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									    My Fun Life – What is it and How do I save money on travel with Cha-Ching
    by Gary Wolff | on May 11, 2013 -


    “   My Fun Life” Is About To Make Your Life Fun
    That is, if you like to travel or make money, or both. So what is My Fun Life? It is a a combination of things, offered
    via a web site and also a phone app. The main component of My Fun Life is “Cha-Ching”.

    Cha-Ching is an application that enables you to book and purchase travel. Now this in itself isn’t overly exciting.
        However, the phone app will be very convenient an popular I’m sure as it pays people back for using it.

    How Do I Save Money With My Fun Life?
    On of the things that makes Cha-Ching exciting is that you will be able to save money! The engine behind Cha-Ching
    is travelocity. So you get the same low rates you get from travelocity or similar services, however, Cha-Ching is a
    Cash-Back booking engine. You get cash back on all the travel bookings you do, saving you a lot of money.
    Cha-Ching is free to use, and its a money saver, and it has a full featured phone app. So that in itself is very exciting
    to most people. However, if you become a paid member of Cha-Ching, you can earn money, and potentially a lot of money.

    How Do I Make Money With My Fun Life?
    As a customer, you get the great deals offered through Travelocity, yet you also get big rebates on all your bookings,
    driving your costs down even further.

    If you become a member, which costs a ridiculously low $21/month, you also earn cash anytime someone books
    travel through your site or app which is coded to you.

    But that is just a small fraction of the potentially enormous income that can be earned by members.

    When you are a member, simply referring this convenient, money savings service to others who then choose to
    become members, you will earn money in a variety of ways. I’m not going to detail these here, but you get paid
    weekly through what are called ‘coded bonuses’, and paid monthly on every one who you refer as a member, as well
    as everyone they refer as a member, and so on. A large matrix of people forms and you get paid on all the people in
    your matrix whether you are the person who referred them or not.
You Will Get HUGE Discounts On 3, 4, and 5 Star luxury resorts around the world.
There are over 4,000 properties around the world to choose from. Whether you want to go to Mexico, Hawaii, or
some other beautiful destination, you can find a place for just a few hundred dollars per week! These are huge
discounts that are available through My Fun Life.
The contracts My Fun Life has procured, along with group buying power created, enables these massive savings which
are all passed on to the members.

How Do I Get More Information On My Fun Life
As of the writing of this post, My Fun Life hasn’t even launched yet. However, to get more information, and get on an
exclusive list of those with first crack at getting into My Fun Life at the top where you a great opportunity to make
money quickly…

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Fun Life goes live.

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