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									China Railway Tunnel Group

  Brief Introduction to Urban
   and Underground Works
       China Railway Tunnel Group (CTG) is the
largest enterprise group in the field of tunneling
and underground works in China, which integrates
design, construction, scientific research and
manufacture into a single entity. The company
was established on 1978, which was named as
Tunnel Engineering Bureau according to the
approval of the State Council. On May 8 2001, it
was restructured into China Railway Tunnel Group,
with its headquarter in Luoyang,China, and is
subordinated to China Railway Group Ltd., one of
the Top 500 World Enterprises and Top 500 World
     CTG has been devoting herself to the research,
development and application of new technology
for tunnel and underground works, and keeps in
the leading position in international underground
engineering field.
    In the field of urban underground engineering
fields, CTG initiates the construction technology of
“Boring In Shallow Depth” in the construction of
Beijing Metro. This technology has been applied in
various fields. For metro construction in
Guangzhou, Nanjing etc., CTG adopts the
imported shield machine, making the development
of metro construction in China into a new phase.
And in the same time, CTG is engaging in
construction of city fast rail communications in
Beijing, Tianjing, Chongqing, Shanghai etc.
    Fuxingmen Switchover Line of Beijing Metro
undertaken by CTG, consists of main lines
358.957m (north line) and 368.292m (south line),
storage line 234.292m and transition line 101.58m
with an addition of 1098m transfer corridors and
various chambers. This project was commenced
on Aug. 1986 and completed on Dec. 1987 by the
NATM method. It was awarded the 1st Class Prize
for Beijing Sci. & Tech. Progress, and 2nd Class
Prize for National Sci. & Tech. Progress.
   Xinzhalu Station of Shanghai Metro Line I,
undertaken by CTG, is a rectangular-shape, two-
story and 3-span R.C structure. The station is
226m long and 21.2m wide, consisting of
underground and above ground parts with a total
building area 12000m2. The underground part is
excavated with diaphragm wall method, and the
wall slurry wall is 0.6m thick, 27m deep and 616m
long. The project is commenced on Jun. 1992 and
completed on Dec. 1993. It won the Golden Cup
Prize for National Municipal Project and Baiyulan
Prize for Municipal Works in Shanghai.
   The CTG constructed Yuexiugongyuan-
Sanyuanli Track section of Guangzhou Metro Line
2, consists of two tunnels, two cross passages and
pump stations, 3926m long in total. It was bored
by shield machines, goes under the railway station
and crosses several faults. This work is awarded
the Zhantianyou Prize of China civil engineering
   The CTG-constructed Lot II of Chongqing Light
Rail is 975m long, in which, the Linjiangmen
Station is 198m long with max. section 420m2, and
was excavated with two-continuous-arch method.
It was award Zhantianyou Prize of China civil
engineering works.
Breakthrough of Yuexiugongyuan-Sanyuanli
   Track Section of Guangzhou Metro Line 2
Chongwenmen Station of Beijing Metro
Huangxinggongyuan Station of Shanghai
Linyixincun Station of Shanghai Metro
Beijing Light Rail Station
Above ground track of Beijing Light Rail
Viaduct of Light Rail

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