Festival of the Sea - Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Economic

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					     Festival of the Sea Bridges the Gap
          from an Island to an Island
• Festival of the Sea is an annual Ireland-
  Newfoundland and Labrador collaborative
  event, linking parts of southeast Ireland and
  the Southern Avalon region of Newfoundland
  and Labrador.
• The Festival alternates each year between
  Ireland and Newfoundland and Labrador
• To foster business and cultural exchange
  based on historic linkages through a series of
  formal and informal events and activities
  exploring: Historical Linkages, Community
  Development, Cultural Collaboration and
  Coastal Management
• To increase regional tourism traffic in the
  shoulder season
Dunhill Ballad Group
REDB Role:
• Collaboration between Avalon Gateway and
  Irish Loop boards in partnership with Irish
  Business Partnerships (IBP) and INTRD
• Involved in planning of first Festival and
  subsequent planning and growth strategies
• Festivals expanded to include community
  groups and volunteers
• 2009 Festival saw more than 70 Irish visitors
  to the Southern Avalon and St. John’s
• Generated occupancy of 55-60 hotel nights
  (55 visitors billeted in homes for most of stay)
• A net profit of over $12,000 was generated to
  community-based organizations, not
  including additional spending in restaurants,
  stores, gift shops, gas stations or local bars
• Groups netted upwards of $3000.00 because of
  the Festival’s involvement with their activity, with
  some seeing 300 visitors for a single event
• Irish guests spent approximately four additional
  nights in St. John’s: The resulting direct
  economic impact to the city, based on
  Destination St. John’s formulas, is estimated to
  be some $80,080.00
• It is estimated that the overall economic impact
  of this event is upwards of $200,000

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