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Vaginitis is very common complication of little girls. This starts as an inflammatory reaction to
an irritant that comes into contact with the vagina. This makes the vagina red and inflamed. Due
to the inflammation, the girls may scratch their vaginal area. The vagina may become infected
with bacteria, which then increases the inflammation. To take care of this, you have to remove
any offending irritant that may come in contact with your child's vagina. Therefore, please do
the following:
1.       Do not give your child any bubble baths because the soap may get into the vaginal area
         and irritate the very thin membranes. The longer the kids sit in soapy water, the
         greater the chance of vaginitis.
2.       Make sure your daughter wipes her vaginal area from front to back (not back to front)
         as she could unintentionally deposit stool in the vaginal area further increasing infection.
3.       Please make sure your child wears cotton panties or cotton underwear. If your child is in
         diapers, please change the diapers as frequently as possible.
4.       Do not use alcohol wipes as this can dry out the vaginal mucosa (lining) and allow it to
         crack and bleed. Likewise, the alcohol can further irritate the vaginal area.
5.       Make sure that you do not use any fabric softener or dryer sheets when you wash your
         child’s panties as these products may contain perfumes that can irritate the child's
         vagina. When little girls sit, the vagina tends to splay open and expose the mucosa to the
         irritants in the panties.
6.       Make sure a detergent is used which is very low in any phosphate residue such as Dreft
         or Ivory Snow.
7.       Do not use any scented or colored toilet paper because the dyes and perfumes can
         further inflame the vagina.
8.       Do not let your daughter sit in a wet bathing suit because this can be an irritant.
The doctor may give your child a medicated vaginal douche, a disinfectant scrub, that will
decrease any bacterial content or colonization of your child's vagina. To use the douche, mix up
the undiluted package of concentrated medication with the appropriate amount of warm water so
that the final temperature is roughly body temperature. Have your child lay in the tub with her
legs in a spread "butterfly" position and pour the medicated vaginal douche into the vagina. You
will want to splay open the vaginal lips so that the medicine percolates down into the vagina. The
vaginal douche does not irritate or hurt the child's vagina; in fact it actually soothes the vaginal
mucosa. Allow your child to lay in that position for 5 minutes to kill bacteria. Repeat this for
seven nights. This will decrease the bacterial colonization. Withdrawing any irritant should
decrease the inflammatory component of this syndrome.

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