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2011 2012 Code Of Conduct Guided Reading by lizzy2008


									     2011-2012 Thompson High School Student-Parent Handbook and Shelby County Schools Code of Conduct and

1.   Name _____________________________________________________                                Date ________________________Period

2.   Refer to the THS Student – Parent Handbook to find the answers to the following questions:

3.   The “THS Rules of the Road” prohibits which three accessories?

4.   Paraphrase the three rules regarding pants.

5.   Paraphrase the two rules that apply specifically to the female

6.   Read #10. What is the ONLY way to be 100% absolutely, positively sure that your cell phone is not seen or heard during the
     school day? _____________________________________________________________

7.   Finally, which two rules apply not only here at THS, but also in the real world; both rules are fabulous advice about how to

8.   Read the letter from Dr. Steele, your principal. What are the “essentials for our students to teach their potential”?

9.   List the three requirements “to making our school successful” according to Dr. Steele’s letter.

10. Who is your grade-level administrator? ____________________________________

11. Who is your counselor this year? __________________________________________

12. To whom will you be sent if you wear sweatpants or a hat? _____________________________________________

13. To whom will you be sent if you fail to follow your own advice in answer #4 above?

14. Check out the bell schedule! How long is each academic class period (except 4th)? _______ How long is 7th period?

15. Find the Attendance Information that begins on page 17. Excuses for absences must be turned in within _________ days of
    your return to school. Let’s practice this one: you are absent Tuesday and Wednesday. Your first day back at school is
    Thursday. What day of the week is the last day you have to turn in your excuse? _________________________

16. Paraphrase the reasons to miss school that are excused.________________________________________________________

17. How many absences are you allowed during the school year before you may lose credit for a class? _______ (That means
    ______ per semester.)

18. What kind of excuses are required if you exceed that limit?

19. 18. About make-up work: Teachers          shall         or         shall not   provide makeup work for students absent for unexcused
                                                i.    Circle the correct option

20. If you are suspended, can you make up any of your missed work? _______

21. If you have five unexcused absences in a school year, you and your parents may be sent to participate in what program?

22. If your parents need to send a neighbor to check you out, and this neighbor is not on your checkout authorization form, will it
    work for you parents to phone the school? ______ Fax a note? _____ Come down in person to add them for the next time?

23. How many tardies does it take to earn the consequence of a day in ISD? ___________ To be suspended? ___________

24. Do you get a clean slate each month for tardies or do they continue to add up all year? ______________________

25. What are the consequences of getting caught cheating on tests or other graded assignments?
26. On page 23, specifics about Rule of the Road #4 are boldly printed in a variety of ways. Where should hats be during the
    school day?    If they are VISIBLE during the school day, they will be taken up.

27. What is considered appropriate storage for your cell phone or other electronic communication devices?
    Because you have been advised about proper storage, THS administrators will NOT take time out of the school day to
    conduct searches for stolen cell phones or other communication devices. Your parents may file a police report if they

28. Do you have to be using a cell phone, iPod, etc. in order for it to be taken up? ______Explain:

29. Who can retrieve a cell phone the first time it is confiscated? ____________________ When is it released?
30. Let’s say that you—no, “your friend”—has his or her cell phone taken up twice; what is the consequence?

31. Who—on the second offense—must retrieve the phone?

32. Let’s say this “friend” did not learn from the consequences and was caught a third time! What now?

33. If you arrive prior to 7:30, you must report to the ______________ or the _______________ and remain there until dismissed
    into the building by the bell.

34. In order to avoid discipline procedures, you must carry a visible ___________________ if you are in the hall during class
    time or before school prior to 7:30.

35. What are the five things specified in this handbook that you should NOT do to your locker?
36. Read the school parking rules carefully and write three key rules from each of the following categories; paraphrasing
Please do these things                                             Don’t do these things

37. Let’s say that your band has a benefit concert to promote. From whom must you get permission prior to posting signs about

38. Please open the Shelby County Schools Student Code of Conduct and Attendance to find the answers to the remaining

39. From the list of the roles of parents and guardians, which TWO tasks do you value most and expect from your parents?

40. From the description for students, which two aspects you consider crucial for your success in school?

41. From the list of the responsibilities of the school, which two do you wish that THS would do better to maintain?

42. Which two roles from the school personnel list do you hope I most consistently fulfill? (I plan to uphold them all!)
43. Turn to page four and read about your responsibilities and rights pertaining to “free speech.” Summarize your
44. Paraphrase your free speech rights: 1. , 2. And 3.

45. List the three stated unethical ways of completing academic assignments.

46. Explain the differences between cheating and plagiarism.

47. What’s the difference between plagiarism and fabrication?

48. There are eleven categories of matters that—in addition to school-based discipline—are subject to “civil liabilities and
    criminal penalties.” (This means that you can be sued, denied services, or tried as criminals over these things.)
49. LIST those eleven categories here, please.

50. Yep, it’s still around—read about paddling on page 7. What must the principal have from the parent or guardian in order to
    swat you with a paddle as a disciplinary action?
For each of the following examples of inappropriate behavior that does not enhance the learning environment, provide the violation
code number. It’s not a random search: you know that Class I is less dangerous than II, and that III and IV are terribly serious. For
example, vandalism is a pretty bad idea, so I would begin with class II. Yep:Vandalism = 207 . Another example: a bomb threat is
extremely serious; in fact, police and the FBI would get involved—so search for that number in Class IV.
     Indeed: Bomb threats = 410
    51.   Academic Dishonesty _____
    52.   Possession of a knife ______
    53.   Non-conformity to dress code          _____
    54.   Sexual harassment _____
    55.    “Skipping” class or school ______
    56.   Defiance or disrespect       ______
    57.   Sexual misconduct ______
    58.   Alcohol or illegal drugs ______
    59.   Possession of a nuisance item _____
    60.   Intentionally getting around computer filter ____
    61.   Possession of a handgun _____
    62.   Inappropriate public display of affection     _____
    63.   intentional threat, intimidation, or harassment of a student _____
    64.    Fighting _____
    65.   Failure to come to class prepared with all necessary materials ____
    66.   Explosives _____
    67.   Misuse or abuse of prescription drugs _____
    68.   Gambling _____
    69.   Possession and/or use of prescription or non-prescription medication _____
    70.   Arson _____
    71.   Intentionally providing false information to a school board employee (in general) _____
    72.   Possession and/or use of tobacco products, lighters, or matches _____
    73.   Visible possession of beepers, pagers, portable telephones, and other communication devices _____
    74.   Intentionally providing false information to a school board employee about a Class IV violation _____

    75. Explain the differences in the consequences of a Class III and a Class IV violation. (Look for the bold “shall” and “shall
        not” signposts.)

    76. According to the Grievance Procedures section, what is the proper channeling of complaints against teachers ?

    77. Revisiting make-up work: you know how many days you have to make arrangements for regular class work (questions 18
        and 19 on this handout). Now read the second column at the top of page 18 beginning, “For assignments that were due on
        the day. . .” If a research paper or other long-term project is due on a day that you are absent, when must you submit that
        paper or project? _____________________________________

    78. Military recruiters have access to public record information to inform you of military opportunities. What must your parents
          do if you do not want them to have access?
    79. Just say NO! Through the Substance Abuse Program, the SCBOE may conduct random drug tests on all students who
    ___________________________________ and who _____________________________________. This means that in addition
    to being arrested for or dying from drugs, you may be benched from your extra-curricular involvement as well. Just say NO!

    80. One more thing about cell phones—a huge thing, in fact. “Per school system policy, once a cell phone is taken, the phone
        will be _____________________ and any ___________________ or ____________________ material found on the phone
        may lead to further legal implications.” (Even if you have nothing illegal on your phone, if you don’t want the administrators
        to read your messages or look at your pictures, leave your cell phone in your locker, in your car, or at home!)

    81. Please read the Acceptable Use Practices section regarding the use of technology. You will see that unacceptable use of
        technology ranges from the rather serious “modifying access control permissions” to the simply irresponsible “intentionally
        wasting supplies.” Please list the four bold categories of “shall not” rules.

    82. The end! Now follow these rules, and have a great year. (You will have a great year, because you will stay out of trouble!)

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