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Tower Defense. A brief overview by yurtgc548


									Richard Garrett 09004049
   }The Tower Defense genre is a close relative
    of RTS games. TD games in general have
    none of the resource management of RTS
    games, opting instead to have intense action
    from start.
   }In a TD game, the objective is to stop a
    group of enemies reaching there destination
    by placing “Towers” which injure any enemy
    in there firing radius.
   Perhaps the first TD game was “Ramparts”,
    released by Atari in 1990.

    The user built defenses in order to survive a wave of pirates.
   TD games really took off in the mid 90’s,
    when users started crafting “mods” for some
    of the popular RTS games.

   Starcraft, Age of Empires and Warcraft III all
    had TD mods created for them, all of which
    proved to be very popular.
   As flash grew ( both in power and popularity)
    a whole new generation of tower defense
    games began to appear.
   Most of these followed the traditional format,
    allowing the user to place and upgrade
    towers ( faster fire rate, wider fire radius)

   Lets take a look at some of the notable titles.
   There is no defining product in the TD genre,
    no standout game.

   We are capable of making a game which can
    stand beside the best in the genre.

   Hope you enjoyed this very brief overview!

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