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									TV          SUNDAY                  ITV1 · Drama                           mr selfridge
              13/01/13 9:00                  pm                              selfridges is open but it is missing something - customers.

                    one                                    TWO                                                                                                                                                                   1
6:00    Breakfast                     6:05    I remember mama                6:00    cITV                             6:15    The Hoobs                     6:00    milkshake                     6:00    FIFa Futbol mundial
7:40    match of the Day              8:15    Life in a cottage              9:25    ITV News                         7:05    Will and Grace                10:00   power rangers:                6:30    Football First
9:00    The andrew marr                       Garden with carol              9:30    There’s No Taste                 7:30    everybody Loves                       super samurai                         Football First has the latest
        show                                  Klein                                  Like Home                                raymond                       10:35   Batman:                               news and views from the
10:00   The Big Questions                     Plantswoman Carol Klein        10:25   Dinner Date                      8:25    Frasier                               The Brave and the                     footballing world.
11:00   sunday politics                       shares with us a year in                                                9:30    sunday Brunch                         Bold                          8:00    Football First
                                                                             11:25   may the Best House
12:25   countryfile                           her garden at Glebe Cot-               Win                                      Tim Lovejoy and Simon         11:10   meerkat manor                 9:30    The sunday supplement
                                              tage in North Devon.                                                            Rimmer host a chilled         11:40   celebrity Big Brother
1:25    Bargain Hunt                                                         12:25   Dickinson’s real Deal                                                                                        11:00   Goals on sunday
                                      8:45    a to Z of TV                                                                    Sunday show with guests               Catch up with the latest
2:25    escape to the country                                                         David Dickinson and                     Lee Boardman and music                                              1:00    Football
                                              Gardening                                                                                                             events inside the Celebrity
3:25    chatsworth                                                                    his team of dealers are                 from Lawson.                                                                Manchester United take on
                                      9:30    saturday Kitchen                        in Caernarfon in North                                                        Big Brother house.
        The first programme                                                                                           12:05   The Big Bang Theory                                                         Liverpool.
                                              Best Bites                              Wales.                                                                12:40   once upon a Time
        joins the 12th duke and                                                                                       1:40    The simpsons                                                        3:30    Football
        duchess as the house is               James Martin takes a           1:25    rosemary and Thyme                                                             Find out how Dreamy be-
                                              look back at some of his                                                2:40    Honey, I Blew up                      came Grumpy after falling             Arsenal face Manchester
        being prepared to open to                                            2:25    ITV News and Weather                     the Kid                                                                     City.
        the public                            favourite recipes and best                                                                                            in love with a fairy, while
                                              moments from Saturday          2:30    sparkling cyanide                        After the success of                  over in Storybrooke, Emma     7:00    Football
4:25    songs of praise                                                                                                       Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,
                                              Kitchen.                                Murder mystery. The beau-                                                     investigates Kathryn’s                Atletico Madrid take on Real
5:00    africa                                                                        tiful but unfaithful wife of            Rick Moranis returns as               mysterious disappearance.             Zaragoza at the Vicente
                                      11:00   eastenders omnibus                                                              scientist Wayne Szalinski
        David Attenborough takes                                                      a successful lawyer dies of                                           1:40    Little man                            Calderon Stadium.
        a breathtaking journey        12:55   masters snooker                                                                 in Randal Klesier’s family
                                                                                      cyanide poisoning at their              comedy.                               Juvenile comedy from          8:00    Football
        through the vast and                  The 39th Masters tourna-                anniversary dinner party.
        diverse continent of Africa                                                                                   4:25    Deal or No Deal                       the Wayans camp, as a                 Malaga face Barcelona at La
                                              ment gets under way at         4:30    all star Family                                                                childless couple celebrate
        as it has never been seen             Alexandra Palace.                                                               Noel Edmonds asks the                                                       Rosaleda.
        before.                                                                      Fortunes                                 all-important question as             discovering an abandoned
                                      5:00    ski sunday                                                                                                            baby on their doorstep.       10:00   Ford Football special
6:00    BBc News                                                             5:15    You’ve Been Framed!                      contestants do battle with
                                              The series will feature all                                                     the Banker in their quest                                                   Another chance to catch
6:20    BBc London News                                                               Harry Hill presents more                                              3:25    mannequin                             Sunday’s Barclays Premier
                                              the thrills and excitement              hilarious camcorder ca-                 to leave the Dream Factory            Romantic comedy about
6:30    Blandings                                                                                                             with £250,000.                                                              League double bill.
                                              of the men’s and women’s                lamities and mobile phone                                                     a department store man-
        Clarence has to get his               downhill tour.                          mishaps.                        5:25    Time Team                                                           11:30   FIFa Futbol mundial
                                                                                                                                                                    nequin that comes to life
        pig eating again or he will   5:45    Darts                                                                           Tony Robinson and the                 when left alone with a        12:00   sporting Greats
        lose the Fattest Pig prize                                           5:45    London Tonight
                                                                                                                              Team investigate a huge               young window-dresser.
        to his fiendish rival.                In 2012, Dutchman              6:00    ITV News and Weather                     hill near Cardiff.            5:10    Loch Ness
7:00    countryfile                           Christian Kist won a thrill-   6:15    Dancing on Ice
                                              ing Lakeside final against                                              6:25    channel 4 News                        Whimsical family drama
        Matt Baker and Julia                  England’s Tony O’Shea.                  Hosted by Phillip Schofield             Includes sport and                    in which an American
        Bradbury head to the Hert-                                                    and Christine Bleakley,                 weather.                              scientist is dispatched to
        fordshire countryside.        8:00    The Battle for malta                    with ice legends Jayne                                                                                      6:00    cricket
                                                                                                                      6:55                           disprove definitively the
8:00    antiques roadshow                     Historian James Holland                 Torvill and Christopher                                                       legend of the Loch Ness               The second ODI between
                                              looks at the World War                  Dean.                           7:00    come Dine with me
        Fiona Bruce and the team                                                                                                                                    monster.                              Australia and Sri Lanka from
                                              Two battle for the tiny        7:45    all star Family                          The week features some                                                      the Adelaide Oval.
        head to the north of Scot-                                                                                            deliberate overspicing of     6:55    5 News Weekend
        land for a busy day in the            Mediterranean island of                Fortunes                                                                                                     11:30   ashes memories
                                              Malta.                                                                          a guest’s starter, an argu-   7:00    Bulletproof monk
        grounds of Cawdor Castle                                                      Dancer Louie Spence and                 ment about Princess Diana                                                   In the series that looks back
        near Inverness.               9:00    Tankies: Tank Heroes                    his family compete against              and some post-dinner hair             Martial arts comedy,
                                                                                                                                                                    based on the comic book               at some classic moments in
9:00    ripper street                         of World War II                         radio DJ Richard Bacon                  removal.                                                                    games between England and
                                                                                      and his clan.                                                                 strip of the same name,               Australia.
        H Division and the inde-              In the last of this two part                                            8:00    The Hotel                             in which a Tibetan monk
        pendent City of London                Historian and former tank      8:30    Dancing on Ice                           Hotel manager Mark                    enlists the help of a         12:00   Total rugby: Brian
        force are thrown together             commander Mark Urban                    Find out which two                      decides he needs some                 pickpocket.                           o’Driscoll special
        when the panic surround-              continues the story of six              couples will battle it out in           new tricks as he continues                                          12:30   european rugby union
        ing a sudden cholera                                                                                                  to try to attract more        9:00    celebrity Big Brother
                                              remarkable men from the                 the skate off.                                                                                                      Edinburgh host Munster at
        outbreak leads them to                Fifth Royal Tank Regiment                                                       up-market guests to the               Catch up with the latest
        scour both boroughs                                                  9:00    mr selfridge                             Grosvenor.                            events inside the Celebrity           Murrayfield in the fifth round
                                              in World War II.                                                                                                                                            of the Heineken Cup.
10:00   BBc News                                                                      Selfridges is open but          9:00    unknown                               Big Brother house.
                                      10:00   speed Dreams:                           it is missing something                                                                                     2:45    european rugby union
10:20   BBc London News                       The Fastest place                                                               Liam Neeson, January          10:00   over Her Dead Body
                                                                                      - customers.                            Jones and Diane Kruger                Romantic comedy. After                Ospreys take on Leicester
10:25   match of the Day 2                    on earth
                                                                             10:00   ITV News and Weather                     star in this dynamic action           a tragic accident kills his           Tigers at Liberty Stadium
        Arsenal v Manchester City,            Bill Nighy narrates a                                                           mystery from Jaume                                                          in the fifth round of the
        and Manchester United v                                              10:15   The constant                                                                   bride-to-be, the grieving
                                              story about how every                                                           Collet-Serra, the director            would-be groom turns to               Heineken Cup.
        Liverpool.                            year thousands of petrol               Gardener                                 of stylishly creepy horror            a local psychic to help him   5:30    NFL
11:25   room 101                              heads descend upon a                    Dramatic thriller based                 Orphan.
                                                                                      on the novel by John Le                                                       through the pain.                     A divisional play-off game
        Frank Skinner hosts as                dried up salt lake bed in                                               11:15   Beverly Hills cop                                                           from the NFL.
        three celebrities battle to           Bonneville, Utah.                       Carre. Quiet diplomat                                                 11:55   Bizarre Burials
                                                                                      Justin Quayle finds his life            Eddie Murphy stars as                                               9:30    NFL
        banish their top peeve or     11:00   masters snooker                                                                 streetwise Detroit cop                Documentary exploring
        worst nightmare to the                                                        turned upside down when                 Axel Foley in this 80s                the variety of strange and            A divisional play-off game
                                              Highlights                              his activist wife Tessa is                                                    sensational ways to make
        depths of Room 101. With                                                                                              mainstream classic.                                                         from the NFL.
        guests Victoria Coren, Phil           Hazel Irvine introduces                 murdered in Kenya.                                                            your mark when you die.
                                              highlights from the first                                               1:15    Four Brothers                                                       1:00    european rugby special
        Tufnell and Terry Wogan.                                             12:30   The store                                                              12:55   super casino
                                              round match.                                                                    Four adopted brothers                                                       A chance to catch up with
12:05   The celebrity                                                                 Fantastic products and                  reunite when their mother             Live interactive gaming               the fifth-round matches from
        apprentice usa                11:50   masters snooker extra                   great gadgets from JML                  is killed in a botched                featuring roulette, black-            the Heineken Cup and the
1:30    Weatherview                   1:50    Holby city                                          robbery.                              jack and autowheel.                   Amlin Challenge Cup

                   Film 4 - Today’s highlights

                                                                                                         9:00pm                                                                                                          10:55pm
                                                              The Ugly Truth                                                                                                  Carlos - Part 1
                                                               When a TV morning show’s ratings                                                                                 French film-maker Olivier Assayas
                                                            fail, its producer Abby Richter finds                                                                             charts the rise and fall of the Ven-
                                                            herself having to welcome a new                                                                                   ezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal.
                                                            host - Mike Chadaway. Trouble is,                                                                                 Édgar Ramírez takes the lead role, por-
                                                            she’s a control-freak perfectionist, while                                                                        traying Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, who was
                                                            he’s the chauvinistic former host of a                                                                            born in 1949, and whose father was such
                                                             freewheeling, late-night chat show,                                                                               a committed Marxist that he named his
                                                              who’s used to living in the moment.                                                                              other two sons Vladimir and Lenin.

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