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					                          Twitter Marketing

It’s all about the soft-sell, nobody on twitter wants your product or service
pushed in their face.


       Authentic
       Informative
       Inspirational
       Educational
       Entertaining
       Funny
       Caring
       ENGAGING

Brand Your Profile:

       Keep your avatar consistent throughout your networks
       Use a picture of your face (highly recommended)
       Spell out your first and last name (this part is indexed by Google)
       Link to a page that builds your credibility - Tip: don’t use a URL shortner
       Be truthful, interesting and personal (random facts are good!)
       Write in first person
       Add phone number (the #1 conversion I experienced)
       Use Keywords related to your business in your Bio

The Art of 140 Characters

       Use @replies and retweet people
       Tweet “to” people not “at” people
       Tweet like a human
       Write retweetable tweets (keep it short, abbreviate words and use
       Put your own words in front of the RT
       Build on your personality - Tip: Quoting famous people is getting old
       Use #Hashtags to amplify meaning
           o example: It’s been an amazing week! #Happy
           o Watch @Baratunde’s video on Hashtagging
                           Twitter Marketing
The Auto DM or (requires you
to share your Twitter password)

       No sales pitch!
       Video: What you do and your contact info (web, email, phone number)
       Info: Where they can find you (blog or other social networks)
       Freebie: Give something away!

Share Stuff

       Links
       Videos (or
       Pictures
       Audio! (or or
       Files
       Music
       Prizes

Share a Lot of Stuff


Find Your Market


Twitter Lists

       Pre-define groups of people by niche (public or private)
       Naming a list
           o Use this sentence - I am a proud member of the “insert_name” List
           o Group your customers via complimenting list ex. “Awesome People”
                        Twitter Marketing
Promote your Twitter URL

      Email signatures
      Business Cards
      Comments on blog posts
      Other Social Networks
      Offline and print media
      Create a Twitter Badge for your Blog/Website

Utilize Twitter Directories and Search

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  2.               8.
  3.                       9.
  4.                      10.
  5.                      11.
  6.                     12. *
                      Twitter Marketing
Warning: Never give out your Twitter password, authentic Twitter
directories or apps will take you back to to a page like this

Using the “connections” tab under “settings” you can manage which
applications have access to your account
                       Twitter Marketing
Schedule Your Tweets


Speared Your Message


Manage Your Followers


Measure Your Success


Social Media Monitoring Software

   (SM2)

See the Social Media ROI Slideshare presentation by @thebrandbuilder

Watch @equalman video on Social Media ROI

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