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									How Do You Get a Fiance Visa
A fiancée visa is used to bring someone
 who you intend to marry into the United
 States. It will not allow your fiancé to
 live in the United States indefinitely. It
 only allows your fiancé to enter the
 United States on a very temporary basis
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 (90 days). If your fiancé wants to stay in
 the United States the she will need to
 marry you within 90 days and then apply
 for a green card. The process used to
 change from the K1 visa to the green
 card is called adjustment of status.
 The K-1 fiancée visa can be approved if all
 of the requirements are met. These include,
 among other things, the following: that the
 petitioner is a United States citizen; that you
     both f              (        d    d
 are b h free to marry (no pending divorces
 etc.); that you have met each other, in
 person within the last 2 years (you may be
 able to obtain a waiver of this requirement);
 that you are able to show that you can
 financially support your fiancé in the United
 States; that you both intend to marry each
 other within 90 days of your fiancée
 entering the United States.
Please see our blog post: " 10 things to
                     visas             in
 know about fiancé visas" for a more in-
 depth look at the fiancé visa process. If
 mistakes are made, even small mistakes,
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 then there can be serious delays in the
 processing of the K1 fiancé visa.
If you would like to get a fiancée visa for
 your loved one then you need to follow
 these t
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       two main steps. Th They are:
File a Petition with USCIS
The U S Citizen will file the
 petition. (Remember, only United States
 Citizens not green card holders, can
 Citizens,                  holders
 apply for a K-1 fiancé visa. If you are
 not a United States citizen but would like
 to become one then click here for
 information on becoming a United States
 Citizen) Th f
 Citi               i Form I-129F. It i
        ) The form is F       I 129F    is
 called the petition for alien fiancee.
This form needs to be correctly
 completed and then it has to
 be submitted to the correct USCIS local
 office. Then, when USCIS approves the
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 petition, it will then be forwarded to the
 National Visa Center (NVC).
The National Visa Center will then
 forward it to the appropriate US Embassy
    Consulate. After the US Embassy or
 or C      l t Aft th          E b
 Consulate receives the petition, your
 fiancé in another country will then be
 able to file for a K-1 non-immigrant visa.
 The Visa
 The application process for the K 1 visa
  includes the following: the required
  documentation, a medical examination along
  with any vaccination requirements. In
  addition there needs to be a showing of
  proof of support along with a completed
  affidavit of support form (with any
  supporting evidence). The required
     pp      g          )       q
  documentation for this step can vary by
  consulate. However, the documents which
  will be required can be viewed on the
  applicable US Consulate website.
You can view these requirements
 yourself or you can enlist the help of an
 experienced immigration
 attorney. These requirements may
         y           q               y
 include the following: a valid passport
 which will allow for travel to the United
                                  f     f
 States, a divorce or death certificate for
 any and all previous spouses for the
 applicant (the US citizen will also need
 divorce or death certificates for any and
 all previous spouses).
In addition, your fiancé will need to
 obtain police certificates from countries
 she previously lived in for over 6 months
 starting from the age of 16, 2
         g            g        ,
 photographs (make sure that these
 photographs comply with the rules), and
 then ffinally you need to provide evidence
 of the relationship between the two of
The medical examination is required for
 any applicant It does not matter how
 old the applicant is at the time of the
The medical examination can be done
 only by a paneled medical doctor. Your
    y y p
 fiancé may need to obtain vaccinations.
You must be able to prove that you can
 support your fiancé financially when she
 enters the United States. This will come
 up during the interview.
   p      g
You are basically showing the
 immigration officer that your fiance will
      g                    y
 not need to receive public benefits in the
 United States. You are showing that you
      bl t fi      i ll        t
 are able to financially support your
The affidavit of support that you will
                   I 134.
 prepare is Form I-134 This form must
 be turned in with additional evidence
       ,        ,       g
 ( tax, income, including a letter from the
 U.S. citizen's employer and
 also information on the assets of the U.S.
Finally your fiance will also need to
 demonstrate that the relationship with
 you is valid. This can be shown
 with pictures, e-mails and other
       p         ,
                      p p y
If this is not done properly, even if all of
 your other paperwork is in order, your
 case will not be approved. Therefore,
 take        i l    i         i  thi
 t k special care in preparing this
 In conclusion you should be able to obtain
  the K 1 fiancé visa for your fiancé. You
  need to make sure however that everything
  is done the right way all the way through
  the process.
 The information provided on this site is not
  legal advice but general information only
  Laws can and do change and additional
  laws may apply in y
            y pp y                           y
                        your case. Contrary to
  what your friends tell you every immigration
  case is different. Please contact our office to
  review your matter prior to filing any
  documentation with USCIS
Lawrence Gruner is an experienced
 Immigration Attorney in Sacramento. He
 has 20 years of experience handling
 immigration cases. He has office
 locations throughout northern California.
His office handles immigration cases
 throughout California (including San
 Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Diego
    d Sacramento) th U it d St t and
 and S          t ) the United States  d
 the World.
You may reach us from anywhere in
 the world toll free at 888-801-6558 .
 You may also email us your questions.
 Attorney Gruner would be happy to
         y                     ppy
 review your situation and all of your
 options. He can help you come up with a
 plan f your Immigration case.
His office handles green card cases (both
 family based green cards and business
 based green cards ) K1 fiance visa cases
 (please read our article 10 things to
 (p                              g
 know about K1 visas), naturalization and
 citizenship cases, E1-E2 investor cases,
 H1b cases ( visit our blog: How to get an
 H1b visa)and marriage visa cases.
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http://www visa4you info/

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