                     Indiana’s largest
     younger,” Rob said. “They were some of the most quality times                         privately-owned bank.
     we had with him and I’m sure my kids will remember that as
     I do.” VM                                                                             1-888-CentIer | CentIer.Com              mike Schrage
                                                                            Member FDIC                                  Centier President & Ceo

      Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
         2405 EAST US 30
RESERVATIONS 219-462-5121
   BANQUETS 219-531-0162
     BAKERY 219-464-8643


         House of Fabian
         3510 Calumet Ave, Valparaiso
         Telephone: (219) 462-1458

         Management: Patrick Fabian, Owner
         Chamber Member since: 2012

         Since 1978, the Fabian name has been
         synonymous with quality, beauty, and creativity
         in floral designs. House of Fabian also offers an
         extensive collection of unique accessories, gifts,
         and treasures from home and abroad. Whether
         you are celebrating a birthday or a baby, Fabian
         floral designers have the artist’s touch, bringing
         imaginative, one-of-a-kind arrangements that will
         show how much you care. House of Fabian has
         been pleasing brides for 34 years and can help
         with event planning, graduations, individualized
         funeral displays – you name it.
         Nothing is too large
         or too small – a
         simple boutonniere
         to grand entry hall

         arrangements are
         all within your
         reach at House
         of Fabian.

                                                                    BURKE COSTANZA & CARBERRY LLP
                                                                                     ATTORNEYS AT LAW

                                                                  Advisors you want. Advocates you need.

                                                                    VOTED 2012 & 2011 BEST
                                                                    CORPORATE LAW FIRM
                                                                    LAW FIRM FOR LITIGATION
     Photo by Aran
     Kessler Photo.
                                                                    ESTATE PLANNING PRACTICE
                                                                    LAW FIRM FOR BUSINESS
     Featured Chamber
      member business                                                 ACQUISITIONS AND MERGERS
     chosen at random.
                                                                    by the readers of
                                                                          Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly
                                                                                               THANK YOU!
                              Patrick Fabian, Owner             9191 Broadway | Merrillville, IN 46410 | t. 219.769.1313 | f. 219.769.6806
                                                              156 Washington St. | Valparaiso, IN 46383 | t. 219.531.0134 |

         Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
            Your Local Print Connection                                                                                                        MEMBER INVESTOR
                                                                         Produced by Members
                                                                             of Your Community                                                 The Valpo Chamber is proud to showcase
                                                                                                                                               our members who have demonstrated an
                                                                                                                                               ongoing commitment to our organization and
                                                                                                                                               to the business community. We applaud and
                                                                                                                                               appreciate your dedication. The following
                                                                                                                                               milestone anniversaries occurred in the first
             219.462.6601 •                                                                                               quarter of 2013.
                                 3602 Enterprise Avenue • Valparaiso, IN
                                                                                                                                               25 Years
                                                                                                                                               Don Quijote Restaurante

                                                                                                                                               20 Years
           Midwest Insurance Agency
MP_ValpoMag Ad Jan2013.indd 1                                                                                             12/27/12 3:07 PM
                                                                                                                                               David’s Mens Clothier
                                                                                                                                               Elwood Staffing Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               M&S Collision Center, Inc.

           Paul Jankowski                                                                                                                      15 Years
                                                                                                                                               Barile Ford, Inc.
           888.846.6860 / 219.465.0844
           Web site:
                                                                                                                                               10 Years
                                                                                                                                               Chandana Pointe Apartments
           Paul Jankowski is an independent authorized agent in Indiana for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Anthem Blue
           Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. An independent licensee of the Blue Cross
           and Blue Shield Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols
           are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.                                                                 5 Years
                                                                                                                                               Bart Vickery & Co. Real Estate
                                                                                                                                               Duffy’s Place
                                                                                                                                               Hines Plumbing, Inc.

                        Horizon Bank
                                                                                                                                               Holladay Properties
                                                                                                                                               Martin Security Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               McMillan Law Offices, PC

                       Congratulates                                                                                                           National CineMedia
                                                                                                                                               Pak Mail

                       Jonathan Nalli
                                                                                                                                               Peoples Bank
                                                                                                                                               Realty Executives
                                                                                                                                               Shirley Heinze Land Trust, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               Vogelsang Asset Management LLC
                                                                                                                                               Wayne Welter

                   Congratulations Jonathan
                   for being recognized as the
                                                                                                                                                                  Preventive Care | Dentistry | Surgical Care
             2012 Distinguished Community Leader.                                                                                                         Dog Training | Boarding | Wildlife Rehab | And More
                                                   Well deserved!
                                                                                                                                                                                        PET HEALTH CARE FOR
                                                                                                                                                                                       CATS, DOGS & EXOTICS

          A NASDAQ Traded Company — Symbol HBNC
                                                                                                                                        651 Eastport Centre Dr.,Valparaiso
          E X C E P T I O N A L                  S E R V I C E             •     S E N S I B L E             A D V I C E           ®

                                         Donna Rucks, CFP, is               The agents and staff at           with highest distinction. For
          Around Town                    proud to announce her new          Century 21 Alliance               additional information, visit
        is an important                  franchise, 360 refresh®, an        Group congratulate Jeanne
 element to the local                    exclusive service for women        Sommer on her recent              ————————————
business coverage of                     who are thinking about divorce,                                      Design Organization
Valparaiso Magazine.                     in the process of divorce, or in                                     (DO), a sustainable planning,
       Submissions by                    post-divorce. The goal of 360                                        architecture and interiors
     chamber member                      refresh® is to empower women                                         firm founded in 1971 with
        businesses are                   by providing the knowledge                                           offices in Chicago, Illinois
     given preference.                   and resources necessary to                                           and Valparaiso, announced
                                         regain control of their lives.                                       it has become a Division of
Articles are business
                                         360 refresh® helps prepare                                           Shive-Hattery, Inc. Shive-
     announcements –                     women to better manage their                                         Hattery, founded in 1895, is
      i.e. awards, new                   current situations and the         Woman-Owned Business              a 350-person architecture
     additions to staff                  challenges of the next phases      of the Year award. The            and engineering firm with nine
       or promotion of                   of their lives by providing        award was presented by            locations in Illinois, Indiana,
  title, and change of                   unique, personalized divorce       the Northwest Indiana Small       Iowa and Missouri. Design
    business location.                   assistance including the           Business Development              Organization will continue
    Sales promotions,                    following areas: psychological,    Center at the 21st Annual         to operate with the same
   advertisements, or                    physical, financial, self-         Entrepreneurial Excellence        leadership team and staff
 coupon ads may not                      improvement and career.            Awards. This honor recognizes     to manage their long list of
be accepted. Around                      For additional information,        Sommer’s passion, positive        repeat clients, for their national
   Town submissions                      visit          attitude, and commitment          corporate workplace practice
                                         duneland.                          to the community – qualities      and regional higher education,
  must be 130 words
                                         ————————————                       that have been essential to       healthcare, and public
  or less, are subject                                                      the success of Century 21         works practices. For more
to approval, and may                                                        Alliance Group and the animal     information, visit www.shive-
              be edited.                                                    rescue group she co-founded. or www.designorg.
                                                                            For more information, visit       com.
                                                                            ————————————                      Michelle Bush recently
                                                                            Citizens Financial Bank           accepted a position with
                                                                            is proud to announce the          Diversified Marketing
                                                                            achievement of President          Strategies (DMS) as a
                                         Calvary Church of                                     and Chief      Senior
                                         Valparaiso recently released                          Executive      Account
                                         “Mighty Fortress,” its first                          Officer,       Executive
                                         worship album. The album                              Daryl D.       servicing our
                                         was recorded live on Sunday                           Pomranke,      businesses
                                         mornings and produced                                 who was        in the Porter
                                         through the church’s in-house                         named          County area.
                                         studio. Musicians featured on                         a 2012         Diversified
                                         the album are all part of the      Leading CEO Award Winner          Marketing
 To submit Around Town entries,          Calvary Church community.          by Northwest Indiana Business     Strategies (DMS) is an award-
  call (219) 462-1105 or send to         “Mighty Fortress,” sold            Quarterly Magazine. Pomranke      winning, full-service marketing,           through the Calvary Church         joined the Citizens team in       communications, and public
                    Attn: Editor.        office located at 1325 Evans       April 2007 as Executive Vice      relations agency with more
                                         Avenue, is also available          President – Chief Operating       than 20 years of experience.
                                         on iTunes. Calvary offers          Officer, with over 16 years       From branding, public relations,
                                         a contemporary worship             of banking experience. He         and brochure development to
                                         experience and relevant            held several executive            event planning, web design,
                                         expository preaching to            management and operating          and specialties, DMS is
                                         nearly 1000 worshippers. For       positions with Mercantile         dedicated to delivering tailored
                                         more information, visit www.       National Bank of Indiana and      marketing programs with a high
                                                   its successor, Harris Bank,       level of return on investment
                                         ————————————                       N.A. Pomranke is a graduate       for its clients. DMS publishes
                                                                            of Indiana University, with a     the award-winning Building
                                                                            bachelor of science in business   Indiana magazine, >>
     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                                          Methodist Hospitals President and CEO, Ian McFadden (left)
                                                                      and Valparaiso Family YMCA CEO, Bob Wanek

Methodist Hospitals and                                        Methodist Hospitals and Valparaiso Family
                                                               YMCA are both dedicated to building healthy
the Valparaiso Family YMCA                                     families and communities. In many ways, our
                                                               missions and values are the same. As local,

Partners in
                                                               not-for-profit institutions, we both reinvest
                                                               all of our resources into the communities
                                                               we serve. That’s why we have forged a new
                                                               partnership that combines our expertise

                                                               and commitment to bring a robust menu of
                                                               wellness programs to YMCA members and
                                                               the entire community.

                                                               In addition to health screenings, risk
                                                               assessments, support groups, classes and
                                                               physician seminars, we will introduce
                                                               programs to help prevent and manage
                                                               chronic conditions, such as obesity and
                                                               diabetes. Methodist Hospitals will also bring
                                                               new services such as cardiac rehabilitation,
                                                               physical therapy, alternative medicine,
                                                               employee assistance program support, as
                                                               well as an on-site primary care and sports
                                                               medicine certified physician to the Valparaiso
                                                               Family YMCA.

                                                               Ultimately, our goal at Methodist Hospitals is
                                                               to change the way health care is delivered in
                                                               Northwest Indiana. Our new partnership with
                                                               the Valparaiso Family YMCA is a significant
 Leading the Way to Better Health                              step toward that goal.

                   888-909-D OC S ( 3627) • M E THO DI S THO S PI TAL S . O RG

>> the leading source of                            The services and programs                                                                                         ————————————
business and economic                               are designed to support the
development news in the                             agency’s mission: to support
state of Indiana. The woman-                        children and families as they
owned and operated firm,                            encounter the various tasks,
which has won more than 20                          circumstances and challenges
marketing industry awards                           of life—so that children have
is headquartered in Crown                           the opportunity to become                                daily functions of social media,                         Metro Auto Recyclers is
Point, Indiana, with offices in                     capable, responsible, and                                including Family Express’                                proud to announce they have
Indianapolis and Warsaw.                            contributing members of the                              social space, blogging, and                              become the first auto salvage
————————————                                        community and families have                              community development as                                 company to receive Recycling
The Board of Directors of the                       the means to effectively assist                          well as being connected with                             Industry Operating Standard
Family & Youth Services                             in that process. Moreover,                               the broader social media                                 (RIOS) certification for their
Bureau is proud to announce                         the agency will encourage the                            world. She will also work with                           Valparaiso location. RIOS is the
the promotion of Lisa                               community to nurture and care                            employees to generate stories                            recycling industry’s standard
Jordan, a 17-year veteran of                        for all of its children. Jordan                          that happen in their stores                              for quality, environmental,
                   the agency,                      replaces Dennis Morgan who                               as well as their community                               health & safety (QEH&S)
                   to President                     served the Porter County                                 while growing and building a                             management systems. RIOS
                   and CEO.                         community for 40 years.                                  more online presence through                             provides a powerful framework
                   Family                           ————————————                                             social media. Keefover will                              for scrap recyclers of all types
                   & Youth                          Family Express Corp.                                     work out of the Family Express                           to improve their QEH&S
                   Services                         is excited to announce the                               headquarters in Valparaiso.                              performance and their bottom
                   Bureau,                          hiring of Ruth Keefover                                  You can follow Family Express                            line. Becoming RIOS certified
                   established in                   as Social Media Community                                on Twitter @FamilyExpress or                             solidifies the commitment that
1972, serves over 3,600 Porter                      Manager. Keefover will be                                “Like” at                              Metro Auto Recyclers already
County residents annually.                          responsible for managing the                             FamilyExpress.                                           made to improve >>

                                                 The Board of Trustees, Medical Staff, Associates and Volunteers
                                                          of Porter Health Care System congratulate
             Jonathan Nalli, CEO: Recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Community Leader Award

                     Porter Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.

        Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
     66899_PORTER_CEO_7_917x5c.indd 1                                                                                                                                                               12/14/12 12:08 PM
                       Fund helps Indiana homeowners who are
The Hardest HitHit Fund helps Indiana homeowners who are
   The Hardest
   struggling to make Fund helps Indiana homeowners job loss
            to make their mortgage payments due to who loss
struggling Hardest Hit their mortgage payments due to jobare or or
       The                                                                                                Congratulations to
temporary financial hardship. Qualified homeowners may receive
   temporary financial hardship. Qualified homeowners may receive
       struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss or                                      Rob Thorgren...
   mortgage payment Fund helpswhile they search or retrainare
      The payment assistance while they search or retrain forfor
       temporary financial hardship. Indiana homeowners who new
mortgage Hardest Hit assistance Qualified homeowners may receive new
                                                                                                          2012 Legacy of Service
   employment. This istheir helpsthrough search or to Foreclosure
      struggling This is a assistance while payments Indianajob for new
       mortgage to make program
                            a program through the Indiana loss are
employment. payment Fund mortgage they the due retrain Foreclosure    or
      The Hardest Hit hardship. Qualified homeowners
                                                homeowners who
      temporary financialis a program Indiana the Indianamay receive                                       Award Recipient!
       employment. This                 through
Prevention Network . .their mortgage payments due to Foreclosure
   Prevention Networkassistance while they search or retrain for new
      struggling to make                                     job loss or
      mortgage payment
      Prevention Network .
      temporary financial hardship. Qualified homeowners may receive
  mortgage Network . hope.
     help. Get
GetGet help.Get hope. search or retrain for new
 Get help. Get hope.they the Indiana Foreclosure
  employment. This is a program through
  Preventionpayment assistance while                                                                    Thank you for your ongoing and
      employment. This is a program through the Indiana Foreclosure                                     steadfast commitment to giving back
    Get help. Get hope.
1-888-401-2592 ext. 201
    1-888-401-2592 ext. 201
  1-888-401-2592 ext. 201
      Prevention Network .
                                                                                                        and providing support to our Y and
       Get help. Get hope.
    1-888-401-2592 ext. 201
                        201                                                                             our community.
  219-548-2800 ext. 201
   219-548-2800 ext. 201
       1-888-401-2592 ext. 201
        219-548-2800 ext. 201                                                                           •	    Board of Directors (Chair 2010-2011)
                                                                                                        •	    Annual Campaign Chair
        219-548-2800 ext. 201
       A HUD certified housing agency.                                                                  •	    Special Events Volunteer
 A HUD certified housing agency.
    A HUD certified housing agency.
       A HUD certified housing agency.
                                                                                                        •	    Trusted Committee Member

        A HUD certified housing agency.                                                                                Your friends at the
                                                                                                                     Valparaiso Family YMCA
                                                                                                Valparaiso Family YMCA •1201 Cumberland Crossing Drive • Valparaiso, IN 46383
                                                                                                                 219 462 4185 •

                        Scrappy’s Spotlight
                        on Recycling
                        Recycling aluminum cans reduces the amount
                        of waste in America’s landfills by up to 50%.
                        Currently 800,000 tons of aluminum cans are
                        recycled each year. Recycling just one aluminum
                        can saves the same amount of energy as
                        watching TV for 3 hours.*

                        metro recycling is dedicated to making
                        it easier than ever for residents of Valpo
                        and its surrounding communities to do
                        their part for our planet.
                                                     * Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

                                                                                                                        2155 W. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN
                                               Find more recycling tips at                                              219.465.1459
                                               ScrappytheTurtle on Facebook

       We buy or recycle: Aluminum cAns |copper | brAss | scrAp steel & iron | Wire | rAdiAtors | stAinless steel
             Aluminum siding | Vinyl siding | electric motors | pAper | cArdboArd | And more
      3 conVenient locAtions: VAlpArAiso, in griffith, in blue islAnd, il                                    We accept junk vehicles at our Valparaiso and Griffith locations.


>> the environment. Metro                                                   of older adults. To learn         aspects of the concession
Auto Recyclers also recently                                                more on how Pines Village         stand including budgeting,
earned re-certification of                                                  celebrates the lives of older     inventory management and
the Indiana Department of                                                   adults, visit www.pinesvillage.   staffing. “Teen Enterprise”
Environmental Management’s                                                  org.                              is offered at the Valparaiso,
highest level award, the Indiana                                            ————————————                      Portage and South Haven club
Clean Yard Gold Level award.                                                                                  locations.
The Clean Yard program                   Tracy Huyvaert (left),                                               To learn more about the
was established in 2009 as a             Chief Operating Officer,                                             programs at the Boys & Girls
collaborative effort of IDEM             received the prestigious                                             Clubs of Porter County, call
and the Automotive Recyclers             “Linda Woolley Excellence in                                         (219) 464-7282 or visit
of Indiana, Inc. to decrease             Nursing Leadership Award”                                  
environmental threats posed              that recognizes a licensed                                           ————————————
by vehicles stockpiled in                nursing professional who                                             Jamie
salvage yards. To learn more,            demonstrates good mentoring        The Porter County                 Sulcer,
contact Metro Auto Recyclers             relationships, enabling others     Business League recently          Business
at (219) 462-3753.                       to act proactively in the          contributed $500.00 to Boys       Development
————————————                             care of older adults through       & Girls Clubs of Porter           Specialist with
LeadingAge Indiana presented             clinical excellence, leadership,   County to support its “Teen       Chicago
Pines Village Retirement                 and commitment. Judy               Enterprise” program. Teen         Title has been
Communities with two                     Bornstein (right), Meridian        members who participate in        named in the
Excellence Awards at its                 Woods resident, received the       “Teen Enterprise” develop         top 10 percent of residential
annual state conference. The             “Excellence in Volunteering -      small business management         sales representatives for
awards celebrate dedicated               Resident” award in honor of        skills through operating the      production in the country by
individuals and organizations            her extraordinary commitment       Clubs’ concession stands          Fidelity National Financial –
who have improved the quality            to preserving dignity, well-       during athletic league games.     the parent company of
of life for older Hoosiers.              being, and the independence        Teens are responsible for all     Chicago Title. VM

     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                                                BUSINESS SNAPSHOT

                                                                Locks of Fun
                                                                155 W Lincolnway, Valparaiso
                                                                Telephone: (219) 548-7059
                                                                Web site:

                                                                Management: Jen Pancek, Manager;
                                                                Christian Quiroz, Assistant Manager
                                                                Chamber Member since:2005

                                                                Locks of Fun is a children’s hair salon that makes
                                                                getting a haircut an enjoyable experience for the
                                                                parent as well as the child. Its special “cutting
                                                                stations” are child-sized cars in six different makes
                                                                and models including a jeep, police car, and sports
                                                                car. Each car is equipped with its own flat screen
                                                                television and gaming system that kids can watch
                                                                or play while receiving a quality haircut from an
                                                                experienced stylist. Every child receives a free
                                                                juice, popcorn, and coupon for a treat at another
                                                                downtown business during each visit. Locks of
                                                                Fun works by appointment, reducing waiting time;
                                                                but should you wait, there is a play area with a
St. Mary Medical Center’s Breast Team                           train table and other fun items to keep your little
(L-R): Donna Faitak, RT, (R)(M)(QM) certified breast health
navigator; Richard Browne, MD, breast surgeon;                  one busy. Make your child’s next haircut the best
Charisa Spoo, DO, dedicated breast radiologist.                 haircut at Locks of Fun!

                                                                                                              Photo by Aran
                                                                                                              Kessler Photo.

                                                                                                             Featured Chamber
                                                                                                              member business
                                                                                                             chosen at random.

                                                              Jen Pancek, Manager and
                                                              Christina Quiroz, Assistant Manager

                                                   You’ve just had an accident!
                                                   Don’t have a second, let us repair your vehicle.

                                                                                                      Proud member of the
                                                    Chesterton Location        Valparaiso Location    Valparaiso Chamber
                                                       219.926.8203               219.462.0405           of Commerce


                  Bachelor’s degrees
                  Outstanding faculty
                  Online classes available
                  Saturday MBA
                  WHY AREN’T
                  YOU HERE?
                  Undergraduate 219-531-4200
                  Graduate 219-531-6500
                  600 Vale Park Road, Valparaiso

                                   PNC PORTER COUNTY
          Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
                                                                                                   ASK AN EXPERT


 The Best
Customer Service?

We have all been in that situation where           •	PHONE CALLS – Answer the phone as
you feel you have been treated unfairly by           quickly as you can and in a pleasant voice.
a business, whether it is charged a regular          I recently answered the phone during a
price instead of the sale price, or dealing with     very busy morning and the person on the
a rude and uncaring employee. We get angry           other end said it sounded like I was busy.
and vow to never return to that place of             I felt bad for two reasons. First, I was
business. We will also be likely to talk about       amazed that they could tell I was busy
the unjust manner in which we were treated,
sharing the negative experience with friends
                                                     just by the tone of my voice in that
                                                     five second greeting; and second, I did
                                                                                                     By Sue Stymiest
                                                                                                         Valpo Chamber
and co-workers. In the end, that business            not want that person to feel I was too
has just cut off a vital asset to its success…       busy for their call. Try smiling when           Sue Stymiest is the Resource
the customer.                                        talking on the phone – customers can hear       Director at the Valpo Chamber.
                                                     it in your voice!                               Previously, she was employed
Everyone wants to feel important, and                                                                by the Valparaiso Community
                                                   •	MESSAGES – Return e-mails and                   Schools as an instructional
businesses need to make each and every
                                                     voicemail messages as promptly as you           assistant at Flint Lake
customer feel this way to be successful                                                              Elementary for nine years.
                                                     can, preferably within 24 hours. This
and stay successful in the future. Because,
                                                     is a good way to make customers feel            Stymiest attended DePaul
let’s face it, without happy customers you
                                                     important and let them know that you are        University, with a concentration
wouldn’t be in business.                                                                             in Business, and the Harrington
                                                     willing and available to help them.             College of Design focusing on
Here are several key points and                    •	GIVE MORE THAN EXPECTED                         Interior Decorating.
rules to providing good customer                     – Give your customers more than they
                                                                                                     Stymiest, an avid photographer,
service:                                             expect whether it be a discount for their       recently won second place in the
                                                     next visit, or just a genuine smile and         “Wildlife” division of the Porter
•	LISTENING - The simple task of listening                                                           County Master Gardeners
                                                     thank you for stopping in, even if they did
  to your customer’s wants and needs goes                                                            Association photography
                                                     not purchase anything. Do anything you          contest. Her photography is also
  a long way toward customer satisfaction.
                                                     can to elevate your business above the          featured on the 2013 Valparaiso
  There is nothing more frustrating than                                                             City Map.
  telling someone what the problem is,
  or what you want, only to discover that                                                            Originally from Chicago,
                                                   These guidelines and rules for great              Stymiest resides in Valparaiso
  person wasn’t even focused on what you           customer service should be practiced every        with her husband, Mark, and
  were saying.                                     day. There is, however, one rule of thumb         their three children.
•	RESPECT – You need to treat each                 that I find to be a tried and true way to
  customer as an individual. Look them in the      deliver exceptional customer service. Treat
  eye when talking to them and try to know         everyone as you would want to be treated.
  their name. Be mindful of body language          When a customer enters your place of
  and the tone of your voice when meeting          business, immediately put yourself into their
  someone or speaking on the phone.                shoes. Treat them how you would want and
  Always say please and thank you. People          expect to be treated and you will have happy
  like to be acknowledged and treated as if        customers returning to your business for a
  they are the main focus of your time.            long time. VM

                                           MEET ValPaRaISo’S nEwEST PhySIcIanS.
                  Porter Physician Group is proud to welcome four outstanding new physicians. Each of them is dedicated to providing
                  skilled, personalized care to the residents of our community. These physicians are part of our commitment to expand
                  our services in the Valparaiso area and bring you the care of experienced physicians in a wide range of specialties.
                  Call today for information or an appointment.


               Crystal Tuncay, D.O.                 James Anthony, M.D.                      Masood Ghouse, D.O.                Geoffrey Schwartz, M.D.
            Cumberland Internal Medicine       Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine           Porter Hematology-Oncology         Associated Ear, Nose & Throat
                   219-548-3843                       219-464-9054                               219-983-6260                      219-531-0355
                                                         Members of the Medical Staff at Porter Regional Hospital

       Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
     66237_PORT_4docs_7_917x10_25c.indd 1                                                                                                            12/17/12 1:56 PM
                                          BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Every Child: Safe, Healthy, Happy
  Parent and Family Support
   & Child Advocacy Center

Valparaiso • Michigan City                      219-464-9871
(800) 897-0007 •    

                                                                            SUPPLIES   EQUIPMENT   FURNITURE TECHNOLOGY PROMOTIONS

 Healing Arts Center
  AlternAtive HeAltH tHerApies
       • N.A.E.T. AllErgy ElimiNATioN
     • rEflExology • AcupuNcTurE
                   ANd morE!
                                                                                            BUY LOCAL, GIVE LOCAL
CAll (219) 510-5623 for A free Consult!                                                       FOR DETAILS VISIT US ONLINE                                                                  WWW.MCSHANES.COM

Quality • SuStainability

       Excellent service
     Quality used auto parts
     Trained, knowledgeable staff
 2155 W. Lincolnway • Valparaiso
 219.462.3753    219.462.6929 (fax)

                                                                             2 Miniature Golf Courses
 cosmetic laser services and skin care
                                                                               Go Karts alliGators
         Jeane M. Ziegler, RN                                                 GaMe rooM Wave slide
        Certified Medical Aesthetician
                                                                              laser taG CoMinG soon!
     2500 Calumet Ave, Valpo
       (inside Anthony’s Salon)                                                  1050 Horseprairie Ave • 462-1194

    219-743-5778 by appointment                                        

            Spotlight your business with a 2”x2” ad. Reach 17,000+ readers quarterly!

         Call Danielle Oeding, at the Valpo Chamber. (219) 462-1105 |
                                                            THE CHAMBER

                                                               Links                  and the significant contribution

                                                                                     this highway has made to economic
                                                                                  development in Porter County. Some
                                                                              of the projects this has fostered are: Porter

                                                                             Regional Hospital, Ivy Tech Community
                                                                                            College, high quality residential
                                                                                             neighborhoods, and the soon-
                Valpo Chamber                                                                 to-open St. Mary Medical

                                                                                              Center Valparaiso Health
                                                                                               Center. Further south of
Rex G. Richards is the

President of the Valpo                                                                         Route 30, the highway also
Chamber. He has served                                                                         passes Indiana Beverage
the Chamber profession for                                                                      Corporate Headquarters,
over 30 years having led
Chambers in Logansport,                                                                         Pratt Industries, Family
Michigan City, and East                                                                        Express Headquarters, and
Chicago, Ind.; Kansas City,                                                  the Porter County Sheriff’s Department.
Kan. and most recently
                                         Over 40 years ago, a
Sarasota, Fla. before calling                                                Now plans are being proposed for a new
Valparaiso home.                         planning committee of the
                                                                             highway that would run from the western
                                         Northwest Indiana Regional
He has successfully                                                          Chicago suburbs, across the state line into
                                         Planning Commission
accomplished increases in                                                    Indiana south of Crown Point at Interstate
program activities, capital              was formed to explore
                                                                             65, with a possible extension linking south
resources, and membership                the building of a new
in the chambers he has                                                       Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties with
                                         East/West highway that
served. In addition to over 30                                               Interstate 94.
years experience, Richards               would link Route 30, east
has played an instrumental               of Strongbow Inn, with              The proposed Illiana Expressway would
role in economic development             Interstate 94. At the time,         reduce traffic congestion where Interstate
projects and public policy                                                   94 and Interstate 80 converge. This would
                                         there were pessimists that
                                         thought the project would           bring new opportunities for the southern
Richards also serves as the              never come to fruition              Porter County communities of Kouts
president of the Valparaiso              and, in fact, might waste           and Hebron.
Economic Development
Corporation.                             important natural resources.        Major highway projects like State Road 49
                                         Today, it’s hard to imagine         and the proposed Illiana Expressway shine
                                         Valparaiso without the vital        a bright future upon Northwest Indiana
                                         link of State Road 49.              and Porter County. The Valpo Chamber
                                                                             consistently works to support projects that
                                         Few can deny the value
                                                                             will enhance the greater Valparaiso business
                                         of this tremendous
                                                                             community. VM
                                         transportation corridor

     Valparaiso Magazine | Winter 2013
We have all the OccupatiOnal HealtH tOOls that keep Northwest Indiana WORKING Well

                        save money
                        and promote an efficient and
                        healthier workplace.

   WorkingWell offers companies
   a full-range of healthcare services
   designed to help control medical
   costs and increase employee
   We work closely with employers
   to create customized workplace
   wellness programs that promote
   a healthy workplace and a healthy
   bottom line.

   Our services and
   prOgrams include:
   Drug & Alcohol Testing
   Injury Treatment
   Wellness Screenings

   Travel Medicine
   Onsite Services
   Injury Prevention
   Health and Safety Education
   Dedicated Clinics
   Physicals (Pre-Placement & DOT)           RATED among the BEST in the nation

   Sports Physicals
   Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing)         THE ONLY CERTIFIED
                                                  OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH
                                                   PROGRAM IN INDIANA

   Audiograms                                                                     866-552-WELL(9355) |
   Fit Testing (Quantitative)

5 cOnvenient lOcatiOns: crOwn pOint | HammOnd | micHigan city | munster | valparaisO
               When a minor injury or illness
                     just can’t wait.
                                  Urgent Care Center is here with on-site physicians and walk-in care
                for illnesses, injuries, school or sports physicals and more. We also offer lab and X-ray
                services, and are open evenings and weekends, too. Now that’s a relief!

                                  Urgent Care Center
   Porter’s Chesterton Medical Campus • 650 Dickinson Road (150E)
       Chesterton • 219-926-7755 • 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., 7 days a week
                    NOW OPEN in Valparaiso
 Porter’s Valparaiso Medical Center • 1900 Roosevelt Road • Valparaiso
5 p.m. - 9 p.m., Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday

                           Porter Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.

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