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					You’re supposed to shake hands.

          Self Check
• What are you supposed to do, when
  you …
• be supposed to do 被期望或要求做……;
Fill in the blank!
                     The words
Learn the word!          1

• arrive
到达, 来到(in, at);(时间等)到来;
达到; 得出(at)

同义词:come get to reach
反义词:depart leave start

                     Let’s learn!
Learn the word!   2

• Meet
n.会, 集会
adj.适宜的, 合适的
Vt.遇见, (迎)接, 与(某人目光)相遇, (赴
  约)和……会面, (经介绍)与……相识, 对
vi.相遇, 接触
Learn the word!

• spend
vt., vi. 花钱;付款
How much money do you spend each week?
I spent an hour reading.
Learn the word!   4

• behave
vi.1.行为, 举止, 表现
   2.(机器等)开动, 运转
   3.举止端正, 讲礼貌, 守规矩
Learn the word!            5

• Imagine
想象, 设想, 幻想
猜想, 推测
以为, 认为, 相信
捏造, 编造

You can imagine the situation there.
Look at the sentence.
1.People in Japan and people in
  America_______differently at the
  dinner table.
2.You can _______e how different the
  table manners here are from ours.
3.In Singapore, the trains always
  _______ on time. They are never late.
Look at the sentence.

4.On Chinese New Year, people like to
  _______ time with their families.
5.I usually _______ my friends in the
  library on Friday nights.
Check the answers.
  1.   behave
  2.   imagine
  3.   arrive
  4.   spend.
  5.   meet
Read the story
• Fan Ling has been to a western
  country. She wrote an article telling
  about her experience in a restaurant
  there. Now read it in part 2 and
  finish her story as you like.

                  Fan Ling’s story!
   Learning             1

• When I first ate in a western
  restaurant, I didn’t know what I was
  supposed to do. Everything was
  unfamiliar. I was used to eating with
  chopsticks and a spoon, but I had to
  eat with a knife, a fork and a spoon.
  And I had, not just one set to use,
  but two or three of each. Questions
  crowded my mind.
Learning            2

• Was I supposed to begin with the
  largest ones or the smallest? Was I
  supposed to start at the outside and
  work in or the inside and work out?
  Was I supposed to hold the spoon in
  my left hand or my right hand?
 Learning          3

• What I finally decided to do was ….

        Finish her story as you like!
For example!           1

• What I finally decided to do was to
  look up at how the others behave
  themselves at the table. I found that
  the man opposite to me was looking at
  me. It seemed that he was also a
  newcomer and not able to eat a
  western meal, either.
For example!          2

• We burst into laughter. And then came
  the waiter to see what it was the
  matter. We told him that we did not
  know how to eat. He was surprised to
  learn that. And then he said, “Eat
  the way you do in your own country.”
Completing the crossword
 • Down 1 2 3
 • Across 4 5

          What are those??
Check the answers
  1.   bow
  2.   Shake
  3.   liss
  4.   chopsticks
  5.   knife
Just for fun!
You were supposed to get her a hat,
not a cat.

         Can you understand?
Thank you!

   That’s all for the class!

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