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   1. Open the file saved in task A.
   2. Amend/Add existing table as mentioned below:
          a. After 3rd row, insert another three more rows.
          b. Split the fourth row into 2.
          c. Split the sixth row into 2.
   3. Insert the file name virus3.rft (downloaded support file) at the end of the table. Cut and paste it into the table
      as mentioned below:
          a. Fourth row, column-1 cut/paste "Worms".
          b. Fourth row, column-2 cut/paste "Trojan ho…".
          c. Fifth row, cut/paste "Worst comp…..Mellissa"
          d. Sixth row, column-1 cut/paste "ECHO…"
          e. Sixth row, column-2 cut/paste "Worst…..ILOVEYOU"
          f. All center aligned.
   4. Use shading colors as mentioned below:
          a. Row 1: Light gray.
          b. Row 2: column 1: Yellow, Row 2: column 2: Pink, Row 2: column 3: Red, Row 2: column 4:
              Lavender, Row 2: column 5: Light blue.
          c. Row 6, Column 1: Blue, Row 6, column 2: Red.
   5. Font color on row six is white.

The table should look as displayed below:

            10 worse computer viruses of all time.
  Virus origin      Email virus       Virus Evolution        Virus History        Virus attach

                     How can a windows virus end upon an iPod?

                   Worms                                          Trojan horse

                              Worst computer virus 10: Mellissa

                 ECHO Virus                           Worst computer virus: 9 ILOVEYOU

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