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Jason Cole - Jason Paul Cole


									                                       Jason Cole
                                   Front End Web Developer
                                        2777 Francis Ave.
                                     Los Angeles, CA 90005
                                      Phone: 949.357.9558

With 13 years hands-on experience designing and developing corporate, small business,
social media and e-commerce web sites, in addition to managing large scale corporate web
projects; I am a diligent, sharp, competent web developer and user-interface engineer.


         HTML5/XHTML
         CSS3 (LESS/SASS/Compass)
         Javascript (jQuery)
         LAMP/Java/Ruby on Rails Environments
         Github/SVN
         Twitter Bootstrap/320 And Up
         Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
         Basecamp/Pivotal Tracker
         Wordpress/Drupal/Tumblr/Codeigniter/Typo3
         Sailthru, Responsys, Exact Target, MailChimp

Work Experience:

Team One USA, El Segundo CA                                              11/2012 – 03/2013
Front End Web Developer

         Lead Front-End Developer, Lexus “Check-In For Charity” Facebook application.

          The Facebook Application was built for Lexus to promote their December Sales Event,
          and additionally helped raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
          The front-end code was written using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery on
          top of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. The responsive/fluid grid layout functionality
          sped up development and made development of the mobile version a snap. The
          back-end framework, a combination of the Codeigniter MVC framework with a MYSQL
          database used to store user data. The initial goal was to raise $100,000 in the 30
          days the app was slated to run. That goal was reached 4 days after launch,
          prompting Lexus to free up another $100,000 for a 2nd round, which lasted another
          7 days before being met.

         Lead Front-End Developer, “Performance” page re-boot.

          The Lexus Performance series section’s design and UI was candidate for an update.
          The 2nd model section to be re-designed by Team One, I re-wrote the markup
          (HTML5) to properly hook into the responsive framework that the development team
          began to scaffold with the first section re-design. The responsive layout is powered
       by a combination of CSS media queries (a combination of SASS/Compass) and
       Javascript objects initialized by break-point/resize call-back. All the JS in place is
       built in an Object-Oriented was so that any functionality may be inherited if desired.
       For example, the image carousel object can be extended and included in a specific
       page’s object, and then modified to include videos instead of images. All without
       affecting the original carousel object. All videos on the page are served using the
       Brightcove API. Google Analytics is integrated for basic tracking, while Omniture is
       integrated to track visitor behavior on a more granular level. This is achieved by
       custom event handlers written for every possible on-page user action, which were
       then tied into the Omniture API.

BeachMint, Santa Monica CA                                             12/2010 – 10/2012
Front End Web Developer

      Developed the company corporate website utilizing HTML5/CSS3
      Developed company property blogs, utilizing HTML5/CSS3/Javscript/PHP.
       Wordpress was used exclusively initially. The Design dept. would provide me with a
       PSD to work with.
      Tumblr blog themes were coded out and tested by hand.
      Developed email campaign templates for marketing department, using HTML/CSS.
       Multiple email marketing services were used, such as MailChimp – for one off and
       small blasts while other more complex EMS’, such as Responsys – which were used
       for recurring and large scale campaigns.
       After the templates were coded and passed initial small volume tests, they would be
       set up with campaign variables input, and proofs would be sent to all internal test
       accounts. Upon management approval, the campaigns would be scheduled for
       deployments. Post-send responsibilities included advising the
       product/design/marketing teams in how to modify email creative/copy for improved
       campaign results.
      Developed landing pages, utilizing XHTML/CSS/jQuery. Once coded and cross-
       browser tested thoroughly, I would input them into a home-grown A/B testing
       system for use by the marketing department.

Product Partners, LLC., Santa Monica CA                                09/2010 – 12/2010
Front End Web Developer (contract)

      Updated company websites utilizing HTML/CSS/Javascript(jQuery) and the Marketlive
       Content Management System.
      Worked with product managers and back-end developers to plan out and build the
       UK version.
      Managed and tracked all development progress/milestones using the Daptiv Project
       Management Software and SVN for code version control.

Global Fitness Media., Brentwood CA                                    07/2010 – 09/2010
Front End Web Developer (contract)

      Updated the company website utilizing HTML/CSS/Javascript(jQuery) with Ruby on
       Rails powering the back-end.
      Worked with product managers and back-end developers to plan out a new version of
       the current product. ( v2)
      Front-end development (HTML/CSS/AJAX) on a co-branded version of
Hangout Ind., North Hollywood CA                                     03/2010 – 07/2010
Front End Web Developer (contract to hire)

      Updated and managed plug-in installation/configuration for the company blog
       (WordPress) and message board (vBulletin).
      Updated and refactored current Javascript framework used to connect company
       game with the Facebook API. jQuery was used to pass data from our MYSQL
       database, to the Unity game engine and back, in addition to handling all Facebook
       Open Graph data transfer.
      In charge of A/B testing company lading pages, using data collected to improve and
       modify page presentation to best tailor UX for game's players.

Warner Bros. Inc., Burbank CA                                        11/2009 – 03/2010
Front End Web Developer (contract)

      Developed page templates for Kids WB e-commerce websites, converting PSDs to
       standards compliant, cross-browser compatible XHTML/CSS.
      Coded interactive page elements with jQuery, including product carousels and modals
       used to display various bits of information. – Santa Monica, CA                                   11/2007 – 11/2009
Front End Web Developer (perm)

      Company website page and feature updates. In addition to intermittent, total site-
       wide re-designs. Used a combination of XHTML/CSS/Javascript(jQuery) to bring
       design comps from flat PSDs to fully functioning, pixel-perfect web pages.
      CMS Template development and page updates using the Typo3 framework.
      Developed the UI and front-end code for a modular product search tool, allowing
       users to search for products by many different attributes and with a focus on range
       over specific value. Worked with the back-end development team to tie the form
       together with the product database.
      Coded AJAX-powered content syndication widgets, bringing our name and product
       information database to thousands of beauty blogger websites, extending our
       company reach.
      Streamlined recurring tasks by creating bulletproof markup and CSS templates for
       use by the front-end team, while working with the design team to create standards
       and guidelines for designs, to minimize the amount of back and forth between
      Improved page load time across the site by trimming down the amount of network
       calls per page. Re-factored markup/CSS, added image lazy-loading, and image
       sprites where necessary. Re-wrote Javascript site-wide using the quickest DOM
       traversal techniques possible.
      Minor back-end PHP development, such as contact form processing and file upload
       from a web form. Which were then stored on the server in a MYSQL database. - Hollywood, CA                                      07/2007 – 11/2007
Front End Web Developer (perm)
    Created HTML/CSS email templates for email marketing.
    Updated web content for homegrown CMS, utilizing XHTML/CSS.
    Company unexpectedly moved to St. Louis (HQ) in Oct.
Niki Media Group - Orange, CA                                      02/2007 – 07/2007
Webmaster/Project Manager (perm)
    Managed 4 employees, overseeing design and coding for customer websites.
    Designed customer websites and marketing material, utilizing Adobe Photoshop and
    Developed customer websites. Utilizing XHTML/CSS/Javascript, and some minor PHP.
    Managed SEO campaigns, creating keyword/phrase lists that were implemented and
      monitored utilizing the SEO campaign management software, Web CEO.
    Maintained and updated company websites.
    Customer service.

DiskFaktory - Irvine, CA                                              12/2005 – 02/2007

      Designed, developed, and updated company websites. Utilizing
      Managed SEO campaigns, utilizing SEO campaign management software, Web CEO.
      Designed company and affiliate print materials (business cards, posters, flyers,
       booklets), worked with print team to oversee production of final products.
      Designed and built custom Flash advertisement banners.
      Wrote technical articles for the purpose of adding relevant, keyword rich content to
       the DiskFaktory site. The articles were also posted on a number of different article
       repositories, creating valuable back-links.

Freelance Work Experience:

       BuzzFoto | Worked with the design team to develop an elegant Wordpress theme,
       highlighting their large, constantly updated celebrity photograph collection. The
       design was then coded out in XHTML/CSS/PHP. I used jQuery to develop custom
       Wordpress plug-ins, such as one which pulled and displayed a random photo from
       their database on page re-fresh.

       Hustler Casino | Developed a custom Drupal theme, utilizing XHTML/CSS.

       Aerodynamix | Developed a custom Drupal theme, utilizing XHTML/CSS.

       Shop4ERP | Front-end development (XHTML/CSS), involving mostly design/UI
       updates. The site is built on top of a home-grown CMS framework written in PHP,
       with all data being stored in a MYSQL database.

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