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                                                                                 Dylan – South Loop
                                                                     Lose to Win Champion, 2010
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*Contest rules apply. Visit your club for details.

Register at ffc.com/store or any Club location.

FITNESS FORMULA CLUBS                                                             MAY      AUGUST         WINTER 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1

                   Holiday Fitness
                                                                                                  Healthy Recipes


                             Winter                               Congratulations to Yvonne Zipter!
                        Workout Tips                              Yvonne entered our
                                                                  October Fall Photo
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                                                                  and, as the participant
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                                                                                                  WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 3
                    Founders | MESSAGE
                    With summer and a beautiful            12th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series
                    Chicago fall behind us, that can       Triathlon is the world’s fastest growing sport – and
                    only mean one thing – winter. Some     we’ve done our part in helping the sport grow. Our
                    people are invigorated by the cold     indoor triathlons are a perfect way to experience one
                    air and the ski season. Others         whether you are brand new to the sport, training
                    absolutely dread it, staying inside,   for an Ironman, or just looking for a new winter
                    counting each freezing day until       challenge. Check out page 19 for dates and details.
                    the tulips bloom in the spring. But    New Member Service: Ortanic Airbrush Tanning
                    for many of us, winter hinders our     FFC is now the exclusive home of Ortanic sunless
                    active lifestyles. And when we layer   and UV free airbrush tanning. This is a precision-
on the many holiday events, a few extra pounds often are   based hand application provided by professional,
the result.                                                licensed and trained Aesthetic Skin Consultants. They
This CONNECTIONS issue is loaded with tips and             customize flawless, natural looking results based on
educational information on how to beat the winter          your skin type, tone, and desires. It’s now available at
‘expansion’. It’s a veritable survival guide of            Gold Coast, Halsted Street, and Lincoln Park with other
educational information on healthy eating tips, travel     FFC locations to follow in early 2011.
tips and stress relief that will keep you connected to     New Member Service: Performance Training Center
a path of health and wellness results along with some      The last renovation phase of our new Lincoln Park
great programming values throughout the brutal winter      location includes our new Performance Training
months. Here are just a few along with some exciting       Center featuring the most interesting indoor bike
new services:                                              experience yet created. You’ll be able to ride simulated
Give the Gift of Fitness                                   bike courses in our new CompuTrainer studio. The
Until December 24 – for someone else or yourself!          experience comes complete with a precision ergometer
                                                           that measures heart rate, wattage, and cadence. You
    1.Each $100 gift card purchased comes with a $25       can increase cycling power by 20 to 30% and speed by
    bonus gift card. It’s our way of saying “Thank You”    2 to 4 miles per hour. You can even do it on your own
    for your dedication and support throughout the         bike and store it at the Club if you prefer!
    year. The FFC gift card can be used on products or
    services at any location and is a thoughtful way to    We enjoy serving you on your health and wellness
    encourage a friend or loved one to take a wellness     journey!
    step forward.
    2.Add someone special to your account at no
    enrollment fee – a $50 savings. Studies show that
    people who work out together from time to time are     Gale Landers
    more likely to achieve their desired results           Founder and CEO
Lose to Win, 2011
Looking for motivation this winter? Participate in
our highly successful annual Lose To Win weight
loss challenge. Our certified staff will challenge you
with weekly training support, nutritional guidance, and
a little friendly competition. The results will motivate
you to get to the Club on even the coldest winter days
(page 2).
                    Pilates | NEWS
FFC Pilates - past, present and future!
Liv Berger, Regional Pilates Director
                    2010 was a great year for us in the
                    Pilates world at FFC. This year
                    we have given a fresh new look
                    to many of our Pilates Studios,
                    purchased new equipment, and
                    added more programming than
                    ever before.

                     Our Union Station Studio received           Union Station Pilates Studio
                     a gorgeous facelift with a                  conversation. These events are a lot of fun for everyone,
redesigned entrance and reception area. And, our new             and are a great way to check out the wellness benefits
Lincoln Park Studio will open at the end of this year,           of Pilates.
with a Chicago skyline view and all new equipment for
individual or group training.                                    Finally, join us this Winter for Group Apparatus
                                                                 classes, Private or Partner sessions, or new Specialty
If you missed our series of educational workshops                Mat classes. If you have never tried Pilates before, take
designed to introduce Pilates, be on the lookout for             advantage of our Starter Session for $40, and then try
more to come in 2011. We have something for you every            our Fit-Start package, 3 sessions for $150. Since Pilates
month. Workshops such as Pilates for Men, Pilates for            is good for all ages and fitness levels, there is no reason
Athletes and Pilates for Pregnancy appealed to many              not to give it a try. We welcome all members and look
this past summer, and will be offered again. In 2011,            forward to seeing you in the studio!
we will offer more quarterly Open House events where
we welcome new and existing clients to try out our               For any questions or general information, please
services, or to just share a glass of wine and friendly          contact me at lberger@ffc.com.

                                                          At Chicago Arthritis, we specialize in the treatment of
                                                          tendinitis, arthritis and bursitis. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
                                                          is a new treatment used to aid various tendinitis conditions
                                                          by repairing damaged tissue. Ultrasound guidance is
                                                          utilized to specifically target damaged tissue during these
                                                          treatments. Injuries treated include Arthritis, Runners knee,
                                                          Rotator cuff injury, Tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis, and
                                                          Achilles tendinitis. Goals of this treatment are to MINIMIZE
                                                          your pain and MAXIMIZE functional ability to help you
                                                          achieve your peak performance.

                                                                   ChiCago arthritis
                                                                    2800 N Sheridan Road, Suite 100,
                                                                           Chicago, IL 60657
                                                                       Located in Lincoln Park off Lake Shore drive.
                                                                     Convenient parking and access by public transport.

                                                              Give us a call today! 773.696.5855

              Siddharth Tambar, MD is Board Certified in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine.
                             The Holidays | GUILT-FREE, HEALTHY HOLIDAY RECIPES

  by Susan Witz,
  Registered & Licensed Dietitian (RD,LD)                                                                        All recipes are from Think Light Low Fat Living Plan, with the
                                                                                                                 exception of the Sweet Potato Fries, which is from Weight
  Holiday pleasures include enjoying celebratory, rich
  meals and seasonal treats with family and friends.
  Here are some healthier holiday recipes, with less
  fat and fewer calories, but with all of the flavor
                                                                                                     Herb Stuffing wit
  and satisfaction of familiar favorites. In fact, these                                                                            h Mushrooms
  “lighter” holiday recipes below can save you much                                                 6 C.      Dry whole wheat
  of the typical 5 pound holiday weight gain that                                                             bread cubes                          4     Celery Stalks,
  often begins with raiding bags of Halloween candy,                                               ¼ C.       Fresh parsley,                             chopped
                                                                                                             chopped                             ½ Tbs. Dried sage
  and doesn’t end until New Year’s Day or Super-Bowl                                                                                             2 C.
                                                                                                             Vegetable cooking                          Chicken broth, low-
  Sunday.                                                                                                    spray                                      sodium
  So go ahead and indulge yourself, your family and                                               1          Onion, chopped                      ½ tsp. Thyme
                                                                                                  ½ lb.      Mushrooms, sliced                  ½ tsp. Pepper
  friends with some of these healthy and delicious
                                                                                                 In a large skillet, coate                      ¼ C. Walnuts, chop
  dishes. They are sure to nourish the body, delight                                             until ten                 d with cooking spray,
                                                                                                          der.                                     té onion, mushrooms
  the taste buds and raise the holiday spirit.                                                   In a large casserole                                                   and celery
                                                                                                                      or oven-safe dish co
                                                                                                 mixture with remaining                    ated with cooking spr
                                                                                                stuffing has reached ingredients, Bake at 350 degrees for ay, combine onion
                                                                                                                      desired consistency.                     30 minutes, or until
                                                                                                Makes 8 (1 cup) servi
                                                                                                sodium: 400 mg; fib ngs. Calories: 158; Fat: 5 g; carb: 24
                                                                                                                      er: 5 g                                 g; protein: 7 g;
     Light Gravy
                        flour                      ¼ tsp Sage
     3 Tbs. All-purpose                            ¼ tsp Thyme
      2 Tbs. Non-fat dry mi        ules            ¼ tsp Pepper
      ½ tsp. Butter-flavored gran
                          ch  icken or
      ½ C. Low-sodium                                                                                 Sweet P
             vegetable broth                                                                                 otato “Fr
                                                                                       over                           ies”
                                                                   in a small saucepan m             1 Lb.
                                            tter-flavored granules                    diu                      Sweet
      Combine    flour, dry milk and bu broth and add seasonings. Cook over me                      1 Tbs. Oli      potatoes,
                               ally stir in
      medium heat. Gradu ckened. Makes 8 ¼ cup servings.                                                        ve oil
      heat, stirrin g until thi                                                                    1 tsp. Ca
                                                                                                               jun season
                                                                                                           (or to taste
                                                                                                  Salt or Salt          )
                                                                      n: <1 gm;                                           to taste
                              : 17; Fat: <1 gm ; Carb: 3 gm; Protei
        Calories per servinger: <1g.                                                            Preheat ove
        Sodium: 50 mg   ; Fib
                                                                                                Spread the n to 375 degrees.
                                                                                               Sprinkle w potatoes on a lightlQuarter the potatoe
                                                                                                           ith                      y oile                s, a
                                                                                               Season wit olive oil and Cajun se d or vegetable-sp nd cut into ¼ inch st
                                                                                                           h salt to ta                 asoning, a            ra                   ri
                                                                                               mg of sod                ste, and                   nd toss yed baking sheet. ps.
                                                                                              pressure sh m, which is the he serve hot. (Keep in m to coat.
                                                                                                           ould limit th         alth                    ind
                                                                                                                         eir sodium y limit for the entire that 1 tsp. of salt ha
                                                                                                                                      to only 150           da                    s
                                                                                              Makes 4 se
                                                                                                          rvings. Pe                              0 mg per d y. Those with high b2300
                                                                                                                       r serving:                              ay.)                 lood
                                                                                                                                   Calories: 13
                                                                                                                                                 0; Fat: 3.4
                                                                                                                                                               g; Fiber: 3

                                                                           Susan Witz is our staff dietitian at FFC Gold Coast and Old Town. You
                                                                           can contact her at switz@ffc.com. Go to ffc.com for even more healthy
WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 6                                           holiday recipes!
                                The Holidays | GUILT-FREE, HEALTHY HOLIDAY RECIPES

                     with Cranb                     erry Vinaigrett
       Winter Greens                                  ¼ tsp. Light sa
       Dres sing:                    cktail           ¼ tsp. Pepper
       ½ C.      Cranberry juice co ies)              ¼ tsp. Thyme
       (“Light” juice will lower calor                 ¼ tsp. Tarrago wder
       1 Tbs. Olive oil vinegar                        Dash Garlic Po
        1 Tbs. Raspbe                      dients in a blend
                                                             er until smooth.            m the
                               dressing ingre                           your choices fro
         Combine all of the                           salad plates with
                              (or de sired number) of
         Salad: Arrange 6 its and vegetables:
         following list of fru                                              , sliced very thin
                                              f           Firm persimmon
                            butter or red lea                               s
                                                        Tangerine section ced
          Romaine and/or
          lettuce                                        Cucu mber, thinly sli
                               w peppers, cut in                             sliced
                                                         Kiwi fruit, peeled, es, cut in half
          Sweet red or yello                                            s grap
           thin strips                                   Red, seedles
           Carrot, finely grat                       rvings                       juice)
                            2 cups   or 6 1/3 cup se   will be    less with light
           Dressing makes ries: 88; Carb: 15 g; (both
           Per serving: Ca : 57 mg; Fiber: 3 g.         eens: 10 per C.                                Green Beans and Artichoke Casserole
           Fat: 3g; Sodium lories for salad makings: Grp
           Approxim  ate ca                 60 per ½ cu
                            per ½ C; Fruit:                                                           1 Lb. Green beans, fresh or                        Dash      Black pepper
            Vegetables: 25
                                                                                                      frozen                                             Dash      Cayenne pepper
                                                                                                      Vegetable cooking spray                            1 C.      Italian bread crumbs
                                                                                                      1      Onion, small, chopped                       ¼ C.      Parmesan cheese, grated
                                                                                                      2      Garlic cloves, crushed
                                                                                                      14 oz      Can artichokes, drained,
                                                                                                                 and chopped

Party Egg Nog                                                                                         Snap off ends of green beans. (If using frozen, drain beans; let stand for 30
                                                                                                      min. Sauté onion and garlic in skillet coated with cooking spray. Add remaining
                                              1½ C. Non-fat milk                                      ingredients to onion mixture; gently stir to mix.
⅓ C.     Liquid egg substitute                ½ C. Vanilla Non-f
                                                                 at yogurt                            Pour into casserole dish; bake at 300 degrees for 30 min.
⅓ C.     Powdered sugar                        ½ tsp. Nu tmeg
2 Tbs.   Vanilla extract                                                                              Makes 8 (1/2 cup) servings. Per serving: Calories: 135; Fat: 3.5 g; carb: 20 g;
12 oz.    Evaporated skim milk                                                                        Sodium: 262 mg; Fiber: 6 g.
                                                                     ly. Gradually add
                                            d processor until bubb
Blend egg substit  ute in a blender or foo at milk and yogurt. Blend at medium
                         porated milk, non-f                          rated skim milk,
sugar, vanilla, 1 C. eva o a large pitcher; add remaining evapo Sprinkle nutmeg
spe  ed. Pour mixture
                            several hours. Stir well before serving.
stirring to mix. Chill for
 on top
                                                                t: <1 g; Carb: 13 g;                        Pumpkin Chiffo
                                         ng: Calories: 87; Fa
                 p) servings. Per servi 1 g; Cholesterol: 3 mg.                                                            n              Pie
 Makes 8 (I cu              112 mg; Fiber:                                                                  Crust:
 Protein: 7 g; Sodium:                                                                                     ¼ C. Grah
                                                                                                                              am                               3 Tbs. Low
                                                                                                           ¾ C. Ging cracker crumb                                             fa
                                                                                                                             er- Snaps, crus                  (about 50 calo t buttery spread
                                                                                                                                              hed                              ries. per Tbsp
                                                                                                          Filling:                                                                              )
                                                                                                         2           Eggs, separate                          1 tsp. Cinnam
                                                                                                         ¾ C. Water                                          ¼ tsp. Nutm on
                                                                                                         4 tsp. Unflavo                                                       eg
                                                                                                                               red gelatin                  ¼ tsp. Ground
                                                                                                        ½ C.       Light brown su                           1 C.                 cloves
                                                                                                                                      gar, firmly                      Evaporated skim
                                                                                                                   packed                                  1 C.        Can pumpkin pi milk
                                                                                                      In a 9” pie pan,                                     ½ C.       Whipped desser filling
                                                                                                      moistened. Prescombine cracker and cookie                                         t topping
Spice Cookie                                          All-purpose flo
                                                                      ur                              degrees for 10 s mixture into the bottom an crumbs with spread until thor
                                                                                                                        min.                              d sides of the pa                   ou
                                              1 C.                                                   In a saucepan,                                                           n. Bake crust at ghly
                                                            mon                                                        whisk together                                                             350
½ C.     Molasses                             1 tsp. Cinna                                           min. add ¼ C. of                      egg yolks an
                sugar                                    round Cloves                               On a very low he brown sugar and all the sp d water. Sprinkle in gelatin. Le
¼ C. Brown                                     ⅛ tsp. G                                                                                                 ice
                                                                                                    melts. Remove at, cook mixtures about 3 m s to gelatin mixture; stir th t stand 5
              ry Spread
½ C. Butte sp.)                                ½ tsp. Nutmeg                                        45-60 minutes from heat. Gently stir in milk inutes, stirring constantly, un oughly. or
                                                               soda                                                  , stirri                            and pu                           til ge
(50 Cal. per Tb                                 1½ tsp. Baking                                     In a separate bo ng occasionally, until it begins mpkin. Chill the mixture fo latin
                       flour                                                                       of brown sugar wl, beat egg whites until they                to thicken.                     r
 1 C.    Whole wheat                                                                              into pumpkin m until the mixture forms stiff, form stiff peaks. Add remai
                                                                 n sugar and
                                                iling; add brow                                                      ixture, blending                  shin                              ni
                                                                                                                                          well. Pour into y peaks. Gently fold the eggng ¼ C.
                epan, heat m   olasses until bomove from heat.                                    Chill pie in the
                                                                                                                    refrigerator for                      crust.                             whites
                                             re                           asses
 In a small saucuntil sugar has melted and ients together; add to mol g                          with 1 Tbs. whip
                                                                                                                     ped topping.      four hours or ov
                                                                                                                                                         ernight until fir
  sp read. Cook wl, mix remaining ingred sheet coated with cookin                                Makes 8 servin                                                            m. Garnish each
  In a separate by teaspoonful onto baking es, until firm.
                                             ut                                                  g; sodium: 215 . Per serving: Calories: 21
   mixture. Drop 350 degrees for 9-10 min                                                                            mg; Fiber: 1 g.                     0; Fat: 5 g; carb
                                                                                                                                         Cholesterol: 55                    : 34 g; protein:
   spray. Bake at                                                                                                                                           mg.                                 7
                                                           ; Fat: 1 g;
                                        ie: Calories: 40
                   n cook ies. Per cook53 mg; Fiber: <1 g.
    Makes 4 doze ein: <1 g; Sodium:
    Carb: 7 g; Pr

                                                                                                                                 WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 7
                     The Holidays | HOLIDAY EATING SURVIVAL GUIDE

Holiday Eating Survival Guide
Here are 8 simple tips to combat holiday weight gain this year
By: Jennifer Ventrelle, Master of Sciences, Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer (MS RD CPT)
1. Don’t try to lose weight over the holidays                 8. Remember the focus of the holidays
   • Trying to diet during the holidays is setting              • Thanksgiving kicks off six weeks of parties, eating,
     yourself up for failure                                      and drinking; focus on spending time with family
   • Create an achievable goal to maintain weight                 and friends instead of food and drinks
     through the holiday season                                 • The actual holidays are really only three to
                                                                  eight individual days. Eating unhealthily for
2. Move more! Plan to exercise!                                   these individual days won’t cause much damage …
   • Decreased physical activity is the prime
                                                                  extending it for six weeks will
     contributor to holiday weight gain
                                                                • Socialize away from the food table; find creative
   • It’s almost guaranteed you’ll eat more, so you
                                                                  activities or ways to get your family and friends to
     must burn more!
                                                                  play a game or be active instead of eating
   • People who are more active keep weight stable
     during the holidays
   • Walk around mall before doing holiday shopping             Nutrition Tips:
3. Mind your beverages                                          1. If you know you will be enjoying a big
   • Avoid high-calorie drinks such as hot chocolate,              holiday meal, it’s smart to eat a light
     flavored teas, and eggnog. (1 cup eggnog = 350                lunch. Salads are the perfect choice.
     calories and 20 grams of fat!)
   • Consume alcohol in moderation
                                                                2. Make turkey healthier by topping it with
   • Drink a glass of water between each drink                     fruit chutney instead of gravy.
   • Try a non-alcoholic mixer complete with garnish            3. Get creative with your leftovers. Using Egg
4. Never go to a party hungry                                      Beaters or egg whites for whole eggs is a
   • Eat a healthy snack such as yogurt and fruit,                 great way to reduce fat, cholesterol and
     apple and peanut butter, or a small bowl of high-             calories without sacrificing any protein.
     fiber cereal 30 minutes before the party
   • Fill first plate entirely with vegetables and drink
                                                                                               Jennifer Ventrelle is
     a full glass of water; wait 5-10 minutes and then                                         the dietitian for FFC
     return only one more time for smaller portions of                                         Union Station, South
     other foods                                                                               Loop and Lincoln Park.
                                                                                               You can contact her at
5. Don’t be “the host with the most”                                                           jventrelle@ffc.com.
   • If hosting the party, set up a “carry out station” for
     people to take leftovers
   • Walk around with food trays, offering seconds or
     for them to take some home
6. Contribute to the party; bring a healthy
   • Fresh fruit platter with low-fat yogurt
   • Veggie platter with low-fat dip or hummus
   • Baked chips with salsa or guacamole

7. Make your holiday recipes healthier
   • Use 2 large egg whites for each egg recipe calls for
   • Use 50 percent applesauce to reduce fat in recipes
   • Use 50 percent whole wheat flour to replace white
     flour in baked goods
   • Add ¼ cup flaxseed to baked goods
   • To enhance flavor, double the vanilla extract,
     cinnamon, or nutmeg in recipes
   • Cut desserts into smaller pieces and aim to
     consume fewer pieces
                                            Fitness Formula Clubs
                                            Foundation is proud to support
                                            the following organizations
                                            with financial and equipment

                        • Toys for Tots
                   • Starlight Fo
            • Boys and G
                            irls Club of C
      • Walter Payto                       hicago
                       n College Pre
          • City of Chic                p High Schoo
                          ago Fire Dep                 l
   • Chicago Mu                           artment
                   scular D
           conjunction w ystrophy Association, in
                             ith Augie’s Q
           • Avon Walk fo                   uest
• Iglesia Com                 r Breast Canc
               unitaria Cristi                er
               República Do      ana - Santo D
                                minicana         omingo,
   • The Bridge
                   Teen Center
                                   - Orland Park
           • Chicago Ca                           , IL
                           nine Assistan
                       • PAWS
                • Lakeview P
         • Aids Found
                        ation of Chic
                     Access | CLOSE TO HOME, CLOSE TO WORK

What’s Your Color in 2011?
In January 2010, FFC introduced its expanded family           each. Your membership means more now than ever -
of membership levels - Premier, Orange, Green and Red.        access to more locations, more programming, more value!
Check out the chart below to see what’s included with

                                                      Club Access                                    In-Club Benefits
                                                    • Access to all Red, Green and                   Access to all Red, Green, Orange
                                                      Orange locations                               benefits, plus:
                                                                                                     • FREE yearly personal locker
                                                                                                     • FREE personal training session per
                                                                                                     • Two FREE guest passes per month
                                                                                                     • 15% discount from list member pricing
                                                                                                       for ALL spa services and products
                                                                                                     • 15% discount on ALL sports shop

                                                      Club Access                                    In-Club Benefits
                                                    Access to all Red and Green                      Access to all Red and Green club
                                                    locations, plus Orange locations:                benefits, plus:
                                                    • Gold Coast                                     • Additional access to 100+ FREE
                                                    • Union Station                                    group exercise classes - that’s 450/
                                                                                                       week total
                                                                                                     • One FREE specialty master class a
                                                                                                     • Exclusive access to FFC Gold
                                                                                                       Coast rooftop events
                                                                                                     • Basketball courts
                                                                                                     • Indoor running track

                                                      Club Access                                    In-Club Benefits
                                                    Access to all 5 Red locations, plus              Access to all Red club benefits plus:
                                                    Green locations:                                 • Additional access to 100+ FREE group
                                                    • Halsted Street                                   exercise classes - that’s 350/week total
                                                    • East Lakeview                                  • Additional access to two 24-hour
                                                                                                       locations (M-Th) with free parking
                                                                                                     • Lakeview neighborhood convenience

  Red                                                 Club Access                                    In-Club Benefits
  Great value with convenient locations.            Access to all 5 Red locations:                   • FREE: towels
  Includes free towels and daily changing           • Oak Park*                                      • FREE: 2-hour parking
                                                    • Old Town                                       • FREE: daily changing locker
  lockers, wide selection of machines,              • Lincoln Park                                   • FREE: rock climbing walls
  equipment and studios, plus indoor and            • South Loop                                     • FREE: racquetball
                                                    • West Loop**                                    • FREE: Indoor and outdoor pool
  outdoor swimming pools.                                                                            • Access to over 250 FREE group
                                                                                                       exercise classes/week

                                                   * Oak Park access requires an additional fee.
                                                   ** New FFC location under construction. Available to home club members. All others, upon completion
WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 10                     of current renovation and expansion.
                       Access | CLOSE TO HOME, CLOSE TO WORK
All of our Club locations are in prime areas, near public        know how to get to them! See the list below to see which
transportation where you live and work. Now that you             public transportation lines get you to the FFC location
know which locations you have access to, you have to             you want to check out next!

ORANGE                                  RED
Gold Coast                              Lincoln Park
1030 N Clark St                         939 W North Ave
312.944.1030                            312.337.1244
Train: red line                         Train: red line
Bus: #22 or #70                         Bus: #9, #72
Parking: Discounted,                    Parking: Free for 2 hours
$2 for 2 hours
                                        Old Town
Union Station                           1235 N Lasalle
444 W Jackson Ave                       312.640.1235
312.627.0444                            Train: red line
Train: Metra service                    Bus: #156
or red line                             Parking: Street meters
Bus: #1, #7, #122, #123, #124, #151,    Open 24 hours
#156, X28
Parking: Free for 2 hours               Oak Park
                                        1114 Lake Street
                                        Train: Metra service or green line
GREEN                                   Bus: #20, #90, Pace service
                                        Parking: Free for 2 hours
East Lakeview                           Open 24 hours
3657 N Pine Grove
Train: red, brown and purple lines
                                        South Loop
                                        1151 S State
Bus: #8, #36, #135, #145, #146, #151,
                                        Train: red, green and orange lines
Parking: Free for 2 hours
                                        Bus:#12, #18, #29, #62, #129, #146, #192
                                        Parking: Free for 2 hours
Halsted & Belmont                       Open 24 hours
3228 N Halsted
773.755.3232                            West Loop at Presidential
Train: red, brown, and purple lines     Towers
Bus: #8, #151, #156                     555 W Madison
Parking: Free for 2 hours               312.902.2040
                                        Train: Metra service from Ogilvie
                                        Bus: #14, #19, #20, #56, #125, #129,
                                        #132, #192

   Member Benefits
   • IHRSA Passport Program gives you access to over 6,000 clubs worldwide,
     while traveling. Visit http://ffc.com/member-advantage for details.
   • FFC beneFITs Program offers you discounts at countless businesses across
     Chicagoland. Visit http://ffc.com/member-advantage for details.

                                                                                     WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 11
                         FFC West Loop | COMING SUMMER 2011

                                                                                                                       Lower Level

 It’s not a gym. It’s a FITNESS FORMULA CLUB.
 1. 52,000 square foot facility for               5. A staff of Personal Trainers and                   9. Pilates Training Center
    fitness, wellness, recreation and                Nutrition Coaching                                     • Expert one-on-one or group instruction
    family fun!                                       • Free equipment orientations                           using state-of-the-art Pilates equipment
     • Convenient location adjacent to Ogilvie        • Free personal fitness and nutrition                   taught by certified Pilates trainers
       Northwestern Metra Center                        assessments                                         • Group mat classes
     • Friendly, professional staff                   • Customized fitness program with goal            10. Advanced Training Areas
     • FREE two-hour parking in adjacent garage         setting and follow up assessments                   • Functional training
     • Wood, stone and marble decor
                                                  6. State-of-the-art Cardio and                            • Core training
 2. Day Spa & Tanning                                                                                       • TRX Suspension training
                                                     Strength Training Center
     • Soothing environment for the                                                                         • Kickboxing and bootcamps
                                                      • Over 250 pieces of the latest cardio and
       mind, body and spirit                            strength training equipment                     11. Indoor Aquatics Center
     • Massage therapy                                • Individualized HDTV viewing screens on              • 75 foot junior Olympic 6-lane lap pool
     • Skin care and waxing                             cardio equipment                                    • Family swimming lessons and Master Swim
     • Ortanic sunless & UV-free system               • 12 tons of free weights                               program
 3. Luxurious Locker Rooms                            • Complimentary fitness coaches                       • Whirlpool
     • FREE towel service                                                                                   • Attached sundeck
                                                  7. Yoga and Spinning Studios
     • FREE lockers
                                                      • Indoor cycling in the FFC exclusive road        12. Outdoor Pool
     • Wood lockers and granite counter tops
                                                        course Spin Theatre Studio                          • Expansive lounge sundeck
     • Big screen plasma TV
                                                      • Yoga programs with emphasis on the                  • Beverage bar service
     • Steam rooms
                                                        body/mind connection ranging from                   • Outdoor training area
     • Family locker room
                                                        beginner classes to Ashtanga, Hatha,                • Fire pit
 4. Kid-friendly Child Center                           Vinyasa and Hot Yoga
                                                                                                        13. Cafe by
     • Safe and secure
     • Supervised by childcare professionals      8. Group Exercise Fitness Studios
     • eMac® learning and play center                 • World class fitness studios with superior
                                                        sound system and shock absorbing floor              • High-protein blended drinks
     • Monitor your child from the LCD viewing                                                              • Signature Bowls, Wraps, Salads, and
       screens from our fitness floor cardio          • Industry-leading instructors
                                                      • Innovative fitness classes including Pilates,         Protein Bar-ritos
       equipment                                                                                            • Grab’n’go healthy snacks and beverages
                                                        kickboxing, step, core muscle, cardio
                                                        dance and FFC signature FITFLEX, FITKICK,           • Wireless internet and flatscreen TVs
                                                        FITSPORT, and FITSTRETCH                        14. Sports Shop
                                                                                                            • Designer and brand name fitness apparel
WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 12                                                                           • Fitness accessories

           Upper Level East

                      Upper Level West

                                         WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 13
                    Updates | FFC LINCOLN PARK
FFC Lincoln Park
Home Stretch Renovation
Wow! What a difference a year makes. Since our
acquisition of the former Crunch facility last
Thanksgiving, we’ve added: all new equipment, new
flooring, renovated studios and all-new locker rooms - the
list goes on and on, and includes the implementation of
two-hour FREE member parking. We’re almost done! The
last phase includes:

  4 A total pool renovation
  4 Adding Ortanic airbrush tanning services
  4 Expanding Group Exercise Studio 1
  4 New Pilates Studio
  4 New Performance Training Center with challenging
    CompuTrainer that simulates bike courses
  4 All-new Kids Club - complete with eMac computers,
    arts & crafts and lots of kid-friendly activities
  4 All-new Spa with massage and aesthetician services
  4 Community Room for social events and kids
    birthday parties

Thank you for your patience and the many new member
referrals during our first year. We are thrilled to have         New locker room at FFC Lincoln Park
added Lincoln Park to the FFC family.

Have You Tried TRX Yet? Try it Now!
                                                             What is TRX?
                                                             Born in the U.S. Navy SEALs and developed by Fitness
                                                             Anywhere®, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary
                                                             method of leveraged bodyweight exercise.

                                                             Core conditioning that builds:
                                                               • Power
                                                               • Strength
                                                               • Flexibility
                                                               • Balance
                                                               • Mobility
                                                               • Prevent injuries

For more information or to sign up, contact
Scott Lewandowski at sl@ffc.com.
  New Additions | EATFIT Cafe at FFC South Loop!
                                    OPENS at
                                    South Loop!
  Sara Shepard has brought her healthy eatery, Eat Fit, to
  FFC South Loop. Born out of concerns and observations
  of societal eating habits, Eat Fit began as a combination
  personal training/personal fitness chef business. Sara
  soon expanded into retail, with a test concept kiosk at
  the Shops at North Bridge adjacent to Nordstrom in
  downtown Chicago. Now, Sara has opened in the cafe
  space at FFC South Loop!

  Eat Fit is serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies and
  grab-n-go meals. All menu items are low-calorie, protein-
  rich, high-fiber and low-fat. Eat Fit also offers vegetarian,
  vegan and gluten-free options.                                            The new Eat Fit Cafe at street level in FFC South Loop.

  Eat Fit is now offering grab-n-go meals at our Lincoln                    recognized the quality and the broad footprint that it
  Park, Halsted Street, and East Lakeview locations, the                    has throughout the Chicagoland area. I am excited to
  perfect alternative to stopping for fast food upon leaving                help members further improve their health and even
  the Club.                                                                 their lives by not only providing a healthy meal that they
                                                                            do not have to plan, shop for or think about, but also
  And, Eat Fit is now available for online ordering and                     educating them on how to eat healthy.”
  delivery service through GrubHub.com.
                                                                            Welcome Sara - we’re glad you’re here, and we love your
  Sara says, “I am really excited about the partnership                     food!
  with Fitness Formula. As a member for many years, I

     Nite White
               FREE                                                  69                                       Full Case
                                                                                                                                        Express Case
                                                  Complete Oral Exam                                        $                             $
             Program                              includes 4 bite wing x-rays & cleaning                      3700*                          2800
                                                                                                            *14 Aligners Or less Includes Retainers
when you receive a check up, cleaning                                                                                     And Bleach
   & full set of x-rays at full price
                                                    New patients only. These offers cannot be
  New patients only. These offers cannot be        combined. Not valid with other offers or with
  combined. not valid with other offers. Must        insurance plans. Must present this offer.               Restrictions apply. Call for details. Not valid with
  present this offer. Expires January 15, 2011.         Expires Expires January 15, 2011.                          other offers. Must present this offer.
                     The Holidays | KEEPING FITNESS ON TRACK

Tips to Stay on Track During the Party Season
By: Josh Zaffino, FFC Halsted Street Fitness Director
Any fitness professional will tell you sticking to a routine   Tip Four: Alcohol. A trick when consuming alcohol is to
and moderation are the two key components for a fit and        follow each drink with a water. This will help prevent
healthy holiday season.                                        excess drinking and curb late night eating. Mix your own
Tip One: Make a goal - when you know where you want to         drinks when possible. This allows you to be in control of
end up, getting there is always easier. “I want to maintain    your alcohol consumption and drink at your own pace.
my weight,” or “I want to continue workouts through the        Tip Five: FFC’s ActivTrax Nutrition Program. This
season.”                                                       program is designed to help you track your food, create a
Tip Two: Create a calendar and stick to it. To help            grocery list and provide meal plans. It works well with
stay on track I suggest adding your workouts to your           the ActivTrax workouts to track of the calories your burn
work and social calendar. ActivTrax can help you stay          during your workouts. You can schedule a consultation at
organized, too; it will help you follow a program and          your club to get more information about the service.
creates a custom plan to help you meet your goals.
Your calendar should look like this: Monday: ActivTrax,
Tuesday: Fit Core, Wednesday: Rest, Thursday: ActivTrax,
Friday: Cardio, Saturday: Spinning, Saturday Night:
Holiday Party and Sunday: Rest.
Tip Three: Moderation. The key to staying on track
is setting a plan for yourself when you are around
temptations. Consider desserts as a reward. For example
if you complete 4 of the 5 workouts, you can eat a slice of
pie that week. Remember the same rules will apply for
the following workout week and the next party.

                                   Is there something
                                   you’d like to see
                                   demonstrated?                          Available at:
                                                                          • Ch. 19 in the Clubs
                                                                          • YouT ube
                                                                          • ffc.com

                                                                          Programming includes:
We’d like                                                                 • Strength demos
                                                                          • Stretching tips
to hear                                                                   • Pilates instruction
from you!                                                                 • More to come!

Email suggestions to awagner@ffc.com,
or post on our Facebook page at
facebook.com/fitnessformulaclubs or
via Twitter CONNECTIONS 12
FALL/WINTER | at twitter.com/fitness_formula.
                     The Holidays | KEEPING FITNESS ON TRACK

Working out on
vacation? You can do it!
By: Martin Kimpston, FFC Union Station Fitness Director and
East Lakeview Personal Trainer, Tony Jarina                                     PASSPORT
                                                                           As a member of FFC, you have
                                                                           access to the IHRSA Passport Club.
                                                                           What does this mean? The IHRSA
                                                                           Passport Program gives members
                                                                           of participating clubs access to a
                                                                           worldwide network of health clubs
                                                                           when traveling. Here’s how it works:

                                                                             1. Visit our website to print your
                                                                                IHRSA Passport Guest Pass:

With winter here, many people are preparing for some sort of                        GO TO:
vacation. Whether you are headed somewhere tropical, or off to visit
family, getaways interrupt our normal exercise routine. Here are tips              ffc.com
for staying active while away from the friendly confines of your FFC
location.                                                                         CLICK ON:
#1. Keep it simple. The more complicated and equipment-focused you             Member Advantage
try to make your vacation workout, the less likely you will complete
it. Push-ups, squats, and sit-ups are all easy to perform and target
the entire body. Complete all three exercises in sequence with little to
no rest to complete a circuit. This is an easy and fast way to work the
muscles and increase your heart rate.
#2. Take advantage of your new vacation environment. If in a beach           2. View the list of participating
locale, try walking or jogging along the beach or tread water in                clubs at healthclubs.com/
the pool for an extended period of time. If your travels take you to            passport.
a snowy climate, consider cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice
                                                                             3. Call Ahead. Once you’ve found a
skating or just shoveling snow. These will challenge you in different
ways while still keeping you active.                                            club that you’d like to visit, call
                                                                                ahead to verify any guest fees
#3. Consider the benefits of your FFC membership. You receive a 50%             that may apply and confirm that
guest fee discount to any of the thousands of clubs on the IHRSA                you will be able to use the club.
Passport Program. (See sidebar)
                                                                             4. Present your Guest Pass, pay
So when you head out of town, be sure to remember the key points
discussed here in order to stay active away from home!                          any fees that are due and you’re
                                                                                all set.
                     Coach’s Corner | OUTDOOR EXERCISE

Tips for Training in Cold Weather
By Scott Lewandowski, FFC Regional Director of Fitness
The winter months should not trap you entirely indoors.      • Cover your head and hands, where most of your
Below is a list of guidelines to ensure your outdoor           body heat is lost.
activities are safe and enjoyable.                               - Wear a hat, gloves, or mittens to maintain
  • Consult with your physician on exercising in the cold.         heat when needed. Mittens work better when the
                                                                   temperatures are colder because your fingers can
  • Seek a workout buddy for winter activities or                  share their warmth.
    alert others of where you are going and when you             - Facemask or goggles may be needed in extreme
    are expected to return. Carry a cell phone if possible         conditions to protect the face.
    to seek assistance if you run into early signs of
    frostbite or hypothermia.                                • Beware of the Sun.
                                                                 - Sunburn can occur in the winter months
  • Layer your clothing in cold weather. Layers allow for          especially on your face including your lips. Wear
    one to remove and return clothing as weather                   sunscreen and protect your lips with lip balm
    conditions change during an activity.                          with sunscreen.
      - The inner layer of clothing should contain a             - Protect your eyes from sun and ice glare with
        polyester blend to help keep your skin dry by              sunglasses.
        wicking moisture away from the body.
      - The next layer should provide warmth. A              • Drink plenty of fluids.
        sweatshirt or fleece is a good option. Choose        • Stay inside if the following conditions are present.
        this layer wisely. Dress as if the weather is 20         - Temperature is below 20 degrees.
        degrees warmer to avoid overheating.                     - Visibility poor.
      - The outer layer protects the body from wind,             - Ground slippery or icy.
        rain, or snow. A breathable nylon jacket will keep   • Afterwards, remove your wet clothing quickly and
        wind and water from reaching the inner layers of       finish back at the Club for a hot shower, or a visit to
        clothing and still allow moisture to pass to the       the hot tub or steam room.
                       Triathlon | INDOOR TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM

12th Annual Indoor Triathlon
Series - Training Program
                                                                    FFC’s Indoor Triathlon Training Program provides a
                                                                    friendly environment and a structured training plan to
                                                                    help you achieve your indoor triathlon goals – whether
                                                                    it is simply finishing or realizing a new personal record.
                                                                    Your triathlon experience will be greatly enhanced by
                                                                    taking part in this new and exciting program with its
                                                                    ability to motivate and effectively guide your training
                                                                    while understanding the need to balance work, family,
                                                                    and other obligations.

                                                                    Training begins:
                                                                    Gold Coast event:              January 3
                                                                    Union Station event:           January 4
                                                                    East Lakeview event:           January 17
                                                                    Lincoln Park event:            January 31

                                                                    Check out the Activities Guide at ffc.com for more details,
                                                                    or to register.

                                                                    TriMonster is a trademark of Fitness Formula, LTD.

                                                                      2011 Race Series:
                                                                      January 22: FFC Oak Park
                                                                      1114 Lake Street, Oak Park
New to Triathlon? Experience the world’s fastest growing sport -      February 5: FFC Gold Coast
without intimidation!                                                 1030 N. Clark Street, Chicago
Experienced Triathlete? Stay in shape this winter while preparing     February 19: FFC Union Station
for the 2011 tri season.                                              444 W. Jackson, Chicago
                                                                      March 5: FFC East Lakeview
Online registration: ffc.com/triathlon                                3657 N. Pine Grove, Chicago, IL
For more information, contact Scott at                                March 19: FFC Lincoln Park
triathlon@ffc.com or 312.627.0444 x279.                               939 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL                     ffc.com
                                                                                                        FALL/WINTER | CONNECTIONS 15
                       Kid’s Club | CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING

FFC - Keeping Kids Moving This Winter
         Available at      Birthdays at FITNESS                   Parents Night Out
         Oak Park
                               FORMULA CLUBS                      Available at Oak Park, South Loop
                                                                  and coming soon to Lincoln Park. On
                                 The coolest parties anywhere!    the last Friday of every month, it’s
                                  Your incredible party           Parents Night Out. FFC takes care of
                                   is supervised by our           the kids from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.
                                    professional and fun staff.
                                    Activities include pool
                                   time, gym games and rock
                                  climbing. We even supply the    Kids’ Martial Arts
                                 delicious hot pizza and ice-
                                cold drinks.
                                                                  and Taekwondo
                                                                  Available at Old Town and Oak Park.
                                                                  Check out the Activities Guide at
                                                                  ffc.com for dates and times.

          FFC Kids Clubs are available at:
                                                                  Lincoln Park is expanding the
          Halsted Street     South Loop          West Loop        Kid’s Club - it will be over 2000
          East Lakeview      Oak Park                             square feet of fun when complete!
          Gold Coast         Lincoln Park

Get a $25 Bonus Card for
every $100 worth of
Gift Cards you purchase*.

Now through December 31.
*Restrictions apply.

        = Strength + Nutrition + Cardio Tracking
                Since 2004, ActivTrax has provided strength guidance to
                thousands of FFC members. We’ve now added 2 enhancements
                to ActivTrax to take the guesswork out of tracking your

                NEW! Nutrition Component
                ActivTrax now combines nutrition and weight loss into one
                system! Have access to daily and weekly reports tracking your
                progress, as well as the “My Nutrition” tool which offers daily
                menus and generates weekly grocery lists. Input your workout
                information and daily eating habits, and this program will
                automatically calculate what you should eat in a day to gain,
                maintain or lose weight! Go to ffc.com/activtrax to learn more
                and register.

                NEW! Polar Heart Rate Monitor Integration
                Now, FFC and ActivTrax have partnered with Polar to add a
                precise cardio component to ActivTrax tracking. Just place
                your Polar watch on the special pad to have your cardio
                workout logged into your ActivTrax account. Talk to a fitness
                professional at your Club about other ways a Polar Heart Rate
                monitor can help you achieve RESULTS.

                Take the guesswork out of tracking with ActivTrax!

                                                   Now available at all
                                                     FFC loCatioNs.
                                           NEW FOR 2011
                                            AChiEvE RESULTS.

                                    BEGiNNER: GET ACTivE.
                                    PUSh yOURSELF. LEARN ThE

                                    iNTERMEDiATE: iNCREASE
                                    ThE   FREQUENCy. BECOME
                                    FASTER. ADD iNTENSiTy.

                                          MASTER KETTLEBELL.
                                            SURvivE TRX.
                                              STRENGThEN yOUR
                                                      ONLiNE AT

                    Mind/Body | YOGA & PILATES

In 2011, Expand Your MIND, Improve Your BODY.
                                                   Yoga is an ancient form of physical, mental and spiritual practice
                                                   dating back to 500 BC. Yoga is referred to as a tree, with each branch
                                                   teaching a specific approach to life. FFC offers the following types of

                                                   Ashtanga Yoga: “Power Yoga” is a physically challenging yoga that
                                                   builds strength, flexibility and stamina. Intermediate and advanced

                                                   Hatha Yoga: Learn simple breathing exercises, basic yoga poses, light
                                                   meditation and relaxation techniques. Class appropriate for all levels.

                                                   Hot Yoga – COMING SOON at West Loop and Lincoln Park: Practice
                                                   in a studio heated to 94 or 104 degrees. Some yoga experience is

                                                   Vinyasa Yoga: Yoga practice using the postures in a flowing manor,
                                                   connecting each posture with a breath. Class is appropriate for all

                                                   Core Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Rock and
                                                   Roll Yoga, Yoga Basics and Yogalates are also offered. Check your
                                                   group exercise schedules for days and times.

Pilates is a total body conditioning workout that emphasizes correct
alignment and posture as well as flexibility and torso strengthening

Specialty Mat Classes: Want to take your Pilates Matwork to the
next level? Customized options include Intermediate or Advanced
Mat, Mat with Small Props, Mat for Men or Mat for Pregnancy.

Pilates Training PLUS: One Pilates Mat Class, One Group Reformer
Class, and One Cardiovascular Workout per week for 8 weeks.

Group Apparatus Classes: These classes emphasize strength and
flexibility, using fluid overall muscle movements to correct and avoid
muscular imbalances. In Group Apparatus, you still get one-one-one
attention, in a group setting.

Monthly Workshops: Complimentary workshops like Pilates for Golf
and Pilates for Pregnancy open the door to Pilates and what it can
do in your everyday life.

Partner and Private sessions are also available.

Check out the Activities Guide at ffc.com to learn more.

                                                                                     WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 23
                            Giving Back | CARING FOR THE COMMUNITY

FFC Partners with                                                         FFC Raises $15,000 for
                                                                          Augie’s Quest
Bin Donated                                                               In FFC’s third year
                                                                          participating in Augie’s
You may have noticed a big blue barrel at FFC Gold                        Quest; we raised $15,000
Coast collecting coats for various charities throughout                   during the month of June!
the month of October. The organization, Bin Donated,                      All money raised goes
(www.bindonated.org), is one of a kind, collecting                        towards the funding and
different, specific items for several Chicagoland                         research of ALS, otherwise
charities every month, ranging from clothes to pet food.                  known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Augie’s Quest is named
The man behind the barrels is Jud Kinnucan, whose 55-                     after Augie Nieto, the founder of LifeFitness®, and a friend
gallon blue barrels are making waves throughout the                       of thousands in the fitness industry nationwide, including
city collecting items for the disadvantaged in shelters,                  FFC. Diagnosed with ALS in 2005, Nieto founded Augie’s
halfway houses, public schools and federations.                           Quest solely to raise funds for this nerve degenerating
                                                                          As a result of fundraising efforts FFC was asked by the
                                                                          MDA to participate in their 45th annual Jerry Lewis
                                                                          Telethon on Labor Day, Monday, September 6, where
                                                                          Regional Fitness Director Scott Lewandowski (pictured
                                                                          here) presented our check to the MDA, which was televised
                                                                          by WGN Channel 9.
                                                                          With the help of our members and staff, we have raised
                                                                          and donated over $80,000 since 2008! Stay tuned for more
                                                                          Augie’s Quest fundraising in 2011.

Founder of Bin Donated Jud Kinnucan completes the 2010 Rock & Roll Half
Marathon dressed appropriately in one of his bins!

2010 Holiday Toy Drive
Throughout the month
of December, FFC is
partnering with The Starlight
Foundation and Bin Donated
to participate in a toy
drive, in which FFC will
collect toys for children of all ages that are ill and in
several Chicagoland hospitals. This is FFC’s second
year participating in the toy drive with The Starlight
Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings
together experts from pediatric health care, technology
and entertainment to create programs that educate,
entertain and inspire seriously ill children. We will be
collecting new toys in their original casing in the 55
gallon Bin Donated blue bins, located in Club’s lobbies.
Please donate new toys in their original casing. To learn
more about The Starlight Foundation please visit their
website at www.starlight-midwest.org.

                                                                                                WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 25
                            News | AROUND THE CLUBS

                                              Congratulations Team Trekkers!!
 THE FFC OVERALL TEAM CHAMPION:                            FFC South Loop
 Moondust from East Lakeview with 14,437 miles.            Team - Sales Team - 12,626 miles
 The team was led by Ewelina Salaber.                      Individual - Alan Robinson - 9,170 miles
                                                           FFC Union Station
 FFC OVERALL INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION:                          Team - Bella Bodybuilders - 6,405 miles
 Alan Robinson - Sales Team from South Loop with           Individual - Chris Horeth - 3,453 miles
 9,170 miles.
                                                           FFC West Loop
                                                           Team - Rockstars - 1,836 miles
CLUB CHAMPIONS                                             Individual - Jennifer Ericksen - 919 miles
FFC East Lakeview                                          FFC Halsted Street
Team - Moondust - 14,437 miles                             Team - Hammertime - 12,782 miles (pictured below)
Individual - Joy Miles - 6,908 miles                       Individual - Caitlin Akey - 4,333 miles
FFC Gold Coast
Team - Team Cut Throat - 10,922 miles
Individual - Melissa Bowen - 4,695 miles
FFC Lincoln Park
Team - Mike’s Madhouse - 2,695 miles
Individual - Karen Rosenberg - 1,236 miles
FFC Oak Park
Team - The Outsiders - 5,886 miles
Individual - Yvette Clay - 3,053 miles
FFC Old Town
Team - Do Work - 744 miles
Individual - Mark Hackman - 176 miles

                            News | SUMMER EVENTS
If you enjoyed the popular Chicago street festivals this
past summer, you likely saw familiar FFC faces. FFC
participated in over 10 street festivals, from The Taste
of Randolph to The City Chase, where FFC Lincoln Park
Fitness Director, Mike Leve, (pictured here), warmed up
nearly 2,000 people prior to beginning a race! Personal
Trainers and Membership Services were also on hand
to answer any club or fitness related questions. If you
visited our booths, thanks for showing your support-and
see you next summer around town!

                                                                                       Fitness Director, Mike Leve, warming up
                                                                                                    the City Chase participants

FFC Marathon Support Crew

                                                                                    The FFC booth at Bike the Drive
                     News | AROUND THE CLUBS

FFC Celebrates its 26th Anniversary                            FFC Gold Coast
                                                               16 Year Anniversary Party

FFC Celebrated its 26th Anniversary September 28 - 30
at all the Clubs with a 3 day open house full of festivities   FFC’s Gold Coast’s 16th anniversary party was the club’s
and fun. Pictured above is Union Station’s Regional            best one yet with hundreds attending! The club also
General Manager, Kelly Malohn, Fitness Director, Martin        raised just over $11,000 for the Canine Assistants charity
Kimspton and Customer Service Manager Kelsy McKee              through a silent auction, beverage sales and donations.
during the Pilates for Newcomers event on September            Food, music, and festivities were enjoyed by all. Thank
29. A highlight of the 3 day event was the launch of the       you to all of our members who came to celebrate such a
inaugural Pilates 30 session challenge, where dozens of        wonderful night with us!
members pledged to complete 30 sessions in a 10 week
period. We look forward to posting their results in the

FFC Old Town Climbing Wall Manager Tom Petriatis takes
teachings outdoors
At THELEDGE, the FFC Old Town Climbing Wall,
Tom’s philosophy is to present indoor climbing
to both members and non-members as a realistic
preparation to the sport of climbing as it exists

This summer, climbers from THELEDGE frequently
made weekend visits to Wisconsin’s scenic Devil’s
Lake State Park. A few hours drive from Chicago
with countless climbs, this outdoor spot is
popular among Chicago climbers. These
outdoor weekends consisted of casual
gatherings where several ropes were set
up for climbers to use. Well-developed
courses gave them an opportunity to learn
top rope anchor setting, rapelling and the
distinction of climbing outdoors on ropes
under the close supervision of experienced,
professional climbing guides.

For more information on THELEDGE or
our Oak Park Climbing Wall, go to ffc.com.

                                                                                   WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 27
                     Holidays | MEMBERS’ FAVORITE MEMORIES
                              Drew Knecht                                                   Brian Thompson
                              Club: FFC Halsted Street                                      Club: FFC Gold Coast
                              Member Since: 2002                                            Member since: 1998
                              What I enjoy most about                                       Favorite holiday memory:
                              the holiday season is the                                     Thanksgiving!
                              way the neighborhood                                           For many years my
                              comes to life. Owning                                          family would travel to
                              a chiropractic clinic on                                       South Bend, Indiana to
                              Halsted Street, you always                                     bring together both my
                              know when it’s the holidays                                    uncle’s and my family. I
                              by the decorations on the                                      have great memories of a
                              streets, storefronts and all   wonderful meal, followed by conversation (and of course
                              the great parties you get      a little arguing). We also made it a tradition to go snow-
                              to attend with your closest    mobiling every year.

Heather Gilbert                                              Tiffany Chin
                                                             Club: FFC South Loop
Club: FFC South Loop
                                                             Member Since: 2010
Member Since: 2010
                                                             Favorite Holiday Memory:
Favorite holiday memory:
                                                             Thanksgiving and
                                                             Christmas, 2009
My favorite holiday
                                                             My most memorable
memory happens once a
                                                             holiday is Christmas 2009,
year. My friends and I
                                                             when two adorable puppies
get together (no kids or
                                                             joined the celebration! My
spouses allowed) for Girls
                                                             family and I welcomed
Christmas. It’s one special
                                                             our dogs Coco Love and Jack into our family around
night where we make
                                                             Thanksgiving. Celebrating Christmas with two fluffy and
delicious food, catch up on each other’s lives and have
                                                             cuddly puppies definitely was the icing on my cake. The
our annual present exchange. Calling it Girls Christmas
                                                             warmth and joy reconnected my family and provided a
has become kind of a joke, because sometimes it’s
                                                             sense of joy and a new sense of confidence and strength.
February before we can all get together, but we do it once
                                                             Almost a year later, my sisters and I lost over 150 lbs
a year, regardless. That’s what the holidays mean to me:
                                                             combined! Thank you, Coco and Jack, for bringing such
tradition and togetherness!
                                                             joy into the family.

                     Spa News | MASSAGE

                                  Part of Your Holiday Survival Kit
                                  By Yvonne Zipter,          It has become a cliché to say that the holidays are
                                  FFC Union Station          stressful. But gift shopping, party planning, social
                                  Massage Therapist          gatherings, travel, and mega doses of family give insight
                                                             into how this cliché originated. If just the thought of
                                                             all the rigmarole surrounding holidays is making your
                                                             head throb a little, you might want to start booking some
                                                             massages now.
                                                             Getting a massage not only gives you an hour or more
                                                             of soothing touch and music that helps the rest of the
                                                             world melt away, it also literally reduces your stress.
                                                             Studies with topics as wide ranging as depression, pain
                                                             syndrome, auto-immune conditions, the reduction of
                     Holidays | STAFF FAVORITE MEMORIES

Chris Irwin                                                   Cynthia
Club: FFC South Loop
Position: Manager on Duty
Employed Since: 2010                                          Club: FFC Lincoln Park
Favorite holiday memory:                                      Position: Customer Service
I was 10 or 11 years old and it was                           Employed Since: 1999
about two weeks before Christmas. My                          Favorite holiday memory:
brothers and I stumbled upon our big                          Throughout the year
Christmas present, a Nintendo 64! We begged our father        many holidays pass us
to open it early and when he said no, we started to. He       by, but the holiday that
then told us that he was going to take it back to the store   brings me the most joy
and we would not get it for Christmas because we were         is Thanksgiving. It is a
acting spoiled. We felt like the Grinch stole Christmas.      holiday where happiness is brought through the spirits
                                                              of others instead of gifts or materialistic things. It is a
Christmas morning there were presents under the tree,         time to be thankful for all the pleasures in life and all
but none of them were the Nintendo 64. All the presents       the difficult challenges you have overcome due to the
were family board games. We were disappointed, but            goodness of GOD’S will.
then we all started playing the games as a family. During
the middle of a spirited Monopoly game, my dad left
the room and came back with a wrapped box. It was the         Josh Zaffino
Nintendo that we wanted! We learned that year what            Club: FFC Halsted Street
Christmas was all about - family. The Grinch can never        Position: Fitness Director
take that from you.                                           Employed Since: 2002
                                                              Favorite holiday memory:
                                                              What I enjoy most about
Erik Marthaler                                                the holiday season is
Club: FFC Gold Coast                                          shopping on Michigan
Position: Personal                                            Avenue - never for myself,
Trainer                                                       of course, but for others.
Employed Since: 2002                                          The holiday spirit lives
Favorite holiday                                              strong there from the
memory:                                                       lights, snow flakes and of course the holiday sales. It is
I would have to say                                           a great time to reflect on others that have impacted your
I’m looking forward to                                        life and doing something meaningful to show you care for
this year as my favorite holiday memory. It will be extra     them.
special because my brother, who is in the Air Force, will
be home with his new wife and baby for the first time in
4 years. He’s currently stationed in Korea and has also
traveled to Iraq.

stress on the job, the stress of aging, and pregnancy         Massage also has another major benefit: it makes a great
stress have all shown that cortisol—a.k.a. the stress         gift. Massage gift certificates are easy to buy, easy to
hormone—decreases by 31 percent on average following          wrap, and thoughtful. There are few better ways than
a massage. Studies have also shown that diastolic blood       buying a massage to let someone know how much you
pressure and the incidence of migraine headaches              care about their health, well-being, and happiness. And
are both reduced following massage. So if you’ve ever         you needn’t limit yourself only to other FFC members, as
quipped that the holidays are a headache or spending so       FFC gift cards are good for members and nonmembers
much time with your extended family makes your blood          alike.
pressure rise, a massage might be exactly what you need!      So when you start assembling your holiday survival kit
Participants in a variety of research about the effects       you’ll want to be sure to include massage. It’s one sure
of massage have also reported a reduction in anxiety.         way to provide at least two means of stress relief - for
Therefore if, say, flying on a plane or sitting down with     yourself, or for someone else!
your family at a large table stocked with sharp utensils
makes you anxious, massage could again be the perfect
                                                                                    WINTER 2010/2011 | CONNECTIONS 29
                      FFC Mind | Body
As we gear-up for the changing of seasons, here are seven     5.Exercise enhances your self-esteem. When your body
psychological and physical reasons to make exercise your      feels strong, it strengthens your self-confidence and
top priority:                                                 improves your body-image. Staying physically fit is “self-
                                                              care.” When we make time to care for our bodies, we feel
1.Exercise relieves stress and reduces anxiety. Physical      better about ourselves, (which leads to number 6).
activity is the best medicine for blowing off steam and
taking our minds off our worries and problems. Aerobic        6.Exercise can improve physical intimacy. When we feel
exercise is the best remedy for improving our mood and        good about taking care of our bodies, we’re more open
overall well-being.                                                                         to enjoying the pleasures
                                                                                            of physical intimacy. The
2.Exercise helps alleviate                                                                  more “relaxed” we feel, the
depression. A regular routine
of aerobic or anaerobic
                                    Light Up Your Life With                                 more we’re able to enjoy
                                                                                            the present moment.
exercise effectively works
to change brain chemistry.
                                           Exercise!                                                     7.Exercise brings us more
Endorphins are stimulated                                                                                social interaction in a
by exercise and are believed
                                          By Michelle DeCola, LCPC                                       positive environment.
to give relief from pain-a                                                                               Working out in groups or
phenomenon which is                                                                                      with a friend is a way to
commonly known as a “natural                                                                             connect with others who
high.” While exercising won’t                                                                            share the same interest.
solve the family dramas or                                                                               Group fitness classes and
chase the gray clouds away,                                                                              sessions are a fun way
it’s the most effective tool                                                                             to stay fit while having
for dealing with the negative                                                                            the chance to be social
feelings that creep into our                                                                             at the same time. Even if
heads to make our days seem                                                                              you enjoy exercising solo,
gloomier and our problems                                                                                it’s always uplifting to
much larger.                                                                                             exchange a friendly smile
                                                                                                         or simple hello with others
3.Exercise moderates anger. A                                                                            along the way.
new study from the American
College of Sports Medicine                                                                               There are many numerous
shows that exercise “can have                                                                            benefits of exercising
a robust prophylactic effect”                                                                            on a daily basis. (Way
against the build-up of anger.                                                                           beyond 7!!) But if we
Participants of the study had                                                                            stay focused on exercise
difficulty controlling their                                                                             to strengthen our bodies
emotions when they didn’t                                                                                and our psyches, we can
exercise. But, after exercising,                                                                         bounce through the winter
they were able to handle their                                                                           months like Tigger, rather
moods with “more aplomb.”                                                                                than slogging through each
(Frustration and irritation are                                                                          cold day like his adorable
in the same family as anger).                          Feeling the affects of winter? Try working out!   negative friend, Eeyore.
                                                                                                         Bouncing sounds best to
4.Exercise boosts your energy                                                                            me!
and fights fatigue. Do you think
you’re “too tired” to exercise?
Well, skipping your workout will only contribute to the
problem. Physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients
to your tissues and helps your entire cardiovascular
system-the circulation of blood through your heart and
blood vessels-work more efficiently. Voila! When your
heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have MORE
                                                                                             Michelle DeCola, L.C.P.C., is a
energy to engage in the things you enjoy!
                                                                                             licensed psychotherapist in private
                                                                                             practice and a Member at FFC Oak
                                                                                             Park. You may contact her at


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                                           	 through	December	31,	2010

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