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									Tour Guide
       Tourist Protection Bureau
• The Tourist Protection Bureau (SPT) has been
  created to protect your consumer rights by
  helping you to solve any problem that may arise
  regarding the touristic services you hire in Peru.
• They will intercede on behalf of the tourist if the
  individual or company fails to provide optimal
  service or does not comply with the contractual
• Contact Number- (51 1) 224-7888
• The whole electric system of Peru is of 220
  volts and 60 cycles.
• Some hotels of 5 and 4 stars have additionally
  electric systems of 110 volts.
                Travel Taxes
• Every time that you use a Peruvian airport
  when leaving the country you have to pay
  US$25.00 per person.
• All the national flights are subject to the
  payment of a tax of S/.15 Nuevos Soles.
            Taxes of Purchase
• All purchases are subject to a 18% rate tax.
• Also services and hotels have a Service charge
  of 10%.
• It is usually custom to give 5%-10% tip on

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