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									TMHS 2012-2013
•    Course Selections
•    4 x 4 Graduation Plans
•    AP & DC Courses
•    PSAT
•    End of Course Testing
•    Post Secondary Planning
•    SAT & ACT
•    Scholarships
•    Reminders
    Graduation Plans and Course Information are available online through
    the TISD website on Parent & Student Sections under 2012-2013 High
                      School Course Description Guide

Sample Course Selection Sheets are available online through the TMHS
                      Counseling Teacher Web
• Counselors are available daily during all lunches to
  visit with students, give them helpful information,
  answer questions, etc.

• Sheri Forsyth
   • A-G
• Emily Nichols
   • H-O
• Lashelle Nix
   • P-Z
• January 24-25, 2013 (Thursday/Friday)
• Students will meet with TMHS Counselors to select
  their courses for the 2013-2014 school year
• Please review this information with your student
• Course selection change deadline is MARCH 1,
• See TMHS Counseling Teacher Web for 2013-
  2014 Sample Course Selection sheets
• Available on-line through TISD website at
• Link available through Student and Parent
  sections from TISD homepage
• Helpful to learn about courses offered,
  prerequisites, and more information about
  graduation requirements/plans
•   4 English
•   4 Math
•   4 Science
•   4 Social Studies
•   1.5 PE or PE waiver
•   .5 Health
•   .5 Communication Apps (speech)
•   1 Fine Art
•   1 Technology
                        26 Required Credits for Graduation
      Recommended             Distinguished
• 2 Foreign Language   • 3 Foreign Language
• 3.5 Electives        • *Science (IPC elective
                         credit only)
    26 Total Credits   • 2.5 electives

                           26 Total Credits
                           4 Advanced Measures
• Both are for college bound students
• College credit can be earned with either plan

• Distinguished Advanced Measures earned by:
  • College credit with a grade of “B”
  • AP Exams with a score of “3” or higher
  • PSAT score (National Merit Scholar = 1 measure)
  • Original Research Project
• Regular
• Advanced Placement (AP)
• Dual Credit (DC) – 3 College hours per
  • Fall: 1301 ENGL / 1301 HIST
  • Spring: 1302 ENGL / 1302 HIST
        Option 1                    Option 2
1. Algebra                  1. Algebra
2. Geometry (Regular or     2. Geometry (Regular or
   PAP)                        PAP)
3. Math Models (allowed     3. Algebra II (Regular or
   if taken prior to           PAP)
   Algebra 2)               4. 4th Math
4. Algebra II (Regular or    1. Pre-Cal (Regular or PAP)
   PAP)                      2. College Algebra Dual
                             3. College Prep Math
•   Algebra
•   Geometry (Regular or PAP)
•   Algebra II (Regular or PAP)
•   Pre-Cal (Regular or PAP)
•   Additional Math Options:
    • Calculus I (AP or DC)
    • Calculus II (AP or DC)
    • Statistics (AP or DC)
• Biology (Regular or PAP)
• Chemistry (Regular or PAP)
• Physics (Regular or PAP)
• Lab Science (See Course Selection Sheet @
                Counseling Teacher Web)

  *If IPC was taken in 8th grade, it WILL count
  as an ELECTIVE under Distinguished
  Graduation Requirements.
• Recommended Plan
  •Two years of the same language
  • If not previously started, this is the year!
• Distinguished Plan
  •Three years of the same language

• College-bound to a competitive school
  • Additional years of a language is a plus!
• Career Prep (Work program)
  • Earns 3 elective credits
  • Required to work 15 hours per week
  • Allows juniors to leave campus 6th and/or 7th period to
  • Waives last ½ PE requirement if needed
• Instructional Practices in Education & Training
  • Field-based internship that provides students with
    background knowledge of child and adolescent
    development as well as principles of effective teaching
    and training practices.
  • Students will be transported by bus to other campuses to
    work with mentor teachers and students
• Clinical Rotation
  • Application Required
  • Course also requires fee (not to exceed $100). See Course
    Selection Guide for details.
  • Waives last ½ PE requirement if needed
• Practicum Certificate Programs
  • Application Required
  • Waives last ½ PE requirement if needed
  • Costs range from $200 to $400 for certifications
     •   CNA – Certified Nursing Assistance
     •   EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
     •   Pharmacy Tech
     •   Registered Dental Assistant (new!)
• Office Aide
  • Duty Assignments made by Assistant Principal
  • No State Credit awarded, local credit only
  • Does not figure into GPA calculation
  • Student must be in good standing with attendance
    and discipline
• Junior – 12 credits
• Senior – 18 credits
• Graduation – 26 credits (meeting
  state requirements)
• Repeat course during school year
• Summer School
• Grad Lab
• Night School
• Correspondence
• Credit By Exam

*Student should see counselor for more information
and if credit recovery is needed
• Parent review of courses selected is encouraged
• Changes must be in writing and turned in to
  appropriate counselors office
• Students wanting Dual Credit courses should
  attend DC meeting and get started on the Lone
  Star College exceptional admit process.
• Final schedule change requests due in writing
  on March 1, 2013
• Core classes are not allowed to be taken for
  original credit during the summer.
• Core course options only for students who have
  failed a core course and need to recover credit.
• Health, Speech, PE, and BIM are offered for
  original credit during the summer.
• Government and Economics are also offered for
  original credit, but must be taken the summer prior
  to the senior year. No advanced options, only level
  credit offered.
• Summer information will be announced late April.
• Both can give you college credit
  • Colleges can award a student credit based on AP exams
    given in May. The student must be enrolled in the college
    before requesting credit from the college.
  • Lone Star College awards credit on a transcript at the
    end of the semester the student is enrolled in the college
• Both give 15 quality points per semester toward
  high school GPA
     Course Selection Guide provides course descriptions and
• AP Courses are open enrollment
• Expectation is that all students take the AP Exam
  during the first two weeks of May. See
  www.collegeboard.com for specific test dates.
• College credit is based on AP exam scores. Scores
  range from 1-5. Most colleges require a 3 or
  higher. Check with college for required score.
• College credit is granted by most
  colleges/universities. Check with your university for
• Student dually enrolled in TMHS and Lone Star
• Courses taken on TMHS campus
• Tuition is reduced for dual credit students
• Grade and credit posted on both high school and
  college transcripts
• Credits generally accepted by Texas state colleges
  and universities. Check with college/university for
  credit transfer details.
• DC Courses Require
  • Lone Star College application and orientation
  • Qualifying placement scores
  • High School approval
  • College registration
  • Payment of college fees
• Mandatory student meeting (student must attend one)
  • January 30th, 3-3:30 pm in LGI
  • January 31st, 7:15 -7:45 in LGI
• College Registration Deadline will be on April 5, 2013
• Professes interest in subject selected
• Research what colleges are accepting and
  requiring, as well as degree requirements
• Research the expectations of each course
• Don’t overextend yourself!
 • Carefully considers time commitments and
   balances academic load with extracurricular
   activities, family life or outside commitments
• Is the student self motivated?
• Does the student persevere when faced with
  challenging material?
• Does the student plan and work ahead on long
  term projects?
• Talk to current subject teacher in courses
  considering AP/DC
Mrs. Forsyth will be giving a Dual
Credit presentation following this
meeting at 7:30 in the TMHS
• Students received individual score reports in
• Scores reported on scale of 20 to 80
• In 2012 average score for 10th graders was:
  • 43 in Critical Reading
  • 43 in Mathematics
  • 41 in Writing
• Selection Index (sum of 3 scores) included on score
  report used to determine eligibility in National Merit
  Scholarship Corporation programs (NMSC). Range is
  from 60 to 240. Average Selection Index for 11th
  grade is about 142. Only students in 11th grade are
  eligible for NMSC Scholarship programs
• Score reports include percentiles to allow comparison
  of your scores with others in same grade level who
  have taken PSAT
• See Score Report Plus for more information about
  your score report on www.collegeboard.org

• Practice is key! Make sure your student uses this years
  PSAT booklet to practice
• Next October’s PSAT is very important!
• April 3, 2013 – English 2 Writing
• April 4, 2013 – English 2 Reading
• May 7, 2013 – Algebra 1, Geometry,
                 and Algebra 2
• May 8, 2013 – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
• May 9, 2013 – World History
• College/University
• Community College
• Military
• Trade/Technical School
• Employment
• Certificate programs
• Explore your interests in choosing courses in
  your schedule
• Determine what type of degree/certification is
  needed for you post secondary plans
• Make a list of schools and the entrance
• Take Challenging Courses
• Make good grades
• Volunteer and keep records of hours
• Read, read, read! Enhance your
• Expand extracurricular activities/summer
  enrichment activities
• Discuss where you want to attend college
  with your parents, teachers, and counselor
• Parents/students together consider all
  costs and how to pay for college
• Look into scholarship options
  • You don’t have to wait until you’re a senior to
    begin looking for scholarships!
Take advantage of free on-line help!
• www.collegeboard.org
 • My College Quick Start with PSAT access
 • Question of the Day
• www.act.org
• www.collegeforalltexans.com
• Determine Interests and Aptitude through Kuder
  • See your counselor for access codes for testing on
• ASVAB Test (March 26 @ TMHS)
• Quick Start (collegeboard.com, access code
  with PSAT score results)
• Internet Research
• NACAC National College Fair (Tuesday, April
  11, 2013 @ Reliant Center)
• Visit colleges in person – check for school
  sponsored events or schedule a visit day
  (11th/12th grade students have 2 excused
  college visit days)
• Satellite Offices in Houston for UT, A&M, and
  Texas Tech
• College Night @ Lone Star College each fall
• Gather info from colleges who visit TMHS
  during lunches
•   College, careers, and major search section
•   Videos from experts and students
•   Paying for college section
•   Step by step plans to assist in college planning
•   Making school count section

Visit www.bigfuture.collegeboard.org
•   www.collegeboard.org
•   www.collegeforalltexans.com
•   www.petersons.com
•   www.princetonreview.com
•   www.findchristiancollege.org
•   www.technicalschools.org
•   www.tstc.edu (Texas State Technical College)
• Junior Rank is given in Fall and again in Spring (4
  semesters/5 semesters)
• PSAT in October (determines National Merit
  Finalists/Scholars from junior class)
• Counselors meet with juniors to discuss courses/college
  planning in the spring of the junior year
• EOC testing in the spring semester
• Recommend SAT and/or ACT test(s) during the
  winter/spring of the junior year. Look ahead to make
  sure there is enough time to retake an exam if needed
• Order from Mrs. Erwin in the Registrar’s
• $2 for official transcript
• $1 for unofficial transcript
• Please allow 2 to 3 days for processing
• Recommended to take in the winter or beginning
  of the spring semester of the junior year
• Writing component should be taken
• www.collegeboard.org for SAT
• www.actstudent.org for ACT
• Please review/practice for tests!
• Mock tests and SAT test prep courses will be
  offered through TISD
•   January 19, 2013 (This Saturday!)
•   Given at TMHS
•   $20 cost
•   Last chance to register during lunch tomorrow (Friday,
    January 18th)

More Mock SAT/ACT dates to come.
Announcements will be made for future dates as
• Yes!
• Many are essay based, check eligibility
• www.fastweb.com
• www.collegeboard.org
• www.collegeforalltexans.com
• www.scholarships.com
• Scholarships will frequently be posted to TMHS
  Teacher Web
• Summer assignments are student’s responsibility
  and listed on the TISD/TMHS website
• All course request changes are due in writing to
  appropriate counselor by Friday, March 1,
• If student taking DC courses next year,
  Mandatory meeting 1/30 or 1/31. Qualify
  early if taking DC courses. College registration
  deadline is April 5, 2013. Don’t procrastinate!
This presentation and handouts will be available on
the TMHS Counseling teacher web

*Student performance in Black Box underway, please
exit quietly. If attending the DC information
presentation, you may enter the Auditorium through
side door just outside of band hall.

Thank you!

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