Pre-Deployment Checklist SINGLE SOLDIER

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					Automobile:                                 Housing:

o If you have a vehicle, have you
  arranged for continued payments,
                                            o If you live off post or in The Timbers and have
                                              pets, have you made arrangements for their              Pre-Deployment
  safekeeping of keys and paperwork,
  and vehicle storage?                      o Have you notified your landlord of your                     Checklist
                                              absence during your deployment?
o Is your car registered and inspected
  for the duration of the deployment?       o Is your house/apartment secure?
                                                                                                            for the
o Is your car insurance paid through
  the duration of your deployment, to
                                            o Have you turned off the utilities or had the
                                              accounts suspended until your return                    SINGLE SOLDIER
  prevent a lapse in insurance and            (internet provider, cable company, cell phone)
  license suspension?                       o Are all your personal items secured to include    all
                                              high dollar items?
o Did you check to see if you could
  save on car insurance if your car is in   o Have you done a high dollar value inventory
  storage?                                    documenting your household goods during
                                              your absence to include serial numbers and
o Did you contact your insurance              photos?
  company to notify them if someone
  will be driving your vehicle while you
  are deployed or that it will be stored
  in your absence?
o Is your civilian driver's license
  current through the end of your              Your efforts to prepare can help
                                                 make a positive difference.
o Have you removed all high value
  items from your automobile?                  With some careful preparation and an                    ACS Mobilization &
                                                 understanding of how to handle the
o Are you taking your civilian drivers          challenges ahead, you can help make
  license with you to use on EML or            the deployment process easier on you                        772-0470
  for reference purposes during your                    and your loved ones.
                                              Best of luck to you and thank you
                                                       for your service!
Family Considerations                       Finance:                              Legal:
Does your Family have:                      o  Do you have a MyPay Account        o Do you need a general or special Power
                                            and do you know how to access it?       of Attorney to give permission to
o   Your complete mailing and AKO email                                             someone (parent, sibling) to handle
    address?                                o  Do you know how you are going        your bills or any issues that arise?
                                            to pay your bills?
o   Your unit information?                                                        o Do you have a current will?
                                            o Have you made plans to save         o Do you know how to get tax assistance
o   Contact information to access
                                            money while you are deployed?           while deployed?
    support and information during your
    deployment?                             o   Have you set the necessary        o Have you Registered to vote in your
      o REAR D Staff Duty                   allotments to pay your bills or         State of residence?
      o FRG Leader                          provide money to others during
      o Family Readiness Support            your deployment?
                                                                                  o Have you collected all of your important
         Assistant (FRSA)                                                           documents into a secure, safe and
                                            o   Are all of your credit cards        fireproof location? Does your Family
o   The procedures to send a Red Cross      accounted for? Are numbers logged       know how to access them?
    message in case of emergency            and kept in a safe place? Do you      o Is your military ID card valid until after
                                            have the addresses to notify them       you return from deployment?
o   Steps to log onto your Units virtual    in the case of loss and do you know
    Family Readiness Group (VFRG)           how to contact them if you have       o Do you have the need to claim paternity
                                            any billing inquires?                   of a child?
o   Do you have addresses for Family
    & friends you intend to stay in touch   o   Do you have all of your bank      Misc.
    with?                                   account information in one location   o Will any promotion or other military
If you marry over your EML, you MUST        for easy reference?                     boards take place during your
do the following prior to returning to                                              deployment that you be eligible for?
                                            o  Are you taking a check book
theater:                                                                            Have you updated your ERB/ORB,
                                            and/or ATM/Debit Card with you to
                                                                                    Photo, OMPF and other important
o   Put your Spouse into the DEERS          access cash/pay bills during your
                                                                                    files in anticipation?
    system (please see handout)             deployment?
o   Enroll your Spouse in TRICARE                                                 o Do you have copies of your deployment
o   Obtain an ID card for your Spouse                                               orders?

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