Trends in Tourism by yurtgc548


									Trends in Tourism
      Top tourist destinations
• What countries do you think are the top
  travel destinations in the world?
       Top tourist destinations
•   France
•   United States
•   China
•   Spain
•   Italy
•   United Kingdom
•   Mexico
• Which area do you think has experienced
  the greatest growth in tourism over the last
  25 years?
  – Africa
  – Asia
  – The Americas
  – Europe
  – The Middle East
• Where do you think most tourists come
  – Africa
  – Asia
  – The Americas
  – Europe
  – The Middle East
   Why Sustainable Tourism?
• Tourism has a serious negative impact on
  the environment
  – Burning fossil fuels for travel
  – Building airports, hotels, tourist attractions
  – Pollution and litter
  – Heavy traffic in sensitive areas
        Sustainable Tourism
• “Tourism development that meets the
  needs of the present without
  compromising the needs of future
  generations of tourists”
• By far the biggest growth area for tourism
  in the last 15 years
• Goal is to minimize travellers’ impact on
  the environment
    Requirements of Sustainable
• Should protect the existing and future use
  of an environment
• Should respect the people and the culture
  of the local area
• Should allow for the long-term use of the
• Should provide long-term economic
  benefits to the people living in the tourist
       Sustainable Tourism
• Generally known as Ecotourism
  – Wilderness Tourism and Adventure Tourism
    also qualify as Sustainable
    • They appeal to a smaller demographic though
               Costa Rica
• Costa Rica is probably the poster child for
• Check out p. 24-26 in the textbook
  – How important is the tourism industry to Costa
  – What % of tourism there is ecotourism?
  – How has ecotourism benefited the country?
  – Why do you think Costa Rica is well suited to
           The downside
• There are many critics of ecotourism
• Check out page 27 and summarize the
  problems associated with ecotourism

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