San Diego Miata Club News August 2002 by yaofenjin


									                                 August 2002                                          Volume 7 Number 8
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                    President’s message
    August 2 - Friday            Ideas
    Cruisin’ Grand               “The best ideas come after you think you’ve run out of them” - Author Unknown

                                             his is my third president’s message, and the main theme for the article
   Saturday - August 3
                                             has been escaping me all month. When is that “best idea” going to
   Dyno Tuning at Team
   Godspeed                                  show up like the statement above says? I know, after the newsletter
                                             goes to print. Bummer!
   August 10 - Saturday             I must admit there has been a great deal happening in the SAL & GERI house-
    6th Annual Miles of Miatas   hold over the last few months. Our first Miata (Candie) has been sold to a fellow
   for MDA                       club member (DUSTIN LEWIS). It was a bittersweet farewell seeing her go. If it
                                 wasn’t for “Candie,” we never would have found SDMC. Selling “Candie” to
    August 16 - 18
    Monterey Historic            Dustin assures us that she will be well taken care of and we will see her occasion-
    Automobile Races             ally. We are again a one Miata family. “Woodstock,” our new Vivid Yellow LE
                                 Miata, is no longer the garage queen and will be making his appearance at many
    August 17 - Saturday         events.
    Run to the Getty Museum         In addition, our RV, more affectionately known as the “Hospitality Suite,” has
                                 been sold. Lack of use was the main factor in our decision to sell the RV. We will
   August 22 - Thursday          always remember the great times we had with the hospitality suite at autocross
   Monthly Meeting               events and the Coronado Speed Festival. The up-side to this story is that it gives
                                 us more cash for road trips, playing with SDMC events, and possibly buying
                                 more toys for “Woodstock”—but don’t tell Geri.
   Saturday - August 24             Speaking of is almost August, more than half the summer is behind
   Tech Day at the Conn’s        us and not much has occurred in the way of events since the Search for Madonna
                                 in early May. Except for a few impromptu runs, The 4th of July Parade and
   August 24 - Saturday
                                 BBQ, and the Sahuaro weekend, scheduled events have been “slim pickins.” I am
    Debbye Does Santee           assuming the reason behind a rather slow calendar is that we are all pretty busy
   Drive-In                      doing other things. It was rather disheartening to have cancelled a major planned
                                 event a few weeks ago (Brainstorm Tech Day) due to a lack of response. I must
   August 31 - Saturday          admit this was the first cancellation of an event that I can remember in my 4-½
    Luau Run to the Lewis’       years as a member.
                                    On a much brighter note we do have a rather more robust calendar for August.
                                 However, September, most of October, and November look rather light in the
    October 12 - 13              events department.
    Coronado Classic Speed
                                    Geri and I always look forward to the Twilight Fun Run, which this year is on
                                 July 27, hosted by MARK and CATHY BOOTH. Of course, the Twilight Run will
                                 be past history by the time you get this newsletter. But, rest assured a good time
    Sunday - December 15
    SDMC Holiday Party
                                 was had by all and, as usual, all who attended will look forward to the next Twi-
                                                                                                    (Continued on page 2)

                                                                       Mission statement                           Board of Directors
President’s Message (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                                                 Executive Board
light Fun Run.
   As I mentioned, we have some ex-
citing stuff planned for August. The
                                                                    T     he purpose of the club is to
                                                                          promote the enjoyment of,
                                                                    and enthusiasm for, one of the
                                                                                                                               SAL CAUSARANO
                                                                                                                              (760) 787-0624
ever-popular “Must Attend” event is                                 world’s most exciting sports cars —                        Vice President
the Mile of Miatas for MDA on Au-                                   the Mazda Miata.                                          STEVE KENNISON
gust 10, followed by the Getty mu-                                     Owning and driving a Miata is                           (858) 271-8498
seum on August 17 and, of course,                                                                        
                                                                    one of life’s great pleasures, and                            Secretary
one of my favorites, Debbye does San-                               adding the company and camarade-                          VERONICA DIDIER
tee drive-in on August 24.                                          rie of like-minded enthusiasts only                       (619) 421-8024
   I firmly believe that one of the main                            enhances the experience. Won’t you     
attractions to SDMC is the diverse                                  join the fun as we enjoy the beauty                          Treasurer
activities and events that are offered                                                                                           JIM BROKAW
                                                                    of San Diego County from the seat                          (619) 421-2110
for the members’ enjoyment. These                                   of a very special little roadster?     
events do not just happen. They are                                  Let's have fun driving our Miatas!                      Administrative Board
planned and presented by you and for                                                                                            Membership
                                                                                                                       DAVE MARTIN & GALE CHAN
you. Conversely, if you do not plan or                                     Newsletter Team                           (619) 582-2448 or (858) 492-9227
schedule an event, we consequently                                                                       
have a lull in the calendar.                                       ANTHONY “NEVADABOB” WILDE - Editor                       Events Coordinator
                                                                                       STEVE WAID
   As I stated months ago, I am always
                                                                   VOODOO BOB KRUEGER                                         (760) 432-0727
open to ideas and suggestions. If you                                             
have any ideas on how to entice mem-                               DIANE LONG                                         Club E-mail Postmaster/Webmaster
bers to plan or schedule an event, or if                                                     ROBERT “JTBOB” HOLLAND
you would like to plan or schedule an                                                                                        (858) 549-4011
                                                                   TOM SPRAGUE
event yourself, please contact STEVE                     
                                                                                                                              Club Regalia
WAID, our Events Coordinator, or                                          Copies by SEAN O’CONNOR                PAULA KENNISON & ROSALIND SCOTT
myself and we can assist you in mak-                                       SIGN UP (858) 486-6771                       (858) 271-8498 or (760) 789-3872
ing it happen.                                                                                               
   Well, there you have it. I have fi-
                                                                                                                     ANTHONY “NEVADABOB” WILDE
nally managed to bring this article                                                                                            (858) 693-8095
back to its theme...or lack thereof.
“IDEAS”—if you have one—SOCK                                       I   f you have recently been to the
                                                                       SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB web site
                                                                   (, you proba-
                                                                                                                   To send e-mail to all members of the board:
   Take Care of one another out there.                             bly have noticed a new banner adver-        Notices
See you at the next event—soon I                                   tising SERIOUS AUTO. This new               The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB is a non-profit Cali-
hope!                                                              program is called the Serious Auto          fornia corporation. The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
                                                                                                               NEWS is the monthly newsletter of the SAN DIEGO
                                                                   Affiliate Program. When a club mem-         MIATA CLUB. Use of articles or stories by other
— Your Pal SAL
                                                                   ber (or whoever) clicks through that        Miata clubs is hereby granted, provided proper credit
                                                                   link and buys something, SDMC gets          is given. Submissions to the newsletter are welcomed
                                                                                                               and encouraged. Where possible, please e-mail your
                                                                   a 3% commission on the purchase.            submissions to the newsletter editor. Submissions
                                                                   The Board felt this is a win-win situa-     can also be mailed to the club’s post office box.
                                                                   tion for the club in that it costs us ab-   Submission deadline is the 15th of each month.
                                                                   solutely nothing and we may be able         Editor reserves the right to edit all submissions.
                                                                   to gain some revenue from the trans-        The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB has established a
                                                                                                               dedicated World Wide Web Home Page at:
                                                                   actions. The Serious Auto Affiliate
                                                                   Program is successfully being used by       Dedicated 24-hour voice message line: (619) 582-2448
                                                                   many other Miata clubs around the
                                                                   country. So, if you are planning to               SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
                                              PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL

                                                                   purchase something from SERIOUS,                       P.O. Box 23081
                                                                   please click through the SDMC web                    San Diego CA 92193
                                                                   site link.

                                                     Upcoming Events for the month of August
Cruisin’ Grand                                exhaust/fuel performance statistics,       chased for $1 each or 15 for $10.
Wheels'N'Meals                                this is way to do it. This is a first      BBQ dinner cost is $13 per person.
Date: Friday, August 2                        come, first served event. Please send         Last year our club raised over
Meeting Time: 6 p.m. to eat,                  me your name and I’ll put you on this      $12,000 with only 40 Miatas partici-
   Leave for cruisin´ at 7 p.m.               list. And if you have any questions,       pating. Members can participate in
Meeting Place: Tom’s #23 on the               please ask.                                several ways; sponsor donations, raf-
   Southwest corner of 5th Ave. and                                                      fles, and the 50/50 Miata Race Board,
                                              6TH Annual “Miles of
   Centre City Pkwy., Escondido.                                                         or by just showing up to have fun
                                              Miatas For MDA”                            with the rest of us. We are hoping to
Cruisin´ Grand in Escondido started           Date: Saturday, August 10th
earlier this year. Beginning with the                                                    beat last years record and once again
                                              Meeting Time: 9 a.m.
first Friday in April, every Friday night                                                make club history. Our goal is to have
                                              Meeting Location:Boll Weevil              100 cars participate in this year’s
through September is the time to go             9300 Clairmont Mesa Blvd.
to see hot rods, street rods, vintage                                                    event, and with the abundance of
                                                (at Ruffin Road), San Diego              spirit and enthusiasm in our club we
cars, muscle cars, music, and on the            (858) 571-6225
first Friday of each month...Miatas.                                                     can meet this goal. Join us and other
                                              This run qualifies toward mileage award.   club members for a ZOOM ZOOM
Dyno Tuning at Team                           Time to Get In and Be Moved for our        day, you’ll be glad you did.
Godspeed                                      6th annual “Miles of Miatas for               RSVP to the Hinkles - Checks for
Date: Saturday, August 3                      MDA.” Coordinators JACK and SUE            dinner ($13 per person) can be made
Time: 7 a.m. with some instruction,           HINKLE have been busy organizing           payable to Sue Hinkle and mailed to
the first car will start the first of its     the run and gathering raffle items in      733 S. Kalmia St., Escondido, CA
three runs at 8 a.m.                          an effort to make this our biggest fund    92025.
Place: Godspeed Dyno Works                    raising event in club history. Miata
   612 South Tremont Street                   vendors have generously donated            Monterey Historic
   Oceanside                                  some wonderful items in support of         Automobile Races
RSVPs: RAINER MUELLER,                        the event. Goodies have arrived from       Date: August 16-18
   (760) 419-8268                             Flying Miata, Coast Car Covers,            Place: Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca
I’ve arranged August 3 as an exclusive        Mazda, BBS, Absolut, Hard Dog,             Tickets/Questions: Andrea Beach
date for SDMC members to have                 Moss Motors, and more is on the               (760) 631-1204,
their Miatas dynoed. Bart Grande of           way.                                       Mazda invites you to join Miata
Team Godspeed (www.teamgodspeed.                 This year’s event will be kicked off    Owners Club and Miata Magazine for
com) in Oceanside has set aside this          at our favorite meeting place, the Boll    Monterey Weekend 2002 at Mazda
day exclusively for us. The day begins        Weevil Restaurant. Rick Hackley,           Raceway at Laguna Seca. The event
at 7 a.m. with some instruction; the          owner of the Boll Weevil, has volun-       will be held August 16th-18th. Visit
first car will start the first of its three                                     or check the
                                              teered to provide coffee, juice, and
runs at 8 a.m. We’ll run as long as it        donuts to the group and will have          ad in the July issue of Miata Magazine
takes to get done, probably 6 p.m. or         plenty of bottled water and fruit for      for complete details and information
sooner. If we have some extra time,           you to take along with you on the          as well as a schedule of events. This is
we’ll do some sophisticated tuning.           run. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and     the weekend of a lifetime...see why
The day will be limited to the first 15       we are hoping to be on our way by 10       people keep coming back...some for
cars that sign up with me. The cost is        a.m. MDA staff will be on hand to          29 years! Space is limited...act now
$75, which includes lunch catered by          collect sponsor sheets from members        and enjoy Monterey weekend 2002!
To’s Mexican Food. This is a first-           who have obtained donations for the        Run to the Getty
class operation, using a state-of-the-        event. Members raising $100 or more        Museum
art—read about it on Bart’s Web site.         will receive two event T-shirts (one       Date: Saturday, August 17
And Bart really knows his stuff. All he       each for the driver and co-pilot) and      Meeting Times: 7:15 a.m.– McDonald’s,
does is dyno cars. He doesn’t sell any-       will be given one raffle ticket for each    8:30 a.m. at Sport Mart
thing. The results you get will be to-        $50 raised. You’ll even have an oppor-     Meeting Places: McDonald’s at I-5
tally unbiased. If you are interested in      tunity to buy a square on our 50/50         and Oceanside Blvd. and Sport
learning your Miata’s true engine/            race board . Raffle tickets can be pur-     Mart at Magnolia/Warner Avenue
                                                                                                  Upcoming Events (Continued on page 4)

                                           Tech Day at the Conn’s                     Coordinators: DEBBYE, BRUCE,
August Events (Continued from page 3)
                                           When: Saturday, August 24                    VIKKI & DUSTIN
   in Orange County.
                                           Time: 0900 `til food is gone       
Leaders: RANDY & SUE PATTERSON                                                        Run Leader: ED DITTMAN (Debbye’s
                                           Where: John & Gerry Conn
   (760) 63-0109 or                                                   dad and Dustin’s grandpa).
                                              1530 S. Lovering, Fullerton
The Getty Museum is truly a won-              (714) 441-2552                          This run qualifies toward mileage award.
drous place. Don’t miss out. For those     Bring your bathing suits, towels, pot      Ed will earn his magnetics as he leads
who have been before, you know             luck dish (please RSVP, (714) 441-         the group on a run to the Lewis’ Ran-
there is no better way to visit the mu-    2552 or with what     cho in Jamul. Location for the Luau is
seum than with a group of friendly         you’re bringing, (we have a gas grill)     3285 Beaver Hollow Road. Luau time
Miataphiles.                               and of course something to put on          is 5 p.m. Come for an evening of Ha-
   The route will be the same as the in    your car! This is always a fun day with    waiian Island fun, food, and games.
the past, with the same sort of run        plenty of lessons to be learned, food to
plan. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We   be eaten, and always sunshine to en-       future events
will be leaving from McDonald’s, lo-       joy. We’ll provide sodas and, of
cated at I-5 and Oceanside Boulevard,                                                 Coronado Classic
                                           course, Krispy Kreme donuts for the        Speed Festival
at 7:15 a.m. From there we will be         early arrivals.
traveling north to meet up with our                                                   Dates: October 12-13
                                           Directions: Exit 91 freeway at Euclid,     The Coronado Classic Speed Festival
friends in SOCALM. We will meet at         go north to Baker, go west on Baker
the Sport Mart located on the west                                                    is a spectator racing event organized
                                           to Lovering which is the 4th street on     by General Racing, Ltd (Steve
side of I-405 in the parking lot at        the left. 1530 is the last house on the
Magnolia Street and Warner Avenue,                                                    Earle)—the same organization that
                                           left.                                      puts on the Monterey Historics.
exiting Fountain Valley/Huntington
Beach at 8:15, departing at 8:30. This     Debbye Does Santee                         Many of the same classic autos that
should put us at the museum at 10          Drive-In                                   race at Monterey also participate in
a.m. to enter as a group.                  Date: Saturday, August 24                  the event in San Diego. This is an op-
   There are several options for eating    Meeting Time: 4 p.m. for                   portunity to watch historic autos with
at the Getty. Once again the picnic          early dinner.                            racing heritage compete. You can also
tables will be available if you wish to    Meeting Place: The Chicken Pie             wander through the paddock and talk
bring your own food. The picnic ta-          Diner, 14727 Pomerado Rd.,               to the drivers and mechanics as they
bles are open to anyone who wishes to        Poway                                    prepare their cars for competition.
use them (they no longer reserve           Run Leaders: VIKKI WELLINGTON &            There will be a Concours d’Elegance,
them). In addition, there are a variety      DUSTIN LEWIS (619) 447-0930 or           static military display, vendors, and
of restaurants at the museum to                     Chrysler will offer test drives of their
choose from.                               This run qualifies toward mileage award.   newest models.
   Upon arrival you are free to explore    Meet for dinner and then a short run       Edelbrock Tour
the museum as long as you wish.            in the cool of the evening will take us    Date: Saturday, October 19
Please RSVP if you are going to at-        to the Santee Drive-in for a double        Place: Edelbrock factory and mu-
tend, as there are only 50 openings.       feature. What will it be this year?           seum in Torrance, California.
                                              Bring folding chairs and a portable     Contact: ROBIN & MIKE
Monthly Meeting                            radio (drive-in sound is now broadcast        FAIRCLOTH,
Date: Thursday, August 22                  by FM radio for those that have not           The Edelbrocks have been making
Time: 6 p.m.                               been lately). You will also want to        performance parts since the 1950’s.
Place: Boll Weevil                         bring a sweatshirt just in case.           The name is synonymous with “going
  9330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.                                                          fast.” It is likely that we will be able to
  (at Ruffin Road), San Diego              Luau Run to the                            see Vic and Camee Edelbrock racing
  (858) 571-6225                           Lewis’                                     at the Coronado Speed Festival the
This event is the single best way to       Date: Saturday, August 31                  weekend before.
meet your fellow club members, ask         Meeting Time: 3 p.m.                          The Edelbrock tours are from 10
questions, share stories, etc.             Meeting location: Rancho San Diego,        a.m. to approximately 1 p.m. starting
  Don’t miss the fun!                       Carls Jr. Parking lot (by Target) off     with Camee Edelbrock or Vic Edel-
                                            of Jamacha Road.                          brock talking about the history of the

company. Then the guides split the              smoking. You need to request smok-         required to provide for their own food
tour into groups and you drive to their         ing rooms and ask them to be added         and lodging...but, there are club
manufacturing plant; then come back             to our group. In San Luis we have ten      members who would host guests if
to see the shock building, exhaust              1-bed rooms and ten 2-beds. The            given some warning.
building, and their distribution center,        rates are quoted to how many people           While there is no fee, registering
all in Torrance. The tours are a lot of         in the room, not beds! The rooms in        helps the organizers know how far to
walking; then back to the museum for            San Luis Obispo, including tax, are        stick their necks out and bust their
lunch and a goodie bag.                         $50.59 for a single and $57.19 for a       buns for the guests coming. The
   There also is an Edelbrock Sports-           double. At San Simeon we also have         Gathering has grown each year and is
wear room where they sell clothing.             20 rooms—all double queens. The            sure to do so again this year. It’s a
   This is a rare opportunity, and we           rates are: $61.03 for a single and         good time on low bucks with no limit
will be limited to 120 people. SO-              $71.93 for a double. AARP members          to the activities available.
CALM has been invited to participate            bring your cards for 10% off. When            Additional information and direc-
as well...after all, it is in their backyard.   you call for reservations please ask for   tions are available at:
   Please make reservations with                Sean, but anyone in Group Reserva-
Robin Faircloth. Even though there              tions can help you. You must tell them     2002 National Miata Event
appears to be plenty of time, you               the reservation is under SOCALM,           When: September 19-22, 2002
don’t want to be left out. Make plans           and give the property number, and          Where: Hilton, Washington Dulles
and reservations today.                         the reservation number. Please contact        Airport City, Herndon, VA
                                                Bari Russell when you have made            Take the scenic routes to the nation’s
3rd Bi-Annual Hearst
                                                your reservations or if you have any       capital for the 2002 National Miata
Castle/San Simeon Run
                                                problems.                                  Event hosted by Mazda Sports Car
Dates: November 8 – 10
Meeting Time 9 a.m.                             San Diego Miata Club                       Club of Washington D.C. and spon-
  Drivers Meeting 9:30 a.m.                     Holiday Party                              sored by the MIATA OWNERS CLUB.
Meeting Place: Madonna Inn Parking              Date: Sunday, December 15                  Come and spend quality time getting
  Lot, San Luis Obispo, CA                      Location: San Vicente Inn (San Diego       closer to your Miata and the road. Just
Contacts: BARI RUSSELL,                           Country Estates), 24157 San              a few of the activities planned: car                       Vicente Road, Ramona, CA 92065           show, autocross, drag strip races, de-
   (949) 588-1531 or (714) 856-9890             Hosts: MIKE & ROBIN FAIRCLOTH,             fensive driving school, race track tour
   BILL HYDE,                (760) 789-5171 or                        (touring laps), funcanna, road rallies
   (714) 525-5831 or (714) 225-1319                            & scavenger hunt, dynamometer test-
Mark your calendars, because you                Dinner will be served buffet style.        ing and much, much, more! MOC
don’t want to miss this Miata adven-            Once summer is over, there will be         members get $25 off the registration
ture that tours one of the world’s most         more information to relay regarding        fees! For further details and additional
famous mansions, set in California’s            cost, menu, directions, etc.               information regarding the 2002 Na-
most beautiful region! Even more ex-                                                       tional Miata Event check out the
citing, we get to ZOOM ZOOM on                    UPCOMING regional                        event web site at
some of the best Miata roads in the              and national events                       Miata2002 or phone (703) 278-8005.
country! Bill has assured me there will
be ample potty stops this year!
Room Booking:
                                                The Greater Cincinnati Miata
                                                Club’s Midwest Miata Gathering
                                                Dates: September 7 - 9
                                                                                           I  f you want to earn the
                                                                                              always desirable SAN
                                                                                           DIEGO MIATA CLUB
   SOCALM Miata Club Group Res-                 Place: Cincinnati, Ohio                    magnetics in your car
   ervations: (800) 544-4866 (Sean)             There is no registration fee nor are       color, then the only requirement is
Motels: Nov. 8 - Motel 6 San Luis               there any charges for events put on by     that the event be a driving event. A
   Obispo South, Property 1373, Res-            the members of GCMC. There is an           caravan to an event does not qualify…
   ervation Number 131713                       admission charge to the park where         such as the trip to the Getty Museum.
   Nov. 9 – Motel 6 San Simeon,                 the event is held ($3 will cover the       However, if an indirect “run” to an
   Property 1212, Reservation Num-              whole weekend) and some activities         event is put together, then the mag-
   ber 131002                                   (like the dyno Session) have charges       netics are earned.
I have blocked 20 rooms at both prop-           related to what the service provider          Contact STEVE WAID, events coor-
erties—all queen beds and all non-              requires. Participants are, of course,     dinator at

member profile
                                                                                        like three days later, joined SDMC.
                                                                                        They went on runs, attended the
                                                                                        meetings, talked a lot about “her” car.
                                                                                        Veronica started autocrossing with
                                                                                        Dennis being the unhandiest pit crew
                                                                                        in recorded history. He felt that since
                                                                                        he had raced before, it was her turn.
                                                                                        That lasted for about three months,
                                                                                        when at Veronica’s urging, Dennis
                                                                                        strapped on the brain bucket and was
                                                                                        hooked again.
                                                                                           But the crystal blue was “her” car.
                                                                                        Dennis had a Buick (see above). The
                                                                                        fourth Thursday in April, on his way
                                                                                        to teach, he thought he saw a yellow
                                                                                        Miata in the showroom of Westcott
— VERONICA and DENNIS DIDIER                He slalomed the car and dreamed of          Mazda. He drove to work, making a
                                            racing. Dennis and the B watched            note to check after class just to see if it
Why Not?                                    many races on the “other coast.”            was the `02 yellow SE. After teaching
                                               In 1969, Dennis traded a super ste-
V     eronica and Dennis Didier are
      proud owners of two Miatas.
Hers is a crystal blue `01 LS, and his is
                                            reo and $1,000 for an E Production
                                            MGB from a member of the SCCA
                                                                                        his class, he stopped at Westcott and
                                                                                        sure enough, it was the SE. This was
                                                                                        the same day of the monthly SDMC
a blazing yellow `02 SE. Veronica           here in San Diego. Off to Riverside         meeting and he told the sales manager
found her dream car at the San Diego        for driver training and the fun of go-      he had to close the deal, completely,
Auto Show last year. She announced          ing really (well, sort of) fast. Dennis     in 35 minutes. Westcott made the
she was in love and just had to have        raced the B for two seasons before an       deadline and Dennis showed up at the
one of the crystal blue Miatas. But,        altercation with the turn six wall at       meeting with the BYM (Blazing Yel-
the Miata had to carry two golf bags.       Riverside. After spending way too           low Mica).
It did.                                     much money to repair the B, he sold it         Veronica found out that he had
   Both Veronica and Dennis have            and turned to desert racing on motor-       bought the car the same time as the
had long love affairs with cars. Veron-     cycles.                                     rest of the membership. For those of
ica’s heart was originally taken with          Just so you’ll know, Veronica was        you who were at the meeting in April,
her 1972 Karmann Ghia. Her crown-           given a 100cc Hodaka Super Rat dirt         there were a few anxious moments.
ing moment was delivering a fully           bike for her engagement. Dennis be-         But, after about 10 minutes, Veronica
decorated Christmas tree in the             lieved that she could really hurt herself   came out to the car and gave Dennis
Ghia—and the Ghia was not a con-            on a diamond. She didn’t hurt herself,      his yellow SDMC ball cap. As the
vertible. She really liked driving the      but got the diamond anyway.                 newly-elected Secretary of the SDMC,
Ghia around the back roads of San              Zooming then went into a long pe-        how could she refuse the addition of a
Luis Obispo County. The heater was          riod of hibernation. But in 1992, they      new Miata to the Club?
great for ankle warming.                    bought a new, red Nissan 300ZX.                As to the Why Not? title...a friend
   Dennis’ first “cool car” was bought      Living only a mile from Otay Lakes          asked Veronica why they had two
slightly used in 1961. It was a white       Road, they spent sunny days scaring         Miatas. Her response: Why Not? So
1960 Chevy convertible. The car went        themselves in the Z car. After the Z,       which car do they take to events? It’s
like gangbusters, but only in a straight    they both resigned themselves to regu-      about taking turns, unless Dennis
line. He hankered for something that        lar cars—you know, lots of doors and        whines. And they stand in the garage
handled better than the Chevy and           power windows, many cup holders,            and argue over the merits of blue vs.
found a 1962 (yes, there were `62s)         arm rests, etc.                             yellow.
red MGB on a used car lot in Nor-              But after the car show, Veronica
folk, VA while in the Navy. It was like     brought home her new `01 crystal
new and it could go around curves.          blue baby. The Didiers immediately,

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                                   DESIREE HERRERA
                                   JAMES W. HIND
                                                                          A     s of July 28, 2002, there are 391
                                                                                memberships (158 single, 233
                                                                          dual) for a total of 624 members.
WALT ARNOLD                        JACK & SUE HINKLE
                                   ROBERT HOLLAND                         Memberships by Miata Color:
  San Diego
  2001 SE (British Racing Green)     & CAROL SCHWARTZ                        98 Red
MAL & JUDY BEVINGTON               LARRY & JEANNIE HOSKINSON                 56
  San Diego                        WALLY & CAROLE JEWELL                     44 Black
  2000 Emerald Green               CRAIG & JESSICA JULIAN                    38 Silver
MICHELLE CORMANY                   BARRY & NANCEE KERSHAW                    31 Emerald Green
  Spring Valley                    BOB & DEBBIE LLEWELLYN                    20 Montego Blue
  2001 White LS                    BOB MAGHAN                                16 Yellow
JOHN & KATHRYN HEANEY              RAINER & MARIANNE MUELLER                 16 BRG
  San Diego                        SALLY ORR & MORRIS HILL                   11 Sapphire Blue
  2002 Black                       CINDY PALOMA                              11 Twilight Blue
                                   MURDOCK & NORMA PAYNE                     10 Crystal Blue
DALLAS & MICHELLE KLASSEN          SAMUEL RAMEY                                9 Mahogany
 San Diego                         FRANK RIMMER                                9 Mariner Blue
 2002 Silver                         & CHARM JOHNSON                           8 Marina Green
LOU & WENDY LOPEZ                  JENNIFER ROTH                               7 Laguna Blue
  Escondido                        FREDERICK N. SCOTT                          6 Starlight Blue
  2002 SE (Titanium)               MICHAEL & ELINOR SHACK                      5 Merlot
RICK & NADINE SAIA                 RUTH & LOU STARK                            5 Midnight Blue
  San Diego                        KENNETH & JENIPHER TUCKER                   4 Titanium
  1991 Silver B                                                                2 Evolution Orange
                                          Mileage awards
ANNE & ANNA STALMER                                                            1 Laser Blue
                                            program                            1 Teal (custom)
  San Diego
                                                                               5 Unreported*
  1999 Emerald Green
  San Diego
                                   A    t the monthly membership
                                        meeting on July 25, the follow-
                                   ing SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB Mile-
                                                                          * Unreported means a member does not

  1999 Emerald Green Leather       age Awards patches were presented.     Local Business              Discounts
                                   Name                   Award Level     Keep Growing
  Spring Valley                    ERIC ABAD              500 Miles
  1990 Black

Renewing Members
                                   HAVEN BLEVINS
                                   TOM GOULD
                                                                          I  f you check out the back page of
                                                                             the newsletter, you will notice the
                                                                          Local Business Discounts section has a
(since last newsletter):           DAVE HUNT
                                                                          couple of new entries. Two new dis-
                                                                          counts this month, and both are the
                                                                          result of SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
RICHARD BEST                       RANDY PATTERSON
                                                                          members taking the initiative and ask-
ERIK BLATTER                       NICK PONCE
                                                                          ing a business to consider offering a
                                                                          discount to the club.
GALE CHAN                          JUDY POWELL
                                                                             Thanks go to JERRY CISINSKY and
                                                                          MARY ANN WALLNER for adding
                                   TOM WOOD                               value to your SDMC membership.
TERRY & SANDY COOPER                                                      See the back page for the Express Tire
JEFF & JUDY DOUGLASS               ROBIN FAIRCLOTH        1000 Miles
                                                                          in Poway and Union 76 station in San
BRUCE FURBUSH                      ELINOR SHACK
  & ROSEANNE MEYERHOFF             CHARLENE BROKAW        1500 Miles
                                   SAL CAUSARANO                          — EDITOR

SDMC members put their creative                                              July 4 - Thursday
juices into overdrive for the annual                                        Scripps Ranch 4th of July
Scripps Ranch Fourth of July parade.                                        Parade
   There were flags of all sizes—tiny,
small, medium, large, and HUGE—

                                                                                                                                 PHOTO: ART HAMILTON
fluttering over the gaily decorated cars.                                  July 4 - Thursday
There were red, white, and blue                                           4th of July BBQ and Pool
streamers, stuffed animals, Beanie Ba-                                    Party. Fireworks Too!
bies, colorful quilts, a big make-believe
firecracker, pinwheels, a large Winnie
the Pooh, at least one live dog—well,
you get the idea.
   No, you might not get the idea if
you weren’t there. For the first time,

                                                                                                                                 PHOTO: ART HAMILTON
CLUB seated in the first row of cars.
This was a mannequin creatively and
carefully crafted by LOIS MARTIN.
The sight was a delight as the hand on
her right turned and waved and she
smiled the Miss America look as we

                                                                                                            PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL
rode down the streets.

                                                                    We had nearly half a hundred cars
                                                                 lined up in rows of red, white and
                                                                 blue, which brought the appropriate
                                                                 oohs and aahs from the crowds lining
                                                                 the streets. The cars with other vibrant
                                                                 colors brought up the tail end of our
   Drivers and navigators also were                              long line of march, providing a very
decorated with patriotic images scat-

                                                                                                                                 PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL
                                                                 impressive exclamation point to our
tered throughout visible body parts.                             throng.
   The ever-popular flags waving on                                 Watching the parade go by while
the windshield wipers once more                                  waiting for our turn to join in pro-
made a big hit, as did the headlight                             vided an opportunity to see what
drill—up, down, up, down, up, down                               other car clubs were doing. And they
and honk. Quite a delight for club                               were doing just fine. The Corvette
members and parade viewers as well.                              Club was especially neat, with a large
Those cars with mechanically chal-                               coterie of noisy cars carrying family
lenged headlights chimed in with the                             members from far across the United
                                                                 States. Their names and city locations
                                                                 mounted on the sides of the cars made
                                                                 a very impressive display, indeed.
                                                                    The Model A Club was out in
                                                                 force, with a string of highly polished
                                                                 cars and their trademark A-oog-ah
                                            PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL

                                                                                                                                 PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL

                                                                    The day began at 0 Dark Thirty, as
                                                                 the military say, outside the home of

                                DIANE LONG, the day’s impresario.
                                Decorations and donuts, coffee, bagels
                                and cornbread were provided, as
                                members came well prepared to cover
                                their steeds and satisfy their needs.

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO: DIANE LONG
                                   ANTHONY WILDE once again

                                served as our grand marshal, riding in
                                the SDMC trailer, which originally
                                was designed to carry racing parts for
                                ELLIOT SHEV. It was a truly impres-
                                sive sight.
                                   How did we do in the competition?
                                Was there really any doubt? Yes there
                                was, as the competition seemed
                                tougher this year than ever before. But

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO: ART HAMILTON
                                the judges knew what they were doing
                                when they honored us with first place
                                in the Auto Club category for the
                                fourth year in a row. Clairemont

                                Neighborhood Cruisers took second
                                place, the Model A’s were third and
                                the Corvettes finished fourth on the
                                   After the parade, it was off to the
                                Shev manse in Poway for an unparal-
                                leled pool party, with the traditional
                                Fourth of July food and hi-jinks by
                                club members. The fireworks display
                                from Poway High capped about 14
                                hours of a truly memorable event.
                                — TOM SPRAGUE
            PHOTO: JIM BROKAW

                                Below— Normally this is a view of the pa-
                                rade that only Anthony Wilde can see while
                                riding atop the SDMC float. Miatas as far as

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO: TRAVIS GILL
                                the eye can see. Red, white, blue in endless

                                                                                    Below— After the parade everyone was ready to cool
                                                                                    off. The exuberant water volleyball games helped to
                                                                                    work up big appetites for the BBQ feed. The fireworks
                                                                                    capped a fun-filled day.
                                                                    PHOTO: ANTHONYWILDE

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO: DIANE LONG

Spec Miata Racing
DAVID LEVY had a memorable experi-               Friday’s practice session proved to
ence June 9th at the Mazda Raceway La-        be a blast. There was so much to
guna Seca, in Monterey, CA. Here he           learn. Correct apexes, braking and
shares some of the delights with us.          shifting points to create quick lap
— EDITOR                                      times. GO, GO, GO! Faster, faster!
                                                 My lap times were getting faster,                                              On Sunday, there was a warm-up
Mazdaspeed Cup 2002                                                                                                          session around 8:30 a.m. and the race
                                              but there was plenty of work cut out
I  t was such a fantastic time at this
   event! My wife and kids attended
with me and also had a great time.
                                              for me on the track. I had never even
                                              set foot on the track before. Well….
                                              just the hot pit area while crewing,
                                                                                                                             didn’t start until 4:30 p.m. WOW!
                                                                                                                             Anticipation and anxiety gets hold of
                                                                                                                             you with all that time to kill.
   A true once in a lifetime experience,      years ago. I had no idea what lurked                                              I am very proud of my 49th place
since 30 years ago I was introduced to        behind the hill, around turn 6. Or                                             finish out of the 70 that ran the race.
the sport when I used to sit on the           what the vertical drop of “the cork-                                           The time difference between the fast-
hillside and watch SCCA races with            screw” would be like.                                                          est and slowest lap times was only 6
my father. A few years later, I was able         My fellow competitors were a                                                seconds.
to be a little bit more “part of the ac-      tough crowd that included national                                                The last car finished the race just
tion” by crewing for a pro race team.         champions and professional drivers                                             under 2 minutes after the winner.
And now to actually race on this his-         from all around the country. To be                                             This was close racing!
toric track…AMAZING!                          included in that lot was an honor in-                                             The true testament of the Miata’s
   The weekend started out by getting         deed by itself.                                                                racing potential has already been
the car unloaded and set up under one            Saturday’s practice and qualifying                                          proven years ago, but keeps amazing
of three HUGE tents provided by               proved to be tough, both physically                                            people. I was told that there were
Mazda. All 74 competitors were                and mentally. As I was trying to move                                          comments made in the SPEED
“paddocked” in this area, so it was a         lap times quicker and quicker, I man-                                          Channel trailer, during the race, to the
multi-colored sea of Miatas, racers,          aged to spin a couple of times, fortu-                                         effect that this race was the best of the
crews, and families. A BIG Miata fam-         nately not mashing the car. I was get-                                         weekend. And we shared the weekend
ily indeed!                                   ting pretty good lap times, but my                                             with the CART folks.
   Once the car was set in my                 consistency needed improvement.                                                   I even had spectators come over to
“assigned” parking space, we began               In the Miata paddock area, you                                              the paddock after the event and tell
unloading of all the miscellaneous            could actually smell paint drying from                                         me that our race was much more ex-
tools and parts to be set aside for later     cars that were just completed in order                                         citing than the CART event. I was
use.                                          to compete in this event.                                                      even asked for autographs! Who me?
                                                                                                                             Well, OK. And thank you!
                                                                                                                                I want to thank the SDMC folks
                                                                                                                             for asking me to submit this tidbit to
                                                                                                                             the newsletter. I also must “publicly”
                                                                                                                             thank a few others for the MAZ-
                                                                                                                             DASPEED CUP event. Jim Jordan
                                                                                                                             (Mazda), Joe Jordan (WheelStore)
                                                                                                                             and Ron Cortez (American Interna-
                                                                                                                             tional Motorsports/Toyo Rep) for
                                                                                     PHOTOS: COURTESEYOF SPECMIATAWEST.COM

                                                                                                                             thinking up this great event. And
                                                                                                                             Mazda, Toyo Tire, SCCA, and the
                                                                                                                             Mazda Raceway folks for putting it all
                                                                                                                             together, and so quickly. MAZ-
                                                                                                                             DASPEED for outstanding racer sup-
                                                                                                                             port. And lastly Nology Engineering,
                                                                                                                             for their sponsorship of my racing en-
Above— David, in Miata number 4, is in the middle of the pack heading down the famous                                        — DAVID LEVY
Corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Race winner Barry Hartzel is in car number 92.
                                                                                                                                 Spec Miata #4

                                                                                                AUTOCROSS AT THE “Q”

                        July 6, 2002 Autocross Results                                              The following autocross events
                                                                                                    are tentatively scheduled to take
Congratulations to the following SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB members on their                              place in the parking lot of Qual-
performance at the Solo2 championship event. The event was sponsored by the                         comm Stadium:
Datsun Competition Club of San Diego (DCCSD), and held at Qualcomm Sta-                    Sunday, September 8………….championship
dium.                                                                                      Sunday, October 20…...………championship
  Class         Driver                         Car             Place                       Saturday, November 2……………….practice
                                                                                           Sunday, November 10.….……..championship
   CS              CAROL SCHWARTZ                        Miata             6th             Saturday, November 30………..championship
   CS              DENNIS DIDIER                         Miata             9th             Saturday, December 7..….……...novice school
   CS              JOHN HILTON                           Miata            10th             To confirm autocross information, call:
   HS              RON CHAPMAN                           Civic             2nd             San Diego SCCA Hotlines (619) 441-1333
   IS2             ROBERT “JT” HOLLAND                   Miata             1st                                     (800) 360-4454
   IS2             BRIAN GOODWIN                         Miata             3rd             Web page    
   IS2             MICHAEL HEINITZ                       Miata             5th             Come participate or watch SAN
   IS2             KEVIN HAYWOOD                         Miata             7th             DIEGO MIATA CLUB members race at
   IS2             JOHN “JD” LIMA                        Miata             8th             the autocross (timed event). To par-
   IS2             RAINER MUELLER                        Miata             9th             ticipate you need to register for a Solo2
   IS2             JOSEPH MEDINA                         Miata            10th             card and number ($15) and have a
   IS2             STEVE WAID                            Miata            12th
                                                                                           DOT approved helmet. Loaner hel-
   IS2             JIM BROKAW                            Miata            14th
   IS2             ELLIOT SHEV                           Miata            15th             mets are available at the autocross.
   IS2L            BARBARA SHEV                          Miata             2nd
   SU              HOWARD KUZMINSKI                      Miata             4th
   SU              JAMES SANDERS                         Miata            10th
   CSP             MARA CALER                            CRX               4th
   M1              LARRY DENNSTEDT                       Aardvark          3rd

                                                                         July 6 - Saturday      Above and Below— Robert “JT” Hol-
                                                                         Autocross at the “Q”   land continued his winning ways in
                                                                                                IS2. The defending title holder from last
                                                                                                year is still maintaining his lead half
Above and Below— Barb Shev nearly took first place for the second                               way through this season.
consecutive event in IS2 L, but her competitor just squeaked by on the
last run. Barb had a fun day anyway.
                                                                                                                                        PHOTOS: VOODOO BOB KRUEGER

Blue Sky
“Sometimes we don’t realize how
lucky we have it here.”

T     hose were the words of ART
      HAMILTON on July 18. But this
time the retired Marine was not talk-
ing about citizens of this wonderful
land of the free and the home of the
brave. This time he was talking about
Miata owners.

                                                                                                                                  PHOTO: STEVE KENNISON
   The occasion was when SDMC
members gathered for interviews and
a photo shoot with Eberhard
Homann, who came to California
from Germany to do a travel story for     Above— SDMC president Sal Causarano and Blue Sky correspondent Eberhard Homann.
Blue Sky magazine. After listening to
                                          Below— Fourteen SDMC members, and one SDPD member, were on hand to welcome Eber-
some of the things we do with our         hard to America’s Finest City.
motorized mounts, Herr Homann
offered that a Miata in Singapore costs
70,000 US dollars, in France in order
to make any modifications you need
to pay thousands of dollars to get a
permit, and then your insurance goes
up 700%. Many drivers cross into a
different country to do what they

                                                                                                                                  PHOTO: ART HAMILTON
want and then return.
   There were other examples as well
to remind us how good we have it
here. When members were asked why
they like the Miata, the consensus was
                                          factoid: Of the 11 cars parked in a row     Need a CB to Lead a Run?
“a fun, affordable, reliable, driveable
                                          for the photo shoot, only three had
   The day started with breakfast in
Mission Valley, followed by a mini-
                                          front license plates. Which made it
                                          more interesting because one of San
                                                                                      S    DMC Events Coordinator STEVE
                                                                                           WAID is always looking for new
                                                                                      run leaders for these most-popular
                                          Diego’s finest was parked there when
tour to the Presidio overlooking High-                                                club events. Having a CB is not re-
                                          we drove in. But the officer was so en-
way 8 where the cars were arranged                                                    quired to participate in club runs, but
                                          amored with the cluster of colorful
for the photo shoot. Homann took                                                      it’s almost mandatory if you are a run
                                          cars that we were told we could back
pictures of everything from the assem-                                                leader or driving the sweep car (the
                                          into the parking places in front of the
bled cars and drivers to engine modifi-                                               last one).
                                          signs which forbid this, and the officer
cations to flowers in the cockpit.                                                        Three CBs have been donated to
                                          took out a camera for a snapshot to
   After enough photos were snapped,                                                  the club. So, if lack of a CB radio has
                                          send to a sister who owns a Miata
the group took off for a mini-run up                                                  kept you from stepping forward to
                                          rather than pulling out the ticket
the Coast. Along the way the radar                                                    lead a run, you can arrange with Steve
detectors beeped, and every one re-                                                   to borrow a CB to lead or sweep your
                                             We got along fine with the finest.
spectfully passed the motorcycle offi-                                                first run. That’s one less excuse for not
cer by the side of the road. After some   — TOM SPRAGUE                               planning a run…which, by the way, is
delightful sights, it was lunchtime in                                                how you get a set of those really cool
Escondido.                                                                            club magnetics with your very own
   SAL and His Gal (GERI) were the                                                    car color.
coordinators of the event, and a good                                                     Contact STEVE WAID, events coor-
time was had by all. One interesting                                                  dinator at

Surf'N'Safari `99                          hotel rooms at $99 per night, again,         Well, not only was the event a suc-
                                           all held in 1999. Wow, it was great.      cess, for $99, it also made a profit.
– Epilogue                                    OK, now that you’re up-to-date on      The money was presented to the San

I  n October 1999 the
CLUB produced an enor-
                                           the event, it’s originator, LOU STARK,
                                           had one additional thought in its
                                           planning, besides all the fun. The club
                                                                                     Diego Wild Animal Park about two
                                                                                     years ago for the construction of Con-
                                                                                     dor Ridge (SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
mously successful event called             had recently experienced the passing      NEWS, July 2000, Vol. 5, Number 7,
SURF'N'SAFARI. Held over three days,       of one of its members, LYNN               pp. 1-2, & 7) Now, after a long wait,
participants enjoyed non-stop food,        MCCLELLAND, mother of member              the permanent plaque has been
driving events, the best vendor row        KATHY MCCLELLAND. Lynn was a              erected.
ever, tons of free stuff, and a huge ar-   passionate animal lover. Lou suggested       Here are some photos for you to
ray of door prizes given away at the       that any proceeds from the event          see. On the larger of the two plaques,
Saturday dinner. All of this fun was       would be donated to the San Diego         under the section “In Memory Of” is
had for a mere $99 per person, with        Wild Animal Park in her name.             the inscription “LYNN MCCLELLAND
                                                                                     FROM SD MIATA CLUB.” Please stop
                                                                                     by Condor Ridge next time you’re at
                                                                                     the park to see this.
                                                                                     — ELLIOT SHEV

                                                                                     Above— The signs at the entrance to the
                                                                                     Condor Ridge exhibit.

                                                                                     Left— The donor sign has a lot of names, but
                                                                                     if you look close at the far right column, you
                                                                                     can find the information below.

                                                                                                                                  PHOTOS: ELLIOT SHEV

Aftermarket goodies
Miata Goes Skin Diving                          One of the pluses with these seat
                                             covers is that they are waterproof. I
I  ’ve been wanting to upgrade my
   seat covers for quite a while. I
looked at ELLIOT’S new leather uphol-
                                             have been caught in a few downpours
                                             and my old seat covers needed to be
stered seats and really liked them. I        taken off and dried out. Surprise sum-
figured I could customize my seats if I      mer T-storms really make a mess if
did that but…my mind kept going              you have your top down. Now I don’t
back to the neat seat covers I saw in a      have to worry about my seats, just the        the 4th of July parade by one day).
former club member’s Miata. They             rest of the car!                              There are also local stores where you
were made out of wet suit material                                                         can buy them.
and looked great. His were black with                                                         My new seat covers give my car a
a blue insert.                                                                             much more tailored look. It feels like
   A couple of weeks ago I broke                                                           the rough edges have been sanded off.
down and ordered the “wet suit” seat                                                       If you like the tailored look and a
covers from Serious Auto (really, the                                                      really comfortable seat, I recommend
Wet Okole seat covers from Hawaii).                                                        these.
They didn’t have a “real” red insert so                                                    — DIANE LONG
I opted for black with charcoal gray. I
am very pleased with them and they                                                         Badges?
                                                Since I ordered through the Serious
look really good in my car. They are
padded and very comfortable and give
me a little more sitting height.
                                             Auto link on the SAN DIEGO MIATA
                                             CLUB web site,
                                                                                           H      ave you been wondering where
                                                                                                  to get those nifty engraved plas-
                                                                                           tic name badges that have been turn-
   ANTHONY WILDE helped me in-               the club got a 3% cut (See page 2 of
                                                                                           ing up on members at the latest
stall them. They come in two pieces;         this newsletter). They also can be or-
                                                                                           events? They are available for mere
one for the back of the seat and one         dered through the Wet Okole web
                                                                                           $6.50 each, including shipping to
for the sitting part of the seat. We         site, but I found their site to be far less
                                                                                           your home, from VICKY KRUEGER.
needed to take the seats out to attach       informative than Serious Auto’s. Seri-
                                                                                              You will need to give her cash up
the connections underneath. I put an         ous Auto caters to Miatas and even
                                                                                           front, as the badges need to paid for in
additional cushion under the driver’s        gave recommendations for colors that
                                                                                           advance. Lots of colors are available to
seat cover to give me another ¼ to ½         look good on a Miata. Delivery took
                                                                                           match your Miata.
inch in sitting height (you wouldn’t         about two weeks because they are cus-
                                                                                              See Vicky at a monthly meeting or
even know it is there). They are cus-        tom made (I missed getting them for
                                                                                           e-mail her at
tom-made for the Miata and fit very
well with a little tugging here and
   I have ordered the UV protectant
and the wet suit shampoo from Okole
directly. I realize these seat covers need
some care to stay as nice as they look
now but washing them is easy. You
just have to rub them down with the
shampoo, rinse them off, and towel
dry them. Since they are waterproof
you can wash them without taking
them off. They need some protection
from the sun because neoprene does
                                                                                                                                      PHOTOS: DIANE LONG

deteriorate. The UV protectant will
provide this and I plan on using my
car cover whenever my car is parked
in the sun.

ZOOM Racing Polo Shirts                             are a limited edition and will be sold            call/email your friendly Regalia Gals,
                                                    by order ONLY! Order forms will be                ROZ and PAULA.
N     ew regalia has arrived! For the
      months of June, July, and Au-
gust the Regalia Gals will be offering
                                                    supplied by the Regalia Gals. All or-
                                                    ders must be paid for in advance.
                                                                                                      (858) 271-8498 or (760) 789-3872
                                                    Prices will range from $26 (M-XL) to
Zoom Racing Polo Shirts. These                      $28 (2XL).
sporty shirts will come in several dif-                If you have any questions please
ferent colors with the embroidered
collar and cuffs display a black &
white checkered (Racing Flag) pattern
with two small red stripes. The color
choices are; Red/w black logo, Blue/w
black logo, Light Gray/w black logo,
Yellow/w black logo, Purple/w black
logo, White/w red logo, Black/w red
logo. These fine Zoom Racing Polo
Shirts will be available in sizes me-
dium, large, X-large and 2X-large.
   The new Zoom Racing Polo Shirts
made their debut at the June SAN
Regalia Gals showed sample shirts
available in all the colors and sizes for
viewing pleasure. This allows club
members to preview this fine collec-
tion of Zoom shirts so they can order
exactly what they require. These shirts

         Classified Ads                             pieces, $900. Montego Blue body parts from        For Sale: Trunk lid lift kits - fits all year
                                                    doors back, perfect condition. Aftermarket        Miatas. Factory blowout! $20 each for San
Classified ad space is provided free of charge to   alloy wheels, 14-inch with good tires, $150.      Diego folks that will pick-up or meet me, $30
members only. Please include your name, tele-       Also have starter, alternator, compressor and     each to ship in US. No tax. Very simple in-
phone number, and e-mail address (if applicable)    misc. engine, suspension, and body parts          stallation! Lifts trunk lid automatically when
with each submission.                               including doors, mirrors, rear fenders, lights,   the lever or key are used! Especially great for
For Sale: New Serious Auto cockpit cover.           and various interior and body parts.              those with wings or luggage racks!
Never used, just tested. Original price $40.        Wally, (619) 232-2801 ext 313, 234-2858, or       David, (760) 476-8754
Yours for only $35. Window protector, $20.
Diane, (858) 566-6973.                                                               For Sale: 1996 White Miata, black interior.
                                                    For Sale: 1994 Miata, M-Edition, 108K             Great condition with just over 50K miles.
Wanted: 15 inch OEM wheels.                         miles, runs great. Salvage title. $4999.          AM/FM/CASS. Asking $7200.
Stef (619) 297-4272 or               Tony, (619) 303-5036                              Larry or Vicky, (619) 303-8996.
For Sale: Flyin´ Miata springs for `90 to `97       For Sale: Montego Blue hard top by SNUG-          Buying or selling your Miata or Miata acces-
Miatas. If measured from the center of the          Top. Excellent, new condition. Includes rear      sories? You can do it for free on Miatamart—
wheel to the fender lip, your car will lower to     window defroster, dome light and all wiring       the MIATA FOR SALE web site, run by
12" - 12.5" in the front and 12.5" - 13" in the     to hook them up (we never got around to           SDMC member RAINER MUELLER. Check it
rear. $118. (New $219).                             installing the wiring on our `96).                out at
Stef (619) 297-4272 or               $1250 OBO.
                                                    Karen, (619)220-8331,
For Sale: Complete leather package interior
from a `96 with 33,000 miles on it. Seats were      For Sale: Closeout on Miata wrapping paper.
covered with slip covers and are like new. In-      $3 per roll.
cludes carpeting, door panels and tan trim          Geri,, (760) 787-0624


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