Form 2 - Appeal Notice _Civil_ - Supreme Court of Western Australia by xiangpeng


									SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA                                       NO.: CACV OF 2004
COURT OF APPEAL                                                          APPEAL NOTICE (Civil)
Parties to the                       [Appellant’s Name]                                              Appellant
                                     [First Respondent’s Name]                              First Respondent
                                     [Second Respondent’s Name]                           Second Respondent
Primary court’s decision
Primary Court                        [Court in which the decision to be appealed was made]
Case Number                          [Primary Court’s file number]
Parties                              [Primary Court’s file name]
Date of Decision                     [Date of decision to be appealed]
Judicial Officer                     [Name of Judicial Office who made the decision to be appealed]
Decision details                     [Orders made in the Primary Court]
Appeal Details
Notice of Appeal                     The appellant appeals to the Court of Appeal against the above
Act that allows                      [Name of Act]                                          Section:
the appeal
Notice to the                        If you want to take part in this appeal you must file a Form 4 under the
Respondent                           Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) Rules 2005 within 7 days after you
                                     are served with this notice and serve it on the appellant.
Last date for                        Last date: [date]
appealing                            Is an extension of time needed? YES / NO
Leave to appeal                      Is leave to appeal needed? YES / NO
                                     If yes, state the Act and section requiring leave:
Legal                                Is the appellant legally represented in this appeal? YES / NO
representation                       Is the appellant applying for legal aid? YES / NO
Appellant’s details for service
Name                                 [Firm name/Appellant’s name]
Street Address                       [Address for service]
Telephone no                                                          Fax No
Email address
Reference No.
Signature of                                                                               Date:
appellant or                         …………………………………………
lawyer                               Appellant / Appellant’s lawyer

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