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									                                     TRAINING PERIOD 2010
                              Image processing for space applications

Training title: Image-based line of sight restitution for space imagery

Field: Research and Development
Speciality: Image processing
                                                      Positions dans l’image 1 des points sélectionnés

For Earth Observation satellites, the precise
restitution of Line Of Sight (LOS) movements
during image acquisition is of key interest.
AOCS sensors (star trackers, gyroscopes)              Positions prédites dans l’image 2 à partir de l’attitude initiale
allow to retrieve the LOS movements, but
with limited performances and frequency
Astrium     Satellites  has    developed     and
patented several LOS restitution techniques           Décalages prédits

(IPLOS) based on image correlation methods.
IPLOS algorithms then allow to consider the
payload as an additional sensor for LOS

The proposed training period will contribute to characterise in depth the performances of
IPLOS, and study further improvements of these methods. In particular, the following
topics will be covered:
    - Operating domain and robustness analysis: in particular, the robustness to
       lack of measurement (seas, clouds) will be studied. At least 2 alternative IPLOS
       methods will be challenged in terms of performances and robustness. Both real
       and simulated data will be used for this analysis.
    - Improvement of hybridisation methods between image LOS and gyro/star tracker
       data (“temporal fusion techniques”),
    - Automatic detection of non correlating areas: development of a method
       allowing the automatic rejection of areas leading to outliers in IPLOS (cloud
       detection, sea detection, specific outlier filtering, etc.).

All prototype developments will be performed in Matlab and should be integrated within
the in-house image library developed by the department (SIMAGE).
A particular emphasis shall be put on code implementation optimisation, allowing to
prepare for a future C development.

Company background
Astrium Satellites is the European leader in the field of
optical Earth Observation systems. Astrium is the pioneer
company responsible for the development of the first
Earth Observation space systems in Europe, starting with
the SPOT family. Since this time, Astrium has led the
major European developments in the fields, through
programs such as METOP, ERS, ENVISAT, HELIOS,
PLEIADES. This experience developed is now applied by
Astrium on export turn-key programs such as FORMOSAT,
THEOS, ALSAT and CHILI, involving a few meters
resolutions systems, or such as COMS, a geostationary
meteorological satellite for Korea.
This evolution conveyed Astrium to develop a strong
expertise in Image Quality, Image Processing and Image
                                   TRAINING PERIOD 2010
                            Image processing for space applications

Simulation through a group of about 40 engineers in
2009, constituting the Modelling Tools and Simulation
Department (ASG42). The Image team carries out
activities in fundamental image domains such as Image
simulation, Ground processing, Image quality, In-orbit
testing, Embedded processing, Vision based navigation
and Dedicated R&D activities.

Required knowledge
- Generic knowledge in signal and image processing as well as numerical analysis.
- Matlab.

Desired education
- Engineering school or Master, with specialisation in signal and image processing, or
applied mathematics.

Training period length: 5 to 9 months between January and December 2010 ;
possibility of a one year internship (September 2010-September 2011).

Location                   Astrium Satellites SAS,
                           31 rue des cosmonautes 31402 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
Unit                       ASG42 / MOS - Modelling Tools & Simulation
Training manager           M. ROCHERY                 +33 (0)5-62-19-53-41
                           C. BEUGNON                 +33 (0)5-62-19-55-75

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