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Tower Systems Quality
 Procedures Overview
           General Overview
• At Tower systems we are committed to providing
  a service to ease the day to day pressure of
  quality issues on companies.

• We have many years experience working with
  companies, both large and small helping to limit
  the effect of quality concerns on final product
  integrity and aiding in limiting any loss to
  production time.
    Outline of quality services offered
    Tower systems are able to facilitate all quality demands
•   tailored inspection,
•   containment,
•   sorting,
•   repacking,
•   Rework.

    All work will coincide with the differing needs of
    companies. Working hand in hand with you we are
    confident in being able to provide a complete answer to
    your quality needs.
• Inspection
  Our experienced staff are able to sort components to our
  customer requirements, providing you with defect free
  stock, along with complete and concise records.

• Containment
  Our containment program provides protection from
  defective components from suppliers and also from
  product launch, through production processes, and also
  in reaction to supplier quality concerns.

• Rework
  We are able to facilitate the rework of defective parts,
  returning them to stock, resulting in reduced scrap costs
  and minimizing disruption to production schedules.
      Team Qualifications/Skills
•   CMM operation.
•   Use of various measurement equipment, both technical and traditional.
•   Calibration of various inspection equipment.
•   Material testing including: hardness, tensile and micro structural analysis.
•   Internal/external process and product auditing.
•   Conversant with geometric tolerances and engineering drawings.
•   Conversant with problem solving/analysis tools.
•   Qualified to NDT Inspection Techniques.
• We aim to provide an affordable
  professional service by meeting or even
  exceeding your requirements of us. We
  will not compromise on our goal of
  providing 100% customer satisfaction on
  all services in providing total support
  preventing defects reaching your

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