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					                                                                  Second Calling

Editor’s Note: Many pastors find a second calling. These United alums
find expression through the visual arts of textiles, sculpting, and carving.

            Rev. Marylyn Doyle                   Rev. Dr. Lois Fortson                Dr. Ivan Kurtz
            ’86, ’91, ’97                        ’89, ’97                             ’59
            Dayton, OH                           Centerville, OH                      Penney Farms, FL

The Rev. Marylyn Doyle started      The Rev. Dr. Lois Fortson            Dr. Ivan Kurtz began carving in
her journey as a textile artist     started sculpting more than          1999, the day after he retired
many years ago in Farmington,       30 years ago when the Dayton         from teaching at Owens
MI, when she walked into her        Art Institute still had an art       Community College, Toledo,
pastor’s office to volunteer to     school. Dr. Robert Koepnick          OH. Eleven years later, he is
help with the church’s décor.       was her first teacher. She has       competing in national
“The banners that were              exhibited her work at the            woodcarving shows, has
displayed didn’t speak to me        Ebonnia Gallery, Dayton; Black       received numerous awards,
at all,” she said. When the         Creativity, Chicago; the Actors      and is teaching a woodcarving
pastor agreed, Doyle began          Theatre, Louisville; Sinclair        class. Kurtz specializes in bird
learning everything she could       Community College, Dayton;           carvings. The eagle above was
about liturgical arts. She          Springfield Art Gallery,             donated to United in 2006. His
became a divinity student at        Springfield, OH; Columbus Fine       next project will be a replication
United, earning two degrees,        Arts Gallery and the Kiaca           of DaVinci’s “Lord’s Supper,”
and also taught liturgical arts     Gallery, both in Columbus,           which will be donated to his
at the seminary for 23 years.       OH. She is currently showing         church, where he serves as
Her paraments and vestments         pieces at Creative Soul, Dayton.     senior pastor. All the proceeds
can be seen in many churches.       Her works can also be found in       from his work are donated to
Now retired from parish ministry,   numerous private collections         charity. “I have been doubly
she is serving in an interim        around the country. “I live          blessed with a second calling
position and still teaches          within a creative spirit that        I never expected but am very
liturgical arts. She spoke          seeks expression through             pleased it came my way,”
recently at the National            sculpting portraits of people,”      said Kurtz.
Convention of the Episcopal         she said. Her work can be seen
Altar Guild and the                 at
Embroiderer’s Guild of America.
“I focus on visual theology, or
how we explain God with our
eyes,” she said.

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