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					         Kirkland Interfaith
       Transitions in Housing

       Annual Report

community spirit in action
Our Mission
Guided by faith we unite with individuals and families to
confront homelessness and build safe and healthy

Our Vision
To assist individuals and families on the Eastside who
are facing a homelessness crisis by providing housing
and services to help families become stable and

Our Beliefs
KITH believes that people should be able to pay rent
and still have enough money to buy food and other
basic necessities.

KITH believes that children need a stable home in
order to succeed in school.

KITH believes that it is fair and just for all people to
have a place to call home.

KITH Annual Report 2008
Dear Friends,
We are living in a time of economic uncertainty effecting more than
just those we traditionally think of as ―needy‖. Our own families,
neighbors and friends are struggling with the challenges of job loss,
                                                                                from the
lowered home values and shrinking investments. The response: we
simplify our lives and make cutbacks on the ―extras‖ in order to meet
our needs and obligations- we make do with less.
                                                                                  and the
What if cutbacks are not enough? According to the Committee to End
Homelessness, a worker must earn over $17-21 per hour ($35,000 -
$43,000 annually) to afford the average rent in King County. And, less          Executive
than one percent of apartments in King County are affordable to
households earning less than 30% of median income ($23,350 for a                 Director
family of four). This huge disparity is what forces people to have to
choose whether to pay for food and housing or things like clothing,
utility bills and medical care. It is what forces people into facing a crisis
of homelessness.

As the community needs rise, KITH continues to strive to help those
who are struggling with the challenge of homelessness. In 2008, we
served 43 families with housing and case management. All these families
are earning 30% of median income or less. Our work to stabilize
families is one of the most important things we can do to help children
to achieve their potential and break the cycle of homelessness.

As a nonprofit organization, our success depends on enlisting the                  Jan Dickerman
                                                                                 Executive Director
support of community. The support we received in 2008 and our
partnerships with others were essential in helping us fulfill our mission.
Donors, businesses, service groups, individuals, families, our staff, board
and volunteers, and other agencies all had a role to play. They all share
a belief in the mission to end homelessness.

Please take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with our past year’s
accomplishments and observe how community spirit in action makes
possible everything we do.

Sincerely,                                                                           Chris Fox
                                                                                Board President 2008

Jan Dickerman                           Chris Fox
Executive Director                      President of the Board 2008

       Community Need
                       On January 30, the annual homeless ―One Night Count‖ was held in King County,
                       including the City of Kirkland. While the results show we are making progress toward
                       ending homelessness, it is still present in our community. Even on the prosperous
                       Eastside, three major cities (Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond) report that homelessness
                       grew by 3% from last year, and calls to KITH for housing assistance grew 65% over the
                       previous year.

                                            There are many reasons people become homeless. For every

                     L   ess than
                                            individual and family the factors that lead to homelessness are
                                            different. However, we know that one of the primary causes of
                                            homelessness is the high cost of housing. When people lack
              1% of apartments in           sufficient income to meet all of their needs, they must choose
                                            between food and housing versus clothing, utility bills and medical
                 King County are
                                            care. According the ―One Night Count‖ statistics, one quarter of
               affordable to those          the homeless individuals surveyed were actually employed.

                 earning less than          It is difficult, if not impossible, for low-income individuals and families
                                            to find affordable housing in King County. A tiny amount, less than
                   30% of median            one percent, of apartments in King County are affordable to house-
                         income.            holds earning less than 30 percent of median income ($23,350 for a
                                            family of four).

                       Because of this, low income people are hit hardest
                       during an economic downturn, and become even
                       more vulnerable to homelessness. KITH is working
                       to increase the number of housing opportunities

                       Through collaboration with others and community
                       support, we must, and will, meet the challenge
                       because our at-risk neighbors are depending
                       upon us.

Client Scrapbook                                                       KITH client Maria Sambula recounts
                                                                       ―The Time of Tribulations When My
In her own words                                                       Children and I Became Homeless‖

                        It was in the winter tim
                                                   e. My landlord of 3-1/
              The last year had be                                             2 years asked to talk
                                      en a struggle. I had                                               to me. I was worried
             with little help financia                          a one year-old son an                                            .
                                        lly and unable to cont                             d a new born girl. As
                                                                   inue working, I bega                               a single mom
             sometimes crying my                                                            n having nights of de
                                       way to sleep. I knew                                                           spair, and
            me about my rent be                                  what my landlord wa
                                      ing late every month                                 s about to tell me, he
                                                               . But there was noth                                    had warned
            struggling alone to ke                                                      ing else I could do, wi
                                      ep my apartment.                                                              th two babies,
                      My landlord said he
                                               was sorry, but they ca
           a tenant. He gave m                                            n no longer keep me
                                    e two options. One op                                           as
           I could leave by the en                              tion was immediate
                                       d of the month. My he                             eviction or,
           confused.                                               art went cold, I was
                                                                                            hurt and
                     Before, I had a good
                                              job for six years. I wa
          to afford living on m                                          s single and I was ab
                                  y own. One day I met                                            le
          and committed; he m                                 this person, who seem
                                    ade me believe he re                                  ed loyal
          what he wanted from                                 ally cared for me. Onc
                                    me, everything else wa                               e he got
         things like: I don’t lov                                s a mistake. He told
                                   e you and I never wa                                    me
         I hate you; please ha                               nted you, I wish I neve
                                  ve an abortion, if you                                r met you,
         never see me again.                                 don’t get rid of this ba
                                                                                         by you will
                   The sad part was th
                                           at I was so hungry to
        that I pretended thos                                         be loved by someone
                                 e words wouldn’t reac                                          ,
       months old I got preg                                 h into my heart. Sadl
                                 nant again. I asked m                                y with my son being
                                                             yself what is going on                              only three
       felt stupid, confused,                                                           with me? What do I
                                 scared and hopeless.                                                              do now? I
                                                           I prayed for understa
                  Nine months later I                                                nding, wisdom and fa
                                          gave birth to a little                                                 ith.
      struggles began, but                                         girl. That was when
                                also overwhelmingly                                          the dark clouds of m
     not knowing where we                                happy with the birth                                          y
                                   were going to be in th                          of my little girl. As I wa
                                                              ree weeks, I called th                            s packing,
     numbers for family sh                                                              e community help lin
                                elters. I called six sh                                                            e and got
     group housing in Belle                               elters. They were all
                                vue.                                               full. After many calls
                                                                                                             , I found
                We moved in to a ho
                                          me for eight. We ha
    everything. After four                                         d to live by tough rules
                               months I couldn’t take                                           and shared almost
    desperation of finding                                  it anymore. One day
                                a home just for me an                                 I told my case manag
    me: new transitional                                   d my babies. In a few                                   er my
                              housing opening up.                                      days, she had good ne
                                                                                                                    ws for
               I called the case man
                                         ager five to six times
   family for these new                                            a day begging her to
                             homes. Her name is                                              please consider my
  at the shelter to get                                Regina (KITH Case M
                            information from me.                                  anager). She came to
                                                        She said that if everyt                                meet me
  the next week. God                                                               hing goes well we ca
                            had rewarded me an                                                               n move in
 never giving up. I rece                             d my children for my
                             ived my keys and mov                               faith, my strength an
                                                        ed into a beautiful to                           d power of
 moment in my life; I                                                             wn house. It was the
                            hugged my babies so                                                                happiest
 understanding the pa                                 tight and gave thanks
                            in I was going throug                                 to God and Regina fo
                                                     h while being homele                                    r
                                                                                ss with two innocent
                                                                                                         little angels.

                       KITH Programs
                       Transitional Housing In addition to a roof overhead, our homeless
                       families and individuals work closely with a Case Manager who helps iden-
                       tify strengths and areas of improvement. This process is crucial for setting
By the                 individualized goals in areas like housing, education and income. These
                       goals are the stepping stones toward self-sufficiency and stability- the
Numbers                ultimate goal for all our clients, who may stay in the program for up to 2
                       years. Working to stabilize families is one of the most important ways to
                       help children achieve their potential and break the cycle of homelessness.

125 individuals        Permanent Supportive Housing This program provides case
resided in KITH        management support, as needed, to families and individuals at risk of
                       homelessness. KITH encourages and coordinates community building
housing and received
                       activities, and co-op commitments among neighbors. Eligibility is assessed
supportive services    annually. Home ownership through first-time buyers programs is
                       encouraged for participants who are ready to achieve this goal.

16 units permanent     Community Partnership KITH and Housing at the Crossroads
                       (HAC) in Bellevue teamed up in 2008. Twelve additional families who live
supportive housing     in HAC-owned housing receive case management support from KITH.
owned by KITH
                       Community Supper Community Supper is a weekly gathering held
                       each Tuesday at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland. A healthy and
4 units of             delicious meal is cooked and served by rotating volunteers groups. On top
                       of helping needy families stretch their weekly grocery budgets, here they
Transitional Housing   are able to connect with others and lessen feelings of isolation. During the
owned by KITH          school year, volunteers provide free tutoring for students.

                       Holiday Programs Toward the end of each year, KITH enjoys special
                       partnerships with community groups that bring holiday cheer to our
16 families living     needy neighbors. True to the spirit of giving, businesses, families,
outside KITH units     congregations and other groups ―adopt‖ local disadvantaged families.
received case          In November, the groups donate food for Thanksgiving Dinners. In
                       December, the Adopt a Family for the Holidays Program matches needy
management services
                       households with donor groups who purchase and wrap gifts for all the
from KITH              family members, plus they provide fixings for a delicious holiday meal.

                       NEW Welcome Home- Family Subsidy Program In 2008,
                       KITH launched a new family rent program called ―Welcome Home‖. The
                       goal of the program is to serve more families by expanding housing

                       opportunities outside the limitations of KITH-owned units.
Volunteers and Donors —
Community Spirit in Action
What does a person gain by giving? The answer is different for each
individual. One thing however is certain: KITH could not serve the
                              community by stabilizing families without        By the
                              those who find reward in donating their          Numbers
                              time, hard work and financial support.

                              Since its founding, 20 years ago, KITH has
                              provided housing, resources and support
                              that moves families toward self-sufficiency.
                                                                               3,518 meals were
                              Each family that is stabilized strengthens the   served at weekly
                              community as a whole. All of it is funded        Community Suppers
by the generous donations of community members– individual, families,
businesses, and civic groups who recognize the full value of what KITH
provides for the community.                                                    70 families received
These special people– volunteers, from the mail room to the board room,        Thanksgiving baskets
and donors from all walks of life– are the lifeblood of a nonprofit
organization like KITH. We salute them and thank them for exemplifying
the very essence of community spirit in action.                                89 households
                                                                               received gifts and
                                                                               holiday food baskets
                                                                               through Holiday

                                                                               30,978 bed-nights
                                                                               were provided by
                                                                               KITH. (A bed-night is
                                                                               safe housing for one
                                                                               person for one

       Donors and Supporters
       Diane and Joe Ahern                        Clifford and Doris Cooper                Rebecca A. Harding
       Align Finance                              Elizabeth F. Copstead                    Susan Harvey
       Meghan Altimore                            Rodney and Beth Cornwall                 Brent and Jackie Hedgpeth
       Nancy Anderson                             Costco Wholesale                         Kristin O. Heeter
       Audiogirl Productions                      Joseph S. Coulombe                       Mark and Barbara Heiger
       Brett Ault-McCoy                           Dale Creager                             Shirley Henning
       Jacob Avital                               John Cronkhite                           Debbie Hensley
       Kipp Barker                                Kirsten Curley                           Tim and Kay Plimpton Heppenstal
       Tom and Joanne Barker                      Irene Dahl                               William Herzberg
       Faye Baron                                 Dan and Susan Danforth                   Mel and Cherie Hester
       Lance Bass                                 DJ Darwin                                Pete Hickey
       Shellie Batten                             Ken and Linda Davidson                   Mike Holland
       Betsy Bayley                               Tatiana D. Davidson                      Leslie and Matthew Holle
       Lori Becker                                Debbi L. Davis                           Nadine M. Holm
       Bob and Linda Benson                       Edith Demmert                            Holy Family Parish Refuge Support Cmte
       Carrie Benson                              James Deora                              Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
       Rick Berlin                                Andrew Derbyshire                        Michael Horgan
       Frederick and Janice Blaud                 Frederick Devereux                       Annd and Michael Hoye
       Dan and Rosemary Bodien                    Jan and Gary Dickerman                   Bryan R. Hoyt
       Boeing Employee Community Fund             William and Suzanne Dragon               John Huether
       Michael Bosland                            Wayne Dupont                             Abed Husseini
       George Bosworth                            Nina and David Durfee                    Inglewood Presbyterian Church
       Robert and Stephanie Bozorth               John and Mary Dymek                      Integra Mortgage
       Jennifer Braithwaite                       David and Colleen Eastman                Intelligent Laundry Systems
       John Brekke                                Eastside Community Aid Thrift Store      Ed Irwin
       Herbert Bridge                             David Ederer                             Steve and Kathy Jacobs
       Brian Bright                               Steve Emhoff and Trudy Jarvis            Doug and Dana Jacobson
       Chuck Brockway and Vicky Nollette          Neil and Page Eney                       Jacobson Jarvis and Co PLLC
       Harold and Sharry Broman                   Wade Entezar                             Philipp Janert
       Bucky Beaver Preschool                     Denise Espeland                          Jean M. Jayne
       Building Changes                           Scott and Sharon Farrell                 James and Jane Jewell
       P Kerry and Marilyn Bunday                 Beverly Feichter                         Ginny Johnson
       Doug Burgesser and Eileen Kadesh           Belinda Feller                           Jean Johnson
       Mary-Alyce Burleigh                        LaVerne Ferguson                         Mark Johnson
       Bill and Marilyn Burwell                   First American Title Insurance Company   Katherine Jones
       David Butchart                             Gayle Fish                               Dr. Mahendra C. Joshi
       Gary and Mary Lou Callero                  Julia Fisher                             Marcella Keefe
       Susan and Darr Cannon                      Linda Fogg                               Marian Kessel
       James and Joanne Carpenter                 Bill and Sue Fores                       John Kettel, and Molly Carson
       Debbie Carlson-Gould                       Greg and Kathe Fowler                    Dan Kilpatric, and Colleen Kinerk
       Jan Carroll                                Chris and Nancy Fox                      Jung Kim
       Roderick Chavez                            David Fuller and Carlene Canton          Kirkland Church of the Nazarene
       Marlene Chen                               Jane and Doug Gamble                     Kirkland Congregational Church
       Marilyn C. Cherry                          Dennis Geels                             Kirkland Interfaith Network
       Chicago Title Insurance Company            Carmela Gillos                           Kirkland Kiwanis Club
       Arin Chilcote and Robyn Remmy              Bryce and Lisa Given                     Kirkland Rotary Foundation
       Children's Benefit Foundation              Glaser Foundation                        Rodger N. Kline
       Marc and Kathy Christiansen                David and Lindsay Godfrey                Richard and Cathy Klug
       Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints   Laurie Gogie                             Stephen and Mary Knoff
       City of Kirkland                           Adaline Good                             Bill and Rebecca Knowles
       John and Lisa Clarke                       Joie Goodwin                             Charlene and Mark Knutson
       Marion G. Clegg                            John Gowdy                               Rick D. Knutson
       Susan Cobain                               Tom Graham                               Gerald and Margery Koll
       Alison Cole                                Inge Gregg                               Louise Kornreich
       Colormasters Northwest                     Fred and Joanne Guild                    Larry and Dana Kring
       Columbia Athletic Club                     Mary Lue and Gary Gutow                  Kate Krueger
       Phyllis Conant                             Scott Haase                              Walter and Kathy Krueger
       Congregation for the Homeless              Jim and Mary Haberzette                  Lake Washington Christian Church
       Paul Conle, and Dena Adkins                Paul and Mildred Hall                    Lake Washington United Methodist Church
       Mike Connolly                              Carol J. Hallen                          Ken and Mary Larson
                                                  Bill Hanna                               Stephanie Larson
                                                  Peggy Ann Hansen                         Jim Lauinger and Karen Tennyson

                                                  Todd Hansen                              Laramie Leavitt
                                                  Nicole Harding                           Allan Lee
Donors and Supporters
Gene and Martha Lee                       Anita O'Hiser                      Sterling Savings Bank
Loyce E. Lemaire                          Claudia Ollestad                   St John's Episcopal Church
Dr. Joseph T. Lewis                       Ronald Olsen                       Carol and Brad Stolz
Bill Leyrer                               Dianne W. Osornio                  Kelli Strand
Bernie Little                             Kathy Paauw                        Michael Stults
Livengood, Fitzgerald and Alskog, PPLC    Lisa and Stan Pavlovsky            Susan and Alex Sumeri
Marco Lizardi                             Penry Chiropractic P S             Surface Art
Jim and Kristen Lloyd                     Mary C. Peppard                    M. Swistak
Bryan and Gail Loveless                   Pepsico Foundation                 The Marsh Family Foundation
Steve and Ellen Lutz                      Wesley O. Pereira                  The Norcliffe Foundation
Marylou Mackay                            Bill Petter                        The Seattle Foundation
Riona MacNamara                           Leona M. Pinney                    Duane and Christine Thorson
Nancy and Roger MacPherson                Ellen and Larry Pinnt              Dan Tift
Sharon Maghie                             Kay D. Plimpton                    Diane Timmons
Cheryl Malakoff                           Jennifer Prinos                    Jane and John Titland
David Malcolm                             Diana Prise                        Jim Tocher
Anne G. Malmo                             Shawn Rainwater                    Matthew Tolton
Ekta Manaktala                            David Ramsay                       Sally Tonkin
Doreen Marchione                          Sheryl Redding                     Tina L. Townsend
Brian D. Marsh                            William Reffett                    Bernard and Kathy Tremain
The Marsh Family Foundation               James K. Richards                  Trinity Women of E.L.C.A.
Jan and John Martinka                     Gayle Richardson                   Debbie Turner
Marilyn Mason-Plunkett                    April Richter                      Jamie Tuthill
Peter and Jane Maule                      Paula Riggert                      UBRDO Cycle And Mountain Supply
Joan McBride                              William J. Roberds                 Shauna Undi
James McCommon                            Dolores M. Robertson               United Way of King County
Nancy McCormick                           David Robison                      Pat and Kitty Vache
Jim and Leslie McElwee                    Kathy and Wes Roche-Zujko          Jack Vander Laan
Marjorie McGill                           Rose Hill Presbyterian Church      Robert and Linda Vaughn
Dr. Ernest McKibben                       Donald and Redith Ross             Tracy Vaughn
Ellen McMahon                             Rotary Club of Kirkland            Verizon Foundation
William and Colleen Meacham               Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown   Visible Net, Inc.
Margaret Meister                          Kim Rutledge                       Don and Jane Volta
Michele F. Meith                          Bill Rynd                          Dave Wagner
John Merrill                              Lora Lee Salisbury                 Wahle Family Foundation
Steven Merrill                            Carolyn Sanborn                    David Walker
William and Ginger Merrill                Lynn Sanborn                       Gilbert Walker
Mettler-Toledo Auto                       Jeff Sand Insurance                James E.W. Walsh
Miailovich Family Foundation              Rupa Saumil                        Michael Walter
Microsoft Matching Gifts                  Heidi Schor                        Susan Walukiewicz
E. Mills                                  Clarence C. and Lavonne Schott     Victoria Ward-Kerr
Ralph and Linda Moldauer                  Richard and Rosemary Schurman      Washington Mutual
Ellen Momahon                             Michael Schwartz                   Web Laundry Systems
Maurice H. Moore                          Chris Scotchler                    Michael Wei
Dante Morelli                             Edward Scripps Jr.                 Tami Welliver
Janel Marie Moreno                        The Seattle Foundation             Blair Westlake
Robert and Linda Moreno                   Andrea Seybold                     Stephen and Robin Wharton
Mike and Cynthia Morgan                   Dawn Shaikh                        Darrell and Joan Whittaker
Robert Morris                             Vicki Shanks                       Kimberly Williams
Annie Mullally                            Cory and Karen Shepard             Dan and Shauna Willner
Charles P. Murphey                        Thomas and Karen Shepherd          Peter M. Wilson
Donald and Carol Murphy                   Tom and Sharon Sherrard            Windermere Foundation
Gerald and Yuka Nakata                    Eric Shields                       Windermere Real Estate, Kirkland
Rosemary and Skip Nelson                  Kristine Shields                   Michael and Laurey Wittman
Jan Ng                                    Mark Shinstrom                     Nancy Wollebek
Phil and Shelley Noble                    Helena D. Shorett                  Leon C. Wong
Nonprofit Assistance Center               Craig and Rovalie Shriner          Woodinville Escrow, Inc.
The Norcliffe Foundation                  Catherine M. Silva                 Ryan Woodrum
Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church   Grant and Nancy Silvernale         Terry and Lindy Wright
Northwest Children's Fund                 Marc Slonin                        Xu Yongjian
Edward O'Brien                            Scott Sollinger                    Merl and Ellen Zigler
Rosemary O'Connell                        Thomas Steele

Kay S. O'Donnell                          Tim Steele
Sharon O'Grady                            Peter Steinke and Peggy Hill
       In 2008, KITH experienced
       growth in revenue over 2007 and
       a decrease in administrative costs.
       This allowed us to expand our
       services to prevent homelessness
       on the Eastside.

        $250,000                                                          Revenue                                                                                                    Expenses
                                                 2007 to 2008 Comparison                                                    $400,000
                                                                                                                                                                     2007 to 2008 Comparison
        $200,000                                                                                                            $350,000













              $0                                                                                                                 $0
                   Contributions               Rental and                  Fundraising                  In Kind                          Programs                 Administration and             Fundraising Events
                                             Service Income                  Events                                                                                 Management

                                                         2007             2008                                                                                     2007             2008

                                             2008 Revenue                                                                                              2008 Expenses
                                                  by Source                                                                                                      by Category
                                                             In Kind                                                         Administration
                              Fundraising                      7%                                                                and
                                Events                                                                                        Management
                                                                                            Contributions                        11%
                                 29%                                                            37%
                                                Rental and
                                                 Income                                                                                                                                            Programs
                                                   27%                                                                                                                                               77%

Board of
  Directors 2008
President                         Directors
Christopher Fox, P.S.             Joie Goodwin                    Marlenna Peppler,
Attorney at Law                   Retail Management, Retired      Education Specialist
                                  Sears, Roebuck and Co.          Virginia Mason Medical Center
Vice President
Randy Schmidt                     Mary Lue Gutow                  Bill Petter
Financial Advisor                 Owner/Operator                  Owner, Retired
KMS Financial Services, Inc.      Colormasters Northwest          Bel-Kirk Motors

Treasurer                         Walter Krueger                  Eric Synn
Richard Klug                      Attorney at Law                 Readiness Integration Manager
VP Finance, Retired                                               Projectline, Inc.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals          Shelley Noble
                                  Director of Family and          Joan Whittaker,
Secretary                           Emergency Services, Retired   Project Manager, Retired
Susan Sumeri                      Hopelink                        Windermere Northeast
Retired Educator
Lake Washington School District   Ron Olsen
                                  Director Municipal Services
                                  Cashmere Valley Bank

                                  Executive Director              Case Managers
                                  Jan Dickerman
                                                                  Regina Chae
                                  Development Director
                                  Debbie Carlson-Gould            Heather Hedin

                                  Resource Developer              Monica Lamb
                                  Doug Burgesser
                                                                  Sandy Larsten
                                  Page Eney

KITH Headquarters
Kirkland Interfaith Transitions in Housing
125 State Street South
Kirkland WA 98033 USA
425-576-5742 Fax
Email: kith.jan@verizon.net

KITH Housing Locations
Salisbury Court Apartments
Kirkland, WA

Petter Court Apartments
Kirkland, WA

Housing at the Crossroads– KITH Partner
Units in Bellevue and Kirkland, WA

KITH is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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