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									Tight Hips? Tips To Loosen
     Your Hip Flexors
What’s long and hard and as stiff as a
 plank of wood? Get your mind out of the
 gutter…I’m talking about your hip
            g     p                    g
 flexors. Tight Hip Flexors can be a big
 problem, and so easy to get. In a
 previous post, Pain At The Desk, we saw
                     ff             f
 how sitting down affects your hip flexors.
 I know when I sit at the computer too
 long I tighten up very quickly, and after
 long,                   quickly
 a long flight from Down Under to Europe
 I’m as tight as a drum.
Where Are Your Hip Flexors?
The ‘Hip Flexors’ are a group of muscles
 that, well, flex the hip. There are quite a
 few muscles that actually flex the hip
 but two that are specifically referred to
 as hip flexors. The Illiopsoas group
      p                   p     g    p
 consists of the Psoas and the Iliacus.
Both attach to the femur. However the
 psoas attaches to the lower backback,
 whereas the Iliacus attaches to your
 hipbone. Sitting down p
    p              g       puts these muscles
 in a shortened position, and as a result
 leaves them pretty tight.
The Psoas attaches to the lower back, if
 it’s tight, it can pull your back forward,
     di                       fb k
 and is a common cause of back pain    i
 A tight hip flexor will also go a long way
 to inhibiting your bum which means
 whatever work you are doing for it, you
 p       y        g      g
 probably aren’t getting the desired
 results. No bum means you are
 susceptible to many more injuries, and
 have a lack of power in simple things
 such as walking.
What Can I Do To Loosen Them?
Well there are a couple of ways to get
 these babies loose again. Massage,
 Acupuncture,          Rolling,
 Acupuncture Foam Rolling Self Massage
 are all great ways to loosen up your hip
 flexors. These should always be
 accompanied with strength exercises and
 hip flexor stretches.
When you think of loosening a muscle
 stretching automatically comes to mind.
 However you can also loosen your hip
 flexors through exercises. It works by
 taking y                   g
      g your muscles through their rangeg
 of motion dynamically. I’ll outline some
 of my favourite exercises for loosening
       hip fl     th           f
 your hi flexors, there are a few more,
 and if you want to add your favourite,
 please leave a comment
Overhead Lunges
This is possibly the best exercise you can
 do for opening up your hip flexors. It is
 basically a normal lunge but you hold a
 medicine ball, or a light plate above your
 head. Out stretch your arms, keep them
                     y              p
 straight, directly above your head, and
 complete the lunges.
You have something that is called fascia;
 it s
 it’s basically a sheath that runs over your
 muscles. Your fascia is a big issue in hip
 flexor tightness, and often when that is
          g        ,
 loosened, the muscle is too. Holding
 something above your head whilst
 lunging stretches this ffascia out, and you
 get the added hip flexor stretch.
Reverse Lunges
Same as a forward lunge, but done in
 reverse! When you step back into the
 reverse lunge, you are recruiting your
 bum. Recruiting your bum inhibits your
 hip flexors, meaning they will relax.
   p                 g    y
 Stepping back straight away puts the hip
 flexors on stretch, and as you do the
       i        take th    th    h l
 exercise, you t k them through a large
 range of motion.
 Overhead Squat
 Performing a squat whilst holding a bar
  overhead, opens up your hip area, and
  promotes hip flexor range of motion. When
  most people attempt this to start, the lower
  they get, the more they will want to bend
  forward. If you picture the hip flexors, they
  attach from the upper thigh, onto the lower
  back, if these are tight, as you try to get
  lower, your hip fl
  l                          ill   ll   forward.
               hi flexors will pull you f     d
  By holding the bar above your head, you have
  to stay up straight, basically lengthening your
         y p      g ,            y    g     gy
  hip flexors during a dynamic movement.
 Hip Flexor Stretches
 Stretching is an obvious and essential way
  to loosen those babies. I’ve just taken a
  picture of my favourite stretch. I’m not sure
  if I made it up or where I got it from, but for
  now until someone tells me otherwise, I’ll
  claim it. I often make up stretches just
  trying to pin point an area. Basically you get
  down on one knee, stretch your arms up,
                     ,         y           p,
  then try and touch your opposite hand to
  opposite foot behind you. Check these
  pictures to aid my terrible explanation
If you have tight hip flexors and suffer
 from hip pain start adding these
 exercises and stretches into your
 workout, and you will see a difference. If
         ,      y
 you have some favourite exercises for
 loosening your hips, leave a comment
 and we’ll discuss them.
Self Massage
Being able to stretch your hip flexors will
 loosen them a lot, but taking it one step
 further and releasing them manually will
 be even more effective. Use a
 combination of the two and you can’t go
                              y           g
 wrong. Hitting your Hip Flexors isn’t the
 easiest task, and takes a few little tricks.
        h       t   i b ll t h        th
 If you have a tennis ball at home, then
 you have the tools.
Lying on your stomach, you can place
 the tennis ball directly under your Psoas
 which you will find about 1.5- 2 inches to
 the right or left of y
       g                       y
                      your belly button. It
 helps to raise the ball up with a book, or
 something substituting as a block.
You should hold that position for at least
     seconds,                    release.
 30 seconds or until you feel a release
 For more information on how to release
 all the muscles in your hips plus many
                    y      p p          y
 many more, make sure you check out my
 new self releasing guide!


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