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Planning and Development

    Mississippi Association of
    Planning and Development Districts
    Post Office Box 4935 - Jackson, Mississippi 39296-4935
The Directory of Mississippi’s Planning and Development
Districts is a publication of the Mississippi Association of
Planning and Development Districts.

This document may contain material to which the Mississippi Asso-
ciation of Planning and Development Districts maintains copyright
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advance written permission of this Association.
    Planning & Development Districts
Central MS                   North Delta             Southern MS
PDD                          PDD                     PDD
F. Clarke Holmes             James Curcio            Leslie Newcomb
Chief Executive              Executive               Executive
Officer                      Director                Director
PO Box 4935                  PO Box 1488             9229 Hwy. 49
Jackson, MS 39296-4935       Batesville, MS 38606    Gulfport, MS 39503
Tel: (601) 981-1511          Tel: (662) 561-4100     Tel: (228) 868-2311
Fax: (601) 981-1515          Fax: (662) 561-4112     Fax: (228) 868-7094  

East Central                 Northeast               Southwest
PDD                          MS PDD                  MS PDD
Bill Richardson              Sharon Gardner          Wirt L. Peterson
Executive                    Executive               Executive
Director                     Director                Director
PO Box 499                   PO Box 600              100 S. Wall St.
Newton, MS 39345             Booneville, MS 38829    Natchez, MS 39120
Tel: (601) 683-2007          Tel: (662) 728-6248     Tel: (601) 446-6044
Fax: (601) 683-7873          Fax: (662) 728-2417     Fax: (601) 446-6071     

Golden                       South Delta             Three Rivers
Triangle PDD                 PDD                     PDD
Rupert “Rudy”                William B.              Vernon R.
Johnson                     “Billy” Haney, Jr.      “Randy” Kelley
Executive                    Executive               Executive
Director                     Director                Director
PO Box 828                   PO Box 1776             PO Box 690
Starkville, MS 39760-0828    Greenville, MS 38702    Pontotoc, MS 38863
Tel: (662) 324-7860          Tel: (662) 378-3831     Tel: (662) 489-2415
Fax: (662) 324-7328          Fax: (662) 378-3834     Fax: (662) 489-6815 

Central PDD
Steve Russell
711 S. Applegate
Winona, MS 38967
Tel: (662) 283-2675
Fax: (662) 283-5875

Narrative ............................................................. 2

Services ............................................................... 6

Central Mississippi PDD ..................................... 8

East Central PDD ................................................ 12

Golden Triangle PDD .......................................... 15

North Central PDD ............................................. 19

North Delta PDD ................................................. 22

Northeast Mississippi PDD ................................ 26

South Delta PDD ................................................. 29

Southern Mississippi PDD ................................. 32

Southwest Mississippi PDD ............................... 36

Three Rivers PDD ............................................... 39
      ovER 40 yEARS of SERviCE To
         loCAl GovERNMENTS
   The ten Planning and Development
Districts in Mississippi were created by                organization
local governments in the late 1960s in an                  Each Planning and Development District
attempt to address problems and issues                  is an independent organization governed
on a multijurisdictional basis. In creating             by a Board of Directors appointed by local
these organizations, technical assistance               government officials. The Governing Board
was provided by the then Office of Federal-             of the District is composed of members
State Programs under the administration                 from each county who are appointed by the
of Governor John Bell Williams. There also              respective county boards of supervisors,
were federal matching grant incentives to               elected county officials, business or indus-
the Districts, as well as to the local govern-          trial leaders, and representatives of the
ments, if they met and maintained certain               minority community. Other members may
eligibility criteria, especially in the area of         be mayors or other local elected officials.
economic development. In 1971, in an at-                   Most Districts operate through an active
tempt to standardize regional economic                  committee system which may involve many
development and planning boundaries,                    other persons, not necessarily members of
Governor Williams issued Executive Order 81             the Board of Directors. The Districts are
designating the Planning and Development                managed by an Executive Director who
Districts as Mississippi’s official sub-state           is responsible to the Board of Directors,
regions. This order also designated the                 and the Districts are staffed not only by
Districts as the agencies to provide project            administrative and clerical personnel, but
notification and review under the U.S. Of-              also by specialists in such areas as plan-
fice of Management and Budget Circular                  ning, economic development, community
A-95, thus insuring that federally funded               development, job training, social services,
projects were in accord with local plans and            transportation, data processing, and geron-
did not produce duplication. The Planning               tology.
and Development Districts still play the
same basic role, but they are governed by
Federal Executive Order 12371 rather than
Budget Circular A-95.
                                                        Programs and Services
                                                           Since each District represents a distinctly
                                                        different region of the state, its activities,
                                                        projects, and programs are somewhat dif-
                                                        ferent. There are, however, many common
                                                        functions provided in a very similar manner
                                                        by each District.
                                                        ECoNoMiC DEvEloPMENT
                                                          One of the principal functions of each
                                                        Planning and Development District is
                                                        economic development. Each District is
                                                        designated by either the Economic Devel-
                                                        opment Administration of the Department
Auto Assembly Line                                      of Commerce or the Appalachian Regional
                                                        Commission as the federally recognized
                                                        organization to perform economic develop-
                                                        ment, planning, and other related functions.
The Rural Development
Administration is another
major source of economic
development assistance
and most recently, the
Delta Regional Author-
ity was created using the
same sub-state structure.
Unlike some organizations
which view economic de-
velopment in a limited or
specific manner, the Dis-
tricts attempt to promote
long-term job creation in
the broadest sense.
    Each District develops
annually a Comprehensive
Economic Development
Strategy which not only is required by state       ety of federal agencies, to be loaned (usually
law (see the Statewide Economic Develop-           in conjunction with other public or private
ment and Planning Act of 1987), but is es-         financing) to businesses and industries to
sential in maintaining eligibility for various     help in start ups or expansions. These loans
federally funded programs. These programs          are made at very attractive rates and when
primarily aid local communities with such          they are repaid, the funds are reloaned to
public facilities as streets, water and sewer      other businesses for commercial and/or in-
systems, and other infrastructure necessary        dustrial development activities. The money,
to promote business and industrial growth.         therefore, stays in the area and continues to
The vast majority of industrial parks in this      be a very viable economic development tool.
state were developed with some form of                 Another loan program available to the
federal assistance provided through Plan-          Planning and Development Districts is the
ning and Development Districts. Maintain-          Small Business Administration 504 Loan
ing eligibility for funding also provides an       Program. Each district, acting as a Certified
opportunity to receive technical assistance        Development Company or acting through
grants and various types of loan programs.         another Certified Development Company,
    While they may vary from region to re-         is authorized to make loans (for a period of
gion, there are numerous other economic            time not to exceed 20 years) to small busi-
development activities provided by the             nesses for land, building, and other fixed as-
Districts. For example, the Districts provide      sets. These loans also are designed to create
statistical and economic information and           jobs and to stimulate business growth and
analysis to potential business and industrial      are made in conjunction with private lend-
ventures. They also furnish information and        ing institutions which assume responsibility
assistance to cities and counties to aid them      for approximately half the amount loaned.
in being competitive and in building capac-        These loans have fixed and attractive rates,
ity so that they can assist with economic          and the District’s portion is guaranteed by
growth. The Planning and Development               the Small Business Administration in the
Districts were the first organizations in Mis-     event of default. Other loan programs avail-
sissippi to integrate geographic information       able through the State of Mississippi include
systems into their routine data management         the Mississippi Minority Business Enterprise
and mapping procedures.                            Loan Program and the Mississippi Small Busi-
                                                   ness Assistance Loan Program. The former
                                                   is specifically for minority owned businesses,
   All Districts have an active Revolving
                                                   including females, and the latter is for any
Loan Program. This program consists of
                                                   Mississippi owned small business.
grants, made to the Districts through a vari-
CoMMuNiTy DEvEloPMENT                                  PlANNiNG ASSiSTANCE
   Community development and govern-                      In varying capacities, the Districts provide
mental management are additional areas                 communities with local and regional plan-
in which most Districts are very involved.             ning assistance. Maintenance of a regional
The Community Development Block Grant                  planning process is a federal requirement for
Program is funded through the Department               some programs, and the Districts maintain
of Housing and Urban Development and                   this process to insure eligibility to their local
administered by the Mississippi Develop-               areas. Certain areas of the state are more
ment Authority. This is a very competitive             active in planning and growth management
program that funds various types of public             than other areas, and the Districts normally
facilities, economic development, and                  reflect the feelings of their communities
housing activities. Most Districts provide             regarding District involvement in these ac-
technical assistance to their cities and coun-         tivities. For example, in metropolitan areas
ties to help them select projects, prepare             which receive large amounts of federal fund-
applications, and further document needs.              ing for transportation, a metropolitan plan-
Many Districts also are active at varying              ning process is required. In these areas, the
levels in actually administering projects and          District administers this process and requires
programs once they are funded. Moreover,               that all state and federal construction dollars
the Districts sometimes assist communities             be expended in accordance with the plans
with loans and grants through the USDA                 developed by the District and approved by
Rural Develoment Administration, with the              the local governments representing the
development of parks through the Depart-               area.
ment of Interior and with small grants to                  Another example of a District’s involve-
rural volunteer fire departments.                      ment in local planning is the preparation
                                                       of land use plans for cities and counties.
TEChNiCAl ASSiSTANCE                                   Many districts prepare and administer zon-
                                                       ing ordinances and subdivision regulations
   In addition to providing federal and state          for their various communities. In addition,
financial aid for community development,               they assist with street naming and property
the Districts offer varying types of techni-           numbering, now required by state law.
cal assistance to help governments provide
better management. Aid is available in such
areas as personnel administration, financial
management, budgeting, capital improve-
ments, and codification of ordinances.
Many Districts have extensive computer
capabilities which they use to assist with the
redistricting of political subdivisions. Also,
computer mapping and geographic informa-
tion systems are provided in some areas.
Certain Districts have extensive involve-
ment with high technology communication
systems, which further expand computer
networks. If a District does not have the
specific expertise on staff, it can link its local
community with the proper person in state
or federal government, or the District might
possibly work with another District in a joint

                                                                     Workforce Training Class
                                                                     in Computer Networking

huMAN RESouRCE DEvEloPMENT                              In recent years, major efforts have been
   Another area in which the Districts are           made to keep the elderly active in their
increasingly involved is human resource              own homes. As a result, there are various
development. It is generally felt that improv-       support programs available to assist with
ing physical resources is of little value if it      this endeavor. These include homemaker
does not benefit human development. One              and care service programs, adult day care,
of the major aspects of human resource de-           employment opportunities, transportation
velopment which has significant economic             programs and case management, as well as
development implications is job training.            other long-term community based activities.
Multi-county regions, as required as part of         One of the most important aspects is the
the Workforce Investment Act, include the            use of the federal Medicaid Waiver pro-
Planning and Development Districts. The              gram for long-term community based care,
Districts are active in assessing the needs          which allows patients to stay in their homes
of their respective areas, developing annual         versus entering a nursing home. Medicaid
training plans, and assisting in funding activi-     payments are used to secure these services
ties to carry out these plans. This program          for the home-bound patient while saving
is funded through the Department of Labor            money and providing a higher quality of life.
and administered through the Mississippi             Recognizing that it is not possible for all the
Department of Employment Security. The               elderly to remain in their homes, all Districts
business and industrial community provides           have ombudsman programs providing
significant input to the local planning pro-         trained professionals who call on patients
cess.                                                in nursing homes.
    Another major program in this area
relates to the elderly. Acting as the Area
Agencies on Aging, the Districts provide an          The future
annual areawide plan which directs where                 Activities of the Districts have changed
federal dollars for the elderly are to be spent      significantly over the past four decades and
for the upcoming year. This plan is based            these changes are expected to continue
upon a needs assessment, demographics,               as Districts reflect the needs and issues of
national priorities, and input from the pub-         their respective regions. The future of the
lic. Once the plan is adopted, it directs the        PDDs appears bright, for they possess both
comprehensive aging activities in its service        flexibility and diversity. The Districts use
area for the next year. Traditional activities       business practices in providing regional,
funded under this plan include congregate            governmental functions. This makes them
and home delivered meals, information and            very diverse organizations responsible for
referral services, long-term care programs,          programs ranging from adult literacy to
and elder abuse prevention services.                 regional solid waste.

  Planning & Development District Services

GRANT PRoGRAMS                                   loAN PRoGRAMS
Appalachian Regional Commission                  Appalachian Regional Commission
Community Development Block Grant                Economic Development Administration
Delta Regional Authority                         Capital Improvements
Department of Justice                            Community Development Block Grant
Department of Environmental Quality              Minority Business Enterprise
Department of Public Safety                      USDA Rural Development
Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks           Administration
Economic Development Administration              Small Business Assistance
Federal Emergency Management
Home Investment Partnership Program
USDA Rural Development
Small Municipality and Limited
 Population County

ECoNoMiC DEvEloPMENT                             Census Training Workshop at Ole Miss
Empowerment Zone
Enterprise Zone                                  TEChNiCAl ASSiSTANCE
Job Creation                                     Census Data Affiliate
Tourism Development                              Clearinghouse Coordinator
                                                 County Circuit Rider
PlANNiNG ASSiSTANCE                              Data Center
Community Facilities                             Grant Writing
Comprehensive Planning                           Housing
Economic Development                             Redistricting
Hazard Mitigation                                Survey Assistance
Homeland Security
Solid Waste Management                           MAPPiNG SERviCES
Strategic Planning                               Geographic Information Systems
Subdivision Regulations                          Industrial Parks
Tourism Development                              Land Use
Transportation Planning                          Redistricting
Zoning Ordinances                                Zoning
Fiscal Management
Internet Access
Solid Waste Billing
Web Page Hosting and Design
                                                 SHIP/SMP Display at Senior Health Fair

                                                 AREA AGENCy oN AGiNG
                                                 Adult Day Care
ABE/GED Preparation
                                                 Aging and Disability Resource Center
Employment Preparation
                                                 Bridge to Independence
Job Creation
                                                 Case Management
Job Placement
                                                 Congregate and Home Delivered Meals
Job Search Skills Training
                                                 Elder Abuse Prevention
Job Training
                                                 Emergency Services
Literacy Training WIN Centers
                                                 Energy Assistance
Youth Programs
                                                 Homemaker Services
                                                 Information, Referral and Outreach
                                                 Legal Assistance
                                                 Long Term Alternative Care
                                                 Medicaid Waiver Program
                                                 Insurance Counseling and Assistance
                                                 National Family Caregiver Support
                                                 Nursing Home Ombudsman Services
                                                 Respite Services
                                                 Senior Employment Services
                                                 Transportation Services

   Not all services are offered by all Districts.
   Services vary from District to District.

Planning and Development District
Copiah County
    Beauregard                                           ChiEf ExECuTivE
    Crystal Springs
    Georgetown                                           F. Clarke Holmes
    Hazlehurst                                         1170 Lakeland Drive
                                                       Post Office Box 4935
Hinds County                                         Jackson,MS 39296-4935
    Bolton                                             Phone: (601) 981-1511
                          Established: 1968             Fax: (601) 981-1515
    Edwards            Area: 6,102 square miles     Website:
    Jackson            2010 Population: 615,895

Madison County

Rankin County

Simpson County        NEWSlETTERS
    Braxton           Central Update, quarterly
    D’Lo              Madison County WIN Center
Warren County         Annual Report
    Vicksburg         Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
                      2035 Jackson Urbanized Area Transportation Plan
Yazoo County          Transportation Improvement Program
    Bentonia          Unified Transportation Work Program
                      Work Program
    Yazoo City        Mid-Year Report

CMPDD board of Directors

         Two Years
                                                oThER boARD MEMbERS

   Regular meetings are held
   quarterly in March, June,         William Banks                Wardell Leach
  September, and December.
                                     David Berry                  Michael Mayfield

                                     Jay Bishop                   Charlie McLemore, Jr.
        CoMMiTTEE                    Patrick Brown                Jared Morrison

                                     Otha Burton, Jr.             David Pharr
        Knox Ross, Jr.
                                     Mary Hawkins Butler          Daisy Price
        James Archer
                                     Jimmy Clyde                  John Pulley
                                     John Bell Crosby             Alton Shaw
        Cobie Collins
                                     Earl Dixon, Jr.              Curtis Skiffer
     Arthur Evans, Jr.
                                     Phil Fisher                  McArthur Straughter
  Immediate Past-President
                                     Jerry Hall                   Wendell Stringer
     Rosemary Aultman
                                     Dan Hart                     Quentin Whitwell
       Wanda Cowart
                                     Derrick Johnson              James Wilson
         Walter Redd
                                     Harvey Johnson, Jr.

Board of Directors                                 Metropolitan Planning Organization
Steering Committee                                 Intermodal Technical Committee
South Central MS Works Local Workforce             Central MS Development Company
 Investment Board                                  MS Small Business Loan Review Board
South Central MS Works Youth Council               Comprehensive Economic Development
Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee                 Strategy Committee
Aging Advisory Council                             Central MS Mayors Association

F. Clarke Holmes               Katie Evans                  Cathy McCoy
Chief Executive Officer        Social Worker/Case Manager   Accounts Payable Coordinator

Mary Allen                     Karen Gates                  James McGuffee
Workforce Coordinator          Project Manager              Job Training Director

Thelman Larry Anderson         Debbie Hancock               Shane McIntyre
Dir. of Human Resources        GIS Technician               Senior Auditor

Sonya Banes                    Katherine Hardy              Kathy McKeithen
District Accountant            Social Worker/Case Manager   Counselor

Linda Beatty, RN               Angela Harris                Tracy McKenny
Case Manager                   Social Worker/Case Manager   Social Worker/Case Manager

Cyndy Berg, RN                 Karen Harris                 Martha McPhail
Case Manager                   Social Worker/Case Manager   Office Manager

Mary Broadway, RN              Sue Haynes                   Thomas Meek
Case Manager                   P/T Graphics Artist          Workforce System Coord. II

Scott Burge                    Lynn Head                    Mike Monk
Transportation Analyst         Administrative Accountant    Director of Community &
                                                            Economic Development
Lesley Callender               Fenicia Hill
Regional Project Coordinator   Social Worker/Case Manager   Portia Moore
                                                            Social Worker/Case Manager
Chuck Carr                     Angle Idowu
GIS Director                   Social Worker/Case Manager   Darlene Morton
                                                            Social Worker/Case Manager
Gwen Clark, RN                 Candace Johnson, RN
Case Manager                   Case Manager                 Janice Neal
                                                            Social Worker/Case Manager
Janice Coleman                 Debbie Johnson
Case Management Supervisor     Secretary III/Receptionist   Jessica Nichols
                                                            Workforce Manager
Karla Craine                   Dondria Palmer-Jones, RN
Data Entry Clerk               Case Manager                 Stephanie O’Cain
                                                            Social Worker/Case Manager
Chelsea Crittle                Sandra Knight
Aging Division Director        Administrative Assistant     Gray Ouzts
                                                            Community & Economic
Kimberly Davis                 Brenda Knott                 Development Planner
Social Worker/Case Manager     Program Coordinator
                                                            Joyce Paris
Maureen Dickerson              Clarissa Leflore             MIS Specialist/Adm. Asst.
Secretary III                  Social Worker/Case Manager
                                                            Dawn Patrick
Melony Easterling, RN          Shay Lipe                    Claims Processing Clerk
Case Manager                   Director of Finance

CMPDD Staff                  (continued)

William Peacock               Larry Smith                  Jeani Tullow, RN
Principal Planner             Planning Director            Case Manager

Dwayne Perkins                Beth Smith, RN               David Wade
Loan Specialist               Case Manager                 Senior Planner

Robert Presley                Linda Smith                  Tiffany Walker, RN
GIS Analyst                   Social Worker/Case Manager   Case Manager

Patty Porter, RN              Shirlean Smith               Anne Welch
Case Manager                  P/T Counselor                GIS Analyst Assistant

Evelyn Rankin                 Steve Smith                  Mattie White
Counselor                     Planning Assistant           P/T Resource Center Asst.

Casandra Rankin               Joyce Splain, RN             Melinda Williams
ADR Specialist II             Case Manager                 Social Worker/Ombudsman

Charlotte Richardson, RN      Mitzi Stubbs                 Patricia Williams
Case Manager                  Community & Economic         Social Worker/Case Manager
                              Development Coordinator
Cynthia Rucker                                             Tony Wonch
Social Worker/Case Manager    Ebony Thomas                 GIS Planner
                              Social Worker/Case Manager
Michelle Rutledge, RN                                      Trisha Worthy
Case Manager                  Charlotte Thompson           Social Worker/Case Manager
                              Secretary III
Trennie Sanders                                            Kristen Younger, RN
Social Worker/Case Manager    Angela Travis                Case Manager
                              Social Worker/Case Manager
Teresa Shoto, RN
Senior Case Management

Planning and Development District
Clarke County
    Enterprise                                                   ExECuTivE
    Pachuta                                                       DiRECToR
    Quitman                                                    Bill Richardson
    Shubuta                     East CEntral

                                 Planning &                 280 Commercial Drive
                                                             Post Office Box 499
Jasper County                                                Newton, MS 39345
   Bay Springs
   Heidelberg                                               Phone: (601) 683-2007
   Louin                                                     Fax: (601) 683-7873
   Montrose                  “Assisting local
                          units of government”

Kemper County

Lauderdale County
   Marion                                     Established: 1968
                                           Area: 5,822 square miles
Leake County                               2010 Population: 244,467
   Walnut Grove

Neshoba County
   Mississippi Band of
    Choctaw Indians

Newton County

Scott County

Smith County             PubliCATioNS
   Mize                  Annual Report
   Raleigh               Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
ECPDD board of Directors

     One Year

 Regular meetings are
  held quarterly and                           oThER boARD MEMbERS
   on-called basis.
 An Annual Meeting is
 held the 2nd Tuesday              Billy Frank Alford          Joe Norwood
      in March.
                                   Cindy Austin                Annie H. Owens

                                   Benjie Coats                Lola Parkerson

    J. W. Thrash                   James Granger               Dorothy Redeemer
                                   Robert Miles                J.E. Smith
  Wilson Hallman
                                   Paul Mosley                 Lonnie Thigpen
   Curtis Gray, Sr.

   Dot Merchant

 Perry E. Duckworth

  Troy Chickaway

                                 Board of Directors
                                Executive Committee
                             ECPDD County Committees
                        Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee
                               Aging Advisory Council
             Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee


Bill Richardson              Kim Culbreth, RN            Maeree Overstreet
Executive Director           Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Title V Medicaid Waiver
Jo Ann Adams                 Doris Edwards
Business Loan Officer        District Ombudsman          Susie Parker, LSW
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Alice Beal                   Cynthia Ellis, RN
Medicaid Waiver Supervisor   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Julia Patton, RN
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Paula Blackledge             Malithia Ford, LSW
Bookkeeper                   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr    Josie Robinson
                                                         Nutrition Coordinator
Patsy Blalock, RN            Clarrissa Gill, LSW
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.    Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Jo Anna Tucker Stewart, LSW
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Mike Blount                  Estella Hare
Fiscal Officer               Bookkeeper                  Latorria Towner, RN
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Christine Boose              Stephanie Harris, LSW
Title V Clerical             Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Louise Wallace, RN
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Gail Bragg                   Michael Howse
WIA Coordinator              GIS Specialist              Charlotte Wash
                                                         Supportive Services Coord.
Minnie Brown                 April Ivy, RN
Janitorial                   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Earnestine Watkins, LSW
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Jenifer Buford               Aletioh “Lisa” Jones, RN
Community Dev. Director      Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Sarah Williams, LSW
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Darleen Burton               Stephanie Jones, RN
I&R Coord./Program Asst.     Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Brenda Wragg
                                                         Program Specialist/Secretary
Diannae Campbell             Billie Lay, RN
Aging Program Aide           Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Mary Zettler, LSW
                                                         Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.
Levera Chapman               Emma Moore
Executive Secretary          Medicaid Waiver Secretary

Shirley Clayton, LSW         Terri Moreland, RN
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.    Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Rosie Coleman                Jennifer Morgan, LSW
Aging Director               Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Lynnetta Cooksey             Kawana McCary
Project Developer            Administrative Assistant

Planning and Development District
       DiRECToR                                       Choctaw County
Rupert L. “Rudy” Johnson                                Ackerman
     106 Miley Road                                     French Camp
   Post Office Box 828        Established: 1970
                           Area: 3,543 square miles
  Starkville, MS 39760                                Clay County
                           2010 Population: 177,627
 Phone: (662) 324-7860                                   West Point

   Fax: (662) 324-7328
                                                      Lowndes County

                                                      Noxubee County

                                                      Oktibbeha County

                                                      Webster County

         GOLDEN TRIANGLE                              Winston County
  Planning and Development District                     Louisville

GTPDD board of Directors

       Four Years
                                    oThER boARD MEMbERS

  Regular Meetings are       Shelton Deanes         Willie Miller
    held quarterly in
                             John Holliman          Luke Parkes
 March, June, September,
     and December.           Thomas Higgins         Sherman Patterson

  An Annual Meeting is       Marvell Howard         Don Posey
      held in July.
                             Ernie Jones            Michael Peterson

                             Chris McIntire         Jeff Smith
      CoMMiTTEE              Floyd McKee            Milton Sunbeck

                             Ralph McClain          Russ Turner
     Cecil Hamilton
                             Charles McClellan
  Robert “Bob” Boykin

      Jimmy Oliver

       Carl Clardy                    Area Agency on Aging
                                      Executive Committee
     Lance Crowley              Comprehensive Economic Development
                                       Strategy Committee
       R. B. Davis                  Revolving Loan Committee

     Frank Ferguson

     William Oliver

    Marvell Spencer
       Ann Wood            Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
                                        GTPDD Newsletter


Rupert L. “Rudy” Johnson     Angel Coggins                Bobby Gann
Executive Director           Solid Waste Clerk            Director AAA

Dave Alexander               Jimmy C. Cole                Felicia Gant
GIS Technician               Loan Officer                 MW Respite Coordinator

Beverly Baker                G.H. Crawford, III           Martie Gibson
Social Worker/Case Manager   District Planner             Ombudsman

Alicia Barry                 Lisa Cummings                Tina Gill
Homemaker Supervisor         Homemaker Clerk              Nurse/Case Manager

Phylis W. Benson             Lena Davis                   Willer Ree Glenn
Project Analyst              Transportation               Homemaker Supervisor

Melody Bensend               Evelyn Dickerson             Ethel Goss
Nutrition Coordinator        Clerk                        Homemaker Supervisor

Christeen Bingham            Robert Dill                  Jenny Grantham
Social Worker/Case Manager   GIS Technician               Social Worker/Case Manager

Sherry Bowen                 Charlotte Dowd               Carla Guyton
MW/Records Coordinator       Nurse/Case Manager           Sr. Activity Ctr. Coordinator

Jennifer Bridges             Sharon Duke                  Michelle Harris
Social Worker/Case Manager   MICAP Coordinator            Nurse/Case Manager

Spencer Broocks              Stacy Elkins                 Tim Heard, Jr.
District Planner             Nurse/Case Manager           Computer Systems Analyst

Cindy Brown                  Carmen Ellis                 Lynn Herndon
Clerk                        Nurse/Case Manager           Social Worker/Case Manager

Charlotte Caldwell           Rachel Embry                 Dixie Higginbotham
Homemaker Director           Social Worker/Case Manager   MW Clerk

Stephanie Cannon             Stephanie Fenton             Jennifer Howell
Social Worker/Case Manager   Homemaker Supervisor         WIA School Program Coord.

Tammy Castle                 Phyllis Flake                Jean Jolly
Nurse/Case Manager           County Director              Nurse/Case Manager

Vicki Clay                   Sherri Fowler                Tricia Jones
Medicaid Waiver Supervisor   Receptionist/Trans. Coord.   Administrative Assistant

GTPDD Staff (continued)

Rupert L. “Rudy” Johnson     Stephanie Cannon             Stacy Elkins
Executive Director           Social Worker/Case Manager   Nurse/Case Manager

Dave Alexander               Tammy Castle                 Carmen Ellis
GIS Technician               Nurse/Case Manager           Nurse/Case Manager

Beverly Baker                Vicki Clay                   Rachel Embry
Social Worker/Case Manager   Medicaid Waiver Supervisor   Social Worker/Case Manager

Alicia Barry                 Angel Coggins                Stephanie Fenton
Homemaker Supervisor         Solid Waste Clerk            Homemaker Supervisor

Phylis W. Benson             Jimmy C. Cole                Phyllis Flake
Project Analyst              Loan Officer                 County Director

Melody Bensend               G.H. Crawford, III           Sherri Fowler
Nutrition Coordinator        District Planner             Receptionist/Trans. Coord.

Christeen Bingham            Lisa Cummings                Bobby Gann
Social Worker/Case Manager   Homemaker Clerk              Director AAA

Sherry Bowen                 Lena Davis                   Felicia Gant
MW/Records Coordinator       Transportation               MW Respite Coordinator

Jennifer Bridges             Evelyn Dickerson             Martie Gibson
Social Worker/Case Manager   Clerk                        Ombudsman

Spencer Broocks              Robert Dill                  Tina Gill
District Planner             GIS Technician               Nurse/Case Manager

Cindy Brown                  Charlotte Dowd               Willer Ree Glenn
Clerk                        Nurse/Case Manager           Homemaker Supervisor

Charlotte Caldwell           Sharon Duke
Homemaker Director           MICAP Coordinator

Planning and Development District
                                               Attala County
     DiRECToR                                       Ethel
    Steve Russell
 711 South Applegate                                Sallis
 Winona, MS 38967
                                               Carroll County
Phone: (662) 283-2675
 Fax: (662) 283-5875                               North Carrollton
    Website                                        Vaiden
                                               Holmes County

                                               Grenada County

                                               Leflore County
    Artist’s Rendering of New NCPDD Building        Greenwood
                                                    Itta Bena
                                                    Morgan City

                                               Montgomery County
                                                  Duck Hill
                 Established: 1969                Winona
             Area: 4,042 square miles
             2010 Population: 127,185          Yalobusha County
                                                   Water Valley

NCPDD board of Directors

        One Year
                                      oThER boARD MEMbERS

    Regular meetings          Anjuan Brown          Charlie Lee
    are held quarterly.
                              Jimmy Cockroft        Michael Lott

                              Robert Collins        Keith McGee
       CoMMiTTEE              Rickie Corley         Lee McMinn

   Norman Cobbins, Jr.        Angela Curry          Stanley “Sugar” Mullins
                              Larry Davis           Lindsay Roberts, Jr.
        Ron Wood
      Vice-President          Charles Fancher       Darrell Robinson

  Talmadge “Tee” Golding      Chad Gray             George Suggs
                              Joseph Guess          Earline Townes
      Sam Abraham
                              Terry Herbert         James H. Young
      Marvin Coward
                              Troy Hodges
        Larry Hart

     Johnny Hayward
                                     NCPDD CoMMiTTEES
     George Johnson              Revolving Loan Fund Committee
                                     Area Agency on Aging
      Henry Luckett
                                      Executive Committee
       Wayne Self             Comprehensive Economic Development
                                       Strategy Committee
        Amos Sims

       Gerry Taylor
       Jimmy Willis               NCPDD Newsletter - Quarterly
                           Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
      Eddie Womble

Steve Russell               Beth Estes, RN              Cynthia Perkins
Executive Director          Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Program Coordinator III

Darlena Allen               Nicole Folson               Jeanette B. Ringo
Aging Director              WIA Caseworker              WIA STEP Coordinator

Dawn Blakely, RN            Patricia Ford               Tammy Sanders, LSW
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Ombudsman                   Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver

Angie Branch                Tony Green                  Andrea Scaife, RN
Program Coordinator II      Governmental Specialist     Case Mgr./Medicaid Wavier

Freda Butts                 Tyrone Harbin               Ravean Seals
Program Coordinator IV      WIA Case Manager            WIA Caseworker

LaRisa Campbell, LSW        Carla Hedgepeth,RN          Johnny Shell
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Planner

Barbara Chambley            Susan Herod, LSW            Mary Smith
Office Manager              Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Ombudsman

                                                        Flora Stigler
Wendy Coats                 Janice Howard
                                                        Nutrition Service Coordinator
WIA Caseworker              Administrative Assistant
                            for Fiscal Affairs
                                                        Julie Mullen Taylor, LSW
Cynthia Collins, LSW
                                                        Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Tabitha Jackson
                            Medicaid Waiver Support
                                                        Christopher Weathers
Cherie Cotten               Staff
                                                        Administrative Assistant/
Assistant Fiscal Officer
                                                        Information Technology Mgr.
                            Terry Jones, RN
Lynn Crow, RN               Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Sandra Welch, RN
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver                               Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver
                            Shirley McLaurin
Mildred R. Davis, LSW       Programs Coordinator        La’Keylah White
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver                               Planner
                            Clay Morgan
Gwen Davis                  Loan Officer                John Wiggers
Secretary/Receptionist                                  Planner
                            LaDonna Moss, LSW
Rachelle Deaton, RN         Case Manager Supervisor/    Clifton “Rio” Winters
Case Mgr./Medicaid Waiver   Medicaid Waiver             Planner

Ebony Dodd                  Crystal Noel
Case Manager                LTC Social Worker

Planning and Development District
Coahoma County
    Clarksdale                                          DiRECToR
    Friars Point                                       James Curcio
                           N                         220 Power Drive
                                                   Post Office Box 1488
                                                 Batesville, MS 38606-1488
Desoto County                                      Phone: (662) 561-4100
    Horn Lake                                       Fax: (662) 561-4112
    Olive Branch                                       Website:
    Southaven            Established: 1967 
    Walls             Area: 3,657 square miles
                      2010 Population: 285,375
Panola County

Quitman County

Tallahatchie County
     Tutwiler                           PubliCATioNS
                                  NDPDD Resource Directory
Tate County                         NDPDD Data Handbook
     Coldwater                  Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan
     Senatobia            Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Tunica County

NDPDD board of Directors

                                    oThER boARD MEMbERS
        One Year
                                         James Birge

                                        Mike Campbell
    Regular meetings are
   held in January, March,
                                        Michael Cathey
    May, July, September,
       and November.                    McKinley Daley

                                          Jesse Ellis

        ExECuTivE                         Bob Gann
                                        Michael Garriga
      James B. Sowell
         President                     Anita Greenwood
      Timothy Burrel
      Vice-President                     Mark Hudson

        Lorine Cady                     Lassie Latham
                                       Vanessa Lynchard
       Vernice Avant
                                         Kelly Morris
       Bobby Banks

      Cedric Burnett                     Eddie Nabors

     Manuel Killebrew                   Johnny Newson

                                         Paul Pearson

      CoMMiTTEES                         Charlie Reese

   AAA Advisory Council
                                         Robert Rowe
  Comprehensive Economic
   Development Strategy                 Tony Sandridge
     Revolving Loan                     Bernard White
    Review Committee
                                       Catherine Wilson


James Curcio                                     Elgalene Close
Executive Director                               Ombudsman

Cicely Allen, LSW                                Bertha Collins
Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                    Secretary/Receptionist
Coahoma County
                                                 Alicia Danley, LSW
Kris Atkinson                                    Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
Aging Outreach Coordinator                       DeSoto County

Mamie Avery                                      Cheryl Davis
Information & Referral/Admin. Assistant          DeSoto County Homemaker

Violet Bass, LSW                                 Mary Ann Davis, RN
Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                    Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
Tunica County                                    Quitman County

Mary Beck                                        Sarah Davis
DeSoto County Homemaker                          DeSoto County Homemaker

Elizabeth Blevins, LSW                           Janet Flint, LSW
Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                    Aging Services Coordinator/B21
Quitman County
                                                 Ashley Fowler, LSW
Becky Blue                                       Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
DeSoto County Homemaker                          Panola County

Arnetta Brown, LSW                               Francine Glass, RN
Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                    Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
Coahoma County                                   Tallahatchie County

Rosemary Bumpus, RN                              Roderick Gordon
Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver              Director, Area Agency on Aging
Tunica County
                                                 Trey Hamby
Misty Burrows, RN                                Assistant Executive Director
Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
Panola County                                    Delois Hardiman
                                                 Director, Medicaid Waiver
Meg Busby, RN
Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver              Kristie Hunt, RN
Coahoma County                                   Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
                                                 Tate County
Linda Clark, LSW
Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                    Cheryl James
Panola County                                    Aging Assistant, Nutrition Coordinator

NDPDD Staff (continued)

 Cynthia Johnson, LSW                         Marilyn Smith, RN
 Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver                Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 DeSoto County                                Tate County

 Debra Jones, RN                              Vera Spight
 Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver          Tunica County Homemaker
 Quitman County
                                              Vivian Thomas
 Romona Jones, LSW                            Tunica County Homemaker
 Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 Tallahatchie County                          Gale Verner, RN
                                              Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 Tommy Jones                                  DeSoto County
 DeSoto County Transportation Driver
                                              Jeff Walters
 Julie Ledbetter, LSW                         Planning Director
 Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 Quitman County                               Don Wilkerson, CPA
                                              Chief Fiscal Officer
 Meg Lewis, RN
 Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver          Kathy Williams, LSW
 Coahoma County                               Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
                                              Tate County
 Sonya Lishman, RN
 Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver          Kristi Williamson, LSW
 Panola County                                Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
                                              DeSoto County
 Jay Lloyd
 GIS/Computer Tech

 Lillian Morris
 Program Specialist

 Elise Murphey, RN
 Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 Tallahatchie County

 Mary Parks
 Assistant Comptroller

 Cynthia Rayborn, RN
 Nurse Case Manager, Medicaid Waiver
 DeSoto County

 Bill Singuefield
 DeSoto County Transportation Driver

Planning and Development District
Alcorn County                                                             ExECuTivE
    Farmington                                                          Sharon Gardner
    Glen                                                           619 East Parker Drive
                          Established: 1970
    Kossuth                                                         Post Office Box 600
    Rienzi             Area: 2,827 square miles
                                                                   Booneville, MS 38829
                       2010 Population: 150,031
                                                                  Phone: (662) 728-6248
Benton County
    Ashland                                                          Fax: (662) 728-2417
    Hickory Flat                                                        Website:
    Snow Lake Shores                                       

Marshall County
    Holly Springs
    Potts Camp

Prentiss County

Tippah County
    Blue Mountain

Tishomingo County
                                      NEMPDD Resource Directory
                          Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
    Paden                         Area Agency on Aging Plan Update
    Tishomingo                                      Newsletter

NEMPDD board of Directors

     One to Four Years

                                                  oThER boARD MEMbERS
  Regular meetings are held
  on the first Monday night
                                         J.M. “Flick” Ash        Bobby Martin
    of alternate months,
   beginning in February.
                                         Rex Coggins             Nicky McRae

         ExECuTivE                       Eddie Dixon             Dal Nelms
                                         Dennis Grisham          Melvin Oatis
    Thomas M. Coleman
                                         Brandon Grissom         Mark Ormon
        R. C. Anderson
     First Vice-President
                                         Jimmy Gunn              Ricky Pipkin
       Bryant Elliott
   Second Vice-President                 J.C. Hill               Danny Ryan

   James “Bubba” Griffin
                                         Mike Huddleston         Keith Taylor
    Third Vice-President

    Wendell Southward                    Larry Lambert           Jimmy Tate Waldon
   Fourth Vice-President

     Joe Wayne Garner

                         Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
             Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee
                                 Management Committee
                        Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee
                              Revolving Loan Fund Committee
                                NEMPDD Foundation, Inc.


Sharon Gardner               Martha Hall                 Carla Newman
Executive Director           Fiscal Officer              LSW/Medicaid Waiver

Connie Alberson, RN          Sadie Hardin                Marsha O’Neal, RN
Medicaid Waiver              Assistant Director          Medicaid Waiver

Kathy Brinkley               Dana Harrell, RN            Angie Payne
GIS/Planning Technician      Medicaid Waiver             Administrative Assistant

Teresa Carpenter             Rick Hargett                Jane Perrigo, RN
LSW/Medicaid Waiver          Computer Services           Medicaid Waiver

Wanda Christian              Lisa Henry, RN              Stella Pittman
Economic & Community         Medicaid Waiver             Assistant Bookkeeper
Development Coordinator
                             Donna Hester                Linda Presley
Brenda Cossitt, RN           Loan Officer                Director, Area Agency on
Medicaid Waiver                                          Aging
                             Amy Ivy
Leah DePriest                Administrative Assistant    Jessica Rowan
LSW/Medicaid Waiver                                      Aging Services Coordinator
                             Teresa Jordan, RN
Charlotte Derrick            Medicaid Waiver             Paula Tice
LSW/Medicaid Waiver                                      LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Supervisor                   Irene Keller
                             Medicaid Waiver Assistant   Diana Wall, RN
Janet Dixon                                              Medicaid Waiver
LSW/Medicaid Waiver          Meghan Langston
                             LSW/Medicaid Waiver         Cathy Wilbanks
Rebecca Dodson, RN                                       LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Medicaid Waiver              Anna Lee
                             LSW/Medicaid Waiver         Monica Wildmon
Orber Dye                                                Administrative Assistant
AAA Assistant                Becky Mays
                             LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Dian Gray, RN
Medicaid Waiver              Jamie McCoy
                             Economic & Community
Bessie Greer                 Development Coordinator
Ombudsman/EEOC Officer
                             Celita Miller
Ginger Green                 Community Navigator
Loan Officer                 Bridge to Independence

Darlene Grimes               Lisa Mitchell
Small Grants Administrator   Aging Fiscal Officer

Planning and Development District

      ExECuTivE                                                    Bolivar County
      DiRECToR                                                          Alligator
 William B. Haney, Jr.                                                  Benoit
 124 South Broadway                                                     Boyle
                                             Established: 1967
 Post Office Box 1776                                                   Cleveland
                                        Area: 3,602 square miles        Duncan
 Greenville, MS 38702
                                        2010 Population: 130,429        Gunnison
 Phone: (662) 378-3831                                                  Merigold
  Fax: (662) 378-3834                                                   Mound Bayou
       Website:                                                         Pace
                                                                        Renova                                                     Rosedale

                                                                   Humphreys County
                                                                      Silver City

                                                                   Issaquena County

                                                                   Sharkey County
                                                                       Rolling Fork

                                                                   Sunflower County

                                                                   Washington County
         SOUTH DELTA                                                  Arcola

SDPDD board of Directors

          Three Years

     Regular meetings are held
       quarterly as needed.                        oThER boARD MEMbERS
     The Executive Committee
          meets monthly.
                                         Clanton Beamon             Henry Phillips, Jr.

            ExECuTivE                    Willie F. Brown            Bern Prewitt

           Dr. J. Y. Trice               Barry W. Bryant            Henry Reed, Jr.
                                         Annie Cartlidge            Steve Shurden
         Edgar Donahoe
                                         James Denson               Willie Simmons
       Raymond D. Brown
       Secretary/Treasurer               Helen Johnson              Russell Stewart

           Mike Gordon
                                         Shelly Newell              Judson Thigpen
          Marilyn Hansell
                                         Michael Parker, Sr.        Paul W. Watson, Jr.
         William Howard

           Billy Nowell

        Merlin Richardson

SDPDD CoMMiTTEES                                               PubliCATioNS
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Com.               Business Plans
Regional Aging Advisory Committee                              Comprehensive Plans
Revolving Loan Fund Committee                                  Comprehensive Economic
Development Task Force                                          Development Strategy
Citizen’s Advisory - Housing Committee                         Regional Waste Plans
Small Business Assistance Loan Review                          I-69 and Bridge Studies
Delta Workforce Investment Board (WIA)                         Workforce Plans
Local Elected Officials Board (LEO)                            Rural Development Plans
                                                               Water & Wastewater Plans


William B. Haney, Jr.          Barbara Humphrey            Lisa Oliver, RN
Executive Director             WIA Youth Coordinator       Case Manager

JoAnn Adams, LSW               Elisa Houston, RN           Georgia Pitchford
Case Manager                   Case Manager                MICAP Coordinator

Cheryl Beck, LSW               Kimberly Jackson            Irene Pope
Case Manager                   LSW Case Manager            LSW Case Manager

Nikesha Benson                 Sylvia Jackson, Director    Donna Powell, RN
Ombudsman                      Area Agency on Aging        Case Manager

Betty Caldwell, LSW            Sharon Johnson              Anne Preus
Case Manager                   WIA Executive Secretary     Rapid Response Coordinator

Angie Carter, LSW              Ralph Jones                 Jacquelyn Redmond
Long Term Care                 MIS/Evaluation Specialist   Fiscal/Program Developer

Sarah Coates, RN               Sharon Kent, RN             Michele Reed
Case Manaager                  Case Manager                LSW Case Manager

Penne Davis, LSW               Randall Lauderdale          Rose Reed
Case Manager                   Senior Housing Manager      Fiscal Officer

Allyson Denson, Director       Pearlene Love               Pat Resiner
Community Development          Secretary                   Loan Officer

Cathy Dickerson, RN            Thressa Love                Jackie Roberts
Case Manager                   LSW Case manager            DWIA Monitor/Trainer

Jane Frith                     Tracy Malone                Vescia Smith, RN
Accounting Clerk               Case Manager Supervisor     Case Manager

Tommy Goodwin                  Wanda Marquis, RN           Jennifer Taylor
Special Projects Coordinator   Case Manager                LSW Case Manager

Eddie Hall, RN                 Clara Martin                Jonathan L. Troyka
Case Manager                   LSW Case Manager            Grants Administrator

Blythe Hamburg                 Jane McCarty, RN            Ann Williamson
LSW Case Manager               Case Manager                Assistant Executive Director

Mavis Hollins-Harris, RN       Jana McKellar, LSW          Tawanda Wilson, RN
Case Manager                   Case Manager                Case Manager

Gale Haywood, RN               Gail Mevers                 Mitzi Woods
Case Manager                   Program Dev. Coordinator    WIA Coordinator

Chuck Herring                  Toni Miller
SBC Consultant                 LSW Case Manager

Planning and Development District
Covington County
     Collins                                          ExECuTivE DiRECToR
     Mt. Olive                                          Leslie Newcomb
Forrest County                                          9229 Highway 49
     Hattiesburg                                       Gulfport, MS 39503
     Petal                                            Phone: (228) 868-2311
George County                                          Fax: (228) 868-7094
     Lucedale                                                Website:
Greene County                                 
Hancock County                                        HATTIESBURG OFFICE
     Bay St. Louis                                      700 Hardy Street
     Diamondhead             Established: 1967        Hattiesburg, MS 39401
     Waveland             Area: 8,818 square miles    Phone: (601) 545-2137
Harrison County           2010 Population: 771,793     Fax: (601) 545-2164
     Long Beach
     Pass Christian
Jackson County
     Moss Point
     Ocean Springs
Jefferson Davis County
Jones County
     Laurel               Gulfport Office
Lamar County
Marion County
Pearl River County
     Poplarville         Hattiesburg Office
Perry County
     New Augusta         PubliCATioNS
                         Socio-Economic Database
Stone County
     Wiggins             Coast Economic Data
Wayne County             Sales and Employment Data
     State Line          Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

SMPDD board of Directors

                                           oThER boARD MEMbERS

   Regular meetings are
                                Samuel Alsgood, Jr.              Mike Mangum
      held quarterly.
                                Bobby Bolton                     Charles Marshall

                                Larry Bolton                     Larry McDonald

                                Todd Broome                      Calvin Newsom
       CoMMiTTEE                Edward Ray Breakfield            Chris H. Odom

                                Phillip Carlisle                 Gerolene Rayborn
      Lynn Cartlidge
        President               Joyce Culpepper                  Connie Rockco

   Frances Fredericks           Joseph Davenport                 Richard Santiago
   First Vice-President
                                Tommy Dews                       George Schloegel
     Johnny Burnett
  Second Vice-President         Gerald Dykes                     Steve Seymour

    Leonard Bentz, Sr.          Guy Easterling                   Scott Strickland
                                Morris Hill                      John H. Thompson
     Henry McCullum
                                David Hogan                      Tim Waldrup
                                Jerry Hutto                      Ray Wesson

                                William Lewis

 Board of Directors                                Related Programmatic Committees
 Executive Committee                               Mississippi Automated Resource
 Finance Committee                                 Information System (MARIS)
 Revolving Loan Fund Review                        Local Workforce Investment Board
 Area Agency on Aging Advisory Committee           911 Advisory Task Force
 Nominations Committee                             Coastal Interagency Data Network
 Comprehensive Economic Development
   Strategy Committee

Leslie Newcomb                 Tonya Bullard              Andrea C. Dexter
Executive Director             Case Manager               Case Manager

Sonya Allen                    Myra G. Burns              Ralph Leo Diaz, III
Program Specialist             Case Manager               Vocational Instructor

Thania Averett                 Freda Byrd                 Sharline D. Dixon
Quality Assurance Specialist   Case Manager               Case Manager

Paul Z. Barnes, Jr.            Diane F. Carlisle          Shekela Shonta Duncan
GIS Director                   Administrative Assistant   Program Specialist

Meagan L. Barnes               Michelle Carpenter         Teresa E. Dunlap
Program Specialist             Case Manager               Case Manager

Carolyn Bates                  Maggie Chapman             Stephanie Eatman
Case Manager                   Case Manager               Case Manager

Allison L. Beasley             Brittany Rester Chowske    Joanne M. Ehliger
Planning Director              Nutrition Coordinator      Administrative Assistant

Kara W. Benefield              Jacqulin D. Clark          Jennifer Evans
Accounting Clerk               Case Manager               Case Manager

Bobbie Black                   Karen Michelle Clark       Deffnie D. Franks
Outreach Worker                GIS Analyst                Case Manager

Charlotte Blom                 Jared Clay                 Laura L. Gillissie
Teacher Assistant              Project Manager            Case Manager

Charlotte Hayzlett Bohanick    Brenda D. Coker            Linda Joy Greene
Case Manager                   Ombudsman                  Outreach Worker

Teresa Bounds                  Clyde E. Collins           Janice A. Hale
Case Manager                   Project Coordinator        Project Director

Margaret A. Boykin             Lisa Counts                Diane McCrory Hartley
Case Manager                   Case Manager               Case Manager

Elleecia Brand                 Elsie Cranford             Pat Harvey
Case Manager                   Case Manager               Case Aide

Larry Vincent Brantley         Linda Kay Creel            Tonya Hill
Case Manager                   Case Manager               Case Manager

Erna C. Brewer                 Rebecca Crotwell           Claire L. Hilliard
Case Manager                   Case Manager               Case Manager

Sandra Brock                   Sandra K. Cutler           Betsy Holmes
Workforce Youth Admin.         Workforce Program Liason   Deputy Director

Mattie R. Brown                Lydia C. Davis             Linda S. Hubbard
Case Manager                   Information and Referral   Case Manager
Rosemary Buckley
Teacher Assistant
Laurie L. Hyde             Melanie C. McCready            Mary C. Sims
Fiscal Officer             Program Specialist             Counselor III, Job Developer

Kenneth W. Jett            Ethel B. McDonald              Patrick F. Skrmetti
Youth Case Manager         Case Manager                   One Stop Coordinator

Victoria Johnson-Lewis     Katherine H. McLendon          Misty Smith
Case Manager               Case Manager                   Case Manager

Jon T. Jones               Regina W. Melton               Patricia C. Smith
Lead Counselor             Project Manager                Case Manager

Dawn Keys                  Kendra Miller                  Brenda S. Spencer
Case Manager               Case Manager                   GED Teacher II

Janet L. Kittinger         Jennifer Millsap               James E. Stewart
Ombudsman                  Case Manager                   GED Teacher II

Elizabeth C. Ladner        Marilyn Minor                  Marsha B. Taylor
Administrative Assistant   Special Projects Coordinator   Dislocated Worker Specialist

Linda J. Langham           Teri Mizell                    Denise V. Virgil
GED Teacher II             Case Manager                   Case Manager

Cynthia Lee                Robert P. Moore                Anecia Walker
Case Manager               Area Agency on Aging           Case Manager
Shirley Leggett                                           Monica C. Walker
Case Manager Supervisor    Tina F. Mozingo                Business Development
                           Outreach Worker                Director
Brenda S. Loper
Case Manager               Ronda M. Mullins               Dorothy R. Walley
                           Administrative Assistant       Case Manager Supervisor
Elizabeth A. Loree
Monitor                    Ken Mustered                   Marla R. Walters
                           MS-SHIP Coordinator            Case Manager
Jon C. Lukes
IT Manager                 Erin Elizabeth Nabors          Charlotte Watson
                           Job Developer                  Program Specialist
Tina J. Magee
Case Manager               Shirley Napier                 Shari H. White
                           Teacher Assistant              Fiscal Manager
David J. Manasco
Receptionist               Mary Beth Ousley               Christina Wilburn
                           Senior Project Manager         Case Manager
Leisa Matulich
Receptionist               Timothy C. Reid                Annette M. Wiley
                           Case Manager                   Ombudsman
Terry C. Mayfield
Case Manager               Victoria L. Sanford            Joan P. Williams
                           Case Manager                   Case Manager
Terrell McCovey
Workforce Development      Mary M. Shelton
Director                   Case Manager

Planning and Development District

 Adams County                                     ExECuTivE
                                              Wirt Peterson
 Amite County
                                          100 South Wall Street

     Gloster                               Natchez, MS 39120
                                         Phone: (601) 446-6044
 Claiborne County                          Fax: (601) 446-6071
      Port Gibson
 Franklin County

 Jefferson County

 Lawrence County
     New Hebron
     Silver Creek

 Lincoln County

 Pike County

 Walthall County
     Tylertown                Established: 1975
                           Area: 5,284 square miles
 Wilkinson County          2010 Population: 184,399

SWMPDD board of Directors

                                        oThER boARD MEMbERS
     Four Years
                         Amile Ashley               Doug Moak

                         Gloria Bonds               Robert Morgan
   Regular meetings
                         Tazwell Bowsky             Larry Montgomery
 are held quarterly on
  the second Tuesday     Allen Burks                Amos Newman

   of the last month     Robert Collier             Dave Nichols
    in the quarter.
                         Deloris Frye               Rev. Rickey O’Quinn

                         Diana Gillard              Ray Perryman
  An Annual Meeting
  is held on the third   Mack Haynes                Charles Shorts
 Tuesday in September.   Britt Herrin               Webster Sias

                         James Hill                 Bob Smira

                         Richard Hollins            Travis Taylor
     CoMMiTTEE           Trent Hudson               Gary Walker

                         Johnny Hughes              Patricia Walters
    Willis Rushing
     President           Angela Hutchins            Henry Watts

    Helen Hunter         Robert Jones               Samuel White
                         Avis King                  Nolan Williamson
     Clifton Terrell
  Secretary-Treasurer    Chuck Lambert              Woodrow Wilson

    George Collins       Mike Lazarus

    Darryl Grennell                     CoMMiTTEES
                             Comprehensive Economic Development
                                     Strategy Committee

                         Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Wirt Peterson               Betty Jones                 Missy Newman
Executive Director          Bookkeeper                  Service Coordinator

Tammy Anderson              Safronia James              Debbie O’Neal
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   ADC Coordinator

Angela Calcote              Sheri Kammerdeiner          Catherine O’Quinn
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Yolanda Campbell            Allen Laird                 LaQuanda Pittman
Aging Director              Planner                     Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Cleopatra Carradine         Ginger Lambert              Ashlea Rand
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Mary Crittenden             Rhonda Love                 Christina Seydell
Receptionist                Medicaid Waiver Nurse       Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

MeKeal Cusic                Bessie Lovett               Michell Singleton
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Administrative Assistant    Program Coordinator

Mary Davis                  Cynthia Magee               Ruthie Stampley
Program Specialist          Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Case Mgr.

Jeannie Dickie              Jim Mangum                  Allison Sutton
Program Coordinator         Planner                     Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Pat Domin                   Zenobia Marshall            Sandy Terrell
Service Coordinator         Bus Driver                  Receptionist

Stephanie Jenkins-Easton    Ashley McDonald             Chad Thomas
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Case Mgr.

Manfred Eidt                Carla McLemore              Adrianna Ware
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Receptionist                Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Malcolm Emfinger            Rebecca McManus             Cynthia Williams
Bus Driver                  Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Ashton Farr                 LeeAnn Milligan             Courtney Young
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Administrative Assistant    Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Jason Ford                  Tracy Moak                  Judy Wilson
Ombudsman                   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Martha Gatlin               Patricia Moore              Nova York
Long Term Care, LSW         Service Coordinator         Medicaid Waiver Supervisor

LaShandra Grady             Connie Nations              Bobbi Young
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Accountant

Allison Hoeniges            Margie Nations
Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.   Medicaid Waiver Case Mgr.

Sophronia Hughes
Fiscal Officer
  Planning and Development District
         ExECuTivE                                    Calhoun County
                                                          Big Creek
         DiRECToR                                         Bruce
                                                          Calhoun City
     Vernon R. Kelley, III                                Derma
     75 South Main Street                                 Slate Springs
    Post Office Drawer 690
     Pontotoc, MS 38863                               Chickasaw County
    Phone: (662) 489-2415                                 New Houlka
     Fax: (662) 489-6815                                  Woodland

  Website:                              Itawamba County

                        Established: 1971             Lafayette County
                    Area: 4,379 square miles
                   2010 Population: 261,880               Taylor

                                                      Lee County

                                                      Monroe County
PubliCATioNS                                             Hatley
Three Rivers PDD Annual Report                           Smithville
WIA Local Plan
                                                      Pontotoc County
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy               Algoma
Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan                           Ecru
Regional Solid Waste Plan                                 Pontotoc
TRPDD Board of Directors Monthly Newsletter           Union County
                                                          Blue Springs
TRPDD Staff Monthly Newsletter                            Myrtle
WIA Quarterly Newsletter                                  New Albany

TRPDD board of Directors
                                                            oThER boARD MEMbERS
         TERM OF OFFICE: Five Years
                                                              Roosevelt Blackmon
       Regular meetings are held on the                        Samuel Buchanan
        third Monday of each month.                              Stacey Parker
                                                                  Lena Chewe
           ExECuTivE CoMMiTTEE                                    Darrell Clay
                                                                 Tommy Criddle
                Wayne Stokes                                      John Darden
                                                                  J.R. Denton
              Robert Blackmon
                                                                   Cliff Easley
               Howard Boozer
                                                                 Carolyn Estes
                 Earnest Fox
                                                                   Jerry Hall
               John Herrod, Jr.                                  Sherwin Haynie
                 Danny Holley                                     Eric Hughes
               Tommie Lee Ivy                                    Larry Johnson
                Danny Jordan                                     Ricky Johnson
                   Tim Kent                                      Chad McLarty
               Billy Kirkpatrick                                  Tony Morgan
             Anderson McFarland                                   Nan Nanney
               Early McKinney                                      E.O. Oliver

                 Phil Morgan                                       Jim Owen
                                                                 Stacey Parker
                 Mike Pickens
                                                                Benny Rakestraw
                 Duane Tutor
                                                                 Mike Roberts
                Barney Wade
                                                                 Cleavon Smith
                 Paul Walker
                                                                 Thomas Todd

TRPDD Investment Corp. Board of Directors            Hazard Mitigation Steering Commmittee
Local Development Co. Board of Directors             TRPDD Court System Mgmt. Committee
Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee                 Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
MS Small Business Assist. Loan Review Comm.          Ombudsman Advisory Committee
P.U.L. Alliance Board of Directors                   Comprehensive Economic Development
MS Partnership Workforce Investment Board              Strategy Committee
Three Rivers Solid Waste Mgmt. Authority             G.M.& O. Rails to Trails Board

Vernon R. Kelley, III           Minnie Croft, RN, C. BSN     Patricia Henry
Executive Director              MW Nurse Case Mgr.           Ombudsman

J.C. Aaron                      Donna Cruse, LSW             Wade Holland
Internet Specialist             MW Social Worker Case Mgr.   Sr. Medicare Patrol Coord.

Shelley Adams                   Yolanda Davis, LSW           Kim Holmes, LSW
Project Administrator           MW Social Worker Case Mgr.   MW Social Worker Case Mgr.

Doris Ard                       Susan Easterling             Mary Howard
Receptionist/AGE-MED            WIA Youth Follow Up          Project Administrator
Coordinator                     Specialist
                                                             Kerrie Hutcheson, LSW
Kay Bain                        Gordon Easterling            MW Social Worker Case Mgr.
Respite Coordinator             System Analyst
                                                             Bobbie Jaggers, RN, C. BSN
Ronnie Bell                     Jeremy Epting                MW Nurse Case Mgr.
Div. Director Gov. Functions    Assistant Fiscal Officer
                                                             Patricia Jenkins
Rebecca Brantley                Deloise Ford, RN             Nutrition Coordinator
Fee Billing Clerk               MW Nurse Case Mgr.
                                                             Mike Johnson
Margaret Brim                   Jill Foster                  Network Administrator
LTCA/MW Division Director       IT Project Mgr.
                                                             Jessica Jordan
Bridget Brown                   Casey Franks                 WIA Assistant Div. Director
Aging Fiscal Officer            Project Specialist
                                                             Cleveland Joseph
Roger Browning                  Glenda Frye, RN              Aging Division Director
NEG Program Coordinator         MW Nurse Case Mgr.
                                                             Bonnie J. Kelley
Kelly Brummett, LSW             Gary Golden                  Office Manager
MW Social Worker Case Mgr.      WIA Adult Programs Coord.    Administrative Assistant

Kurt Brummett                   Cynthia Griffin, RN          Mattox Koon
TA Asst. Division Director      MW Nurse Case Mgr.           Loan Officer

John Byers                      Debbie Griggs, RN            Kristi Lyles, LSW
Technical Assistance Director   MW Nurse Case Mgr.           MW Social Worker Case Mgr.

Jean Courson                    Frieda Harrison              David Martin
Fee Billing Clerk               Loans Administrative Asst.   Fee Billing Division Director

Lisa Cowart, RN                 Michael Harmon              Tracy Matthews
MW Nurse Case Mgr.              Computer Systems Technician Fiscal Director

Dawn Crawford                   Sandra Heatherly, RN         Courtney Maxey
WIA Fiscal Officer              MW Nurse Case Mgr.           Solid Waste Accountant

Bridgett Crawley, RN            Karen Heintze                Judy McCoy
MW Case Mgr.                    Project Administrator        Receptionist

TRPDD Staff              (continued)

Jana Montgomery, LSW         Senaca Shumpert               Lisa Swords, LSW
MW Social Worker Case Mgr.   Outreach Coordinator          MW Social Worker Case Mgr.

Mitch Montgomery             Dana Shaw, RN                 Banji Taylor, LSW
Loan Division Director       MW Nurse Case Mgr.            MW Social Worker Case Mgr.

Demetric Osborn, RN          Tonya Shirley                 Lynn Tutor
MW Nurse Case Mgr.           Payroll Manager               Project Administrator
                             Fringe Benefits Coordinator
Beth Payne, LSW                                            Angela Vaughn
MW Social Worker Case Mgr.   Bobby Smith                   Fee Billing Clerk
                             WIA Monitor
Courtney Rackley                                           Shelly Walters
WIA MIS Coordinator          Sapphina Sparrow, LSW         Accounts Payable Clerk
                             MW Social Worker Case Mgr.
Dan Reese                                                  Josh West
Solid Waste Specialist       Dana Spears, RN               Economic Developer
                             MW Nurse Case Mgr.
Regina Russell, RN                                         Lisa White
MW Nurse Case Mgr.           Miranda Starks                Fee Billing Clerk
                             Preventive Health Coord.
Bill Renick                  Secretary, Aging Division     Emily Wiggins, LSW
WIA Division Director                                      MW Social Worker Case Mgr.
                             Josh Sullivan
Don Sanderson, LSW           IT Technician
MW Social Worker Case Mgr.


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