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					King’s College London has been awarded ‘University of the Year’ from the Sunday Times
newspaper , an accolade which recognises all-round excellence including student
satisfaction and results achieved.

The Centre of European Law, The Dickson Poon School of Law,
King’s College London, is pleased to announce its
2013-2014 Distance Learning Programme leading to a:

Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in

European Union Law

 Programme Director           Learn from a distinguished tutor panel
                              Professor Alexander Türk         Professor Maria Lee              Professor Piet Eeckhout
                              Professor of Law                 Professor of Law                 Professor of European Law
                              King’s College London            University College London        University College London

                              Leo Flynn                        Carsten Zatschler                Professor Andrea Biondi
 Professor Alexander Türk     Member of the Legal Service      Head of Cabinet to Judge Vajda   Professor of European Union
 Professor of Law             European Commission and          European Court of Justice        Law and Director, Centre of
 King’s College London        Visiting Lecturer in Law                                          European Law
                              King’s College London                                             King’s College London

                              Professor Richard Whish          Professor Robert Wintemute
                              Emeritus Professor               Professor of Human Rights Law
                              King’s College London            King’s College London

The programme starts on 1st October 2013 and                Programme enquiry hotline +44 (0)20 3377 3558
extends over eight months with the option of
continuing to a Masters for successful Postgraduate
                                                            email:                           Scan with
Diploma students                                                                 QR Reader App

                                                              “Excellent structure, comprehensive coverage, practical
                                                              case studies and very good lecturers”
                                                              S. Bakardjieva, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water
                                          “Excellent instrument to develop expertise and professional and academic
                                          knowledge on European Union law”
                                          L. Bargiotti, The European Union
European Union Law 2013-2014
 Dear Applicant,                                                                      Who will benefit from studying this
 The Centre of European Law at King’s College London is pleased to announce           The programme is studied by a wide variety of
 details of its 2013/2014 Distance Learning Programme leading to a Postgraduate       international professionals, including private
 Diploma/Masters in European Union Law.
                                                                                      practice lawyers, in-house counsel, representatives
 Now in its 14th successful year it has been attended by over 600 students drawn      from the European Commission, the European
 from the UK and other parts of the European Union, the European Economic             Parliament and other regional and national
 Area, Central and Eastern Europe, the Far East and the USA. It provides tuition      regulatory bodies.
 from one of Europe’s leading centres in European Law and is studied on a
 distance learning basis, thereby avoiding crucial time spent away from your place    Some of the organisations who have
 of work. The Programme will allow you to gain a competitive advantage in a           already benefitted from the programme:
 difficult job market and increase your skills at this crucial time.
                                                                                      European Commission * AEGON * Musat & Asociatii
 The programme aims to provide the professional with an in-depth and up-to-           * London Stock Exchange * Embassy of Sudan *
 date knowledge of the most important theoretical and practical aspects of EU         Goncalves Pereira, Castelo Branco & Associado
 law by focusing on the Treaties of the European Union. The units reflect the entry   * European Association of Communications
 into force of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009. Benefit from a highly relevant     Agencies * Marques Mendes & Associados *
 programme that:
                                                                                      Siemens * London Borough of Hackney * Ministry
 •	 Deals	with	the free movement of goods and people (including                       of Justice Portugal * Ofgem * Baker & McKenzie
    citizenship), the freedom of establishment, the freedom to provide                * Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain *
    services, the free movement of capital and economic and monetary                  The Supreme Administrative Court of Finland *
    union;                                                                            European Parliament * Houston Consulting Europe
 •	 Covers	also	competition law, social policy, environmental policy and              * European Ombudsman * Steptoe and Johnson
    external relations;                                                               LLP * Endesa Italia spa * Transport for London *
 •	 Concludes	with	a judicial review of EU law, including liability of EU             Hempsons * EFTA Surveillance Authority * AN
    institutions, and the enforcement of EU law with regard to the
    protection of individual’s rights in national courts and with regard to
                                                                                      Post * Bank of England * Fidelity Investments *
    the applicable procedures.                                                        Inland Revenue Solicitor’s Office * British American
                                                                                      Tobacco * Bank of Japan * ITV * RSPCA * Royal
 The programme is spread over 8 months starting on 1st October 2013 and               Yachting Association * European Court of Justice
 ending with an examination at King’s College London in May 2014. The units will
 be dispatched at fortnightly intervals and are updated annually to take any new
                                                                                      Don’t just take our word for it, hear what
 law into account. These will take you systematically through the whole subject.
                                                                                      this year’s students have to say:
 Units will consist of text, suggestions for further reading, assignment questions    “The course offered a useful way to
 and model answers: annexes will contain reference materials.                         work and study at the same time, with the
                                                                                      advantage of weekend seminars, which were
 There will be two weekend seminars held in London at the end of November             essential for a better understanding of the
 2013 and in April 2014 which will provide an opportunity for revision of the         materials and which provided the opportunity
 programme, for discussion, for preparation for the examination and for you to        to ask questions”
 meet your fellow students and programme tutors. The seminars will focus on (but      J. O’Keeffe, European Parliament
 will not be limited to) the solution to practical problems through case studies.
                                                                                                 “Well structured and covers the most
 Successful postgraduate diploma students at Merit level can, if they wish, apply                important areas of greatest relevance
 to enrol in a part-time distance learning Masters in European Union Law from                    with fantastic seminars”
 King’s College London. Candidates who have been awarded the Postgraduate                                                             K. Ksiezopolska
 Diploma in European Union Law at Merit level will obtain an MA if they achieve at
 least 50% in a 12,000 to 15,000 word research based dissertation. The dissertation   “Informative and thought provoking”
 will be due for submission by a specified date which will be no later than 12        D. O’Callaghan, Landmark Chambers
 months following commencement of the MA.
                                                                                                 “A well-structured course which covers
 I hope we can look forward to your joining the 2013-2014 programme and to                       the key areas of EU Law, while allowing
 receiving your application soon.                                                                students to focus on the areas of most
                                                                                                 interest to them. The two weekend
 Yours sincerely,                                                                                seminars were particularly valuable,
                                                                                                 thanks mainly to the high quality and
                                                                                                 enthusiasm of the tutors”
                                                                                                                    R. Matthews, European Commission

                                                                                      “A tailored course on EU Law with great
 Professor Alexander Türk                                                             support”
 Programme Director
                                                                                      C. Pickup, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

For more course information call: +44 (0)20 3377 3558
The Programme Syllabus
Module One
UNIT 1                                  UNIT 2                                    UNIT 3                                            UNIT 4
AND INSTITUTIONS (including             •	 Introduction:	the	strategy	for	the	    MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE                                AND SERVICES
Legislative Procedures)                    completion of the internal market      •	 EU	citizenship,	mobility	rights	and	           •	   Scope	of	the	freedoms
•	 From	the	Treaty	of	Paris	to	the	     •	 The	Customs	Union,	custom	duties	         non-discrimination                             •	   Exceptions
   Lisbon Treaty                           and charges having equivalent          •	 Free	movement	of	workers	–	                    •	   Establishment	by	companies
•	 Structure	of	the		Treaties              effect                                    personal	and	material	scope	–	                 •	   EU	legislation
•	 The	Union’s	institutions             •	 The	free	movement	of	goods:	              limitations and derogations
•	 Lawmaking                               the elimination of quantitative        •	 Rights	of	individuals	with	                    Professor Piet Eeckhout
•	 Supremacy	and	direct	effect             restrictions on imports and               independent means                              Professor of European Law
                                           exports and all measures having        •	 Third	country	nationals	–	family	              University College London
Professor Alexander Türk                   equivalent effect                         members	of	EU	workers	–	rights	
Professor of Law                        •	 Derogation	from	the	application	of	       under Europe Agreements,
King’s College London                      the principle of free movement of         Association Agreements and Co-
                                           goods                                     operation	Agreements	–	refugees	
                                        •	 Harmonization	policy                      and	asylum-seekers	–	Schengen	
                                        Professor Andrea Biondi                   •	 Progressive	establishment	of	
                                        Professor of European Law and                an area of freedom, justice and
                                        Director, Centre of European Law             security
                                        King’s College London
                                                                                  Leo Flynn
                                                                                  Member of the Legal Service
                                                                                  European Commission, Brussels
                                                                                  Visiting Lecturer in Law, King’s College London

Module Two
UNIT 5                                  UNIT 6                                    UNIT 7                                            UNIT 8
FREE MOVEMENT OF CAPITAL                COMPETITION LAW                           ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAW                           ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND
AND ECONOMIC AND MONETARY               •	 Article	101	TFEU:	agreements           •	 EU	sex	discrimination	law:	origins	            POLICY
UNION                                   •	 Article	102	TFEU:	abuse	of	a	             and purposes                                   •	 Legal	and	political	evolution	of	EU	
•	 The	role	of	money	in	the	internal	      dominant position                      •	 Material	scope:	employment	(pay	                   environmental law
   market and in the EU constitution    •	 Article	106	TFEU:	state	                  vs treatment) and social security              •	 The	Treaty	framework	for	
•	 Free	movement	of	capital:	              undertakings                           •	 Kinds	of	sex	discrimination:	direct	               environmental protection
   the widest reaching and most         •	 Articles	107-109	TFEU:	state	aids         vs indirect vs positive                        •		 Methods	and	techniques	in	EU	
   unlimited of the freedoms            •	 Enforcement	and	procedure              •	 Enforcement	and	remedies                           environmental law (i): Licensing
•	 Capital:	free	movement	and	its	                                                •	 Discrimination	on	other	grounds:	                  and Standard Setting
   limitations                          Professor Richard Whish                      racial or ethnic origin, religion              •	 Methods	and	techniques	in	EU	
•	 Economic	and	Monetary	Union:	the	    Emeritus Professor                           or belief, disability, age, sexual                 environmental law (ii): Procedural
   institutional and legal framework    King’s College London                        orientation                                        approaches
                                                                                                                                    •	 Methods	and	techniques	in	EU	
Leo Flynn                                                                         Professor Robert Wintemute                            environmental law (iii): Economic
Member of the Legal Service                                                       Professor of Human Rights Law                         instruments
European Commission                                                               King’s College London
Brussels                                                                                                                            Professor Maria Lee
Visiting Lecturer in Law                                                                                                            Professor of Law
King’s College London                                                                                                               University College London

Module Three
UNIT 9                                  UNIT 10                                   UNIT 11                                           UNIT 12
EXTERNAL RELATIONS                      JUDICIAL REVIEW OF EU LAW                 ENFORCEMENT OF EU LAW                             ENFORCEMENT OF EU LAW
•	 External	competence                  •	 Article	263	TFEU:	Action	for	          l PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL’S                      II PROCEEDINGS IN THE ECJ
•	 Common	commercial	policy                annulment                                 RIGHTS IN NATIONAL COURTS                      •	 Article	267	TFEU:	References	by	
•	 Negotiation	and	conclusion	of	       •	 Article	265	TFEU:	Failure	to	act       •	 Direct	effect	of	Union	law                        national courts for preliminary
   agreements                           •	 Article	277	TFEU:	Plea	of	illegality   •	 Loyal	interpretation	of	national	law              rulings
•	 Effects	of	agreements                •	 Union	liability                        •	 Remedies	required	as	a	matter	of	              •	 Article	258:	Proceedings	against	
•	 Common	foreign	and	security	                                                      EU	law	–	restitution	–	interim		relief	           member states for breaches of EU
   policy                               Professor Alexander Türk                     –	state	liability                                 law
                                        Professor of Law                          •	 National	law	remedies	for	breach	              •	 Admissibility	requirements
Professor Piet Eeckhout                 King’s College London                        of	EU	law	–	equivalence	and		                  •	 Procedure	in	the	ECJ
Professor of European Law                                                            effectiveness of protection
University College London                                                                                                           Carsten Zatschler
                                                                                  Leo Flynn                                         Head of Cabinet to Judge Vajda
                                                                                  Member of the Legal Service                       European Court of Justice
                                                                                  European Commission                               Luxembourg
                                                                                  Visiting Lecturer in Law
                                                                                  King’s College London

Questions you may have about this programme

How can studying by distance learning benefit your career?                      How will I receive the materials?
Increasingly we all face more pressure in our business lives. Finding the       Materials will be sent by post (airmail overseas). However, if students are worried
time to attend courses of any kind can be very difficult and well meant         about the postal service in the country where they are based, then materials can
plans are often put aside indefinitely.                                         be sent by air courier. There would be an additional one-off nominal charge for
                                                                                this of £250. The materials packages are quite bulky and it is important to provide
Distance learning is the solution to your education needs. You can enjoy        a mailing address where your materials can be safely delivered (please note that
the full benefits of studying, whilst still in employment, using this freedom   this cannot be a PO Box address). The programme units will also be available as
and flexibility to your advantage. You can set the pace at which you learn      PDF documents on the programme website.
and you can decide where, when and how long you want to study. One
of the most beneficial factors of distance learning study is that as the        Are there any tutorial seminars?
programme progresses, you can apply the knowledge, skills and expertise
gained to your work immediately.                                                All students will be eligible to attend two weekend seminars. The first will
                                                                                be held on 23rd & 24th November 2013 and the second at the end of the
How is the programme structured?                                                programme on 5th & 6th April 2014. The weekend seminars will be held in
                                                                                London. The seminars are not compulsory but are beneficial and provide an
The distance learning Postgraduate Diploma in European Union Law                excellent opportunity to meet fellow students, the programme director and
consists of three modules containing twelve units. It will commence on 1st      programme authors.
October 2013 and will extend over eight months leading to an examination
in May 2014 to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in European Union Law from
King’s College London. The first unit will be sent out on 1st October 2013      Compulsory assignments
and subsequent units will then be issued every two weeks until April 2014
                                                                                Three compulsory assignments (2000 words each) will be set during the
with a four-week break over Christmas. Questions will be set at the end
                                                                                programme and will contribute 30% towards the final overall mark for the
of each unit and model answers to these will be sent with the unit that         Postgraduate Diploma.
follows. In addition three compulsory assignments will be set during the
programme which will count towards the final mark.
                                                                                Where and when is the examination?
What format do the units take?
                                                                                The examination will take place in May 2014 at King’s College London (date
The units come in the form of hard copy print and as PDF documents via          to be confirmed). It will be a three hour written examination contributing
the programme website. Each unit is designed to be largely self-contained       70%	to	the	final	mark.	The	written	examination	will	consist	of	three	parts	
but recommended and further reading will be suggested. For each unit            (one per module).
students will receive: a package of materials comprising text, copies of
relevant regulations, Commission decisions and notices, judgments of the
                                                                                Masters Programme
General Court and European Court of Justice, practical examples, questions
and model answers to test your knowledge as you progress.                       A successful student can, if he/she wishes, apply to enrol in the Masters
                                                                                Degree in European Union Law provided she/he has successfully completed
How long will I spend studying each unit?                                       the Postgraduate Diploma part of the programme at Merit level. Candidates
                                                                                who have been awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in European Union Law
The length of time needed to study a unit will vary with your experience
                                                                                in the years 2011, 2012 or 2013 may apply to study for the Masters degree.
and the complexity of the unit being studied. It is anticipated that each       Students will obtain an MA if they achieve at least 50% in a 12,000 to 15,000
unit will require a student to spend approximately twenty hours studying,       word dissertation. The dissertation will be due for submission by a specified
depending on the student’s experience, plus further study time for              date which will be no later than 12 months following commencement of
questions and reading and completion of the assignments.                        the MA. The MA Programme is also delivered as a part-time distance learning

  King’s College London, one of the top 25 universities in the
  world and the fourth oldest in England, is a research-led
  university based in the heart of London. King’s has nearly
  23,000 students from 140 countries and is currently in the
  second phase of a £1 billion redevelopment programme                                                          Informa Professional Academy works in
  which is transforming its estate. King’s has an outstanding                                                   partnership with leading academic bodies to
  reputation for providing world-class teaching and has a                                                       assist in the provision of highly specialised and
  particularly distinguished reputation in law. 2011 and 2012                                                   bespoke professional postgraduate distance
  have been exceptional years for King’s College London,                                                        learning courses and programmes. Our
  having seen a large rise in undergraduate and postgraduate                                                    strong partnership with King’s College London
  applications, as well as a rise in the Academic Ranking of                                                    has developed over a period of more than
  World Universities and the QS international league table of                                                   fifteen years and together we offer and deliver
  universities. The Centre of European Law, The Dickson                                                         high-calibre and well-respected postgraduate
  Poon School of Law, King’s College London is one                                                              programmes.
  of the world’s leading centres of European Law.
  Advancing research and providing teaching of EU Law
                                                                                                                visit the site at
  and the laws of Europe remain its key objectives.                                                   

For more course information call: +44 (0)20 3377 3558
Admission Requirements
Qualifications                                                       Application Checklist                                 Discounts
Applicants for the Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in                                                                         There may be discounts available for individuals from the
European Union Law must hold                                         NB: Make sure you have included hard                  new Member States where funding might be a problem.
•	 A	degree	in	law	of	a	good	second	class	standard	or	the	           copies of the following items with your               These will be considered on a case by case basis. For further
   equivalent thereof or                                             application form and please also scan and             details	please	contact	Informa	on	Tel:	+44	(0)20	3377	3558.
•	 A	degree	in	a	related	discipline	or	be	                           send them to Joanna.horsfall@informa.
•	 Qualified	as	a	barrister	or	a	solicitor	                          com. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE                     Air Courier Charges
Applications may also be accepted from a candidate who               PROCESSED UNLESS THE FOLLOWING ARE
                                                                     INCLUDED:                                             An additional fee of £250 (VAT exempt) is payable for
has achieved a comparative academic level through his
                                                                                                                           students who wish to receive their materials and welcome
or her past studies and where previous study, work or                     An authenticated good copy of your Degree        pack by air courier. This is recommended for students who
experience has made the applicant a suitable candidate for                or Degree Transcript or your Practising          experience delays in receiving their post due to poor postal
admission.                                                                Certificate. Copies must be signed and dated
                                                                                                                           services in their area. Other overseas mail will be sent by
English: applicants for whom English is not their mother                  by someone senior to yourself to show that
                                                                          it is a true copy of the original document.      airmail. (Units will also be available in pdf format on the
tongue should provide evidence of having attained a level
of English, both written and spoken, adequate to meet the                 HARD COPY ESSENTIAL.                             programme website.)
demands of the programme. English language requirement                    A written reference on company/university
for applicants whose first language is not English IELTS                  letterhead from a senior partner, department     Materials sent by air courier will be delivered to your
7.0	overall	with	a	minimum	of	7.0	in	all	four	skills	or	TOEFL	            director, head of chambers or from an            requested unit mailing address between 8.30am and
computer/paper/internet	–	267/630+5.0	TWE/100	+	                          academic institution or equivalent, who will     6.00pm Monday to Friday only and a signature will be
minimum 24 in all skills. Please go to the following link for full        vouch for your ability, interest and academic    required PLEASE NOTE THAT AIR COURIER CANNOT BE SENT
details on English language requirements                                  suitability to study a programme of this         TO PO BOX ADDRESSES. The mailing address you provide                    nature.                                          must be manned during these hours. Please provide a
language.aspx                                                             A personal statement stating why you wish        contact phone number or email address that you can be
                                                                          to follow this programme and how it relates      reached at between 8.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
How do I enrol?                                                           to your previous experience.
Students interested in joining the programme should                       A copy of your passport (or driving licence      Cancellation
                                                                          with a photo) showing your name and              Cancellations must be received in writing on or before 30th
complete the application form for admission as a
                                                                          photograph.                                      September 2013. If your cancellation is received on or before
postgraduate student attached to this brochure and send it
to Joanna Horsfall, Head of Logistics at Informa Professional             Two passport sized recent photos of yourself     this date, you will receive a full refund less an administrative
Academy. Alternatively, apply online at: www.informadl.                   with your name written on the reverse.           charge of £200. No refunds will be made in respect of
                                                                          Preferably, these can be sent as jpeg files to   cancellations received after 30th September 2013 and the
com/eu. If you do so, hard copies of the required supporting
                                                                 Please ensure
documents will still need to be sent to complete your                                                                      full fee will be payable.
                                                                          that the jpeg is of the quality and size of a
application. Once you have applied for the programme,                     passport photo ie: a headshot with a plain
your application and supporting documents will be sent                    background. Please keep this file safe as you    For the full course terms and conditions, please check the
to King’s College London for review by the Programme                      will also be asked to upload your jpeg when      FAQ section of the course website:
Director. King’s College London will then notify you directly             you enrol online at King’s College London.
with the outcome of your application. Once you have                       If applicable, a copy of any English             A special note about distribution of the units
formally accepted your place you will be invoiced for your                proficiency test forms that you have             Every effort will be made to distribute the materials at the
programme fee. Full payment is required before the start date             undertaken in the last three years giving your   rate specified. However, occasionally, certain unforeseen
of the programme (i.e by Monday 30th September 2013) or                   score. If you do not have a current language     circumstances may delay the dispatch of a unit, which
within 28 days of receipt of your invoice, whichever is sooner.           certificate, it may be possible to accept a      are outside the control of the organisers. In these
Payments should be made out to Informa UK Limited.                        language reference from your referee or
                                                                                                                           rare circumstances, we recommend that you visit the
                                                                          employer. However, this is only possible if
Please note, non-payment of your programme fees may                       your referee is a native English speaker and/    programme website to download the pdf documents.
result in materials, results and other related services                   or you work in an international environment      It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of
provided by King’s College London and Informa being                       where English is used as a business language     the organisers to alter the line-up of authors, tutors or
withheld. King’s College London also reserves the right                   on a daily basis.                                programme content, however, every effort will be made to
to suspend debtors from study and the examination.                                                                         adhere to the published syllabus.

Admission to the programme requires the prior approval of the Programme Director                Solicitors Regulation Authority Accreditation
at King’s College London. The deadline for sending in completed applications is 2nd             This programme has been accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) with
September 2013. The organisers cannot guarantee that late applications will be                  up to 100% of your CPD requirements (Ref EV/LSSL). The programme may also qualify
processed, however, please contact Informa if you are worried that your application             for Bar Standards Board CPD. For all enquiries regarding CPD please quote registered
will	arrive	late	or	if	you	have	any	other	queries	about	the	application	process	on	Tel:	+44	    company name Informa UK Limited.
(0)20	3377	3558.
                                                                                                This programme will run subject to reaching a satisfactory intake to the
What does the programme cost?                                                                   programme.
The Postgraduate Diploma fee including programme materials, access to the                       All applications are subject to acceptance by King’s College London and are subject
programme website and on-line facilities at King’s College London, attendance at                to the full terms and conditions of the programme which are available at www.
seminars, marking of compulsory coursework and the examination is £4600 (VAT           King’s College London and Informa reserve the right to reject
Exempt).                                                                                        any application from any potential student.

                                                                                                                 POST completed application forms to:
  HOW                                      TELEPHONE:
                                           +44 (0)20 3377 3558                                                   Joanna Horsfall
  TO FIND                                  E-MAIL:                                                               Head of Logistics
                                                                                                                 Informa Professional Academy (Informa UK Ltd)
                                                                                                                 3rd Floor, Maple House

                                                                                                                 149 Tottenham Court Road
                                                                                                                 London W1T 7AD, UK

What other Postgraduate Distance Learning Programmes are available from
Informa Professional Academy and King’s College London?

Distance learning has become the preferred way of learning for busy professionals wishing
to enhance their qualifications whilst still in employment using this freedom and flexibility to
their advantage.

For further information call +44 (0)20 3377 3558
To find out more simply go to and access all the information you need
about the postgraduate distance learning programmes offered below.

Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in Economics for Competition Law
Starting October 2013
A three module, twelve unit programme commencing in October 2013. It will extend over 8 months leading to an examination in May 2014
Programme Directors: Dr. Mike Walker, Vice President, Charles River Associates, Professor Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor, King’s College London and
Dr. Adrian Majumdar, Partner, RBB Economics
The Syllabus will cover:
•	 	      Introduction	to	economics	of	competition	law	                        •	   	    Network	effects	and	multi-sided	markets
•	 	      Market	power	                                                        •	   	    Cartels	and	vertical	restraints	
•	 	      Market	definition	                                                   •	   	    Mergers:	unilateral	effects	
•	 	      Predation	and	excessive	pricing	                                     •	   	    Co-ordinated	merger	effects	and	non-horizontal	mergers	
•	 	      Price	discrimination,	discounts,	tying	and	bundling	                 •	   	    State	aid	
•	 	      Refusal	to	supply,	essential	facilities	and	margin	squeeze	          •	   	    Quantitative	techniques	–	where	they	can	help	
Justin Coombs, Compass Lexecon; Dr. Mark Williams, NERA; Amelia Fletcher, Office of Fair Trading; Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Office of Fair Trading;
Dermot Glynn, Europe Economics; Dr. Adrian Majumdar, RBB Economics; Diana Jackson, Charles River Associates; Dr. Mike Walker, Charles River
Associates; James Kavanagh, OXERA.

Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in EU Competition Law
Starting October 2013
A three module, twelve unit programme starting in October 2013. It will extend over 8 months leading to an examination in May 2014.
Programme Director: Professor Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor, King’s College London

The Syllabus will cover:
•	   	    Article	101(1)                                                       •	   	    Joint	ventures
•	   	    Article	101	(3)                                                      •	   	    Cartels
•	   	    Article	102                                                          •	   	    Distribution
•	   	    Article	106                                                          •	   	    Licensing
•	   	    Articles	107-109                                                     •	   	    Procedure
•	   	    Merger	regulation                                                    •	   	    Third	party	action under EU competition law
Professor Emeritus Richard Whish, King’s College London; Professor Alison Jones, King’s College London; Leo Flynn, European Commission;
Sunwinder Mann, Baker & McKenzie; Luis Gomez, Baker & McKenzie; Paula Riedel, Linklaters; Rafique Bachour, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer; Wouter
Wils, European Commission

Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in UK, EU & US Copyright Law
Starting October 2013
A three module, 14 unit programme commencing in October 2013. It will extend over 8 months leading to an examination in May 2014.
Programme Director: Professor Tanya Aplin, Kings College London
The Syllabus will cover:
•	 	     UK	copyright	law                                                      •	 	      Law	of	The	European	Union
•	 	     United	States	copyright	law                                           •	 	      Current	issues	and	international	harmonisation
•	 	     French	and	German	laws
Professor Adrian Sterling, Professorial Fellow, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, Visiting Professor, King’s College London; Robert
Burrell, Winthrop Professor of Law, University of Western Australia; Professor Lionel Bently, Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law,
Cambridge University, Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge; Trevor Cook, Partner, Bird & Bird; Brigitte Lindner, Rechtsanwaltin, Registered European
Lawyer (Bar Council), Serle Court; Pascal Kamina, Associate Professor, University of Poitiers; William McGrath, Attorney, Davis McGrath LLC, John Marshall
Law School, Chicago; Dr Makeen Makeen, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

For more course information call +44 (0)20 3377 3558
Application for Admission as a Postgraduate Student
Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in European Union Law 2013 (FKW12276)
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1 Personal Details
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3 Education (if you have an overseas qualification, please state the full original title of the programme)
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Name & address of institution:                                                                                    Dates from: mm/yyyy        to: mm/yyyy

b) Graduate qualification

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Name & address of institution:                                                                                    Dates from: mm/yyyy        to: mm/yyyy
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4 Professional/other relevant qualifications
Title of qualification:                                                                            Name of awarding body:

Type of membership:                                                                Grade/level:                         Dates from: mm/yyyy                            to: mm/yyyy

5 English Language Proficiency
Have you been taught and examined in English                   n Yes n No

If yes, please state either           n a) for my entire education               or n b) for part of my education

If b) please give dates of most recent period                                                                           from: mm/yyyyy                                 to: mm/yyyy

If you have an English Language Proficiency Test eg: IELTS/TOEFL, please state:

Name of test:                                                                                        Date taken:                                            Overall scores:
If you are not a native speaker and do not have a current language certificate, it may be possible to accept a language reference from your referee or employer. However, this is
only possible if your referee is a native English speaker and/or you work in an international environment where English is used as a business language on a daily basis.

6 Finance *Please mark as appropriate
Will you be paying your own fees for the duration of the programme?                           n Yes n No*             Will your employer be paying the fees?                  n Yes n No*

Please invoice as follows:           n Postgraduate Diploma: £4600 (VAT Exempt)

Please supply name and address of where invoice should be sent

Contact telephone number between 8.30am and 6.00pm Mon-Fri is: Tel: _________________________________________________

7 Referee (please enclose a written reference with your application)
Name, company name and address                                                                     Position                             Relation to you

                                                                                                                                         Telephone number

8 Personal Statement
Please provide a short personal statement to support your application stating why you wish to follow this programme and how it relates to your previous
experience. This should be submitted on a separate sheet.

9 Declaration
I confirm that the statements made by me on this form are correct. I understand that if any of the above statements prove to be incorrect the College reserves the right to
withdraw any offer made or cancel any subsequent registration with the College. By completing and submitting this registration form, I confirm that I have read and understood
the Informa Professional Academy Student Terms and Conditions and I agree to be bound by them. The full programme terms and conditions can be found on the FAQ section of
the programme website:

Signature                                                             Date                                   (if you do not have a VIP Code then please tell us how you heard about the programme.
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