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        Institute of Technology

                  Housing Guide

                                          5 0 0 1-1 5 0 t H Av e . N . e .
                                           R e D m o N D , WA 9 8 0 5 2
                                                 P H : (4 2 5) 55 8 - 0 2 9 9
                                              FA X : (4 2 5) 5 5 8 - 0 3 7 8
                                     email: info@digipen.edu
                                      h t t p : / / w w w. d i g i p e n . e d u
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Welcome to Redmond, Washington
    once a rural, agricultural town, rapid growth since the 1970’s has changed Redmond
to a thriving city that greatly values its natural and beautiful environment. The city’s
vision of Redmond’s future continues the preservation and enhancement of its natural
assets--hills, trees, creeks, rivers and lakes. The vision also includes attractive, safe
neighborhoods that reinforce Redmond’s sense of community and high quality of life.
Presently, Redmond has a population of over 45,000 and is the sixteenth largest city in
Washington. The community has grown tremendously in part because of its proximity
to the rest of the eastside and the businesses of Bellevue and Seattle, and in part because
it seems a bit more of an escape from the bustle of urban life. It does not have the high-
rise businesses of Bellevue, but rather, borders on the rural sophistication of some of the
eastside bedroom communities of the Sammamish valley.
    The city of Redmond is located on Lake Washington’s eastside, at the north end of
Lake Sammamish. Just east of Bellevue, Redmond is also a short commute to Seattle
along Highway 520. The job base in Redmond includes more than 61,000 employees, a
number approximately equal to two-thirds of Redmond’s population. High tech indus-
try giants including microsoft Corporation and Nintendo of America are among the
city’s major employers.
    Redmond’s weather is basically mild with few extremes. In the summer it remains
about 80 degrees Fahrenheit and during the winter, it rarely falls below freezing. The
area has been known for frequent light rains, which helps promote the growth and
beauty of the plentiful parks and evergreen trees.
    Redmond contains numerous parks and areas for recreation, such as walking and
bicycling trails, a beach park along Lake Sammamish, and marymoor park with it’s own
velodrome, pea patches, a free rock climbing wall, an outdoor concert hall, and one of
the largest dog park.
    There are many forms of entertainment available in Redmond. The area provides
the geography for several interesting and challenging golf courses. Family entertain-
ment includes movie theaters, an electronic game center, a billiards center, and bowling.
Redmond’s marymoor Park is a large, 500-acre park that features soccer fields, the
state’s only cycling velodrome, a climbing rock, an airstrip for model planes, tennis
courts, a lakeside beach as well as numerous ball fields. The trails of marymoor Park
tie into the Burke-Gilman trail and others, giving an off-road avenue of travel for the
bicyclist, hiker, or rollerblader.

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Looking for an Apartment
R e n ta l R e s o u R c e s

Apartment Guide                                 800-287-6570         www.apartmentguide.com

Apartments for Rent magazine                    800-235-0080             www.aptsforrent.com

Apartments.com                                                           www.apartments.com

The Seattle times*                                                       www.seattletimes.com

Apartment Finders*                                               800-473-3733 or 425-455-3733

Seattle Craig’s List*                                                 www.seattle.craigslist.org

For Rent.com                                                                   www.forent.com

King County Journal*                                              www.kingcountyjournal.com

Apartments.com                                                           www.apartments.com

Roommates.com                                                            www.roommates.com
* Local Seattle Metro Rental Resource; others are nationwide

G e n e R a l R e l o c at i o n i n f o R m at i o n

City of Redmond                                 425-556-2900            www.ci.redmond.wa.us

experience Redmond                                               www.experienceredmond.com

The emerald City Seattle                                                       www.seattle.net

Seattle - King County Convention & visitors Bureau                                206-461-5804

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   PRoPeRtY name                  PRoPeRtY DescRiPtion                 PRice
      & aDDRess*                        & amenities                   RanGe

                              •   1-2 bedroom floorplans
3615 147th PL. Ne                                                    $1029-1229
                              •   Gym, basketball court
Bellevue, WA 98007                                                   per month
                              •   10-12 month leases available

                              •   1, 2, 3 bedroom floorplans
Archstone Redmond
                              •   Washer/Dryer in units
15606 Ne 40th St.
                              •   Pool, sauna, indoor gym,           $1045-1745
Redmond, WA 98052
                                  basketball court, business         per month
                                  center, childcare available
                              •   9 month leases only

Bellevue meadows
                              •   1, 2 bedroom floorplans
4277 148th Ave. Ne
                              •   Workout room, pool, sand           $1037-1374
Bellevue, WA 98007
                                  volleyball, tennis, scenic pond    per month
                              •   6-12 month leases available

                              •   Studio, 1, and 2 bedrooms
Kendall Ridge
                              •   Swimming pool
15301 Ne 20th St.                                                    $820-1210
                              •   Fitness center
Bellevue, WA 98007                                                   per month
                              •   Laundry Facility
                              •   6, 9, 12 month leases available
                              •   1, 2 bedroom floorplans
Central Park east             •   Washer/Dryer in units
15216 Ne 16th Pl.             •   Pool, business center,             $905-1195
Bellevue, WA 98007                workout room, basketball           per month
425-746-6909                      court, tanning bed
                              •   6-12 month leases available

evergreen Heights             •   1, 2, 3 bedroom floorplans
12233 Ne 31st Way             •   Washer/Dryer in units              $855-1300
Kirkland, WA 98034            •   Fireplaces                         per month
425-823-0578                  •   3-12 month leases available

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   PRoPeRtY name                  PRoPeRtY DescRiPtion                 PRice
     & aDDRess*                         & amenities                   RanGe

                              •    Studio, 1, 2, 3 bedroom units
                              •    Washer/Dryer in units
                              •    Pool, tennis and basketball
Gates of Redmond
                                   courts, workout room,
15325 Redmond Way
                                   1 free parking space              $750-1400
Redmond, WA 98052
                              •    Non-refundable deposit and        per month
                                   application fee waived for
                                   DigiPen Students
                              •    month-to-month - 12 month
                                   leases available

Hampton Greens                •    1, 2 bedroom floorplans
4747 148th Ave. Ne            •    2 pools, hot tub, workout room,   $960-1340
Bellevue, WA 98007                 conference room                   per month
425-883-1534                  •    7-12 month leases available

                              •    1, 2 bedroom floorplans
The Lakes
                              •    Pool, workout room
14760 Ne 40th St.                                                    $1000-1400
                              •    .45 miles from campus
Bellevue, WA 98007                                                   per month
                              •    month-to-month - 12 month
                                   leases available

                              •    1, 2 bedroom floorplans
                              •    Washer/Dryer in units,
olde Redmond Place
                              •    tennis, heated pool, sauna,
7001 old Redmond Pl.
                                   hot tub, weight room, newly       $960-1100
Redmond, WA 98052
                                   remodeled                         per month
                              •    Non-refundable deposit and
                                   application Fee waived for
                                   DigiPen Students
                              •    2-12 month leases available

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   PRoPeRtY name                  PRoPeRtY DescRiPtion                 PRice
     & aDDRess*                         & amenities                   RanGe

                              •    1-3 bedroom floorplans
Ravenswood at the Park        •    Washer/Dryer in most units
4850 156th Ave. Ne            •    Pool, hot tub, tanning beds,
Redmond, WA 98052                  fitness center, sauna, Air con-
                                                                     per month
1-866-239-9798                     ditioning in some units, tennis
www.avaloncommunities.com          and basketball courts
                              •    6-12 month leases available

Shadowbrook Apts.             •    1-3 bedroom floorplans
8500 148th Ave Ne             •    Washer/Dryer in units
Redmond, WA 98052             •    Pool, racquetball court,
                                                                     per month
425-881-5978                       fitness center, hot tub
www.breshadowbrook.com        •    9-12 month leases available

                              •    Studio-2, bedroom floorplans
                              •    on-site laundry room
14713 Ne 39th St.                                                    $685-930
                                   (not in unit)
Bellevue, WA 98007                                                   per month
                              •    Pool/ Fitness Center
                              •    6 month leases available

                              •    1-2 bedroom floorplans
totem Lake Heights
                              •    Pets allowed
12414 Ne 127th Ct.                                                   $875-1075
                              •    Fitness Center
Kirkland, WA 98034                                                   per month
                              •    Swimming Pool
                              •    6-12 month leases available

                              •    1-3 bedroom floorplans
trails of Redmond
                              •    Washer/Dryer in units, tennis
16539 Ne 35th Ct                                                     $1120-1520
                                   and basketball courts, 3 pools,
Redmond, WA 98052                                                    per month
                                   2 jacuzzis, gym, cyber cafe
                              •    8-12 month Leases Avail.

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      PRoPeRtY name                                                               PRoPeRtY DescRiPtion                                              PRice
         & aDDRess*                                                                          & amenities                                           RanGe

                                                                              •     1 bedroom apts.
                                                                              •     2-3 bedroom townhomes
 trailwood Apts.
                                                                              •     Washer/Dryer in units
 8501 Willows Rd.                                                                                                                                $875-1400
                                                                              •     Pool, garages available
 Redmond, WA 98052                                                                                                                               per month
                                                                              •     Application fee waived for
                                                                                    DigiPen students
                                                                              •     6-12 month leases available

*DigiPen does not recommend any of these apartments over any other option. This is a small
 sampling, based on student feedback, of the apartments that may be available near the school.

                                             Shadowbrook Apartments                                Trailwood
                                                                                                                      Fred Meyer/Target
                                                                                                                      Shopping Center

                                                          Gates of Redmond
                                                                                                          Town Center
                                       Old      o n d Rd                                                                                         Re
                                                                              Olde Redmond Place                                                    d   m
         132nd Ave NE




                                                                                              NE 51

                                         Hampton Greens

                                                                                                    Ravenswood at the Park
                                                               148th Ave NE

                                                                                                                                      y   NE
                                       Bellevue Meadows
                                                                                                   Archstone Redmond
                                              The Lakes
                                                                                                                              Evergreen Park
                                                                                      520                                     Apartments
                        134th Ave NE

                                                                                                                                    Trails of Redmond

                                        NE 24th St                                                                   NE 24th St

                                                                  Overlake                                 Kendall Ridge
                                                               Shopping Center
                                                                                                               Central Park East

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Local Bus Information*
fa R e s
metro transit/Sound transit-The Seattle metro area is divided into zones. Depending
on how many zones are involved in your trip, and when you are traveling, the fare will
vary as follows:

metro 1 and 2 zone off peak (not rush hour)- $1.25
metro 1 zone peak (from DigiPen to Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland)- $1.50
metro 2-zone peak (from DigiPen to Seattle)- $2.00
Community transit (serving Snohomish County)- $3.00

Sound Transit fares differ

There are six bus stops local to DigiPen (see map next page). Routes that service these
stops are listed below.

222: Bellevue to overlake, daily
230: Bellevue to Redmond via SR-520, daily
232: Bellevue transit Center to Redmond, weekdays only (commuter)
233: Bellevue to Avondale via Redmond, weekdays and Saturday
242: Seattle (Northgate) to overlake, weekdays only (commuter)
245: Kirkland to Factoria via Crossroads, daily
253: Bellevue to Redmond, daily
266: Seattle to Redmond, weekdays only (commuter)
268: Redmond to Seattle via SR-520, weekdays only (commuter)
269: Issaquah to overlake, weekdays only (commuter)

545: Redmond to Seattle (downtown) via SR-520, weekdays only

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t i m e ta b l e s a n D t R i P P l a n n e R s :
King County trip Planner                                                 http://tripplanner.metrokc.gov
metro                                                                         http://transit.metrokc.gov
Sound transit                                                              http://www.soundtransit.org
Community transit                                                   http://www.communitytransit.org/

*Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.
verify route destinations online.

b u s sto P s n e a R D i G i P e n                                             N
                         245 253
                         266                                  To
                                               To                    51st S                    RedMond
To                                                                          t                  232 268
Bellevue,                                      AvondAle                                        545
SeATTle                                        FAcToRIA,
222 233                                        ISSAquAH
242 253                                           222 233                 To
266                                               242 245                 SeATTle,
                                                  269 441                 Bellevue
                                                                          232 268
        148th Ave NE

                                           150th Ave NE


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Relocation Tips
1.   mention that you are a DigiPen Institute of technology student. many of
     these properties know DIt and will waive security deposits or have other
     specials just for you.

2.   Some properties will lease for month-to-month, 6, 9, or 12, months. If you don’t
     plan to be in Redmond during the summer, ask if they have a shorter lease option
     than a full-year.

3.   Ask them to tell you about their monthly specials. Sometimes you can
     get a month free, reduced rent, or waived deposits.

4.   Some properties will only rent to people above 18 years of age. Your parents may
     have to co-sign on the lease with you.

5.   If you have a car you should also check out areas like Kirkland, Factoria,
     Woodinville and Bothell. If you don’t mind the commute you can find some
     great deals farther out from the Redmond/Bellevue area.

6.   Be prepared for paperwork & move-in costs. most apartments require a damage
     deposit and many require first & last month’s rent. Some apartments require a pet

7.   If you use the DigiPen Roommate Locator Database and find a roommate, be sure
     to let us know so that we can remove your listing. You can always repost it later if
     you need to change your roommate situation.

Post offices
Redmond                           16135 Ne 85th St./ Redmond               425-885-1057
Crossroads/Bellevue               15731 Ne 8th St./ Bellevue               425-401-0892
Downtown Bellevue                 1171 Bellevue Way Ne/ Bellevue           425-453-5655

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Important Relocation Numbers
communitY anD utilities
City of Bellevue Utilities Information:                               425-452-6932
City of Redmond Utilities Information:                                 425-553-2152
Dmv (drivers licenses):                                               425-649-4281
King County vehicle and vessel:                                       206-296-4000
King County voter Registration:                                       206-296-8683
Puget Sound energy (electric):          www.pse.com                   425-452-1234
verizon (telephone, DSL):               www.verizon.com               800-483-4000
Comcast (cable tv, cable internet):     www.comcast.com               425-462-2863

Bank of America
2400 148th Ave Ne/ Redmond                  www. bankofamerica.com    206-358-2959

Wells Fargo:
8502 1600th Ave Ne/ Redmond                 www.wellsfargo.com        425-885-6531

Washington mutual:
8010 164th Ave Ne/ Redmond                                            425-885-7070

US Bank
Safeway office 15000 Ne 24th St./ Redmond   www.usbank.com            425-869-8818
17020 Redmond Way/ Redmond                  www.usbank.com            425-885-5300
1128 156th Ave Ne/ Bellevue                 www.usbank.com            425-401-1388

For all emergencies (Police, Fire, Ambulance)                                   911
Group Health Hospital (urgent care) 2700 152nd Ave Ne/ Redmond         425-883-5151
Community Health Centers of King County                                425-882-1697
medical and Dental Clinics           16315 Ne 87th St. #B-6/Redmond    425-883-8000
Redmond Family Health                8301 161st Ave Ne #308/Redmond    425-882-5020
evergreen medical Group: (urgent care) 8301 161st Ave. Ne #105/Redmond 425-883-3333

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P h a R m ac i e s
Walgreens:                     12405 Ne 85th St./ Kirkland               425-822-9202
Bartell Drugs                  8860 161st Ave Ne/ Redmond                425-883-4882
                               7370 170th Ave Ne/ Redmond                425-895-8323
Safeway Pharmacy               12519 Ne 85th/ Kirkland                   425-821-0708
Costco Pharmacy                8629 120th Ave Ne/ Kirkland               425-822-0414

Stocking Your New Home
householD necessities
Fred meyer                    2041 148th Ave Ne/ Bellevue                  425-865-8560
Ikea                          600 SW 43rd St./ Renton                      425-656-2980
target                        17700 Ne 76th St./ Redmond                   425-556-9533
Walmart                       743 Rainier Ave S./ Renton                   425-227-0407
                              1400 164th St. SW/ Lynnwood                  425-741-9445
Costco                        8629 120th Avenue Ne/ Kirkland               425-827-1693

Ikea                          600 SW 43rd St./ Renton                      425-656-2980
Adoba                         16151 Cleveland Street/ Redmond              425-883-9491

comPuteR/office suPPlies
Best Buy                      457 120th Ave Ne / Bellevue                  425-452-8060
office Depot                  15301 Ne 24th St./ Redmond                    425-747-9019
Staples                       1645 140th Ne St. A4/ Bellevue               425-373-3335
Fry’s electronics             800 Garden Ave. N/ Renton                    425-525-0200

aRt anD cRaft suPPlies
Ben Franklin                  15756 Redmond Way/Redmond                   425-883-2050
Daniel Smith - Bellevue       15122 Ne 24th St./ Bellevue                 425-643-1781
University Bookstore          990 102nd Ave Ne/ Bellevue                  425-462-4500

online ordering only
Cartoon Colour Company:                                          www.cartooncolour.com
Cartoon Supplies.com                                            www.cartoonsupplies.com

             Digi Pen I nst it u te of Tech nol ogy | housi ng gu i de 20 07- 08

Bellevue Public Library                    425-450-1765              1111 110th Avenue Ne/ Bellevue
DigiPen Library                                                                       oN CAmPUS
Kirkland Public Library                    425-822-2459                 308 Kirkland Ave./ Kirkland
Redmond Regional Library                   425-885-1861                   15990 N.e. 85th/ Redmond

Game suPPlies
eBX                                        Redmond town Center                        425-895-8331
Genesis Games & Gizmos                     8912 161st St./ Redmond                    425-497-9579
Coyote Games                               16505 Redmond Way/ Redmond                 425-558-9181

Larry’s markets
7320 170 th Ave Ne/ Redmond                                                          425-869-2362
699 120th Ave Ne/ Bellevue                                                           425-453-0600

17246 Redmond Way e/ Redmond                                                          425-885-3323
12519 Ne 85th St./ Kirkland                                                           425-822-8821
15000 Ne 24th St./ Redmond                                                            425-455-6549

1580 Redmond WA Ne/ Redmond                                                           425-885-2311
8867 161 Ave Ne/ Redmond
211 Park Place Center/ Kirkland                                                       425-827-2205

top Foods
15751 Ne 15th St./ Bellevue                                                           425-748-1300

trader Joes
15400 Ne 20th St./ Bellevue                                                          425-643-6885

Uwajimaya (Asian Grocery)
15555 Ne 24th St. & Bel Red Rd./Bellevue                                              425-747-9014

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Recommended Restaurants                                   ($=<$5, $$=<$10, $$$=<$15)

Acacia teriyaki           40 th St/ Redmond                (sit down/takeout)     $

Arby’s                    15115 Ne 24th/ Redmond                  (fast food)     $

Azteca                    3040 148th Ave/ Bellevue                (sit-down)     $$

Burger King               14620 Ne 24th/ Bellevue                 (fast food)     $

Claim Jumper              7210 164th Ave. N.e./Redmond            (sit-down)    $$$

Denny’s                   2233 148th Ave Ne/ Bellevue             (sit-down)     $$

IHoP                      14747 Ne 20 th St/ Bellevue             (sit-down)     $$

Ivars Seafood             1505 156th Ave Ne Bellevue              (fast food)    $$

KFC                       7870 159 th Pl Ne/ Redmond              (fast food)     $

mcDonald’s                8515 124th Ave Ne/ Kirkland             (fast food)     $
                          16975 Redmond Way/ Redmond

Red Robin                 2390 148th Ave Ne/ Redmond              (sit-down)    $$$
                          7597 170th Avenue Ne/ Redmond

Safeway China express     15000 Ne 24th St./ Redmond           (convenience)      $

Subway                    16001 Redmond Way/ Redmond              (fast food)    $$

taco del mar              14808 Ne 24th St./ Bellevue             (fast food)     $

Than Brothers             7844 Leary Way/Redmond                  (sit-down)      $

tres Hermanos             12821 85th St./ Kirkland                (sit-down)    $$$

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Things to Do
shoPPinG centeRs
Alderwood                           3000 184th St. SW St 145/ Lynnwood         425-771-1211
Bellevue Square                     575 Bellevue Square/ Bellevue             425-454-8096
Crossroads                          Ne 8th and 156th Ave Ne/ Bellevue         425-644-1111
Redmond town Center                 16495 Ne 74th St/ Redmond                 425-869-2479
Southcenter                         633 Southcenter/ Seattle                  206-246-7400

m o v i e t h e at e R s
Factoria Cinemas 8                  3505 Factoria Blvd Se/ Bellevue           425-641-3461
Kirkland Park Place Cinema 6        404 Park Place/ Kirkland                  425-827-9000
Redmond town Center                 16451 N.e. 74th St./ Redmond              425-558-4893
Regal Bella Botega Stadium 11       8890 Ne 161st Ave/ Redmond                425-861-6880
Regal Crossroads 8 Cinema           1200 156th Ave. N.e./ Bellevue            425-562-6596

Gameworks                           1511 7th Ave/ Seattle                     206-521-0952
Illusionz                           1025 NW Gilman Blvd./ Issaquah            425-427-2444

a m u s e m e n t Pa R k s
Family Fun Center                   7300 Fun Center Way/ tukwila              425-228-7300
Wild Waves & enchanted village      36201 enchanted Parkway S./ Federal Way   253-661-8000

Still need something to do? Check out these helpful websites:
www.kirotv.com/seattleinsider/ (Events, Movie Times)
www.nwsource.com (Music and Nightlife, Theater and Arts)
www.nwsource.com/visitorguide (Visitor’s Guide)

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Medical Services
DigiPen does not provide health insurance for domestic students (US citizens and per-
manent residents). Domestic students who are interested in obtaining health insurance
are required to sign up on their own. Choosing a health insurance plan is a personal
decision and there are numerous options. The listing of companies below is not an
endorsement of either program.

Sentry Student Insurance Plan

Assurant - Student Select Health Insurance

DigiPen Institute of technology requires all international students holding an F-1 visa
to attend school in the United States to enroll in the health-and-accident insurance
policy provided by DigiPen before the start of classes. All international students are
required to purchase the insurance through DigiPen Institute of technology by HtH
Worldwide (www.hthstudents.com). Waivers will not be granted for other health insur-
ance programs. Please contact Student Services for further details.

Closest Airport/Airport Transportation
The nearest airport to DigiPen Institute of technology is Seattle-tacoma International
Airport (Sea-tac), approximately an hour drive from the Institute. Rental cars, shuttle
buses, taxis, metro buses, and Sound transit express buses service the airport and can
deliver you right to DigiPen’s doorstep.

Additional on-airport information about shuttle buses and Gray Line buses can be
found at the Ground transportation Information Booth located on the third floor of the
Parking Garage. Public transit bus routes serve the airport outside Door 6 by Baggage
Carousel #1 on the Baggage Claim (lower) level.

Amtrak Seattle
303 South Jackson Street, King St. Station
Seattle, WA 98104                                                    www.amtrak.com
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Greyhound Bus
811 Stewart St.
Seattle, WA 98101                                                   www.greyhound.com

shuttle exPRess
Shuttle express has hourly scheduled service to major hotels in Seattle and the eastside.
It also offers 24-hour, door-to-door, share-ride service for the entire area. Shuttles cost
approximately $21-28 one-way. Call 800-487-RIDe or visit their website for more infor-
mation. http://www.shuttleexpress.com/

Pa R k i n G
There are a limited number of parking spaces available to students. Students must apply
for parking on a first-come, first-served basis each August. If there are more applica-
tions than available parking spaces, a waiting list is kept and as spots become available,
students will be notified by the Department of Student Services.

DigiPen student parking is reserved from 7:30Am to 6:00Pm monday though Friday.
Reserved student parking spaces become open after 6:00Pm on weekdays, and all day on
Saturdays. Parking spaces are identified with a DigiPen insignia and a number. Students
should only park in authorized, marked spaces and not in Staff, Faculty, visitor parking
spaces or any other area of DigiPen or Nintendo of America.

Unauthorized parking will result in a vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. Any
vehicle parked on campus between the hours of 7:30Am to 6:00Pm monday though Fri-
day without a valid permit is in violation and will be towed. The speed limit is 5 mPH.

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This beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest has panoramic views of the Cascade moun-
tains and the olympics, stunning water views of Puget Sound, remarkable and memo-
rable restaurants and cafes, and endless lists of activities. Composed of numerous neigh-
borhoods, each with their own flavor, Seattle offers years of exploration and experience.

s e at t l e l i n k s

City of Seattle Website       Pacific Northwest Ballet       Pike Place market
Seattle City Search           Seattle Symphony               Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Insider               experience music Project       Woodland Park Zoo
Best of the Northwest         Science Fiction museum         Space Needle
City Information              museum of Flight               Northwest outdoor Center
Seattle times                 Seattle Art museum             Bumbershoot

Roommate Locator Assistance
While DigiPen does not offer student housing, we do maintain a housing referral and
a roommate referral program for students. The Student Services Director administers
these programs with help from the Admissions department. The roommate referral
program is an online program for students, giving them an oppertunity to ‘meet’ one
another online and find a compatible roommate before the beginning of the classes in
the Fall. many students reside in the apartment units that are within walking distance
to DigiPen with between 2-4 students in an apartment. For more information please
contact admissions@digipen.edu.

        Digi Pen I nst it u te of Tech nol ogy | housi ng gu i de 20 07- 08


        Digi Pen I nst it u te of Tech nol ogy | housi ng gu i de 20 07- 08


        Digi Pen I nst it u te of Tech nol ogy | housi ng gu i de 20 07- 08



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