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					                                   STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                           MEETING MINUTES
                                            January 17, 2006

Attendees: Hilda Chaski Adams, Julie Burkemper, Cindy Butler, Kristy Davidson, Saralou Hendrickson, Lynne
Jones, Doug King, Patrick Lindner, Edward Pearce, John Shelton, Thomas Smith, Debra Tscheschlok, Barbara
Whitaker, Hope Woodson, Chae Li Yong, Kirby Holmes, Marsha Wild , Judy Jamison, Bridgette Collins, Martha
Kopper, Karen Munt, and Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen

Topic                    Discussion
Budget Process Review        1. Proposals
                             2. STARRS Staff (Formal written document)
                             3. Staff checks it
                             4. Advisory Council
                             5. STARRS Board
                             6. East-West Gateway Council of Government
                             7. Bid

                             Future UASI Grants will be competitive starting in 2006 and beyond.

                             STARRS staff came up with a Priority Matrix for UASI 2006 consideration
                             Used 6 scenarios with the highest priorities. Looked at the Request and went
                             through and assessed the requests with priorities of region.

                             STARRS staff recommended what should be funded. Our proposal was cut in
                             half. Trailers will be funded from CRI money, not UASI money.

                             UASI Funds – Priority Recommendations

                             1.    Tactical Team Equipment
                                   -St. Louis Police
                                   -St. Louis County Police
                             2.    Virtual EOC
                             3.    Portable Radios (Have to be put away, cannot be used for everyday use)
                             4.    Lenco B.E.A.R. (Tactical Operations Vehicle)
                             5.    HazMat Heavy Rescue
                             6.    Tower Analysis (Study to determine if communication towers are located
                                   properly and supportive)
                             7.    Helicopter & Fixed Wing Airplane
                             8.    Patient Tracking
                             9.    Fire Strike Teams
                             10.   Satellite Phones for Hospitals
                             11.   Public Health (generators, libraries, power supplies)
                             12.   Mass Dispensing Software for Hospitals

                             STARRS had $6.7 million to spend and 12 projects totaling $14 million.
                             STARRS Board took staff recommendation and advisory recommendation and
                             anything on both recommendations got funded.

                             Three of our items were funded per STARRS.
Topic                    Discussion

Surveillance Review         Hilda Adams distributed a handout on the E-Team, surveillance software
                            purchased by STARRS. A demonstration of the system will be held January 27,
                            2006 in the IBM offices in Hazelwood. Interested parties please RSVP

                             Pros/Cons of Essence/Rods/E-Team

                             Cost ($70,000 + maintenance)
                             Easy to use
                             Used in Washington DC, Interjurisdictional DC, VA and MD
                             Drop down box for analysis

                             One hospital system
                             Chief complaint system
                             Automatic e-mail alert system
                             Analysis had to be exported
                             No customer service

                             E-Team (Virtual Emergency Operation System)

                             Committee should have their recommendation by next meeting.

First Responder Prophy       Presented by Barb Whitaker
Subcommittee                 Patrick Lindner composed an outline draft. (handout)
                             The model is broken down into three parts:
                                   1. Baseline Information
                                   2. Program Maintenance and Operations
                                   3. Program Activation
                              Everyone was urged to read the draft and send comments and recommendations
                              to Patrick Lindner at St. Clair will be testing this
                              plan February 24th.

Next Meeting Date:            Tuesday, February 21, 2006
                              1:30 p.m. –3:00 p.m.
                              North Central Community Health Center
                              4000 Jennings Stations Rd.
                              Pine Lawn, MO 63120
                                   STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                           MEETING MINUTES
                                            February 21, 2006

Attendees: Julie Burkemper, Kristy Davidson, Sara Evers, Jeanette Hale, Patrick Lindner, Hope Woodson, Chae Li
Yong, Kirby Holmes, Judy Jameson, David Bagge, Bridgette Collins, and Lynne Jones.

Lynne Jones chaired the meeting in Dr. Williams’ absence.

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen

Topic                     Discussion

First Responder Prophy        Model plan will be tested in St. Clair February 24, 2006. If anyone wants to
Project                       attend, please call Barb Whitaker at 618-233-7769. AllScripts will be at exercise.

                              UASI Funds-$225,000 requested ($175,000 for meds, remainder for supplies)

                              Some questions were raised on whether Paramedics can dispense Medications.
                              Patrick will address.

                              Dr. Williams talked with G. Natsch with the Missouri Paramedic Board in
                              Jefferson City. Mr. Natsch stated that Paramedics could dispense as long as they
                              have a written protocol and a standing order for the agency. This was
                              questioned and opened for discussion.

                              There were also some issues regarding labeling which Patrick will address.

                              Hope gave STARRS report on UASI funding for 2005 and 2006. It was unclear
                              whether surveillance was funded for 2006.

                              Sara discussed the ETeam demo held at IBM. The amount of work required is
                              not what the Region is looking for. Committee is still looking at Essence and
                              should have a complete budget by the end of next week. With the
                              miscommunication regarding funding, committee will go ahead and submit
                              recommendation for 2006 budget.

Description of the new        John Anthony, Project Manager of the CD Liaison Pilot Project, gave an
CD Liaison Pilot              overview on the project. The grant was awarded to St. Louis County and Kansas
                              City. John explained that the project was developed after the SARS incident in
                              Toronto. Basically the project is to put a face on public health by having a
                              communicable disease liaison within local hospitals. This relationship could
                              lessen the impact of an event such as SARS.

                              John had a Q&A after the presentation.

                                 Tuesday, March 21, 2006
                                 1:30 p.m. –3:00 p.m.
                                 North Central Community Health Center
                                 4000 Jennings Stations Rd.
                                 Pine Lawn, MO 63120
                                  STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                          MEETING MINUTES
                                            March 23, 2006

Attendees: Douglas Dodson, Bridgette Collins, Chae Li Yong, Jean Day, Terry Sofian, David Noe, Doug King,
Diane Hopkins-Broyles, Gil Copley, Larry Phelan, John Shelton, Patrick Lindner, Cindy Butler, Martha Kopper,
George Turabelidze, Nancy Gemeinhart, Mike McMillan, Richard Knaup, Frank Fick, Lisa Sommerhauser, Jeanette
Hale, Elizabeth Gibbs, Julie Burkemper, Debbie Beezley, Sara Evers, Karen Munt, Rita Haynes, Carlos Pardo,
Saralou Hendrickson, Tom Byrne

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen

Hilda Chaski Adams, thanked the chairman, hosts and attendees. Introductions were made. Hilda introduced Sheri
Lewis, Applied Physic Laboratory, Johns Hopkins.

Topic                     Discussion
                              Subcommittee’s proposal was handed out for review (Proposal is attached)

Essence                       Sheri Lewis gave her Demonstration of Essence (Electronic Surveillance System
                              for the Early Notification of Community-Based Epidemics).

                              Essence is an electronic surveillance system for the early notification of
                              community based epidemics. It is recognized as the leader in technology.

                              The system collects data, cleans and analyzes data, then sends down to regions.

                              Sheri had a Q & A after the demonstration.

                              Dr. Turabelidze gave a briefing on emerging infections and syndromic

Proposal and Letters of       Hilda Adams gave a presentation of the proposal and letters of support.
Support                       A discussion followed.

Committee vote                Dr. Mike Williams asked for a committee vote. Martha Kopper made the motion
                              and was seconded by John Shelton. The vote was unanimous in favor of

                              The meeting was adjourned.

Next Meeting                  Tuesday, April 18, 2006
                              1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
                              North Central Community Health Center/Buzz Room
                              4000 Jennings Station Rd.
                              Pine Lawn, MO 63120
                                 STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                         MEETING MINUTES
                                           March 23, 2006

Attendees: Saralou Hendrickson, Hilda Chaski Adams, Richard Knaup, Sara Evers, Alison Tucker, Elizabeth Gibbs,
Julie Burkemper, Kristy Baumgart, Tom Smith, Mike Williams, Martha Kopper, Chae Li Yong, Gil Copley, Mike
McMillan, Kirby Holmes, Doug King, Karen Munt and Bridgette Collins

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen

Topic                    Discussion
Report from ESSENCE          Hilda brought everyone up-to-date about ESSENCE and the Letters of Support
Selection Committee-         she has received. The committee will meet again to revise objectives, refine
Hilda Adams                  system and prepare a presentation for the Advisory Council.

Report from First            Barb said they have a template in place which has been taken to police, fire, and
Responder Prophy             EMS Departments for their input. (Template attached)
Whitaker                     On February 24th St. Clair County had a trial run. There were some problems
                             because they did not get material in time. However, they did 140 people in 45
                             minutes. They are looking at other companies besides AllScripts, and different
                             ways of dispensing. Barb and Dr. Williams walked everyone through the
                             process. The template that they have is a guide but can be changed depending on
                             the jurisdiction.

                             Mike said there is one complication. The Federal Research Project (Emergency
                             MedKit) is signing up 1,600 first responders, 1,600 companies, and 1,600 people
                             served through certain health centers in the St. Louis area to participate in their
                             project by having prepackaged home medicine kits for emergency purposes.
                             Mike Williams recommended that we proceed with our program.

UASI 2006 Status             Martha Kopper updated the committee on the UASI Budget proposal. Budget
Report-Martha Kopper         submitted was approximately $14,000,000, but expecting something less, (about
                             $7,000,000). STARRS will receive notification on the award amount by May
                             31st. Going to have to go back and look at projects to pare and prioritize.

CRI Status Report            CRI money has been received - ($841,603). The CRI area now includes 17
                             counties in Missouri and Illinois.

                             Martha went over the Scope of Work and Deliverables. (See attachment)

Update on satellite          Satellite phones are being ordered.
phones and video             Portable
conferencing                 600 minutes of prepaid air time
                             Same type as those provided to hospitals.

                             Video conferencing equipment that was looked at is actually available on the
                             Missouri state contract.

Demonstration of             Alison Tucker and Sara Evers gave a presentation of CDC’s Pandemic Flu
CDC’s Pandemic Flu           Planning Tools.
Planning Tools               There are two tools available from CDC which can be accessed at the following

Topic              Discussion

CDC Pandemic Flu       Dr. Williams explained that this is a canned exercise already written.

                       No new business. Meeting was adjourned.

                       Next Meeting date is:

                      Tuesday, May 16, 2006
                      1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
                      North Central Community Health Center/Buzz Room
                      4000 Jennings Station Rd.
                      Pine Lawn, MO 63120
                                   STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                           MEETING MINUTES
                                             May 16, 2006

Attendees: Lisa Sommerhauser, Debra Tscheschlok, Doug King, Tom Smith, Maxine Barth, Cindy Butler, George
Turabelidze, Terry Sofian, Howard Levinson, Martha Kopper, Kristy Baumgart, Hope Woodson, John Shelton,
Patrick Lindner, Jeanette Hale, Barb Whitaker,Elizabeth Gibbs and Alison Tucker.

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen
Topic                   Discussion
Announcements                Sara Evers is beginning her maternity leave and Patrick Lindner has taken a job in
                             Kansas City.

Essence                       Mike Williams gave an overview of Essence. (Essence attached) The Committee
                              should know soon whether Homeland Security will fund Essence.

                              Terry Sofian said he has a bid out for a tabletop exercise which would include
                              Essence data. He asked that the contractor provide two to three weeks patient
                              tracking that can be integrated into Essence. That way, information can be gotten
                              early and it can get into the hands of people that can act on it and save time.

STARRS-Martha                 Waiting on number of satellite phones they will need
Kopper/Terry Sofian           Phones are portable
Satellite phone               Fits in briefcase
                              Dish folds down
                              600 prepaid minutes per phone

Martha Kopper                 Developing U.S. Postal Plan
                              Putting together an e-hot line for the region
                              Illinois contracts sent out, waiting to hear back from Illinois public health agencies.

Video Conferencing            Patrick Lindner gave a powerpoint presentation (presentation attached)
Equipment                     Equipment consists of :
                              Software-Would be placed at each location, laptop, desktop, etc.
                              Camera-These are single user units
                              Hardware-St. Louis County IT will host hardware through end of 2007.
                              Has the capacity of 20 connections, one has capacity of recorder.
                              Each location will have to tell firewall okay to communicate with IP address.
                              License costs about $100
                              Camera costs about $70-$80

                              Mike Williams said it will be used more as a planning, training, and meeting tool, and
                              not as an emergency response tool.

Reference Library             Mike Williams asked Hope Woodson to follow-up on progress of the reference
                              library. (Hope’s report attached)

Issues                        Mike Williams asked if there were any issues that needed to be addressed.

                              Barb Whitaker had a question about paramedics dispensing meds. Mike Williams
                              said he talked with license people and they said that Missouri law will permit
                              paramedics to dispense meds for first responders if they were working off of a
                              medical order.

Summer Meeting                May, July and September
Schedule                      Date and locations to follow
Topic           Discussion

Next Meeting:   The STARRS Public Health Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, July 18, 2006 from
                1:30 to 3:00 pm in the Manley Auditorium of the Madison County Health Department,
                101 E. Edwardsville Rd. Wood River, IL 62095

                If you have any questions or comments please contact Debra Tscheschlok at 618-296-
                6080 or e-mail at.
                                 STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                         MEETING MINUTES
                                          September 19, 2006

Attendees: Alison Tucker, Elizabeth Gibbs, Kirby Holmes, Therese Macias, Maxine Barth, Michael McMillan,
Martha Kopper, Julie Sackman, Chae Li Yong, Hilda Adams, Michael Hopson, Lisa Sommerhauser, Christine
Zirges, Debra Tesheschlok, Saralou Hendrickson, Doug King, Gil Copley, Hope Woodson, Kristy Baumgart,
Shanica Alexander and Barbara Whitaker

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen
Topic                   Discussion
Greetings and                Mike Williams suggested everyone introduce themselves.

Surveillance                Presented by Chae Li Yong. The idea is once Essence is up and running, you will be
Subcommittee Report         able to see what is coming in at what hospital. Patient comes into ER, complaint gets
and Essence                 put into computer and then it is automated.
governance discussion
                            Chae Li brought up whether the subcommittee stays under public health or go
                            directly under STARRS. Barb Whitaker agreed that being your own entity would be
                            a good thing.
                            Mike Williams said that the Public Health Committee still has jurisdiction over the
                            surveillance subcommittee. The subcommittee can propose but technically it has to
                            come back to the Public Health Committee and then the PHC makes a
                            recommendation to STARRS. Whatever the proposal is, if it includes governance
                            body and STARRS approves that as a standing committee, then you can do it. Hilda
                            said there has been no proposal. They are just looking at options. Mike Williams said
                            you need to follow the process.

                            UASI money-8 jurisdictions, 9 health departments. Each of the jurisdictions has legal
                            right to disease information for the health care institute in their jurisdiction. That
                            would require that the health department have a seat on the Governance committee.
                            Hospitals and
                            Public health are partners.

                            Mike Williams asked Chae Li what the time frame was for bringing some
                            recommendations back to the Public Health Committee and she said she did not
                            know. Needs to be made into a proposal and submitted back to the Public Health
                            Committee for a vote.

STARRS-Martha               Martha introduced Julie Sackman who is a new person at STARRS.
Kopper                      BT tabletop last Thursday. Received a lot of comments. Dr. Kinkaid was really
                            happy with it.
                            Task-City’s readiness initiative. This task is to establish a hot line system to include
                            LHD and hospital. Try to make hot line able to assess 1% of region. BJC, SSM,
                            Tenant, United Way and Battelle want to participate. What they are hoping to do if
                            an event happens is to cover the region and want to have a resource for people outside
                            of region to call as well.

                            Concept is to have a clear message automated and physical person to answer the
                            phone. One number would roll into other hot line. Needs governance or steering
                            committee to activate and run.

                            Need to talk with AT&T, SBC, and Sprint and maybe they would be willing to make
                            this self-sustaining. Martha asked for volunteers to help in the steering process to
                            establish this hot line.

                            Poison Control, CDC, and United Health Care have hot lines. Martha will send e-
                            mail out to everyone for information.
Topic                   Discussion

                            Moving forward on the employer assistance and survey and video. Gathering
                            information for employers and public officials and what they get out of the videos.

NIMS Mentor Program         Lisa Sommerhauser discussed the Mentor Program. Lisa is wondering what gaps
Next Meeting:               need to be filled. She is still in information gathering. Needs to know proper

Fall Pandemic Flu           Schedule was handed out. Mike Williams gave an internet address for Washington
Schedule                    University in St. Louis for more information:

July Storm Lessons          Mike Williams felt there was no connection with MEDCOM
                            Hope-(St. Charles)In the beginning had trouble when they lost communications.
                            Nothing worked. Had to move vaccine. Was isolated.

                            Gil (St. Charles) we heard nothing from any other jurisdiction. He said next time he
                            will start calling people.

                            Hilda –(City) State knew who had power and who didn’t but did not communicate.

                            Barb Whitaker-St. Clair was not affected.

                            Doug King -East side lost all communication except for cell phones. Instant
                            Command was not set up.

                            Jefferson County-Had a problem with communications. EOC failed to open.

                            Madison County-Special Needs-Red Cross will not take anyone in that cannot take
                            care of themselves.

                            Chai-Li- (Madison) Staffing shortage

                            Jeanette Hale-(Franklin County) Shelters

 Selection of               Need a committee to chair the nominating committee for new chairperson.
Committee to nominate       Gil said that before we get to that, the committee might consider nominating co-
next PH Committee           chairs. Gil thinks it should be considered. Need somebody who would assemble a
Chair                       small group and receive the nominations. It would be nice to identify job. Co-chairs
                            would split work.
                            Tom Smith, Director, Monroe/Randolph County DOH and Kristy Baumgart, BT Epi,
                            St. Charles County DOH have volunteered to lead nomination process for new chair.

Adjourn                     Meeting adjourned.
                                 STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                         MEETING MINUTES
                                          November 21, 2006

Conference Call meeting. Participants were: Hope Woodson, Kristy Baumgart, Barb Whitaker, Saralou
Hendrickson, Maranda Witherspoon, Nick Hughey, Alison Tucker, Emily Ostmann, Doug King, Liz Gibbs, Maxine
Barth, Julie Rathbone, Debra Tscheschlok, Kirby Holmes, Tom Smith

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen
Topic                   Discussion
Greetings and               Mike Williams-Most of you introduced yourself. Congratulations to Hope Woodson
Introductions               and Barb Whitaker as the co-chairs. Both of you will do a great job.

Video Conference            It appears that there is going to be a delay. Order did not get before the board in
equipment delay             October which means they won’t see it until January and by the time they order are
                            looking at the end of first quarter. Did cause some problems with the 3-T1 lines. We
                            will do the best we can and turn it on in March and go live in April.

                            Had the same problem with the Satellite phones. Order did not get before the board
                            in October. Will probably be the same delay as the video equipment.

                            Mike Williams asked if there were any comments. Maxine Barth said they were
                            probably not included in either one. Mike Williams said that they could purchase the
                            video software and camera for about $200 and once you have those, we could give
                            you the internet address and password so you could join in.

                            The Hardware would be housed in St. Louis county. Hardware includes switch,
                            recorder and firewall.

                            Nick said Terry Sofian is working on developing talk groups.

                            Communications exercise is going to have to wait until we have satellite phones.

First Responder             Barb-First Responder prophy. Phase I-
Prophy-Phase I              Each jurisdiction picking one institution, facility, municipality, obtaining the numbers
Agency Selection            and using that to basically learn the process.
                            St. Louis County-City of Clayton
                            St. Charles-St. Peters
                            St. Clair-O’Fallon
                            St. Louis City-City Health Dept.
                            Monroe-Monroe Sheriff’s Dept.
                            Franklin County-Sheriff’s Dept.

                            Phase II-All first responders in jurisdiction asked that everyone gather numbers for
                            Phase II.

Dispensing Trailers-        Terry Sofian –STARRS has UASI money to buy dispensing trailers. You must
New Specifications          resubmit specs for trailer. Mike Williams said we are not bound by the old specs. It
                            was agreed that each jurisdiction would have something for the next meeting.
                            (whether they want one and what they want). According to Terry there is sufficient
                            money to fund previous request. (5 or 6 trailers for 7 jurisdictions). Deb faxed the
                            old specs to Mike Williams. If you would like a copy, please e-mail Patty your fax
                            number and she will fax to you.
Topic                  Discussion
CRI Funding for 2007       Hope said that Martha met with State CRI coordinator. STARRS is going to receive
                           $210,000 in the next funding period and that will go to promote printed material
                           presentations. Also budgeting $75,000 for a tabletop postal plan. Martha will send
                           more information about this.

                           Illinois will not be getting CRI FYO funding. No reason was given why.

                           Tom said that Illinois gets some CRI money from the state.

                           Martha hopes that all of the Illinois counties will continue to monitor information and
                           participate as much as they can.

                           Mike Williams said that in St. Louis County we are still waiting for the actual CRI
                           contract which expires August 30th.

ICS 300/400 Training       On the Missouri side, our contract with Missouri requires a number of people to take
Opportunities              the ICS course and there seems to be a shortage of training opportunities. Does
                           Illinois have the same requirements and what do we know about the availability of
                           training for management?

                           Kirby said Illinois has more local control regarding the training.

                           On the Missouri side the 300 training is a 3-day course and the 400 training is a two-
                           day course, which is being taught by policemen or firemen and built around their
                           scenario. Mike Williams would like the courses to speak to our professional
                           environment. Mike will look on the Missouri side for training and Tom and Kirby
                           will look on the Illinois side.

Next Meeting Date          Kristy gave an ESSENCE Report.

                           December 19th
                                        North Central Community Health Center

                                        4000 Jennings Station Road

                                        Pine Lawn, Missouri 63120

                                        December 19th, 2006

                                        1:30-3:00 – Buzz Room
Meeting Adjourned
                                        “Mike Williams’ Swan Song”
                                  STARRS PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE
                                          MEETING MINUTES
                                           December 19, 2006

Attendees: Hope Woodson, Kristy Baumgart, Cindy Butler, John Shelton, Maranda Witherspoon, Emily Ostmann,
Shanica Alexander, Nancy Gemeinhart, Saralou Hendrickson, Nick Hughey, Chae Li Yong, Marsha Wild, Tom
Smith, Doug King, Judy Tufts and Janette Hale

Chairman-Mike Williams

Minutes taken by Patty Malugen
Topic                   Discussion
Greetings                   Dr. Williams called the meeting to order.

Nick Gragnani                Dr. Williams announced that Nick Gragnani, head of STARRS, was unable to attend
                             the meeting. Instead, he sent an e-mail giving the status report on pending projects.

                             #1 Satellite Phones- The specifications for bid should be posted on the East-West
                             Gateway web site by early next week. His goal is to select the vendor and award the
                             bid by end of January with delivery by the end of February.

                             #2 Generators- One generator and two power supplies for each department using
                             UASI ’05 money. We provide STARRS with make, model and power. There were
                             nine requested. Nick indicated 2005 UASI is scheduled to end on March 31, 2007.
                             He anticipates that a grant extension for an additional 6 months will occur.

                             #3 Conferencing Equipment-The items are sold through Missouri state contract so all
                             they have to do is get approved.

                             #4 First Med Program - ’06 UASI Budget- Has just been released. Barb Whitaker is
                             in charge of the First Responder prophy and is collecting the requests. She needs
                             these numbers as soon as possible.

                             #5 Reference Library-They are still getting around to purchasing it.

                             Dr. Williams feels it would be in the best interest of the committee if STARRS would
                             send a representative to the STARRS Public Health Committee meeting. A vote was
                             taken and all were in favor of requiring this.

Dispensing trailer           Six jurisdictions have requested trailers. The question was brought up in the meeting
requests                     on who will own the trailers after the purchase. Mike asked that we send an e-mail to
                             Nick asking who holds the title to the trailers. Jeanette Hale asked if the specs have
                             to be the same. Mike will clarify at the meeting on Thursday about the specs.

Generators                   The count is nine generators and 18 power supplies. Everybody wants one.

Essence Report               Chae Li gave the report. Hilda Adams is the new STARRS employee and will be the
                             Liaison for Essence. Conference call Wednesday, December 20th to go over contract.

                             Essence will have a demo on January 11th at Belleville Memorial. Almost identical to
                             the presentation given at St. Anthony’s Hospital. Chae Li said that each county
                             would be limited to two licenses. Dr. Williams stated that two licenses will not work
                             for St. Louis County.

New Business                 Tom Smith got some Pandemic Flu money from the state and they purchased some
                             survival kits to help educate the people. Tom’s survival kit list will go out with the
                             minutes. (Attached)
Topic   Discussion

            Saralou Hendrickson brought up the fact that the STARRS membership list needs to
            be updated.

            Meeting was adjourned and everyone enjoyed the refreshments provided by Dr.

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