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					                                   Discover your phone
                                                                           3.5mm headset jack

                                                                            +/-Side volume key
Back of phone: 3.2MP camera lens
                                                                                      TFT LCD
         Charger & USB port

         Left soft key                                                            Right soft key

                                                                        Navigation and , keys
         Pick-up key
                                                                              Hang-up and On/
         Alphanumeric keypad                                                           Off key

         Lock/unlock key,                                                  Meeting profile On/
         Symbol input                                                     Off, selection of text

Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Therefore, Philips reserves the rights to revise this
user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Philips provides this user guide “as is” and
does not accept, except as required by the applicable law, liability for any error, omission or discrepancy
between this user guide and the product described. The device is meant to be connected to GSM/GPRS/
EDGE networks.
How to ...
Switch the phone On/Off     Long press and release ).
Enter your PIN code         Enter your PIN code using the keypad and press , to confirm.
Lock/Unlock keypad          On the idle screen, long press   *. To unlock keypad, long press
Make a call                 Enter the phone number by using the keypad and press (.
Answer a call               When the phones rings, press (.
End a call                  Press ).
Activate/Deactivate         During a call, press ,Handfree/Handheld.
handsfree mode
Access received messages/   On idle screen, press ,View.
missed calls
Select text entry method    Press # repeatedly on the editing screen. Long press * to turn
                            T9 input on or off. Long press # and release to access Writing
                            Language screen.
Access main menu            On the idle screen, press ,Menu.

Dual SIM settings               On the idle screen, press ,Menu to go to Settings > SIM settings,
                                press + or - and , to select: Dual SIM setting, Mode setting or Query
                                on power up.
Access a submenu directly       On the idle screen, press RShortcut.
Quickly return to idle          Press ).
when browsing menus
Vibration on/off (for default   Long press # on the idle screen.
Meeting profile)

Soft keys
The ,, L and R are located at the top of              Applications      Browser       Media player
the keypad area. Pressing the soft keys allow you
to select the options above them on the screen.
Such options are contextual: they vary according
                                                        page 46         page 42          page 48
to current context.
                                                        Camera         Messages          My files

Main Menu
The main menu gives you access to all the               page 44         page 22          page 54
different features of your mobile phone. The             Tools          Contacts         Profiles
table below summarizes the functional icons on
the main menu. To find more information about
their functions, refer to the pages.
                                                        page 36         page 32          page 61
                                                       Bluetooth         Calls           Settings

                                                        page 58         page 57          page 62

                                                    On the idle screen, press ,Menu on idle screen
                                                    to access the main menu and press +, -, < or > to
navigate through the icons and lists. Press ,Select to   default settings of the navigation keys +, -, < or >.
access the options related to the selected item.         To change the default settings,
Press RBack to return to previous menu. Press
                                                         1. Select the item to be changed.
) to return to the idle screen.
                                                         2. Press ,Edit to assign a new shortcut to the
Fast Keys                                                   key.
                                                         3. Press + or - to select, and ,Select to
    0         Long press to enter “+” when
              making international calls.
    1         Long press to access the voice             Shortcut menu
              mailbox.                                   With shortcuts, you can access a functional sub-
    #         Long press to select/unselect              menu directly. You can select the desired
              Meeting profile (by default,               shortcuts and rank them in the order of
              vibration on or off for incoming           preference.
              calls or messages).
                                                         To set your shortcut menu
                                                         1. Go to Settings > General > Shortcut.
Navigation keys                                          2. Press + or - to check the list of functional
You can configure the navigation keys +, -, < or            displays. To select/unselect an item, press
> to access your favourite features directly. On            ,Enable/Disable.
the idle screen, press the keys to access the            3. Press LOptions > Add to add a shortcut.
features.                                                To use your shortcut menu
Go to Settings > General > Fast keys to check the

• On the idle screen, press RShortcut, and
  you can select a functional display as desired.     To unlock the keypad
  The idle screen switches to the relevant            Long press *.
                                                      To lock the keypad manually
Power-saving mode                                     On the idle screen, long press *.
After the set time span, the phone has the idle
screen turned off automatically. To exit the
power-saving mode, press any key. For power-
saving purpose, set the time span to a low value
in Settings > General > Display > Backlight level &
Backlight duration.
Auto keypad lock
In the idle mode, your phone can have the
keypad locked automatically after the set time

To set the auto keypad lock
Go to Settings > Security > Auto keypad lock.

                                      Table of contents
Table of contents
1 Getting Started                9      Making an emergency call                  21
  Insert the SIM card            9
                                     4 Messaging                                  22
  Charge the battery            11
                                       Creating messages                          22
  Mode settings                 12
                                       Organizing your messages                   24
  Set clock                     12
                                       Defining your message settings             26
  Insert the micro-SD card      14
                                       E-mail                                     28
  Remove SIM2                   14
                                       Broadcast messages                         31
2 Text Entry                    15
                                     5 Contacts                                   32
  Select text entry methods     15
                                       Adding or editing contacts                 32
  Entering text                 15
                                       Searching for a contact                    33
3 Calling                       18     Managing your contacts                     33
  Making a call                 18     Create your name card                      34
  Answering and ending a call   19     Special numbers                            35
  Options during a call         19
                                     6 Tools                                      36
  Handling multiple calls
                                       Using your business organizer
  (Network-dependent)           20

6                                                                   Table of contents
   Create your task list              36   8 Camera                       44
   Check your calendar                37     Camera                       44
   Edit your task list                37     Video recorder               45
   Sound recorder                     37
   Using your clock and timer              9 Applications                 46
   Alarm                              39     Java games and application   46
   Stopwatch                          40
                                           10 Media player                48
   Text reader                        40
                                             Music player                 48
   Calculator                         41
                                             FM radio                     50
   Unit converter                     41     View photos                  53
   Currency converter                 41     Play video clips             53

7 Browser                             42   11 My files                    54
  Managing your browser               42     Finding your files           54
  Accessing web sites                 42     Managing your files          54
  Enabling/ disabling push messages   42     Sharing your files           55
  STK                                 43     Using your files             56

Table of contents                                                          7
12 Calls                             57      Security                                 66
                                             Restore factory settings                 66
13 Bluetooth                         58
  About Bluetooth                    58   Icons & Symbols                             67
  Connecting to a Bluetooth device   58   Precautions                                 69
  Getting connected by
                                          Tips                                        75
  a Bluetooth device                 59
  Editing your device list           60   Troubleshooting                             76

14 Profiles                          61   Philips Authentic Accessories               80
  Adjusting ringer settings to            Trademark Declaration                       83
  different scenes                   61
                                          Specific Absorption Rate Information 84
15 Settings                          62
                                          Limited Warranty                            86
  SIM settings                       62
  General                            62   Declaration of Conformity                   90
  Call settings                      64
  Network                            65

8                                                                       Table of contents
                                                   Inserting the SIM card
1 Getting Started                                  Follow the steps bellow to insert your new SIM
                                                   cards. Remember to switch off your mobile
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome
to Philips!                                        phone before removing the back cover.
To get the most of your product and enjoy all      1.   Press on the back cover and slide the cover
Philips has to offer, register your product at          as shown.
Please read the safety instructions in the
"Precautions" section before use.

To use your phone, you must insert a valid SIM
card supplied by your GSM operator or retailer.
The SIM card contains your subscription
information, your mobile phone number and a
memory in which you can store phone numbers
and messages.
With two SIM card slots, X503 allows you to
use two SIM cards or phone numbers on one
phone. If you select Dual SIM open on Settings >
SIM settings > Mode settings, you can set SIM1
and SIM2 to idle mode.

Getting Started                                                                                  9
2. As shown, take out the battery.               gold contact downwards. Insert your SIM
                                                 card under the metal clip holder.

You may lose all your personal settings if you
remove the battery when the phone is switched
3. As shown, align your SIM card with the SIM
   care slot, bevelled corner facing you and

10                                                                         Getting Started
4. As shown, align the metallic connectors on   Remove the protective film covering the screen
   the battery and battery slot. Insert the     and camera lens before using the phone.
   battery until it is locked.
                                                Charging the battery
                                                Your phone is powered by a rechargeable
                                                battery. A new battery is partially charged. The
                                                battery symbol indicates the state of the battery.
                                                To charge the battery, plug in the connector as
                                                shown below. Then plug the other end into a
                                                power socket.
5. As shown, insert the back cover from the
   bottom. Push the cover until it is locked.

                                                During charging, the battery symbol scrolls.

                                                Keeping the charger plugged to the mobile
                                                phone when the battery is fully charged will not

Getting Started                                                                                11
damage the battery. The only way to turn off the           preconfigured and communicated to you by
charger is to unplug it, so it is advisable to use an      your network or retailer.
easily accessible power socket.
                                                        If you enter an incorrect PIN code three times
If you do not intend to use your phone for              in succession, your SIM card will be blocked. To
several days, we recommend that you remove              unblock it, you must request the PUK code from
the battery.                                            your operator.

                                                        3. The Mode settings screen displays. Press +
You can use the phone while it is charging. If the         or - to select:
battery is completely flat, the battery symbol will        Dual SIM open: Set SIM1 and SIM2 to idle
only reappear after a few minutes of charging.             mode.
                                                           Only SIM1 open: Only use SIM1 to make/
Mode settings
                                                           receive calls and send/receive messages.
Once you switch on the phone, you need to set              Only SIM2 open: Only use SIM2 to make/
Mode settings.                                             receive calls and send/receive messages.
1. Check the Slot 1 and Slot 2 for the SIM              4. Press ,Select to confirm.
    cards (see Step 3 in "Inserting the SIM             Set clock
2. Check that your phone is switched on.                1. Check that your phone is switched on.
   Long press ) if necessary. Enter the PIN             2. On idle screen, press ,Menu and go to
   code if required. A PIN code is a 4- to 8-              Settings > General >Time and date.
   digit secret code of your SIM card. It is               Set format: Select the time (12-hour or 24-

12                                                                                       Getting Started
   hour clock) and date format by pressing the                                          <
                                                   Local settings/Foreign settings: Press   or >
                   + -
   navigation keys or        and ,OK.              select time zone and city. Press LOptions
   Set time/date: Enter the time and date. Press   to turn on the daylight saving time if
   + -or to select the box to be defined, and      applicable.
   then use numeric key to enter your desired      Switch local/foreign: Switch between local and
   digits.                                         foreign clocks.
   Show time: To display time and date on idle
                  + -
   screen, press or        to show the time in a
   clock (Analog mode) or digits (Digital mode).
   Press ,Select to confirm.

Display local and international
You can display two clocks on the idle screen,
one showing your local time and the other the
time of your destination.
1. Check that you have set your local time and
2. Go to Settings > General > Time and date >
   World clock:
   Clock status: Press ,On to turn on/off the
   international clock.

Getting Started                                                                               13
Inserting Micro-SD card (memory                         Remove SIM2
card)                                                   1. Follow Step 1 and Step 2 under "Inserting
You can expand the memory of your phone by                  the SIM card" .
adding a micro-SD card.                                 2. Press on the card and remove the card as
Supported capacity: up to 8GB                              shown.
1.  Follow Step 1 and Step 2 under "Inserting
    the SIM card" .
2. As shown, align your micro-SD card with
   the slot. Put it into the slot until it is secure.

     To remove the Micro-SD card, press
     the card and pull it out.

14                                                                                    Getting Started
                                                   editing screen. When you access the editor
2 Text Entry                                       again, it will automatically select the last input
                                                   method you have used.
Your mobile phone supports a number of text
entry methods, including T9 input, multi-tap       Depending on the language you select for your
input, numeric input and symbol input.             phone, the supported input methods may vary.

Select text entry modes                            Entering text
1. During text editing, press # repeatedly         1. Select your desired text entry methods.
   to select your desired inputs:                  2. Enter text by using the alphanumeric
         /     /      : for English entry             keypad.
        : for numeric entry                           2 to 9 To input letters (T9/ phonetic
         : Phonetic input for simplified Chinese
        /      : Stroke input for Simplified /
                                                               Press repeatedly to input desired
   Traditional Chinese
                                                               letters (multi-tap input).
2. To switch the T9 English input on or off,
   press * more than 3 seconds, and then
                                                      1     to 6 To enter strokes (stroke input)
   release it.                                        <,>   To browse candidate words (T9/
3. To enter a symbol and punctuations, press                phonetic/multi-tap input)
The text editor remembers the last input
                                                      +,- To browse the candidate words on the
                                                            previous/next page (T9 input/multi-tap
method you have used before you exit the

Text Entry                                                                                        15
     LSelect To confirm the selection                  Examples: how to enter the word "home":
                                                       1. Press 4, 6, 6, 3.
     0     To input a space
                                                          The screen displays the first word of a list:
     RClear Short press to clear a letter,                Good.
                Long press to clear all entries.                >
                                                       2. Press to scroll and select Home.
3. If necessary, press ) to exit the input             3. Press LSelect to confirm.
   mode to idle screen.
                                                       Multi-tap input (ABC/Abc/abc)
T9® input                                              Press the keys that are marked with the
                                                       corresponding letter you wish to enter. Press
              T9 ®       predictive text input is an   once to get the first letter on the key, press
                  intelligent editing mode for         twice quickly to get the second letter and so on
                  messages, which includes a           until the letter you want is displayed on the
 Tegic Euro. Pat.
                  comprehensive dictionary. It         screen.
  App. 0842463
                  allows you to quickly enter text.
You need to press only once on the key                 Example: how to enter the word "home":
                                                       Press 4, 4(GHI), 6, 6, 6 (MNO), 6
corresponding to each letter needed to spell a         (MNO), 3, 3 (DEF).
word: keystrokes input are analyzed and the
word suggested by T9 ® is displayed at the pop-        Stroke input
up window.                                             The principle of stroke input is to dissect and
                                                       separate every stroke of a Chinese character
                                                       according to sequence. When you wish to input

16                                                                                          Text Entry
the character, press the keys corresponding to
the required strokes according to sequence to
get the desired character. The stroke input
method in this phone classifies a Chinese
character into 5 basic strokes: (horizontal,
vertical, left falling stroke, right falling stroke and
over-down) as well as a special stroke. When
the stroke you need does not correspond to the
5 basic strokes, replace it with the special stroke

Text Entry                                                17
                                                      name (up to 5 characters) using the
3 Calling                                             alphanumeric keypad, or select a contact
                                                      from the list.
Making a call                                      2. Press ( to dial the selected number.
                                                      For IP calls (China only), select Options >
On idle screen                                        IP dial (SIM1)/IP dial (SIM2).
1. Enter the phone number.                            You can preset your IP service number
2. Press ( to dial the number.                        under Settings > Calls settings > IP number.
   If you want to dial the number by               3. Press ) to hang up.
   using secondary SIM, press LOpntions
   > Dial (SIM2).                                  Speed dial
3. Press ) to hang up.                             On the idle screen, you can call a preset speed-
For international calls, long press 0 to           dial number by long pressing a numeric key (2
enter the "+" sign for the international prefix.   to 9).

Use the phonebook (see “Contacts” on               Set your speed-dial number before dialling it.
page 32)                                           To assign a speed-dial key to a contact:
1. Go to ,Menu > Contacts to open the
                                                   1. Go to Settings > General > Speed dial.
   contacts list.
                                                   2. If necessary, press ,On to turn speed dial
         < >
   Press or to select a phonebook, and -
   repeatedly to search for a contact. To
   search for a contact, enter the contact

18                                                                                            Calling
   To make a speed dial, always check                     to Blacklist (For more information about
   that the speed-dial function is enabled.               blacklist, see “Blacklist” on page 65).
3. In Set number, select one of the locations
   (corresponding to the numeric keys 2 to               Options during a call
   9).                                                   During a call, you can press , to select
4. Press LEdit to assign to the location a               Handsfree or Handheld mode. Press LOptions
   contact from your phonebook.                          to access the following options:
Answering and ending a call                                  - Hold single: Put current call on hold
                                                             - End single: End current call
When you receive a call, the number of the caller            - New call: Make a new (a second) call.
may be displayed, depending on whether or not                - Phonebook: Select or edit contacts in the
the calling party has chosen to display his or her ID.         phonebook.
If the number is stored in the phonebook, then the           - Messages: Send and receive messages.
corresponding name is displayed.                             - Sound recorder: Record conversation
• Answer the call: Press ( or ,.                               during a call. (see “Sound recorder” on
• Hang up: Press ).                                            page 37).
• To answer or end a call using the supplied                 - DTMF: Enable the touch tone dialling
  one-key headset, see “Headset” on page 80.                   system.
• To reject calls from certain contacts, you
  can add the contacts or numbers to your
  blacklist. In Contacts or Calls, select a contact
  or phone number, and press LOptions > Add

Calling                                                                                              19
Sound recorder                                        Adjust the volume
                                                      During a call, press side volume key + or - to
In most countries, recording of telephone             increase or decrease the volume.
conversation is subject to legislation. We advise
you to notify the caller if you intend to record      Handling multiple calls (Network-
the conversation and only do so if they agree.        dependent)
You should also ensure confidentiality of the
recordings.                                           You can handle two or more calls at the same
                                                      time, as well as make conference calls with your
To record a conversation during a call, select        phone. The availability of this feature is
Options and select Sound recorder. Recorded           dependent on your network operator and/or
sound is saved in *.amr format and stored in Audio    your subscription.
of My files menu. (see “Finding your files” on page
54).                                                  Make a second call
                                                      You can make a second call when there is an
Mute or unmute a call                                 active call or with a call on hold. While on the
During a call, press RMute/Unmute to set the          phone, enter the number (or select a contact
Mute function on/off. If you select Mute, the         from the phonebook) and press (. The first
microphone will be deactivated.                       call is put on hold and the second number is
                                                      dialled. You can then select LOptions to
                                                      access the following options:
                                                          - Swap: To toggle between 2 calls.

20                                                                                             Calling
     - Conference: To introduce the caller into a    and the screen displays information about the
       conference call.                              incoming call. You can then:
     - End single: To disconnect one party from      • Press ( or , to answer the call (the first
       the call.                                       one is put on hold).
     - End all calls: To disconnect all party from   • Press ) to reject the call.
       the call.
     - Transfer: Connect the two calls. You are      To receive a second call, you must first
       disconnected when the transfer is             deactivate Call Divert for (see page 64) and
       completed.                                    activate Call waiting (see page 64) must be
     - Sound recorder: Record conversation           activated.
       during a call. (see “Sound recorder” on
       page 37).                                     Making an emergency call
     - New call: Make a new (a second) call.         Without a SIM card in phone, you can press
     - Phonebook: Select or edit contacts in the     RSOS to make the emergency call.
                                                     With a SIM card in phone, you can enter the
     - Messages: Send and receive messages.
                                                     emergency number in the idle mode, then press
     - DTMF: Enable the touch tone dialling

                                                     In Europe, the standard emergency number is
Answer a second call                                 112, in the UK, it is 999.
When you receive a second call while already in
communication, the phone will emit a beep tone

Calling                                                                                        21
                                                 2. Press LOptions to access the following
4 Messages                                          options:
                                                 Send to          Enter a number or select a
                                                                  contact from the phonebook.
                                                 Writing          Select your desired writing
Creating messages                                language         language.
                                                 Insert template Select to    insert   a    preset
SMS                                                              message.
SMS enables you to send text messages to the
                                                 Advanced         Select to insert the name and
other party, using Short Messaging Service
                                                                  phone number of your
(SMS). You can use the Create message > SMS
                                                                  contacts,      or      website
menu to send messages to another hand-phone
                                                                  information you saved as a
or a device that is capable of receiving SMS
                                                                  bookmark (see “Accessing
messages. To compose and send a SMS message,
                                                                  web sites” on page 42).
follow the steps below:
1. Select Create message > SMS, and write your   Save as drafts   Save as draft- Save the SMS
   message.                                                       messages to drafts of SIM1 or
                                                 3. Press ,Send to send the message to the
                                                    desired contact or contact group (see
                                                    “Contacts” on page 32)

22                                                                                         Messages
MMS                                               Preview      Preview the current MMS. Press
                                                  MMS          < or > to move to previous or
Your mobile phone can also send and receive                    next page.
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages.
                                                  Slide options Add Slide beind/Add slide before:
With MMS, you can send messages that contain                    Insert more slides into your
pictures, sound and text.                                       message.
When sending MMS messages, make sure that                       Slide timing: Set the play time of
your recipient also has an MMS-enabled phone                    MMS slides. The default value is 5
in order to view your messages. Follow the                      seconds.
steps described below to compose and send an      Advanced     Press + or - to select:
1. Select Create message > MMS, while edit                     Insert text template: Select to insert
                                                               a preset message.
   content, press LOptions:
                                                               Insert attachment: Insert a file
Send to      Enter a number or select a contact
             from the phonebook.                               (such as .txt, .jar, etc) to your
Writing      Select your     desired    writing
language     language.                                         Insert contact number/name: Select
                                                               to insert the name and phone
Add picture, Insert image, audio or video files
Add sound, to your MMS.                                        number of your contacts.
Add video
Add subject Enter the subject of the MMS.

Messages                                                                                           23
            Insert bookmark                     1. Select Templates > SMS or MMS.
            Add website information you         2. Select your desired templates.
            saved as a bookmark (see            3. Press LOptions, and select Write message.
            “Browser” on page 42).                 The ready-made message appears on the
                                                   edit screen.
Save to     Save the MMS to Drafts.
Drafts                                          Organizing your messages
Save as     Save the MMS to as a preset
template                                        In this phone, your messages are sorted in the
                                                following folders:
Details     Show the file information of
            current message.                    Inbox: received messages
2. While finish editing content, press ,Send    Drafts: messages saved as drafts
   to send the message.                         Outbox: unsuccessfully sent messages
                                                Sent: sent messages
Copyright protected pictures and sound cannot
be sent by MMS.                                 Find a message
                                                Enter a folder, and then press + or - to select a
Use templates for messages                      message.
You can use ready-made messages as new
messages. 10 SMS and 5 MMS messages are
preset in the Templates folder. You can also
save a message as a template.

24                                                                                      Messages
Manage messages                                   Select     Select multiple messages to be
                                                  multiple   deleted. Press ,Check or Uncheck
Select a desired message, press ,View to read
                                                             to select messages. To delete
the message, or press LOptions to access the
                                                             selected      messages,    select
following options:
                                                             LOptions > Delete.
For the SMS or MMS, or different folders,         Edit       Edit and    send    the   selected
available options may vary.                                  message.
                                                  Save to   Save the number of sender to the
Reply by     Reply to the MMS sender by SMS.
                                                  phonebook phonebook.
                                                  Sort by    Slect the sort method of messages.
Reply by     Reply MMS to the sender.
MMS                                               Mark as    Displays the current message as
                                                  unread     deleted.
Call sender Call the sender.
                                                  Details    Show the file information of
Forward      Forward the selected message.
                                                             current message.
Lock/        Lock or unlock the selected MMS.
                                                  Advanced   Copy or move the selected
                                                             message to SIM card or phone.
Delete       Delete the selected message.
Delete all   Delete all messages in the folder.

Messages                                                                                     25
Defining your message settings                                 Validity period: Select the length of
Some of your message settings are dependent                    time your messages will be
on the service you subscribe with the network                  stored in the SMS centre. This is
operator. Consult your network operator for                    useful when the recipient is not
your account settings, general settings, server                connected to the network (and
profile, or other relevant settings.                           thus cannot receive your
                                                               message immediately).
In Messages > Settings > SMS> SIM1 message
settings/SIM2 message settings,                                This feature      is   subscription
Account      aProfile name: Edit the name of the
settings      current profile.                                 Message type: Select the format of
              SMSC address: Select your default                your sent messages. This option is
              SMS center. If not available on                  network dependent.
              your SIM card, you must enter        Voicemail   Edit voice mail server number.
              your SMS centre number.              server

26                                                                                        Messages
Common     Delivery report: When set to On,     Memory        This option can display the
settings   this option will inform you via      status        memory status of the messages
           SMS whether or not your own                        saved in the SIM card and the
           SMS was received.                                  phone.
                                                Preferred     This option allows you to select
           This feature     is   subscription   storage       the preferred storage. You can
                                                              select SIM card or phone.
           Reply path: When On, this option     In Settings > MMS > Common settings,
           allows you to transmit the
                                                Create       Set Creation modes, Image resizing,
           number of your SMS message
                                                            Auto signature and Signature. In
           center together with the
                                                            Signature, press ,Edit to enter the
           message. The recipient can then
                                                            content of signature.
           reply using your SMS center and
           not theirs. This speeds up the       Sending     Set Validity period, Delivery report,
           rate of transmission. This feature               Read report, Priority, Delivery time,
           is subscription dependent.                       Hide sender and Send and save
           Save sent message: When set to                   options for sending an MMS
           On, the message is sent and saved                message.
           to the Sent folder.

Messages                                                                                       27
Retrieval   Set Home network, Roaming, Filters,      Set up E-mail profiles
            Read report and Delivery report          The E-mail accounts allows you to Activate, or Edit
            options for receiving an MMS             one of the available email profiles. You can also
            message.                                 create a new Email account. Consult the
Memory      View the memory status of your           network operator for the account information.
status      MMS.                                     If necessary, consult your mail service provider
                                                     for the mail server configuration.
                                                     1.   Go to E-mail > E-mail accounts. Press
If not included in your mobile phone contract,            LOptions and select New account.
you will need to subscribe to an E-mail service in   2.   Enter your account information as
order to send and receive E-mails. In this case,          prompted.
all parameters are communicated to you by your            - When entering symbols like @ and _,
operator.                                                   press *.
                                                          - While selecting data account, press
This menu allows you to send E-mails to one or
several recipients at a time, including with an
                                                            LEdit, and then select GPRS data.
                                                            Check that you have selected a GPRS
attachment such as a JPEG picture. Once
                                                            Internet/E-mail connection account.
received, your messages can be forwarded and
                                                          - Consult your mail service provider for
the attachments can be visualized with the
                                                            the mail server configuration.
appropriate software.
                                                     3.   When returning to the list of Email
                                                          accounts, select the desired account, and

28                                                                                            Messages
    press ,Activate to activate the selected E-       receive E-mails from the Internet to the mailbox
    mail account.                                     you have preset on your phone.

Write E-mail                                          You can only attach one file (JPEG, MID, JAR,
To write an Email, select E-mail > Write E-mail.      TXT, MP3) or one sound at a time.
Enter the address (To), a copy (Cc), a blind copy     To receive E-mail automatically
(Bcc), Subject and Attachment (up to 3 files) and     1. Go to E-mail > E-mail accounts. Press + or -
level of priority. Press LEdit to edit the e-mail         to select your desired account.
content. When you have finished writing your          2. Press LOptions, and select Edit >
email, press LOptions > Done. And then press              Advanced settings.
RDone. You can then select to Send, Send and          3. In Account settings > Check interval, press <
save, Save to Drafts or Quit without saving.              or > to select your desired time span.
                                                          Your mail box will be checked automatically
If you exit the E-mail > Write E-mail menu before
sending your e-mail or if you cancel the sending          after each time span.
while it takes place, the e-mail content is deleted   If authentication is required for outgoing
without being stored.                                 mail
                                                      1. Go to E-mail > E-mail accounts. Press + or -
Send and receive E-mail                                   to select your desired account.
The E-mail > Send and receive allows you to send      2. Press LOptions, and select Edit >
E-mails from your phone to the Internet, and              Advanced settings > Outgoing server. Check
                                                          that you have selected On (by default) in

Messages                                                                                           29
Organize your E-mail                              For different folders, available options may vary.
For your activated account, the Emails are
sorted in the following folders:                  Reply          Reply to the senders.
Inbox: received E-mail                            Reply          Reply to the sender without the
Outbox: unsuccessfully sent E-mail                without        email history.
Sent: sent E-mail
Drafts: Email saved as drafts                     Reply all      Reply to all senders.
To receive E-mail automatically                   Reply all      Reply to all senders without the
1. Go to your desired folder.                     without        email history.
2. Press LOptions > Sort to sort and list files   content
   as desired.                                    Forward        Forward the downloaded E-mail
3. Press +, -, < or > to select.                                 to someone else.
To read and edit E-mail                           Retrieve       Retrieve the complete mail.
1. Select your desired E-mail. Press ,View to     option         This option is available when you
   read the E-mail.                                              select Header only in Email
2. While reading the current email, press                        accounts > Edit > Advance settings
                                                                 > Incoming server > Download
   LOptions to access the following options:                     option (See Step 3 in see “Set up
                                                                 E-mail profiles” on page 28).
                                                  Mark as        Displays the current E-mail as
                                                  unread         unread.

30                                                                                         Messages
Mark as       Displays the current E-mail as     Define settings for broadcast
deleted       deleted.
Delete        Delete the current E-mail.         In Broadcast messages > SIM1 broadcast message/
To clear mailboxes                               SIM2 broadcast message,
You can quickly remove all of mails under a
                                                 Receive     Press ,On/Off to turn the receive
folder, like Inbox, Outbox, or Sent.
                                                 mode        mode on or off.
1. Go to E-mail > Delete all folder.
                                                 Read        Read messages when there are
2. Select a folder to be emptied.
                                                 message     received broadcast messages.
3. Press ,Select to empty the folder.
To delete marked Emails                          Languages   Set language for the broadcast
The Email > Delete all marking allows you to                 message to be received.
remove all the mails marked as deleted.          Channel     Define the channel for broadcast
Broadcast message                                settings    messages

Broadcast messages are public messages
broadcast to a group of mobile users. The
messages are broadcast on coded channels.
Generally, one broadcast channel can transmit
one type of message. Please contact your
network operator for a list of channel numbers
and their respective broadcast information.

Messages                                                                                     31
                                                  2. Select a number type (Mobile number,
5 Contacts                                           Home number or Office number):
                                                     Name: Press LEdit to go to the editing
                                                     screen. To select input methods, press #
                                                     repeatedly; long press * to turn T9 input
Contacts are stored in one of the two available      on or off. Press RBack to exit the input
phonebooks: SIM phonebook (located on your           mode, if necessary. Press ,Done to finish
SIM card, by which the number of entries you         editing.
can store depends on the card capacity) or the       Number: Enter the mobile number.
Smart Phonebook (located on your phone,           3. Add details as desired in other fields.
which allows you to store up to 2000 names).         When selecting a contact picture, ringtone,
New contacts will only be added to the               or caller group, press < or > to select your
phonebook you have selected.                         desired picture, sound or caller group (To
                                                     use a photo as contact picture, see “Set a
Adding or editing contacts                           photo as contact picture” on page 56).
                                                  4. Press ,Done to save.
Add a contact to Smart phonebook
For contacts on the Smart Phonebook, you can      Add a contact to SIM phonebook
add detailed information, like home number and    1. Go to Contacts > Options > Add. Select To
office number, and identifying features, like        SIM1 or To SIM2.
contact pictures and ringtones.                   2. Follow Step 2 under “Add a contact to
                                                     Smart phonebook”.
1. Go to Contacts > Options > Add > To phone.

32                                                                                      Contacts
3. Press ,Done to save.                             Press # repeatedly to select an input
Edit a contact                                      Names starting with the character are
1. Go to Contacts.                                  listed.
2. Select your desired contact (see "Searching
   for a contact").                              Managing your contacts
3. Press LOptions > Edit to go to the editing    You can copy or move your contact entries
   options.                                      between the two phonebooks. Also, you can
   For contacts on SIM phonebook, only name      group your contacts as Family, Friends, Business
   and mobile number are editable.               and others as you like. For different groups, you
                                                 can use different ringtones for identification, and
Searching for a contact                          send messages to a group.
1. Go to Contacts.
   There are 4 pages on top of phonebook list:   Copy, move or delete a contact
   all contacts, phone contacts, SIM1 contacts   1. Go to Contacts, select your desired page of
   and SIM2 contacts.                               contacts.
   Names starting with the character are         2. Select a desired contact (see "Searching for
   listed.                                          a contact").
2. Press < or > to select your desired page of   3. Press LOptions to select Copy to Phone,
   contacts.                                        Move to copy or Delete.
3. To search for a contact, enter the contact
   name (up to 5 characters).

Contacts                                                                                         33
                                                   To add multiple contacts to smart
Delete multiple contacts                           phonebook,
1. Go to Contacts, select your desired page of     Go to Contacts, press LOptions > Caller
   contacts.                                       groups, select the desired groups, press ,View
2. Press LOptions > Select multiple. Press ,       the check the member list, and then press
   to select the desired contact, or press         ,Add. Or press LOptions > Add.
   LOptions to select Check or Check all.
3. Press LOptions > Delete.                        Create your name card
4. Press ,Select to confirm.                       With a name card, you can conveniently send
                                                   your contact information to others when
Copy, move or delete all contacts                  necessary.
1. Go to Contacts>Options>Phonebook settings.
2. Select Copy contacts, Move contacts or Delete   Create a name card
   all contacts.                                   1. Go to Contacts > Options > Phonebook
                                                      settings > My vCard > Edit my card.
Group your contacts on the Smart                   2. Select the desired item. Press L to edit.
phonebook                                          3. For information editing, see Step 2 under
1. Go to Contacts > Options > Caller groups.          “Add a contact to Smart phonebook”.
2. Select a group. You can rename the group,
   select a ringtone and a contact picture, and    Send your name card
   add contacts to Group.                          1. Go to Contacts > Options > Phonebook
                                                      settings > My vCard > Send my card.

34                                                                                      Contacts
2. Select your sending options.                    SIM1/SIM2   Press LEdit to edit your
                                                   SOS         emergency phone number.
vCard sending and receiving are available on the
primary SIM card only.

Special numbers
This menu allows you to keep a list of useful
numbers such as own numbers, voice mail and
emergency numbers.
Go to Contacts > Options > Phonebook settings >
Special numbers:
Options       Description
SIM1/SIM2     Go to , to edit the phone
Owner         number or name to be shown on
number        the idle screen.
SIM1/SIM2     This service is provided by your
Service       network operator. For more
dialling      information      regarding   the
number        corresponding function, please
              contact your network operator.

Contacts                                                                             35
                                                   3. To keep      yourself   reminded,   do    the
6 Tools                                               following:
                                                   Note        Add a note about the task.
                                                               Press LEdit to edit the task. On
                                                               the    editing   screen,   press
Using your business organizer                                  LOptions > Use template to use
You can add your new tasks to the phone. Such                  the preset note.
to-do tasks are marked in your calendar. You       Alarm       Press < or > to turn the alarm on,
can always check your calendar and remind                      have it sound at 5 minutes,
yourself as desired.                                           15minutes or 30 minutes before
                                                               the specified time, or no reminder.
Create your task list                                          Or select Custom, press -, use
1.  In Tools > To do list, press ,Add or                       numeric keys to enter the time and
    LOptions > Add to add a kind of task.                      date.
    You can also add a task in Tools > Calendar:
    select a date in the calendar, press
    LOptions > Add task.
2. When setting a task, specify the date and

36                                                                                             Tools
Repeat       Press < or > to repeat the alarm at     Edit your task list
             the specified time once, everyday,      1. In Tools > To do list, or Tools > Calendar,
             weekly or monthly.                         press LOptions > Go to weekly view/Go to
             To repeat the alarm at certain             monthly view to enter the task list.
             days, press < or > to select            2. Select your desired task. Press ,View to
             Customize, press - and < or > to           view task; Press LOptions to do the
             select a weekday or weekend, and           following:
             press L to turn the alarm on or         Add         Add a task.
             off on the certain day.
                                                     Edit        Edit the selected task.
4. Press ,Done to save the task.
   At the set time, the task note appears as a       Delete      Delete the selected task.
   new event on the idle screen.                     Send        Send the task as a message.
Check your calendar
After creating your task lists, you can check your   Sound recorder
calendar in day, weekly, or monthly views. In        You can make your own recording, and share it
Tools > Calendar, press LOptions or ,View;           with your friends via the MMS, E-mail, or
You can also create your task list in the calendar   Bluetooth. Also, you can use the recording as
of different views.                                  the ringtone of incoming calls or a contact.

Tools                                                                                           37
To make recording                                To edit recording files
1. Go to Tools > Sound recorder.                 1. Go to My files > Phone or Memory card >
2. Press ,New record to start recording.            Audio.
3. Press , to pause/resume recording. Press      2. Select the desired file.
   RStop to stop recording.                      3. Press LOptions to select the desired
4. Press ,Yes to save the recording.                options.

Recorder settings                                To send an audio file
1. Go to Tools > Sound recorder.                 1. Go to My files > Phone or Memory card >
2. Press LOptions > Settings to enter the           Audio.
   following.                                    2. Select the desired file.
Storage    Press < or > to select Phone or       3. Press LOptions > Send to send the audio
           Memory card. When selecting              file via the MMS, E-mail, or Bluetooth.
           memory card, please confirm
           there is a memory card inserted.      To set your recording as a ringtone
           (see "Inserting Micro-SD card         1. Go to My files > Phone or Memory card >
           (memory card)" on Page 14)
File       Press < or > to select file format.   2. Select the desired file.
format                                           3. Press LOptions > Use as > To ringtone list.
Audio      Press < or > to select High or Low.   The recording is added to your ringtone file list.

38                                                                                           Tools
To change the ringtone, see "Adjusting ring          Audio options: Select an alarm tone: Ringer or
settings to different scenes" on Page 61.            FM radio.
                                                     To use ringer as the alarm tone, press -,
Using your clock and timer                           and then LOptions to select a ringtone;
                                                     To use FM radio as the alarm tone, press -,
Alarm                                                and then LOptions to select a preset
You can set up to five alarms.                       station in Channel List, or enter a radio
To set an alarm                                      station frequency in Manual Input.
1. Check that your clock is correctly set (see       Snooze(Mins): Select an alarm interval:
   "Set clock" on Page 12).                          Default (5 minutes), or 1 - 10 minutes.
2. Go to Tools > Alarm.                              Alert type: Select how the alarm sounds at
   The screen of alarm list appears.                 the set time.
3. Select an alarm, and press ,Edit to enter      4. Press ,Done when you finish setting the
   the alarm setting screen.                         alarm.
   On/Off: Press < or > to turn the alarm on or   To use an alarm
   off.                                           On the set alarm time, your alarm sounds.
   Time: Set the alarm time.                      Select Stop: The alarm stops. If you have selected
   Repeat: Repeat the alarm on one or some of     repetition mode for the alarm (see "To set an
   the weekdays or weekends. Or select            alarm" on Page 39), it will sound again at the set
   Customize, press - and < or > to select a      time.
   certain days, and then press L to select
                                                  Select Snooze: The alarm will sound again after
   or unslect the day.
                                                  the set Snooze(Mins) interval.

Tools                                                                                            39
                                                      Existing files are listed.
The alarm clock will ring even if your mobile
phone is switched off, or the Profiles is set to   4. To display a file correctly, select your
Silent.                                               desired file, and press LOptions > View
                                                      settings > Encoding. Select the encoding
                                                      suitable to your language.
Use the stopwatch for your timing needs.           To search for information when viewing
                                                   a file
In Tools > Stopwatch,                              You search for specific words, marked
•   Press ,Start to start timing.                  information, or different parts of the file. After
•   Press , Pause/Continue to pause or resume.     opening the file, press LOptions to select:
•   Press LReset to reset the timer.               • Find: Find specific words in the file.
•   Press RBack to exit.                           • Go to bookmark: Go to the marked
Text reader                                          information. To do so, add a bookmark where
                                                     desired by pressing LOptions > Add
This menu allows you to view the text file (.txt     bookmark.
file) saved in your phone or the memory card.      • Jump to: Go to the desired rows. Press
To view a file through the text reader,              numeric keys to enter the rows.
1. Copy and save the file to My files > Phone or   To clear the files created by the system
   Memory card > Others > Ebook.                   during E-book reading
2. Go to Tools > Text reader.                      • Go to Tools > Text reader. In the screen of file
3. Press LOptions > View settings > Select           list, press LOptions > Cleanup bookself.
   memory to select the memory storage.

40                                                                                             Tools
Others                                                The result is then truncated after the 10th
                                                      decimal digit for the next operation.
Enter figures and operation symbols by using the
on-screen numeric keypad.
Unit converter
You can make different types of unit conversion
at a fixed rate. Press < or > to select unit types,
and input figures in boxes.

Press * to enter the decimal point.

Currency converter
Convert between different currencies based on
exchange rates.
1. In Tools > Currency converter, enter your
   exchange rate in Rate. Press ,OK to
2. Enter the sum of money in Local. Press
   ,OK. You will get the result in Foreign.

The result of the calculator is indicative only.
The calculation accuracy is 10 decimal places.

Tools                                                                                         41
                                                    Clear cache, Clear cookies: Clear the history and
7 Browser                                           cookies of the browser.
                                                    Accessing web sites
                                                    You can access a web site in different ways:
You can use this function to browse the             Home: Access the homepage. Save your favorite
Internet. Consult your network operator for         web site as the homepage.
the service subscription, data account              Bookmarks: Access the web site saved as a
information, and WAP settings.                      bookmark. By storing a website as bookmark,
                                                    you can save and quickly access your favorite
Managing your browser                               websites, and forward them in your messages
In Browser > WAP > Settings,                        (see "Insert bookmark" page 24).
Select SIM: Select a SIM card to access Internet,   Recent pages: Access a web site you visited
default is SIM1.                                    before.
Or choose Always ask, always select SIM card        Enter address: Enter a web site address.
before accessing Internet.
Profiles: Define or select your Internet access
                                                    Enabling/disabling push messages
settings.                                           WAP push messages are specially formatted
Browser options: Define the time for an access      SMS messages that contain a URL. With such a
attempt, or choose whether to show images on        URL, you can connect to a web site address
web pages.                                          through the WAP browser of your phone.

42                                                                                             Browser
To enable or disable the function, go to Browser
> WAP > Settings > Service message settings >
Enable push.
The availability of the features in this menu
depends on whether or not your SIM card
supports STK. If your SIM card supports STK
function, the STK menu will be displayed on the

Browser                                            43
                                                    the   MMS,     E-mail   or   bluetooth,    press
8 Camera                                            LOptions > Send; to exit Camera, press
                                                   • During photographing, press < or > to
                                                     decrease or increase the brightness; press +
Your mobile phone features a digital camera that     or - to zoom out or in (for the image size of
allows you to take pictures (up to 3.2 Mega          240x320)
pixels) and record short video clips.              • To select your desired photo settings, and
                                                     storage location, press LOptions; to return
Camera                                               to the default settings, select Restore default
Take photos                                          Your selected settings are shown as icons on
On the idle screen, press ,Menu > Camera >           the screen.
Camera,                                            • Before taking a photo for contact picture or
                                                     wallpaper, press LOptions > Image settings
• Press the , key gently to focus. Hold down
                                                     > Image size, and select 240x320. If you select
  the , key until the auto focus is completed
                                                     other resolutions, your photo will not be
  and picture captured.
                                                     displayed in full screen.
• After a photo is taken, a file name is
  generated for the photo at the top of the
                                                   View photos
  photo. To continue photographing, press
  RBack; to delete the photo, press                See "View photos" on page 53.
  LOptions > Delete; to send the photo via

44                                                                                            Camera
Video recorder

Video recording
In Camera > Video recorder,
• Press , to start or pause videorecording.
• Press R to stop recording.
• Press the side volume key to zoom in or out.
• To select your desired video recorder
  settings, video file settings, and storage
  location, press L; to return to the default
  settings, select Restore default settings.
• Press < or > to decrease or increase the

Play video clips
See "Play video clips" on page 53.

Camera                                           45
                                                    When installing games via a USB data cable,
9 Applications                                      make sure that you save the .jar and .jad files in
                                                    the same file folder under My files > Others on
                                                    your phone or memory card. Select a file to be
                                                    installed, and press ,Install to start the
Java game and application
Your mobile phone features a Java run-time          Run Java games and applications
environment, which allows you to run Java           Your phone is preloaded with some Java games
applications, such as games downloaded from         and applications. Select your desired program,
the network.                                        press ,Launch to start it.
The first time you launch Java, a message appears
to alert you that the installation and              To run some Java applications (untrusted third
configuration of Java will take several moments.    party software) on your phone, you may need to
                                                    adjust the Java settings.
Install Java games and applications                 1. In Applications > Java, select the application
You can download Java games and applications           to be launched.
from the Internet to your phone via the WAP,        2. Press LOptions > Settings, and select your
or install them from PC via the supplied USB           option as needed:
cable.                                                 Network access: permission to network
Consult your network operator for the services.        access
                                                       Auto invocation: permission to launch the

46                                                                                        Applications
    MIDlet automatically                           Java SIM1      Select Java network for SIM1 and
    Messaging: permission to send and receive      Profile/Java   SIM2 (service subscription-
    messages                                       SIM2 Profile   dependent).
    Multimedia: permission to photographing, or
                                                   Heap Size      Display allowed maximum size
    sound/video recording
                                                                  for Java memory.
    Read user data: permission to read your
    data, like contacts and calendar entries
    Write user data: permission to write your
    Local connectivity: permission to local
    connectivity,      like    the     Bluetooth

Java settings
Go to Applications > Java > Java settings:
Java audio     Set the volume level.
Java backlight Turn the backlight On or Off.
Java vibration Turn the vibration On or Off.
Select SIM     Select SIM1 or SIM2.

Applications                                                                                    47
                                                    3. On the left pane, select All Music.
10 Media player                                        On the right pane, all the music files you
                                                       added are displayed.
                                                    4. Click Title, Artist, Album to edit them as

Music player                                        Operations may vary according to music
                                                    management software or Windows Media
Save MP3, Midi, SP-Midi, AMR, WMA, WAV,
                                                    Player versions. Consult the help file of the
AAC, AAC+, and ADPCM(wav) music files               software.
under the Audio folder on your phone and
memory card. You can play the music on your         Transfer music files from PC to your
phone.                                              phone
                                                    1. Use the supplied USB data cable to connect
Creating your music library                            your phone with the PC. Select Mass storage
Edit music files on your PC                            on your phone.
1. Run Windows Media Player (or other music         2. Copy the music files from the PC to the
   management program) on your PC.                     Audio folder on your memory card (see
2. To add music files, click Media Library on the      "Inserting Micro-SD card (memory card)"
   left menu, and then click Add on the top            on Page 14).
   menu.                                            3. Remove your phone (a USB mass storage
                                                       device) from the PC safely.

48                                                                                    Media player
4. On your phone, go to Media player > Music               - Select Equalizer: Select sound settings
   player > Settings > Refresh all lists.                    suitable to your songs.
   All the music files are transferred.                    - Select Music in background: Continue to
                                                             play music after exiting the music player.
Playing music                                         2. Select your desired song in the folder.
The music files are organized in two folders on          It starts playback from the song. On the
the phone or memory card.                                playback screen, the file information and
Tracks: all the songs transferred to the music           selected playback settings are displayed.
player.                                               3. To select your playback settings,
Artists: songs sorted by artist.                         Press LOptions:
Play music files                                         Add to playlist: Add current song to a
                                                         selected playlist.
1. Go to Media player > Music player > Settings,         Add to ringtone list: Add current song to
   to select another playback settings.                  ringtone list.
    - Select Play mode to open the options:              Info: Show detail information of the song.
      Repeat one: Play current file repeatedly        4. To return to the playback screen, press
      Repeat all: Play all the files in the folder       RBack.
      repeatedly.                                        If necessary, select Now playing on the Music
      Shuffle and repeat: Repeat music files in the      player screen to go to the playback screen.
      folder randomly.                                   ,: Pause and resume playback.
      Shuffle: Play music files in the folder            < or >: Press to select previous or next
      randomly.                                          song.

Media player                                                                                        49
     < or >: Long press to select a section within     1. Select your desired song.
     a song.                                           2. Press LOptions > Add to playlist.
     Volume side keys: Adjust the volume.                 Exiting playlists are displayed.
     RBack: Return to the previous menu                3. Press ,Select to add the song to the
     ): Exit the music player and go to the idle          selected playlist.
To continue to play music after exiting                Listen to music through a stereo
the music player,                                      Bluetooth headset
Go to Media player > Music player > Settings >         Check that the Bluetooth is powered on, and
Music in background, and select Ask first or Always.   your stereo Bluetooth headset supports A2DP
To turn off the music player on the idle               profile (Bluetooth stereo output).
screen,                                                For more information, please see "Connecting to
• Press ), and then press ,Yes.                        a Bluetooth device" on Page 58.
When listening to music, adjust the volume to a        FM radio
moderate level. Continuous exposure to high
volume may impair your hearing.                        Tuning to a radio station
Create playlists                                       To tune to a radio station, always plug the
                                                       supplied headset into your phone.
You can create up to 10 playlists for songs that
you wish to play at this time. Your last played        • Auto tune
songs are saved to Last played.                            In Media player>FM radio, press LOptions
                                                           > Auto presets.

50                                                                                        Media player
    The radio frequency scanning starts
    automatically. Up to 20 available radio          Editing the channel list
    stations are saved to Channel list. The first    You can assign a preset to a certain location.
    preset radio station starts to play.             When pressing the numeric key on the radio
    - On the radio playback screen, press + to       playback screen, you tune to the station
      enable the auto search function. The auto      immediately.
      search icon lights up. Press < or > to start   1. In Media player > FM radio, press LOptions
      the auto tuning to the next available             > Channel list to enter the channel list.
      station.                                       2. Press + or - to select a location for your
• Manual tune                                           preset.
    Go to Media player > FM radio, press             3. Press LOptions to edit the channel list:
    LOptions > Manual input to enter your               Play: Play current channel.
    desired radio frequency.                            Delete: Delete current channel.
Or,                                                     Edit: Edit channel name and frequency.
    - On the radio playback screen, press + to       Or
      enable the auto search function. The auto      1. Tune to your desired station (see "Tuning to
      search icon dims. If the channel list is          a radio station").
      empty, press < or > repeatedly for fine        2. On the radio playback screen, long press
      tuning.                                           your desired numeric key.
                                                        Current station is saved to the location
                                                        (corresponding to the numeric key) in
                                                        Channel list.

Media player                                                                                     51
3. To edit the channel name, press LOptions        4. To return to the idle screen during playback,
   > Channel list to select a channel. Press          press )。
   LOptions > Edit to edit the channel name.       To turn off the radio on the idle screen,
                                                   • Press ), and then press ,Yes.
Listening to a radio station
1. Go to Media player > FM radio.                  Record radio programs
   The last played station starts to play.         You can record a radio program when listening
2. Tune to your desired station. To select a       to it.
   preset station,
    - Press a numeric key;                         1. On the radio playback screen, pree
    - Or, press LOptions > Channel list to            ,Record to start recording.
      enter the channel list, select a preset      2. Press , to pause/resume recording. Press
      station.                                        RStop to stop recording.
3. On the radio playback screen,                      A file name is generated for the recording
   Press - to stop or resume radio playback.          file.
   Volume side keys: adjust the volume.               Edit the file name as desired, if necessary.
   Press LOptions > Settings > Background          3. Press ,Done to save the file.
   play: to exit the radio and continue               You can find the recording file under My files
   playback.                                          > Phone or Memory card > Audio.
   Press LOptions > Settings > Loud speaker:
   Turn it on to listen to the radio through the

52                                                                                     Media player
View photos                                      Play video clips
With the image viewer, you can browse and edit   Your video recording is saved to My files >
the photos you have taken.                       Phone or Memory card > Videos.
Go to Media player > Image viewer. The photos    1. Go to Media player > Video player.
you have taken are displayed. Press LOptions     2. Select the desired video file. Press ,Play to
to select your browsing and editing options.        start or pause playback.
When viewing a photo, press the side volume         Press * key to toggle between full screen
key to zoom in or out (for the image size           mode and normal mode. In the full screen,
greater than 240x320), and , to rotate a            press any keys but ) to display the
photo.                                              functional menus.
To use a photo as contact picture,                  Long press < or > to search backward or
Select the photo, and press LOptions > Use as       forward.
> Contact picture (see "Add a contact to Smart      Press the side volume key + or - to adjust
phonebook" on Page 32).                             the volume.
                                                    Press R to stop playback.
Before taking a photo for contact picture, set
the Image size to 240x320, if possible: Go to
Camera > Camera, press LOptions > Image
settings > Image size, and select 240x320.

Media player                                                                                  53
                                                      3. If necessary, open a folder, and press
11 My files                                              LOptions > Sort by to show files in the
                                                         order of name, type, time or size.

                                                      To find your files on the phone, save the files
                                                      under the Pictures, Video, Audio and Others folders
On the phone, all the files are stored under the      on the phone or memory card.
folders of the phone memory or memory card.
Finding your files                                    The insecurity audio, video files and pictures are
                                                      not recommended to save to your phone
1. Go to My files.
2. Select Phone or Memory card, if you have           Managing your files
   installed a memory card on your phone.
   Select your desired file folder:                   Create sub-folders
   Pictures: for photos, like .jpg files and others   You can create sub-folders under the folders
   Videos: for video files, and others                (like Pictures, Videos, Audio and Others) or an
   Audio: for audio files, like sound recording,      existing sub-folder.
   radio recording, music files, ringtones, and
   others                                             1. Select a folder or sub-folder under which
   Others: for all other files, like Ebook (for          you wish to create a folder.
   files readable through Tools > Text reader),       2. Press LOptions > Create folder.
   and files received via the Bluetooth.              3. In the editing screen, enter a file name.
                                                         Select your desired text entry methods (see

54                                                                                               My files
    "Text Entry" on page 15). Press RBack to      To copy, move, or delete multiple files,
    exit the input mode, if necessary, press      1. In a file folder, press LOptions > Select
    LOptions > Done to finish editing.               multiple, and select your desired option.
    A sub-folder is created.                      2. Press , to select the desired contact.
                                                  3. Press LOptions > Delete.
Manage your files                                 4. Press ,Select to confirm.
You can copy and move, delete, or rename your
files.                                            Sharing your files
1. Select a file under a folder.                  You can share your files with others via the
2. Press LOptions to select your desired          MMS, E-mail, or Bluetooth.
   option.                                        1. Select the desired file, and press
3. To copy or move a file, select the desired        LOptions > Send.
   folder, and press:                             2. Select the option to send the file via the
   ,Select: Move or copy the file to current         MMS, E-mail, or Bluetooth.
   folder or sub-folder.                             If you send your files via the Bluetooth,
   LOptions>Open: Open a sub-folder under            check your Bluetooth connection first.
   current folder/sub-folder, and move or copy       (see "Bluetooth" on page 58)
   the file to it.
   LOptions > Open > Options > Create folder:
   Create a sub-folder under current folder/
   sub-folder, and move or copy the file to it.

My files                                                                                         55
Using your files

Set a photo as contact picture
You can use your photo as the contact picture
of the contacts in your Smart Phonebook (see
"Add a contact to Smart phonebook" on page
1. Select a photo under My files > Phone or
   Memory card > Pictures.
   Image size equal to or smaller than 20KB.
2. Press LOptions > Use as > Contact picture.
    - Before taking a photo for contact picture,
      please ensure you have select 240x320
      on Image size.

Setting audio files as ringtone
1. Select an audio file under Audio.
2. Press LOptions > Use as > To ringtone list.
    You can send the audio file to ringtone list.

56                                                  My files
12 Calls

You are provided with the records about your
incoming and outgoing calls.
Go to Calls to check your call history.

You can reply to such calls or add such contacts
to your phone book. Go to Calls, press < or > to
select a page: All calls/Dialled calls/Received calls//
Missed calls, select the contact or phone number,
and press LOptions to select your desired

Calls                                                     57
                                                  1. Go to Bluetooth > Power. Press , to select
13 Bluetooth                                         On if necessary, to turn on the Bluetooth
                                                  2. Select Find devices to start searching for
                                                     available Bluetooth devices.
                                                     A list of available Bluetooth devices appears.
About Bluetooth                                   3. Select the device you wish to connect. Press
Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless               ,Pair.
technology, allowing connection to a compatible   4. Enter the Bluetooth password (0000 by
Bluetooth device within 10 meters. The               default) to start pairing.
Bluetooth connection can be subject to               The pairing is made if your pairing request is
interference from obstructions such as walls or      accepted by the other device.
other electronic devices.
                                                  Connect to a Bluetooth headset
Before you can apply Bluetooth, make sure the
                                                  1. Follow Step 1 and 2 under "Connecting to a
other device supports Bluetooth function by
                                                     Bluetooth device".
contacting the device’s manufacturer or its
                                                  2. In Settings > Audio path, check that you have
accompanied documentation.
                                                     selected Forward to BT headset.
Connecting to a Bluetooth device                  3. Select Find devices to start searching for
                                                     available Bluetooth devices.
Consult the user documentation of the
                                                     A list of available Bluetooth devices appears.
Bluetooth device to be connected. Prepare the
Bluetooth device for pairing.

58                                                                                       Bluetooth
4. Select the device you wish to connect. Press   To control music playback through a
   ,Pair.                                         Bluetooth headset
5. Enter the password of your Bluetooth           Consult the user documentation of the
   headset to start pairing.                      Bluetooth headset. Check that your Bluetooth
   The pairing is made if the password is         headset supports AVRCP profile (audio/video
   correctly input.                               remote control).
6. Enter the password again for connection.
   You will find successfully connected device    Connect to a device you connected
   in My devices.
To listen to music or audio files through a
                                                  1. On the device, check that the Bluetooth
Bluetooth stereo headset
                                                     function is enabled.
Consult the user documentation of the             2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone.
Bluetooth headset. Check that your Bluetooth      3. On the phone, go to Bluetooth > My devices.
headset supports A2DP profile (Bluetooth             Check that the device is in the list.
stereo output).                                      The connection is established. If necessary,
To listen to music through the Bluetooth stereo      select the device and press ,Connect.
headset, go to Media player > Music player, and
                                                  Getting connected by a Bluetooth
select and play your desired songs.
                                                  1. Go to Bluetooth > Settings:
                                                     Visibility: Turn it on to make your phone

Bluetooth                                                                                     59
   visible to other Bluetooth devices.
                                                  If you do not use the Bluetooth feature for some
   Change device name: Press ,Select to edit      time, you should deactivate it in order to
   your phone name to be identified by other      conserve battery power.
   Bluetooth devices.
   Authentication: Turn it on if a password
   (0000 by default) is required to
   accept the connection request.
2. Go to Bluetooth > Power. Press , to select
   On if necessary, to turn on the Bluetooth
   The paring is made when you receive and
   accept the paring request (enter the
   password 0000 if necessary).
Editing your device list
All the devices you have connected are saved to
My devices. To edit the device list,
1. Go to Bluetooth > My devices.
2. To rename or delete a device, press
   LOptions to select your options.

60                                                                                      Bluetooth
                                                      To change the settings:
14 Profiles                                           1. In Profiles, select the profile to be changed.
                                                         Press LOptions.
                                                      2. Select the item to be changed, press
                                                         ,Select to select your desired options.
Adjusting ring settings to different                  3. Repeat Step 2 until you finish the settings.
scenes                                                Apply a profile
The profiles are defined for several scenes. They     1. In Profiles, select the profile to be applied.
consist of the settings for ringtones, ring volume,   2. Press ,Activate to activate the profile.
answer mode, and others. With preset profiles,           To activate or deactivate the Meeting mode
you can easily adjust incoming calls and messages        on idle screen (by default, vibration on or
as desired.                                              off for incoming calls or messages), long
                                                         press # on the idle screen.
Define your profiles
This phone has provided you with several preset       If you select Flight mode, you disable the
profiles. You can use the default settings or         connection between your phone and your
change them as desired.                               mobile phone network.

The settings for Silence and Flight mode (on a
plane) are unchangeable.

Profiles                                                                                            61
                                                             Only SIM1 open: Only use SIM1 to
15 Settings                                                  make/receive calls and send/
                                                             receive messages.
                                                             Only SIM2 open: Only use SIM2 to
                                                             make/receive calls and send/
SIM settings                                                 receive messages.
Dual SIM    Change current SIM card slot        Query on     Display SIM settings screen or not
setting     settings:                           power up     while power on the phone.
            SIM1 setup/SIM2 setup: Set SIM      General
            card name.
                                                Time and date Set the clock of the phone (see
            Primary SIM                                       “Set clock” on page 12).
            The default SIM card is SIM1. You                 Auto update of date and time:
            are provided services by primary                  Update the time and date of your
            SIM by default.                                   phone according to the signals
            Select SIM1 or SIM2 to the                        sent by the network. (dependent
            primary SIM card.                                 on the network).
Mode setting Dual SIM open: Set SIM1 and SIM2   Auto power on/ Set time for the phone to be
             to idle mode.                      off            switched on and off automatically.

62                                                                                       Settings
Languages   Select a language for your phone.                Backlight duration: Select      the
Display     Wallpaper: Select an image as the                duration of backlight.
            wall paper of your phone. You                    Show date and time: Select
            can select either a default                      whether to show date and time
            wallpaper or one of your pictures                on the idle screen. To show time
            stored in My files.                              in a clock or digits, see “Display
            Themes: Define the theme for                     local and international clocks” on
            your phone.                                      page 13.

            Screen saver:                                    Show operator name: Press , to
                                                             select On or Off.
                - Go to Settings > Status:
                  Turn the screen saver on,                  Greeting text: Select whether to
                  off, or display the time.                  show greetings when your phone
                - Go to Settings > Waiting:                  is turned on.
                  Set the time span in idle                  Font size: Select screen font size.
                  mode before a screen
                                                Speed dial   Call a contact by long pressing a
                  saver appears.
                                                             numeric key (see “Speed dial” on
                - Select: Select an image as
                                                             page 18).
                  the screen saver.
            Backlight   level:   Select   the
            brightness of backlight.

Settings                                                                                      63
Fast keys       Set a navigation key as a direct    Call divert    Divert incoming calls to your
                access to a menu (see “Fast Keys”                  voice mailbox or to another
                on page 4).                                        phone number (regardless of
Shortcut        Direct access to functional sub-                   whether or not the number is in
                menus (see “Shortcut menu” on                      your phonebook).
                page 4).                            Call barring    Set limits to your incoming and
                                                                   outgoing calls. Select Change
Call settings                                                      barring PW to change the call
This menu allows you to set call-related options.                  barring password. (network-
 Caller ID      Set how to show your number                        dependent and requiring a call
                to the called party (network-                      barring password provided by
                dependent).                                        the network operator).

 Call waiting   Get informed of an incoming call    Line           Swap phones when handling
                when on phone (network-             switching      multiple calls (see “Handling
                dependent, see “Answer a                           multiple    calls   (Network-
                second call” on page 21).                          dependent)” on page 20).

64                                                                                          Settings
 Blacklist     Blacklist mode: Turn         the    Network
               blacklist mode on or off.           Select network     Select the network for your
               Blacklist number: Edit a list of                       phone (service subscription-
               phone numbers. You can reject                          dependent).
               all the calls from such numbers.
                                                                      Automatic is recommended.
 Auto redial   Keep redialing the call number
               that fails to go through.           Preferred network Select   your      preferred
 IP number     (network -dependent, available
               only in China): Add the preset IP
               number to outgoing call             You can select a network other than your home
                                                   network only if it has a valid roaming agreement
               numbers.                            with your home network. If you change the
 Call time     Display the call time on the        network, some problems may arise during the
 display       screen.                             operation of your phone.

 Call time     Get reminded after the specified
 reminder      call time span once or
 Reject by     Reject the incoming call with
 SMS           sending a SMS to the contact or
               phone number.

Settings                                                                                        65
Security                                           Phone lock    Set password protection for
This menu allows you to use passwords to                         your phone. You are required to
protect your SIM card, phone, and information                    enter the password each time
stored on the phone. After the password                          you turn on the phone (0000 by
protection is enabled, you are required to enter                 default).
passwords each time you access the functions or
                                                   Auto keypad Set an idle time span for the
turn on the phone.
                                                   lock        keypad to be locked.
SIM1/SIM2     Set PIN or PIN2 password
                                                   Certificate   Check Authority certificate and
lock          protection for your SIM card.
                                                   manager       User certificate.
              (The PIN or PIN2 are provided
              by the network operator. )           Restore factory settings
Fixed dial    Restrict your outgoing calls to      Restore your phone settings to the default
              certain numbers (PIN2 code           values.
Barred dial   Prohibit some outgoing calls
Change        Change your PIN, PIN2, phone
password      passwords as desired.

66                                                                                       Settings
                                                   Battery - The bars indicate the battery
Icons & symbols                                    level

In idle mode, several symbols can be displayed     (4 bars = full, 1 bar = low).
simultaneously on the main screen. When            Missed call - You have a missed call.
pressing some of the status icons, the             Call divert - All your incoming voice
corresponding menu will be displayed on the        calls are being forwarded to a number.
                                                   Bluetooth - Bluetooth feature is
If the network symbol isn’t displayed, the         activated.
network is currently not available. You may be
                                                   Bluetooth headset - The Bluetooth
in a bad reception area, moving to a different
location may help.                                 headset is connected.
                                                   Headset - The headset is plugged into
        Silent - Your phone will not ring when     the phone.
        receiving a call.                          Alarm - The alarm clock has been
        Vibration only - Your phone will vibrate   activated.
        when there is an incoming call.            Roaming - Displayed when your phone
        SMS - You have received a new SMS          is registered to a network other than
        message.                                   your own (especially when you’re
        MMS - You have received a new              abroad).
        multimedia message.

Icons & symbols                                                                            67
     Home zone - A zone designated by your   Memory card - Indicates the memory
     network operator. Subscription          card is in use. You can access your
     dependent, contact your service         memory card through the My files
     provider for details.                   menu.
     GSM network: your phone is connected    Keypad lock - The keypad has been
     to a GSM network.                       locked.
     Reception quality: the more bars are
     shown the better the reception is.
     Tap on the icon to switch between the
     flight mode and normal mode.
     Wap message - You have received a
     Wap push message in the message
     GPRS attach - Your phone is connected
     to the GPRS network.

68                                                                 Icons & symbols
                                                      compatibility (Ref. 89/336/EEC) and low
Precautions                                           voltage directives (Ref. 73/23/EEC).
                                                    Your cellular mobile phone is your
Radio Waves                                         responsibility. To avoid damage to yourself, to
                                                    others or to the phone itself, read and follow all
            Your cellular mobile phone is a low
                                                    the safety instructions and make them known to
            power radio transmitter and
                                                    anyone borrowing your phone. Furthermore to
            receiver. When it is operating, it
                                                    prevent unauthorised use of your phone:
            sends and receives radio waves. The
            radio waves carry your voice or data              Keep your phone in a safe place and
signal to a base station that is connected to the             keep it out of small children's reach.
telephone network. The network controls the                   Avoid writing down your PIN code.
power at which the phone transmits.                           Try to remember it instead.
• Your phone transmits/receives radio waves in      Switch off the phone and remove the battery if
  the GSM frequency (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz).        you are going to leave it unused for a long time.
• The GSM network controls transmission             Change your PIN code after purchasing the
  power (0.01 to 2 watts).                          phone and to activate call restriction options.
• Your phone complies with all relevant safety
                                                             The design of your phone complies
                                                             with all applicable laws and regulations.
• The CE mark on your phone shows
                                                             However your phone may cause
  compliancy with European electromagnetic
                                                             interference with other electronic
                                                             devices. Consequently you should

follow all local recommendations and                           Before boarding an aircraft and/
regulations when using your cellular phone                     or when packing the phone in your
both at home and when away. Regulations on                     luggage: the use of mobile phones
the use of cellular phones in vehicles and                     in an aircraft may be dangerous for
aircraft are particularly stringent.               the operation of the aircraft, disrupt the mobile
Public concern has been focused for some time on   phones network and may be illegal.
the possible health risks for users of cellular             In hospitals, clinics, other health care
phones. The current research on radio wave                  centres and anywhere else where you
technology, including the GSM technology, has               may be in the close vicinity of medical
been reviewed and safety standards have been                equipment.
drawn up to ensure protection from exposure to              In areas with a potentially explosive
radio wave energy. Your cellular telephone                  atmosphere (e.g. petrol stations and
complies with all applicable safety standards               also areas where the air contains dust
and the Radio Equipment and Telecommunications              particles, such as metal powders).
Terminal Equipment Directive 1999/5/EC.
                                                   In a vehicle transporting flammable products
Always switch off your phone...                    (even if the vehicle is parked) or a vehicle
Inadequately protected or sensitive electronic     powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG),
equipment may be affected by radio energy.         check first that the vehicle complies with the
This interference can lead to accidents.           applicable safety rules.

In areas where you are requested to turn off radio   Hearing aids
transmitting devices, such as quarries or other
                                                     If you are a user of a hearing aid, consult your
areas where blasting operations are in progress.
                                                     physician and hearing aid manufacturer to learn
         Check with the vehicle manufacturer         whether your particular device is susceptible to
         that electronic equipment used in           cellular phone interference.
         your vehicle will not be affected by
         radio energy.                               Improved performance
Pacemakers                                           In order to improve the performance of
                                                     your phone, reduce radio energy emission,
If you have a pacemaker:
                                                     reduce battery consumption and ensure
• Always keep the phone more than 15 cm              safe operation adhere to the following
  from your pacemaker when the phone is              guidelines:
  switched on, in order to avoid potential
                                                               For the optimal and satisfactory
                                                               operation of the phone you are
• Do not carry the phone in a breastpocket.
                                                               recommended to use the phone in the
• Use the ear opposite to the pacemaker to
                                                               normal operating position (when not
  minimise the potential interference.
                                                     using in hands-free mode or with a hands-free
• Switch off your phone if you suspect that
  interference is taking place.
                                                     • Do not expose your phone to extreme

• Treat the phone with care. Any misuse will       Battery information
  void the International Guarantee.
                                                   • Your phone is powered by a rechargeable
• Do not immerse the phone in any liquid; if
  your phone is damp, switch it off, remove the
                                                   • Use specified charger only.
  battery and let them dry for 24hrs before
                                                   • Do not incinerate.
  using them again.
                                                   • Do not deform or open the battery.
• To clean the phone, wipe it with a soft cloth.
                                                   • Do not allow metal objects (such as keys in
• Placing and receiving calls consumes the same
                                                      your pocket) to short circuit the battery
  amount of battery energy. However, the
  mobile consumes less energy in idle screen
                                                   • Avoid exposure to excessive heat (>60° C or
  when kept in the same place. When in idle
                                                      140° F), moisture or caustic environments.
  screen and while you are moving, your phone
                                                               You should only use Philips Authentic
  consumes energy to transmit updated
                                                               Accessories, as the use of any other
  location information to the network. Setting
                                                               accessories may damage your phone
  the backlight for a shorter period of time as
                                                               and may be dangerous, and will make
  well as avoiding unnecessary navigating in the
                                                   all guarantees for your Philips phone null and
  menus will also help to save the battery’s
                                                   void. The use of an incorrect type of battery may
  energy for longer phoning and stand-by
                                                   also cause an explosion.
                                                   Make sure damaged parts are replaced
                                                   immediately by a qualified technician and that they

are replaced with genuine Philips replacement          phone calls is prohibited on public roads in
parts.                                                 some countries. Check local regulations.
Your mobile phone and your car                        EN 60950 Norm
         Studies have shown that speaking on          In hot weather or after prolonged exposure to
         the telephone while driving lowers           the sun (e.g., behind a window or a windscreen),
         your concentration, which can be             the temperature of your phone's casing might
         dangerous. Adhere to the following           increase, especially when featuring a metallic
guidelines:                                           finish. Be very careful in this case when picking
• Give your full attention to driving. Pull off the   up your phone and also avoid using it with an
  road and park before using the phone.               ambient temperature over 40° C.
• Respect the local regulations in countries          For your phone, the socket-outlet shall be
  where you drive and use your GSM phone.             installed near the phone and shall be accessible.
• If you want to use your phone in a vehicle,
  install the hands-free car kit which is designed    Environmental care
  for that purpose.                                           Remember to observe           the local
• Ensure that your phone and car kit do not                   regulations regarding the    disposal of
  block any air bags or other security devices                the packaging materials,      exhausted
  fitted in your car.                                         batteries and old phone      and please
• The use of an alarm system to operate a             promote their recycling.
  vehicle's light or horn to indicate incoming

Philips has marked the battery and packaging      WEEE Marking in the DFU:
with standard symbols designed to promote the     “Information to the Consumer”
recycling and appropriate disposal of your
eventual waste.                                   Disposal of your old product
             The labelled packaging material is   Your product is designed and manufactured with
             recyclable.                          high quality materials and components, which
                                                  can be recycled and reused.

             A financial contribution has been                 When this crossed-out wheeled bin
             made to the associated national                   symbol is attached to a product it
             packaging recovery and recycling                  means the product is covered by
             system.                                           the European Directive 2002/96/
             The plastic material is recyclable
                                                                Please inform yourself about the
             (also identifies the type of
                                                                local separate collection system for
                                                  electrical and electronic products.
                                                  Please act according to your local rules and do
                                                  not dispose of your old products with your
                                                  normal household waste. The correct disposal
                                                  of your old product will help prevent potential
                                                  negative consequences for the environment and
                                                  human health.

                                                 6. Establish GPRS connection when needed.
Tips                                                Otherwise, your phone will keep searching
                                                    for GPRS connection, and drain your
How to prolong the battery life of                  battery power.
your phone                                       7. Turn off your phone if there is no coverage.
                                                    Otherwise, the phone will keep searching
To have your mobile phone function properly,        for network, and drain your battery power.
sufficient battery power is important. For the
power-saving purpose, do the following, if
1. Turn off the Bluetooth function of your
2. Set the backlight level of your phone to a
   low value. Or, turn on the light sensor.
3. Set the backlight duration of your phone to
   a low value.
4. Turn on the auto keypad lock. When the
   keypad is locked, your phone goes to the
   power-saving mode.
5. Turn off the key sounds, tap vibration, or
   vibration alerts.

                                                  Your phone doesn’t return to idle
Troubleshooting                                   screen
                                                  Long press the hang-up key or switch off the
The phone does not switch on                      phone, check that the SIM card and the battery
Remove/reinstall the battery. Then charge the     are installed correctly and switch it on again.
phone until the battery icon stops scrolling.
Unplug the charger and try to switch the mobile   The network symbol is not displayed
on.                                               The network connection is lost. Either you are
                                                  in a radio shadow (in a tunnel or between tall
The display shows BLOCKED when                    buildings) or you are outside the network
you switch on the phone                           coverage area. Try from another place, try to
Somebody tried to use your phone but didn’t       reconnect to the network (especially when
know the PIN code nor the unblocking code         abroad), check that the antenna is in place if your
(PUK). Contact your service provider.             mobile has an external antenna, or contact your
                                                  network operator for assistance/information.
The display shows IMSI failure
This problem is related to your subscription.     The display doesn’t respond (or the
Contact your operator.                            display responds slowly) to key
                                                  The display responds more slowly at very low
                                                  temperatures. This is normal and does not affect

the operation of the phone. Take the phone to       contact your operator for detailed information
a warmer place and try again. In other cases        on this subject.
please contact your phone supplier.
                                                    You can’t receive and/or store JPEG
Your battery seems to over heat                     pictures
You might be using a charger that was not           A picture may not be accepted by your mobile
intended for use with your phone. Make sure         phone if it is too large, if its name is too long, or
you always use the Philips authentic accessory      if it doesn’t have the correct file format.
shipped with your phone.
                                                    You feel that you have missed some
Your phone doesn’t display the                      calls
phone numbers of incoming calls                     Check your call divert options.
This feature is network and subscription
dependent. If the network doesn’t send the          When charging, the battery icon
caller’s number, the phone will display Call 1 or   shows no bar and the outline is
Withheld instead. Contact your operator for         flashing
detailed information on this subject.
                                                    Only charge the battery in an environment
You can’t send text messages                        where the temperature does not go below 0°C
                                                    (32°F) or above 50°C (113°F).
Some networks don’t allow message exchanges
with other networks. First check that you have      In other cases please contact your phone
entered the number of your SMS centre, or           supplier.

The display shows SIM failure                       The autonomy of your phone seems
Check that the SIM card has been inserted           lower than indicated on the user
correctly. If the problem persists, your SIM card   guide
may be damaged. Contact your operator.              The autonomy is linked to your settings (e.g.,
                                                    ringer volume, backlight duration) and the
When attempting to use a feature in                 features you use. To increase the autonomy, and
the menu, the display shows NOT                     whenever possible, you must deactivate features
ALLOWED                                             you do not use.
Some features are network dependent. They are
only available, therefore, if the network or your   Your phone doesn’t work well in
subscription supports them. Contact your            your car
operator for detailed information on this           A car contains many metallic parts that absorb
subject.                                            electromagnetic waves which can affect the
                                                    phone’s performance. A car kit is available to
The display shows INSERT YOUR                       provide you with an external antenna and
SIM CARD                                            enables you to make and receive phone calls
Check that the SIM card has been inserted           without handling the handset.
correctly. If the problem persists, your SIM card
may be damaged. Contact your operator.              Check with the local authorities whether or not
                                                    you are allowed to use the phone while driving.

Your phone is not charging
If the battery is completely flat, it might take
several minutes of pre-charge (up to 5 minutes
in some cases) before the charging icon is
displayed on the screen.

The picture captured with the phone
camera is not clear
Make sure that the camera lens on both sides is

Philips Authentic Accessories                     Your phone will activate the headset profile
Some accessories, such as a standard battery,     automatically when you plug in the headset.
headset, USB cable and a charger, are included    When using the supplied one-key headset, press
as standard accessories in your mobile phone      the key to answer a call, and long press the key
package. Additional accessories may also be       to end the call.
provided or sold separately. Package contents
may therefore vary.                               USB cable
                                                  When connected to a computer through the
To maximize the performance of your Philips       USB cable (compatible with most computers),
mobile phone and not to void the warranty,        your phone can work as
always purchase Philips Authentic Accessories
that are specially designed for use with your     Mass          Allows the data transfer between
phone. Philips Consumer Electronics cannot be     Storage       PC and the phone, or the micro-
held liable for any damages due to use with non                 SD card inserted into the phone;
authorised accessories.
                                                                Allows the data management on
Charger                                                         the phone, or micro-SD card
                                                                through your PC.
Charges your battery in any AC outlet. Small
enough to carry in a briefcase/handbag.

COM port     Allows you to back up phone           like phonebook, calendar, SMS messages, and
             data, like phonebooks, on a           audio/video/picture files. With the software and
             computer or recover the data          GPRS service, you can also connect your PC to
             from the computer.                    the Internet through your phone.
             To do so, install the supplied Data   Install MobilePhoneTools on your
             communication             software
             (MobilePhoneTools) on your
                                                   1. Insert the supplied Data communication
             computer           (see       "Data
                                                      software into the CD drive.
             communication software" as
                                                   2. Run the autorun.exe program.
                                                   3. Make selections as prompted, and
When the transfer is finished, please make sure       installation starts automatically.
that you safely remove your device based on the
instruction of your computer.                      Connecting your Phone to the PC
                                                   1. Connect your phone to the PC using the
Data communication software                           supplied USB cable or through the
Data          communication           software
                                                      When using the USB cable for connection,
(MobilePhoneTools)         offers       instant
                                                      select COM port on your phone.
sychronization between your phone and your
                                                      The first time you connect your phone to
computer. You can use the software for the data
                                                      the PC, wait till the USB driver of your
synchronization between your phone and PC,
                                                      phone is successfully installed.

2. On your PC, double click the
   MobilePhoneTools icon.
   On the bottom left of the menu, “Philips
   X503 is connected” is displayed.

                                                PHILIPS and PHILIPS’
Trademark Declaration                           Shield Emblem are
                     T9 ® is a registered       trademarks             of
                     trademark of Nuance        Koninklijke       Philips
                                                Electronics N.V.
                     Communications, Inc.       manufactured           by
  Tegic Euro. Pat.
   App. 0842463                                 Shenzhen Sang Fei
                                                Communications Co.,
                                                Ltd. under license from
                                                Philips Electronics N.V.
                     JAVA is a trademark of
                     Sun Microsystems, Inc.

                     Bluetooth™ is a trade-
                     mark       owned      by
                     telefonaktiebolaget L M
                     Ericsson, Sweden and
                     licensed to Philips.

Specific Absorption Rate Information

                            International standards
                              TO RADIO WAVES
Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed
the limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy defined by the international standards. These
recommendations have been established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Protection (ICNIRP) and, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that forecast a
substantial safety margin for assuring the protection of all persons, regardless of age and health.
The exposure recommendations for mobile phones use a measurement unit known as the Specific
Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR limit recommended by the ICNIRP for the mobile phones used by
the general public is 2.0W/kg averaged over ten grams of tissue and, is 1,6W/kg averaged
over one gram of tissue by IEEE Std 1528 for the head.
Tests for SAR have been conducted using recommended operating positions with the mobile phone
transmitting at its highest certified power level in all tested frequency bands. Although the SAR is
determined at the highest certified power level, the actual SAR levels of the mobile phone while
operating are generally below the maximum SAR value. This is because the phone is designed to
operate at multiple power levels so as to use only the power required to reach the network. In
general, the closer you are to a base station antenna, the lower the power output.

While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions,
they all meet the international protection standards for exposure to radio waves.
The highest SAR value for this Xenium X503 model phone when tested for compliance against the
standard was 0.365 W/kg for ICNIRP recommendation.
For limiting the radio waves exposure, it is recommended to reduce the mobile phone call duration
or to use a headset. The purpose of those precautions is to take the mobile phone away from the
head and the body.

                                                          documented by valid proof of purchase.
Limited Warranty                                          The limited warranty for original Philips
                                                          rechargeable battery extends for six (6)
1.   What Does This Limited Warranty                      months from the date of purchase.
     Cover?                                          3.   What Will Philips Do if The Product is Not
     Philips warrants to the original retail              Free From Material Defects in Materials and
     purchaser (“Consumer” or “You”) that this            Workmanship During The Limited
     Philips cellular product and all accessories         Warranty Period?
     originally provided by Philips in the sales          During the limited warranty period, Philips
     package (“Product”) are free from defects            or its authorized service representative
     in materials, design and workmanship under           will, at its option either repair or replace,
     normal use in accordance with the                    without charge for parts or labour, a
     operating instructions and pursuant to the           materially defective Product with new or
     following terms and conditions. This limited         refurbished parts or Product and return
     warranty extends only to the Consumer for            such repaired or replaced Product to the
     Products purchased and used in the original          Consumer in working condition. Philips will
     country of purchase. The limited warranty            retain defective parts, modules or
     is valid only in Philips’ intended country of        equipment.
     sales of the product.
                                                          Repaired or replaced Product will be
2.   How Long is The Limited Warranty Period?             covered by this limited warranty for the
     The limited warranty period for the                  balance of the original limited warranty
     Product extends for ONE (1) YEAR from                period or ninety (90) days from the date of
     the date of purchase of the Product,                 repair or replacement whichever is longer.

     Repair or replacement of Product, at                 e) Product     which      warranty/quality
     Philips’ option is your exclusive remedy.               stickers, product serial number or
4.   What is Not Covered By This Limited                     electronic serial number has been
     Warranty?                                               removed, altered or rendered illegible;
     This limited warranty does not cover:
                                                          f) Product purchased, used, serviced, or
     a) Product that has been subjected to                   shipped for repair from outside the
          misuse, accident, shipping or other                original country of purchase, or used
          physical damage, improper installation,            for commercial or institutional
          abnormal operation handling, neglect,              purposes (including but not limited to
          inundation, fire, water or other liquid            Products used for rental purposes); or
          intrusion; or
                                                          g) Product returned without valid proof
     b) Product that has been damaged due to                 of purchase or which proof of
          repair, alteration, or modification by             purchase has been altered or is
          anyone not authorized by Philips; or               illegible.
     c) Product that has reception or                     h) Normal wear and tear or Force
          operation problems caused by signal                Majeure.
          conditions, network reliability or cable
          or antenna systems; or                     5.   How Do You Get Warranty Service?
     d) Product defects or problems caused by             a) Return the Product to an authorized
          uses with non-Philips products or                  service center of Philips. You may
          accessories; or                                    contact the local Philips office for the
                                                             location of the nearest authorized
                                                             service center.

     b)   The SIM card must be removed from            EXCEPT      FOR    THE      EXPRESS
          the Product before it is given to Philips.   WARRANTIES SET FORTH ABOVE AND
          Philips assumes no liability for damaged     THOSE IMPLIED BY LAW AND WHICH
          or loss of the SIM card or the data          CANNOT BE EXCLUDED OR MODIFIED
          contained therein.                           BY AGREEMENT, PHILIPS PROVIDES NO
     c) If the Product failure is not covered by       OTHER      WARRANTY       WHETHER
          this limited warranty, or this limited       EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (WHETHER BY
          warranty is inapplicable, void or invalid    STATUTE, UNDER THE OPERATION OF
          due to any terms and conditions stated       LAW OR OTHERWISE) AND SPECIALLY
          herein, the Consumer will be charged         DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF
          for the cost of repair or replacement        SATISFACTORY               QUALITY
          of the Product and all other related         MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A
          cost incurred in repairing or replacing      PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
          the Product.                                 PHILIPS’  TOTAL    LIABILITY   FOR
     d) IMPORTANT - you are required to                DAMAGES RELATING TO OR ARISING
          return the Product together with a           OUT OF THE PURCHASE OR USE OF
          valid proof of purchase which must           THE PRODUCT, REGARDLESS OF THE
          identify the point of purchase, date of      TYPE OR CAUSE OF SUCH DAMAGE OR
          purchase, Product model and Product          THE FORM OR CHARACTERISATION
          serial number clearly.                       OF THE CLAIM ASSERTED (E.G.
                                                       CONTRACT OR TOPIT), SHALL NOT
6.   Other Limitation: This Warranty is The            EXCEED THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE
     Entire Agreement.                                 PRICE PAID FOR THE PRODUCT.

HOWEVER IN NO EVENT SHALL             This limited warranty represents the
PHILIPS BE LIABLE FOR ANY PUNITIVE,   complete and exclusive agreement between
SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR      the Consumer and Philips with respect to
CONSEQUENTIAL             DAMAGES     this cellular Product and it supercedes all
(INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE     prior agreements between the parties, oral
LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF TIME,            or written, and all other communications
INCONVENIENCE, COMMERIAL LOSS,        between the parties relating to the subject
LOST     PROFITS,   LOST   BUSINESS   matter of this limited warranty. No carrier,
OPPORTUNITIES,        COST      OF    retailer, agent, dealer, employee, thereof,
SUBSTITUTION OF GOODS OR              or employee of Philips is authorized to
SERVICES, INVESTMENTS, DAMAGE TO      make modifications to this limited warranty
GOODWILL OR REPUTATION, OR            and you should not rely on any such
LOSS OF DATA AND CLAIMS BY THIRD      representation.
PARTIES) RESULTING FROM PURCHASE      This limited warranty does not affect the
OR USE OF THE PRODUCT, TO THE         Consumer’s statutory rights under
FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW,        applicable national laws in force.

                                                                ETSI EN 301 489-17 V1.3.2
Declaration of Conformity                                 SPECTRUM: EN 301 511 V9.0.2;
                                                                    EN 300 328 V1.7.1
    Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer                        We hereby declare that all essential radio test
    Communications Co., Ltd.                          suites have been carried out and that the above
    11 Science and Technology Road,                   named product is in conformity to all the
    Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park,                 essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC.
    Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057                 The conformity assessment procedure referred
    China                                             to in Article 10 and detailed in Annex IV of Di-
declare under our sole responsibility that the        rective 1999/5/EC has been followed with the
product                                               involvement of the following Notified Body:
    Xenium X503                                       TÜV RHEINLAND PRODUCT SAFETY GMBH
    Philips GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900                    Am Grauen Stein, 51105 Köln
    TAC number: 35320904                              Germany
to which this declaration relates, is in conformity   Identification mark: CE0197
with the following Standards:
                                                      May 13, 2010
    SAFETY : EN 60950-1: 2006+A11:2009
    HEALTH: EN50360: 2001
    EMC: ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1;
         ETSI EN 301 489-7 V1.3.1;                                                   Quality Manager
Tips & tricks
Optimizing your Philips Xenium                             • Adjust the intensity and duration of your display
                                                             screen’s backlight to low or medium level and for
battery performance                                          the shortest duration. In general, the lower the
Here are some steps to help you optimize your Philips        backlight level and the shorter the duration, the
Xenium’s battery performance.                                more power you will save.
                                                           • Avoid using or placing your phone near magnetic
How to optimize the standby and talk time                    objects (eg. a radio or television) or on metal
                                                             surfaces, which will impact the network connection
of your phone?
                                                             and ultimately drain power from your battery.
• Always ensure that your phone profile is
  appropriately set to meet your actual usage. Profile     How to extend your battery’s life?
  setting significantly impacts the phone’s battery        • Full charging and full running down of your battery
  performance. In general, Outdoor Mode is the most          will extend its life. Charge the battery once the low-
  power-draining setting while Silent Mode consumes          battery warning comes on.
  the least amount of power.                               • Temperature will impact battery usage. Over time,
• If you’re using a Xenium phone with a dual SIM             heat will degrade your battery’s performance. Keep
  feature, try to activate the 2 SIM cards only when         your phone out of the sun or a hot car. If in low
  absolutely necessary. If you are in a country with         temperature, place your phone in a warmer place
  single coverage, deactivate the non-covered SIM to         (eg. your pocket), as battery capacity decreases as
  prolong battery usage.                                     the temperature drops.
• If you’re not using applications like Bluetooth, WIFI,   • Always use authentic accessories as they enable
  GPS and JAVA, turn them off. And be sure to lock           your battery to perform at its peak. Non-authentic
  your phone to prevent accidental pressing of the           accessories (eg. chargers) can damage your battery
  keys with the auto-lock feature.                           and even your phone.

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