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									  Lake Washington Rowing Club                                                                                  est. 1957

                                                                                       newsletter | march 2009

        2009 Board of Directors Keeps on Keepin’ On! | kc dietz
        February 11th marked the first meeting of the newly elected LWRC board of directors. Three officers
        remain from 2008: Marcie Sillman, KC Dietz and Ginny Senear. We are ready to hit the ground
        running. Four new officers – Joe Tynan, Rachel Alexander, Bob Thoreson and Jeny Potter -– are
        feeling for solid ground, working to get their bearings and ready to move forward in 2009 for the
        benefit of the club.

        At the meeting we shared our visions and goals for 2009. One of the most crucial issues for the year
        is to negotiate a rent increase with the Fremont Dock Company. Marcie, our president, has shared
        her thoughts in another related article and her goal is to lead a successful negotiation that provides
        financial sustainability for the future. She would also like to see an increase in membership and
        encourage members to get involved in the club.

        KC, as vice president, has lots of goals: To assist the president, organize volunteer efforts for the club,
        lend support to the new rowing program structure, reach out to our alumni, and continue work on a
        membership handbook. continued on p.2

        Lease Negotiation Update | marcie sillman                                                Contents
        At the annual meeting in                    Under the provisions of the                  2009 Board of Directors
        January, I gave an update to                lease, LWRC pays a certain                   1, 2
        the membership on our land                  amount for rent every month,
        lease with the Fremont Dock                 with periodic Consumer Price                 Lease Negotiation
        Company. Many members                       Index increases. The lease                   1, 3
        weren’t able to attend that                 stipulates that after 15 years,              Breast Cancer 3-Day
        meeting, so here are the                    the land value will be revisited             3
        details for you.                            for rent increase purposes. We
                                                    currently pay just over $2,500               Rainier Valley Rowing
        By way of background                        each month. However, last                    3, 6
        information, LWRC owns                      October the Fremont Dock
                                                                                                 New Program Structure
        (or will own as soon as the                 Company notified LWRC that
                                                                                                 4, 5
        mortgage is paid off) the                   it was increasing our rent
        Fremont Boathouse. However,                 thirteen fold. The LWRC board                Captains’ Corner
        we do not own the land on                   members contacted land                       4
        which it sits. Fifteen years                use attorney Brian Lawler,
        ago LWRC signed a 90-year                                                                Head of the Lake 2009
                                                    and began to prepare for a
        land lease with owner Suzie                                                              5
                                                    negotiation. continued on p.3
        Burke of the Fremont Dock                                                                New Babies
        Company.                                                                                 7, 8, 9
                                                                                                 Moms’ New Coaches
                                                                                                 7, 10

910 n northlake way   seattle, wa 98103   | 206.547.1583 |
                                    2009 Board of
                                    Directors from p.1
                                    Ginny, co-captain, would           The 2009 board of directors
                                    like to help newer rowers and      hopes the club can grow
                                    members ease into the rowing       and change in a direction
                                    programs. Many members             that benefits all, if we all
                                    would like to row with others,     participate. On that note,
                                    but not be part of a program.      club member Dave Peschel
                                    Mentorship and organized           recalls how five years ago
                                    practices not associated with      he signed up to clean the
                                    our programs might be the          towels that we use to wipe
                                    way to go.                         down boats because he
                                                                       couldn’t take the smelly dirty
                                    Bob, our treasurer, wants to       things that he reached for
                                    learn the job of treasurer. We     each morning. That is one
                                    are hoping he can walk in the      way to look at it, and he is
                                    big shoes of Ben Porter! Joe,      still cleaning them! You might
                                    co-secretary, would like to see    think about the one thing
  Boathouse manager, Conor, keeps   an increase in collegiate and/     that really bugs you and offer
  on smilin’ on                     or pre-elite membership, while     to be part of the solution.
                                    promoting more club and            Perhaps this is something
                                    national level competition.        as small as replenishing the
                                    Jeny, co-captain, is busy          paper towels in the women’s
                                    learning her position and          locker room. Alternatively,
                                    hopes to benefit the club in       maybe you really enjoy
                                    this role. Rachel, co-secretary,   event planning and can offer
                                    also wants to learn her new        your organizational skills to
                                    position and be helpful where      something as large as running
                                    needed. She and BJ will run        the Head of the Lake regatta.
                                    the Head of the Lake again         Whatever you can do is
                                    this year. Conor, our manager,     appreciated! Think about it...
                                    wants to keep on keepin’ on.

   Board meetings are               We hope that you will make a
                                    point of attending our monthly
   open to all members              meetings, at least once, and
                                    let us know your goals for the
   of the club, so please           club! The board meets the
   join us at least once!           second Wednesday of every
                                    month at 7 p.m. in the Fremont
   The board meets the              Boathouse boardroom. If you
                                    can’t attend, please read the
   second Wednesday                 password-protected minutes
   of every month at                that will be posted on the
                                    web site. Contact any board
   7 p.m. in the Fremont            member if you want to discuss
                                    an important issue or just
   Boathouse boardroom.             understand how we work.            2009 Board of Directors
                                                                       Back row, from left: Joe Tynan, Rachel
                                                                       Alexander, Marcie Sillman, Bob Thoreson
                                                                       Front row from left: Jeny Potter, KC Dietz,
                                                                       Ginny Senear

2 |lwrc newsletter
Lease                                                                    Rainier Valley
Negotiation from p.1                                                     Rowing | penny lewis
In January, KC Dietz and I met     The uncertainty of the land           More than 150 rowing
with Suzie Burke, her son and      lease makes it difficult for          enthusiasts gathered for
her attorney. They indicated       our board and our manager             a breakfast fundraiser at
a willingness to work with us to   to give members a truly               FareStart in downtown Seattle
find a workable solution. Ms.      accurate financial report. We         to hear about the Rainier
Burke asked LWRC to consider       hope the dues increase we             Valley Rowing Program (RVR).
giving up the wherry dock in       adopted in January will cover         Just completing its first year,
exchange for some flexibility in   any rent increase that comes          this pilot program offers
our negotiations. We decided       our way. If you have specific         teens the support they need
to hire a certified appraiser      questions, please don’t               to participate in a school-
to ascertain the actual value      hesitate to contact me, KC or         year program at Mt. Baker
of our land as per the lease       Conor.                                Rowing and Sailing Center,
terms so that we can move                                                a partner with The George
forward on negotiations. The                                             Pocock Rowing Foundation
appraiser’s report should be                                             in developing this program.
forthcoming this spring.                                                 The program provides young
                                                                         rowers a healthy after-school
In the meantime, we continue                                             activity they might never
to pay our old lease amount,                                             otherwise consider because
with the understanding that                                              they can’t swim, have
we will owe back rent to                                                 never seen nor thought of
Fremont Dock Company                                                     themselves in one of those
when we finally come up with                                             long, skinny boats, or can’t
a new, mutually agreeable                                                get to the boat house. This
figure. We hope the increase                                             voluntary program is unique
will be manageable for                                                   in our country as it is open
the near term. Our lease                                                 to both boys and girls and is
stipulates another, potentially                                          part of the Mt. Baker rowing
more expensive rent hike 15                                              program rather than a stand-
years from now. We hope to                                               alone learn-to-row program.
negotiate that point as well.
                                                                         continued on p.6
                                   The wherry dock may be on the lease
                                   negotiation chopping block

Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk
Kate Brooks is inviting everyone to join the LWRC team for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in Seattle
September 11-13. “I’ve never done the walk before but I know a number of people who have, and
they have had an incredible experience,” Kate says of the annual event to benefit Susan G. Komen
for the Cure.

“I’m doing this for the same reason that I am on the Row for the Cure committee. I believe strongly
that with a group effort towards fundraising and breast cancer awareness, we can find a cure for
this disease that affects wives, mothers, daughters and sisters everywhere.”

Kate’s brother, John Tytus, is also volunteering on the organizing committee for Seattle’s 2009 Row
for the Cure, scheduled for Sunday, September 20. When they were children, their mother died of
breast cancer.

Adds Kate, “Please join me and the LWRC team by becoming a member or by donating to our
effort.” Those interested in supporting the LWRC team can learn more at or by
contacting Kate at

                                                                                                    march 2009|3
       New Programs Structure | hugh lade & bill tytus
       Over the course of the past        Rowing Levels                       individuals might compete at
       year, the board of directors                                           the national and international
       with the help of various           A newcomer to rowing will           level (Olympics, Henley)
       members has reviewed our           take Learn-to-Row 1 and             while representing LWRC. If
       rowing program offerings           Learn-to-Row 2 classes.             these crews wish to receive
       from Learn-to-Row through          Completion of these classes         personalized coaching,
       the training of potential          (and payment of dues) is the        by determination of the
       international competitors.         qualifier for club membership.      club captain they can be
       This overview made clear           Programs for members include        considered Rowing or Sculling
       the need for inclusive and         Rowing Levels 1 & 2 and             Level 3. The designation
       simple-to-understand program       Sculling Levels 1 & 2. New          “3” in this case does not
       offerings. Among the priorities    members with experience can         necessarily refer to rowing skill,
       were:                              enter any of these programs         but rather to the nature of the
                                          depending on their abilities.       competitive event.
       • A fee structure that ensured     After gaining the additional
       no program was subsidized by       skills taught in Rowing or          Program Year
       general club funds                 Sculling 1, a member can            The program year will consist
       • Division of the rowing year      advance to Rowing or                of three 3-month seasons. The
       into three seasons                 Sculling 2. Most current            format of the workouts will
                                          program members will find a         likely change each season, as
       • That each program have           comfortable and transparent         might the coach assigned to
       an appropriate, organized          transition to Rowing or Sculling    a given program. Members
       training component as well as      2 from their groups formerly        will sign up for a seasonal
       technical instruction              called: Competitive Sculling        program, paying a coaching/
                                          Group, the Evening League,          launch fee at the beginning of
       • Unification of teaching
                                          and the Men’s and Women’s           the season. Those who join a
       methods and content
                                          Sweep Teams.                        program mid-season will pay a
       • Development of a larger                                              pro-rated fee. It is hoped that
       coaching staff                     A few times a year the club         the three seasons will allow
                                          organizes crews to race in          many members to sample
       Considering those priorities,      limited-entry events, such as
       the following restructuring                                            both rowing and sculling.
                                          Opening Day and Head of
       ideas were implemented:            the Charles. Additionally,          continued on p.5

       Captains’ Corner | jeny potter
       Hello members! Programs have started up and the water ways are getting crowded again. Please
       remember to follow the traffic pattern, and light your boats! You need lights on the bow and the
       stern, and the more the better! And for those of you still on the ergs, keep in mind that we’re entering
       the height cold & flu season, so please remember to clean off the equipment when you finish.

       This year the club is sending a boat to the San Diego crew classic to compete in both the Women’s
       Masters A and Women’s Club races. You can cheer them on from the comfort of your couch – watch
       the races online at April 4-5!

       If you are interested in racing Opening Day (May 2), sign up on the Captain’s board. We’ll request
       entries based on interest, and provide a selection process for all interested parties.

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Head of the Lake 2009 | rachel alexander
It may seem a bit early to         are optimistic that for 2009
be discussing the Head             we will be able to “lure”
of the Lake regatta since          back some of the collegiate
it won’t take place until          crews and clubs that chose
November, yet the planning         to sit out 2008. Our first and
has already begun. Last year       foremost priority is to make this
the club sponsored a very          a meaningful and enjoyable
well received and successful       experience for the athletes. If
regatta. The weather gods or       they have a great time, they
goddesses decided to smile         will tell their rowing friends         You’re invited...
upon us for which we are           and they will continue to
forever grateful. However,         participate.                           to help us prepare for
we also had wonderful                                                     the 2009 Head of the
cooperation and help from          We would like to extend an
the University of Washington       invitation to anyone who               Lake Regatta! Please
and, most importantly, an          would like to help plan this
incredible volunteer effort        year’s regatta to contact              contact Conor, Rachel or
by our members. This regatta       Conor or any one of the board
                                                                          one of the other board
has a long, rich history and       members. Our committee
is regarded as one of the          chairs will be meeting this            members if you are
premier fall racing events         month to get an idea of
on the West Coast. A lot of        how many volunteers will be            interested in volunteering
changes were implemented           needed to complete the
                                                                          to plan or execute this
in 2008 that will carry over for   specific tasks on their “wish”
this year (we won’t have to        lists. There are lots of diverse       great event.
reinvent the wheel), which         jobs to be done to make this
will allow us to focus on a        regatta come together, so
few areas that were either         there is really something for
of concern last year or areas      everyone. Don’t be shy, let
that we want to “take up a         us know who you are if you
notch” going forward. We           would like to help!

Structure from p.4
Director of Coaching
The board of directors further established an ad hoc program committee and appointed Hugh
Lade to the position of director of coaching. Their task is to ensure the quality and uniformity of
the programs and coaching and to organize coaching resources so that all members can enjoy
programs that fit their needs, address their goals and push them towards achieving those goals,
making the programs a fun and worthwhile component of their rowing experience.

Coaching Clinics
In order to increase the number and effectiveness of our coaching staff, the club is offering an
ongoing series of coaching clinics. All members are invited to attend and get involved. Topics vary
from session to session but are guaranteed to be lively and interesting. More coaches are needed
and welcomed; you do not have to be a champion rower to be a good coach.

Please check the LWRC web site for current information about these programs.

                                                                                                      march 2009|5
                               Rainier Valley
                               Rowing from p.3
                               The event was a great            There were representatives
                               success! Attendees had a         from most of the Seattle-area
                               chance to enjoy breakfast        rowing clubs in the room when
  Put your rally hats          with RVR participants and        we raised our numbered oars
                               Olympic rowers who also          to give support for Year Two
  on, spring racing has        attended the event. LWRC’s       of the Rainier Valley Rowing
  begun! A full calendar       Marcie Sillman graciously        Program. Together with those
                               emceed the event. Anne           at the event and those who
  is on the website.           Wessells talked about how        could not attend but made
  The captains can do          important this program is as a   contributions, more than
                               national model in helping to     $30,000 was raised. We are
  entries for you, just ask!   broaden access to the sport      grateful for the support! It was
  Remember to reserve          of rowing. Portia Johnson        a very exciting and successful
                               McGee shared her journey         event—a great way to hear
  club boats on the            from novice Mt. Baker rower      about and support a program
  captains’ board.             to competitor in the Beijing     whose goal is inspiring young
                               Olympics. Then we heard from     people to push their limits,
                               two RVR rowers. Ann shared       expand their opportunities
  Green Lake                   her disappointment at a race     and become healthy and
  Spring Regatta               that did not go well and then    engaged members of their
                               the excitement of feeling the    communities.
  March 21
                               boat fly. Kenneth shared his
                               experiences as a novice stroke   If you would like to know more
                               and wanting to help his team     about this program or support
  Seattle Henley Regatta       row well together, and how       it, please visit the new web site
  March 22 | hosted by LUC     memorable it was when that       AFTER April 12 at
  North Lake Union             happened! When he chose
                               to describe rowing using the     or currently at
                               word Synergy—the name on
  Outlaw Series Race #1        a Mt. Baker shell—and said       accesspage.html.
  March 28 | hosted by LWRC    that for him, we were all part
                               of what makes rowing exciting    You may also contact the
  Locks to Fremont Bridge                                       Program Director, Julian
                               and successful, there were
                               few dry eyes in the room. The    Zimlich, at 206-434-9971 or
                               video of the program in action   julian@RainierValleyRowing.
  San Diego Crew Classic       captured the sense of what       org.
  April 4 & 5                  rowing can really provide for
                               anyone who takes up an oar
                               and rows!
  Covered Bridge Regatta
  April 11 | hosted by OAR
  Dexter Lake, OR

  Opening Day
  May 2 | hosted by UW, SYC
  Montlake Cut

6 |lwrc newsletter
Newest Additions to the LWRC Family
Flash forward, if you will, to      Being a new mom has been                        Tasya Gray
the next decade or two. You         nothing but surprises. (When
may be following the exciting       people told me I wouldn’t                       Scout Emily Skarpengland
careers of LWRC’s next              sleep, I didn’t realize that                    Bates was born December
generation crew champs.             meant that I actually would                     5, 2008 (10 days after her
They’re mere babes now but          not sleep). However, it                         due date!), weighing 8lbs, 2
you can bet their genetics          shouldn’t be a surprise to                      oz and measuring 22 inches
will lead them to excel on the      anyone that our first outing                    long. She is our first child so
water.                              together was to Specialty’s                     parenting has been a bit
                                    Cafe for a latte and scone (for                 overwhelming at times but a
Here’s a report from rowing         Mom, of course).                                wonderful adventure thus far.
families whose babies were                                                          She’s a complete joy for my
born over the winter break:                                                         husband Tyler and I, especially
                                                                                    now that she’s smiling and
Tina Cha                                                                            starting to interact with us;
                                                                                    though figuring out a regular
Little Lily Christiansin was born                                                   sleep schedule has been
at 1:30 a.m. on January 19,                                                         challenging.
2009. She clocked in at 20
inches and weighed 7 lbs, 3                                                         During labor my husband
oz. We are all doing great,                                                         counted me through
although I have not stepped                                                         contractions, treating them
foot into the boathouse yet                                                         like we were doing intervals
and don’t expect to for a                                                           or something. It really helped,
little while. Sure, I’m up at                                                       though thinking about it, I think
4 a.m. every morning, but                                                           it stems from all those pieces
unfortunately it’s not to row.                                                      over the years, counting
I’m very excited to introduce                                                       strokes and/or seconds
Lily to rowing and to the club!                                                     down. Labor was painful in a
                                                                                    whole different way, but the
                                    Tina’s little Lily is already smiling for the
                                    camera at barely a month old!                   coping mechanisms I used
                                                                                    continued on p.8

Moms’ New Coaches | julie smith
Meet the Moms’ new head coach Katie Gardner and assistant coach Rachel Jeffers.

They are California natives who left the sunshine to row at Washington (Katie) and Yale (Rachel).

You may have seen Katie help run masters rowing and junior sculling camps at the University of
Washington where she works in a coordinating role with Husky crew. While Katie was an assistant to
women’s novice coach Erica Schwab, their crews placed second at Pac 10s in 2006 and 2007 and
an all-novice 4+ won the 2007 Pac-10 Championship and placed 5th at the NCAA Championships.

A soccer and cross country competitor at the state level when she was a Chico High School, Katie
rowed all four years at all levels with the Huskies.

She’s been an assistant coach with the Moms since last spring, having coached at Regionals and
at the Portland Classic. She has this to say about her women’s masters team: “My hope for the
Moms this season is to continue the traditions of a wonderful rowing team that truly enjoys the sport
of rowing and is very successful. I see great things for this group of hard-working women who are
wonderful teammates and fierce competitors.” continued on p.10

                                                                                                                march 2009|7
       New Babies from p.7
       were remarkably similar to          Karyn and Matt Crouthamel
       tough exercise. Kinda funny
       how that all works out. My          Karyn delivered our new
       husband races mountain bikes        daughter, Lovina Corine,
       and hopes Scout likes bikes         around 8:30 pm on January
       as much as he does, but I like      15th. She weighed in at a
       to think I got to her first by      healthy 8 pounds, 4 ounces.
       rowing at San Diego last year       The delivery went just as Karyn
       when I was about two months         hoped; we were only in the
       pregnant.                           delivery room for just under an
                                           hour and she did it drug free.
       I’ve managed to make it
       down to row once or twice a         Holden, now 2 ¾ years old,
       week since early February and       is having a great time with
       hope that I am able to find a       Lovina. He really likes to hold
       way to keep doing it. Rowing        her, read to her, and keep
       again has been wonderful            her thoroughly entertained.
       for my mental and physical          Having two kids certainly is a
       health. While my pregnancy          new challenge, but one that
       went very well, it is still like    we are definitely enjoying. We
       having your body hijacked for       have already had Holden on
       a while, so I’ve been anxious       the erg, sitting in Karyn’s single
       to return to exercising and         on the dock, and riding along
       feeling a little more back to       in the 2x wherry. We’ll see
       “normal.”                           how we do getting Lovina into
                                           the act.
                                          continued on p.9

                                                                                Top: Holden visits his new little sister in the hospital
                                                                                Bottom: Lovina, Karyn, Matt and Holden in Leavenworth

       Call for Entries!
       If you have something you’d like to share (recent race experiences, opinions, a little bit about yourself
       as a new member of the club, rowing pics, etc.), please feel free to submit to the newsletter! You
       may do so by contacting Conor (, Julie (jsmithkirkland@ or Erin ( We’d love to hear from you!

8 |lwrc newsletter
New Babies from p.8
Tyler Peterson
As of Dec 15th, 2008 the Tyler    and/or staying in shape is
Peterson family increased         setting goals and, with that,
by one (to a total of four)       a specific path to get there.
when we welcomed the              For example, I will be racing
scheduled C-section arrival       up the Columbia Tower in this
of Avery Rose Peterson. All       year’s Big Climb. I put together
went well with the birth, and     a workout schedule and have
both Christy (my wife) and        loosely been adhering to it. I
Avery, after more than two        have also been racing some
months, are doing well. I, on     Sound Rowers races, and the
the other hand, am gradually      fear of not performing to the
making a comeback to              level that I have in the past
getting back in shape. It         keeps me motivated to train
seems that I totally forgot the   hard.
loss of sleep involved with a
newborn. Combine that with        But my main motivation for
the high activity level of Nate   staying in shape is so that in
(almost three years old) and a    approximately15 to 18 years
relatively busy work schedule,    my son (Nate, born 4-26-06)
and life is exhausting.           and Evan’s son (Oliver, born
                                  4-26-07) will be shocked and
Many of you members who           amazed that they can’t beat
have lived through this may       a couple of 50-year-old guys
be laughing because you           in a double. I guess I look
have been there and perhaps       forward to them beating us
you remember what we are          and I look forward to the day
gong through. I am open to        when we are a good match
survival suggestions. For me      for each other.
I think the secret to getting

During the 50th Anniversary event in 2008, we learned that the club needed
a way to help former members stay in touch with LWRC friends and Seattle
rowing. Therefore, we are offering a Newsletter Membership to keep you
connected with each other as well as current club members and events. As
an added bonus, this membership simultaneously supports the future of LWRC.

The Newsletter Membership offers a printed, quarterly newsletter to be mailed to your home address
containing the highlights of each season, upcoming events and a “Where Are They Now?” section for
former LWRC member updates. The Newsletter Membership cost is $100 annually, which also includes
invitations to all club events, even the Head of the Lake Regatta Argosy Cruise!

Please contact Conor at if you would like to enroll.

                                                                                             march 2009|9
                                               Moms’ New
                                               Coaches from p.7
                                               New to Seattle from New            It was during the bike
                                               Haven, CT and other locales,       challenge that Rachel
 Katie Gardner                                 Rachel Jeffers is a former U.S.    proved talented in another
                                               National Team and Olympic          sport – boxing. She says, “…
 University of Washington grad,
                                               team member who was a              we stayed in this small town
 2005, Political Science
                                               four-year varsity rower at         in Eastern Colorado for the
 Husky Rowing Experience                       Yale University. She is from Los   night and the bar across the
                                               Gatos, CA.                         street from the church we
 Novice boat 2002 (freshman); third varsity
                                                                                  were sleeping in was having
 boat finished second at the Windermere        Rachel enjoys going on runs        its annual “fight night.” So
 Cup 2003 (sophomore); No. 2 seat in the       and bike rides around Seattle,     a bunch of us walked over;
 varsity four winning Windermere Cup 2004      swimming, watching movies,         I found out there was only
 (junior)                                      reading, baking desserts and       one other woman entered so
                                               volunteering at Futurewise         I figured I’d better give her
 Chico High School                             (a Washington state                someone to fight! I won this
 Chico, CA                                     environmental public interest      huge belt which was maybe
 Soccer, cross country, track and field.       group). She says she and her       one of the best parts.”
 Two-time All-Eastern Athletic League
                                               boyfriend are “looking out for
 selection in soccer as well as team
                                               that puppy I would love to         Finally, Katie and Rachel both
 captain; ran cross country two years in
                                               have.”                             are playing on the same adult
 state competition.
                                                                                  soccer league this spring.
                                               Rachel’s adventures include
                                               volunteering in the Galapagos      Check out the sidebar for
                                               Islands (teaching English to       some facts and stats about
 Rachel L. E. Jeffers                          kindergartners and working         our great new coaches.
 Yale University grad,                         at the Giant Tortoise Center),
 2007, History                                 backpacking in Wyoming’s
                                               Wind River Range (National
 2008 United States Olympic                    Outdoor Leadership School–
 Team | Beijing, China                         NOLS), and cycling 4,200
 alternate to the gold medal-winning eight     miles from New Haven, CT
                                               to Portland, OR (Habitat for
 US National Rowing Team,                      Humanity Bike Challenge).
 Princeton, NJ 2006-2008

 2007 World Championships
 Gold Medalist | Munich, Germany

 2006 World Championships
 Bronze Medalist | Eton, Great Britain

 Yale Women’s Varsity Crew
 NCAA Division I Champion, 2007
 Three-time first team All-American Athlete,

10 |lwrc newsletter

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