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                Qualifications Profile
                 Highly creative and multitalented Graphic / Web Designer with extensive experience
                 in print and web production. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills;
                 dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities.
                 Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations; talented at building and
                 maintaining “win-win” partnerships. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative
                 marketing strategies and campaigns; accustomed to performing in deadline driven
                 environments with an emphasis on working within budget requirements. Creative
                 experience in the following:

                                 Print                             Web                               Film
                 • Designed books and              • Authored efficient validated    • Illustrated storyboards for
                   magazines cohesively              XHTML & CSS ahead of              project implementation
                   integrating character,            production timelines            • Modeled virtual animated
                   paragraph, and style sheets     • Implemented SEO practices         sets for film
                 • Produced packaging designs         for 1st page ranking in        • Accentuate photorealistic
                   to successfully redefine           Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing          texturing, lighting & rendering
                   market placement and identity   • Designed website UI and UE      • Created and rendered short
                 • Coordinated and redefined         from coordinated wireframe        promotional films
                    company brandings for            foundations                     • Delegated and supervised
                    increased market recognition   • Wrote code to develop             assignments for project
                 • Developed marketing               creative website rollover         animators and illustrators
                   materials POP/POS display,        & behavior actions
                   brochures, newsletters &
                   event flyers to enhance
                   business perception

                Technical Proficiencies
                 Adobe Illustrator           Adobe Flash           XHTML, DHTML
                 Adobe Photoshop             Adobe Fireworks       CSS
                 Adobe InDesign              Corel Draw            Autodesk 3D Studio Max
                 Adobe Dreamweaver           QuarkXPress           Macintosh Keynote
                 Adobe Acrobat               Microsoft Paint       Microsoft Office

                Design & Production
                 • Client Consultation       • 2D & 3D Design      • Digital Photography
                 • Conceptualization         • Identity Branding   • Image Editing
                 • Copywriting               • Packaging Design    • Traditional Illustration

                 • Digital Prepress          • Book Design         • Web Presence Development

                 • Adobe InDesign            • Web Project Management
                 • Adobe Illustrator         • Web Graphic Production
                 • Graphic Design            • HTML Web Content Developer

                 • Graphic Production

                 Santa Rosa Junior College                     2010
                 Graphic / Web Design Certification
                 California State University, Sonoma           2006
                 B.S., Kinesiology / Suma Cum Laude
                 Santa Rosa Junior College                     2003
                 Associate of Science Computer Science

                                                                           707.318.6165 • •
                                                                           2078 Red Oak Circle • Santa Rosa • California • 95403

                Prtofessional Experience
                  Vorzie Studios, Santa Rosa, California                                              2011-present
                  Senior Graphic/Web Designer
                  • Demonstrated experience managing multiple projects, priorities, and deadlines in a
                    fast-paced dead-line driven environment
                  • Responsible for design, site structure, and daily maintenance of global website
                    and many localized sites.
                  • Extensive web development experience involving UI/UX development, domain Wireframes,
                    and various Information Architectures
                  • Play a key role in the design and layout of numerous sites, corporate brandings, illustration,
                    and other projects
                  Mode GFX, Santa Rosa, California                                                    2010-2011
                  Senior Graphic/Web Designer
                  • Coordination and implementation of design principles and typography for marketing
                    distribution (website homepage, banners, landing graphics, email newsletters and
                    promotional materials)
                  • Integrate web and production strategies for stronger positioning within search
                    engines (SEO)
                  • Successfully consult and advise clients to develop concepts to coordinate identity
                    and realign market recognition for brand presence
                  • Establish project priorities, prepare production schedules, and coordinate budgeting
                    for business ventures to effectively reduce production timelines and expenses
                  • Efficiently maintain progress reports to reflect daily and weekly advancement
                    of projects
                  Sleepless Digital, Santa Rosa, California                                           2008-2010
                  Graphic/Web Specialist
                  • Efficiently established and developed websites utilizing XHTML, HTML, DHTML,
                    and CSS to enhance digital identity
                  • Refine corporate brandings to dynamically redefine commercial presence
                  • Strengthened web presence through SEO practices to establish 1st page ranking
                    within top search engines
                  • Coordinated design requirements to exceed client expectations
                  • Fulfilled assignments and project requirements ahead of timelines and within budget
                  • Collaborated with chief designer to strategize commercial presence for clientele
                  Educational Pursuits and Various Design Projects                                    1998-2008
                  Enteraction Entertainment, Pacific Palisades, California                            1997-1998
                  Creative Director
                  • Modeled and animated 3-D virtual computer environments for seamless integration
                    between live actors and digital sets
                  • Developed illustrative storyboards to establish a visual representation of narrative
                    storyline for product development
                  • Generated multiple design mock-ups for in-house testing and market acceptance
                  • Compiled short promotional trailers for independent film distribution
                  • Administered creative team delegating tasks to effectively coordinate the efforts of
                    illustrators, graphic designers, and digital animators
                  San Francisco Rock Review Magazine, San Francisco, California 1995-1997
                  • Provided editorial and operational leadership to facilitate effective brand presence
                  • Organized project assignment, editorial review, publishing and production schedule
                  • Managed staff and supervised daily operations for increased
                    productivity improvement
                  • Maintained communication with independent recording companies, artists,
                    authors, and photographers to track production
                  • Implemented policies relating to editorial guidelines and production time lines to
                    facilitate efficient,and accurate workflow
                  BPS Reprographic Services, San Francisco, California                                 1994-1995
                  Graphic Designer
                  • Translated client concepts into concrete design for newsletters, promotional
                    materials,packaging, and sales collateral
                  • Executed design processes to establish client design objectives

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