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									    Portable Smartphone
chargers What options do we
         have today
Having the newest Smartphone model is
 completely useless if it will be used up
 after the first day of a trip where
 electricity outlet is not available. Seeing
 your phone's battery charge down to
 10% right after leaving the house for
 work or school is probably among the
 worst situation you and any Smartphone
 owner would want to experience.
The introduction of portable Smartphone
 chargers brought upon light to this
 seemingly hopeless case. With a handy
 mobile phone charger at your disposal,
 you can bring life to your device during
 crucial moments. There are various types
 of mobile phone chargers sold in the
 market today making it hard to decide
 which one to purchase. Below are the
 four basic categories of portable mobile
 chargers to help you come up with a
 reasonable purchasing decision.
Typical Car Chargers
Car chargers are not new and are around
 prior the introduction of Iphone and
 other known Smartphones. Although car
 chargers offer stability and portability,
 they tend to have very limited features.
 The fact that you need to have a vehicle
 to use this type of portable mobile phone
 charger is a requirement not all of us can
Battery-powered chargers
This type of portable mobile phone
 charger follows a very straightforward
 concept. It basically transfers electric
 power from several AA batteries to your
 Smartphone. A lot of Smartphone users
 prefer battery-powered handy chargers
 as they are cheap and are very easy to
 use. Having a set of rechargeable
 batteries will make this portable
 Smartphone charger even more
Iphone cases with charging features

 New models of Smartphone cases
 nowadays can serve as portable chargers
 aside from being a protective capsule for
 your precious device. These cases are
 charged through a computer's USB port
 and can store a considerable amount of
 electricity enough to increase the life of
 your Smartphone for several hours.
Though these Smartphone cases are a bit
 expensive, they received a warm
 welcome from the Smartphone
 community as they offer convenience
 and excellent performance.
While protecting your Smartphone from
 scratch and other forms of damages,
 your device's power is reimbursed
 through this kind of mobile phone case.
 It's like hitting two birds with one stone!
Smartphone Solar Chargers
 Do you usually bring your Smartphone
 on camping and other outdoor activities?
 Solar-powered portable Smartphone
 chargers are your best options which are
 currently offered in two different models.
 The first one is a solar charging case
 which resembles a typical Smartphone
 protective cover but with added features
 while the other one is an off-device
 charger which can be connected to your
 Smartphone via the USB port.
The latter is much advised as it can store
 solar energy and make it available for
 you during the night or on gloomy days.
 Although this is not a cost-effective
 option, having a Smartphone solar
 charger allows you to continually add up
 more power to your mobile device even
 without the availability of a power outlet.
 Before you decide what type of portable
 Smartphone charger to purchase,
 consider several important factors like
 your budget and lifestyle. Despite all the
 effort, time and money you'll need to
 investment in this endeavor, having a
 portable mobile phone charger is a must
 especially for those who need their
 Smartphone almost every minute to cope
 with their highly demanding daily

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