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					                             The International Society of Automation
                                             BOSTON SECTION

       Rental/Loan Agreement for Training Tapes & DVDs
Name:          _____________________________                                 Date___/___/___
Address:       _____________________________
Phone:         _____________________________

                                We offer only two options as of 11/1/94
Single Tape Rental:   $15.00 return tape & manual
Full Series:          $100.00 return tapes & manuals
        You may purchase the manuals @ $15.00 each

Send Check to:             ISA, Boston Section Tape Library
                                  c/o Paul O’Hara
                                  143 Spring Street
                                  Hanover, MA 02339-2726
                           Phone (781) 826-8564 Fax (781) 575-9428

I would like to rent the following tape or series:
    Automatic Process Control Series                           Industrial Calibration Series
    APC101 Basic Automatic Process Control                     CAL208 Principals of Industrial Calibration
    APC202 Advanced Process Control                            CAL209 Calibrating Pressure & Temp. Instruments
    APC303 Digital Control Techniques                          CAL310 Calibrating Flow & Level Instruments

    Batch Control Series                                       Industrial Measurement Series
    BC104 Fundamentals of Batch Control                        M111 Temperature
    BC205 Temp. Control of Complex Batch Process               M212 Pressure
    BC306 Basic Temp. Control of Batch Process                 M313 Level
    BC407 Multivariable Control of Batch Process               M414 Flow

    Boiler Series                                              D101 Single Station Digital Controllers
    RBOILR1DVD Introduction to Boilers: An Overview            D201 Advanced Digital Systems
    RBOILR2DVD Boiler Design & Construction
    RBOILR3DVD Boiler Feedwater& Steam                         V101 Introduction to Control Valves
    RBOILR4DVD Boiler Fuel & Air                               V201 Selection & Sizing of Valves & Actuators
    RBOILR5DVD Boiler Operation
                                                               IT233 Programmable Logic Controllers
                                                               IT234 Programming PLCs
                                                               IT235 Troubleshooting PLCs

User is liable for the cost of replacing tapes if lost or damaged.
Please try to return the tapes seven (7) days after receipt, INSURED.

Total Amount enclosed $______________

        Only one tape at a time can be rented unless you rent a complete series.

ISA Membership #______________                Signature____________________________________

Orders will be filled in chronological order.                                          Revised 9/7/09

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