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									                 AmeriCorps Position Questionnaire

Applicant Name:
Position Summary:
These positions are non-Sacramento Children’s Home positions; they are positions within
the Sacramento Children’s Home Family Resource Centers serving as members through
AmeriCorps. After successfully completing 12 months of service, AmeriCorps
members are eligible for an additional education award of up to $5550 that can be used
for tuition, student loans, books, etc. All positions require a 12 month commitment.
After hearing this brief summary are you interested in hearing more about the positions?

           Yes                            No

This position requires an 11½ month commitment, how sure are you of your ability to
make that long of a commitment?

           Very Sure
           Not Sure

       If necessary please include any comments:

1. We also require, as part of the on-boarding process, that all AmeriCorps members pass
    a drug test and fingerprint clearance. Do you have any concerns with this process?

           Yes                            No

2. In this position you will be required to drive for business purposes conducting
    community outreach & home visitations frequently throughout the week. Do you
    have a clean DMV record (no more then 3 points in the last 3 years), valid driver’s
    license, auto insurance, and reliable transportation?

           Yes                            No

       If no, is it because of any of these reasons?
                     Don’t have a vehicle
                     No Driver’s License
                     No Insurance
                     Suspended License

3. This position requires members to engage low income families in high risk areas to
    provide services and resources for them; their homes are often located in
    neighborhoods that are associated with HIGH crime, gang, and drug activities. Are
    you comfortable with this requirement?

             Yes                  No
4. Do you speak, write or read another language?

           Yes                          No

       If so, which languages?

5. Do you have Community Outreach experience and knowledge of what is available to
   low income or underserved population?

           Yes                          No

6. Do you have experience where you were required to manage cases that included client
    files and documentation?

           Yes                          No

7. Have you taken any classes in Child Development or Early Childhood Education?

           Yes                          No

8. How many jobs have you held in the past 5 years?

                   Not worked in the last 5 years
                   More then 3 (if selected: How many:      )

   What was your length of employment at each job? What were your reasons for
   leaving those positions?

9. Have you ever led any education or support groups in your past employment history?

           Yes                          No

       If so, what topics?

10. Tell us why you would like to work with the Sacramento Children’s Home in this
    type of position.

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