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									                       URBAN LIVING

                                                                 ABOVE :   The Metropolitan, an upscale high-rise with
                       With so many projects in the              stunning views of south downtown, offers one-, two- and
        AS THE                                                   three-bedroom floor plans.
                       works to revitalize and
                       connect downtown Dallas,
26   GROWS , SO        it’s no wonder so many
                                                      THE MARKET
                                                      A way of life is developing in Dallas that is allowing people to live in
      DOES THE                                        ways they haven’t before, says David Griffin, owner of David Griffin
                       high-rise and loft buildings
                                                      & Company Realtors. Things such as the Katy Trail and Dart system
     PREFERENCE        are sprouting up.              connect the arts district to uptown. Restaurants and entertainment
                                                      venues, such as the upcoming Winspear Opera House, are offering
                       Throughout the Metroplex,      more to do within walking distance. “I think commutes have gotten so
          FOR                                         far flung now that people are saying they don’t want to spend an hour
                       more and more residents
     CONVENIENT,                                      a day in the car anymore,” says Griffin, whose company is the
                                                      exclusive broker for the upcoming One Arts Plaza, The Beat and
                       are discovering low-
      HIGH - RISE      maintenance living with
                                                      Thirty Thirty Bryan, among others.
                                                           Residents of One Arts Plaza have already started moving into this
      AND LOFT                                        mix-use building, which contains retail, dining and business space.
                       convenient downtown
                                                           “I’m seeing a lot of baby boomers whose children are gone, and
        LIVING         access to the arts, shopping   they want to be in the city,” he says. “They are very interested in the
                                                      arts, and the idea of living in the arts district is just exciting to them.”
       BY ALYSSA FRY   and restaurants.               He also estimates about 20 percent to 25 percent of buyers are
                                                      professional, single women.

                                                      DALLAS/FORT WORTH HOUSE & HOME • JULY 2007
    ABOVE : High-end materials, such as maple cabinets, hardwood floors, granite              BELOW : With amazing amenities and services, The W at Victory is an urban
    countertops and stainless steal appliances, are just a few of the amenities homeowners   delight. Some of the unique services available to residents include house keeping, pet
    can enjoy at Thirty Thirty Bryan.                                                        grooming, laundry service and more.

    “At Thirty Thirty Bryan, I’m seeing a real trend of people
relocating to Dallas from more developed cities,” Griffin says.                                                                                                                       27
“People here may not think so, but housing in Dallas is
considered very reasonable compared to New York, San
Francisco or Chicago.”
    Mark Nevarez, general manager of the Iron Cactus, knows
how convenient living downtown is. That’s why he’s buying a
condo at The Metropolitan, a new downtown high-rise. He will
move in this month and can’t wait to be part of the action. “I’ve
only been in Dallas a year and half, but I’ve talked to people
who’ve been here longer, and they say it’s finally happening. It’s
not just talk anymore,” Nevarez says. “Just in the last year on
Main Street, in a three-block radius, there are new clubs and
restaurants. I can see it happening.”
    Nevarez has lived in lofts and condos in New York and
Washington, D.C., and he says Dallas feels like a baby city, but that
he likes it. He also likes not having to care for a yard or maintain the
exterior of a house, and he loves not driving as much.                                 >
                                                                HISTORIC GEMS
                                                                High-rise residential development is increasing in converted
                                                                historic buildings and downtown office buildings. For example,
                                                                The Metropolitan is a 26-story building converted from an
                                                                office building no longer in use.
                                                                    Alexis Westbrook, with VGS Marketing Group for The
                                                                Metropolitan, says that when Belo Garden, the 1.3 acre urban
                                                                park being planned, is completed, it will be just one more
                                                                amenity of living downtown. “Residents will have the best of
                                                                both worlds,” she says. “They’ll be close to the arts district,
                                                                Neiman Marcus, a new grocery store and there’s a farmer’s
                                                                market. They won’t have to go far to get all this.”
                                                                    A bit of Fort Worth history has been preserved at
                                                                Montgomery Plaza, one of Fort Worth’s newest developments,
                                                                housed in the old Montgomery Ward store south of downtown,
                                                                near Trinity Park. It’s set to move in its first residents around
                                                                January 2009.
                                                                    Wally Maya, partner at Marquis Group, which is developing
                                                                the project, says 42 floor plans make the condos unique. He also
                                                                touts the first-floor retail, a nearby Super Target, direct access
                      ABOVE: Your own private oasis is
                      just an elevator ride away at Fort        parking and the building itself as adding to the allure. “About
                      Worth’s Montgomery Plaza. This            68 percent of registrants are over 40,” Maya says. “There’s
                      artist’s rendering shows lounging         definitely a connection to the building. They were probably
                      and dining areas surrounding a            taken here to Montgomery Ward as kids.”
                      chic, multilevel pool.
                                                                URBAN LIVING IN THE SUBURBS
                          Unbelievable views of
                      downtown can be seen from                 The urban living trend also is popular in various suburbs of
                      The W at Victory’s south tower.           Dallas and Fort Worth, with properties featuring high-end
                                                                interior features, such as hardwood floors and granite
                      BELOW: The House at Victory
                                                                countertops, as well convenient access to bike trials and
                      Park, with interior design by Starck
                      and Yoo, features a stunning pool         entertainment venues, similar to what you would find
                      and balcony space.                        downtown.


                                                             DALLAS/FORT WORTH HOUSE & HOME • JULY 2007

                                                LOFT FURNISHINGS

                                                Adrienne Faulkner, CEO of
                                                Faulkner Design Group — a
                                                Dallas company that specializes
                                                in unit space planning and
                                                interior architecture and design
                                                — offers these tips when
                                                decorating a high-rise or loft,
                                                where space is at a premium.

                                                DEFINE THE AREA
                                                This is a must, especially in hard
                                                lofts, which are contained in old,
                                                converted buildings, are more
                                                open and more likely to have
                                                exposed ceilings that are also
                                                higher. In some recent California
                                                lofts, Faulkner utilized curtains to
                                                separate the bedrooms from the
                                                rest of the living areas.
                                                Depending on the architecture
                                                of the loft, simple furniture layout
                                                can be a good way to section
                           ABOVE :   In this    off areas.
                           loft space in the
                           NoHo Lofts in        STORE IT
                           North Hollywood,     Ample storage is another
                           Calif., Adrienne
                                                important issue that is sometimes
                           Faulkner, CEO of
                           Faulkner Design      troublesome in lofts. “Because
                           Group, used          they’re so open, developers think
                           curtains to          people will bring things to put
                           separate the         their stuff in, but a lot of people
                           bedroom from the
                                                want to know specifically where
                           rest of the living
                           areas. Photo by      to put it,” she says. This is a plus to
                           Steve Hinds          soft lofts, which feature open
                           Photography          interior spaces, but closed,
                                                private bedrooms with a less
                           LEFT :Upscale
                                                industrial look. Faulkner also
                           amenities and
                           sophisticated        recommends putting the bed on
                           details included     a platform that provides
                           in One Arts Plaza    additional storage underneath.
                           residential spaces
                           are floor-to-
30                                              BE FLEXIBLE
                           ceiling windows
                           and Balthaup         Flexibility and adaptability need
                           kitchens with        to be kept in mind when
                           Miele and Sub-       designing and furnishing a loft or
                           Zero appliances.     high-rise, and it’s good to work
                                                with a design company,
                           LEFT : High-end
                           materials create a   Faulkner says. Customers are
                           light and airy       shown their floor plan with
                           feeling in this      different arrangements, so they
                           high-rise found      know their options. “One person
                           in The W at
                                                might need a space for a child
                           Victory’s north
                           tower.               or office or an extra master
                                                closet,” she says. “It’s hard in
                                                design to have one recipe for
                                                how to do things.”

                      DALLAS/FORT WORTH HOUSE & HOME • JULY 2007
             URBAN          LIVING

                                                                                                                                                           LEFT :
                                                                                                                                                           The view
                                                                                                                                                           from One
                                                                                                                                                           Arts Plaza
                                                                                                                                                           looking out
                                                                                                                                                           to the
                                                                                                                                                           Dallas arts
                                                                                                                                                           features an
                                                                                                                                                           plaza filled
                                                                                                                                                           with cafes,
                                                                                                                                                           shops and
                                                                                                                                                           also features
                                                                                                                                                           a state-of-
                                                                                                                                                           center and
                                                                                                                                                           a rooftop

          Still under construction is the innovative Adriatica, located at McKinney’s
     Stonebridge Ranch. From the bell tower to the walkways, Adriatica is a replica of the
     Croatian city Supetar, but with a modern twist.
          Jeff Blackard is the visionary behind this new approach to urban condo living, and      ADRIATICA
     his company, The Blackard Group, is bringing his love of the European way of life to         401 Adriatic Pkwy.
                                                                                                  McKinney, TX, 972.540.0304
     fruition. After traveling to and studying Europe, Blackard became fascinated with the
     village lifestyle and began asking himself if it could be done in the United States. “My
     fascination is how the rest of the world still builds villages,” he says. “Their             DAVID GRIFFIN & COMPANY
     neighborhoods make sense.”                                                                   REALTORS
                                                                                                  3535 Travis St., Ste. 100
          Though “guilty” of creating more than 15,000 cookie-cutter residences in
                                                                                                  Dallas, TX, 214.526.5626
     America, Blackard says he wanted to do one neighborhood correctly, and that Adriatica        www.davidgriffin.com             With living space beginning on the
     is the biggest, most meaningful project of his career.                                                                       fourth floor, every Montgomery
          Blackard envisions daily life for Adriatica residents as close-knit, with minimal       FAULKNER DESIGN GROUP           Plaza condo offers a beautiful view
                                                                                                  3232 McKinney Ave., Ste. 1170
     driving. He sees them walking to the harbor in the morning for breakfast, then walking       Dallas, TX, 214.922.8008
                                                                                                                                  of downtown Fort Worth.
     to work. “We’re building a theater and outdoor concert facilities,” he says. “It will be     www.faulknerdesign.com
     just like Italy, with walks along the waterfront.”
32        All 297 condos, or flats — Blackard prefers the European term — are above                LOFTS AT LAS COLINAS            MONTGOMERY PLAZA
     retail space and are customizable to each resident. And with more than nine                  1050 Lake Carolyn Pkwy.         2600 West Seventh St., Ste. 162
                                                                                                  Irving, TX, 972.402.0007        Fort Worth, TX
     buildings to choose from, Adriatica residents are sure to get the home they need,            www.loftsatlascolinas.com       817.348.9477
     with the view they want.                                                                                                     www.montgomeryplaza.com
                                                                                                  LOFTY CONCEPTS
     BIG MONEY                                                                                    1135 Dragon St., Dallas, TX     ONE ARTS PLAZA
     Many Dallas residents are willing to put down a lot of cash for the convenient and low-      214.747.8000                    1722C Routh St.
                                                                                                  www.loftyconcepts.com           Dallas, TX
     maintenance lifestyle high-rise living affords. The average price for a high-rise at One
     Arts Plaza is more than $1 million, and Griffin says more than 70 percent of the homes        INTOWN PROPERTIES               www.1artsplaza.com
     have been sold.                                                                              972.259.1885
          The Beat, a 10-story building on the south side of downtown with condos on four         www.intowndallas.com/           THIRTY THIRTY BRYAN
     floors that include 11-foot to 13-foot exposed ceilings range from $180,000 to about          highrises.htm                   3030 Bryan St.
                                                                                                                                  Dallas, TX
     $360,000 per unit.                                                                           THE METROPOLITAN                214.855.5588
          Located in Bryan Place, near the arts district, Thirty Thirty Bryan condos start        1200 Main St., Dallas, TX       www.thirtythirtybryan.com
     around $320,000. Construction is scheduled to be completed in about a year.                  214.749.1200, www.themetro
          And while they might have to pay big money for it, many think the soaring               politandallas.com
     ceilings, city views and above all, the convenience, is worth every penny.

                                                                                                DALLAS/FORT WORTH HOUSE & HOME • JULY 2007

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