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					                                                 Homeward Bound
                                                  a biannual publication ■ spring 2013

A Brighter Future
Gratitude is an action word: it’s not what you are,
it’s something you do,” says Jamie, single mom and
former resident of Rebele Family Shelter.
Watching her son being driven away          Jamie found that visualizing what
by Child Protective Services, Jamie         she wanted her life to look like was
was devastated. The only thing more         great motivation; she would imagine
important to her than whiskey was           her son sitting at the table eating his
her son. Having him snatched from           lunch, she would see focus in his
her opened Jamie’s eyes to what             eyes, a trait Jamie wants dearly for
was truly important and triggered a         her son. “You have to visualize what
motivation to clean up her life that        you want. See yourself in a better
couldn’t be stopped.                        situation. What do you want your
                                            soap to smell like? How do you want
“Billy came from the clear blue sky
                                            the floor to feel under your bare feet?
and saved me from myself,” Jamie
                                            What is on your bookshelf?” More
says of her three-year-old son.
                                            than that, Jamie saw their future
Ultimately, the worst time in her
                                            selves giving back, just like someone
life turned out to be a blessing in                                                        Jamie, former resident of Rebele Family Shelter
                                            gave to them.
disguise; Jamie realized that in order
to get her son back, she needed to          Jamie has returned to Rebele Family          Jamie’s gratitude for a fresh start
turn her life around.                       Shelter, this time as an intern,             with her son is evident in everything
                                            encouraging parents on their road            she does; from filling up her car
Valerie Verdugo, a senior case
                                            to sobriety and shining as a beacon          weekly with anybody that will attend
manager at Rebele Family Shelter,
                                            to those finding themselves homeless         a recovery program, to creating signs
knew Jamie’s mother when she was
                                            and scared. Having celebrated two            that serve as a reminder to just take
homeless and seeking help from
                                            years of sobriety in January, Jamie          it “One day at a time.” Rebele Family
Homeless Services Center, so it was
                                            looks forward to what the future             Shelter residents, volunteers, and staff
only natural that having known
                                            holds. Aside from being a loving and         alike are encouraged by the changes
Valerie for so long, Jamie felt a sense
                                            full-time mother, attending a recovery       Jamie made in her life, which serve
of accountability to her. Valerie’s
                                            program daily, and her internship at         as a reminder that the work done at
patience and compassion gave Jamie
                                            RFS, Jamie studies human services at         RFS truly changes lives. ■
the push she needed to find housing
                                            Cabrillo College and is interested in
so that Billy could come home to her.
                                            supporting women in recovery.

                                   Our Mission
                                   The Homeless Services Center is dedicated
                                   to the coordinated provision of services for
                                   homeless persons. The goal of the Homeless
                                   Services Center is to provide both emergency
                                   and transitional services that will enable our
                                   clients to achieve self-sufficiency.               "Lightening Dragon" as drawn by RFS resident Alyssa, Age 7
Homeless Services Center
Monica Martinez, M.P.A., Executive Director (Ext. 2103)
                                                                 From the Executive Director

Shelley McKittrick, Director of Programs (Ext. 3110)
Alyssa Willett, Finance Manager (Ext. 2104)                                                        oday there is an important dialogue
Jessica Abramson, Development Manager (Ext. 2101)
                                                                                                   in our community about issues of
Colleen Murphy, Operations Manager (Ext. 1104)
                                                                                                   homelessness and the related impacts
Megan Carlson, Community Outreach Manager
                                                                                          and responsibilities relating to those issues.
                                                                                          Many of these conversations revolve around
   (Ext. 1104)
                                                                                          the perceived impact of homelessness on public
Shannon Miller, Executive Assistant (Ext. 1112)
                                                                                          safety, economic development, and open spaces.
Mary Triulzi, Program Manager, Rebele Family Shelter
                                                                                          Those leading these conversations are sharing
   (Ext. 1103)
                                                                                          the message: Homelessness is a problem.
Kris Younggren, Program Manager, Daytime Essential
   Services Center (Ext. 4112)                                                            There can be no disagreement with that truth.
Sarah Peters, Program Manager, Page Smith                                                 In addition to the previously mentioned impact,
   Community House (Ext. 3111)                                                            homelessness is a costly public health issue.
Valerie Verdugo, Senior Case Manager, Rebele Family                                       Someone experiencing chronic homelessness
   Shelter (Ext. 1105)                                                                    may access healthcare in the emergency room
Kris Edin, Case Manager, Page Smith Community                                             multiple times a month, stay in the hospital for
   House (Ext. 3108)                                                                      days at a time, require dozens of ambulance
Jeff Goodyear, Housing Support Specialist (Ext. 4102)    rides, and be contacted by a law enforcement officer multiple times a day. These
Tayler Paskal, Interim Volunteer Coordinator (Ext. 1102) unnecessary costs can add up to millions in public tax dollars for a single individ-
                                                               ual. And even with these expensive interventions, someone experiencing chronic
                                                               homelessness has a life expectancy of just 47 years.
Board of Directors
                                                               Homelessness is a problem.
Claudia Brown, President                                       While the community is searching for fixes, it is critically important that we all
Marsha Shanle, Vice President                                  help each other focus on approaches that are proven to solve the problem.
Katherine Beiers, Secretary                                    Luckily, those solutions are available and have been proven in many communities:
Gloria Ploss, Treasurer                                        We know that permanent supportive housing has been successful in decreasing
MeMbeRS:                                   eMeRituS:
                                                               chronic homelessness across the nation, so we have accelerated this process locally
Antonio M.           Rowland Rebele        Harriet Deck
                                                               by championing the 180/180 Initiative (see more on page 7).
  Alarcon            Theresa Silveira      Linda Finch         We know that providing a place of respite and recovery for a homeless individual
John P. Dietz        Sibley Simon          Phil Grauberger     upon discharge from the hospital can save millions in unnecessary healthcare
Fran Guerrero        Mark Trabing          Paul Lee            costs, so we are opening the county’s first Recuperative Care Center in late 2013.
Colin Herrick        Stuart Tripp          Mike Marini         We know that temporary family shelter, combined with an income savings plan,
Jim King             Lucas Willey          Donna Maurillo      is successful in keeping families whole, and increasing future housing stability,
Chris Rebele         Sally Williams        Paul Pfotenhauer    which is why the Rebele Family Shelter has been successful in connecting over 500
                                           Robert Yonts        homeless families with permanent housing since 2006.
Homeward Bound Newsletter                                      We also know what doesn’t work.
Editor: Jessica Abramson                                       Most simply: We know that services do not cause homelessness, therefore reducing
Writers: Megan Carlson, Shannon Miller                         or eliminating services will not make homelessness go away. Rather, reducing ser-
Designer: Marianne Wyllie, mwyllie@cruzio.com                  vices increases the likelihood of health-related expense to the community and can
                                                               lead to an increased risk of early mortality for an already vulnerable population.
                                                               We need to focus on solutions that are smart and have lasting results. In order
   PO Box 1319 Santa Cruz, CA 95061
                                                               to truly address the issue of homelessness, we must work together across sectors,
  115-B Coral St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060                         ideologies and geographies to implement solutions that:
Email addresses: [first initial & last name] @scshelter.org    1. Address the root causes of the problems in addition to meeting immediate needs
                                                               2. Identify and adopt evidence-based policies, strategies and programs that are
HSC Nondiscrimination Policy                                      cost-effective
The Homeless Services Center does not                          3. Produce measurable results toward short- and long-term goals identified by all
discriminate against clients, volunteers, or                      sectors of the community
employees who meet the eligibility guidelines                  4. Ensure that all our community members are treated with equity, dignity and
for any Homeless Services Center programs.                        respect.
If you think you have been discriminated                       Homeless Services Center is committed to these principles. As the community dia-
against, please contact the Executive Director                 logue on homeless services continues, we hope you will stand with us in calling
at 831.458.6020 (Ext. 2103).                                   on our public officials to commit to the same principles. Together, we can improve
                                                               our community and decrease homelessness at the same time.

                                                      Keep current with HSC!
                                                      Join our Facebook community:
        2                                                                                               Monica Martinez, Executive Director
 A Letter of Thanks

                                                   Center,                                             frien d told
                              ess S ervices                                            home, an d a
D ea r Frien ds at Homel                                          ts , without a                         an d I
                                                on the stree                             turn ed cold
                 ago I fo     un d m yself                            the w ea ther                        sential
Two months                                          e Armory as                           e Day time Es
                ur Winter       Shelter at th                            anag er o f th                          l Lee
me about yo                                            e Program M                            t for the Pau
                  to go. Kris      Younggren, th                        n  the waiting lis                   e Lo f t.
 had nowhere                                           t m y name o                          sident at th
                                   helped me ge              hesitantly,     became a re
                 ter at HSC                , somewhat                                              ed an d work
 S ervices Cen           helter an d I                                            happily marri
                 n cy s                                            y.” I was                            o. Work
 Lo f t emerge                                  “homeless gu                            few years ag
                  ght o f    m yself as a                          ke t crashed a                            m my
  I n ever thou                                   housing mar                              use. The drea
                  contra c    tor until the                            ga ge on m y ho                        be the
  as a painting                                      pay the mort                            was go ing to
                                d I couldn’ t                             came true. I                             d
  really slow ed
                    down an                          an camp n ev
                                                                      er                        o d pro vider an
                   ad o f open     ing a Christi             . I had alw      ays been a go          at the wo     rld.
   wife an d I h                            be the chef                             elf an d mad                     into a
                   he   was go ing to                      ter  — mad at m ys                     oup but fell
   builder an d s                       I became bit                             ien ds to regr
                   lost a lot s
                                     o                          ying with fr
   I had really                              e, I tried sta
                    ptcy    an d a divorc             much.                                                  erial
   Af ter bankru                    drinking too                                            was just mat
    depression    an d sta rted                                          upset about                          tried to
                                                    f what I w
                                                                    as                        r youth, so
                   int, I real   ized most o                             de tox center fo                      l, be kin d,
    At some po                                          worked in a                           be judgmenta
                    y younger       years, I had                 n the te    ens — don’ t
    things. I n m                              to impress o
                     elf   what I used                                                                                   n
     apply to m ys                             at.                                                     had a missio
                     le —    stuff like th                                      us   m y en ergy. I                      uty.
     an d be humb                                             elped re- fo c                          enjo y the bea
                                         vic es Center h                  that hel    ped me, an d
                       omeless S er                   to the people                          an d to Shore
                                                                                                              lin e
      M y time at H               ain, give back                        te rans Affairs                       ated a
                     y feet ag                         ted me to Ve                          street. I cre
      to get on m                  enter conn ec                              t down the                          few
                      ervices C                          hich was righ                           me obtain a
      Homeless S                      t S ervices, w                        b.  HSC helped                           an d a
                        evelopmen                         n d a goo d jo                           to show ers
       Workforce D                     mission to fi                             plus access
                      kept on m y                                 o f pants,
       resume an d                               t, an d a pair
                      wn s   hirts, a ja cke                                                                               who
       han d-me-do                                                                                      ple o f guys
                       r.                                                on versatio   n with a cou             e sudden
       washer/drye                                      Lea f an d a c                       n, I all o f th
                        interview    s with New                              e bus sta tio                        kful
        Af ter three                                     ran into at th                         z. I am than
                         rans that      I ran domly                         nt  in Santa Cru                      ut o f a
        are also Vete                                    a room to re                             at got me o
                        ally grea t   n ew job an d                y job, an    d the help th
        have this re                             the o cean, m               eless guy” an
               da y for th    e beauty o f               be that “hom                                                       :
        every                                  ave to                                                    HSC an d say
                             at I don’ t h                                            come back to                        it’s
         situation so
                          th                                      that I could                          ly hard, an d
                                              re volunteers                             sy.’ It’s real                         if
                            you n eed mo                           d it wasn’ t
                                                                                     ea                     t through it
         I thought if                          ke pt strong an               want to h    elp others ge
                           e? I did it. I                 y da y an d I
         ‘Remember m                    ank Go d ever
                           but I th
          not o ver yet           an d n eed a lit
                                                      tle help.
          they’re motiva ted
                   S in cerely,

                      I am thankful every day for the beauty of
                      the ocean, my job, and the help that got me
                      out of a situation so that I don’t have to be
                      that ‘homeless guy’ anymore.”

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Joel Leivick & Terry Hogan          Norma Delgaudio                 Thomas & Connie Wilson             Cynthia Chace & Marc Blumberg
Val Leoffler & Doug Hellinger    Diane Russell                      Wade Wingo                         Leon & Jeanne Chaikin
Florence & Keith Lesar           John Ryan                          Richard & Nicci Winner             Diane Chaney
Morton & Elaine Levine           Nosrat Samadi                      Jon & Jill Winston                 Mark Chetkovich
Dianna Ligon                     Beverly & Jack Samuelson           Jonathan & Susan Wittwer           Constance Chin &
Daniel Linger &                  Karen Sanguinetti                  Bonnie & Joseph Wolf                  Magdalena Zschokke
   Mary Lynn Simons              William & Susan Schlick            Helene Woolsey                     William Clark
Rabbi Richard Litvak &           Herb & Grace Schmidt               Gwen Yeo                           Hazel Cleveland
   Nancy Statman Litvak          Paul Schmidt                       Stephen Zunes & Nanlouise Wolfe    Steve Cogliati
Lucy Logsdon                     Mary Selby                                                            Eugene & Kay Coleman
Benjamin & Ilse Lopes            Davida Seliger                     Gifts of $1 – $99                  Cindy Convisser
Rodney & Rachel Lowe             Sean Seman                         DNA & Jessica Abramson             Don Coolman
Joan Lukan                       Lynette Sevilla                    Craig Anderson                     Linda Copeland
John & Claude Madden             Susan Shane                        Oscar Andrade                      Michael & Marlene Corder
Linda Malloch                    Geraldine & Frank Shelley          Kathleen Andrews                   Marie Coyle
Susan & Marc Mangel              Nikki Silva                        Anonymous (10)                     Joseph & Nancy Craig
John S Martel                    Eli Silver & Martha Ellis Jordan   Arthur Anton                       Susan Crovo
Joan Martin                      Nirvikar Singh & Inderjit Kaur     Velma Arlidge                      Bud & Martina Cummings
Laura & Sajid Martin             Christine Sippl                    Robin & Neal Aronson               Susan & Joseph Curtis

6                                                                                                           continues on page 10
Smart Solutions to Homelessness

     t Is often saId that great bIg thIngs happen when             Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness, addressed
     people get together.  On December 1, 2012, a great            the issues and highlighted the cost-saving benefits associ-
     big thing did happen in Santa Cruz when over 250              ated with permanent supportive housing while offering
     people gathered at Cabrillo College to discuss the            insight into how other communities have embraced this
challenging topic of homelessness. Called the Smart                model.
Solutions to Homelessness Summit, Santa Cruz County
                                                                   Throughout the day, small group participation allowed
residents from diverse backgrounds — faith-based, local
                                                                   for grounded interaction and engagement with others.
government entities, law enforcement, business leaders,
                                                                   Ideas were shared between summit participants during
social service providers, as well
                                                                                         break-out sessions when people
as people experiencing homeless-
ness — congregated to learn about
                                       Community members have were asked various questions to
                                                                                         promote thoughtful dialogue. Feed-
homelessness and its impacts on been asked to act and adopt
                                                                                         back and personal commitment
our community. This summit was
a far cry from simply an infor-
                                        concrete, evidence-based                         forms were filled out in order to
                                                                                         provide tangible action steps fol-
mation session on homelessness. solutions to prevent and end
                                                                                         lowing the summit.
Instead, the day offered a starting
point for what has become a larger         chronic homelessness.                         The objective of the summit was
community engagement with issues                                                         clear: create a community-wide
surrounding homelessness. Com-                                                           understanding and response to
munity members have been chal-                                                           homelessness with an emphasis
lenged to think thoroughly about                                                         on action. This goal was achieved
homelessness and, most impor-                                                            when 250 participants of the sum-
tantly, have been asked to act and                                                       mit moved from passive attendees
adopt concrete, evidence-based                                                           to active participants by commit-
solutions to prevent and end chronic                                                     ting to ongoing, cohesive efforts
homelessness.                                                                            to address homelessness. Since the
Speakers at the summit, includ-                                                          summit, a leadership council has
ing Don Lane, Monica Martinez,                                                           been created in order to implement
Christine Sippl, and Mary Lou                                                            the ideas from the Smart Solutions
Goeke, shared statistics about peo-      A glimpse of the 250+ attendees as captured     Summit. It is through this type of
ple experiencing homelessness and        by photographer Michael Curry                   social learning and interaction that
a video featured people’s personal                                                       we as a community gain practical
experience with homelessness and how it has affected                                     knowledge of how to solve our most
their lives. The keynote speaker, Jerry Neuman, a Los              pressing problems. Indeed, great things are happening
Angeles-based attorney and the chair of the Los Angeles            when we as a Santa Cruz community come together. ■

                          180/180 Update
                          Homeless Services Center is a champion of 180/180, our community-
                          wide effort to house 180 of the most vulnerable chronically homeless
                          men and women by July 2014. Here is an update as of March 20, 2013:
                            Housed = 27
                            Surveyed = 521
                            Vulnerable = 301
                            Volunteers = 100+
                            Community Agencies involved: 50
                          Additionally, 180/180 is the proud recipient of the 2012 award through
                          the Good Times Community Fund at CFSCC and the 2013 United Way
                          Advocate Organization of the Year Award
                                    To get involved, check out www.180SantaCruz.org

 Homeless Services Center Campus Map
  Let’s Get Acquainted!                                          If you haven’t visited the HSC Campus yet, here is your virtual tour.
                                                                 For a hands-on, real-life tour, call 458-6020 x2101 to make an

                                                                                                Coral Street
                                                                                                                                      Exit to
                                                                                                                                     Coral St.
                                                                                                                                                                 P ersons
                                                 “I believe I was put here for service,             Daytime
                                                  and every day that I give of myself, I             Services
                                                  feel enriched in spirit. Right now, I’m
                                                  glowing,” says HSC Housing Specialist
Daytime Essential services center is              Charles Bronner working with a                                                                    In-Kind Donation
where homeless individuals first get              participant on a housing application.                   Dining H
                                                                                                                                                        Drop Off
connected to Hsc staff and services                                                                        &  Kitchen                             (9AM–2PM, preferred)
that will empower them to achieve                                                                                         Mail
                                                                                                                                        Visitor Parking

                                                                                                             2nd Floo nter
                                                                                                                   ent Ce
                                                                                                          Empowerm ab

                                                                                                                         Paul Lee
                                                                                                            2  nd Floor:

      Did you know the volunteer-run computer lab at Hsc Empowerment center
      is open five days a week to help participants with job and housing searches?

                                                                                                                                                              mit use
                                                                                                                                                           e S Ho
                                                                                                                                                        Pag unity in.
                                                                                                                       ve                                mm m
                                                                                                                   rati vate
                                                                                                                             d                         Co Ad
                                                                                                                upe reno
                                                                                                              ec be
                                                                                                           e R - ouses
                                                                                                       f th -to
                                                                                                    e o soon nity H
                                                                                                hom the mu
                                                                                             ure nd         om
                                                                                          Fut nter a ith C
                                                                                           e Ce e Sm
                                                                                        Car Pag

       “I’ve grown leaps and bounds in the last year. Living at Page Smith
        has allowed me to pursue coursework in EMT training. It’s still
        not easy living here in a shared space, with work and school, but
        it’s a heck of a lot better than outside.” ~PSCH Resident Dave G.
                                                                                                  Homeless persons Health project
                                                                                                  is a collaborative partner of Hsc’s
                                                                                                  upcoming recuperative care
Coral Street                                                                                      center, set to break ground in 2013
                                                                                                  with 12 beds and on-site medical
                                                                                                  care for homeless patients being
                                                                                                  discharged from local hospitals.
                                             State R
                                                  9  oute


                              n Access
                     Pedestria St.
                        To River

           Street                                               Did you know there are 55 children under the age of
           Shelter                                              15-years old presently living at rebele Family shelter,
                                                                a six-month emergency shelter for families with
                                                                children ages 0 – 18?



                                                                                   river street shelter is operated by
                                                                                   santa cruz community counseling
                                                                                   center on the same campus as Hsc and
                                                                                   provides a 32-bed emergency shelter
                                                                                   for homeless men and women beginning
                                                                                   or continuing the process of rebuilding
                                                                                   their lives, maintaining sobriety, and
                                                                                   re-connecting with the community.
                                                                    River S

Our Donors
Gifts of $1 – $99 cont’d.         Linda & Stephen Foltz             Jaxson Huckle                      Cathleen & Victor Manovi
Wallace Dale                      Judith Fried & Robert Scowcroft   Bonnie & Daniel Hudson             Jacalin Marchese
Nancy Damsen                      Charles & Virginia Fritz          Lilli Hunter                       Marcia Margolin
Charles & Grace Daniel            Carol & Robert Furgurson          Joni Marie Hyerle & Gary Milburn   Baldo & Kristen Marinovic
Teresa Darling                    Marjorie Gaines                   Sidney Irving                      Gordon & Joann Martin
Sherrie De Witt                   The Garden Company                Shirley & Martin Jackson           Melissa Matlow
Douglas & Diane Deaver            Sylvia Gerbl & Betsey Blake       Anne Jacques                       Mary Jo May
Edward & Katherine Deutschman     Mary Geyer                        C.L. Jernstrom, M.D.               Paula Maziar
Marlene Diane                     Dan & Lee Gilbert                 Jack & Judith Johnson              Madelyn McCaul
Ronald Dillehay                   Bernice & William Giussi          Michael Kane                       Don & Yvonne McClish
Lisa & J. Dilles                  Susan & Alan Goldstein            S. Paul & Nancy Kashap             Laury McInerney
Mary & Jim Doherty                GoodSearch                        Diane Kaye                         Philip McManus &
Eileen Donnelly                   Andria Gordon                     Carol Kent                            Betsy Fairbanks
Jim & Barbara Duggan              Jean Grabost                      Stephen Kessler &                  Carol McQuillin
Patty Durkee                      Nancy Graff                          Daniela Hurezanu                Donaldine McRae
Beth Dyer                         Jane Gregorius                    Kidz Backpack Project              Marianne Mejia
Allan Dyson                       Karen Groppi                      Edward Klein                       Donna Mekis
Robert & Anne Easley              Diane & Howard Grunes             Joan Kloehn                        Catherine & John Melendy
Sharon & Charles Easterly         Anna Guagnini                     Nancy Krantz                       Mike Melville
Steven Charles Edwards            Diane Gunter                      Michael & Carol Laflin             Lisa Metelman & Mark Alvis
Helen Eidemiller                  Joseph & Mary Hammer              Jeanne Lance & David Fleming       N. Leanne Meyer
Joannie Engelhardt                Stanley & Joan Hanusiak           Gladys Jeannie & Stephen Land      Andy Miller & Sybil Hudson
Grant Erickson                    Rob & Loretta Hardesty            Lois Lansing                       Nancy Millslagle
Larry & Elizabeth Ernst           Meg & Don Harlor                  Paul Lapidus & Lindasue Marshall   Joan Mock
Robbie Evans                      Robert Harrison                   Don Leatherman                     Louise Mockus
Judy & Stephen Everett            Chiu Ming Hay                     John Leih                          Helene Moglen
Virginia Ezell & Ronald Bingham   Aukjen Herrick                    William Leland                     Deborah Molina
David Fagan & Amalia Deck         Nita Hertel                       Robley Levy                        Robert & Elaine Monaco
David Fairchild & Clea Kore       Patricia Herzog                   Benjamin & Lisa Lewis              Phillip & Linda Monk
Mahmoud & Mary Farahbakhsh        Kathryn Het                       Charlotte Lewis                    Senator Bill Monning &
Sandra Farrell                    Diane & John Hickok               John Lingemann                        Dr. Dana Kent
Farnaz Fatemi & Paul Skenazy      Lou & Joanna Hildebrandt          Patty & Albert Locatelli           Gilbert & Gayle Montalvo
Kathy & Bill Findley              Chuck & Kathleen Hilger           Steve Lustgarden                   Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Jerry & Jan Finney                Mary Hinchliff                    Jonathan & Suzanne Mace            John & Julie Morley
Korrine & Terry Fitz              Vera Hope                         Suzette Macmillen                  Richard & Cindy Morley
Diana King Fleming &              Shirin Hostetter                  Sheila Malone                      Eileen Morrissey
   Kellogg Fleming                G.H. & Elizabeth Hoxie            Martha Mangan                      James Mulherin

        HSC provides high quality, compassionate,
        professional services to people who have
        nowhere else to turn. They help them get their
        lives back on track to become productive, self-
        sufficient members of society. For homeless
        families with small children, they provide a
        safe and nurturing environment so the parents
        can focus on job search and finding permanent
        housing while the children are loved and cared
        for by kind volunteers and staff.”
                                     ~Mary Lou Goeke
                                    Executive Director,
                     United Way of Santa Cruz County

Robert & Catherine Murphy       Diane Sintich                     Ken Cole                        Michael & Rosemary Sarka
George & Cecilia Myers          Ken & Bertine Slosberg            Mark Dettle                     Kris Sidman-Gale &
Judith Nettles                  Kirstin Smith                     John Forte                         Jacob Sidman
Christine & Steve O’Donnell     Margaret Smith                    Robert Gascoyne                 Silke
Johanne Offen                   Peg Smith                         Monica Martinez &               Maren Sinclair-Hurn
Ann Ogle                        Therese Smith                        Jennifer Mikkelson           Ron Slack
Kathryn & Phillip Olivier       Jeffrey & Dora Solinas            Shelley McKittrick              Meris Walton
Philip & Martha Oneto           Greg & Tangie Solow               Shannon Miller                  Roger Willenborg
Cathy Oster                     Claire Sommargren                 Christopher Monteith            Patricia & Brian Wood
Jeremy Page                     Amira & Bill Spendlove            Colleen Murphy &                Nicole & Evan Yeaman Young
Charles & Alison Parham         Robert Stayton & Mary Tsalis         Monica Grant                 Brian & Michelle Zucchi
Sharon Parker                   Lois Steinberg                    Stephen Nelson                  Stephen Zunes & Nanlouise Wolfe
Lora & Keith Parkhurst          Phyllis Stevens & Christy Hague   Jeanne O’Grady
Anil & Minaxi Patel             Ruth & Raf Strudley               Tayler Paskal                   in-Kind Donations:
Gary & Marilyn Patton           Susan Stuart                      Kathy Pennell                      491 Donors
Chris Perrin & Russ Jordan      Cecilia Sunden                    Gary Prochazka                  Special thanks to the
Bruce Peterson                  Nancy Talley                      David Scalcini                  hundreds of individuals, local
Pat Pimentel                    Betty Tambellini                  Christine Sippl                 businesses, churches, and
Ann Pinkham                     Penny Taylor                      Liudmila Zimina
                                                                                                  community groups who donate
Marian Plant                    Patricia Thomason
Ronald Pomerantz &              Jessie Thompson                   Good times Fund                 in-kind goods such as food,
  Jane Weed-Pomerantz           Wayne & Barbara Tierney           Thank you to these donors who   clothes, household items,
Michael & Rosemarie Pozzi       Dan & Trina Toussaint             contributed to HSC through      and hygiene products — as
Thomas Purdy & Elizabeth        Estelle & D.M. Turner             the Good Times Fund at          well as the individuals and
  Gentholts-Purdy               Ruth Updegraff & Mark Hamersly    Community Foundation Santa      groups leading art and music
Michael Pustelnik               Andrea Van De Loo                                                 sessions, empowerment
                                                                  Cruz County during the
Suzanne Rains                   Carol Vanausdal                                                   workshops, bingo night, and
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz &           Steve & Carri Wagner              2012 – 2013 holiday drive.
                                                                  Anonymous                       the many labors of love to
  Kristin Truse                 Chris Waldear
                                                                  Craig Arnold                    maintain and improve the HSC
Ron & Heather Rasmussen         Michael Walker
Craig Reinarman                 Bill & Patricia Warmerdam         Stephen Belmont                 campus.
Albert Rice                     Michael & Anne Watkins            Janet Berry
Maureen & Al Richard            Lynda Watson                      Paul & Mindi Broughton          Weekly/Monthly Food
William & Pamela Richter        Mareisa Weil                      Donna Cercel                     Partners
Jerry & Joann Rinck             Peter Weiss                       Raymond & Marcia Charland       Dennis Adams, Acts of Love
Carol Robertson                 Kathy & Barry Welch               Janice Cockren                    Foundation
Lois Robin                      Terence Welch                     Carolyn & Curt Coleman          Dan Burns, Feed the Spirit
Renee Robison &                 Kenny Welcher                     Josie & Charles Cowden          Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria
  Thomas Waggoner               West Marine Products Inc.         Patricia Damron & Ben Harmon    Robert Graham
Helen Elizabeth Roeth           Shanna & Chris Wheelock-          Sylvia Diamico                  Grey Bears
Dorothy & Hilding Ronning          Crittenden                     Sharon Dirnberger               Pacific Cookie Company
Hans & Eleanor Rosenast         Haig & Sienna White               Kimberly East                   Second Harvest
Mary Ross                       Alice Wilkerson                   Kimberly Ferm                   Trader Joe’s
Nicholas & Ruth Royal           Stanley & M. Joan Williams        Korrine & Terry Fitz            UCSC Farm
Sophie Russell                  Renee Winter & Paul Roth          Steven & Maryane Gabay          Bob & Bonda White and
Colleen Rutledge                Jennifer Yeaney & William Lamb    Michael Grall                     the Episcopal Church of
Hasanna & Dane Ryan             Sue & Darrell Yeaney              Joseph & Edyth Henderson          St. John the Baptist
Joshua Salesin &                Jane Yett                         Patricia Henderson
  Claire Schneeberger           Sophia Young                      Christie Hogeland               Public Sector Funding
Lynn Sanders                    Jan & Margaret Ysselstein         Joyce Carey LeClair             California Dept. of Housing &
Santa Cruz Institute #95 YLI    Cheryl & William Zachmeier        Judith Marks                       Community Development
Alan Savat & Gene Smith         Suzanne Ziegler                   Ginger & Matt McNally           City of Capitola
Holly & Mark Schipper                                             Alice Mestemacher               City of Santa Cruz
Priscilla Schleich              united Way                        Jeff Mitchell                   City of Scotts Valley
                                                                  Richard & Cindy Morley          County of Santa Cruz
Thomas & Brenda Schmida         Rebele Family Shelter is
Jane & Victor Schymeinsky                                         Bill & Gail Mowatt              U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban
                                honored to be a Partner                                              Development
Dougald Scott &                                                   Betsy Neaves
                                Program of the United Way of
  Virginia Morgan Scott                                           Dale Owen
                                Santa Cruz County. Thank you      Jenny Panetta
Susan Seaburg & Judith Allen                                                                       Donate to HSC online any time:
                                to these donors who give to       Ira & Kate Pohl
Sarah & Leon Serafim
Damon Shanle                    HSC through the United Way:       Susan Renison
Patricia Shea & Maria Zamudio   DNA & Jessica Abramson            Marilyn Robertson
Lorna & M. & N. Shearer         Anonymous                         Robbia Rohac & Steven Herbert
Johnny Simmons                  Megan Carlson                     Scott & Jasmine Roseman
Our Donors
                                                                Thank you to these donors who gave a gift to HSC
                                                                in honor or memory of a loved one.
Anonymous (11)                    Robbie Evans                      Charles L & Jacque Kessinger       Michelle & John Robinson
Arthur Anton                      Jan & Jerry Finney                Jeanne Lance & David Fleming       Peter & Jane Salm
Patricia Baltus                   Lawrence Ford                     Ann & Bert Lane                    Karen Sanguinetti
Linda Beaston                     Maria Cecilia Freeman &           William Leland                     Jane & Victor Schymeinsky
Patricia & Sarah Blanchette         Donald K Larkin                 Florence & Keith Lesar             Damon Shanle
Laurel & Rev. Robert Blaney       Marjorie Gaines                   Lisa & Benjamin Lewis              Kris Sidman-Gale & Jacob Sidman
Maryellen Boyle                   Robin Gaither                     Eliza Linley & David Richardson    Johnny S Simmons
Roberta Bristol                   Richard Griffith &                Rabbi Richard Litvak &             Ruth Smith
Enid & James Brock                  Margaret Perham                    Nancy Statman Litvak            Marcus Smolanovich
Chad Brown                        Karen Groppi                      Cathleen & Victor Manovi           Jeffrey & Dora Solinas
Gary L & Kay Brown                Debra Heavens                     Lynn Marcus-Wyner                  Peter Spofford & Lou Ann Linford
Marian & Kyle Brown               Rosalyn & Donald Hilbert          Peggy Marketello                   The Marie Spong Trust
Christine Carey                   Margo Hober                       Carol McQuillin                    Phyllis Stevens & Christy Hague
Daniel Cartagena                  Ingrid & Dennis Hostetter         Jeremy Milbank                     Ruth & Raf H Strudley
E. Tracy Cole & Jon Jiles         Shirin Hostetter                  Senator Bill Monning &             Leslie Tremaine
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Gladys Dunlap                     Thamara Kaushalee &               Ana Pena & Iraj Hakimelahy            Crittenden
Jennifer Eskenazi                   Robert John Fernando            Craig Reinarman                    Sophia Young
                                                                    Jerry & Joann Rinck

Mark Your Calendars…
Feed Your PHilantHroPY            oPPortunitieS to Serve            HSC Signature FundraiSerS          CommunitY SPirit—cont’d.
Dine at Denny’s                   Volunteer at Project Homeless     The 14th Annual Soupline           Human Race
15% donation to HSC               Connect, a collaborative health   Supper & Auction, a benefit for    Be a “Champion for Children”
First Thursday of every month     and human services event          HSC, includes soup tastings        and walk for the Rebele Family
4 – 10pm                          that provides on-the-spot care    from over 30 restaurants,          Shelter in the Human Race.
4/4/2013                          and referrals for individuals     bread, dessert, a live jazz duo,   Join HSC’s team or form
5/2/2013                          experiencing homelessness.        an overview of HSC programs,       your own and gather pledges
6/6/2013                          Tuesday, April 9                  and a silent auction.              to support the 55 children
1515 Ocean St, Santa Cruz         Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium       Thursday, April 25                 currently residing at the shelter.
                                  www.phc-santacruz.org             Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz         Saturday, May 11
Hula’s Mahalo Mondays                                               www.souplinesupper.                www.humanracesc.org
10% donation to HSC               Serve a meal, work the front      wordpress.com
Every Monday in June              desk, provide administrative                                         Music in May
                                                                    Join Rebele Family Shelter
4:30pm – closing                  and maintenance support,                                             Professional violinist Rebecca
                                                                    for the 6th Annual Golf
6/3/2013                          teach a class, or help with                                          Jackson selected HSC to
                                                                    Tournament. Sponsor a hole,
6/10/2013                         fundraising to support the                                           benefit from this annual
                                                                    join as a golfer or marathon
6/17/2013                         mission of Homeless Services                                         chamber music festival; HSC
                                                                    golfer. Stay tuned or call 458-
6/24/2013                         Center. Weekly tours and
                                  Center.                                                              has a block of tickets for sale
                                                                    6020 x2101 for more info.
221 Cathcart St.,                 volunteer orientations at HSC.                                       by calling 458-6020 x1112.
                                                                    Friday, October 4
Downtown Santa Cruz               Ongoing                                                              Friday, May 17
                                                                    DeLaveaga Golf Course
www.hulastiki.com                 115-B Coral St.                                                      Saturday, May 18
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Get your coupon book valued                                         Derby Girls’ bout #2 in the        Trio Volare
at $325 worth of savings,            Give your two cents.           new stadium and cheer on           Join Polly Malan and her
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                                                                    support of the Rebele Family
of the profits; coupon books        and every time you surf the                                        Family Shelter at the Episcopal
                                                                    Shelter, the featured nonprofit.
available at the Family Shelter     net, HSC will earn a penny                                         Church of St. John the Baptist
                                                                    Saturday, April 20
or by calling 458-6020 x1112.       (without you having to                                             in Aptos.
                                                                    Kaiser Permanente Arena,
                                    spend a dime).                                                     Sunday, May 26 at 2pm
                                                                    Santa Cruz
                                    www.goodsearch.com                                                 pmalan@earthlink.net
14th Annual Soupline Supper Event Sponsors
tureen $10,000 +                Cathy Miller                        Rock Pfotenhauer &                Crouton $100– $149
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La Selva Beach Community        Irene Osterbrock                    Jack & Mary Stagnaro              Ray Wolfe
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Norman & Mary Kate Lezin           Santa Cruz                       Terry Teitelbaum                     Design
                                                                    Zunes-Wolfe Family

                                                     Purchase Your
                                             Soupline Supper tickets NOW at
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      We believe in using our resources to
      help people who are disadvantaged.
      We support the Rebele Family Shelter
      because we care about what happens to
      people and want them to know they’re
      not lost. We believe everyone should
      have a place to sleep, a decent meal,
      and hope for the future.”
                                 ~Mary Solari

Spotlight on Local Churches Helping to End Homelessness
Wings Like Eagles
A ministry of Community Covenant Church, Wings is a group that meets
monthly to extend the mission of Homeless Services Center, the 180/180
Initiative and Project Homeless Connect.
Having to say “goodbye and good luck” to their new homeless friends after the
first annual Project Homeless Connect in 2010, this feeling prompted the idea
to form a startup ministry at Community Covenant Church in Scotts Valley.
Now, throughout the year, over a dozen volunteers from the church each pair
up with one homeless participant at a time to help them navigate through the
maze of services available and help them find housing.
Members of Wings have found the best way to advocate for a homeless
participant is as simple as caring. Steady, unconditional emotional support
instills confidence and ultimately shows participants they can, indeed, succeed
on their own. Within the framework of 180/180 and the Vulnerability
Index — Santa Cruz County’s grassroots initiative based on a national “housing
first” model proven to save lives and public resources — one volunteer’s
encouragement can make all the difference in helping
a chronically homeless person make a 180 degree
change in their life.
Members from the Wings group will be guiding
                                                                                               big Mac, a formerly homeless
volunteers at Project Homeless Connect and have                                                man helped by Wings
offered to mentor those who would like to extend their
volunteer service beyond the one-day Project Homeless                                          Community Covenant Church,
                                                                                               Scotts valley
Connect. Please contact mcarlson@scshelter.org to
learn more about how you too can become a Housing
Navigator. ■

From Hats to Homes: Putting Faith Into Action
The Episcopal Church of St. John                                                     Located in Capitola Village, “The
the Baptist supports hands-on par-                                                   Shop” sells quality, gently used cloth-
ticipation by parishioners in projects       ST JOHN’S PHOTO                         ing and household items and gives the
and endeavors that make a positive           Forthcoming                             proceeds to local charitable organi-
difference in our community. Parish-                                                 zations. HSC was recently awarded
ioners collect and distribute food on                                                a two-fold grant from The Shop to
a monthly basis for people living in                                                 enhance the church’s current level of
HSC’s Page Smith Community House                                                     giving (much needed warmth and sus-
(PSCH). Hand-made blankets and                                                       tenance to people who are cold and
hats are given to warm the heads and                                                 hungry) by supporting HSC programs
hearts of men, women, and children                                                   that provide a pathway out of home-
in need. In addition, St. John’s raised                                              lessness.
funds to help build the Rebele Fam-                                                  St. John’s granted $5,000 to HSC
ily Shelter, and furnished two of the                                                earlier this year to help build the
family apartments. Furthermore,                                                      upcoming Recuperative Care Center
what began over 50 years ago by the                                                  (RCC), a 12-bed outpatient facility for
women of the church to raise money                                                   homeless patients being discharged
for a new carpet, St. John’s Helpful                                                 from local hospitals. While at the
Shop has grown to be a vital part                                                    RCC, participants are connected to
of the church’s outreach program.            Lesley, a St. John’s volunteer at the
                                             Helpful Shop in Capitola village

When a House of God Becomes a Home
When asked why he and his congregation have been steadfast advocates
for homeless men and women for many years, Pastor Stan Abraham of
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church says, “It’s a response to the Gospel. It’s
God’s grace. We’re able to help, and they’re a blessing to us; it works
both ways.”
Ten years ago, when Pastor Abraham first allowed a few homeless men
and women to stay on church property, the congregation wondered
why don’t they just go out and get a job like everyone else? But they
soon realized a lot of chronically ill and long-time homeless people are
not really able to do that on their own. After giving them transitional
housing support and then connecting them to resources to help stabilize
them and pave the way to permanent housing—such as jobs, dental
care, gas money to relocate — and in the case of Mt. Calvary, a solid
foundation of faith, hope, and love—they were really able to help some
chronically homeless individuals turn their lives around.
“Giving someone an address — if they don’t feel like they have to fight
the system, to defend themselves, always on the look-out for food and
shelter — Larry, for example, immediately went out and got a driver’s
license, auto insurance, started working legitimately, and saving his
resources to get his family on a better path.” (They’re now living out of
state on a farm and his daughter is learning to play the flute in her high
school band.)
When asked why others should support the mission of Homeless Services
Center, Pastor Abraham encourages, “It’s really not much in terms of
the larger picture, but in these people’s lives, it’s huge.”                 Pastor Stan Abraham,
                                                                             Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
HSC is on a mission to end homelessness, one person at a time. We are
grateful to the numerous churches who have provided food and temporary
shelter for many years — and we are proud to be a part of extending this
work to focus on permanent housing solutions for those in need. ■
                                                                              HSC is on a mission
                                                                              to end homelessness,
                                                                              one person at a time.
a housing specialist with the goal of transitioning them into PSCH or
                                                                              We are grateful to the
permanent supportive housing. Volunteers work alongside trained case          numerous churches who
managers to ensure the participants are connected to all the resources
they need.                                                                    have provided food and
One of the keys to HSC participants’ success is the Client Assistance         temporary shelter for
Fund, to which St. John’s granted an additional $2,000 earlier this year.
PSCH has used the grant frequently to obtain vital documents for resi-        many years — and we
dents eligible for the 180/180 prioritized Section 8 Housing Vouchers.
HSC’s Program Manager Sarah Peters says, “Having the grant available
                                                                              are proud to be a part
to provide our participants with birth certificates is absolutely critical    of extending this work
to moving through the process of getting people in houses. Recently, we
were able to help a man — someone who has multiple sclerosis, uses a          to focus on permanent
wheelchair, and has been homeless for five years — to obtain a birth cer-     housing solutions for
tificate. We were then able to finish his Housing Authority application
and he is well into the process of receiving his voucher and soon to have     those in need.
a ‘forever home’.” ■

                       Homeless Services Center                                                                                        ORGANIZATION
                       PO Box 1319                                                                                                           I D
                                                                                                                                       P ACRUZ, CA
                       Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1319                                                                                       SANTA
                                                                                                                                       PERMIT NO. 361

          Homeless Services Center is dedicated
          to sustaining people and the planet.
          This newsletter is printed on recycled paper.

    Homeward Bound                                                                              Our Mission                     The Homeless Services
                                                                                                Center is dedicated to the coordinated provision
                                                                                                of services for homeless persons. The goal of
                                                                                                the Homeless Services Center is to provide both
     nEws FroM HoMElEss sErvicEs cEntEr                                                         emergency and transitional services that will enable
     spring 2013                                                                                our clients to achieve self-sufficiency.
       er s u W r

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    a p ne O ou
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                                                                                  Au Midi                         New Leaf
                                                                                  The Bagelry                     Pacific Cookie Company

                                                                                  Beckmann’s Bakery               Rosie McCann's Irish Pub &
                                                                                  Bittersweet Bistro                Restaurant
                                                                                  Black China Bakery              Saturn Cafe
                                                                                  Cafe Cruz                       Sawasdee
                                                                                  Chaminade                       Severino’s Restaurant
                                                                                  Crow’s Nest                     Shadowbrook
                                                                                  Erik’s DeliCafe                 Soif
                                                                                  Gayle's Bakery                  Staff of Life
                                                                                  Gilda’s                         Stagnaro Bros
                                                                                  Hindquarter                     Starbucks
                                                                                  Hoffman’s Bakery                Trader Joe’s
                                                                                  Homeless Services Center        Walnut Ave Café
                                                                                  India Joze                      Zameen Mediterranean Cuisine
                                                                                  La Posta                        Zoccoli’s

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                                                                                  Alfaro Vineyards                Music in May
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                                                                                  Cabrillo Festival of            Palace Arts & Supply
                                                                                     Contemporary Music           Patagonia
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                                                                                  Dharma Love                     Roaring Camp Railroads
                                                                                  Dharma's                        San Jose Giants
                                                                                  Disneyland                      Seabreeze Café
                                                                                  Divinitree Yoga & Arts Studio   The Skylight Place
                                                                                  EcoGoods                        Sorenson's Resort
                                                                                  Kayak Connection                Well Within Spa
                                                                                  Museum of Art and History       Woutje Swets, Vanguard

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