Kids Fun Fitness Experience by nkumenetwork


									One summer time, I had a fun time working with the second graders at my church's VBS.
I want to discuss with you the kids fun health and health and fitness actions we did during
that week.

If your kids can't make it to a VBS in your community this year, then maybe you can try
out these actions yourself.

The beauty of these actions is they get your kids training while having fun. These actions
are also 15 moments or less.

I had a list of 14 kids who each had different abilities. Some kids were very fitness, while
other kids didn't have much sychronisation at all. Regardless of their ability, the kids:

Were never bored
Always had fun
Loved doing actions which needed teamwork
Gave it their best attempt each time
Wanted to sign up more
Let me discuss with you a few of the youngsters' health and health and fitness actions we

Knock the containers off of the rectangle - In this game you need some containers loaded
with sand or dust and cover the gaps with duct record. Collection the containers up with
four on the end, two next and lastly one can on top. Place a range of overlaying record
five to seven legs away. The kids take a position behind that range and toss a football at
the containers trying to affect them out of a rectangle area. In this particular example,
with each can they broken off of the rectangle, they were able to recover terms on
certificates that were part of a Scriptures range. The kids then put together the range all
on their own.

This action works on total engine abilities, focus and studying. All in 15 minutes!

Kickball - Everybody knows how to play kickball and the kids liked it. Each day for the
outside action the kids ran full boost to the stage. No inspiration required! What more
could you ask for?

It's excellent to see the energy that kids have. Expertise stage doesn't always matter.

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