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  РІК LXXX.                SECTION TWO                 4. 157.
                                                                                       SVOBODA, THE UKRAINIAN Wl                    <Y, SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1973.                           ЦЕНТІВ 25 CENTS                       No.   157.          VOL.   LXXX-

Switucha Named                  RELEASE NAMES OF ARRESTED                                                                                     1.500 TAKE PART IN UNA FESTIVAL HONORING SVOBCDA "80TH"
  First Secretary of Canadian   PROFESSORS, STUDENTS Ш                                                                                   BARNESVILLE. Pa. — A added his personal feliciations
                                                                                                                                     throng of some 1,500 UNA'- to Svoboda and the UNA as
               Embassy in Japan names ofYORK, N.Y. — The tence with M. Osadchy and V
                                        the seven professors Chornovil;                                                              ers, representing a cross-sec­ he presented the framed pro­
    OTTAWA, Ont.                                                   of the Lviv State University                                      tion of four generations of clamation to UNA Supreme
                          Mykola і                                                                     Lubomyra Popadruk,            Ukrainians, paid tribute to President Joseph Leaawyer in
Switucha, an engineer by                                           who were dismissed last May man language             inatru
                                                                   and of the eleven students She was dismissed from                 the Ukrainian daily Svoboda the course of the afternoon
profession and a Ukrainian                                                                                                           on_jte jtij^ticth anniversary concert.
community activist, was ap­                                        who were arr-.-sted and expel­ teaching position under
                                                                   led from that institution, were pretext of also        kno        in the course of a Soyuz spon*     The mood of tribute and
pointed by the Canadian go-                                                                                                          sored Festival hero Saturday pleasant recollections mingled
vomment as First Secretary                                         released hire by the Ukra­ Osadchy and Chornovil;
                                                                    inian Supreme        Liberation                                  and Sunday, August 18-19 with a sense of pride in the
in charge of metals, minerals,                                                                         Teoktyst Pachovsky, bo         .vhich was highlighted by t Ukrainian heritage during
and energy of the Canadian                                         Council (Abroad)/
                                                                                                    1907. Holds a doctorate
Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.                                               As reported in the Satur­ philology, and is a literary lavish and splendidly execut-ч th і            weekend's     festivities
    According to an official                                        day. August 18, issue of The export who publish -d man .* concert program of UUrainiai which commenced with a
                                                                   Ukrainian Weakly, both the books on Ukrainian                     music, songs and dances.         dance Saturday night and
communique released here,                                                                                                      and       Several busloads and nun •limaxed with the concert late
Mr. Switucha will be respon­                                        professors and the students, Polish literature; he worked
sible tut the further develop­                                      who were subsequently relea­ at the university since the dreds of cars, with licens Sunday afternoon.
                                                                   sed, were expelled from the completion of his studies uj plates of every state along tht              As the huge hall was be­        A segm nt of the some 1,300 UNA'er* at the f^tlval listen­
ment of technical, economic                                                                                                                                                                              ing to th • all-girl choir from the Ukrainian Catholic parish
and- trade agreements be­                                           university for allegedly dis­ 1933; he was fired under tb# along the eastern seaboarc ginning to fill Sunday noon
                                                                    seminating anti-Soviet lite­                                     and some from as far west by local and out-of-town fe­                 In McAdoo. Pa., under the direction of Julie Me.renda.
tween Canada and Japan.
His designated territory will                                      rature and for protesting pretext that his father was 4 as Michigan and Ohio, crowd­ stival goers, Auxiliary Bishop
                                                                   .against RtiBsification.         priest;                          ed through the gates of Basil H. Lostcu of the Ukra­
include not only Japan but                                                                             Harm a Lastovetska, bora Barnesyille's Lakewood Pari inian Catholic Archeparchy
also, the Philippinea, Hong                                            Among the professors fired
Kong, Korea and Taiwan.                                             by the University authorities 1923. She holds a doctoraU early Saturday night ant in Philadelphia was escorted
                                                                    are:                            in philology, and since 1954 Sunday morning, bringini by the assisting area clergy
    Among the duties at his
new position, Mr. Switucha is
                                           Mykola Switucha.             Iryna Huzar, born 1905. was an instructor in Polish officers, members and friend to a small altar atop the stage
                                                                    She holds a doctorate in phi­ language;                           of the UNA for the two-da; for the celebration of a Mole-
to "analyze long term demand           Mr. Switucha left for Japar lology, author of textbooks         Khudaah, psychology lectu- program of festivities.             ben of Thanksgiving.
andmaterial procuremeut stra August 20th and wil assume in the German language and rer.                                                  It was here, in the pictures    Assisting Bishop Losten in
tegiee for mineral and energy the post as of September 1st. was also a German language                 The eleven students whe que and rolling hills of Penn he services, celebrated in the
resources," the communique
stated. He- also will report on        Mr. Switucha has been ac­ instructor at Lviv State U- were expelled from the uni­ eylvania's anthracite coal re jr.sence of the Ukrainian
                                   tive in Ukrainian community niversity since 1940;                versity in connection with th gion that the Ukrainian Na Orthodox clergy, were: Msgr.
the structure and status of
                                   affairs for many years. He          Yosyp Kobiv, born 1910. appearance of the samvydav tional Association was found Joseph Batza, St. Michael's
    гЦІ and mineral industry is the former head of the na­ Holds a doctorate in philo­ publication "Postup" (Pro* c-d nearly 80 years ago by Church Frackville, Pa.; Very
      his territory and the go- tional Plast command in Ca­ logy, former director of the gress) and for protesting thi the early pioneer-hnmigrantE Rev. George Dubitzky, Holy
        jetrts* legislation con­ nada.                             Latin language chair, editor cancellation of the Shevchen- toiling in the coal mines. It Transfiguration,              Shamokin,
cerning them. In general,                                                                                                             was Svoboda's founder and Dean of the Shamokin Dea­
any mineral, metal or energy           Mr. Switucha is also for­ of the nonperiodical collection ko anniversary commemora­ first editor, FT. Gregory nery; Very Rev. Basil Ste-
                                                                    "Problems of classical philo­ tion are: Vasyl Hanuschak,
development which can poten­ mer president of UNA Branch logy," and the author of nu­ Volodymyr '                    Udovychenko, Hrushka, who championed the belsky, S t Michael's, Miners-
tially affect Canadian mine- 492 in Ottawa, of which he merous other works; he was Bohdan Rokytsky, Halyna cause of the UNA in the ini­ ville, who also delivered an                                     State Senator Fred Hobbs (second left) presents UNA Presi­
      trade ia to be reported by and his family are still mem­ fired from his position under Yaremych, Valya Korniychuk, tial issues of the newspaper appropriate sermon; Rev. Ni­                       dent J. Lesawyer (third left) with the Semite resolution
                                                                                                                                                                                                         designating Sunday, August 19, as UNA Day. Others In the
     . Switucha to Ottawa,;        bers.                            the pretext that during the and Volodymyr Yavorsky, all which began appearing on cholas Fiaanlck, Holy Trans­                        photo are, left to right, Michael Kit .sock, former candidate
    Mr. Switucha will also act                                      Nazi occupation of Ukraine from the Ukrainian philology September 15,1893. Upon Fr. figuration, Nanticoke; Rev.                      for UJS. Congress; Sen. Paul Yuzyk; and Svoboda Editor-in-
as the Canadian representa­                                         he headed a chess club in department, and Leonid Filo- Hrueka's appeals and urgings, Theodore Danusiar, St. Mi­                                         Chief Anthony Dragan.
tive to>' international confe­                                                                                                                                        chael's Shenandoah; and Rev.
                                                                    Lviv;                           nov, Ivan Svamyk, Volody­ the UNA came into being on Thomas Korpics, St. Nicholas,
rences and will serve as tech- UN DEPUTY SECRETARY-                     Oleksander Huts, physics myr Kozovyk, Marian Dol-             February 22, 1894, with the
chnical advisor to the Cana­ GENEBAL VISITS KIEV instructor at the university. nevsky, and Ihor Petryna. constituent assembly held that Mahanoy City. Other Ukra­
dian Missions in his territory.                                                                                                                                       inian Catholic clergy attend­
                                                                     He was fired from his job be­ students of history and jour­ day in Shamokiu, Pa., some ing'the service and festival
                                       KIEV, Ukraine. — V. Le- cause of his alleged acquain- nalism.                                 80 miles west from the site
              New Post             ynndovaky^ deputy., aeccetary-                                                                   ^M
                                                                                                                                   5 4 last week's Festival.          were Rev. John Cherwinsky,
                                   generai of the United Nations,                                                                        The contributions of the St. Mary's, Ceritralia; and
    Until now, Canada main­ visited Kiev on the invitation KGB PRESSURES DZYUBA,                                                      UNA as a whole, its official Rev. Stephen Shymansky, S t
tained similar positions only of the minister of foreign                                                                              organ Svoboda, now the ol­ Michael's, Hazleton.
in Washington and London. affaire of the Soviet Union,                                 SVITLYCHNY TO RETRACT dest Ukrainian newspaper in The main celebrant of the
Since Japanese heavy indu­ according to RATAU sources                   TORONTO, Ont. — The            Following their recent ar­ the world, as well as those of Orthodox Moleben, who also
stry relies on foreign metal dated July 18th.                       Soviet Secret Police (KGB) rest and trial the two writers Pennsylvania's Soyuz mem­ delivered a sermon fitting the
                                                                                                    and literary critics, were de­ bers were appropriately ac­ occasion was the Very Rev.
ores, Canada annually exports          During his stay In Ukraine, is pressuring two Ukrainian
to Jape» over $600,000,000 in Levandovsky met with H.H. dissident intellectuals, Ivan tained in a prison in Kiev.                     knowledged by the state's Se­ Andrew Dvorakiwsky, pastor
metals and minerals. To con­ Shevel, foreign minister of Svitlychny and Ivan Dzyuba,                   According to the informa­ nate, whose member, the Hon. of the Assumption of the
tinue this mutually beneficial                                      to retract their views on the tion, which was received at Fred Hobbs, read a special re­ Blessed Virgin Mary Church
trade relation, Canada crea­ the Ukrainian SSR. Their statue of human rights in the the time the fifth issue of the solution, adopted earlier by in Northampton, Pa. Conce-
ted this hew position at its talka centered on the activi- USRR, according to the "Bul­ "Bulletin" was being prepared the body on his proposal, de­ lebrating with the Very Rev.                         'Prometheus male chorus from Philadelphia, Pa,, under the
embassy ih Tokyo. A similar tes of the UN, and the next letin" of the Committee in for printing, both Svitlychny signating August 19, 1973, as Dvorakiwky, were Rev. Nestor                                          direction of Michael Dlaboha.
post was' also opened in Syd­ session of the General As­ Defense of Soviet Political and Dzyuba were ordered to "UNA Day" here.                                       Kowal, St Michael's, Scran-
ney, Australia,                    sembly.                          Prisoners based here.           publically recant their views.       Sen. Hobbs. who was intro­ ton, and Rev. Omelan Mycyk,          Remains of Anna Slobodian
          ^ -                                                                                          Svitlychny was told to write duced by former candidate for Jr., S t George's, Minersville.
                                                                                                    or sign an open letter of con­ U.S. Congress Michael Kitsok,           (Continued on p. 4)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Laid to Rest
              DEMKIW IS SECOND RUNNER-UP                                                            fession and condemnation of
                                                                                                    his and similar "crimes."
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ELIZABETH. N.J. — The Married to Roman Slobo­
                                                                                                                                                                                                         remains of Anna Slobodian, dian for 57 years, she was
                                  Ш MISS TEENAGE AMERICA CONTEST Dzyuba is being forced to                                           Mary Lesawyer    Stars                                              who died of a heart ailment often found at the side of her
                     VICKY ZAKALUK ALSO TAKES PART IN CONTEST -.rdGfiSWKC- write a retraction of his book                                                                                                Thursday, August 16, were husband attending numerous

    NEW YORK, N.Y. — Lucy
                                                                                                    "Internationalism or Russifi-       in SoyuzlvHa Concert
                                                                                                    cation?" When written, this ANNA CHORNODOLSKA, SOYUZIVKA
                                                                                                                                                                                        Tonight          laid to rest at the Evergreen UNA and civic functions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cemetery      here    Monday,      Surviving are her husband,
Demkiw*, daughter of Kathe-.                                                                        book would be made widely                       ENSEMBLE SCHEDULED FOB                               August 20, after funeral ser­ Roman, daughter. Mrs. Helen
ryn and Gregory Demkiw of                                                                           availaible to the general pub-                                                                       vices attended by h^r berea­ Sydorowych, sons, Daniel and
В r о о )tt у n, N. Y.,      was                                                                    lie both in the Soviet Union                                        LABOR DAY WEEKEND                ved husband, children, grand­ Gregory, and five grandchild­
chosen        second    runner-up                                                                   and throughout the free . KERHONKSON, N.Y. —                                                         children. UNA supreme offi­ ren.
in. ;'• th^" Miss T e e n a g e                                                                     world-                            Mary Lesawyer. one of the                                          cers and numerous friends.         Funeral sTvicee were held
America            Contest held                                                                        Last yeac, this method of most popular operatic singers                                              Mrs. Slobodian, wife of for­ Monday. Auerust 20, from St.
here at the New York Hilton                                                                         forcing    recantatione from on the Ukrainian seme, who                                              mer long-time UNA Supreme Vladimir's Ukrainian Catholic
ant}-.-tbc^ Metromedia Tele-                                                                        Soviet dissidents succeeded in has delight -d thousands of                                           Treasurer Roman Slobodian. j Church here to the Evergreen
visi6n Studios from August                                                                          the case of Zynovia Franko, Soyuxivka goers with her ren­                                            was 74 years old.                Cemetery. Among scores of
 13 to 17. The pageant, which                                                                       linguist, and Mykola Khotod- ditions of classical and po­                                               Born in Northampton, Pa., j UNA'era and friends attend-
was'tap£U on Friday, August                                                                         ny, poet. Both Wrote open" pular Ukrainian songs since                                               in the family of early Ukra- і ing the last rites wer^: UNA
 17, until-tfeb early morning                                                                       letters of confession to the -4the inception of the Saturday                                         inian immigrants. Mrs. Slobo-, Pr"S:dent Jrjsej h Lesawyer,
 hours, will be aired in the                                                                        press, condemning their own' night concerts, is the featured                                         dian was active hi th? Ukra- і Vicc-Presid -nt and Recording
New York metropolitan area                                                                          "wrong-doings" and those Of performer in tonight's pro­                                              inian community life since Я *cretary Walter Sochan,
on SatuMky September 8, at                                                                          others.                           gram at the UNA estate here                                        early adulthood. While in Treasurer Ulana Diaehuk, for
7 p.rri. oyer         WNEW-TV                                                                                                            Mrs. Lesawyer. who has ap­                                      Northampton, she sang in the I vears an assistant of Mr.
 (Channel- $ .                                                                                         Also published in this is­                                                                        local Church choir and was a j Slobndian's in the UNA Fi-
                                                                                                                                      peared in every major center
                                                                                                    sue of the "Bulletin" is an ap^ of Ukrainian life on this con­                                       meraber of the parish's or­ nancial Department. Svoboda
    Along» w#h the title of se-                                                                                                                                                                          ganizations.
 cond ruhrier-up. Miss Demkiw                                                                       peal for the immediate release tinent as well as in Europe                                                                            Editor-in-Chief Anthony Dra­
                                                                                                    3f Dzyuba and Vyacheslav and South America, will ren­                                                   In Philadelphia and later in gan, all clos'* associates of Mr.
 also received a trophy, anc                                                                                                                                                                             Elizabeth, she was active in Slobodian during his term as
luggage .and barbeque sets                                                                          Chornovil by the newly form­ der several arias, compo­                    Mary Lesawyer
                                                                                                                                                                                                          UNA life and in the respective UNA Treasurer.
At a previously held contest                                                                        ed Canadian organization, sitions and songs to the piano young ballet student from Ir-               branches of the Ukrainian
 Monday; August 13, at the                                                                                                           accompaniment of Mrs. Daria vington, N.J. Miss Lazirko.                                                Th» body was Interred at a
                                                                                                    Committee to ' defend Ivan Karanowycz.                                                               National Women's League of family plot near the gravesite
McAlpik Hotel, ehe was alsc                                                                                                                                           who starred in Roma Pryma-         America. She was one of the
                                                                                                    Dzyuba and Vyacheslav Chor­          Also appearing on tonight's Bohachevsky's rce?nt produc­
chosen' Miss New York City                                                                                                                                                                               charter membersof a UNWLA of the late Dr. Luke Myshuha,
Teenager.                                                                                           novil.                           bill will be Natalka Lazirko, a tion of "Peer Gynt,," as well
                                                                                                                  .                                                                                      branch in Elizabeth and re­ former editor-in--hief of Svo-
    Janet Reeves, 16, of Colum-                                                                                                                                       as in the previous production      mained active in it until here ! boda and a friend of the fa-
 bus, GSM wt>n the title of Miss
 Teenage America and, along
                                                                                                    Ukrainian institute                    ot America                 of the "Magic Flower," will be
                                                                                                                                                                      making her second appearan­
                                                                                                                                                                                                         recent illness.                • mily.

 with W, $20,000 worth ir                                                                            Plans Anniversary                       Observances              ce on the stage of Soyuzivka's
 prices.                                                                                               NEW YORK. N.Y. — The ternat-s to the Second World Veselka auditorium this sum­
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Step&n Sprynsky lM«*s
     Among the 46 participantr                                                                      Board of Directors of the U- Congress of Free Ukrainians mer.                                          PHILADELPHIA. Pa. —             and served in that capacity
 in the pageant was Vicky                                                                           krainian Institute of America to be held in Toronto in No-           As usual, the enrtratain        As we won- rr-ady to go t         until his death. He was also
 Zakaluk, lfc, who earlier ir                                                                       met here Wednesday, August vember of this year, and a m*nt program will be followed                  press with this issue, newr       •ireeident of the "Self-Re-
 the week was chosen Misf                                                                           22, and discussed plans for donation to the world body. by a dance, with Soyuzivka's                 reached us that Stepar              .anco" Association and se­
 New Ybyfr State Teenager rwo Ukrainian girls at the Miss Teenage America Pageant, the upcoming 25th anniver­                            Among other items dis­ own band, under the direction            Sprynsky, Suoreme Secretar;        cretary of the Ukrainian
 Miss Zakaluk, who hi the !eft to right, Vicky Zakaluk, Між» New York State Teenager, sary celebration of the In­ cussed during the meeting of Walter Dobuschak provid­                                  of the Providence Association     Congress Committee of Ame­
 daugther of Jean and John and Lucy Demkiw, second runner-up In the pageant and Miss stitute.                                                                         ing the music. Singing with        of Ukrainian Catholics for        rica.
                                                                                                                                     was the acceptance of 16 ap­                                        20 years, died here Wednes­
 Zakaluk of 8eaford, N.Y., iF                         New York City Teenager.                          John O. File, New York at­ plicants for. membership and the band are Oksana Borbycz                                                     Surviving are his wife,
                                                                                                    torney and chairman of the                                        and Peter Galadza.                 day night, August 22. after a     Theodora, daughter Mrs. My-
 a mueicaly inclined girl. She                                                                                                       participation in the centennial                                     prolonged illness. He was 61
 sings, dances, plays the plane Manhattan, to see the Broad- Catholic Church there, is in­ Jubilee committee, reported' observances of the Shevchen-                     In the series of Sim day                                          roslawa Bowling, and two
                                                                                                                                                                      afternoon exhibits, it will be     years old.
 and. violin, and would like tc .vay production "Seesaw," and terested in painting, piano, that an exhibit of member                                                                                                                       grandchildren. Funeral ser­
                                                                                                                                                                       Slava Gerulak's turn to dis­        Mr. Sprynsky, who come to
 be a BlrtgW-entertainer when ittend numerous functions in accordion, tennis and cooking. artists will he included in the ko Scientific Society.                                                                                           vices are scheduled for Mon­
 she grows up.                      Ihe city.                        In college she would like to observances. The celebration           Chairing the meeting in play her artistic works.                the United States in 1949 and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           day, August 27, from the Im­
                                       Miss Demkiw, a senior at major in veterinary science. date was set for December 1, place of the ША president                      Sunday night popular au­        was one of the leading figures
     While in New York, the                                                                                                                                                                              in the Ukrainian community,       maculate Conception Cathed-:
 girls, all accompanied by f         .'anarise High School in            Lucy, who is 17, and her 1973.                              William Dzus. who was absent thor and humorist Mykola
                                                                                                                                                                                                         was elected to the post o*         ral here to Fox Chase Ce­
 chaperon). Wad the opportune Brooklyn and a parishoner of parents are members of UNA                  The Board also approved a because of Illness, was Ostap Ponedilok will ISunch the re-
                                                                                                    list- of delegates and al- Balaban, vice-president                      (Continued on p. 4)          Providence's Secretary in 1953     metery.
 ty to go on a cruise arounu Ле Holy Ghost Ukrainian Branch 158.
                                                                                   SVOBODA, THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY. SATURDAY. AUGUST 25, 1973.                                                                                                                                      ' No. 167.

                                                                                            ARE AMERICANS REALLY ^DIFFERENT                                                                                       ACTION Volunteers Ask
       СІ ОБОМ & SVOBODA                                                                                    TO UKRAINIAN LIBERATION?                                                                                  Response to Questionnaires
                                                                                     (Some thoughts on the reaction to the "Open Letter to the American People," which appea­                                       JERSEY CITY, N.J. -                             canvassed Passaic, Newark,
                        FOUNDED IMS
                      , published daily except Sunday*. Monday»                                    red in the June 17, 1973 Issue of The New York Tiroes.)                                                        George Putykewycz and Ro                          Jersey City, and Bayonne.
* holidays (Saturday k. Monday issue combined) by the Ukrain­                                                                                                                                                     man Bakalec, two АСПОІч                           Basic information as to who
ian Rational Aat'n, Inc. at 81-88 Orand St, Jersey City, NJ. 07303       It has been an accepted be­       Following" the appearance        accept, our donation of $100   the N.Y. Times of June 17.                                                               might be interviewed was
                                                                     lief among Ukrainians in the       in The New York Times               for the continued efforts to   1 am an American of Irish              summer      volunteer-student
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  working in the Ukrainiai                          acquired from t h e area U-
Subscription Rates for the UKRAINIAN WSBSCLT І І М р « г у м т       United State» that the ave­        (JUne 17, 1073) of the "Open        further the Ukrainian cause    descent, but during the last                                                             krainian Catholic and Ortho­
OJVJa. Members               ,               82.60 fer year          rage American is, if not hoe-      Letter     to the American          with which we are very sym-    eight years of his life Metro­         community here on behalf oi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the UNA, have prepared anc                        dox parishes, and UNA
                                                                     tile, then completely indif­       People," signed by 66 Ukra­        ' pathetic. We would like to be politan John Theodorovich                                                                Branch secretaries. Advice
     UKRAINIAN WEEKLY              Editor: 2ENON SNYLYK              ferent to the problem of the       inian and American profes­          put on your mailing list. If   was one of my             closest      sent out some 400 question
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  naires dealing with povert;                       and aid was also given by
          P.O. Box 348. Jersey City, NJ. 07888                       liberation of the Ukrainiai        sors from various universities      you have a list of publica­    friends..."                                                                              the Federal Housing Autho­
                                                                     people from Soviet Russian do­     and colleges, which was spon­       tions, we would like to sub­      Mr. Robert M. Nowicki.              within the Ukrainian commu
EDITORIALS                                                                                                                                                                                                        nity in northern New Jersey                       rity.
                                                                     mination and the establish­        sored by the UCCA, the              scribe to them..."             Phoenix, Ariz.: "Please send                                                                Thus far, George and Ro­
                                                                     ment of a free and indepen­        UCCA central office received           Mrs. Adelle Demko, New     further information. Although           The questionnaires were sen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    man have compiled a list of
Heinous             Dismissals                                       dent Ukraine.                      over 100 letters, telephone         York, N.Y. (telephone); a
                                                                                                                                            Canadian-born who Is passing
                                                                                                                                                                           I am not a professor, I would
                                                                                                                                                                           like to help in some way. I am
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  out to a randomly selectee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  group of people derived fron                      40 families who could be con­
                                                                         This state of affairs has      cafls and personal visits from                                                                                                                              sidered for federal aid. A ma­
   The "University of Lviv, for years a veritable citadel of         continued, it is contended for     people of various яосіаі stra­     •her bar examination in the     particularly     interested in         the UNA membership files
Ukrainian scholarship, has seen many a difficult day in                                                                                                                                                                                                             jor problem that the two have
                                                                     many years, despite the fact       ta—students, professors, tea­       etate here. She wants to know  Ivan Svitiychny whose work                                                               encountered is that many U-
                                                                                                        chers, housewives, business­        more about Ukraine and         I admire greatly..."                       The questions are as fol
its history, notably during the Polish occupation of                 that the Ukrainian settlement
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lows:                                             krainians, who are imbued
western Ukraine when both professors and students bad                in the United States is almoet     men and professionals. As           wants to be involved in U-        Mr. Martin T. Kinsey, New                                                             with a strong sense of hard
                                                                     90 years old, that there exist     far as the ethnic background        krainian affairs.                                                         Is there a poverty com
to take to the streets and literally battle against the                                                                                                                    Haven, Conn.: "...I am a gra­          munity amongst the Ukra                           work and self-sufficiency, are
                                                                     Ukrainian churches, Ukrain­        of these people is concernedr          Mrs, Nina JRobbins, New     duate student in Soviet and                                                              too proud to accept aid, even
authorities to preserve the Ukrainian character of t h e             ian political and cultural or­     about 17 percent of them are        York, N.Y. (telephone); born                                          inians in the metropolitaj
                                                                                                                                                                           East European studies at               area (northern New Jersey)'                       though they qualify for it.
institution. These battles, often bloody, are stiil fresh in         ganizations, Ukrainian press       of Ukrainian descent, mostly        in the U.S. of Ukrainian an­   Yale University. This past                 Are there any local Ukra                         George and Roman also
the memory of many of its graduates.                                 organs, and that in the past       women, who having married           cestry. Was shocked at what    academic year I did a research                                                           found that many Ukrainians
                                                                     there were such national or­       non-Ukrainians, are now ea­         she read in the Letter. Wants                                         •nian civic organizations tha
     Now another dark page has been added to its                                                                                                                           project on aspects of the civil                                                          who have professional de­
                                                                     ganizations as the "Obyedyan-      ger to "rediscover" their           to instruct her children about rights movement in the So              aid the poor and needy?
history. Except t h a t this is no longer happening under                                                                                                                                                             What is the greatest prob                     crees from European uni­
                                                                     nia of Ukrainian Organiza­         own hei itage. The overwhelm­       Ukraine and wants more in­     viet Union. I rapidly learnec                                                            versities are still not being
Austrian or Polish domination, but in an allegendly                  tions," the "Federation of         ing majority of these persons       formation. Promised financial  that my ignorance of Ukra­             lem that exists in the Ukra
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  inian community?                                  accepted into their fields by
"free" Ukrainian, republic.                                          Ukrainians in America," the        not only requested more in­        'support from her family and    inian' was a hindrance... 1                                                               their American peers and are
     The dismissal of seven professors and more t h a n              "Ukrainian National Com            formation on the present            parents.                       would like to receive the book­            Do the local Ukrainiai
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  civic organizations and thei                       forced to work in factories
two dozen students on the demand of a s many a s two                 mittee," and so forth.             plight of the Ukrainian                Mr. Dave Goldman, New       let, Ukrainian Intellectuals ir                                                          or other menial postions.
                                                                         We also have .three gene       people, but offered moral           York, N.Y.        (telephone); Shackles: Violation of Hu              resources aid in solving th-
special investigating commissions, one from Kiev the                                                    and material support; many                                                                                 problems in your community                          "The general idea of 'vo­
                                                                     rations of American-born ci­                                           Jewish American journalist,    man Rights in Ukraine, which                                                             luntarism,' ACTION'S plan to
other from Moscow, is a heineous act t h a t reflects the            tizens of Ukrainian descent        of them asked what we would         congratulated UCCA for ex­     has been described by Am­                  The two students ask tha
tragic state of affairs in Ukraine today.                                                               like them to do for the Ukra­                                                                             .ill those people who receiv                      have ethnics work among
                                                                     who became integrated ir                                               posing the USSR and present­   nesty International in its pub­                                                          their own people, is being ac­
   Renamed the Ivan Franko State University of Lviv                  every stratum of Americar          inians.                             ing facts on Ukrainian per­    lications... Many thanks fo;             luestionnaires fill them ou
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ind send them back to th<                        cepted by youths and stu­
since the onset of Russo-Communist occupation, the                   society and the economy, at           Among these responses            secutions. Asked why the       any and all assistance, infor­                                                           dents," says George. "For
                                                                     well as those who work ir          were only two negative and          Jews do not want to coope­     mation and materials thai               JNA office as soon as pos
school can hardly be said to be living up to the ideas                                                                                                                                                            зіЬІе. Those who wish t<                           axample, in Passaic the U-
                                                                     the federal, state and muni        hostile ones, who accused U-        rate with Ukrainians against   you might provide..."                                                                     krainian Youth League has
and teachings of its great patron. F r a n k o would turn            cipal governments—and wht          krainians indiscriminately of       the USSR.                                                              iubmit voluntary.informatioi
                                                                                                                                                                              Mr. B. Kostek, Green Brook                                                            agreed to go out into the field
over in his grave if he could see w h a t is happening a t           all helped America to beconu       anti-Semitism. One of them             U.S. Army Security Agen­    N.J.: "...I am a second ge              on the economic status ol
                                                                     what it is today.                  even suggested that the             cy Training      Center     and                                        'Jkrainians in their comrnunitj                  and do community work."
the University which bears his name and in Ukraine as                                                                                                                      neration Ukrainian, and I              are also asked to send it be                         On September 10, George
a whole.                                                                 Moreover, we also know         UCCA "offer a public apology        School, Fort Devens, Mass.     have become horrified with                                                               and Roman will submit their
                                                                                                        to Brezhnev and President            (telephone); requested all                                           the UNA offices.
     The alleged "crimes" of the students, mostly majors             that the U.S. Government and                                                                          the content (of the Letter)...             The ACTION volunteers                         propositions to the UNA Exe­
                                                                     all its executive departments      Nixon for your gross and em­        English-language publications  If there is any other informa­                                                            cutive Committee and even­
in Ukrainian philology, history and journalism, are said                                                barrassing behavior."               on Ukraine, particulariy those                                        have been engaged in theii
                                                                     are well acquainted and infor­                                                                        tion you have I would be               work since the beginning of                        tually to ACTION'S headquar­
to have been their protests against Russification and                med about the Ukrainian               Two U.S. Congressmen, the        dealing with the present dis­  very appreciative...''                 July, and since then havt                         ters in Washington, D.C.
their demands for free access to source material. This               problem, as is the American        Hon. Edward Koch of New             sident movement in Ukraine.       Mr. Terry Dragovan, Steel-
was also the t h r u s t of the magazine "Postup" which the          press, especially the great        York and the Hon. D a n i e l          Mrs. J. Zaharchuk, Phoe­    ton, Pa.: "Please send me
students disseminated a t the University.                            American dailies in New
                                                                     York, Washington, Chicago,
                                                                                                        J. Flood of Pennsylvania,
                                                                                                        introduced     the    text   of
                                                                                                                                            nix, Arizona: requested more
                                                                                                                                            information about what, is
                                                                                                                                                                           more information on how 1
                                                                                                                                                                           can help the Ukrainian in­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ми First Visit  ,
     It is an accepted norm in the West t h a t scholars, in
their quest for truth, must be free of any political
                                                                     and elsewhere.                     the Times letter into the
                                                                                                        Congressional Record. In ad­
                                                                                                                                            going on presently in Ukra­
                                                                                                                                                                           tellectuals..."                                   To Greenwich                                              Viliage
                                                                         On the other hand, how­                                                                              R.A. Johnson, Raleigh, N.                                          By Roman              Ly&niak
restraints, not to speak of source material which is                 ever, we must not forget that      dition, the contents of the let­       Mr. Robert P. Lavener, Ri­  C : "Please send me some in­              This story dates back to                          "Ah, no! Better Cleopatra
essential t o t h a t quest. To the Soviet authorities, how­         the Ukrainians, as emigrants       ter were reported in some           ver Vale, N J . : his parents  formation about your groUp             the "good old days" — the                         with Mustafa. They suit each
ever, t h i s apparently is a crime. In Lviv, they n o t only        of a stateless nation, from        European press organs, and          were born in Ukraine, and      and its activities..."                 early 1950's. After I had set­                    other perfectly."
                                                                     the very beginning of thaii        four research and study cen­        therefore he is very much in­     Mr. T.M.G., Honolulu, Ha­           tled down in New York City,                          "I have to agree with you
dismissed the students in violation of their constitu­                                                  ters—in Spain, Belgium, Den­        terested in what is going on
tional rights, but fired seven of their mentors, в о т е             settlement in America; hat5                                                                           waii: "I recently returned             I decided to fulfill one of my                    on thht pair. Bnt Mustafa has
                                                                      three powerful        Europear.   mark and Norway—requested           in Ukraine. Requested a ca­    from my fust peraonal trip             artistic dreams—to vieit the                      an briental, unpredictable
with outstanding records of scholarly accomplishment.                emigrations against them:          all available literature on U-      talog of books on Ukraine in   to Ukraine. I was most di^             world famous Greenwich Vil­                       character. May I suggest Co-
For them, as for the students, the only road open in                  the Jewish, the Russian ant       kraine in English.                  English.                       stressed at what I found, and          lage, for decades a mecca of                      lumbns in his place?"
Soviet society is sundry menial jobs. And even then they              the Polish, which did every                                              Mr. Gus Posher, Prove       therefore I am Interested in           Pegasian elements.                                   "Columbus and Cleopatra?
                                                                      thing—and some of them arc             Voices of Americans            Utah: "...I would never have   your organization. I received             My ignorance in those days                     Sounds like a cowboy and a
will be "marked", ostracized, castigated and persecuted.                                                                                    believed that such atrocity
                                                                      still doing it—to prevent the                                                                        your June 17 advertisement,            led me to rely solely on the                      Park Avenue lady."
But as Moroz said, "There w i l l ^ e a trial. So we shall                                                Here are some sample leV          could exist today... I will ap­which appeared in The New
                                                                     Ukrainian problem from being                                                                                                                 information obtained from a                          "Perhaps, then, Romeo and
fight"                                                                brought to the forum of A-        ters or digests of telephone        preciate your service if you   York Times, and I would like           tourist guide and thus, natu­                     Juliet?"            - - *
                                                                      merican or world public opin­     conversations:                      will send me literature on     to be kept informed about the          rally, my first visit to the                          "It would be far more
"Sesame Street»                        Imperialistic?                 ion; or they misrepresented         Mr. and Mrs. Emil Prosen,         these efforts to destory the   activities of my fellow Ukra­          Village, as it is affectionately                  agreeable to have a pair with
        Hardly anyone in the U.S. would feel t h a t "Sesame         the Ukrainian problem in the       Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.: "Having           culture of Ukraine..."          inians in the United States           called by the Bohemians,                          the background of historical
                                                                     darkest and most negative          read your 'Open Letter to the          Mr. John J. Gallacher, Ba­   concerning the status of'U-           meant to encounter a few                          importance."
Street," the highly acclaimed educational television                                                    American People,' in The New        la-Cynwyd, Pa.: ''Please send
                                                                     colors.                                                                                                kraine in the Soviet Union..."        shocking suprisee.                                    "Good. Then Caesar will
program, is "imperialistic" in nature. Yet t h a t is what                                              York Times... we wish to com­       me more information on the         Mr. John Peck, Princeton
                                                                         Moreover, the aspirations                                                                                                                   Sometimes, it has often                        substitute for Romeo,"
t h e Soviet regime says about the program watched by                 of the Ukrainian people to        mend you for your most infor­       Ukrainian people and their      University, Princeton, N J . :        been said, it's true that the                         "Well, not a bad match, but
millions of tots in the United States and probably just               freedom and independence          mative effort in reaching the       plight. I have written to Pre­  "Pease send further infor­            first experience is also the                      Juliet is much too romantic
as many in other western countries.                                   during World War I and            American public and telling         sident Nixon in their behalf    mation about your work, and           most memorable one. Mine                          for Caesar. We should pair
                                                                      World War II were always          them the sad truth. Please.         after reading the article in    the measures you propose for          was.                                              Hannibal and Xanthippe."
       In an editorial article in the newspaper "Sovietskaia
                                                                      directed primarily against                                                                            relief of Ukrainian writers              I sat in a luxurious re­                           "Excellent If we could only
Kultura," the program was cited a s a "clear example                                                                                                                       and intellectuals..."
                                                                      Tarist and Communist Rus­                                                                                                                   staurant,            which          catered       get them to be used to each
of veiled neocolonialism in cultures." Specifically, the
paper finds the ideas of private enterprise, property
                                                                      sia, and against reborn Po­
                                                                      land, which were and still are
                                                                                                                                    Optica                                     Mr. V. V. Sveics, Jersey
                                                                                                                                                                           City, N J . : "Please send me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  mostly to tourist clientele.                      other. When should I bring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    over Xanthippe?"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     On my left, at the nearest
ownership and the importance of money, allegedly fun-                 "historical allies" of America.                      By Vasyl       Symonenko                        some pamphlets on your or­             table, a woman and a man                              "Tomorrow."
neled through the program, as objectionable and ob­                   This we should never forget.                                                                          ganization..."                        were engaged in a very lively                         The man and the woman
                                                                                                                The ugliest eyes arc hollow,                                   Mr. M.R. Saap, New York,           and rather loud conversation.                     finished the meal, got up and
viously inconsistent with Soviet ideology.                                                                                                                                  N.Y.: "Please send me more
                                                                     Breaking Wall of Ignoranc?                 Silent threats самеє the fcaraomest fear.                                                         Their neat appearance didn't                      left.
        As absurd as the denunciation of the program as                                                         The icorai kind of monarch is shallow,                      information regarding the full        suggest that they belong to                           I oklled the head-waiter.
"imperialistic" is, reflecting Moscow's pathological fear              To prove that American                   Most base is the fraudulent tear.                           page writeup in the New               the Bohemian set.                                     "Tell me, those two who
of western ideas, it has broader ramifications in the                public opinion, that is th°                                                                            York Sunday Times of June                The man asked the woman,                       just left — are they all
light of the Kremlin's vigorous opposition to free broad­            American people, are not ad­               Most pretty'» a mother when joyful and buoyant,             17, 1973. I am vitally inte­           "What do you make out of                         right?" I asked, pointing to
                                                                     versely disposed toward the                 Sweetest are lips that you love.                           rested..."                            Lucrezia Borgia.?"                                my head.
casting via satellites. It was a t the last session of the
                                                                     problem of Ukrainiain libe­                 Host clean is a soul that is loyal,                           Miss Carol Coleman, New                "Not much. I prefer Donna                         "But of course they are all
UN General Assembly t h a t USSR's Foreign Minister                  ration, but, on the contrary,              Most complex is a simpleton.                                London, Conn.: "The article            Clara," responded the woman.                      right What a shocking ques­
Gromyko submitted the draft of an international con­                 have expressed great under­                                                                            in The New York Times of                 "But most of them are                           tion, sir!"
vention barring free broadcasting via satellites. Coupled            standing and sympathy, as                   But don't mix the truth with Ues,                          June 17, 1973, was fantastic.          curly."                                              "Do you know them?"
with Moscow's virulent attacks against Radio Liberty,                well as moral and material                  And not thinking, don't lie and don't boast.               I would appreciate any further            "Even with curls she looks                        "I must say so. Certainly,
Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America, it is clear              support towards it, we will                 For on earth, you know, he is most wise,                   information regarding the ar­          good near Napoleon."                              I know them. They are pro­
                                                                     quote from a series of letters              Who loves life, and who loves it the most.                 ticle..."                                "Only when Othello is in                        prietors of two neighboring
t h a t what the Red rulers fear most is ideas. And these            and telephone conversations                                                                               Miss Patricia Hannon, Ar-                                                             pet shops."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sight. What about Aphro­
no man-made walls can bar.                                           in support of the thesis.                                                     trans, by A. Chlrovsky 1                                        dite w i n t i t i # i t w * t e m ^ Y h r n i
                                                                                                                                                                                   (Continued oa p. 3)
                                                                                                             ЯЕ                 =
            I'ucertaiuty Breeds Opportunity                                                             period of negotiation, not con­
                                                                                                        frontation" is in essence a dy­
                                                                                                                                              Regardless of our doubts
                                                                                                                                            and uncertainties about this
                                                                                                                                                                                 lary whether in trade, govern­
                                                                                                                                                                                 ment or general cultural ac­
                                                                                                                                                                                                               lose and everything to gain In
                                                                                                                                                                                                               our attempts to pry open
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    menta in diverse portions of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    the Free World? Again you
(Below is the commencement address of Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky, UCCA President, at the                     namic and changing one of           course of action—and they            tivity, and inevitably in the these societies so that the                          are faced with considerable
University of Alabama, Huntsville. The address was subsequently entered into the Con­                   the confrontation of negotia­       may be many—objectively it           larger    interests of world  great    opportunity of ex­                          uncertainty but with equal
gressional Record by Congressman Philip M.Crane of Illinois).                                           tion. The aim of the thrust         cannot be doubted that the           peace and broadened free­     change and contact can be                            opportunity.
                                                                                                        made is "to create a vested         approach is fraught with the         dom, your understanding of    broadened with the numerous
                                                II                                                      interest in mutual restraint"       opportunity of overcoming            their condition, aspirations, nations and peoples within                                  FULL CIRCUIT
   The brazen misuse of such      latlonism and one of the many      own cosmopolitan develop­          and its motivation is to rea­       any ugliness in our knowledge        and hopes would be deepened.  them.
terms     as "American im­        transmission belts for inter­      ment, for much of the non-         lize a freer flow of men, wo­       and contacts with the nume­          It makes no sense to deal in     Of course, in these dynamic                           Ndt too long ago we heard
perialism," "capitalist exploi­   national economic interde­         communist world the old            men, goods and ideas be­            rous nations and peoples that        other assets when the first   and changeful approaches                              much of the generation gap.
tation" and the like cannot       pendence and integration.          "ugly American" is a thing of      tween the two political             exist both In the Soviet U-          asset of peoples Is least un­ prudent realism demands that                          There are many ways this
obfuscate the material and        "Go West, young man" was           the past But one is some­          worlds. Whether this will be        nion and the Peop^es, Re­            derstood.                     while we pursue these fun­                            phrase can be interpreted,
cultural contributions of this    heard in the yesteryear of         what uncertain, though the         possible in the scope hoped         public of China The first as­            In opening our relatione  damental     opportunities a-                         but there is surely no gap as
destiny. Here, too, uncertain­    Lhe pioneering development         opportunity is great about         for, only the future will tell      set of real, human opportu­          with mainland China the very  midst rampant uncertainty, at                         concerns the fundamental
ties prevail with balance of      of our economy; "Go about          the possible resurgence of            Objectively, it should be        nity cannot be too strongly          same opportunity may be gi­   all timeo we must keep our                            continuity of basic problems
payments problems, recurring      the world young man and wo­        American ugliness In con­          noted, however, that long           emphasized. When one hears           ven to know in cultural and   guard up and our defensive                            and issue, uncertainties and
currency crises, international    man" is the fitting expression     tacts with the peoples which       before current concepts Of          or reads, even in the highest        economic terms not only the   strenght intact. Just to pose                         opportunities, that faces both
monetary reform, economic         for you in this pioneering de­     hive been called the captive       "power multipolarity" and           places of our government and         roughly 670 million Chinese   one problem to you in thf                             you and me. The Great De­
regionalism, the threat of        velopment of the free world        nations in the communist           "interdependency" emerged,          other institutions, about "250       bat also about 60 million     form of a question. On tht                            pression and World War П
trade warfare, and dangers        economy.                           world, from the Danube to          Moscow itself was advocating        million Russians" in the So­         Manchue, Mongolians; East     matter of expanding tradt                             highlighted the period before
in East-West trade, but agaii                                        the Pacific. Here, too, despite    for its own purposes and ob­        viet Union, he cannot but            Turkestan!, Tibetans       andwith the Soviet Union, esti­                          the chronological gap; the
here, too, boundless opportu­            FIRST ASSET                 the uncertainties, the oppor­      jectives such things as "pea­       wonder about our past pro­           others in this additional mul­mated to rise to a level oi                           fight against inflation, the
nities prevail equally for our                                       tunity for thriving knowledge,     ceful coexistence," liberalized     cesses of formal education.          tinational state. In advancingabout $2 billion In the next                          inverse of deflation and de­
enterprising    firms,   labor,      Whether in the economic,        restructured conceptions, and      trade, cultural exchanges, an       The enormous opportunity of          and pushing toward these new  three years, the price for                            pression, and the outbreak
agriculture and capital. These    political, cultural and other      an understanding quintessen­       all-European security con­          greater access permitted by          frontiers of popular American Moscow's acquisition of much                          of another and more tragic
many uncertainties are re­        spheres of our expansive ac­       tial to world peace and even­      ference, reduction of forces        Moscow would be for you and          knowledge and understand­     needed grains and technology                          world war highlighted it after
flected almost daily in our       tivity, let us always bear in      tual freedom is the most           in Europe, and forms of dis­        others to know and learn not         ing, your contributions could has been our          honorabW                        and now, but the fundament­
stock markets, but opportu­       mind that the first asset is       challenging and engaging.          armament and arms restric­          only about the Russian na­           not but have a salutary im­   ground withdrawal from Viet                           al continuity гетаіпв almoet
nities are also sought and        peoples, our contacts with            Aside from its political as­    tion. In a real вепвеГ then,        tion but also about the many         pact on the need for growing  nam. The question is how tal!                         in the nature of a full circuit
estimated by buyers who pur­      them, our knowledge and ap­        pects, as denoted by such          there is nothing new in any         non-Russian nations and peo­         interdependency among na­     a price will we be caused to                             At our Institute on Compa­
chase from the more bearish       preciative understanding of        terms as "mutual accomod­          of this except the dynamic,         ples who constitute actually          tions and in the primary in­ pay as Moscow, our chiel                              rative, Political and Economio
among us. The relatively re­      them, and our harmonious           ation," "detente," "coexi­         pragmatic push for negotia­         close to 50% of the USSR              terests of our own national  adversary, bolsters its sag                           Systems in Georgetown Uni­
cent development of multina­      relations with them. This is       stence" and others In the          tions on these and less im­         population, but really more.         security. The multinational   ging economy at little cost U                         versity it has been a reward­
tional corporations is In it­     prerequisite to all else if the    President's recent state of the    portant matters, challenging        Lithuanians, U k r a i n i a n s ,   states of the Soviet Union andits continued military build                          ing experience to maintain in
self a tangible and material      bonds and cement of prolific       world message to Congress,         Moscow, and to some extent          Georgians, Azerbaijani, Tur-          Red China have for too long  up, which today is the largest                        part-summer residence selec­
gurantor against any myopic       interpendence are to be dur­       it is generally agreed that        Peiping, to prove by action         kestani and others would              remained as closed societies,in the world, and to all sort*                        ted students from this uni-
resurgence of outdated iao-       able, la the process of our        what has been defined as "a        where their words are.              make up your new vocabu­             and we have really nothing to of intrigues and entangle                                  (Continued on p. 4)
           No. 157.                                                                   SVOBODA, THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY. SATURDAY. AUGUST 25. Ш З .

          "Rushnychok" - A New Musical Happening                                                      St. Joseph's Parish in Chicago                                      Studies Nursing               Anya Dydyk               Receives Rutgers if*
        KERHONKSON, N.Y. (sz)                                                                                     Starts Annual Festival                                                                   "Theater              ot The Year"   Award
    — "We're going to have г                                                                             CHICAGO, П1. — The an­ music, good food and enter-                                                     JERSEY CITY. N J.—Anya
    lot of young people at Soyu-                                                                     nual festival, staged by St. tainment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dydyk, whose face is familiar
    zivka this weekend, so I goi                                                                     Joseph's Ukrainian Catholic                                                                             to thousands of Soyuzivka
    the Rushnychok band from                                                                                                                The second weekend will be
                                                                                                     parish on the northwest side the parish observance of its                                               goers, is the recipient of the
    Montreal,'' Walter Kwas wae                                                                     J here, started yesterday and 17th . anniversary — "Our                                                  University's "Theater of the
    saying last year on the eve                                                                      will continue through the La­ Super-Seventeenth' Anniver­                                               Year" award for directing.
    of this young group's first                                                                      bor Day weekend.                                                                                        The award is the result of a
    appearance at the populai                                                                                                            sary" as one of the members
                                                                                                         Carnival spokesman Walter of the younger set in the                                                 senior project in which one
    UNA resort here.                                                                                                                                                                                         set of graduating seniors
        His •prediction borne ou                                                                     Bardygula announced that the parish put it. On that Sunday,
                                                                                                     11 eventful days will again         September 2, the pastor. Rev.                                       wrote an original play and a
    beyond;-expectations, the re                                                                                                                                                                             different group of seniors di­
    eort's manager was compel                                                                        have a genuine ethnic flavot* Joseph Shary, will celebrate
                                                                                                     with such evenings as: Slovak a Solemn Divine Liturgy of                                                rected. Miss Dydyk was as­
    led to-rephrase slightly befor                                                                                                                                                                           signed a play entitled "D.J.",
    "Rushnychok's" second ap                                                                         Night, Irish Night, Chinese Thanksgiving at 12 noon with
                                                                                                     Night, Italian Night, Swedish the 60-member mixed choir of                                              and had to direct the actors,
    pearance last season: "Rush                                                                                                                                                                              and design the stage, costu­
    nychok is going to play thi                                                                      Night, German Night, Me­ the parish under the direc­
                                                                                                     xican Fiesta, and Americana tion of Mr. Pozniak, singing                                                mes and lighting. Her acting-
    Saturday,' so we expect a lo   .lie Men That Make it Happen: Left to right, Goorge Sztyk, Galore. A full weekend will be the responses. An anniver­                                                      ability in college also gaineo
    of young people."                                                                                                                                                                                        for her membership to tht
                                    "ugene Osidacz, Stepan Andrusiak and Andrij Haraaymowycs. dedicated as U k r a i n i a n sary dinner will be served in
        The latter was still tru                                                                                                                                                                             Alpha Psi Omega National
    this year, when the four sing  'We carry about $15.000           "We already have five com­ Weekend. There will be good the Church hall immediately
                                  vorth of equipment—instru- positions of our own and we food, nightly entertainment afterwards. The public is in­                                Rose M. Mondrick           Honorary Dramatics Fra­
    ing musicians were comin-                                                                                                                                                                                ternity.
    down for the first of thei     nents, loudspeakers, ampli­ are working on a few more and wholesome family fun*. . vited.
    five appearances this seaeo;   fiers, as well as costumes— that we would like to include                                               -Over- both—weekends, the          ROME, N.Y. — Rose M.               Miss Dydyk, 22, was born
                                   /hich fits much better in a in our record," says Andrij               During the first weekend,
    at Soyu2ivka. But now it't
                                   JUS than car truncks."                                             designated as " U k r a i n i a n inimitable folk dancing of Mondrick, daughter of Mr. in Jersey City, where she still
    shnpy said "the place is goin-                                   "Rushnychok's" repertoire                                         i^the "New Kalyna" Ukrainian and Mrs. Alex Mondrick of lives with her parents. She
    to be packed because Rush          Of course, the bus also is almost wholly Ukrainian Weekend," the festival com­ Dancers under the direction Lee Center, N.Y., will begin attended Ss. Peter and Paul
                                   irings down George's wife, and includes old-time favori­           mittee has prepared а гаозЬ
    nychok is playing tonight.'                                                                                                          of Mrs. Vera Korchinski, Mrs: her studies in nursing next Ukrainian Catholic school and
                                    ince h2 is one of the two tes as well as contemporary unsual program,                                Nancy Barton and Mrs. Ola September after she was ac­ is also a communicant of that
        This will be the cas? pve  narried members of "Ruah- tunes, all of them in modern                "Ukrainian Day," chairman Dworianyn will delight the cepted to the School of Nurs­ parish. After graduating from
    the Labor Day weekend ani      vychok." He is the fathsr of arrangement.                          Julian Pozniak said that people present.
    again September. 15. durin                                                                                                                                            ing at Marcy State Hospital. grammar school she attended
                                   !-year-old PetruB, and the        Playing occasionally at Father Sylvester Kollar was                    For the children and young        Rose, who graduated from St. Dominic Academy for
    the annual Miss Soyuzivk.       ouple are expecting an ad- non-Ukrainian affaire—night­ selected to recaive the "Ukra­ at heart there'll be 9 big ri­
    pageant, when "Rushnychok1     lition to the family soon.                                                                                                             Rome Free Academy last girls, where she was a mem­
                                                                  clubs, dances, weddings — inian Man of th3 Year" award. des, including some brand                                                           ber of the Forensic League
    will provide the music fo                                                                                                                                             June, is a member of UNA and the National Honor So
    dancing here.                      A junior executive with they play and sing what they The presentation wiil be made new thrillers.
                                   Shell Oil who still studies know best, and that is Ukra­ on Sunday, Auguet 26, at the                    The Festival finale will Branch 121 here.                         ciety. With the League she
        Hardly known to anyone     nanagement, George is tb/* inian pieces.                           family-style dinner which will come on Labor Day which                                                  traveled to Washington D.C
    beyond the immediate envi      ogical choice for handling all    "Nobody seems to mind," be held in the Church Hall. last year was proclaimed by                                                          for a speech.and drama con­
    rons of Montreal a few year    > "Rushnychok's" finances. says Eugene. "On the contr­ The dinner will follow the Di­ the Governor as "I Am An
                                     f                                                                                                                                                 SORRY!                 test representing New Jersey
    back, "Rushnychok" is no\     V self-sustaining group now, ary, they love it."                    vine Liturgy which Father, American Day" at St. Joseph's                                               At the contest she won 2nc               Anya Dydyk
    one of the most popular mu      he young men admit that          There's no doubt that that Kollar will celebrate at the parish. The afternoon will                       Due to an error, last week's place nationally for her act
    sical aggregations on the U     hey could not make a living is the case with Soyuzixka beautiful outdoor Grotto ot begin with a novel "Parade article "Summer Camps — A ing of all the major roles n career. Miss Dydyk usually
    krainian scene. Consequently    rom just singing and play- goers, young and old alike. Our Lady of Hoshiv at 12 } on Wheels," a contest for Home Away From Home For the "Miracle Worker". Sb starred in "ingenue" roles, but
    they are in high demand both   ng, though they love it and And if you see some of them noon. Bishop Jaroslav Gabro children up to 12 years of age Youths," omitted the names also participated in an oral she prefers doing character
    in Canada and the Unite*      iope that one day they may. just sitting, watching and is expected to attend. Ukra­ who are to decorate and to of two girl counselors from interprettion contest in Chi­ roles.
    States, witness five nights a'                                                                                                     L
    Soyuzivka alone this summer        The burden of musical di* listening rather than dancing, inian radio personality and push, pull or drive anything the girls' "Echoes of Our An­ cago, 111., reciting Paul Si­                            "Character roles are more
    The group's Fall scheduk       •ection falls on Andrij Hara-  it's because they are enthral­ broadcaster, Mr. Roman Dub- on wheels from the First cestors" camp at the Plast mon's "Sounds of Silence."                                  creative and interpretive,"
    calls for appearances in To   ^ymowycz, 26, the lead singer led by the sound that ema­ lanycia, co-chairman of the. State Bank of Chicago park site in East Chatham, N.Y.                                    While in school she was a said Miss Dydyk.
    ronto, Buffalo, Windsor, Ot   ind guitarist in the quartet. nates from the loudspeakers. "Ukrainian Weekend," said ing lot at Cumberland and                              The girls are: Rocksolana member of SUMA, TUSM                    Four years ago, Miss Dy­
    tawa, Detroit. St. Catherines '-Ie is about to complete his "Rushnychok," you see, is the entire weekend will be fil­ Lawrence Avenues to the Fe­ Mycfo, 21, Newark, N J . ; and and the student hromadas at dyk began working at Soyu­
    not to mention Montreal anc   studies at Montreal's McGill not only music for dancing. led with all kinds of Ukra­ stival grounds at St. Joseph's. Roxolana Bojko, 21, Phila­ Rutgers and Newark.                                        zivka's children camp as head
    its vicinity.                 University and looks forward It's a happening.                      inian songs and dances, choral Ргігез will be swarded.              delphia, Pa.                           After grduating from the counselor and emcee at the
                                  to a career in education.                                                                                                                                                   School of Ukrainian Subjects Wednesday         night   talent
        "Of course, Soyuzivka ha:
    helped us tremendously," sayi      Eugene Oeidacz, tenor and                                                                                                                                              she taught the younger stu­ shows. Two years later she
    Stepan Andrusiak, at 23 th<   accordionist, works for Bell                   ARE AMERICANS REALLY INDIFFERENT                                                                                             dents there for two years.     shared the emcee spot with
                                  Telephone. He already has a                                                                                                                                                    She entered Rutgers Uni­ Wolodymyr Hentisz, and this
    youngest member of the quar­
    tet, who, is credited by the  Bachelor's degree in political                                                                               TO UKRAINIAN LIBERATION                                        versity in the fall of 1969 as year Miss Dydyk is emceeing
    other three for actually      science and is working to­                                                                (Continued from p. 2)                                                             a geology and archeology ma­ all the Saturday night con­
                                  wards a master's in market­ lington, Va.: "Please send me exist in the intellectual com­
    starting the group a few
                                  ing. He shares with Stepan, a further information on the                                                1973 issue of The N.Y. Times, nor should they have died in jor, but her involvement in certs by herself.
    years back. "It's general                                                                         munity of Ukraine, and, in­ icindly send me additional in- vain... My grandparents on dramatics led her to change                         This fall, Miss Dydyk plans
    knowledge that when ,ypt      graduate student at Ottawa's Ukrainian Congress Com­
                                  Carlton University, the band't                                      deed, in many other parts of formation about your Com- both sides of my family suf­ her major to drama and thea­ to do graduate work in dra­
    make it at Soyuzivka, you've                                                                                                                                           fered under the Communists, ter arts education.                   matics at the University of
    arrived," says Stepan ,who    administrative chores as well mittee of America..."                 the world.        Unfortunately, mittee..."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 While in college, Miss Dy­ Arizona in Phoenix, where
                                  as publicity.                       Mrs. Daniel P. Mincavage, the agenda for the two lea­                  Mr. U.C.L. Henig, Paoli, so I too, have a stake in the
    plays the drums and arngE                                      Plymouth, Mich.: "We read ders' discussions seems to Pa.: "Your full page adverti- outcome of what I think could dyk starred in five of the six she and her parents are mo­
    bass.                      ' '     "Two years ago we only with interest your Open Let­ place heavy emphasis on short «ement in The N.Y. Times, become a long overdue cam­ plays that were produced. ving. For a career. Miss Dy­
        But with eclat comes bbli-had a few glossy photos," ter, published in The New term results of economic re­ June 17, 1973, impressed me paign to get justice for the She directed the last one. dyk has decided upon college
                                  says Stepan. "Now we have a York Times, June 17, 1973. lationship. Groups like yoursiivery much. Please send me Ukrainians, who have a hi­ She says that her most favo­ level teaching and directing
    gation. TJxey have to get, bet­
    ter, they must update and     few more shots for publicity Please send us more informa­ are vital in insisting on the further information as I am story of suffering under nu­ rite role was that of a hindu theater plays.
    broaden their repertoire,)theyand posters in different cos-r tion about the work of your basic rights of every indivb, Tvery much interested.                          merous tyrants for hundreds queen in "The Vision of Vas-              Miss Dydyk and her pa­
    must improve their equipment  tumee." Obviously in demand, Committee...."                                                                                                                                 sadatta," a pantomime set to rents, Dmytro and Maria Dy­
    and costumes, they look for   the posters were disappearing
                                                                                                       dual, recognizing hie worth           Мгз. Mary Englot, BayskJe, of years. There must be ah words.
                                                                      Miss Mary Kovalec, Brick and dignity. Freedom of ex­                                                 end to this now." -                                               dyk, are all members of UNA
    new sounds, new arrange­      from his hands as he was Town, N.J.: "I have read in pression without fear of re­ N.Y.: "I sympathize' with                                 Under the impact of what            During her college stage branch 170.
    ments, interpretations.       talking to us near Soyuzivka's the Sunday paper about the pression and incarceration                    your concern for Ukrainian
                                  Main House.                                                                                             intellectuals and pray that they read in the "Open Let­
        Kidded about their imall,                                  Ukrainians and their treat­ must be guaranteed to all. As the human rights of indivi­ ter," Constantine and Flo­
     poster-adorned     bus     that   "Our next goal is to put ment... If it is possible, could a Polish American, I am more duals will be respected rence Mazeppa. third-gene­                                       CALENDAR OF UNA EVENTS
     brings them down to Soyuziv­ out a record," said George, you send me any more infor­ than interested in preserving | throughout the world                             ration Americans of Ukrain­
     ka as & sign of class. Georgeaffirming that the men are mation you have concerning those national                                                                                                            Below is the. list of up­      — UNA's Philadelphia Di­
     Sztyk, the- 26-year-old guita­
                                  often asked by appreciative the Ukrainians..."
                                                                                                                            differences      Mr. Jerry Kress, Winnipeg: ian descent, visited the UCCA coming UNA events in .the strict will mark its own 35th
                                                                                                       that are absolutely essential rl just finished your "Open office and wanted all infor­ immediate future and in the anniversary and Svobodas
     rist and second tenor, prefers
                                  listeners about a "Rushny­
     the more pragmatic retort:   chok" 'disc.
                                                                      Miss Debbie Trent, Ocean, for the enrichment of huma­ better                   to the American mation on the UCCA and U- months ahead.' UNA'ers in 80th with a banquet Sunday,
                                                                   N.J.: "I am very interested nity. If national identities art People" in the June 17, 1973 kraine, which they were the respective areas are asked October 14.
                                                                   in becoming as active as I destroyed, the tragedy (a£ edition of The New York given. They were happy to to mark down these dates                                              — A.banquet sponsored t y
                                                                   can, seeing that I am only you well pointed out) will be Іїтеа. I am quite ignorant in "find their brothers," from and plan to participate in the the local committee, comme­
            THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE SOYUZIVKA                        sixteen years old, in helping the annihilation of culture. this area. I wish very much whom they were isolated.                             scheduled events.              morating the Svoboda Jubil e
                                                                   to further such a humane The loss would be immeasu to be educated. Please acne1                            Ronald L. Ziegler, Presi­           — For the third consecu­ will be held in Chicago, Ш.,
              SOYUZIVKA                                            cause. I can only express my rable. Thank you for saying me as much information ar dent Nixon's Press Secretary, tive year, New Jersey UNA'­ on October 7. The тпіл
                                                                   most genuine appreciation and many things that I and all,; you can muster in this area...' wrote the UCCA:
                                                                   concern for what you of the other Americans should be jri-                                                 "The President has asked
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ers will stage a UNA Day in speaker will be the UNA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Supreme Vice-Prrsident for
                                                                                                                                             Miss Carol Fedyk, U.S. me to thank you for your South Bound Brook. N.J.. on Canada Sen. Paul Yuzyk.
               x—                The             Ukrainian Committee arePresidentto and sisting on every day..."
                                                                   late to the
                                                                                      trying    re­
                                                                                                                                          Peace Corps Volunteer in letter of June 29. You were Sunday, September 9.
                                               National                                                   Miss Helen Guy, Radnor, South America: "I am a Peace                                                    — The traditional UNA          — The UNA District of
                                                                   the rest of the world... After                                                                           thoughtful to call his atten­ Day at Soyuzivka, highlighted Buffalo is planning a fall ban-
                                          Association              reading your page in The Pa.: "I am responding to th jXorp volunteer who by chance tion to the article which ap­ by the Miss Soyuzivka contest • quet observing the jubilee
                                                                                          I had tc full page in The N.Y. Times*, "happened to receive the issue peared in The
                          '                                        New
                                            RESORT write.York Times, I may be of of the 17th. It would be dif-] "of the Sunday N.Y. Times Times on June 17New well as will be held at the UNA re­ year of Svoboda. Detroit,
                                                                          I only hope                                                                                                           as
                                                                                                       ficult to read it and not want' in which your "Open Letter'                                             sort the weekend of Septem­ Cleveland. Baltimore, New
                                   In the CatsklH Mountains,       some service to those not                                                                               to the situation confronting ber 15-16.                            York, and Utica are making
                          l             near Kerhonkson, N.Y.      only in Ukraine, but to all in to help in some way. Pleast appeared. I am deeply dis Ukrainian intellectuals. I will                           — A banquet in honor of similar plans.
                                                                   Russia undergoing         perse­    let me know how best you- turbed by the actions of the
                                                                   cution..."                          think I could help to amelio- Soviet government regarding be sure to pass your request the Svoboda Jubilee will be                        — An evening program and
       Saturday, August 25, 8:30 p.m.                                                                  rate the situation that Ukra- the Ukrainian people. I am oi along to the proper office at held at the Ukrainian Nation­ dance, sponsored by the
         MARY LESAWYER, soprano New York City                         Mr. Stan Franczyk, City inian intellectuals                                               che White House."                  al Home in Hartford Sept­ Lehigh Valley UNA District
                                                                   Council, Buffalo, N.Y.: "I am find themselves in..."                   Ukrainian ethnic origin anc         A staff secretary of Dr. ember 30.
         Opera Company; piano accompaniment, Darla                                                                                   \ regret that I do not possess                                                                           Committee, will highlight the
         Karanowycz.                                               very much interested in any                                                                             Henry A. Kissinger of the              — St. Basil Branch 364 in Svoboda Jubilee observance at
         NATALKA LAZIRKO, ballerina                                information that you can give          Miss Deall Moore, Metta- more knowledge of this heri­ National Security Council, Cleveland, O.. is marking its the St. Francis Hall, 4th and
          DANCING to the tunes of "Soyuzivka" orchestra.           me concerning        your orga­ poisett, Mass.: "I read your tage. Living in foreign coun­ wrote:                                            30th anniversary with a ju­ Liberty Sts., Allentown, Pa.,
                                                                   nization. A listing of publi­ article, which was very in- tries makes one aware of the                      "Mr. Kissinger has asked bilee banquet Sunday, Sept­ Saturday. October 6, 1C73.
       Sunday, August 26                                           cations and/or periodicals teresting... I would like furt-' need for nationalism as a man­ ne to thank you for calling ember 23, at St. Josaphat's
         Ceramic display, of the works                             which you are affiliated with her information on the Rus* ifestation of cultural unity lis attention to the reprint High School in Parma, O. The                                  Stepan Hawrysz,
         by SIAVA GERULAK.                                         would also be appreciated..." sification of Ukraine and It is indeed a tragedy tha mclosed in your letter of festivities are scheduled to Co-ordinator of UNA events
          Literary evening spotlighting Mykofa Ponedflok's            Miss Frances Jagiello, Gar­ other Russian polices. I am a national differences are beint June 22, which has been care­ get underway at 2:00 p.m.
          new book "Save My Soul"; also appearing — Ivan           field, N J . : "I would like to youth who will be traveling minimized in the USSR.                       fully noted..."
         "Шег? Kernytaky.                                          commend your courageous abroad this summer to Rus-                        "I would appreciate any in-       Almost the entire Ukra­
                                                                   and forthright Letter to the sia, and who^ would like to formation you have at your inian press in the free world
       Saturday, September 1, 8:30 p.ra.                           American People in the New know more about what she disposal to send me regarding carried the "Open Letter"
          ANNA CHORNOOOLSKA, soprano, Montreal,                    York Times, Sunday, June 17, will see..."                              this and any other issues re­ either in part or in toto.                                               Ukrainian Flag
          Que.; piano accompaniment, Prof. !hor Sonevytsky.        1973. As a private сЩгеп and           Mrs. Joan DeMartino, Mi- garding Ukraine..."                         All of these people received
          DANCING to .the music of "Rushnychok" and "So­           as a member of the academic neola, N.Y.: "I read youn 'i Lydia Koval. Queens. N.Y. г special letter from the                                                                        Decals
         yuzivka" bands.                                           community (I am a graduate Open Letter to the American, " I am writing in reference t< UCCA Executive Committee,                                                           4" by 6" In Woe ami jrold
       Sunday, September 2, 8:30 p-ttt.                            student of Rutgers Univer­ People... I pray that this meet- your full page Open Letter І! us well as a number of                                                           with nciradheslve backing.
                                                                   sity, Department, English Li­ ing with the Soviet leader .the Sunday New York Times -»mphlet8, memoranda deal-                                                             For car or home. $1.50 each
          SOYUZIVKA ensemble performing a surprize                 terature). I add my whole­ will accomplish something It is high time that the reed- Jig with the present plight of                                                         include* postage and hand­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ling. Send cash, check or
         revue.                                                    hearted support to your re­ positive. You may send me^ing public be made aware of :he Ukrainian people, and                                                                           MX), to
          Recitation by OKSANA SENYK                               quest of' President Nixon to further information..."                   the wanton killing of 7.000,00(   "epiee of The Ukrainian
          DANCING to the mus.c of "Rushnycholr" and                make it known that we abhor            Mr. Michael Sawczuk, New Ukrainians by the Stalinist Quarterly. Several have al­                                  TRIDENT ADVERTISING
          "Soyuzivka" bands.                                       the repression and percecu- York, N.Y.: "In reference to Regime in the USSR These ready sent in their subscrip-                                 22 FAIRVIEW AVENUE              CLOSTER.N.J. 07624
                                                                   tion that does continue to your article in the June 17, people should not be forgotten dona to the UCCA review.

               Ukrainian Village                          UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION DAY PROGRAM
                                                                                             Folk Dancing
                   Bound Brook
          Cedar Grove Road No. 3
                                                                    IN NEW JERSEY            Musical Concert
                                                                                             Soccer Game                               •лЛ

                                        -                                                                Sunday, September ». 1973, 1 00 P.M.                                                                                                 Dancing
                  Somerset, NJ.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Children's Games
                                                                                                                  BAFFLE PRIZES AND PRIZES FOR CHILDREN

                                                                                                                                                                                                   -                              . .^^»г..
     і    -                                                                             SVOBODA, TOR UKRAINIAN                   WEEKLY,          SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1973.                                                                                                 No. 167.

D r . Mioloirinskij is  Awarded     Bohdan                                                  Turczak Dies                                                                                 1,500 TAKE PART Ш UNA FESTIVAL
      School Psychology     Diploma                                                             I » Plant                     Explosion                                                                    (Continued from p. 1)
   N E W BRUNSWICK, N.J. for their services has given a                LODI, N J . — Bohdan Tur-               Mr. Turczak, a former of­
— Dr. Ivan Holowinaky. of particular urgency to th                  czak, 52, of Irvington, VN.J.,          ficer in the Ukrainian. Insur­    Throughout the day Ukra­                  ditors; and Anna Haras and
Rutgere     University,   New question of quality control in        was one of the two workers              gent Army, is survived by his inian artifacts were being                    Stepan Hawrysz, Advisors.
Brunswick, N.J. baa been the profession. State certifi­             found dead after an early               wife Luba, and two sons, sold at a booth located inside                     Also attending the festival
awarded a Diploma in School cation and licensure programs           morning explosion rocked the            Lubomyr, and Oleh.             the concert hall.                            were Anthony Dragan, Edi­
Psychology, by the American set minimum standards for               Washine Diviaion of the Mal-                                             The concert portion of t h :               tor-in-Chief of "Svoboda";
Board of Professional Psy­ the practice of psychology.              linckrodt Chemical factory                                             festival, including appearan­                Zenon Snylyk. Editor of the
chology, Inc. (ABPP). The        The American Board of              here on Tuesday, August 14.                                            ces of wellknown Ukrainian                   "Ukrainian    Weekly";   and
                                                                                                                 TENNIS PLAYERS
diploma will be conferred Professional Psychology, how­                The explosion occurred at                                           artists and performing en­                   Ihor Dlaboha, editorial staff
                                                                                                                   TO BE ADVISED                                                        member of "Svoboda"; and
upon Dr. Holowinsky during ever, was        established   to        7:50 a.m., and firemen on the                                          sembles, choruses, and per­
                                                                                                                  ON MATCH TIME                                                         rows of UNA activists, among
the annual ABPP Convoca­ identify practitioners cf ad­              scene determined that it took                                          sonalities followed the ser­
tion which will be held in vanced competence. ABPP                  place in a reactor. This reac­                                         vices.                                       such noted UNA'ers as Atty.
                                                                                                               N E W Y O R K , N.Y. —                                                   John Flis, of New York, Wil­
Montreal, Quebec, on Wednes­ Diplomas, therefore, cortify           tor, as one worker said, is si­         Players who have registered                                                 liam Hussar, of Rochester,
day, August 29, 1973.          that the diplomate has been          milar to a pressure cooker              for the USCAK tennis cham­                        . ~г"                     Michael Hentosh, of Mahonoy
   The shortage of profession­ judged by his peers to have          and it "cooks" the4 chemicals.          pionships, to be held at Soyu­                                              City, and others.
ally trained psychologists at attained an advanced level of         Damages are estimated to be
a time of increasing demand I competence in his profession.                                                 zivka over the Labor Day
                                                                    over one million dolars.                weekend, Friday August 31                                                     Also present at the fete
                                                                      In addition to the two                through Monday, September                                                  were local political leaders of
                                                                    deaths, seven workers were              3, 1973, will be notified two                                              Ukrainian ancestry, Ruasel
                Graduates West Point                                injured, five of whom are on            days in advance of the day,                                                Kowalyshyn, member of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Lesia Ukrainka Bandurist Ensemble from the Ukrainian
                                                                    the critical list at" a local           time and place of their first                                              State legislature; and William
   JERSEY CITY, N.J. —                                                                                                                                                                                                          Orthodox Center In South Bound Brook, NJT.
                                                                    hospital.'                              match, said tournamentTa*!^                                                C. Rybak, former State re­
Eugene Iwanyk, of North
                                                                                                            rector George B. Kupchyneky.                                               presentative.
Bergen, N.J.. has graduated                                           One worker's body was
from the United States Mili­                                        found the day after the ex­                The announcement        was                                                A special greeting was de­
tary Academy at West Point                                          plosion and the second was              made in rectifying an earlier                                              livered by John Odezynsky,
with distinction, receiving a                                       found the following Saturday.                                                                                      contained In a message from
                                                                                                            error in the Svoboda and
B.S. degree and a second lieu­                                      After an autopsy earlier this                                                                                      Wolodymyr Bilajiw, head of
                                                                                                            Weakly announcements which
tenant commission in the-U.S.                                       weak, identification was made                                                                                      the U.S. Representation of
                                                                                                            said that "all players will
Army Corps of Engineers.                                            possible.                                                                                                          the Ukrainian National Rada's
                                                                                                            assemble at the Veselka Pa­
   While at West" Point, Eu­                                                                                                                                                           Executive Committe. A tele­
                                                                      Requiem services for Mr               vilion Friday, noon, August                                                gram from U.S. Senator from
gene was active in extra­                                           Turczak were held Friday,               31."                                                                       Pennsylvania,     Richard     S.
curricular activites: he was a                                      August 24, at the Lytwyn and               Now that registration has                                               Shweiker, was also received
member of the Fine Arts Fo­                                         Lytwyn funeral home in Ir-              been closed (August 20 was                                                 by the Festival CommitU*.
rum, the Russain Club, cross­                                       vington, N.J. Funeral services          the deadline), the tournament
country, track and lacrosse                                                                                                                                                               Entertaining     the    large
                                                                    will be held today from St.             committee will make up the                                                 crowd was first tbs "Lesia
teams.                                                              John's Ukrainian      Catholic          draw in each of the 12 groups Senator Paul Yuzyk of Ca­
   Eugene is spending this                                                                                                                                                             Ukrainka" female bandurist
                                                                    Church to the Ukrainian Or­             and inform all players two nada delivering the main ad-                    ensemble of the Ukrainian
summer at the home or" his                                          thodox Cemetery in South                days In advance of the time diem at the UNA Day Festi-
parents, and ih the fall he                                                                                                                                                            Orthodox Center in South
                                                                    Bound Brook, wh?re the re­              and place of their first mat-                                              Bound Brook, N.J., whose
will continue hie education                                         mains will be laid to rest.                                                                                        mentor for the past few
towards a Master's degree in                                                                   Л Ц1   J =
                                                                                                                                                                •   *   *

                                    2nd Lieut, Eugene Iwanyk                                                                                          Opening the concert and          years has been Prof. Roman
engineering at a university in
Washington, D.C.                   younger days, he was a mem­      U n c e r t a i n t y B r e e d s Opportunity.                                welcoming the guests and per­        Lewycky, himself an adept
   Eugene is a graduate of         ber of the "Surma" "brass                            (Concluded          from p. 2)                            formers wrts Stepan Hawryar,
Ss. Peter and Paul Ukrainian       band here.                       versity. What they have been            cause continuity of a filial na%      JJNA Supreme Advisor and                The 20-member Ukrainian
Catholic School here, and also       The parents of Eugene are      exposed to is partially what            ture made this possible, I            assistant to the h°ad of             dancing ensemble of the U-
St. Peter's Academy. While         parishoners of Ss. Peter and     I have endeavored to convey             warmly congratulate          also     tJFNA's Organizing Depart­           krainian Catholic parish ol
in high school, Eugene won         Paul    Ukrainian    Catholic    today, with obvious stress on           your parents for their basic          ment. Mr. Hawrysz then in­           McAdoo, Pa., under the di­
                                   Church here, and also are        comparative systems and the             contributions to this achle-»         troduced         Mary Lesawy :r.     rection of Nicholas Boyehuk
many trophies and medals in
                                                                    peoples they embrace. Edu­              vement. For they have ex*             who led the assemblvKi in the        entertained the       assembled
sports. Also      during    his    members of the UNA.
                                                                    cation by contrast, correcting          perirneed and know, as in­            sjnging of the American, Ca­         with a lively and vibrant dis­     Contest winners: Left to right, Alice Chaplynsky, 16, Allen-
                                                                    and appreciating our own by             deed you will, that uncertain*        nadian and Ukrainian nation­         play of Ukrainian folk dances
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          town, Pa,, second runner-up, Mlse Pennsylvania U N A Chris­
Soyuzivka Programs...                                               analyzing others? is t h e main         ty does breed opportunity,            al anthems.                             McAdoo's Catholic parish
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tine Slovlk. 16, McAdoo, Pa., Miss Soyuzivka 1972 Christine
                     (Оопііпшчі from p. 1)                          spirit of the institute. By             God Speed to you all.                     Anya Dydyk, who is known         also contributed to the pro­
                                                                    further exposing these stu­                                                   to thousands of Soyuzivka            gram an all-girl choir under       Towpasz, and first runner-up Irene Chaplynsky, 18, Allen-
cent publication of his latest     tertain Soynzivka's patrons.
                                                                    dents in internships in Con­                                                  goers as the talented and at­        the direction of Mrs. Julie Me-                               town.
book, "Save My Soul." with a       Accompanying Miss Chorno-                                                   SPECIAL RUBLE
                                   dolska at the piano will be      gress, executive agencies, and                                                tractive emcee at the Satur­         renda. Mr». Merenda has been
literary evening that will fea­                                                                             CERTIFICATES ARE THE                                                                                          "Soyuzivka" orchestra under      and Mrs. Adolph Slovik as
                                   Prof. Ihor Sonevytsky.           capital-based institutions, the                                               day evening concerts there,          directing    the     30-member
ture readings and satire.                                                                                    BEST GIFT TO USSR
                                                                    criteria that it is not only                                                  took over the program and            choir1 for some seven years        the direction of Walter Do-      Miss Pennylvania UNA.
Helping Mr. Ponediiok cele­           A graduate of McGill Uni­                                                                               4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          buschak, with Oksana Bor-
                                                                    what you gain in knowledge                                                    moved it through each, suc­          now. The entire parish en­                                             Miss Slovik, 16, whose
brate the publication of the       versity, Miss Chornodolska                                                  We have been informed by
                                                                    but more so how to use it and           Intertrade Express Coq>., 126         cessive number.                      semble has been organized by       bycz and Peter Galadza as        grandfather, Dmytro Kapitu-
book will he his fri nd and        won many awards for hii
                                                                    that a substantial difference           East ZSrd Street, New York.               The principal speaker was        its pastor, FT. Bohdan Lewyc­      vocalists.                       la, was a' one-time UNA Pre­
popular ^Svoboda feuilletonist.    singing, among them the Mon­                                             N.Y. 10010, which firm Is speT
                                                                    exists between knowledge and                                                  Sfenator Paul Yuzyk, UNA             ky.                                   Expressing his apprecia­      sident, was crowned by Chris­
Ivan Kemytsky (Deer).              treal Symphony Orchestra':                                               ciallzed with 24 years ex­
                                                                    wisdom are also underscored.                                                  Vice-President for Canada.              Mary Lesawyer, soprano,         tion on behalf of the Festival   tine Towpash, this year's
   The large crowds of Soyu­       competition award in 19S£                                                perience in gifts to your re­
                                                                    The Charles Edison Memorial             latives and friends In USSR           The Senator, who spoke in U-         gave a vocal rendition of          Committee to the performers,     Miss Soyuzivka. Miss Slovik
zivka goers that are expected      and 1971. She made her debut
                                                                    Youth Fund, which supports              that Special Ruble Certificate*       krainian and in English, re­         three pieces. Accompanying         to Miss Dydyk, and to the        will have the opportunity to
to flock to the UNA estate         in New York City's Carnegie                                              are the beet gift
                                                                    this institute, is .confident                                                 called the early stages of U-        Mrs. Lesawyer at the piano         guests for their participation   compete for the title of Miss
during the Labor Day week­         Recital Hall in January о                                                   With Special Kubl Certofl-
                                                                    that the supplementary role it                                                ftrainian settlement in the          was the well-known Ukrain­         In making the UNA Day Fes­       Soyuzivka at the UNA estate
end will have a host of acti­      1972 and was highly acclaimed                                            catee, and only with them, the
                                                                    plays in supporting your stu­                                                 United States and Canada,            ian stage personality, Wolo­       tival a success was Mr. Haw­     on Saturday, September 16.
vities at their disposal.          by the New York Times critic                                             recipients in USSR can get
                                                                    dents and others contributes'           anything they want through            and cited some of the major          dymyr Hentlsz.                     rysz, chairman of the com­          Selected as first runner-up
   In the course of the week­      Donald Henahan.
                                                                    tb the cultivation of young             the Foreign Valuta Stores of          achievements and contribu­              The second vocal solo, con­                                      in the contest w a s Irene
end, the 18th annual tennis           The following night.- th-                                             Vneahposyltorg at a fraction                                                                                  mittee.
                                                                     nen and women for construc­                                                  tions of Ukrainians to the           sisting of three songs, was                                         Chaplynsky, 18, of Allentown,
and swimming meets, sanc­          Soyuzivka ens mble will en       tive leadership in our Nation.          o£ the regular price — in fact»                                                                                  Preceeding Sun day'e festi­
                                                                                                            at one-fourth of the regular          development of their respec­         given by Metropolitan Opera                                         Pa., and her sister, Alice, 16,
tioned by the Association of       tertain the guests with a sur­   We are proud to have them.                                                                                                                            val a dance was held at the
                                                                                                            price or even less. Special Rub-      tive countries.                      bass-baritone Andrij Dobrtan­                                       was chosen as the second run­
Ukrainian Sports Club of           prise show. Also app arinr          To you graduates of, the                                                                                                                           same hall, attended by many
                                                                                                            le Certificate» can also be con-      ' P r e s e n t among the festival   sky, with piano accompani­                                          ner-up.
North     America (USCAK),         will be О^яяпа Senyk. recil       :973, and of course to your            verted into cash in regular                                                                                   local residents and arriving
will be held her-. Th? ccm-        ing several poems.                                                                                             goers and introduced by Miss         ment by Roman Stecura.                                                 The Sunday program over,
                                                                    spouses, I extend my heartiest          Rubles at the highest rate.                                                                                   UNA'ers. Providing the mu­
p tition in 12 tennis divisions       The dance that will follov                                               May we suggest that you            Dydyk were the following                The "Prometheus" chorus                                          many in the crowd ..still- Мщ
                                                                    jongratulations and best wis-                                                 UNA supreme officers: Pre­           of Philadelphia, under the di­     sic that evening was Rich Bo-    gered for some time on the
and 16 swimming           events   both evenings' performance       .іез for your most successful           contact Intertrade E x p r e s s                                                                              binsky's band from Union
will climax the year's sports      will be held at the "Vesjlka'                                            Corp.. 125 East 23rd Street,          sident J. L-rsawyer; Prof.           rection of Michael Dlaboha,                                         g r o u n d of the Park, meeting
                                                                    careers and happy lifetimes             Fifth Floor. New York. N.Y.           John Teluk, Sen. Yuzyk, and          which will be celebrating its      City, Conn.
activities. On Monday the          pavilion. Providing t h ; musi                                                                                                                                                                                          with friends from other cities
                                                                    according to the values your            lOvlO. Telephone: 882-1530 and        $Eary Dushnyck, Vice-Presi­          10th aniveraary lat r this
UNA. Svoboda.        Ukrainian     will he the popular "Rushny                                              ask for the Free Illustrated                                                                                     During the dance a panel      and engaging in friendly re­
                                                                    consciences dictate. And be-                                                  dents; Walter Sochan, Vice-          year, gave a dynamic perfor­
Weekly and Soyuzivka tro­          chok" band from Montreal                                                 Catalog.                  (Adv.)                                                                              of three judges, consisting of   miniscences. It was almost
phies will be award.d to win­      upstairs, and the "Soyuzivka'                                                                                  President        and    Recording    mance of four Ukrainian            Mary Yuzyk, wife of Senator      nightfall when a long line of
ners and runners-up in all                                               я.в а я я в ж т і                                                        Secretary; Ulana Diachuk,            songs.                             Paul Yuzyk, Mr. Dobriansky,      buses and cars started in
                                   orchestra, downstrairs.
                                      Master, of ceremonies foi                         АІАЗШГЖ                                      94.50
                                                                                                                                                  Treasurer; Dr. Bohdan Hna-
                                                                                                                                                  fliik and Iwan Wynnyk, Au-
                                                                                                                                                                                          Following the concert, the
                                                                                                                                                                                       guests were entertained by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and Mr.„Huasar elected Chris­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tine Slovik, daughter of Mr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           various directions — home­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ward bound.
   That evening. Anna Chor-        the'Saturday evening con              Ukraine: A Concise Encyclopaedia, Vol. І/11 -
nodolska, Ukrainian soprano        certs here this summer is             Revolutionary Voices. Ukrainian Political Prisoners
                                                                             Condemn Russian Colonialism. By Slava Stet-
from Montr-al. Que., will en­      Anya Dydyk.                               ako, M. A. Foreword by Ivan Matteo Lombardo 6.00
                                                                         lletman of Ukraine Ivan Мадери - by Clarence
                                                                              A. Manning *             -_ |             ,v , ' r
                                                                                                                           •         $2.00
          "DIPLOMACY OF DOUBLE                                           Ukraine Coder the Soviets — by Clarence A. Man­                                                           THE CARPATHIAN SKI CLUB OF NEW YORK
                                                                              ning              -_^ ««___         „             .     2.0U                                                                under the auspices of the
                                                                         Ivan Franko. Poems — b y Peroival Oundy                  u». 2.50
                MORALITY"                                                Muse in Prison — by Yar Slavytych s                            .60                                 ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINIAN SPORTS CLUBS IN NORTH AMERICA (USCAK)
   Europe's Crossroads in Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939                     Their Land. An Antnology of Ukrainian Short Sto­                                                                                         will hold
                                                                              ries — by Michael Luehkovich                            8.00
              by PETER G. STERCHO, Ph.D.                                 Spirit of Ukraine. Ukrainian Contributions to World                         THE                ANNUAL
         Prof, of Political Economy Drexel University.                       Culture — by O.' Snowyd            ,                       .60
                                                                         The Ukraine: A Submerged Nation — by WiSlan
   Contents, in Quest of Self-Determmation — Simple for
   Autonomy - Carpalho-Ukraine a Federated State — The
   Legal В;и<іч of Carpatho-Ukramlan Repubhc — Hungary
   Gather* Suport for Reccnqu<»st - The Vienna Arbitration
                                                                              Henry Chamberttn —
                                                                         Love Ukraine. Ukrainian Lyrics by V. Sosyura. E n ­
                                                                             glish Version by Yar Slavutych. Music by N .
                                                                                                                                      1.0<»                 TENNIS AND SWIMMING COMPETITION
   — Toward Annexation of Carptitho-Ukraine by Hungary
   — Carpitho-Ukraine          Victim of German-Hungarian
                                                                              Pomeako            ;       rr
                                                                         Shevchenko's Testament. Annotated Commentaries
                                                                                                                          —                                                                   at SOYUZIVKA
                           Aggression.                                        by John Pancimk ,             ц                         1.80
          Hard Cover       4DJ Pages — Price: $15.00.                    A Dragan: Ukrainian National Association. Its Past                          A u g u s t it і a n d S e p t e m b e r 1,2 a n d 3,1973     (Labor Day Weekend)
                                                                              and Present                                             1.20                                                                     SATUKL>AY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1973
                           SVOBODA                                       Texas Shevchenko Bard of Ukraine by O. Doro-                                        TENNIS TOURNAMENT
   81-83 Grand Street               Jersey City, N.J. 07303                  shenko                 -       .'_     -         , ,                         for individual СНАМРИЖ8НЕР8 of USCAK
                                                                         Ukrainian National Movement by Stephen Shumeyko                                                                                     SWIMMING СОМРЕЛТГКЖ.
                                                                         Dobrlaiu,ky L>: USA and the Soviet Myth                                                              and trophies of the                               for INDIVIDUAL and TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                                                         Dobrtansky L.;. ІЬв Vulnerable Russians                                                                                                                        UNA MEDALS & TROPHIES
                                                                         Manning CI.: Ukrainian Literatnre                 ,                          UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SOYUZIVKA.                                           in the following events: *J^
         REV NICHOLAS В FISANICK. PASTOR, AND                            Chornovll Vyacheslaw: The GbornovU Papers                                      SVOBODA THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY, and the
         MEMBERS OF THE FESTIVAL COMMITTEE                               A History of Ukraine — by W. Hruahevsky*                                                                                                    Boys (8-10) — 25 m. free-etyle
                 wirome everyone to the                                  Picture History of Eastern Europe by Ellsworth Ray­                             Sportemaiwhtp Trophy of Mr*. MARY DUSHNYCK                  Boys (11-12) — 25 m. free-etyle
                                                                              mond and John Stuart Martin                                                                                                            Juniors (13-14) — 50 m. free-style and 50 m. breast-stroke
                                                                                                                                                          Qualifications: This competition is open to any player
          Л \ \ Г А Ь AMERICAN                                           John P. Paulue: Historicity of Pushkin's "Poltava"
                                                                         The Ukrainians In America by Myron B. Kuropas                               whose club Is a member of USCAK.—Singles matchee are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Juniors (15-17) — 50 m. free-style
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           50 m. breast-stroke
         UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL                                              Marie Hahin Bloch: Aunt America                                             scheduled In the following divisions: Men, Women, Senior
                                                                                                                                                     Men (46 and 56), Junior (Boys and Girls).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           100 m. medley
                                                                             Drawing by. Joan Berg                                    4.00                                                                           Men — 100 m. free-style
             id Л а н і a co k<». P a .                                  Marie Halun Bloch: The Two Worlds of Daniyan                                     Juniors are persons aged 18 and under, while seniors                 100 m. breast-stroke                        . V
              OVER THE LABOR DAY WEEKEND                                      Illustrated by Robert Quackenbush                       8.93                                                                                      4 x'50 m. free-style relay
                                                                         Marie Halun Bloch: Marya of Clark Avenue                     4.50           are those over 45 years of age.                                            4 x 50 m. medley relay
               S<*pt<»inbor 1-а, 197.1                                   Marie Halun Bloch: Bern, Son of Mlkula
                                                                              Illustrated by Edward Kozak                      _      5.50
                                                                                                                                                          Registration for tennis matchee, including same, age,
                                                                                                                                                     division and the fee of $3.00 (juniors) and 96.00 (all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Girls (8-Ю) — 25 m. free-style
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Girls (11-12) — 25 m. free-style
                       sponsored by the                                  Marie Halun Bloch: Ivanko and the Dracon                                    others) should be sent to:                                      Juniors (13-14) — 50 m. free-style
              HOLY TRANSFIGURATION CHURCH,                                    An old Ukrainian Folk Tale                              4.95                                                                           Juniors (15-17) — 50 m. free-style and 50 m. breast-stroke
                 Hanover Section of Nanticoke                            Msrie Halun Bloch: Ukrainian Folk Tales                                          George M. Knpchynsky                                       Women — 50 m. free-style and 50 m. breast-stroke
                                                                              Illustrated by J. Hnisdovsky                            8.50                22 Calam Avenue                                                           4 x 25 m. free-style
   Sunday, September 2, at 10:30 a.m.                                    A Study ef Vasyi 8tefaayk by D. S. Struk, Univer­                                Oselnlng, N.Y. 10562                                           . Registration, Including name, club, agd, group and                 •
      Pontifical Fteld Liturgy before the Blessed Virgin Mary                sity of Toronto. Foreword by G. S. N. Lucky] 88.50                                                                                      event (except relays) should be sent not later than
        Grotto:                                                          A Little Touch of Drama by Valerian Pidmohylny.                                  Registrations should be sent not later than August         Wednesday, August 29. 1973 to:                     Г*І*5"А і
      Celebrant — Most Kev. Bishop BASIL LOSTEX.                             Translated from Ukrainian by George S. N. and                           20, 1973. No additional applications will be accepted before          Mr. J.D. Rubel,                                *&**
         S.T.L.D.D., Auxiliary Bishopf assisted by lue-il clergy:            Molra Luckyj. Introduction by George Shevelov,                          the competition, since the schedule of matchee will be                211-05 29th Ave.. Baystde, N.Y. 11860
      Responses — St. Nicholas Church Choir of Mlnersville.
                    -                                                        Columbia University                                      7.50           worked out ahead of time.                                             Tel.: (212) BA 4-2170
        Pa.. John Semeniuk, director:                                    George 8. N. Lucky: Modern Ukrainian Short Sto­                                                                                                   Late registration will be held on Saturday, Sep. 1,
      Open Air Concert* Sunday afternoon and evening.                        ries (Parallel Text Editton(             :               8.50                All players in men's division will assemble at 12 noon     1973, from 9:30 a.m. at Soyuzivka swimming pool.
      St. Mary*» Choral and Dim.- (iron» of McAdoo. Pa..                 Nicholas L. Fr. Chirovsky: A History of the Russian                         on Friday, August 31, at the Veselka Pavilion, for elimina­           Swimming meet will be held on Saturday, September
                                                                             Empire                   ',            1                15.00           tion rounds.                                                    1, beginning at 11:00 a.m. with finals in the afternoon
         Very Rev. Bohdan Levytaky, director.                            Diplomacy of DoeMe Morality — Europe's cross-*                                   Players in the men's division, eliminated tn Friday's      (same day).
      Six popular orchestras, continuous free entertainment.                 orads In Carpatho-Uknaine ИИ9-1939 by Peter                             preliminaries, can enter a consolation tourney, with finals           Registration fee $1.00 per person.
         Ukrainian foods, refreshments, many bazaar booths                   G. Stercho                                              15.00           scheduled for Monday.                                                 Swimmers may enter or participate in one .division
        and games.                                                       Ukraine and American Democracy by Luke Wyahuha                 .50                                                                          (one age group) only, except relays,
      Free admission — Free parkin*.                                     Please send remittance by check or money order (no                                              Reservations should be made Individually by the competitors by writing to:
      Best Ukrainian festival Hi Northeastern Pennsylvania.              cash) Including postage for 1 book 14* and 5% Tax for                                           Soyuzivka, Ukrainian National Ase'n Estate, Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12448; (914) 826-5841
   DIRECTIONS: Take Northeastern extension of the Penn­                                    New Jersey residents to:                                                         This Tennis Tournament and Swimming Meet is dedicated
   sylvania Turnpike on routes 40. SI Nanticoke exit 14 on               81-83 Grand Street                    Jersey City, N.J. 0 7 3 0 3
        route 81 proceed to Hanover section of Nanticoke.                                                                                                                               to the 50th Anniversary of the KLK
                                                                         • •« к дш-       ІМІІШДШІІВИМЯММИМІ

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