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									                                   Water Damage: When Disaster Hits

Water is arguably the most important substance on the planet. Water is vital to life itself, and makes up
over half of the average person's body wait. However, sometimes water can do a lot of harm. Water
damage is a broad term used to describe damage that can be done to man made objects by the mere
presence of water.

There are many types of water damage orange county. The most devastating and rapid type of damage
is flooding, which can tear down entire houses. On the other side of the spectrum, water damage can
take place gradually over time, such as with minor water spots. Likewise, steel is subject to rusting and
wood is subject to rotting if exposed to a certain amount of water for a given amount of time.

There are a variety of events that tend to cause the majority of water damage. These include severe
weather events, broken pipes, clogged toilets, leaking plumbing fixtures, and foundation cracks.

Water damage can have more severe consequences to humans than even the physical damage that is
caused. For example water damage that accumulates in a home can serve as a fertile environment for
molds to form. These molds can then release spores into the surrounding air and can cause disease in
people living and working in that area.

Water damage is usually classified as being one of three different categories based on its risk to human
health. Category 1 Water (Clean Water) poses no risk to humans; Category 2 Water (Grey Water) is
unclean and can cause sickness in humans; and Category 3 water (Black Water) represents severely
contaminated water that poses the most severe risk to human health. It is also categorized into four
different classes based on the rate of expected evaporation, with class 1 being the least severe and class
4 being the most problematic.

One unfortunate problem with water damage is that many insurance policies fail to cover damage from
water. Many victims of floods, catastrophic storms, and plumbing disasters have found out about this
the hard way. Usually one must purchase extra riders to a policy to explicitly cover water damage. The
U.S. federal government through FEMA offers flood insurance to people that live in floodplains.

Some types of water damage orange county can be reversed. The probability of restoration decreases
with the greater the amount of water and the more time a substance is exposed to water. For example,
a carpet exposed to a small amount of water over a couple days could be restored; however, if the
water is left longer and soaks into the material, most likely it will not be able to be salvaged. Generally
speaking, it is best to call in a fire and water restoration specialist if one has an item that one really
needs help in salvaging.

Water damage can represent a very significant problem to a lot of home owners and businesses. By
taking precautionary measurements such as regular inspections and preventative repairs on plumbing
fixtures, roofing materials, appliances, and walls, one can minimize the chances of water damage
bringing you an unpleasant surprise.

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