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                Monnujan Khanam of the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands offers the Dutch National flag to Moynul Hossain of CIMSOLUTIONS during the
             opening ceremony of the Dhaka office. The Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Alphons Hennekens, and Tanvir Hossain of CIMSOLUTIONS watch delightfully.

CIMSOLUTIONS provides high quality professional ICT consulting services and software development solutions in the areas of
Business, Administrative and Industrial Automation. Our expertise covers all phases of the software life cycle from specification and
feasibility through design, development, test & implementation, to maintenance, support and project management of both tailor made
as well as standard applications, systems, hardware and networks. CIMSOLUTIONS has two divisions: Business and Industry.

CIMSOLUTIONS Business serves the market sectors:                            CIMSOLUTIONS Industry serves the market sectors:
• Government                                                                • Electronics & Multimedia
• Finance                                                                   • Semiconductor Industry
• Healthcare                                                                • Medical & Healthcare
• Trade & Transport                                                         • Automotive & Aerospace
• Energy, Telecom & Utilities                                               • Manufacturing & Logistics
• Publication & Multimedia                                                  • Traffic & Transport
• Internet & Web Applications                                               • Telecommunications & Internet
• Offshoring in all market sectors                                          • Offshoring in all market sectors

With the maturity of ICT and in the wake of globalization, the offshore and global software development, test, maintenance and support model
is becoming inevitable for many organizations. Our clients who have adopted an offshore and global model are successful organizations with
an outstanding reputation. They realize not only cost savings, which is just one of the many benefits. They also realize a faster “time to market”,
increased sales, access to new markets, flexible and scalable resource capacity and increased process effectiveness. This allows their own
specialists to focus on tactical and strategic innovative projects and solutions, enabling them to add innovative technologies to their products
with ease.

New opportunities bring new challenges. How do you ensure knowledge transfer, quality and productivity? How do you bridge the cultural
differences and communication gaps? How do you start offshoring without any experience? How do you ramp up and down resources with
specific knowledge, secure and manage knowledge and retain people? How is the ICT infrastructure set up and the security safeguarded?
What about the tooling for configuration management, bug tracking and requirement management? How do you improve the efficiency of your
existing offshore organization? With our 20 years of outstanding track record of serving our Dutch and other European clients with an excellent
client satisfaction, our high employee satisfaction, winning six years in a row the award “Top Employer ICT”, our fully equipped offices and
dedicated ICT professionals with onshore and offshore experience both in The Netherlands and in Bangladesh, and the fact that the roots of
some of our key employees originate in Bangladesh, CIMSOLUTIONS is your ideal partner to help you manage the challenges and reap the
benefits of offshoring.
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CIMSOLUTIONS offers three models to cater for the different needs           The focus of CIMSOLUTIONS is to apply state-of-the-art ICT
of different clients, as follows:                                           concepts in combination with the latest software engineering
• Fixed price or Project based assignment:                                  techniques in a highly professional manner to the optimal benefit
  Appropriate for a time critical project with well defined require-        of the client. Our passion is to learn, create and make things work.
  ments and scope.                                                          Our dedication is to help our clients to be successful in their projects
• Individual consultant assignment:                                         and goals. Our expertise covers all phases of the software life cycle
  Most flexible and timely resource allocation and project involve-         from specification and feasibility through design, development, test &
  ment on a time and material basis.                                        implementation, to maintenance, support and project management of
• Onsite Offshore (hybrid) model/Dedicated team assignment:                 both tailor made as well as standard applications, systems, hardware
  Suitable for long term large and complex system development,              and networks.
  test, application management and maintenance.
                                                                            CIMSOLUTIONS distinguishes itself by providing professional and
Our track record and that of our employees in offshoring are                independent ICT services of the highest value available, at the most
illustrated by the following examples:                                      competitive quality-price ratio, based on a long-term relationship
• CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh Ltd designed and built a Balance                  with clients and employees, an efficient ISO and NEN certified
   Score Card website for the Dutch Embassy in Dhaka. This website          organization, a lean cost structure and the vision to extend our ser-
   shows in a very intuitive way the progress in projects which The         vices beyond the national boundaries. Our future is safeguarded by
   Netherlands run, in conjunction with Bangladesh organizations.           our strong client orientation, quality of our people and our services
   The projects are part of the development Aid program. These              and the fact that we made profit every year since our start in 1992.
   projects are divided in the following sectors: Sexual Reproduction       In the coming years we foresee a continual autonomous growth both
   and Health rights, Food security, Water, Economic Affairs and            within as well as outside The Netherlands and Bangladesh.
   Trade, Education. The website is completely graphical and is
   build by using Microsoft techniques. Agile Scrum is used as              Since its establishment in 1992 in The Netherlands, CIMSOLUTIONS
   the development method for the website. The development                  has grown to more than 250 professionals operating from our six
   is completed in three sprints. After completion of the project           offices in The Netherlands and one office in Bangladesh, serving
   CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh will perform the maintenance of                  our clients in The Netherlands and Europe.
   the website.
• In assignment of a renowned Semiconductor manufacturer                    CIMSOLUTIONS provides the following expertise and services:
   CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh Ltd has successfully tested                      • Business & Information Analysis, Business Process Optimization,
   functional and technical aspects of “wireless sensor” products             Requirement Management.
   by using specific hardware boards and Windows based software             • System & Software Architecture & Design, Service Oriented
   applications. Especially for the testing CIMSOLUTIONS delivered            Architecture, Web, Internet, Portal, Cloud.
   Senior Test Engineers and a Scrum Master / Project leader. These         • System Development, Object Orientation, UML, Java, C, C++, C#,
   Test Engineers performed tests iteratively using the Agile Scrum           Ruby, .NET.
   method. They worked in close relation with the Development               • Test Management, Test & Tools: (non)functional, automated,
   Engineers and the Engineering Manager of the client, who were              exploratory, ISEB, ISTQB, TMMI, TMap NEXT, Agile Testing.
   located on other sites in other countries. After each iteration of two   • Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Vaults: Oracle, MS SQL Server.
   weeks (one sprint) test results were demonstrated to the product         • System & Software Application Maintenance, Support &
   owner of the client. The methods and technology sed are: Agile             Management.
   Scrum, ISTQB, TMap Next, Hudson and Python.                              • Product Development and Innovation (Research & Development).
• Scrum Master, Project management, system analysis, design                 • Real-time Embedded Software, Technical Software Engineering and
   and software engineering of a multi disciplinary and multi site            Integration, User Interfaces.
   development of measurement products, carried out by project              • Manufacturing Automation, Production & Process Control,
   teams in The Netherlands and in Malaysia.                                  Simulation, Tooling.
• Project management and Program management of various                      • Workflow Management, Content Management, Knowledge
   ICT projects for a Dutch Dredging company, carried out by project          Management, Document Management.
   teams in The Netherlands and in Romania.                                 • State-of-the-art ICT concepts: Agile Scrum, DSDM, RUP, Lean IT,
• We are a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software                UML, XML, TMap NEXT, ITIL, ASL, BiSL.
   and Information Services) and BDCCI (Dutch-Bangla Chamber of             • Business Intelligence: Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Cognos.
   Commerce & Industry).                                                    • Business Solutions (ERP): SAP, Oracle ERP, MS Dynamics.
• CIMSOLUTIONS is exhibitor at the SoftExpo 2012 and 2013,                  • Microsoft, Oracle and Open Source platforms and software.
   Bangladesh’s biggest showcase for software products and                  • Project & Quality management: Prince2, Lean IT, Agile Scrum, RUP,
   services.                                                                  DSDM, CMM(I), IPMA, ITIL, ASL, BiSL.
                                                                            • Projects (also fixed price), consulting, individual consultant and
                                                                              dedicated team assignment.

                                                                            Vianen              CIMSOLUTIONS B.V.
                                                                            Best                Havenweg 24, 4131 NM Vianen
                                                                            Deventer            Telefoon: (+31) 347-368100
                                                                            Rotterdam           Fax:      (+31) 347-373777
                                                                            Amsterdam           E-mail:
                                                                            Groningen           Internet:
                                                                            Dhaka               Internet:

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