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Kindergarten Supply List 2012 2013 by lizzy2008


									   WELCOME TO                                         KINDERGARTEN
    Please bring the following supplies with you to kindergarten:

        Bookbag (large enough to hold a folder)
    2 two-pocket plastic folders with fasteners
                 8 glue sticks*
           1 box of crayons (24 count)
             1 pair of safety scissors
Washable markers – classic colors (8 or 10 count)
     1 Box of tissues* (AM class only)
     1 roll of paper towels* (PM class only)
                 1 spiral notebook
          1 box of quart sizes baggies
   1” binder (to be used for kindergarten memory book)
               * these items will be collected and used by the class

Please also send in a full change of clothes (in a bag with your child’s
                name) in case of a spill or accident

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