2012 IGAs List Of Contracts In Effect Due Feb 2012 by lizzy2008


									                                  Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District
                                                    Breckenridge, CO
                           List of all Contracts in Effect with Other Political Subdivisions
                                                    C.R.S. $ 29-1-205
                                              Effective February 1, 2012
                            Updated with the Division of Local Government 1/31/2012

  Contract Type         Contract Name                 Participants                     Dated                Expiration Date
                        Reciprocal Fee           RWBFPD and Town of
    Reciprocal                                                                      06/25/1996                     none
                       Waiver Agreement           Breckenridge, CO
                      Mutual Aid Assistance                                                                  30 days written
       IGA                                    Summit County Fire Agencies           02/13/2007
                          Agreement                                                                        notice to terminate
                                                Summit County/Municipal                                     Automatic annual
                        Agreement for
                                                  Governments, Special                                     renewals with final
       IGA             Mutual Aid Incident                                          10/30/2008
                                                 Districts, School District,                                   termination
                       Management Team
                                                   Hospital and Resorts                                        12/31/2012
                                                Summit County, Towns of
                         Summit County                                                                      Automatic annual
                                               Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco,
                           Citizen Text                                                                    Renewals with final
                                                   Silverthorne, LDFPD,             08/27/2008
                       Messaging Shared                                                                       termination
                                              RWBFPD and Summit County
                       System Agreement                                                                       12/31/2013
                                                    School District RE-1
                                                Summit County, Sheriff of
                                                                                                            Automatic annual
                      Agreement for Aid in       Summit County, Summit
                                                                                                           renewals with final
       IGA            Hazardous Substance     County Fire Authority, Towns          09/01/2008
                           Incidents           of Blue River, Breckenridge,
                                               Dillon Frisco & Silverthorne
                      Agreement Governing
                                                                                    01/01/2009              Automatic annual
                       the Summit County
Authority Agreement                            CMCMD, LDFPD, RWBFPD                retroactive to          renewals unless 90
                         Fire Protection
                                                                                     7/1/1994               days prior notice
                       Colorado Statewide
                      Digital Trunked Radio   CCNCInc and Summit County
                       (DTR) System Initial    Public Safety Agencies and           3/23/2009                       n/a
                           Participation                RWBFPD
                       Colorado Statewide
                      Digital Trunked Radio   CCNCInc and Summit County                                     Until canceled or
                       (DTR) System Initial     Public Safety Agencies              03/24/2009             terminated with 90
                           Participation               RWBFPD                                                  days notice
                      a) Snake River Fleet                                                                  a) 12.31.2011. 90
                          Services IGA;                                                                   days written notice.
                                              a)& b) LDFPD and Colorado            a) 7/29/2011
       IGA            b) Agreement for                                                                       Automatic 1 yr
                                              Governmental Entities               b) 12/31/2009
                          Fleet Services                                                                   renewal unless 90
                          Division                                                                          days prior notice
                                                                                 Created 7/1983,
                                                                               amended 9/20/1989
                         Administrative        CMCMD, LDFPD, RWBFPD             and 7/1/2009 and           Automatic renewal
       IGA             Support and Facility     and Summit County Fire              9/8/2009,              unless notified by
                      Management Services        Protection Authority          renegotiated by the          8/1 of prior year.
                                                                                2009 Contracting
                                                                                 Parties, adopted
                                                                           5/21/2009 to
                                                                        supersede Authority
                                       RWBFPD and Summit County
              IGA for Provision of
                                       Government on behalf of its                                 Until 10 days notice
   IGA        Emergency Dispatch                                             07/20/2008
                                             Summit County                                               provided
                Service Staffing
                                         Communications Center
                Ambulance Services     Summit County Government                                    Automatic renewal
   IGA               Mutual Aid        on behalf of Summit County            04/13/2009            each 11/1 unless 60
                     Agreement         Ambulance Service, RWBFPD                                    days prior notice
Cooperative          Cooperative          Town of Breckenridge,                                    Automatic renewal
Purchasing           Purchasing         Summit County, Colorado,             01/01/2010            unless 60 days prior
Agreement            Agreement                and RWBFPD                                                  notice
                IGA for Provision of
                     Fire Hazard           Summit County Bldg                                      Automatic renewal
   IGA        Mitigation Defensible     Inspection Dept, RWBFPD,             04/01/2010            unless 30 days prior
                  Space Inspection           LBFPD, CMCMD                                                 notice
                 Administration of
                 International Fire
                                         Summit County, Summit                                     Automatic renewal
              Code, 2006 Edition, as
   IGA                                   County Inspection Dept,             04/01/2010            unless 30 days prior
              amended, throughout
                                        RWBFPD, CMCMD, LBFPD                                              notice
                Summit County, CO
                IGA for Workman’s        RWBFPD and Colorado                                       No termination date
   IGA             Compensation        Special Districts Property &          01/18/2001                provided in
                   Insurance Pool              Liability Pool                                           document
               IGA for Waiving Fees
                for Farmers Korner                                                                 Terms when all SFEs
                                         RWBFPD and Upper Blue
   IGA               North Plant                                              11/11/11             provided are used on
                                           Sanitation District
                    Expansion in                                                                       a final basis.
                 exchange for SFE’s

              Multiple Documents:
               IGA; Amended IGA
                 Agreement for
                Administration &
              Financial Support of          Towns of Blue River,          05/18/2010
                                                                                                    Expires 12/31/15.
               the Summit County       Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco,      06/08/2010
                                                                                                   Automatic renew for
   IGA          Communications         Silverthorne, Summit County        10/31/2001
                                                                                                   another 5 year term
              Center, replacing IGA        Government, RWBFPD,          Memo: 10/30/2002
                                                                                                     until 12/31/20.
                 Agreement for                CMCMD, LBFPD.                1/1/2000
               Administration and
              Financial Support of
               the Summit County
                Center 7/1/2001
                  Sharing of an
                                                                             01/26/2012             Automatic annual
               Emergency Medical
   IGA                                     RWBFPD and LDFPD                  02/14/2011             renewal unless 60
                Services Division
                                                                                                    days prior notice.

                                                                                                       Automatic annual
                   Sharing of a Human                                           01/26/2012
     IGA                                       RWBFPD and LDFPD                                        renewal unless 60
                   Resources Manager                                            01/10/2011
                                                                                                        days prior notice
                   CSFS Cooperator
CSFS Cooperator   Resource Rate Form            CFSF and RWBFPD                 03/03/2011                 04/30/2014
                                                Various- Fire Mgmt,
                  Annual Fire Operating     Emergency Fund Contract
 Summit AOP         Plan for Summit        for Forest & Watershed Fire          05/01/2012                 04/30/2013
                      County 2012          Control; Coop Wildland Fire
                                           Protection Summit Cty CSFS
                                                                                                       12/31/11 with auto
                                                                                                        renewal of 1 year
                   Administration of                                                                   until written notice
                                              RWBFPD and Town of
     IGA          Voluntary Defensible                                          05/24/2011                of termination
                    Space Ordinance                                                                     provided prior to
                                                                                                        10/1 any year. (90
                                                                                                           day notice)
                  Peak 7 Development
 Construction                                Peak 7 Development
                     Company and                                                12/15/2006
  Agreement                                Company, LLC and RWBFPD
                                                                                                      24 month term; may
                                                                                                        extend addt’l 24
                    Clinical Affiliation    Centura Health-St Anthony
                                                                                                      months upon mutual
                     Agreement for         Central Hospital Pre-Hospital
                                                                                03/03/2011            written agreement.
                  Prehospital Services /     Services Catholic Health
                                                                                                      May terminate w/90
                        Ride-Along           Initiatives and RWBFPD
                                                                                                       days prior notice in
                   For the Provision of
                                                                                                      6 month term from
                  Management Services      PRWBFD and Summit County
                                                                                                      4/18/11 with 10 day
                     for the Summit         Government on behalf of
     IGA                                                                        04/18/2011            prior written notice
                          County                Summit County
                                                                                                        to terminate in
                    Communications           Communications Center

                  NWFPD and RWBFPD                                                                       30 days written
IGA Mutual Aid                                NWFPD and RWBFPD                  10/05/2011
                     Mutual Aid                                                                              notice

                    Kim Scott LLC and
  Contractor                                 Kim Scott and RWBFPD                10/22/11             10/1/11 to 12/31/12
                   MOA Between West
                  Metro Fire Protection
                  District as Sponsoring
                       Agency of the
                   Colorado Task Force                                                                  30 days written
                   One of the National     West Metro Fire Protection                                  notice with written
     IGA                                                                          11/2/11
                      Urban Search &         District and RWBFPD                                           consent of
                     Rescue Response                                                                   Sponsoring Agency
                  System AND RWBFPD
                     as a participating
                    Agency of the Task

                IGA for Election         Board of County
IGA           Services for the May   Commissioners of Summit          01/26/12
                8, 2012 Election       County and RWBFPD

Lake Dillon Fire Protection District (LDFPD)
Red White & Blue Fire Protection District (RWBFPD)
Copper Consolidated Metro District (CMCMD)
Lower Blue Fire Protection District (LBFPD)
Snake River Fire Protection District (SRFPD)
Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS)
North-West Fire Protection District (NWFPD)


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