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					                             1 Peter 1:1-12
                          “The Medal of Faith”
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-12

Memory Verse: “…that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious that
  gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and
  glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Lesson Focus: Our faith is tested through trials but our soul is safe in Jesus!

Activities and Crafts: Coloring page, word search
Craft for 1st & 2nd Graders: Medal of Faith

Introduction: Ask the kids:
      1. What is the most precious possession that you own?
      2. Why is it so important to you?
      3. Do you think that the Olympic athletes that just won a gold medal, will come
          back to the United States and throw away their gold medal? Where will they
          put it?


1 Peter 1:1-2 “A look at who Peter is writing to!”

       1. Identifies the Author of this book:
                √ Who is the author of this book? (Peter)
       2. Identifies who he is writing to:
                √ Who is Peter writing to: (pilgrims– Christians who have had to leave
                    their homes.)
       3. Identifies what the people are going through:
               √ What is the “dispersion”? (Christians were being persecuted for
                   believing in Jesus. They had to leave their homes and are scattered.)
       4. Identifies who they are in Christ:
               √ What does Peter call them people that he is writing to in verse 2?
                   (The “elect” and the word “elect” means chosen.) The Bible tells us
                    that everyone who is a follower of Jesus is chosen by God
                    God knows everything and God knows those that will be saved.

       Peter is writing to a group of people that because they believe in Jesus are being
       persecuted (treated badly) and have had to leave their homes. They were chosen
       by God to believe and God knows exactly what they are going through.

       √ Do you think it was a mistake that they were scattered? No, God wanted His
         word to go into the entire world.

1 Peter 1:3-5: “A look at the blessings of God!”

       Peter starts out by blessing God.
               We should always remember to bless God for all that He has done for us.
               That is why we worship and praise. That is why we pray and thank God.
               Our hearts should be overflowing with gratitude to God.

              √ According to verse 3, what had God done for us?
              1. Has shown us abundant mercy
                 The word “mercy” means undeserved favor.
              2. Has “begotten” us – to “begot” is to give birth. God has caused us to
                 be born again – to have a second “spiritual birth.”
              3. He has given us a “living hope” through the resurrection of Jesus.
                 The Bible is always clear that the resurrection of Jesus is very
                 important to our faith. We have a God that is not dead but living.
                 Because of the resurrection we have a hope that says that we will die
                 physically but that we will not die spiritually and that we will live
                 forever in heave with God.
              √ Verse 4 describes this “living hope” what are some words that Peter
                 uses to describe this living hope?
                     a. Inheritance (something you will receive)
                     b. Incorruptible (cannot be destroyed)
                     c. Undefiled (pure – not polluted)
                     d. Will not fade away (will last forever – not subject to decay)
                     e. Reserved (guaranteed by Jesus) Do your parents ever call up a
                         restaurant and get a reservation to eat at a certain time. God
                         has already reserved a place in heaven for you. If you have
                         accepted Christ as your Savior, your place in heaven is waiting
                         for you.

                      Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem describes our imperishable state:
                      “The stars shine over the mountains,
                      The stars shine over the sea
                      The stars look up to the mighty God,
                      The stars look down on me;
                      The stars shall last for a million years,
                      A million years and a day,
                      But God and I will live and love
                      When the stars have passed away.”

              √ According to verse 5, what keeps us strong before we get to heaven?
                    a. Power of God.
                    b. Our faith through salvation

                      Everything we do this side of heaven is through the power of God.
                      When Jesus left us and went back to heaven He left us the Spirit of
                      God. This is the part of God that lives inside of us and through His
                      power we can follow God. He gives us the faith to believe and to
                      follow. NOTHING on earth can take the power of God from us.
                      His power will get us through this life.

1 Peter 1:6-8: “A look at the right attitude!”
       Peter now focuses on the right attitude that we are to have when things are tuff.
              1. 1 Peter 1:6 “Rejoice”

               √ What does Peter say we are to do when we go through trials?
               √ Is it hard to “rejoice” when things are not going right?
               √ How long does Peter say the trials will go? (for a little while) Nothing
                 lasts forever! Even if trials should produce death in this life, we have
                 the promise of “forever” with God.

               The people that Peter is writing to are truly facing hard trials. Many of
               them will lose their lives for believing in Jesus. They are facing trials for
               what they believe. We say that a “trial” is stubbing our toe on the way to
               the table. We do seem to whine about everything. But the word “trial” in
               the New Testament has several meanings. It can mean “physical
               suffering” or lack of provision or battling the attacks of Satan.

               2. 1 Peter 1:7 “Genuine”
                  √ What does the word “genuine” mean? (real – authentic – not fake)

                      There are many people who try to sell things that they say are
                      “authentic” but they are fakes. Peter is telling us that our faith
                      needs to be genuine. Our faith is what God gives us to believe in
                      Him. It is the thing that we need to be praying for because it is our
                      faith that will produce more faith and will make our lives the “real
                      deal.” Trial test our faith and prove that it is genuine. Just like
                      gold is refined by fire. Gold is made pure by burning the
                      impurities out. That is what trials do in our lives!

                      Peter says that real “genuine” faith is more precious than gold.
                      That if you had all of the money in the world, your faith in God is
                      worth much more. Gold will perish – or in other words, when we
                      die our gold cannot go with us. But our faith in God even through
                      the hard times results in eternity with Him.

               4. 1 Peter 1:8 “Rejoice”

                  Because of this faith in God we can rejoice not matter what happens in
                  our lives. Because God saved us through Jesus we love Him more and
                  more and that increases our faith and we have great joy!

1 Peter 1:9-12: “A look at the goal!”
              √ What is the goal of our faith? (The salvation of our souls.) Our soul is
              the part of us that belongs to God. The simple truth is that we are saved
              by our faith in Jesus.

               √ What did the “prophets” write about according to verse 10-11?
                    (The future salvation of God.) The prophets of the Old Testament
                    searched and wrote about the future Messiah. They knew that God
                    was going to provide a way for men to be saved. They wrote that
                    the future salvation would come through the suffering and glorious
                    Messiah. The Jews of Jesus’ day did not want to accept the
                    “suffering” Messiah. They just wanted a “glorious” Messiah.
                    Everything that God had them write through the Holy Spirit (“the
                    Spirit of Christ who was in them” pointed to Jesus.

                      Peter ends verse 12 telling us that even the Angels wanted to know
                      the plan of God. They were excited to know how God was going
                      to work out the salvation of mankind that the Prophets wrote about.
                      They had to wait and see too!

Conclusion: God has provided Jesus as the payment for our sins. All we have to do is
believe. God gives us the faith to believe and God gives us the faith to know that nothing
that happens in this world can take that away from us. Our faith is in God and we can
know that everything He allows in our lives He will help us through. Our faith in God is
more precious than gold!


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