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                       Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism
                      One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
                                      July 27, 2006

Commissioners Present:

Mary Smith, Chairman                                   Gelene MacDowell, Vice-Chairman
Laurie Black                                           Dixie Carlson
Randy Frazier                                          Thurston Lamb
Bill Scruggs

Commissioners Absent:

Brenda Williams                                        Sarah Wruck

Staff Present:

Robert Phelps and Brenda Halbert of Keep Arkansas Beautiful

Guests Present:

Gloria Robins of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism
Steve Holcomb, Julie Robbins and Mary Burnett of Mangan Holcomb Partners
Phyllis Jones, former Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commissioner

Call to Order:

Mary Smith called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., and Dr. Thurston Lamb gave the invocation.
Brenda Halbert called the roll.

Ms. Smith welcomed guests, including former KAB Commissioner Phyllis Jones. She extended
a special welcome to Bill Scruggs who joined the Commission in May when Ms. Smith was
absent, however, she noted she had met him at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism in March.

Presentation of Minutes:

The May 25, 2006, KAB Minutes were presented for review with Ms. Smith stating that page 4
had been changed to reflect corrections to Mr. Davies’ report.

       Dixie Carlson made a motion, seconded by Thurston Lamb, approving
       the May 25, 2006, KAB Commission Minutes, as corrected. The motion

Financial Report:

The KAB Financial Report for the period ending June 30, 2006, was presented, reflecting 2006
year end total expenditures of 94%. The balance of $35,874 represents unused appropriation. The
total fund balance in the carry-forward account is $185,165.81.
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 2

Mr. Phelps stated the 2007 budget will be $572,706 with $576,180 being the revenue forecast. He
reviewed line item changes in 2007, i.e., capital outlay has been reduced to zero due to purchase
of the KAB automobile in 2006; also, M&O and regular salary items have been increased to
accommodate payments of stipends and travel to Commissioners as well as cost-of-living
payments to KAB staff.

        Gelene MacDowell made a motion, seconded by Bill Scruggs, approving
        the KAB Financial Report for the period ending June 30, 2006. The
        motion passed.

Chairman's Remarks:

Mary Smith announced that Phillip Petty is the new Policy Advisor from the Governor’s Office.

Executive Director's Report:

Mr. Phelps reported on the following:

       Keep America Beautiful and status of pre-certification communities in Arkansas:
        1) Sherwood and Jacksonville: Mr. Frazier and Mr. Phelps presented a pre-certification
        workshop on May 27; both groups are completing the required certification reports;
        2) Keep Little Rock Beautiful: Certified June 27;
        3) Keep Benton County Beautiful: Certified June 28 in Bentonville;
        4) Keep North Little Rock Beautiful and Keep Newport Beautiful: They are in final
        stages of pre-certification; certification should be in the fall;
        5) Hot Springs/Garland County Beautification Commission: Adam Roberts is the new
        6) KAB Mid-Year Affiliate Forum in Asheville, NC, during week of August 1:
        Mr. Phelps will attend as well as Adam Roberts of Hot Springs/Garland County
        Beautification Commission and John Pope of Keep Van Buren Beautiful;
        7) Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Clean & Beautiful: Gloria Sumner is the new Director;
        8) 2006 Great American Cleanup has ended and Ms. Halbert will report.

Ms. Halbert expressed her appreciation for the opportunity of coordinating the 2006 Great
American Cleanup, stating “. . . it has been a wonderful experience to see volunteers working
together, reinforcing pride in their communities with very rewarding results”. She distributed the
2006 GAmC Final Wrap-Up Report Summary dated June 23, 2006, reflecting a volunteer value
of $273,536 to the State of Arkansas, noting results as follows:

       11,319 volunteers (10,154 in 2005)
       42,807 volunteer hours (45,719 in 2005)
       519 communities participating (399 in 2005)
       2,855,294 estimated pounds of trash collected (1 million greater than 2005)
       2,129 miles of roadways, trails and shoreline cleaned
       7 acres of wetlands restored; 169 acres of parks/public areas cleaned
       28 playgrounds/community areas built, cleaned or restored
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 3

       26 illegal dumps closed
       Other activities included beautification efforts, educational workshops and recycling:
        219,823 pounds of electronics were recycled in 2006 compared to 1,761 pounds reported
        in 2005

Ms. Halbert reported on individual community activities during the campaign, stating it could not
have been a success without the support and efforts of Keep America Beautiful and the national
sponsors who donated supplies in the amount of $18,630, as well as numerous local sponsors.
She concluded by expressing appreciation to many state agencies: AR State Highway &
Transportation Department and the Adopt-A-Highway volunteers; AR Dept. of Environmental
Quality; AR Game & Fish Commission; AR Municipal League; Association of Arkansas
Counties and County Judges.

Mr. Phelps continued his report, as follows:

       Arkansas Recycling Coalition: Attended the Arkansas/Mississippi meeting in Tunica
        recently; invitation has been extended to the KAB Commission to attend the 2007
        meeting in Eureka Springs with the option of having the KAB Commission meeting at
        the same location.
       Fiscal Year 2006 has closed; FY 2007 has begun (reported under Financial Report); KAB
        has also submitted the FY08-09 budget request for the Governor’s and Legislature’s
        review and appropriation consideration.
       Program Services Coordinator: Position formerly held by Mr. Singleton will be replaced.
     New website will be posted live soon, is very
        comprehensive and will offer visitors many resources and information (website will be
        reviewed later in the meeting).
       2007 Communications Budget finalized: MHP Agency will review the media and
        creative plan.
       2006 Great Arkansas Cleanup campaign is organized and underway:
        1) Teresa Caveness returns as state coordinator and will hold her first regional meeting
        in Hot Springs today; Mr. Phelps distributed a report with current schedule;
        Ms. Caveness will present an update next month;
        2) MHP Agency will review the GAC media and creative campaign;
        3) All sponsors will be returning, including AR State Highway & Transportation
        Department and Wal-Mart;
        4) Commissioners were encouraged to get involved, attend regional meetings and
        participate in a cleanup event. (Ms. MacDowell stressed the need to get the coordinator
        aboard earlier, increasing the budget if necessary, so the campaign can be timely in
        recruiting coordinators and volunteers for the kickoff date in September.)
       Governor’s Anti-Litter Task Force: At the suggestion of AHTD Director Dan Flowers,
        the group will re-convene for the primary purpose of reviewing House Bill 2692 intended
        to create “a beverage container litter reduction fee program, facilitate beverage container
        recycling …”; the bill, proposed by Representative David Cook, was discussed by
        Mr. Phelps and others on July 18 at a meeting on “litter in Arkansas” at the Capitol.
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 4

       Litter Hotline: It is the consensus that the program is producing positive results:
        1) 600 calls are reported monthly; I-40 is the most littered roadway with I-540 second;
        2) AHTD methods for litter collection: a) Employs vendors to collect trash; b) Adopt-A-
        Highway groups; c) Prisoners.
       NCSA Broadcast Partnership continues to produce exceptional value for KAB;
        February – April radio and TV messages resulted in $124,312 broadcast time, computing
        a value of $19.89 per $1 invested.
       KAB Grants:
        1) Keep Faulkner County Beautiful has been awarded a $500 grant for its special spring
        county cleanup to assist in implementing a new “clean property” ordinance;
        2) Representatives of Keep Van Buren Beautiful and Hot Springs/Garland County
        Beautification Commission will be applying for $500 grants to attend Keep America
        Beautiful Affiliate training in August;
        3) KAB New Affiliate Certification grants: Keep Little Rock Beautiful, Keep Benton
        County Beautiful and Keep Van Buren Beautiful will be applying for $1,000 each.
       Petit Jean State Park: “Tobacco Waste” study will conclude on August 12.
       Miss Arkansas International 2006 Alexis Gullick has been engaged to deliver a KAB
        “litter prevention” radio spot for NCSA (CD played).

Randy Frazier requested a synopsis of proposed House Bill 2692. Mr. Phelps presented an
overview, focusing on how the bill might reduce litter while promoting recycling. He reviewed
the history of “bottle bill” legislation in past years, stating that similar bills had never gotten out
of committee. Eight states have implemented such bills.

Mr. Frazier encouraged Commissioners to be fully informed of the current legislation, and
Mr. Phelps stated he would keep everyone informed. Ms. Smith stressed the importance of
Commissioners being involved, and how it could make a difference in the final draft.

Advisory Reports:

Gloria Robins presented for AR Department of Parks & Tourism, as follows:

       Former Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller:
        1) Mr. Davies is attending a meeting at Petit Jean State Park to contribute his ideas of a
        suitable memorial to Lt. Gov. Rockefeller;
        2) Ms. Robins praised Mr. Rockefeller as a great political leader that loved his state.
       KAB old logo “Fight Dirty” signs are still on State Parks trash cans and wants to know
        what can be done.

Mary Smith said it had also been a concern of hers, but she does not see a solution until
replacements are available. Mr. Phelps noted that money is available in the 2007 budget to
produce new signs.
KAB Commission Minutes
July 26, 2006 – page 5

Executive Director Presentation:

Mr. Phelps presented an engraved garden stone to Phyllis Jones in “grateful appreciation of her
faithful service as a Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commissioner” from 2000 – 2006. Ms. Jones
thanked Mr. Phelps and the Commission, stating the “rolling stone” would follow her in travels
throughout the country and be a reminder of the very worthwhile mission of Keep Arkansas

Mangan Holcomb Partners:

Julie Robbins presented a brief history of the Great Arkansas Cleanup and the introduction last
year of the GAC brand, the “Litter Man”. This gave a permanent identity to the campaign and
has reduced costs of new creative each year for advertising and promotional materials. She
reviewed the 2006 Great Arkansas Cleanup Proposal and Budget, highlighting the following:

       Recommended advertising initiatives:
        1) Paid media (cable and outdoor) in GAC “top 10” communities;
        2) Radio (new spot);
        3) Local print – 2 ads in local newspapers.
       Recommended promotional initiatives for better visibility of the GAC brand and
        volunteer incentives:
        1) T-shirts will again be provided through the donation of state sponsors such as the AR
        State Highway & Transportation Department and Wal-Mart via the KAB Foundation;
        2) Gloves and bags will be provided; promotional items will include yard signs, koozies,
        car shades, temporary tattoos and pop-up leaf containers.
       Recommended public relations initiatives:
        1) CD to new coordinators (previous coordinators received in 2005): Includes
        customizable news release, coordinator form, certificate of achievement, giveaway
        registration form, newspaper PSA’s, logos, etc.;
        2) Other initiatives include the website featuring the GAC on the home page with
        volunteer opportunity, The Keepsake and e-Keepsake.

After some discussion and Bill Scrugg’s suggestion of getting added coverage for the “report
littering” hotline number by adding it to GAC promotionals, the following motion was made.

        Bill Scruggs made a motion, seconded by Thurston Lamb, to approve
        the 2006 Great Arkansas Cleanup Plan, amending it to add the toll-free
        “report littering” number on GAC promotional items: koozies, car shades
        and pop-up leaf containers. The motion passed.

Mary Burnett presented the KAB 2006-07 Budget Recommendations, stating the new fiscal year
will see continuation of the Community Action Network to encourage individuals to take greater
responsibility for improving their community environments. Additionally, new innovative and
media opportunities will communicate with KAB’s three primary audiences: active litterers,
passive litterers and those who do not litter at all, through the website, electronic newsletter, and
other marketing avenues. Highlights of the new plan and budget include the following:
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 6

       Research: ($25,000): Recommended survey and tracking study to more effectively plan
        advertising campaign and promote KAB mission and events; this research will include
        reaction to the new statewide smoking ban and its impact on littering habits (last survey
        conducted eight years ago).
       Mass media ($178,000): Annual advertising campaign will include “report littering”
        hotline, 2006-07 AR Razorback Sports Network, plus continuation of partnership of
        KAB Foundation and AR Broadcasters Association to distribute core-message radio and
        TV spots statewide.
       Creative and production ($30,000): Support of developing opportunities and local
        activities during the year, plus continuation of funded projects ($24,000 from FY06).
       Event marketing ($35,000): Keep Arkansas Beautiful Annual Conference and Awards
        Luncheon and 2006 Great Arkansas Cleanup campaign ($70,000 funded from FY06).
       Public Relations ($22,000): The Keepsake, e-Keepsake and website; cigarette litter
        prevention ($7,500 funded from FY06) including press kit, media statewide and new
        statewide smoking ban and results of cigarette-litter research study conducted by Keep
        America Beautiful at Petit Jean State Park; also, public relations maintenance, on-going
        public relations as new opportunities arise, clipping services, press releases, etc.

The marketing budget presented was $265,000 plus the survey cost of $25,000 for a total FY07
budget of $290,000. Additionally, previously funded projects under development from FY06 will
be completed this fiscal year to add $105,000 in value to the Keep Arkansas Beautiful total
marketing and promotional effort.

Ms. Smith asked if we plan to spend the entire $319,000 budgeted for advertising. Mr. Phelps
stated that total includes the contract budget with Aristotle.

        Thurston Lamb made a motion, seconded by Gelene MacDowell,
        to approve the Keep Arkansas Beautiful 2006-07 advertising plan
        and budget as presented by Mangan Holcomb Partners.

Mr. Scruggs questioned the $25,000 cost and need for a research survey. Mr. Frazier stated this
would reinforce the validity of our advertising plan in support of KAB programs and projects;
otherwise, all we have is personal opinion. Mr. Holcomb stated that much of the advertising
agency work is based on research done eight years ago. After further discussion, Mr. Phelps
concluded by stating, “We are always accountable and try to be good stewards of the money we
receive . . .”. Ms. Smith called for the question:

        The motion to approve the KAB advertising plan and budget for
        FY 2006-07, as presented, was unanimously approved.

Congressional District Reports:

Congressional District 3:

Gelene MacDowell reported on the following:
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 7

       Special license plate: Asked if KAB could have such a license issued.
        (Mr. Phelps said he did not think it practical, as there are currently more than 90
       Keep Benton County Beautiful: Attended certification on June 28; she noted they will do
        well and benefit from Wal-Mart’s support.
       Website activity: Received e-mail from a Little Rock organization interested in a
        community service project; referred to the KAB staff for followup.
       Keep North Little Rock Beautiful: Observed great “litter” ad on KATV – Channel 7.
       Great Arkansas Cleanup:
        1) Referred Magnolia/Columbia County group to Ms. Caveness;
        2) Put Ms. Caveness in touch with Sebastian County Solid Waste District for GAC.
       “Letter to the Editor” by Justin Carney of Van Buren in local newspapers; John Pope
        contacted the youth and set up a photo op.
       Van Buren School Board approved $10,000 grant to clean area between high school
        campus and I-40; sent thank you; John Pope will follow up for KVBB.
       Fort Smith: Met with former KAB Commissioner, Peggy Weidman, regarding the Fort
        Smith Pride group.

Bill Scruggs reported that the new Marion County Judge has indicated he is aboard for a Great
Arkansas Cleanup event this fall.

Congressional District 2:

Randy Frazier reported:

       Keep Sherwood Beautiful: Pre-certification training on May 27 (repeated the
        presentation on June 22 to another group).
       Louisiana: Presented a community economic development program.
       UCA Community Development Institute: He will make a presentation next Monday
        (Mr. Singleton has represented KAB the last two years).
       Keep Little Rock Beautiful Commission:
        1) June 19 meeting;
        2) June 27 training and Keep America Beautiful certification.
       Photos shared of recent travels and of former KAB Commissioner Linda Westergard’s
        volunteer work in establishing a butterfly garden at her granddaughter’s school.
       Litter hotline: Reported four “litterbugs” since last month.
       Baseline litter index: Continues to see a need for a statewide effort, giving us a clearer
        picture of the environment; he will discuss with Mr. Phelps and KLRB members.
       International Leadership Association Conference in Kansas – he will attend in August:
        1) He will chair the 2007 Arkansas event in Little Rock;
        2) Attendees in 2007 event will also be able to attend a regional meeting on “global
        3) Global warming is currently being addressed through forums statewide, most recently
        via a seminar at UALR yesterday; he reviewed impacts of global warming in Arkansas,
        including economics, and how we might adjust policies and agriculturally position
        ourselves regarding bio fuels, etc.
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 8

        4) Reviewed Tom Brokaw TV special: 19 of 20 warmest years have been since 1980;
        ice caps are melting; coal fired electric plants are the greatest contributor of carbon
        dioxide to the environment.

Congressional District 1:

Dixie Carlson said she had received numerous questions regarding “what happens” when littering
is reported to the “litter hotline”. It was suggested that information on the KAB website include
the litter warning letter.

Congressional District 4:

Laurie Black reported on the following:

       KAB promotional materials: Distributes KAB material and appeals to the people at her
       Great Arkansas Cleanup:
        1) Requested three of the GAC trash containers;
        2) Referred a local EAST Lab to Ms. Caveness.
       AR Game & Fish Commission: David Goad’s interest in producing river bags in
        partnership with KAB. (Mr. Phelps said he had talked to Mr. Goad and would be
        attending their annual awards banquet. Mr. Phelps reviewed the history of KAB’s
        relationship with AGFC through their law enforcement program.)
       Keep Arkansas Beautiful billboard: Appreciates new billboard in Lake Village near the
        Greenville, MS bridge.
       AR Federation of Garden Clubs: She will represent KAB at October 26 district meeting.
       Lake Village Great American Cleanup event was very successful.

Old Business:

Ms. Robbins of Mangan Holcomb Partners previewed the proposed KAB website. Mr. Phelps
stated he will approve the final version when he returns from the August 8 KAB meeting. He said
this puts us before an enormous audience that we have not reached in the past. It will be a
wonderful resource tool that should reduce staff time in making copies, faxes, etc., due to the
numerous links available and information posted, i.e., legislative updates, calendar of events,
scripts and e-newsletter. The site will also include a search engine.

New Business:

Ms. Black drew a winning registration slip for the Troy-Bilt Chipper/Shredder machines to be
awarded as part of the 2006 Great American Cleanup campaign. The winning volunteer was
Luanne Diffin of Farmington who participated in a cleanup event at Lake Fayetteville; the
sponsoring organization was the Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership and the City of
KAB Commission Minutes
July 27, 2006 – page 9


There being no further business, the following motion was made:

       Gelene MacDowell made a motion, seconded by Laurie Black,
       to adjourn the meeting at 12:40 p.m. The motion passed.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission will be on
Thursday, August 24, 2006, at Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.

_________________________________         __________________________________________
Robert Phelps, Director                   Mary Smith, Chairman
Keep Arkansas Beautiful                   Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission

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