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Temperature Controller Troubleshooting Guide

Error Messages

My controller says:
??H (e.g. 23H) – Manual Power Mode (e.g. 23%)
You have entered a value greater than 3 into function 0.
To reset back to normal operation press P to enter program and the right digit will flash 0.The right digit is
the function number. Press * to get the left hand side to flash. The left digit is the option number. Push the
down button to set to 0. Press P to reset.

EE0 – Trying to Auto-tune with no set-point entered.
** Cancel Auto-tune. (Press the P button and the controller will say 1 or 2.0. The 0 will be flashing. Press the
* and the left hand side will flash. Press the down button until it says 0.0, and then press the P button). Now
set the set-point via the * and the up/down buttons, then retry auto-tune (function 0, option 1 or 2)

EE1 – Thermocouple Failure/Burnout/Problem

EE2 – RTD/PT100 Failure/Burnout Problem
Check the sensor for obvious damage to the sheath or cable. Check connections on input terminals are fixed.
Check terminal socket on controller may be loose. You could check for a signal with a multi-meter. If not try
another probe, or another controller to see where the fault stays (i.e. probe, controller or cabling?)

EE3 – Loop Break Alarm operation
Loop Break Alarm has triggered. This detects a control loop fault. The alarm relay may be configured to act
also. It will operate a LBA if the controller fails to receive the correct response to the output within a set time.
To reset latched message push the up/down buttons together, this will clear it.

EE5 – Auto-tune is outside of time limit.
Cancel Auto-tune. Retry with function 5 set to option 1 (smaller proportional band). If that doesn’t work, try the
other auto-tune option (either AT or PT). If no success contact CAL or attempt manual tuning.

EE6 – Auto-tune overshoot exceeds limit
Cancel Auto-tune (see ** EE0). Retry. Try both AT and PT. If no success, the application has unusual
characteristics requiring manual tuning. Attempt manual tuning.

EE7 – Unable to run Auto-tune. SP1 in ON/OFF mode
The controller is set to ON.OFF control not PID. Cancel Auto-tune (see ** EE0). Change function 4 from option
7 (on/off) to an actual cycle time (value).

EE8/EE9 – Calibration/ System data error.
You have a non-volatile memory error. One of the two types of controller memory has become corrupted.
Possible causes are: EMI, moisture or contamination. Turn off power and reapply a few times. If the problem
persists turn off power and reapply with P button pressed. Hold for another 5 seconds. If this doesn’t clear you
will need to return the unit for repair.
I cannot set a set-point beyond a certain value? Or I want to limit the maximum set-point my operators
can set?
Check function 24 (maximum configured range). On the left hand side you will see two – digits. Press the *
button and this will display your maximum range. You can then set your maximum range by holding the * and
pushing the up or the down buttons.

I cannot change any settings on the controller?
Security lock is removed or in the locked position. Turn the power off. Remove the button fascia, there are
three pins and a plastic link. The link should be on the middle and right pins to be unlocked. Replace button
fascia when the link is in unlocked position. You can then change settings. (You may wish to lock the settings
again afterwards)

The display shows 1888 at all times?
You may have a low voltage power supply. Check power supply.

The alarm is activated but will not clear?
Your hysteresis (function 11) may be too large. Or you may have a latch set (function 36). Check both, one
should help you solve the problem.

I cannot set any negative temperatures for cooling?
Function 17 needs to be set to option1 (negative temperature range enabled). Once programmed you should
be able to achieve negative temperatures
How do I get to the advanced functions?
Press P to enter program mode. Press the down button to go directly to function 13. Press and hold the *
button for 5 seconds to access advanced functions. (Entry point Function 38)

How do I change the controller from 2 wire to 3 wire RTD input? Or
I have a new controller that is set to 2 wire, but my old controller was set to 3 wire?
Carefully remove the 9900A board from the output module and case. Look on the bottom of the board.
Carefully cut the link at X and fit solder links to LK1 and LK2 using 22SWG wire. (you will need to use the manual,
diagram page 5, reference 15.1 to help you). Carefully replace output module and case and continue. (note: this
must be performed by a competent electrical engineer with the correct tools)

How do I change the controller to 115V or 240V Supply?
Carefully remove the 9900A board from the output module and case. Look on the bottom of the board. For
115V operation fit two links in positions 115 and 115. For 230V fit one link in position 230. (note: must be
performed by a competent electrical engineer and correct tools)

How do I reset the unit and start again?
Press the P button and the unit will say 0.0. Push the down button (0.13) and then push the up button twice
(0.15). Push the * button to get the 0 flashing. Pushes the up button once (1.15), then push the P button. The
unit is now reset back to configuration of the appropriate sensor input (0.16) and you can start to programme
again. (note: this will remove permanently, all pre configured setting. We recommend you note these down in case they
are needed for future reference)

** All wiring, control and electrical changes should be made by a competent and qualified engineer **

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