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									                         Tenant Application Process

Step 1 - Complete page 1, the LPS Application. All applicants must sign the
bottom. Please make sure that the application is completed in full and that all
information is legible. (All adult applicants must complete a separate application
form, including spouses, roommates and co-signers.)

Step 2 - Complete page 2, the credit card Payment Agreement. The application
fee is $35 per person. You may charge more than 1 fee to the credit card. Be
sure to sign at the top of the credit card form and at the bottom. Please indicate
the amount to be charged - $35, $70, $105, etc.

Step 3 - Complete and sign page 3, the Coldwell Banker Bain Agency and
Terms Disclosure form. *Brokers, please fill in the blanks prior to having your
clients sign. Be sure your name is at the top so your commission can be
paid. A copy of your business card also helps with this.

Step 4 - Attach proof of income for applicants; for example, a copy of a current
paystub, letter of hire or tax return.

Step 5 - Attach a copy of photo I.D. for every applicant; for example, a driver’s
license, passport, military or state I.D.

Step 6 - Send all three documents referenced in steps 1, 2 & 3 above plus income
verification and photo I.D. to the attention of Dorothy Ennes at
Coldwell Banker Bain via fax to 425-602-4216 or scan and email to me at:

**Holding deposit – A holding fee will be required before the property will be
taken off the market. See agency disclosure form for details. Please contact the
listing agent for holding deposit amount. All move in funds must be in the in form
of a cashier’s check and payable to: Coldwell Banker Bain.

Coldwell Banker Bain
8525 - 120th Ave. NE, Suite 100A
Kirkland, WA 98033

                                                                    Tenant Application Process
                                                                                     Rev. 5/12
                                                                                   Page 1 of 1
     Management: Company Name/Landlord Name
     Coldwell Banker Bain- Ennes                                                                                   LPS Inc.
     Apartment Name/Property Address
                                                                                         This application must be completed in full to assure prompt processing.
                                                                                         Co-tenants must use separate applications.
     Manager’s Name                  Phone #                                             Managers/landlords – visual proof of driver’s license/or State ID____ Yes ____ No
                                                                                         Please use separate forms for each applicant.
    SERVICE REQUESTED:                           FULL SERVICE                      SHORT SERVICE                       CREDIT ONLY                     CO-SIGNER
     Apartment #__________ Move in Date___________ Rent Amount_____________ Parking Amount________ Lease Term____________
 Applicant’s Last Name (Please Print)            First              Middle Name                            Birthdate            Soc. Sec No.                      Driver’s License No. &
                                                                                                                                                                  State I.D.

                                                                                                           Have you used any other names? If yes, Name(s)
 Total # of Occupants? _______ List Names & birthdates of all others over 18 yrs old.

 Do you have pets?          Yes             No
                                                                                                           Nearest Relative____________________________________
 How many? __________Type and Size (Keeping of pets requires a pet deposit and the
 Owner’s Consent.                                                                                          Phone ___________________________________________

                                                                                 RESIDENCE HISTORY
 Present Address                                  City                         State           Zip                               Area Code & Phone                   Own          Rent
                                                                                                           From ____________
                                                                                                           To ______________                                      Monthly $___________
 Name of Present Landlord      Apartment Community               Mortgage Co.      Other       (Please Check One)                Landlord day & night phone numbers

 Previous Residence Address                       City                         State                 Zip                                                            Own            Rent
                                                                                                                                 From ____________
                                                                                                                                 To ______________                Monthly $ ___________
 Name of Previous Landlord        Apartment Community             Mortgage Co.         Other   (Please Check One)                Landlord day & night phone numbers

                                                                                  EMPLOYMENT DATA
 Applicant Employed By                                                                                     Supervisor’s Name     Main Company Phone

 Address                             City            State               Zip                           How Long?                 Position                         Salary
 Previous     or 2 Employment         (Please check one)                                               Supervisor’s Name                                          How Long?

  Address                            City                State           Zip                           Company Number                       Position              Salary
                                                                                                                                                                  $________ Per________
 ADDITIONAL INCOME: Additional income such as child support, alimony or separate                       Auto/Year/License                    Do you have any recreational vehicles, vans,
 maintenance need not be described unless such additional income is to be included for                                                      boats, or motorcycles? If so specify.
 qualification hereunder. Amount of $

 Ever been found guilty of a crime?                Yes            No                                   Ever filed bankruptcy?        Yes         No
 Ever been evicted?            Yes          No                                                         Smoker?         Yes     No
I understand I acquire no rights in an apartment until I sign an agreement in the form submitted to me and pay a HOLDING FEE of
$_________________on the apartment I have selected, which fee is to be held in accordance with the rental agreement.
In consideration of the Landlord’s holding the apartment for me, I hereby waive all rights to the return of this holding fee and said holding fee
shall be retained as liquidated damages in the event I do not choose to enter into the agreement applied for herein. In the event said
application for tenancy is not accepted, Fee shall be returned to applicant.
                                                                                                                                                                EQUAL HOUSING
Non-Refundable Process Fee $_____________ Check # _____________
In compliance with the Fair Credit reporting act, we are informing you that information as to your character, general reputation and mode of living will be verified. I, as the
prospective tenant agree that the facts set forth in this application are true and complete, and that a complete investigation of all on this application will not constitute invasion of
privacy. I authorize LPS Inc. to obtain credit reports, bank information, employment information, and/or character reports as necessary. I authorize my employers and references to
release such information as necessary. LPS Inc. has my permission to release information found in screening. I understand that any misrepresentations will be sufficient cause for
dismissal or voiding of this application. False, fraudulent or misleading information may be grounds for denial of tenancy, or subsequent eviction. You have the right to dispute the
accuracy of the information reported, and upon written request, the right to obtain a copy of any and all reports. Direct inquiries to - LPS Inc. 16625 Redmond Way, Ste#M-446,
Redmond, WA 98052.

Signed _________________________________________ Dated _______________

Signed _________________________________________ Signed ______________________________________ Dated _______________
                       Landlord                                          Position
                                  Service, Inc.

                                           Payment Agreement
I agree to pay all services requested, in full at time of request. I also agree that the form of payment will be
either Visa or Mastercard. I also understand that if the amount billed should be declined by my credit card
provider, the service I have requested will not be processed.

_____________________________                                     Signed ___________________________________

Card Type:                                         Quantity      Description                       Price  Amount
                                                                 LPS application Fee:              $35.00
                                                                 Payable to- LPS INC.

                                                                                                   Tax          Included
                                                                 SALE SLIP                         Total        $            00

Card number: _____________________________________Exp Date:______________

Security code_________

Name on Card:________________________________________________

Purchaser Sign Here:

Cardholder acknowledges receipt of goods or services in the
Amount of the Total shown hereon and agrees to perform the Obligations set forth in the Cardholder’s agreement with the issuer.

                                                                                                            Merchant copy
                                     AGENCY AND TERMS DISCLOSURE
AGENCY DISCLOSURE: At the signing of the application, the Leasing Broker,                                            ,
represented the ☐ Tenant, ☐ Owner or ☐ Both Parties. The Listing Broker,                  Dorothy Ennes              ,
represented the ☐ Owner or ☐ Both Parties. Tenant acknowledges receipt of a copy of the pamphlet entitled, “The Law
of Real Estate Agency.”
SCREENING CRITERIA: In compliance with the Fair Tenant Screening Act, tenant hereby acknowledges receipt of the
screening criteria, “Landlord Protection Service Criteria for Tenancy.” INITIALS:

                                                 NOTICE TO THE TENANT
INFORMATION REGARDING REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS may be obtained from local law enforcement agencies.
This notice is intended only to inform you of where to obtain this information and is not an indication of the presence of
registered sex offenders.
This notice regarding sex offenders does not create any legal duty on the part of the landlord, or on the part of any real
estate licensee, to investigate or to provide the tenant with information regarding the actual presence, or lack thereof, of
registered sex offenders in the area of any property you may be interested in renting. You are advised to obtain attorney
review and or advice regarding this matter.

* The monthly rent is $                 . * The lease term will be for                  . *Move in date                           .
* The tenant shall pay ☐ first month’s rent, ☐last month’s rent, and a deposit of $                           prior to move in.
If tenant moves in mid-month, pro-rated rent will be charged, but a full month’s rent will be required prior to
occupancy. The pro-rated amount will then be due the first of the following month. Move in funds shall be payable
to Coldwell Banker Bain.
*A holding fee will be required to reserve the property. The holding fee may be paid with the application or upon approval
of tenancy. If paid with the application, it will not be deposited until the application has been approved. If the application
is not accepted, the holding fee will be returned to the applicant(s). Upon the signing of a lease rental agreement, this fee
will be credited toward the damage/security deposit. If the application is approved and the applicant(s) decides not to take
the property applied for, the holding fee shall be retained as liquidated damages.

* Pets ☐ are ☐ are not allowed on a case by case basis with an additional refundable deposit: $                                   .
* Smoking ☐ is ☐ is not allowed in the property.
                   To prevent identity theft, we require all applicants to attach a copy of photo ID.

1. Required funds prior to move-in must be paid by cashier’s check or money order. (Cash is allowed only if prior
   arrangements have been made.) Personal checks will be accepted starting with the second month’s rental payment.
2. Rental payments are due on or before the first day of each month. There is no grace period. Late fees of $2.50 per
   day begin accruing on the third day of the month.
3. For the protection of the Tenant, it is expressly understood that it is the responsibility of the Tenant to carry his or her
   own Renter’s insurance policy.
4. Quarterly inspections will be conducted on each property.

Tenant/Date                                                    Tenant/Date

Received by                                                    Contact info for Tenant: Phone/Email

                                                                                               Agency & Terms Disclosure
                                                                                                               Rev. 5/12
                                                                                                             Page 1 of 1
                CRITERIA FOR TENANCY

                             GENERAL REQUIREMENTS
1. Positive I.D. with a picture is required
2. Each applicant must qualify individually unless they are a married couple.
3. A valid Social Security number is required.

                               RENTAL REQUIREMENTS
1. A minimum of 12 months of verifiable residence history from a valid third party
    landlord is required.
2. Rental history demonstrating residency, but not by a valid third party, will require an
    additional security deposit equal to one months rent, or co-signer.
3. Four or more late payments of rent or mortgage within a 12 month period will result
    in denial.
4. More than Two (2) and less than four (4) late payments or NSF, or a combination of
    the two within a 12 month period, will result in added security deposit.
5. Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent greater than $100.00 dollars will
    result in denial.
6. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction, which has been paid, can be approved with
    added security deposit or a qualified co-signer.
7. Rental history showing $50.00-500.00 damage will require security deposit equal to
    one month’s rent, when the amount has been paid in full.
8. Rental history reflecting more than $500.00 in damages will result in denial.
9. Rental history with complaints (disturbance or other) will be denied if the manager
    would not re-rent or if there are more then 3 complaints.
10. Added security is needed for any instance of unauthorized persons or pets in a unit
    rented by the applicant.
11. First time renters, with no established credit, will require a co-signer.
12. First time renters, with established credit, will require a co-signer or added security
    equal to one months rent.

                             INCOME REQUIREMENTS

1. Monthly income equal to three (3) times the monthly rent.
2. If monthly income does not meet three (3) times stated monthly rent, an additional
   one month’s rent or qualified roommate will be required.
3. If co-signer is required, their monthly income must equal five (5) times the stated
   monthly rent.

                         EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS

1. Verifiable employment is required. If unemployed and unable to verify income as
   able to pay rent, will be denied.
2. Self-employed individuals must be verified through the state or tax returns or bank
3. Added security is needed for temporary or seasonal employees.
4. Military Income may require an allotment.

                             CREDIT REQUIREMENTS

1. Good credit required.
2. If negative debt is $5,000 or more application will automatically be denied. If
   negative debt is less than $5,000 then the following must be met: no more than 3
   accounts 30 or more days past due OR if fifty percent or more of the credit report is
   negative application will be denied.
3. 4 or more unpaid public records will result in denial. (with some exception for
   medical collections and tickets)
4. Outstanding debt to property management or landlord will result in denial, applicant
   may be reconsidered once the debt is paid.
5. Any applicant with a bankruptcy not showing discharged is denied until shown
6. After a discharged bankruptcy, applicant must show six (6) months of positive
   established credit. Any negative credit after a bankruptcy will result in a denial.

                            CRIMINAL REQUIREMENTS

1. Any criminal conviction, which has taken place within the last 10 years, is a
   consideration for denial.
2. If the criminal offense was of a physical or violent nature against either person or
   property, the applicant will be denied. Any criminal activity including, but not limited
   to, selling or possession with intent to sell drugs will result in an automatic denial.
3. Criminal convictions include misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony charges.

                           CO-SIGNER REQUIREMENTS

1. Co-signers must have good credit and earn at least 5 times the rent.

                                AUTOMATIC DENIALS

1. Any collection filed by a property management company over $100.00 will result in
   denial. Once the collection is paid, will result in one month’s additional security.
2. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction with an unsatisfied judgement.
3. Any current 3-day notice will result in denial.
4. False information will result in a denial
5. An open Bankruptcy will result in a denial
6. Any criminal activity including, but not limited to, selling or possession with intent to
   sell drugs will result in an automatic denial. Any criminal conviction of the physical
   or violent nature.
7. False information or a gross distortion of the truth on the written application.
8. Any undisclosed previous rental address.
9. An incomplete application


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